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Do Aliens Exist? Three Prominent Alien Types Exposed

Updated on August 12, 2015

Three Types of Aliens Reported

While we don’t actually know if aliens exist, reports by abductees have generated enough physical descriptions and details of characteristics regarding these alien beings that over time, it has become clear that there were three different types, so names were given to each type in order to categorize and simplify the discussion.

The main kinds of aliens that most people speak of today are the Greys, the Reptilians, and the Nordics.

The Grey Alien


Grey Aliens: A Description

The Greys

The most well-known of alien types, the grey alien is typically described as being a very thin being with an oversized head (compared to its body size). They stand 3 ½ to 6 feet tall and weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds.

Hollywood and science fiction novels have done a very good job of portraying the Grey’s appearance: a large, bulbous forehead with bulging, unblinking eyes. Its skin is pale gray and wrinkly. Those who have encountered this type of alien characterize their skin as having the texture of an ocean mammal, like a dolphin or a whale. There are no ears or indentations on the sides of the head where we expect something that allows for hearing to be located. Some accounts have described them as having three or four webbed fingers, and similarly webbed feet.

The Grey's primary method of communication seems to be through telepathy. Alien encounter stories indicate that most people could hear them speaking in their mind, that there was a sense of knowing what the Grey was communicating, although no sound was coming from the alien’s mouth.

Star Map of Greys' Possible Origin

Under hypnosis, Betty Hill sketched this star map of what she had seen.
Under hypnosis, Betty Hill sketched this star map of what she had seen.

Origin of the Greys

Theories about where the Greys came from are based on a star map drawn by Betty Hill, who was reportedly abducted by Greys and then later, under hypnosis, drew a map of what she had seen. After analyzing this information, UFO researcher Marjorie Fish hypothesized that the Grey aliens’ homebase is a pair of stars about 220 trillion miles away from earth known as Zeta Reticuli. Based on this theory, Greys are sometimes called the Zeta Reticulans or Zeta Reticuli aliens.

Where Grey Aliens Come From

Star map of Zeta Reticuli, according to Betty Hill and Marjorie Fish
Star map of Zeta Reticuli, according to Betty Hill and Marjorie Fish | Source

The Grey Alien Agenda

Based on abductee reports, for the most part, the Greys seem to be scientific observers interested in the study of other life forms in the universe. They perform tests and medical evaluations upon their human subjects and then free them.

From various encounter stories, it has also been postulated that the Grey alien race is dying due to the fact that they were originally cloned by another race of aliens called the Reptilians. The Reptilians apparently created the Greys and forced them into servitude, that is until the Grey aliens formed a rebellion and escaped to wander the universe, thus finding their way to planet Earth. Conspiracy theorists also believe that the Greys were the ones originally found in Roswell, New Mexico, and that this species made an agreement with the U.S. government. They offered advanced technology in exchange for the ability to be able to experiment with human subjects through genetic engineering to prevent the extinction of their race. This theory explains why the majority of alien encounter stories are usually about the Grey alien race.

The Reptilians

There are numerous theories about another race of aliens known as the Reptilians: One is that the Reptilian race comes from the constellation of Draco, while another posits that ancient astronauts seeded Earth with Reptilian aliens, which explains why there has been a subset of the species dwelling here since prehistoric times.

Reptilian Alien


Reptilian Aliens: A Description

Only about 20% of alien abductees describe Reptilian encounters, but according to some of these reports, Earth-dwelling Reptilian beings (or Reptoids) are humanoid and stand about six to nine feet tall. Their human-like body is very muscular, with long arms and legs, and three long fingers and one thumb on each hand. Their skin has dark green or brown scales. According to some reports, they also have tails.

The Earth's Reptoid’s facial features differ somewhat from the typical, more widely-known Grey alien's. With a slightly cone-like head, they appear to have bony ridges that begin at the forehead and continue all the way down the back of the skull. There are slits in the nasal area, presumably for breathing, as well as slits where you would expect ears to be found. There are also two different descriptions of eyes—both say the eyes are large, however some say they are black with vertically-slitted pupils (think lizards and snakes), while others describe white eyes with flaming slits for pupils.

The alien Reptilian alleged to originate from Draco differs from the Reptoid, its Earth-dwelling relative. While their height is also between six and nine feet, this alien species also has wings that span six to seven feet made of bone covered with scales. Their body structure is similar to that of the Earth Reptilian, except they have been seen with horns on their head that sometimes continue along the length of the spine. Certainly, this description could easily fit the myths about dragons and winged gods found in ancient Chinese, Greek, and Indian texts.

Four dragon kings: Ao Ch'in, Ao Jun, Ao Kuang and Ao Shun.
Four dragon kings: Ao Ch'in, Ao Jun, Ao Kuang and Ao Shun. | Source

Ancient Texts About Reptilians: Chinese, Greek, and Indian

Chinese: In Chinese mythology, dragons had the ability to shape shift into human form. Their kings were the dragon rulers of the four seas—north, south, east, and west—who, just as in stories about Reptilians, would attack the people without provocation. Temples of honor were built to appease these kings.

Cecrops I

Greek: The first king of Athens was Cecrops I, who many said was half snake. In the Pergamum temple, images of men with the legs of serpents are prevalent. The Greek god of the north wind was Boreas, and he was described as having wings and legs made of serpents.

A Hoysala sculpture of a Naga couple.
A Hoysala sculpture of a Naga couple. | Source

India: Indian scriptures cite the legend of the Naga who were a reptilian people living underground and communicating with humans. They also referred to them as the Sarpa.

The Reptilian Agenda

People who claim to have been abducted by Reptilians claim that this alien type uses fear and force to coerce and intimidate their human captives. Conspiracy theories abound that the Reptilian is a malevolent group seeking dominion over not only our world, but other worlds all around the universe and that they cloned Grey aliens as a slave race and now plan to do the same to humans. Believers in this theory claim that the Reptilians live in the 3rd, 4th and 5th universal dimensions, feed on negative energy, and attempt to cause conflict in our world.

David Icke, a British writer, believes that Reptilians have interbred with humans to form a sort of “elite” class that is now in power and has infiltrated all governments, businesses, banking, and even royal families. These alien-humans are apparently able to shape-shift to hide their true identity. Their agenda is to take over the planet by causing worldwide conflict so as to feed off the negative energy supplied by human misery and occupation as well as to corrupt humanity with their evil intentions. The Earth-dwelling Reptoids supposedly dwell deep underground and in caves and work toward interrupting the Draco Reptilian’s evil agenda to take over this world.

Nordic Alien

The Nordic (a.k.a. Blonde) Aliens

Described as humanoid extraterrestrials, the Nordics, also called Blondes, have a very human-like appearance and stand anywhere from 5½ to 7 feet tall.

Nordic Alien Description

In every relevant abductee account, the Nordics always have blonde hair with light eyes. The most typical shade of eye color described is blue, however reports have also described violet, pink, red, purple, and green eyes. Known to be in great physical shape and extremely attractive to humans, Nordics can easily pass for human when seen from a distance. They communicate with telepathy and telekinesis.

The Nordic Agenda

Nordics are silent watchers of Earth, and their purpose is to enlighten by providing spiritual revelation and warn humans about behaviors that could potentially lead to catastrophe, including issues surrounding actions by the Grey aliens and Reptilians. Some proponents say that ideas within the New Age movement were given to us by the Nordics.

Origin of the Nordics

The Nordics come from the Pleiades star cluster some 400 light years from Earth. Some of the first stories about these aliens came from Billy Meier of Switzerland, who claims he had several visits with them beginning in the 1940s. The majority of his information came from discussions with a female Pleiadian named Samjese in the late 1970s and early 1980s. According to his story, their home planet is called Erra, which is in a different dimension than ours. They are an ancient humanoid race that discovered our planet around 225,000 B.C.


Certainly, the information about all these alien beings—Greys, Reptilians, and Nordics—seems like exciting reading from a good sci-fi novel!

Those who have encountered these beings seem very reliable in their testimonies about their experiences. Many come from what you would call normal backgrounds with good families, education, work, and normal physical and mental medical histories. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people who have claimed to have had some sort of alien abduction encounter or UFO experience, so we can’t simply discount their stories as untrue.

The idea that unknown aliens visit us here on Earth, communicating and abducting us, seems far-fetched to some and exciting for others. Bringing clarity and understanding to the situation will help us all in our quest to know just what is happening in our world and answering the timeless question, do aliens really exist?

What do you think?

Do you believe aliens exist?

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Have you or anyone you know ever had an experience like this?

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If you or someone you know has experience with an alien being, which type was it?

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    • drmingle profile image

      drmingle 6 years ago from United States

      Very you put it, "bringing clarity to this discussion about aliens" will help us to answer many questions...

      Good write up...Thumbs up from me.

    • AiryBri profile image

      AiryBri 6 years ago from Middle-of-no-where, California

      I enjoyed reading the "agenda" sections the most. How exactly we know what their agenda is, is a little questionable. I think if reptilians wanted to take over our world so badly, they would have done it by now. I'm sure there have been plenty of opportunities too since Egyptian times!

      Still very interesting. I'm not going to say aliens do or don't exist--unless if I get abducted. That's only when you can know for sure....

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      drmingle, thanks for visiting the hub & for the thumbs up! :)

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      @ AiryBri, I'm so glad you enjoyed the agenda sections of the hub. I agree with you on Reptilians. It seems that they would have already done something if they did want our world, right?! Yes, first hand experience would be the definite proof I'd need as well! Thanks for visiting.

    • burning bush profile image

      burning bush 6 years ago

      Well written and a good question to pose. Like god, gods, and mythical beings, they exist if you believe they exist. For those of us who take a more pragmatic position, its hard to fathom that earth is the only place in the universe to have intelligent life but it is equally hard to believe that intelligent beings capable of traveling billions of lightyears through space would be interested in our planet or the human race. Of course, most of us can't decide if we want cheese or pickles on our burger so who knows what is possible. I only know that the more I learn, the less I know.

    • SJSchafer profile image

      SJSchafer 6 years ago

      Yea, I have to give you a thumbs up for this hub as well. Keep them coming. :)


    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      burning bush, you've got a great point - the more I delve into this subject, it certainly causes me to question a lot of what I thought I knew! Thanks for visiting!

    • kencun profile image

      kencun 6 years ago

      If Nordics look so much like humans, why do abductees believe they are alien - just because they remember them through hypnosis? Good article.

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Hi kencun, People believe Nordics are alien apparently because they've been told directly by these visitors that they come from another planet. A lot of what we know comes from Billy Meier, who either really had these conversations with aliens or is delusional. In any case, it makes for fascinating reading. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    • Mireille G profile image

      Mireille G 6 years ago from Kansas

      Very interesting hub. I have always wondered about people saying they don't believe in UFOs considering what it means it is impossible not to believe. It is just that Unidentified. There are many unexplained phenomena in the world. Religion is one way to cope with what we don't understand and if religion (any religion) attributes explanations to God then it is impossible not to believe that God may have created other worlds. However I tend to see people who say they were abducted as not so reliable since not one has even given any kind of tangible evidence. I admit I am following the topic all that closely, just find it interesting.

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      You're right Mireille - I believe it would be limiting God's creative power (if one believes in God as Creator of course) to say that He could not have placed life on other planets and other universes. It seems to me if these abductions are so prevalent we should definitely have tangible evidence!

    • JulieCarlson profile image

      JulieCarlson 6 years ago from Chicagoland

      This article certainly brings a number of points up for discussion. Are you familiar with Bashar?

    • John Platinum profile image

      John Platinum 6 years ago

      Aliens are a fascinating subject, many people believe the government has been behind a massive cover up for decades, thanks for the info!

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      @JulieCarlson, thanks for visiting! No, I haven't heard about Bashar. Did just look him up online. Very interesting! I'm definitely going to read more!

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      @JohnPlatinum, aliens have definitely piqued my interest recently with all the sightings that are occurring worldwide. Some of the evidence of government cover-up is very compelling. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Maggie Elaine profile image

      Maggie Elaine 6 years ago

      Very Interesting article! I actually read the whole article and wasn't aware of a couple of the types of aliens you described. I also believe there are other life forms out in the universe. Great article! Keep us informed if you hear any other new reports.

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Hi Maggie Elaine, Thanks for visiting! I'm glad that you learned something new! :)

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 6 years ago from UK

      Though I am not a believer, this was a good effort :-)

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      I'm still skeptical myself De Greek. Thanks for visiting :)

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 6 years ago from > California

      Great Hub CarolineMichelle,

      I think the main media focus is on the "Grey Alien".

      People seem to forget the history of other suspected "Species".

      You've done a good job of reminding everyone of all other "Intergalactic Explorers."

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Are aliens as scary as the headless horseman of the sleepy hollow? Hmmmmm....what do you think? Well, to find out, do visit the Hubnuggets Hub this week because your hub has been nominated! Whhhheeeeeeee! Remember to vote and promote your hub to your family and friends. Enjoy!

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Thanks Alternative Prime - the Grey aliens do get most of the publicity! :)

      Thank you ripplemaker for the nomination!

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Always an interesting subject! Welcome to the Hubpages community where you will get a little of everything...maybe even an alien or two. Congratulations on your hubnugget nomination. :)

    • profile image

      dmilesut 6 years ago

      Wow, great article. I learned quite a bit about aliens (a topic I knew nothing about).

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Thanks for visiting dmilesut! I'm glad you learned something! :)

    • mrfluffy profile image

      mrfluffy 6 years ago from Northamptonshire

      Superb, Excellent hub

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Thanks mrfluffy! :)

    • profile image

      http:/ 6 years ago

      I have read several of David Icke's books. He was the first one to introduce the Reptilian connection. He has done some interviews with an African Shaman named, Credo Mutwa who talks about the Nordics and reptilians.

    • profile image

      charlie 6 years ago

      For those of you that don’t think that there is no such thing as aliens, you need to wake up. There have been reptilians living amongst us for thousands of years, and there’s countless evidence to prove it. This video does a pretty good job of giving you a rough idea of what the Draconians are and how long they’ve been here. Their disguises utilize technology that is much more advanced than the technology that is available to the general public (which is usually 50 to 100 years behind what the human elite organizations such as DARPA have), but it is still not infallible. There have been many instances caught on tape when the moving features of their face (mouth and eyes) have a slight lag time to recalibrate to the sudden change in movement. Hence the appearances of reptilian eyes or tongues for split seconds. One of my buddies who also (happens to be quite adept in regards to the reptilians and what they’re all about) was filming a city council meeting for ventura county when he caught something like this. He posted some of the pictures at his website (they’re at if you want to check them out) although the quality isn’t as good as the one shot by the news network.

    • John Wulff profile image

      John Wulff 6 years ago from Northern British Columbia

      Great hub! You really did a good job summarizing and explaining the different types of aliens. I enjoyed reading it!

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Thanks John. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    • profile image

      alberich 6 years ago

      Thank You Caroline!

      Although there is no joy in abduction. Pure fear!

      Bless You and your family!

    • profile image

      Sparkster 5 years ago

      Hi, great hub. I don't know much about the Reptilians or the Nordics but everything I've heard, seen and read about the Greys seems to differ from your description.

      It seems the reason they vary in size (from 3.5ft to 6ft tall) is because there are at least three different types of Grey, the shorter ones supposedly being cybernetic organisms that are programmed to carry out work for the larger ones. They seem to be robotic clones.

      Also they do blink and they have eyelids on both the top and bottom of their huge eyes. If you check the photo on my hub entitled 'Are Aliens & UFO's Real?' you can also see that there are pupils and iris in their eyes and they also do have ears although they are very small. I don't know if the photo is real or not but the amount of detail, including blood vessels, skin pigments, tongue, teeth and wrinkles are extremely convincing.

      Several people report that there is a blue-grey tint to their skin. As for fingers I've heard that they have suction cups at the end but I haven't heard, read or seen anything about webbed features.

      When people report them not blinking and having some kind of cover over their eyes and layer over their skin I believe that these abductions are more likely carried out by either MILABS (Military Abductions) and not genuinely carried out by the Greys or are carried out by the worker clones (cyborgs).

      There is an overwhelming and highly credible amount of information out there that suggests these beings are actually a lot more like us than is portrayed in the general media. I think 90% of the info out there is probably disinformation though.

    • naeemebrahimjee profile image

      naeemebrahimjee 5 years ago from London

      Great article! Loved reading this....At least now i know a little more about what people think!

      If believing Aliens did whatever was done to "abducties" makes it easier for them to comprehend, i don't think we should stand in their way.

      Also if you happen to meet an Alien, please ask them to bring me a beer. I hear there is a really great one available on Jupiter

    • profile image 5 years ago

      Aaaahhh…. That is the question, is it not? (wanted to share the following….)

      Do Aliens Exist?

      Snippet of article on this subject matter for any that hold interest in this subject matter:

      Advanced beings, also known as aliens, do exist! The truth about aliens or advanced beings (defined by these names, simply… because they have developed advanced technology) which may be better defined as “other dimensional technology”.

      These advanced being-aliens are not from the future. Time travel for them and all beings, for that matter, is impossible regardless of the technology that they possess.

      To read article in its entirety….

    • profile image

      anurag 4 years ago

      i am a student and my thinking about aliens is that if god exist then they too but both are hardly found...

    • rickzepeda profile image

      rickzepeda 4 years ago

      Great hub when did you get into this stuff? I didn't know this about the greys. I always wondered why they were so clumsy with their ufos being identified but being that they are also probably half artificial intelligence shows their high error rate.

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 4 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Almost two years ago my son started asking questions about aliens and UFOS. I think it was after seeing something on television so we really started looking into the subject more to give him answers. Of course, it really piqued our curiosity too!

    • profile image

      Private 4 years ago

      does anyone have any memories of two aliens, a tall skinny alien that is the 'thinker' and has a small short fat type alien that is the 'worker'

      these two aliens are always together, they form a pair.

      i have memories of these aliens, what they look like, what they did, etc from childhood. i remember details so exact of experiences with these aliens it's unbelievable.

      just wondering if anyone has this image in their head

    • profile image

      Private 4 years ago

      ... to the person who wrote that 'time travel is not possible'... you have to be joking or you don't know anything about quantum physics... do a bit of studying before you put your foot in your mouth.

    • profile image

      Dark Angel 4 years ago

      I wan't to say that two days ago i found some books for aliens.I didn't had read books like this never.The one i read is about what kinds of aliens exist you had write here on the hub only 3 kinds but believe me i had read for much more.And the other one book that i read in this moment is from french guy who had a chance to speak with alien and this alien told him the whole true who had made us. Well on the much i read im understanding that the bible is a little bit not so true and that aliens had made us and in the bible this God and angels are the aliens.Well when you are in time when you don't know for technolagy and stuff like this everything you see will be for you like something from God.The point is that the bible is the book for how aliens had made us.The book its really good stuff for reading im sorry that i can't give you the english name of the book couse im reading it on Bulgarian if you like to read for stuff like that you can try to search in google "The message of the aliens" i had made translation of the name from Bulgarian to English.So if you can find the book on english read her.

    • profile image

      victro 4 years ago

      but the ones i saw were green, had similar characteristics to the greys but the head was more fat and wide than narrow and tall

    • profile image

      Osterbrunnen 4 years ago

      To the person who asked about the tall skinny ones and the short stocky ones... Yeah. Though, I don't think it's exactly like that. The tall ones are less human, less emotional, more alien, and dang quick (like a strobe light on them... it looked to me like he was coming in and out of reality as he moved... so it looked like he was moving really slowly, but it was actually just that I couldn't keep up). The short ones are much more like us, with more laughter and a range of emotions. The tall ones can't handle emotions, especially fear... I think it hurts them. The short ones can handle it, and they do seem to defer to the tall ones, but they are just as much thinkers. They're just short. They don't see as far. Haha. I mean, seriously, they don't see as far. Bashar calls them "over seers." Bashar is one of the short stocky ones.

    • profile image

      Chris UK 4 years ago

      Are you serious, I cant find any possible way to find this true. Where are your facts. pictures. documents lol im sorry to rain on your parade but yet again its another story on a story. New world order doesn't exist and neither do aliens lol sorry

    • Ronwan profile image

      Ronwan 3 years ago from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

      Interesting article. I am so sure aliens exsist !! Why would we be alone in this huge universe ??

    • profile image

      just me 3 years ago

      It is rather interesting how people create belief systems. The people that are most often ready to discard the possibility of UFO (from my experience) have a tendency to be religious or somewhat great believers of the sciences. If you can fathom God, you should be able to accept it as a possibility that there are such thing s a aliens. Especially so if you believe in the story of the Bible. it seems to me that they were mentioned in the Bible as either angels or demons. As for those that deemed themselves too intelligent to believe, ask yourself this question, what do you really know other than what you are told to think you know? The average person has never seen an electro or even understand how they function and why they necessarily exists yet they can believe in an electron and not a full size flying saucer. Makes me question the illogical thought process of this specie. I am not saying that one should openheartedly believe without some sort of proof but one should definitely not discard the possibility. For me, it is a fact of life that multiple species exist. The only real trouble I have is who is what? Their agendas are very different from each other. And there is a lot of malicious covert happenings on this planet. We talk about cover-ups and conspiracies, the oldest cover-up and conspiracy on this planet is also the oldest: their existence, who they are and what they entail in the accepted version of the origin of life on earth and the early notion of deity of this planet.

    • Ronwan profile image

      Ronwan 3 years ago from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

      Why would be alone in the entire universe? I am not religiuous or a believer in science but i am convinced there are more places in the universe where live exsists. Maybe in far away galaxies beyond our possibilities to ever get in touch with.

      Have they visited our planet? That is a different thing .... and nobody knows the exact answer to that i am afraid .... not yet.

    • profile image

      True3000 3 years ago

      I can give a fux what anyone says I have been trying to find an image of what I saw a year ago in dc union station infront of a crowd of people but only me a mom and her daughter really noticed or cared. So at the time I was a tour guide or other times just picking up clients from train station ,airport and taking them to the hotel.... I was at the the gate there are several gates and in between two there is an assigned seating section but I didn't want to sit there because I didn't give me a good view if the clients where existing the gate so I picked a stool from a booth that no one was using and the both was closed... total taboo lol.... in mind I was thinking about MIB where Will Smith takes the stool and decides to sit down instead of stand like the military guys and for some reason I turned around and saw an alien that looks like one of the those Chinese descriptions uptop.... for like a second with I can remember vividly its eyes just staired at me and I look towards my left and see a mom and her daughter scared like shit and the mother is pointing to me like is that real...I don't know why but I just go with my right hands across my neck like naw cant be and after that it turns around and goes up the escalator no bs... what strikes me about this Chinese dragon description and what I saw is that it had similar clothes and the things that come out of its neck.... so definitely not grey or reptilian but definitely looks like one of these dragons.... oh and before finding this site....I type Ufo union station on google obviously lol and there is a X Files episode where there is a secret door in Union Station that keeps track of aliens in the universe.......Fux I dunno man I wasn't the only seen some shit so Im not crazy... wild yes... if anyone knows something let me know but I really should be saying this cause only if you saw what I saw would you still have memories lol and come up with all sorts of explanations for what I saw like I do but yep Chinese dragon mother trucker!

    • cfin profile image

      cfin 3 years ago from The World we live in

      Unusual and interesting. Where did you gather all of this information?

    • profile image

      akhrielie 3 years ago

      i believe aliens do exist in the universe

    • profile image

      Robert lee myers 3 years ago

      I lived in north texas in the court yard appartments in 2004 did you see the ufo light when my soul mate taylor swift performed the last time i put my life in north texas. i seen ufo size of a city i 1989 in arleta when she was born there hast to be other planets promiss

    • profile image

      Ufowitness 3 years ago

      I have heard of the Nordics by at least two people who have seen them, Travis Walton and a lady a reporter interviewed said she saw human like good looking alien with blonde hair and blue suits just staring at her and then the craft just shot away. I also heard if not mistaking or maybe reading mombo jumbo, that president Eisenhower had a treaty by the greys for technology around the 1950s to alow them to odbuct people but not to harm us or kill us and study us but to earase our memory and left off where the obducties where picked up, but the rules started to break the tules and

    • profile image

      Ufowitness 3 years ago

      Sorry the rules from the treaty started to break the greys were obducting more without agenda and the nordics said they could get rid of the greys but Eisenhower rejected their help because the nordics wouldn't give away their technology, its a crazy info and it makes me wonder, though I do believe in aliens and I seen a ufo my self it was an orange orb that hovered for a couple of seconds and it shot off in a second it dissapeared it was something I never seen before and for those people who dont believe are mostlt religious people talking about God and stuff but the Universe to me is God not a spirit nor a human that made us just the universe that made us from dust combined in every way to give us life, I believe in austronomers then what the bible says.

    • profile image

      Steve 2 years ago

      I saw a craft more than 40 years ago along with 4 of my friends...they are real and exist in fact...who or what the occupants are I cannot say.

    • profile image

      Mikey May 2 years ago

      Whom is your publisher if i may ask?

    • Nilanjan Ghosh profile image


      Interesting post indeed!

    • Che Rogers profile image

      Che Rogers 2 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I think as we further progress in this age of information where info is passed at light speeds across the world, we are finding more people becoming enlightened. The question is no longer do aliens exist. The question is why has it taken us this long to figure it out. Mathematically we can be certain we aren't the only intelligent life force in the multiverses. Historically every culture ancient and modern speak of visitors or sky people coming down from the stars and influencing the earth. From angels, demi gods, gods, aliens etc the common theme is something with a body not from this planet has come to this planet. To ignore all the insurmountable evidence one has to be blind or brainwashed.

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 2 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Very astute reply. I definitely couldn't agree more Che! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    • profile image

      Skip G 2 years ago

      About 1985, I had a "dream" about standing in a circular craft.

      Over my left shoulder, stood a figure.

      I was afraid to turn and look at this figure, for I knew it would freak me out to see "him".

      He was showing me a hologram of a star with trade routes.

      I then woke up.

      Then for a time, I was awakened on certain days by a man's voice saying: "Fort Collins, Colorado!"

      I have never been there.

      Years later, I telephoned a noted UFO investagator, and his wife told me: "He's not home right now, he's at a UFO conference in Fort Collins, Colorado."

      Now THAT really blew my mind!

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 2 years ago from Colorado Springs

      I bet that did Skip! I think your experience is very in-line with others who have dreamed about or had personal encounters with UFOs. Thanks for visiting my page! :)

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Kept private 2 years ago from Northeast United States

      Interesting hub ! :). Awesome material. I have heard of these three types before. The humanoid aliens are the ones I have seen on TV described in different ways. I wonder if there are Nordic/grey hybrids and so in if they really exist. Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      carlos 2 years ago

      I've had alien/extraterrestrial activity through out my life. 1999 at the age of 9, 2001 at the age of 11 and 2003 and the age of 13. 1999 my brother(being 11) and i once saw white apparitions walk towards the fridge at night. I saw 3 he saw 1.

      The same year I woke at night to a blue light shinning through my window, I was poor so my window consisted of tape and plastic wrapping (no lie) I tried breaking through it to see what was causing that light. I gave up trying to break through and just went to sleep, I even remember my dream. I was walking through a city. Finally when I woke up(my eyes being closed) I felt something in or on my ear and heard a noise that kinda sound like a microwave or a vacuum cleaner. As soon as I opened my eyes it disappeared making an electrical crackling noise. All I saw was its wide eyes kinda like an Asians eyes but a little wider, as it faded away. This was at lease around 7 or 8ish am. I was hurt by the fact that my mom(the only one I told at the time) didn't believed me.

      I had trouble sleeping since then and would always wake up at the same time around 2-3am, but didn't have another sighting until 2001.

      2001 I had a dream of a small purple alien with multiple yellow eyes on my bed playing with me and while dreaming I felt this strong sensation like pins and needles over my body. Then I woke to another dream but this dream was different. I was in my room on my bed I could see my brother on the other side of the room, I could hear my fan running, but I could barely move. I felt a dreadful presence in front of me were I was looking and saw this skinny, average size head, 5 10 to 6 foot tall and gray alien. It had its face scrunched up with an angry look. While I stared, it ripped my closet door and throw it on me (still a dream). I woke up. When I woke the pins and needle slowly went away. I was scared so I looked around my room( big mistake). I saw this short gray alien at the edge of my bed but this time its eyes were massive. I knew this was NOT a dream because shortly after my mom came to my room to put my baby brother on my bed. note: (something she would regularly do since my brother use to sleep with her but since he moved to much while sleeping, she could not sleep so she would put him on my bed)

      Since then I would have nightmares, paralysis/lucid dreams. 2003 at the age of 13 I was slowly finally getting over the fear of my past. I did some research and found out what I saw was extraterrestrials, I thought it was cool at that time and even joked that "I wish I see an alien again maybe this time I'll ask for some alien technology". That same night when I slept I woke up at about 2-3am and thought about what I said and it kinda scared me. The hallway light was on. I started looking around the room and then suddenly a gray apparition of an alien formed before my eyes and smiled at me. I screamed, jumped to the other side of the room on my sisters bed(we shared rooms) and cried loudly. My mom ran to my room to comfort me, I told them that an alien was in the room, they told me it was gone but when I looked it was still there, looking at me, still smiling. when I saw it I screamed and closed my eyes, finally it was gone, leaving 3 weird scratch marks on the floor according to my mom, cousin and big brother.

      *Sorry for the long story but I promise its true. I wrote it done so Ill never forget. But there's more*

      2005 at the age of 15. The nightmares, lucid dreams, waking up at. 2-3am, waking up with my body feeling like pins and needles, I would wake up gasping for air.

      I tried everything to make it stop but nothing work.

      Until finally I met someone who told me about Christ. I was an agnostic by then but was so desperate I was willing to give it a try.

      I finally accepted Him in my heart. I suffered for 6 long years and finally on the 7th year it ended, I went home that night and slept like never before in 6 years. I finally had rest. The next day i notice something was different about me, (call it whatever you want) but nature just seem so beautiful to me, everything stuck out, kinda like I was high but it never wore off.

      Whatever it was that I saw and went through, aliens, demons, ghost, schizophrenia. The day that God me called and I accepted His called, was the same day that the aliens stop visiting me, the demons were rebuked, the ghost disappeared, and I was finally healed.

      I hope you read my testimony it took forever to write.

      And sorry if it seems like I'm forcing God upon, but that's my story and how it happened. Amen

    • profile image

      Carlos 2 years ago

      Yup, God. I came with the conclusion according to my past experience that aliens are spiritually beings (demons). Everytime there's an alien story its always associated with fear, confusion and never good intentions.The same for ghost stories and all these other things that people claim they saw. I knew a guy who actually saw a leprechaun the same way anyone would see an alien, ghost ect. Also there is no skeletal proof, there's witnesses but not skeleton

    • profile image

      Deborah Sexton 2 years ago

      Carlos That's your experience, fear, confusion and never good intentions. Not everyones. You are speaking for everyone

      When I started reading your "Story", but then you described an Alien with massive eyes, gray colored, those you described are the Zeta Reticuli grey aliens, or Zeata

      But then you made the mistake of saying they smiled at you, an evil smile.

      The problem is they have very small mouths, and no one has ever seen them smile.

      Then you said this Quote “I tried everything to make it stop but nothing work.

      Until finally I met someone who told me about Christ. I was an agnostic by then but was so desperate I was willing to give it a try

      I finally accepted Him in my heart. I suffered for 6 long years and finally on the 7th year it ended, I went home that night and slept like never before in 6 years. I finally had rest. The next day i notice something was different about me, (call it whatever you want) but nature just seem so beautiful to me, everything stuck out, kinda like I was high but it never wore off.”End Quote

    • profile image

      Deborah Sexton 2 years ago

      Why was my comment deleted, when those calling Carlos an idiot was allowed?

      Do you just not like me (I don't care) or are you afraid of something? One thing I can tell is, you have double standards

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 2 years ago from Colorado Springs

      No Deborah. Your comment wasn't deleted. Somehow it ended up in the spam filter. I just removed it from spam, and it is now showing. Thanks for commenting! :)

    • Che Rogers profile image

      Che Rogers 2 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      The best description of them is interdimensional beings. Different levels of vibrations determine what you experience or visually see. Many of the evil ones feed off of your fear. The good ones feed off love and conpassion. So wherever you set your mind and heart to feel or experience it will attract those that vibrate on that wave level. Angels=aliens=interdimensional beings

    • profile image

      Deborah Sexton 2 years ago

      Thank you Caroline, and I apologize

    • profile image

      Deborah Sexton 2 years ago

      I didn't finish my thought with Carlos and I started on the next sentence

      I meant to say "When I first started reading your "Story", I believed you, but then you described an Alien with massive eyes, gray colored, those you described are the Zeta Reticuli grey aliens, or Zetas.

      But maybe your experience is just different from mine. Who am I to say, what happens to someone else.

    • profile image

      Deborah Sexton 2 years ago

      I have had experiences with ETs, but this particular one, when I thought of him as an alien, he said "I am not, I am from here". I saw him enter an area in my back yard, in the atmosphere, that looked roundish and different, He entered another dimension, that he considered earth. I've always wondered about this

    • ControlledChaos1 profile image

      ControlledChaos1 2 years ago

      The greys seem to be the scariest alien race to me. When a race is only driven by raw science they can do some very bad things.

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 2 years ago from Colorado Springs

      I think so too ControlledChaos1. The abductee accounts of experiences with the greys sound very frightening!

    • profile image

      SophiaGardner 2 years ago

      My dads an alien and so am I Im always at area 51

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 2 years ago

      Is there any time, geographical, or demographic pattern to these reports of alien abductions that you know of?

    • highpriestesschar profile image

      charlen norton 2 years ago from springville

      sad to say yes, yes the do and that is all i will say!

    • AaronBurton profile image

      Aaron Burton 2 years ago from US

      Movies have conditioned us to believe they exist.

    • snerfu profile image

      Vivian Sudhir 2 years ago from Madurai, India

      Your article throws a different light on aliens. It makes good reading, very interesting reading. Voted up and tweeted.

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 2 years ago from Colorado Springs

      AaronBurton, Although movies may make the idea of aliens more mainstream, it still doesn't explain the encounters that otherwise sane, everyday people have experienced. I don't think those alien encounters are necessarily related to conditioning. Thanks for commenting!

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 2 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Thanks snerfu! Appreciate your vote and comment! :)

    • Snakesmum profile image

      Jean DAndrea 2 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Interesting read. If aliens do exist, they obviously have technology way in advance of ours, so I wonder why they don't share some of their science with us. Perhaps they're not altruistic enough?

      I have no experience of any of this type of thing.

    • Blackspaniel1 profile image

      Blackspaniel1 2 years ago

      It is certainly something to consider, whether aliens are real or not. Having not knowingly met one, I cannot say for certain they exist, nor can I prove they do not.

    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 2 years ago from Japan

      Interesting read, however I would need to seem one with my own eyes to be fully convinced. Of course there is other life form out these, but have we really had visitors?

    • Ronwan profile image

      Ronwan 2 years ago from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

      I also need to see them with my own eyes in order to believe 100% convinced.

      On the other hand I think it can't be that we are the only living beings.

      imagine this .. our galaxy contains bilions of stars and millions of these stars have planets. Then ... our galaxy is just 1 of the millions of galaxies in the entire univers each containing billions of stars and millions of planets.......

      So, how can we be alone .....????

      It is just that we do not have proof and maybe we will never get it as distances in the universe are too large to travel.

    • profile image

      crissalina 2 years ago

      if they exist among us for so many ages and if they are really so powerful, why don.t they live among us? why hiding?

    • csashane profile image

      Shane 2 years ago from Korea

      I have heard of the Greys and the Reptilians but only recently heard of the Nordics in a documentary. Very interesting. If I could only go back in time and do my school book reports on these topics. I shoot the idea to my nieces and nephews but they are not going for it.

    • Ashley Ryan P profile image

      Ash Ryan 2 years ago from Red Dirt Country

      This is absolutely new to me. Never heard of any of these! Aside from the reptilian ...Land of the Lost, I believe? AND I've been to Roswell to top it all off haha.

      Great read!!

    • carlajbehr profile image

      Carla J Behr 2 years ago from NW PA

      Pretty interesting stuff - I didn't know there were different types... all I ever heard about was the grays, however, I do remember when listening to the real story of "Fire in the Sky" - the Travis Walton story - he mentions a humanoid on a ship with very bright eyes. Hmmmm.... who knows... we may never...

    • chateaudumer profile image

      David B Katague 2 years ago from Northern California and the Philippines

      I enjoy reading this hub. I did not realized the three types of aliens. Have a Great Day!

    • Cheeky Kid profile image

      Cheeky Kid 2 years ago from Milky Way

      And there's also the insect-based which is kinda creepy to me. Second creepy for me would be the reptilian. haha

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      I will tell you the truth. I really love this hub. And here are the reasons why:

      1. This is an excellent piece of writing. Amazing work.

      2, I loved the way you worded this hub.

      3. Graphics, superb.

      4. This hub was helpful, informative and very interesting.

      5. Voted Up and all of the choices.

      6. I loved your topic.

      You are certainly a gifted writer. Please keep up the fine work.


      Kenneth Avery, Hamilton, Alabama

    • CarolineMichelle profile image

      CarolineMichelle 2 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Thank you everyone for your comments. Thanks to you Kenneth Avery for your very kinds words! Before researching the topic, I had no idea about any of these alien types myself. It was a very interesting learning experience for me to say the least! :)

    • Suhail and my dog profile image

      Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 2 years ago from Mississauga, ON

      Great article on a topic that has interested me a lot since I was 16?

      I liked the way you wrote it. Hats off to many commentators who left informative comments on this article.

    • profile image

      Leilani Allmon 2 years ago

      I've always been fascinated by the Greys. Never heard of Reptilians or Nordics. I'll have to learn more about those two other groups.

    • profile image

      bdack seeili 2 years ago

      I find this fascinating. When you take a deep look back at history all the answers are there. I've always linked gods to past alien encounters. But only really started digging and taking in interest into aliens on earth and the more you dig the more real it becomes. Information is the key and for as long as we have lived information has been under control by the people in the no. Aliens where clearly part of our history and the story's from the bible that predicted all these world troubles round the time of the 4 blood moons all makes sense. They clearly had nothing to build models on predicting the 4 blood moons but with help from an advanced race it's easy . Since we started a new frontier in nuclear weapons and power the alien visits have intensified, rumored that nuclear war could not only kill the planet but other dimensions within in the planet. If you think of the universe as a giant brain we are just a single thought inside that brain. Merely but a frequency of conciseness using our body as a vessel and the key to enlightenment is knowing who we really are and our true potential as universal beings. Which is what we are. You have to ask yourself a question. If these visitors have traveled such great distances. How important actually is the earth we live on. I do believe aramgedon is coming but not from the heavens but a battle between speicies and realms .

      Really enjoyed this article

    • profile image

      Bdack seeili 2 years ago

      Canadian Government Admits UFO's & Aliens Exist:

      "The Awakening" (2011 Final Version, Full Length …: Two video clips that I think you all will enjoy

    • profile image

      bdack seeili 2 years ago

      Here's another clip thar links real life events religion and reptilians. This video is nearly on the interbreeding in the muslim world . Frightening

      Oh Allah please make inbreeding Haraam:

    • profile image

      pkt 2 years ago

      wowAdd Your Comment...

    • profile image

      tedzilla 2 years ago

      to be honest about tech of aliens and me being the strong believer i am. i think aliens do have more advanced tech than us humans but one reason in particular that i think they wont reveal them selves or there tech to us as a whole is because us as humans being so bent on war and destruction and quiet frankly they just cant trust us...

    • profile image

      paegs 2 years ago


    • profile image

      Jules Verne 2 years ago

      i think i am a hybrid, part alien and part human

    • profile image

      Angel F.S. From Heaven 2 years ago

      What the world's government is doing to there people is wrong. They are lieing about the recession, and the wars. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. I ask myself, what can I do to help them. By helping them, I could let God know about the lies and the stealing, the killing. Some of the world's people are good, and what they have done to the BLACK AMERICANS IS A SHAME. They made promises to those people. So I can only deliver a message to God, and so you know. Yes, I'm a real angel. I can only say WATCH FOR THE SIGNS FROM GOD. HE WILL BE HERE TO SEE ME. AND THEN HE WILL PAST JUDGEMENT. Look for this sign on February 24, 2015. At about 10:00 a.m. My God bless you all, love each other.

    • profile image

      yadel 24 months ago

      Im an ancient alien addict as far as i know the types of aliens are THE WATCHERS, THE GREYS,THE HUMANOIDS, AND THE REPTILIANS. I DONT KNOW ABOUT BROWN ALIENS.

    • profile image

      tena g 24 months ago

      There is couple of alien types that has never been seen yet is on its way there goals is to take regardless may destory what in there way two type will help us on our behalf

    • profile image

      Michele 23 months ago

      I have a photo I took a couple months ago of a small grey. I turned my camera to face up into the night sky & was blown away that i captured a pix of one. I really want to know how i could do that. I want someone to talk to about it cause i dont understand. Can anyone help me?

    • Buck Remington profile image

      Jon Peloquin 22 months ago

      What is your take about the theory that the greys are really just androids?

    • profile image

      Saleire 22 months ago

      Got a couple of images you could use if you like, for this piece or others...let me know :o) Very good article; anything that makes us think is always worth a gold star! for the images

    • profile image

      Mr Unknown 20 months ago


      Okay i really don't know who to talk about this so let me just give you a quick run down.

      i have recently started to document my attempts to contact a ET

      this is a personal experiment. i have never tried this before.

      I would like you to over look my documented attempts and give me your personal advice.

      If your willing to do so of course. I am contacting many different web sites and asking this same question, looking for advice from different types of people.

      I feel maybe i bitten off more than i can chew. If your willing to read my documented attempts, send me a email letting me know your willing to do so.


    • profile image

      Mr Unknown 20 months ago

      This is my email if your interested,

      Please don't share this information

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      NYOB 9 months ago

      Has anyone ever linked up the fact that grey aliens are the descendants from Mars when you looked at their anatomy one would wonder with the lack of bone and muscle from evolving from a oxygen depleted planet that logics would quantify them as being the real martians

    • profile image

      greenlear - Phyllis 9 months ago

      I'm 65 years old. When I was 5, I had an encounter. I had gone to bed on night and woke to find myself alone on a sandy foot trail at night. The trail sloped down hill and lead to a still water lake. Both sides of the lake had various sizes of white pines and dark woods lining the path. I started walking to the lake and kept seeing white softly glowing human like figures looking out from behind the trees watching and following me. I was afraid, rapid heart beat, but unable to produce a sound. I ran into the water and they seemed to disappear. I closed my eyes and rested in the calm cool water. As I opened my eyes I saw them coming up out of the water about 4 feet in a circle around me. Their were 6 - 8 of them. Themoon was out and their bodies had a whitish glow. A little taller than me, thin but strong looking, no hair, and deep dark eyes. They didn't talk. They kept looking at me - all of them. I don't remember anything else about it, but I'm 65 and always skittish/uncomfortable around water at night.

      I have told my story before and no one believes it so I haven't thought about it till I read this site. I know what I experienced was real!

    • profile image

      greenleaf phyllis 9 months ago

      Is it possible that these aliens are not from other planets? With our own technology , could these aliens be the new humanoid created by messing with future peoples DNA? Could they look different in order to survive a polluted/changed world of the future? Could they have discover time travel to get here from their future dimension? If so, are they trying to gather our old DNA to correct some faulty DNA their future made or could they be trying to improve ours for some reasons?

      If they are future earthling, could their grey skins be purposely void of pigmentation to do away with racism? Could the greens bodies consist of chlorophil because they perform more scientific testing on our ancient planets terrestrial and oceanic life forms?

      We are all wanting answers. There are many questions. Are they good? Are they evil? Are they reall? Or are they our imaginations?

      Whatever they are, they are a fascinating phenomenon.

    • profile image

      greenleaf Phyllis 9 months ago

      I've read about the reptilians spotted mostly in western states. Are they docile and vegetarian like bearded dragons, or are they vicious meat eaters like comodo dragons? I find it so odd that these aliens have humanistic features ( heads, arms, legs, etc.) like us.

      With all the universes, with tens of thousands of planets that might contain some sorts of life forms, why do we asume anything that is intelligent enough to come here has to be of humanoid nature?

    • profile image

      Megan :) 8 months ago

      I love aliens. :)

    • profile image

      Mingo Jan 7 months ago

      Glad i found this site as i'm having problems with aliens of a gray nature i think. Thought they were good guys but seems they are not. They are mean and very manipulative and i cannot get rid of them. i never went serarching for them....they came to me. No not in person just telepathicaly. It is true that they do feed on negative emotions like depression or anger. They attach themselves to ur conciousness.....there is much more to say....would love to contact someone who is going trough what i am going is no picnic. Should I go to Alien Con.....a convention being held in October at the Santa Clara Convention Center my e-mail is as follows. ...would love to hear from anyone and everyone. Lot o misp words but have an appointment to hurry and get to please excuse. God Bless.

    • profile image

      Rose White 7 months ago

      All aliens are actually demons able to create whatever body they wish at a moment's notice.

      They really should be called Ufoliens to differentiate them from angels who never use UFOs to visit people.

    • profile image

      Mr.shade 6 months ago

      Truth be told we are from mars we had help from a future selfs the grays we are the anankie we made the nordic race we made are race the galaxy is full of war amd death and control we was once the greatest race in the known galaxys we manage to fuck every thing u soon we use nuclear weapons to fend off the dark ones wont say there names we will be joined with 82 races to defend the last of are race soon be worned or take this as a joke if so i feel sorry for u the grays are dependence of us after only a small nimber of us managed to escape we then time traveld back to the time before we messed up the evidence of the true face of evil they live among us and have made clones of are people and aka grays to use as slaves they wants to control life as it is there only goals in life live for now bec life is always to relive it self over and over and over again just in new bodys and new times god is a human made thought and sadly u are about to start open something we cant control life as we know it is changeing as of 2 years now look at logos words in bibles we are going to destroy if we dont understand compassion and love is the only ways to evolve so we dont live in a endless loop . The goverment is lieing to you live with ur own understanding not the ones that are shaping ur time as it is Mr.shade out "you all have been warned"

    • profile image

      Mr.shade 6 months ago

      Dogma.... Dogma... Dogma...

    • profile image

      Me 5 months ago

      Greys and reptoids aka yahwe are cosmic parasides they are like cancer eating away planets, greys made asians by adding theirs to our whites the treat us as cows so there is no need to invade because we bin invaded just dont know about it, nordics aka zeus etc look nice we whites used to look like them but were raped by the yahwe races that is jews mongols arabs we alsa lived in bodies few thousands of years but yahwe shortens our life span, how? i dont know, yahwe flies his moon planet, currently ancored to our earth causing earthquakes etc hopefully our zeus people will chase the space parssides away or they turn earth into a trash

    • profile image

      Ivo 4 months ago

      SO... I'M AN ALIEN?

    • profile image

      Julie 2 months ago

      It all makes sense now!

      - Why certain members of the government (CIA) initiated unnecessary experiments and activities (1950-1984) such as effects of raping patients in all diffrent types of ways and finding out the best way of torture

      - Why they have manipulated us into thinking that it's normal to...

      * Drink the heavy metal flouride dissolved in water - when we don't gain any health benefits but gain health problems of it

      * Brush our teeth with the heavy metal flouride - When you actually don't need it and there's tons of other NON-toxic ways to prevent tooth decay

      * Eat foods sprayed with toxic pesticides - They could ealisy make the whole world organic if they truly wanted to

      * Take "vitamin" pills with diffrent toxic chemicals - Have been proved not to increase vitamin levels but instead worsen your health

      * Get vaccinations to prevent sickness - They see this as an great opportunity to test new diseases and try to cure them (Pretty smart since it causes less attention than kidnapping random people and testing on them without their consent = MK Ultra 1950-1984)

      * Your electronics - results of the MK Ultra mind control program techniques are used such as intense lighting, certain sound waves and repetitions of recorded statements (Are used to make you buy things or change opinions)

    • profile image

      Jekku 3 weeks ago

      Demons. Demons everywhere.

      Plus you forgot the "hairy" types, like Bigfoot, Yeti, etc.

    • profile image

      Brian Noble 2 weeks ago

      I was a science journalist. Saw UFO at aprox 5000 feet over Plymouth, so did many other people. It received about fifty words in local paper. Realised the whole subject was important at every level. Scientific, political, emotional, religious - you name it - but it was universally ignored - could see no real reason why, Began investigating the subject, Spoken to many scientists and close encounter individuals.

      Have since since written book after years of investigation. See 'The Third Explanation' Amazon paperback

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