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Ancient Cities Found on the Moon

Dylan is a researcher in the paranormal, an amateur astronomer, and a freelance writer.

Ancient cities have been found on the moon. Read on to learn more.

Ancient cities have been found on the moon. Read on to learn more.

Decades Old Archive

This is about photographs of alien activity on the moon. The images are taken from a personal archive that extends back decades and reveals uncensored views of an extraterrestrial presence on the moon. These are pictures NASA wants no one to see and they have mostly been eliminated from their current catalog. But these photos have been collected in a massive archive from the past which is just now being released by this author for the public to see.

Not only is current activity on the moon shown, but also the remains of what appear to be ancient so-called "primitive" sites which may have been colonies placed on the lunar surface millions of years ago. Note the photo that follows for a view of a portion of one of these very old cities. An open archway and the entrance to a side area can clearly be seen in the center right of the image.

Stone city on the moon.

Stone city on the moon.

Codes in Mare Imbrium

Particularly alarming are codes formed out of the very landscape in Mare Imbrium by an unknown source. These are huge stone formations that have changed in shape over the years and since there isn't any weather on the moon the only cause of these changes would have to be by mechanical means. The meaning of the messages is not yet deciphered but they seem to be "aimed" earthward due to their size and position on the lunar terrain. Are they messages to secret extraterrestrial operatives on earth?

In Mare Imbrium a great deal of activity is occurring and clearly visible on film and even with powerful telescopes. Below is a view of an active base where airport like gates can be seen which are most likely used to service alien vehicles of various types. Quite obvious is one of the tubular shaped craft that are frequently seen in our skies as it now rests on the lunar surface. is it here for repairs or refitting?

Base of Operations

Left center can be seen tube shaped object on the ground.  One of the many tube shaped craft seen in our skies?

Left center can be seen tube shaped object on the ground. One of the many tube shaped craft seen in our skies?

NASA Produced Illusion

NASA has been very tricky over the years when dealing with what we do or don't see. Some sights inside of the craters seem too good to be true and too clear for NASA to have mistakenly left visible to us. Note the photo below. It looks like a fantastic scientific technological structure or possibly a cathedral like building. What is even more odd is that this building appears in at least two other craters on the Moon! It must have been placed in the photos by NASA, but why? Disinformation only? Of what is NASA so afraid to even go to the extremes of planting false evidence just to keep us confused?

Scientific complex inside of crater?

Scientific complex inside of crater?

When the Apollo missions reached the moon a great deal more was found than revealed to the public. Descriptions of the discoveries can be found in the transmission between the astronauts and Houston but these were censored to the public by being passed through coded transmissions. However, these transmissions were captured by Ham radio operators on earth. NASA claims these are only make believe, fake. There is now proof that these coded conversations really took place. Images have been found which reveal the objects that were being described by the astronauts to NASA on the coded channel. NASA deleted these images from their files but they still exist in my decades old archives which escaped censorship.

The censored photos revealed quite amazing objects. In one instance, the tiled floor of an ancient building was located and photographed from the orbiting module above while the astronauts on the surface described it! Extreme close ups of this location show what the astronauts on the ground were so excited about. And they were excited! It could be heard in their words that NASA claims were never spoken although tape recorded by diligent Ham radio operators on earth.

Fortress on the Moon

Fortress on the Moon

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Castles and Fortresses on the Moon?

There are even castle like buildings on the moon. Above is one seen from the distance. Notice how the shadows fall. Notice how sharply angular they are. Notice the circular cylinder like structure in the middle (could be a roofless tower). However, this can only bee seen from the distance and is not a confirmed location.

But there are other examples at ground level and seen from much closer. These castle like structures are confirmed and reveal what appear to be complete drawbridges with turrets and even statuary nearby. On the moon!

There is much more to be seen on our moon than anyone even suspected. And it had lain hidden for over forty years. Fortunately, these images escaped censorship because no one knew they still existed in a private archives...somewhere.


Martin on April 13, 2020:

Nasa is very naive and stupid, they cant fool everyone all the time, and they never will. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!. I was there a long time ago destroying fallen angels and reptilian creatures, same thing on mars and throughout galaxy and universe, read your Bible! Nasa has iq of a monkey. Remember lucifer traveled between stones of fire? Thats planets with hot core, hence populated planets,hot core equals magnetism, that equals, atmosphere( elementary!) angels and fallen angels also use spiritual nature flying craft, its right under your ape noses and you dont get it, Im calling all of you out, get smart for once in your miserable Lives.

DYLAN CLEARFIELD (author) from Florida, USA on September 23, 2016:

We certainly agree on one thing: we did land on the moon. However, I have NASA photos from 30 years ago which show obvious anomalies inside various craters and when viewing the same photos today the anomalies have been censored with a black bar. This is a simple fact. In fact, that is why I started this study of lunar pictures. I was somewhat shocked by the clear and blatant censorship. A couple of the pictures can be seen in my blog.

Setank Setunk on September 20, 2016:

I do not believe that NASA could alter non NASA photos. It is possible that there are alien ruins on the Moon and that our government might hide something like that. The problem I have with this recent Transformer invigorated story is that most of the followers of the Moon Landing Hoax theory support this new one. You cant have it both ways.

I just do not believe our government is smart enough to perpetrate a hoax or keep a secret this big. That is my simple rational.

DYLAN CLEARFIELD (author) from Florida, USA on September 20, 2016:

Thank you for your comment. It may be difficult or impossible for anyone to google any images of the lunar surface that have not been in some fashion altered by NASA.

Setank Setunk on September 20, 2016:

The entire surface of the moon has been photographed and mapped in intricate detail in modern times. It is unlikely that these professional scientists would miss a single footprint, much less an ancient ruin. This author is pedaling fiction with discarded photos. Just Google images of the lunar surface and see for your self.

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