10 Reasons Why Aliens Are Actually Fallen Angels or Demons

Updated on May 17, 2016

The article will explore ten reasons why it is true that aliens are fallen angels or demons:

  1. The aliens of our time match the demons and fallen angels mentioned in the Bible in terms of their behavior.
  2. Like the Bible predicts, aliens never affirm the deity of Christ nor do they claim to come in his name.
  3. Aliens change their stories to delude man into believing their lies. One example of this is that before man had been to outer space or sent satellites there, aliens would claim to be from planets such as Jupiter in our solar system. As time went on and man learned more about our planets, we realized that no one could live on a planet like Jupiter, so aliens changed their story. Now they claim to be from other solar systems and star clusters such as Andromeda and Pleiades.
  4. Though aliens are said to be advanced, it seems they need us for their survival just as fallen angels need human beings to prey on. There are various accounts of aliens taking tissue samples from humans, probing them, or impregnating women. This is the origin of the entities known as incubus and succubus.
  5. Alien abductions are stopped by invoking the name of Jesus.
  6. Aliens bring ideas to earth that will help man unite worldwide for a new era of consciousnesses. This uniting prepares the way for their leader (who is possibly the Antichrist) by making mankind forget their religion and loyalty to their countries.
  7. Aliens often contact "new-agers" and occultists, as opposed to Christians. This is not always the case since people from all walks of life have been contacted by "aliens." However, I believe that these "space brothers" are not too interested in contacting Christians. This is because Christians will be able to see through aliens' disguise and know them for what they are: demons.
  8. Aliens are not opposed to being worshipped by humans. They also deny their creator (God), claiming instead that they are Creators. This serves to draw man away from God.
  9. Aliens give man technology but these "advancements" are usually destructive. There are secret projects that many governments have in their budget which are usually for creating new weapons of war. Much of the technology for such weaponry is said to come from extraterrestrials. Why don't aliens ever give us life-saving technology?
  10. Aliens often emit horrible odors, such as sulfur. Some call this smell the stench of Hell since it is a sign of the eternal fire.

True Story of Nephilim, Fallen Angels, and Aliens


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      Anon 2 days ago

      So here's my story. In 2011 i went to bed as normal and fell asleep. I woke up in the night to a urgent male voice saying, wake up right now, there's something in your room. I sat up and turned on the light i saw one of those ugly big eyed things standing at the foot of my bed staring at me. It wasn't grey is was cream coloured and it was short with a really tiny neck and it was holding something white and rectangular the shape and size of a pillow but flat like paper and it didn't say anything it started to reach out as if it was trying to give whatever it was holding to me. I looked at it in it's souless face and pointed at it and said, you are not an alien , you are a demon and i rebuke you by the blood of Jesus Christ and command you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ!! Right before my eyes it dematerialised like dissapeared into tiny pieces and then completely dissapeared.

      I wasn't in fear i was pissed off that one of those things thought they could enter my house. I prayed to God and felt peaceful turned off my light and went back to sleep. I think the male voice i heard was an angel. Three months later i woke up to the same male voice urgently waking me up he said get up now!! I woke up and this time another demon thing was much closer to me like right next to me. It was shorter it was glowing blue and had an animal like face it was kinda fat and solid looking and it had a hat on it's head that looked similar to a viking hat as it had horns on it.

      It too was holding something white rectangular the same thing as the first incident and tried to reach out as if it was handing it to me. Before it could i quickly said in the name of Jesus Christ leave immediately you have no rights to be here!! Again it dematerialised and that was the last i saw of these things.

      People these things are demons. The greys are most likely wearing suits that cover their foul ugliness and the so called nordics with blue eyes are fallen angels. They aren't from other planets they got kicked out of heaven. The demons the so calles greys are evil spirits from the flood the bible tells us they roam the earth. They are bound to it like the fallen angels they have no home they occupy our planet trying to manipulate us so they can accuse us before God. It's all a big game to them, a game they think they can win.

      However, the name of Jesus is so powerful because we are made in the likeness of God out of all his creations only we have atonement for our sins, only we can call upon the name of Jesus and they will flee.

      If you ever encounter these beings remind them of who has the power and send them screaming back to whatever hole they crawled out from. Jesus is more powerful than any tech, any nind control tactic, anything. I belive Hod allowed these incidents to occur in my life to tell others how powerful Jesus is and when you are filled with his spirit no homeless devils roaming the earth can harm you. God's got your back you aren't powerless and those things aren't all powerful as they make out to be. Technology isn't real power the spirit and blood of Christ is that's my secret weapon and it's free, wont give you radiation poisoning or anything.

    • profile image

      Candice 10 days ago

      John Walters

      Who told you that angels or demons only have spiritual bodies? Read the Bible. God himself used to walk the Earth incarnate during the time of Adam and Eve. That's how Adam and Eve heard him coming.

      There are numerous biblical stories which make it clear that angels have physical bodies. During the time of Abraham three angels visited him and told him about the forthcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Two angels went down to the cities and the people there demanded to rape them. How could they demand to rape a spirit?

      Actually it's atheists and people who don't read the biblical who think that angels are spirits. Actually they're inter dimensional beings who can come either fully or partially into our dimensions. We live in 4 dimensions. Length, width, depth and time.

    • profile image

      Candice 10 days ago

      This article would have been better if you had quoted the actual biblical passages. For example when the space ship came down over Mount Sinai, the cloaking technology mentioned in several scriptures, the beings with gyroscopes for legs etc

    • profile image

      Leamon Davis III 5 weeks ago

      The Sons of God , as mentioned in Job , can only be angels. They took wives in Genesis. John Walters.

    • profile image

      Firetamer2000 2 months ago

      The annunaki are mentioned in the bible as the sons of the nephilim tribe called annu. The sons of annu,emim,zimzimmen,refiam,and a few other tribes, 6 tribes all together. The spies came back and reported to Moses that the sons of the annakiem where in the city they spied on and said that they were like grass hoppers in their sight and were afraid so they had to wait 40 more years in the desert until the new generation was of age to fight them with joshua

    • profile image

      John Walters 2 months ago

      I would agree with you on some points but you seem to have forgotten some key facts. Hell does not exist yet. Two, Demons can not touch people let alone impregnate them. Three Only God can create a child via the spirit. The power of creation is God's alone.

    • profile image

      DJ Poepie en een plas 2 months ago

      You are a gekkie

    • profile image

      Jeremy Auldaney 3 months ago

      Excellent. I have know these things for many year, but there are still people out there who do not believe. These aliens are the Nephilim described in the Bible. That crash in New Mexico at Roswell showed the aliens had six fingers.

      And much of the technology that was used to speed up and improve the Internet, as well as technology used to go into space was reverse engineered from the Roswell saucer.

      I am a researcher and have published two books on the real history of the earth. Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 and Part 2. Part 2 is the history and bloodlines of Nephilim royalty which have ruled the earth for thousands of years.

    • profile image

      Freddie m 3 months ago

      If you ever see an alien rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ and let the blood of Jesus Christ cover you.

    • profile image

      thebetterpath 4 months ago

      to In the Twilight Zone, yes you can be freed by that of what you're going through. I am born again too. I have in the past done self-deliverance, i should say with some manifestations of when i call them out in the name of Jesus. If you wish to connect email me and let's talk. My email addy is: celyn__@hotmail.com that's got 2 underscores in there. I would love to help you and Jesus can!

    • profile image

      Anubis 4 months ago

      it's more like the other way around. Angels and demons are really just Aliens. 1000s of years ago the word 'Alien' didn't exist. So the use the words Angels and Demons to describe Extra-terrestrials. Beings that are not human and not from planet Earth. These beings were not floating around in some fantasy land called heaven lol. There are 1000s of earth like planets that have so far been discovered. The U.N has an ambassador for Alien contact. A quick Google search will verify this. Means the Governments of over 100 countries ( the U.N) acknowledges the highly probable existence of Adavanced Alien Civilizations. Not hard to understand that if Angels and demons are real... They would be Aliens.

    • profile image

      Jj 5 months ago

      In the twilight zone... The power of Jesus Christ.... you must know who you are in Christ for starters even if you're born again. Second are you baptized in the Holy Spirit? I am not talking about baptism with water but baptism in the holy spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Do this and then use your Authority in Christ next time An Occurrence happens. The enemy will run as shutter and fear just by the sheer name of Jesus! Just make sure you repent daily and die to self everyday, read the Word.

    • profile image

      Tim. 5 months ago

      So as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days or times the return of the son of man be.

      The progeny of the Nephelium or regenerated bodies through the infilling or possession of the aliens or spirits of the Nephelium be on this earth in the near future.

    • profile image

      isaac 6 months ago

      I had an awful experience many years ago where I heard an audible voice calling my name to wake up. I fought a powerful urge of bliss like sleep forcing myself to wake up. when I finally awoke I was in sheer terror and dread I could hear and feel a low throbbing and hum in my head and body trying to induce me back to sleep. I felt like something bad was about to happen . I felt compelled to pray and call on the name Jesus even though at that time I didnt know much about Jesus and was having serious doubts about an existence of God. the fear vanished along with whatever was harassing me. I believe strongly that I woke up from a near abduction. It took many more years after that for me to actually accept Christ as my lord and Savior but when i did He opened my eyes to the ufo "alien " deception .previously I was a big ufo buff and bought in to the theory these so called aliens were responsible for the creation of mankind , etc. etc. Aliens are demons simple as that people. they have advanced technology and are interdimensional beings but they are not good and not what they claim to be that of an advanced race from some outer star sytem or planet

    • profile image

      Gene 6 months ago

      In The Twilight Zone...

      Please find an Orthodox Christian priest and describe your experiences to him. You will not be judged.

    • profile image

      Daniel 7 months ago

      hi i see lots of stuff and people are fighting for what they believe but none of it or some of it is according to the bible the book of enoch is poppycock. and the word annunaki means those who from the heavens came so basically means demon or fallen angel those who believe that demons are dead nephilim are wrong too go back to the inspired scripture and see that when you die you are dead until YHWH decides to ressurect unless you have sinned against the spirit. it is believable that a demon can affect/possess material objects. i have seen some and the fact that alien suits are mechanical objects possessed by these spiritual beings (call them what you may) which are the manufacturing of the illuminati (the worlds biggest devil worshippers). When "abducted" you cant move a muscle which is the same as beign attacked by a demon and i have been through both. so there is no such thing as "Aliens" thus it would have been stated so in the bible. Not apocrypha regards


    • profile image

      Incorrect Data 7 months ago

      Most of what you said is correct but your foundational explanation calls these ‘demons’ Aliens. They are not from space and they did not know planets existed until 10 thousand years ago they were somehow released from a hell realm or turf which is what I call this hell and given form and created technology and you know the rest. We do not know how they got out of their turf into this universe. An anonymous person I know has been tortured on their turf telepathically for 40 years. This person has created a World Peace Project and they want her/Him gone! The project was ordained by God but the bad ones are trying to stop project. The project is a prophecy. On grey demon turf you are instantly paralysed - the rest is far to fearful to write here. Only God or Jesus can stop a demon attacking telepathically and u r instantly released. There is NO alien invasion. Like u said - they lie. We think they are using wormhole technology. That is what it seems to be. So he’ll is not in this universe it is a place entered by wormhole and here they have no bodies untess the project an image. If u have any idea where they come from, which is not space please alert me. Please send this info to demon grey people who are trying to figure it all out. They are not fallen angels. So they are lying about the alien invasion. They have been manipulating humans for thousands of years to prepare for this time. Oxygen will cast a grey and kill them. The reptilians and the draconian is another story but the demon greys are mercinaries ergo work for anyone to achieve their goal which is preparing humans to be hybrids They want us for food cos race dying out. God bless u. Please update contacts. I am a world expert on them. Anonymous

    • profile image

      In the Twilight Zone 8 months ago

      I would have never believed anything I read in the forum, but find myself NOT UNDERSTANDING what I am living through right now. I am a born again Christian who believes in God and the power of the name of Jesus but whatever is around has the ability to touch me sexually and is not rebuked in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Alien or Demon I feel that whatever is happening to me has been happening for years to the youth population mostly and what we see as normal "teen rebellion" and behaviors are the way they deal with the sexual encounters they do not realize are happening. It feels invasive but cannot be quantified as rape since you cannot SEE anything on or near you. I have had it numb limbs, vibrates my insides, it is without a doubt rape and again, not rebuked away. I feel that verbalizing an "incubus like" experience that can go on all day and verbalized will have you labeled as CRAZY in our society but I am of perfect and sound mind and cannot articulate correctly even what is happening to me. I feel it is almost an alien way that they procreate but not on earth. Reading this I am shaking my head. I do not understand. Has anybody found a way to get rid of something, it is not attached, I am not possessed, and I can feel it throughout the day sometimes worse than others. I hate it. No doubt this has caused many to actually go insane for lack of a way to verbalize that is which unseen and indeed the principalities the Bible references. Was the bible a book written by aliens to appease/guide the way of man? Does ANYBODY know how to get this to STOP. Thank you for this forum.

    • profile image

      Dennis 8 months ago

      I have much greater concern of how I am measuring up to what Jesus Christ thinks about my spiritual efforts than what "dabe" thinks about my poor efforts to know. My faith is a greater pleasure to HIM, than my knowledge, to the Almighty. We must approach HIM as children eager to learn.

    • profile image

      dabe 8 months ago

      I have more wisdom than most people on this planet combined. Listen to me.

      Jesus was not a capitalist or pro gun. The Kjv has been altered many times.

      Joshu was a communist, a lamb of God.. not pro war (Iraq,etc..)

      Anyone who thinks otherwise is an apostate.. Shame on you!

      Mark of the Beast is money! In any form.. quit waiting for chips

      Mark of Cain is violence in any form! No guns or knives!

      You are all apostates!

    • profile image

      Amilian 8 months ago

      I genuinely feel bad for you guys that must believe that anything that isn't within your understanding has to do with Satan, demons, or witchcraft. Aliens have NEVER told us THEM SELVES that their species does anything you've said above. And the only solid evidence of communication we have received from the outer reaches of space only prove that we can listen in on the sounds of space. This article speaking of "aliens have changed their story" doesn't make any sense because we have no contextual information on whether aliens are even capable of communicating with us in a manner we understand. Not to mention - stories of people being captured and impregnated are simply stories. There is no evidence whatsoever of this happening. If an alien baby popped out of a woman, I would believe it only then. But considering your entire little article has absolutely nothing to do with any solid evidence, I would say that instead of speaking with the word of our lord, you are instead speaking on suspicion, paranoia, and fear - which, may I remind you, provokes Satan and his followers themselves. So instead of being afraid of everything that isn't Jesus, or an angel, perhaps we should focus on empowering ourselves with bravery. Humans being empowered and without fear drives It away. You shouldn't sit here and make other people paranoid of false information. You shouldn't lead people into slaughter.

      In no way am I saying that aliens are not evil, and in no way I am saying that they are a force you shouldn't be cautious with. All I am saying is that not everything in the universe is controlled by either God or Satan. We should explore the world and beyond with the intent of discovery. Knowledge is not a sin, but some of you sure seem to act like it. Just do research before blindly following someone such as the author of this article. The only being you should blindly follow is God himself.

      Thank you! May you all have blessed days, minds filled with imagination, and hearts filled with love.

    • profile image

      Jason 8 months ago

      This is in response to Maya, do your research ever heard of the CE-4 research files? It’s a site based directly on the pure evidence that these entities are demonic. A mufon atheist expert turned christian after opening his eyes to the truth of these beings. They are indeed 100% demonic and evil beyond your imagination .

    • profile image

      anon 8 months ago

      Christina I had an experience exactly like the one you described .

    • profile image

      Constantine 8 months ago

      Thank you for this great job! I personally believe the Book of Enoch describes spiritual reality in a form of what people may think as an ufo... According to the Book of Enoch angels shared sacred knowledge with people and taught them how to make and use tools as well as weapon and... cosmetics. Briefly saying they taught humans "civilization"!!! I do believe they still "share secrets of technology" with the government. Unfortunately, people easier believe in aliens rather than true God of the Bible, the Holy Trinity.

    • profile image

      laila 8 months ago

      I had a friend change into a demonic creature at my kitchen table, it was very quick because I REBUKED IT IN THE NAME OF JESUS. His face was as snakes skin with snake eyes looking at me, very strange and creepy. I new it was the devil and rebuked it very quickly. The eyes are burned into my soul, very demonic. I have no Idea why the LORD WANTED ME TO SEE THIS HORRIBLE CREATURE. please help me understand

    • profile image

      Maxi 9 months ago

      "You all Christians"

      Do not categorize us. Plus what makes you sure you know what is the truth? Know one really knows for sure.

      We Christians follow God's Word... The Bible.

    • profile image

      James garrity 11 months ago

      I would propose that we sell prison inmates to aliens for the inmates weight in gold.this would resolve the economic crisis I fully realize it may seem unethical. Girls going without needs and wants is simply criminal.i look for solutions to everyday problems.i think outside the box and spend a lot of time there.

    • profile image

      iiuju 11 months ago

      Read a book called Oahspe if you care about the truth. Get the thick version on Ebay. not the multi book white version or kindle. If you have any questions that you do not understand, ask me.

    • profile image

      joe 11 months ago

      When technology is put into human hands the first question asked by the "elite" is "how can we weaponize this?" Blaming the aliens for giving us destructive technology is going TOO LIGHT on the evil of mankind. They give us a cell phone and we turn around and use the technology to make a ray gun. (That is just a silly example). Aliens may very well be demons. You can not put ANYTHING past the father of lies. Satan is around every corner waiting to take your soul and aliens are just another trick up his dirty, dirty sleeve.

    • profile image

      sonofenoch 12 months ago

      There are demons on this earth plane you don't need to speculate much beyond that. Sadly very few people even understand the true nature of cosmology. For example there are no 7 planets, they are non terra ferma wandering stars emitting energy. Look for yourself with a top of the line Nikon or watch a few good astronomical videos. There are no man made satellites orbiting the earth plane either. Another perpetual lie by the deceivers to keep you brainwashed.

    • profile image

      Will 12 months ago

      Why are aliens demons? You'v only given points but not explained why. Why would aliens prey on us, and how do you know that aliens are demons?

    • profile image

      Eternal1 12 months ago

      I agree aliens are actually demons. However, we are actually dealing with two different class of beings. Fallen angels are way more powerful and have access to the heavens(space). Demons earth bound spirits and are the progeny of fallen angels who mated with human woman, also known as nephilim and the giants the bible speaks of are just one of many types of nephilim. The book of enoch expands of the the actions of the watchers and other rebellious angels. And it's why we have so called myths of creatures and hybrids that existed before and during the ancients Greeks, Egyptians, and other ancient cultures. Elves, reptilians, vampires, mermaids, gargoyles, and all these other creatures were real. Bible says Satan did this before and after the flood; gave humans technology and created abominations. And when all those creatures no longer had bodies and died, they are now what we call demons and is why they try to possess bodies. Christians, alien believers, and all religions are being deceived. And let's also remember the angels that are still loyal to God. They actively fight the fallen angels. The Bible gives accounts of them fighting and we have stories from civilizations across the world of strange machines and beings fighting. Satan needs to utilize technology but God only needs his own will as he allows this to play out until the antichrist rises and falls.

    • profile image

      Edward 12 months ago

      No. Aliens are actually from outerspace,from other planets. The evidence say so. Im a ufo researcher

    • profile image

      Tasha Burns 12 months ago

      i did not now that or Angel or Demoe

    • profile image

      B Green 12 months ago

      From the Spiritual aspect, I also believe aliens to be either fallen angels, or possibly some sort of DNA mutated progeny between humans and angels and possibly a bit of plant and animal thrown in. Technology that the evil Angels could have developed with their much superior intellect. Remember, they would have created the UFO's. I say this because some dead bodies were left behind and they can walk through walls, and some breath a different atmosphere.

      I don't think they are beings from another planet because I believe that Earth is the only fallen world. Unfallen beings from distant planets would be worshiping God and would not want to even be close to this diseased and fallen world. The dead alien bodies also speak volumes. Could not be an eternally living unfallen being.

      Another reason is because Jesus left in a cloud (of Angels) and an angel that spoke to those watching Him leave said that this same Jesus would reappear just as you see him leave. That is with a cloud of Angels. I believe that Satan will appear, masquerading as Jesus, only he will be arriving in a space ship. He will deceive most Christians because they don't know their bible very well. He will say He's setting up His kingdom on this earth. The real Christians will be issued a death penalty because they won't worship the false Christ, then the Real Jesus will return just like He left.

    • profile image

      Christina 13 months ago

      I can attest to the fact that the name of Jesus stops abductions. I don't know about anyone else, but calling on His name saved me.

      So, it was a few years ago now. I had just given my life back to Yeshua about a year prior. Basically, I had started seeing weird, inexplainable lights and moving lights and objects in the sky at night. Every single night, for the most part, I would see very many of these "things." This occurred for maybe one or two months before the attempted abduction. Even today though, if I go outside, on a clear night, I see these things still. But I try not to. I don't want to open that doorway again. I believe that my interest in seeing these beings is, in a sense, opening a spiritual door for allowing a physical abduction to take place. If that makes sense. Lol

      So, on the night of this particular experience, I was in my bed, going to sleep. I was right at the point in between being awake and falling sleep. Out of nowhere, I sense/see a light appear in my room. So, half asleep, I open my eyes and see a blue light at the foot of my bed. This wasn't enough to jar me out of my sleepy state though, so I just closed my eyes again.

      Then, all of a sudden, I must've noticed I wasn't on the bed anymore, and that was scary enough to jerk me awake finally. So, being woken up by the abrupt realization that the bed I was just laying on is no longer underneath me, my eyes pop open and I go to sit up, kind of as a reflex. (Like, imagine you're jerked awake by a loud sound. The first thing you do, without even thinking about it, is you open your eyes and sit up. That's what I went to do when I suddenly awoke.)

      So I go to sit up, but I don't. I can't move. I'm literally paralyzed. The only thing I can move are my eyes. So I'm awake now. Definitely, without a doubt, I've been woken up, and I'm mentally aware of what's going on now. I see a blue light in my room. I'm laying flat on my back with my arms at my sides. But, I'M NOT ON THE BED ANYMORE THOUGH! I'M LEVITATING ABOVE MY BED! And I'm slowly moving up towards my ceiling. And, like I said, I'm paralyzed all over my entire body except my eyes.

      So I realize all this at about the same time, and I have this overwhelming fear that I've never felt before. It was terrifying. Like, there are no words for the terror I felt. Idk why though. Like, I don't think it was coming just from me being scared of the situation. I think it was from the aliens somehow. Maybe their presence. Or whatever was causing me to be paralyzed. Idk. And somehow, I just instinctively knew, that if I reached the ceiling, that was it. I was screwed. And I'm panicing. And I try and scream. But all that comes out is a muffled nothing that wouldn't have woken any of my family members up. My mouth is only slightly open, and I can't move it. I can't move my lips or my tongue or anything to scream or make noise. And I'm still slowly moving towards the ceiling. And praise God, I know my Lord and Savior, and He's the One I turn to in my time of need and that's exactly what I did. I tried to yell "JESUS!" ..But I couldn't get it out. Lol. And I'm still heading towards the ceiling.

      So I start to panic even more, but I realize I really just need to say His name, to call out to Him. So I'm trying over and over with everything I have to just say His name. I'm mostly getting a "EEE EEE" sounding something out though. And I'm pretty close to the ceiling by now. And then I finally get a "EEE UUUS" out and as soon as I say it, I'm on my bed again. No paralysis. No blue light. No levitation. Just back to normal. Everything is gone. It was a terrifying experience. But Jesus Christ of Nazareth saved me. And the alien being things submitted to the name and authority of Jesus.

      During all my struggling to move, and all my trying to scream, nothing was working to stop the abduction. It wasn't until the name of Jesus was said that they were powerless to continue. It's crazy. Put your faith in Jesus. Through Him alone will you have eternal life.

    • profile image

      Alan 13 months ago

      Will you go to Heaven when you die? Here’s a quick test: Have you ever lied, stolen, or used God’s name in vain? Jesus said,

      “Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

      If you have done these things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart,

      and the Bible warns that one day God will punish you in a terrible place called Hell.

      But God is not willing that any should perish. Sinners broke God’s Law and Jesus paid their fine.

      This means that God can legally dismiss their case:

      “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,

      that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

      Then Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death. Today, repent and trust Jesus, and God will give you eternal life as a free gift.

      Then read the Bible daily and obey it. God will never fail you.

    • profile image

      AAL 13 months ago

      It is sad that the odds of meeting an Alien are higher than meeting or seeing God himself.

    • profile image

      Ke 13 months ago

      There are angels called watchers if you look it up seems to fit this article

    • profile image

      guru 13 months ago

      You never mentioned scripture anywhere. as 'poop' mentioned these beings show up in Ezekiel, in a metal craft from the skies and are actually working with and for the Lord. There's some scripture for ya

    • profile image

       14 months ago

      I'm so sad for the people who trust those things!

    • profile image

      poop 15 months ago

      The book of Ezekiel shows that such space craft does exist angels are like us they use travel methods. So its up to you.

    • profile image

      15 months ago

      The book of Ezekiel shows that such space craft does exist angels are like us they use travel methods. So its up to you

    • profile image

      16 months ago

      You are 100 per cent right. I know for real. Data knows what he's doing. In the end of tribulation, Jesus and all Christian's will be back and Satan and those angels sill be dealt with finally forever.

    • profile image

      muffymayhem 17 months ago

      I do believe these to be demons.

    • profile image

      Joe 17 months ago

      Lol why don't they give us saving technology?, that's because the government don't want to save us, they rather depopulate us and take away our knowledge

    • profile image

      I understand 17 months ago

      Im sure they just got the wrong version of the bible

    • profile image

      Paul Davis 17 months ago

      It's interesting that a religion that's entire history is full of dividing people, demonizing people different than themselves and ostracizing any that believe in anything else - to the point of war - over and over and over again, would then accuse extraterrestrial encounters as "deceptions".

      Is it more likely that there's a supernatural world of which man has zero proof over the past several thousand years, or that life began and became intelligent - just like us - on millions of other worlds?

      If God exists he gave us our rational minds and this is stunningly irrational.

    • profile image

      Anastasia 17 months ago

      Where did you acquire your knowledge and is it based on direct experience or faith?

    • profile image

      Lynn 18 months ago

      I don't understand why people feel the need to call Christians idiots. I am a Christian but I am not calling you an idiot for your disbelief, I just pray for you. Atheists or just simply those who do not believe in God seem to rely on insults. Its ridiculous and childish to act like that. God Bless.

    • profile image

      Steve 18 months ago

      I believe aliens to be indeed fallen angels or demonic entities , I myself including my family and certain freimds have had similar encounters over the years and right from childhood , my brother experienced what some would call a harpie an half human half bird like creature on a dark country lane many years ago which actually hit the side of his vehicle , when he got home after hitting a dangerous speed due to fear he entered his home to be greeted by his wife who said he looked like he'd seen a ghost , his car had strange smears down the side of the car that the creature had come into contact with as though it had slid along that side of the vehicle , I myself that very same night heard strange high pitch squealing sounds after hearing large steps upon the roof of the house , he had actually dropped me off that night and it was after that when on the way home he had the strange encounter , I then had a very vivid dream of some half human and half bird like creature that had very strong and powerful hind legs and beak like mouth also with saucer like eyes which at first seemed soft but there was a warning not to get close to this creature , it was not for a couple of days after this encounter that I spoke with my brother and when telling him about my dream and the description of this creature did he say that I had perfectly described what he had come into contact with that very night , but the oddest thing about this experience was the fact that we had been conversing about God that night and being young Christians at rhe time were in deep debate about the things of heaven and talking about christ and the power of gods purposes for our lives , this was I believe more than just a coincidence , we had lived years before as kids in a very haunted house which brought its own strange and very powerful experiences of which all of us experienced from one degree or other five incl parents , but this was completely out of the ordinary and completely different , I believe that the nephelim of the bible are most probably at work in certain quarters on this planet usurping gods plans and deceiving many , the bible does say that we fight not against flesh and blood but against spirits and powers and principalities that wage war to thwart the purposes of God in our lives but most times they are unseen but at certain times due to whatever circumstance they can for whatever reason manifest , we are indeed not alone as we are also spiritual beings called to reach out to God as he has far greater plans for mankind and for those he created , therefore heaven is real as is hell and as the bible speaks of the devil roaming about to and fro throughout the earth looking for whom he could devour in whatever manner possible at that present time , the easier or more exciting scenario for most would be to believe that there are aliens trying to contact us but if it were true I'm sure that this would have happened long before now . The immensity of gods purposes for us are far bigger than we could comprehend and the devil works hard to undermine and rob the truths of his from us ,,

    • profile image

      Jeffnprescott@gmail.com 18 months ago

      I believe Revelations says something to the effect of...from the mouth of the Dragon, from the mouth of the Beast & from the mouth of the false Prophet come three demons that look like frogs...What do the Grey aliens look like? Look like frogs to me. And they come from the mouth of the false Prophet.

    • profile image

      dhanushanth 19 months ago

      no. they dont contact christians because them cross people are deplorable suffering cynics beyond their shameful and nonsensical (amongst other things) pessimism like so fucking duh. how clueless humans. theyre going to infest. theyr gedn in yo hed what is wrong with the world today the govt. the media or your fam LEYYY!

    • profile image

      Jack 19 months ago

      I think the world is more complex than any religion could explain. Good and Evil isn't Christianity and everyone else

    • profile image

      Welsa8 19 months ago

      I do not believe this crazy article. Aliens - it's the gods and creators of mankind.

    • profile image

      NorthAngelX 20 months ago

      We are living in the time of the Grand Delusion, Great Deception. If you believe that aliens are Not demons youve been suckered and had. Through mans sins, the Enemy has a foothold over us. Think the Enemy(devil) cant mess with us? Read the Book of Job in the Bible and Job and his family had a serious thrashing. No matter what Storm lifes brings you, whether from personal/family sin or temptation/trial put before you, know that only ONE name is above ALL names! Call on Jesus Christ, who sits high above all principalities, powers, etc. to be your Savior and Lord!! He is waiting for you to call out for Him...Hurry, time is short my friends,this is not a joke or something to take lightly...God Bless.

    • profile image

      LWelsh 20 months ago

      I was raised reading and watching Sy Fy. But I never believed in aliens. I have never encountered an alien, nor been abducted (and I pray that God keeps me from such things). I lived in the countryside; and a city of a million people or more; but never saw anything odd in the sky. So, when I read the above article, and considered the various pointers, I really appreciate the information, because we are certainly approaching the most dangerous time on earth, and we need to know that Satan exists, just as the evil elite exists, and we should ask Jesus to help keep us strong. May the Lord give all of us the strength to overcome evil.

    • profile image

      Keith 20 months ago

      illuminati card game of global domination parallels the KJV bible. I have come face to face with a few fallen angels. These things are not to be played with. Hold your faith and read your bible, they move fast and come in various forms. Remember, we are all born good, influenced into evil.

    • profile image

      Maya 20 months ago

      To be honest with you, you sound like a complete IDIOT. Aliens have existed since the annunaki.. This is a HUGE universe and Galaxy.. There are other life forms created as well.: and being that we can leave earth and go into space, I wouldn't doubt that they can leave their planet and come to earth... A lot of People who have claimed to see aliens are lying.. So a person very well could've lied about that Jupiter comment .. He just wanted attention. Also I've never heard of someone calling Yeshuas name (and I say Yeshua because that IS his name, not Jesus) and aliens stopping their abduction. I've heard of Alien abduction stories where the person does nothing but pray to God and Yeshua and yet still got abducted. You're retarded if you think aliens are "demons". They're just from a different world than us.. The white man probably thought the same thing about Native Amerixans when they first came here.. Or thought the same about Africans.. Neither group of people were Christian so they probably thought they were evil for not believing in Yeshua or The biblical God. Whoever wrote this article is extremely IGNORANT and knows very LITTLE about the topic at hand

    • profile image

      Yeshia is my everything 21 months ago

      Sorry about the errors in spelling, folks. I tried to edit and correct this. I hope you come to understand what is needed to remain in faith and the wisdom and revelation of truth to not be snatched away from him we belong to. It's not my words to believe in but the word of him who is greater than all, that I pray you believe!

    • profile image

      Yeshia is my everything! 21 months ago

      I thank all of you, who have contributed your experiences and beliefs. Many of these are interesting and correct, while others have some truth and some "not truth"! I pray for those of you who do not believe or understand to find salvation.

      The Alien incidences are not of the Lord and can only be of Satan. Even to this day, the descriptions and intent of them are known to those in Truth to be sinister. The secrecy, lack of intention, lack of truth are the nature of Satan. Many wonder why they do nothing such as cure disease, feed the hungry, cloth the naked, console those that are poor in spirit and most important. Claiming the Diety of Christ! A house can not stand divided, they are of Satan and their true intention is evil. They do not have permission from the Most High to intervene fully. It is not yet their time, many souls to save!

      I pray that every one of you come to truly know YESHIA and worship him in Truth and in Spirit. Just like our PRECIOUS Holy and unblemished Lamb told the Samarian woman at the well. She was shocked that a JEW would talk with her much less drink water from the same well. However she didn't just yet realize this was our PRECIOUS who loves every single thing he created and who's will it is that everything he ever and will create, be saved! The Samarian woman responded after our Precious asked her to draw some water for him. After all, the Lord GOD Almighty was in physical form and needed to replenish it. Do you not think that this kind act the women did for our Precious, will be counted? Most certainly it will be! Those whom are last in the world and who have faith in our only Salvation will be called first, in the kingdom of Heaven! It is then, the woman responded that Jews treat Gentiles like dogs.

      [Please note that this was common at the time and in her area of how the woman said they were treated. There are good and bad people in every assembly on earth. It is not depicted to mean that all Jewish people were or all bad. Certainly they are not and it is a blessing when our branch is grafted into the olive tree, thanks be to Yeshia. We are equal in the eyes of the most high and it is his desire to love him and each other with all our hearts. Anyone who did not conform to their laws were shun and outcast as well as considered sinful and unclean. The Jews were following Torah of separating themselves from the Gentiles. It was not because they were mean or bad people. They were following the word of GOD before he came to fulfill. Coincidentally they did not opress but invited the alien and welcomed into the family whom converted and obeyed Torah. This is why we must pray for not only lost Gentiles but the especially Jews. It is written (GOD's Physical Visitation) and unimaginable mercy, compassion, love and grace to offer salvation was for "The Jew First and then the Gentile" they were chosen by the Most High to represent him. However after eras have passed not one realized that although the law is Holy, was confused and honored for the ways of the world in place of what he truly desires! Yeshua did not come to take away the law, it was put forth by him. Although he did come to fulfill it as well as teach his desire, while conforming to his law. His true desire was not being practiced. The very Priests in control of the Temple valued materialism, status, power and were prideful of what they were instead of focusing on what pleases him who created all things! Yeshia certainly knew their minds and their hearts and tried to teach them the Truth. He oftened admonsihed them and called them Hypocrits, when they were trying to trap him with answering the wrong questions. He answered every single time with the correct response and his wisdom is such, they could not correct or even respond to his answers. Not even the high priest could come close to his wisdom in Torah and True Law, which revealed to them just who he is. This coincidentally opened some of the blinded eyes and hardened hearts of Temple Priests, Nicodimus among them. When I say the Priests, I do not mean all! There were certainly some of the Temple priests who believed that Yeshia is Moshiac. Nicodemius was widely believed to be one among others. They did not have the position of authority to overcome or resist the erred decisions and actions of those in control. These objections happened while Yeshia was violently forced to a trial before them. Although they spoke up, they were quickly reminded that hindering the High Priest was a penalty of death, under law. The opposing faction, believed Yeshia is who, what he says he is. Unlike any other false messiah that came before them. Yeshia spoke the Holy Truth and corrected even the High Priest. Not to mention the many miracles he performed and that were witnessed by many, including some of the Temple Priest. The controlling faction of the Temple including the High Priest had made a decision to have Yeshia put to death. The reason was to protect their positions of power, control, materialism and prideful feelings of adoration. The excuse they gave to put Yeshua to death was the Romans would not allow them to celebrate the Passover. Knowing their hearts and minds, Yeshia cried and explained they knew who he is and after the many miracles that only GOD could perform, they forfeited him to retain their worldly desires, aligned with Roman control. After Yeshia cried out, they screamed in anger that he performed all that he did, by the power of Satan. Yeshua answered a house does not stand divided. Satan does not continuously preach the truth according to scripture and continuously act upon it by peaceful, humble, merciful and compassionate character. He would not heal the blind, deaf, crippled, and every manner of disease by the same character. Satan certainly would not cast out demons in the name of the Most High and most obvious, he can not create Life. Which is exactly what Yeshia did several times in front of many. Satan does not have that power nor could he change his evil nature. He wouldn't give glory to the one he hates out of jealousy, because of his prideful desire to be above the Most High! He blasphemed to set his throne above the throne of the Most High! The acts of the priests who lied and blasphemed directly in front of GOD, is what is known as the unpardonable sin. Yeshia knew their hearts and evil intentions.]

      Yeshia came because everyone that was ever created was blemished and corrupted by sin. The penalty was not just physical death but also spiritual death. It was because through him only, all of us are saved. Through our faith and by his grace, it is complete. We must believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that he is truly the Son of the most high who lowered himself below the Angels, was humiliated, spit on, tortured and endured beyond comprehension, considering he had to take on the Sins of the entire creation. Yeshia willingly did this because of his unimaginable love, compassion and mercy for us. She wondered why he was there since everyone was traveling to or already in Jerusalem for the Passover. Knowing her thoughts that only the Lord can do, he said that a time will come that it will no longer be necessary to Worship in the Temple in Jerusalem and that we will all be able to worship him anywhere and at anytime. It is what he desires! Those that humble themselves before him and repent, will and do worship him in Truth and in Spirit! The Samarian woman ran back to the village and excited the people to come and see the man at the well who knew and told her everything and in every detail about her life.

      Yeshia knew the representatives of his word had higher regard for the laws that man had grafted in place of what he really desired. The Pharasees and Sarduccis had evolved to love their esteemed positions and respect they were given along with materialism above the Truth! On the day of Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit became manifest in us due to his sacrifice and resurrection. The penalty sin is of both physical and spiritual death. Since the Holy Lamb is unblemished and without fault, death could not contain and had no power over him.

    • profile image

      Mike 21 months ago

      All of you theists are morons. There is no god, we "suffering" is relative, we are animals who created god in our image.

    • profile image

      i-own-agent-smith 22 months ago

      I used to believe there might be life on other planets until a recent experience I had.

      First, I have always been a Christian. If alien life were to be found to exist; it would not necessarily contradict the Bible. This is why demons can and will try to use it on Christians.

      Jesus has not returned to end the suffering (to answer another comment posted) because if He returned before you accepted Him as your Savior; you would NOT be saved. Humans suffer because of Adam's original sin against God. Man would never come to know Jesus and/or God the Father if man did not suffer. Most of the time, the suffering leads us to Jesus which then leads us to eternal life. The Apostle Paul puts it best:

      3 Not only so, but we[a] also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. (Romans 5:3-5 NIV)

      The longer it takes for Jesus to return - the more of His children which can be saved. When man asks the question, "How can God/Jesus let us suffer?" is a delusion and trick question the adversary puts in our minds. It is man's original sin and disobedience to God that causes this suffering. The reason we suffer and Jesus has not returned already is actually an ultimate act of mercy because He does not want to see anyone be condemned.

      Man has the one ultimate choice as it pertains to his faith in God. The truth is put in ALL OF US. Man has the choice to suppress this truth or to accept this truth and turn our life completely over the Jesus Christ, whom came as God in the flesh. Jesus never committed one sin and was put to death to pay for our sins past, present, and future. There is NOTHING man can do to go to heaven except accept that Jesus Christ paid the price of our current depraved state so that we may have a chance to go to heaven. Otherwise, everyone would go to hell because none of us have ever obeyed God's Old Testament laws EXCEPT Jesus.

      The complexity of DNA is the ultimate physical proof of God. Our DNA is way more complex than any form of computer software or program. It is impossible for computer software and/or programs to write themselves. There is ALWAYS a programmer and for anyone to say DNA is an "accident" is lying to themselves and a believer of Satan's delusion.

      A UFO "visit" would be about one of the only events that could happen (aside for a few others) which the Anti-Christ could establish a one-world government and, as the Bible predicts, bring all the religions of the world under one "unified" religion which is to worship the Anti-Christ.

      This UFO "visit" would come and deny that the Bible is true and that Jesus Christ did not come as God in the flesh to save us from our sins. It would come with "advanced" technology so that everyone would believe such lies. Satan is the "Great Deceiver" as said Jesus. In end times, the Bible says there will be many false teachings and prophets. The Bible also says that these false teachers and/or prophets would have "supernatural" abilities to be able to rain things down from the heavens in order to convince people they were the messiah.

      “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24)

      Even God's people may be deceived. However, 1 John 4 tells us how to test the spirits to know whether they are evil or are of God:

      2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

      3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

      4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:2-4)

      The false prophet will NEVER admit Jesus Christ came as God in the flesh if it is a deceitful spirit. This is the question you must ask the spirit if you have a "spiritual" experience from an other-worldly entity. If it is evil; demand (in the name of Jesus Christ) that it leave you alone. Do NOT engage and get information from it or converse from it because it will lie to you and do anything it can to get you not to believe Christ is the Messiah.

    • profile image

      karuna 22 months ago

      here is my question: if Jesus Christ/God exists, how come he hasn't come already to end the suffering on earth? What is God waiting for? This just doesn't make sense. We are alone, until proven wrong, we are alone. We (the people) need to stand up against evil people on earth. Evil exists, but 'good' does too and the goodness is in each of us to stand up.

    • profile image

      t shay 22 months ago

      Demons are real. My first occurrence was in 1992 when i moved into a house my brother was living in.My brother had complained of a spirit who was a 8 yr old boy that would run up and down the stairs late at night while laughing and running in circles at the top of the stairs.The entity would also knock for hours on the floor under my brothers bed. When he went to the garage which was under his room he found nothing.Hours later he was awoken again by some one laughing. He went out to investigate the noise and found the front door of the house wide open in 30 degree weather.He also noticed the closet by the front door was open and all the hangars spread out on the floor.As he went to the kitchen area at the back of the house he also noticed the sliding glass door to be wide open.All of us kids were trained by our dad to lock all doors and windows before going to bed.Months later a Catholic friend moved in and also witnessed the same things.Then i moved in thinking the whole thing had to have a reasonable explanation to why these things were happening.Then one night at 4 in the morning i awoke to the sounds of a kid running up and down the stairs laughing and running around in circles so i jumped out of bed ran down the stairs and low and behold the front door was wide open in a freezing Seattle winter.I turned to check out the closet and my heart stopped when i saw the hangars all over the floor.I then went to the back of the kitchen and was horrified to see the sliding glass door wide open.Weeks later we had a late night party and i was telling the story to a bunch of friends about our friendly ghost and some guy over heard me and says "oh the kid that runs up and down the stairs and throws hangars on the floor"I was floored when he told me he was a neighbor two houses down and that the kid was terrorizing the whole neighborhood for years and that the kid had drowned in a small lake right where our house was before the community was developed in the early 80's. I was like WTF...Why should a innocent kid be tortured for eternity running around the hood when he was innocent his whole life and not old enough to commit real sins. It made no sense at all...After discussing this ghost with a friend who became a Catholic priest he informed me that there is no ghosts of people instead they are apparitions created by Satan to trick you into thinking its someone.I was completely blown away to say the least so days later we went to a Catholic church and collected some holy water then got my friends moms blessed Cross Of Christ and went to every room in the house splashing holy water and chanting in the name of JESUS CHRIST we denounce from this house in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost.Low and behold we never had another occurrence for the next year we lived in the house and i am now convinced it was an evil spirit since my brother was growing pot in the basement.Believe what you want but the shit is real.

      I was also convinced Aliens were evil sports due to the fact they are connected to all the civilizations on earth that perform Satanic practices like sacrificing innocent children and other Mayan sacrifices that behead there own people and roll there beds down the temple stairs.If you think I'm joking just watch the movie Apacalypto and judge it for yourself.I did a family vacation to the Big island of Hawaii and started googling about all the sacrifices that were made to them so called Great God Pelea where the aborigine people tossed young girls and children into the volcanos.What a bunch of Demonic people.Later when we stayed at a military lodge right next to the main active volcano i did a little research on all the UFO sightings over the last centuries and was convinced they were involved in the horrific crimes of humanity on the majestic island of Hawaii.Later that night we went to bed and my wife and kid went to bed early in an separate bedroom since i snore really loud. I stayed up late surfing the web about all the interactions of ufos over the years and came across this site on ten reasons why ufos are actually demonic entities. When i went to bed in a small room by myself i tossed and turned for hours and felt like i was dreaming the shoe time then something horrific happened.In the top corner of the room an apparition appeared as a grey alien and a hovering type disc and i was scared to death with fear but i never forgot my religious beliefs and immediately woke upend denounced the beast in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ several while wile blessing myself with the father ,son and Holy ghost.The entity collapsed out of the ceiling and i jumped up still in fear and went to my wife and sons room and hugged them with love and all fear seemed to fade into pure happiness.WOW love is the cure...I used to believe in aliens as a race that possibly helped create mankind but in the last 20 years i am convinced they are evil spirits to trick us into believing science which has no SOUL.

    • profile image

      Rose White 22 months ago

      I keep stating the fact about aliens being demons but all the sci-fi/UFO films over the last 60 years have conditioned the ignorant to think UFOs come from distant galaxies to help us.

    • profile image

      Todd Edwards 22 months ago

      I KNOW quite a lot about this subject much of which from actual experience and also from extreme fact finding from all sources. More than your most famous experts even. Antarctica is a frozen over place with a large opening an abyss if you will. Interdimensional shapeshifters are a reality.

    • profile image

      Buzo 22 months ago

      There are no advanced (or otherwise) civilizations in far distant galaxies other than on earth. The phenomenon known as ufo's and their passengers are demons that through the ages have gone to perfect their appearance so as to mesh with our concept of "alien beings from other planets". Read the Scriptures and ask God for discernment. They are not from outer space...they are from the inner realm that was cast to earth to do battle against The Woman and Her Offspring.

    • profile image

      Ateasweet 23 months ago

      One said You might swing on me

      Two said I told the other members

      Three said Im go punch her in the face.

      Four said You smart Tea you cool with me.

      5 said Im 5th

    • profile image

      Matthew 23 months ago

      This are horrible examples.

    • profile image

      Malia 23 months ago

      Frank, I somewhat understand where your coming from with the pyschoanalysis point of view. But your questions pertaining to lucifer make no sense at all. The bible already gives an answer to these questions. If you read it you wont have to analyze anything.

    • profile image

      Frank 23 months ago

      I hate to be a stickler but I would question that, "why didn't you incorporate the fact that the through a proper psychological analysis you will acknowledge that the paranormal, the supernatural, the supposed ghosts of dead loved ones, aliens and demons all present the same behavioral patterns. They are ALL one in the same. To assume that there is life after death is a contradiction to the very definition of 'mortality'. Also I should point out that if you gave Lucifer a FULL psychological analysis you will find out the meaning of life. Why is he jealous of us? Why does he hate us? Why did he try to take the throne away from God? All the answers to these questions link together.

    • profile image

      Good video 2 years ago

      I wouldn't try and take too much from the Enoch, stick with scripture.

    • profile image

      Jeff 2 years ago

      You were simply amazing. How proud of my Christian brother I am. May Father bless you threw Jesus Christ, our Best friend and Love!. As I watched your show, I can feel the universe cry out in happiness. :-) I have been under great attack for my love of Christ from demons because I woke up a little late, as Oboma was already here. Spending a year with God is as a thousand, so he showed me the story of what is happening. So to everyone out there reading this. It's never too late, but make sure what you pray for before you drop to your knees. So please, pray for me my brother, I can use all the help I can get since I am under great attack in this a sleep world, they make me believe these bugs under my skin are real, but God showed me it's only a trick, so threw his strength I am tried as Gold in the fire. I told Father, if he was do to die like in the old days, I would not leave his side, for I am triggered more then being put to death, and it has not stopped for a very long time now.. May this note find you as Happy and full of life as your video. Part of the Å-Team... Jeff.

    • profile image

      Sam Atherton 2 years ago

      Now I've dealt with demons before. Once these spirits or aliens or inter-dimensional beings actually possessed one of my friends.

      I can tell you this: only heartfelt intuition will tell you that they are possessed. Their mannerisms and characteristics will mimic your friend but often be quite lost, confused, ignorant or dumb. And claim the solution to problems is often through suicide (at least this happened during one occasion). The other dead ringer is that upon touching them with an intention of pure love, or solidity, they will suffer physical pain. As if burnt. Also they can never look you in the eyes and tell you a lie. When they lie, they will never make eye contact. For instance, if your friend is claiming to be who he is, but is actually possessed and you ask him to "look me straight in the eyes and tell me your name", he will find excuses or say it but avert gaze.

      Now this is where you and I disagree. I practice all ideologies and hold equal esteem for them all, but particularly take interest in Hinduism. So during this experience with my friend, I was reading mantras from my notebook and chanting "aum". You can use the word "Jesus", "Yeshua", "Allah" or whatever you damn choose. Arnold Schwarzenegger if he brings forth a vision of a strong, heroic self.

      All you need to do is use the concept of god to channel a version of your essence that is peace and love. It doesn't matter where the inspiration comes from, it's that it comes from somewhere.

    • profile image

      TRVS 2 years ago

      The smartest thing to do in a situation that involves confrontation with anything supernatural is to invoke the name of Yeshua (the correct Hebrew pronunciation of Jesus, Christ just was an honorific bestowed by Emperor Constantine that precluded the crusades... basically to justify murder and cannot bind demonic ). His death on the the cross, descent into hell, and ascension into heaven has two connotations:

      1. He is the true son of God and therefore no astral or supernatural being is stronger than the creator... none are even close to that level of power and are as insects before it.

      2. His resurrection is a feat that has never been duplicated and proves his divine origin. The realm of the divine is therefore a place of far greater power than the Astral plane.

      While I believe it is foolish to think we are alone in the universe, I believe it is equally foolish to think that we are the only species that has encountered true evil. Indeed, I believe there are many worlds that may have fallen to corruption beyond our own. That said... Jesus is more powerful than any evil. I used to be somewhat of an atheist and invoked the name of Jesus during a supernatural confrontation with a demon in my teens and the demon immediately retreated. It had nothing to do with my personal beliefs which were not of God at the time. I felt like i was being strangled and the lifeforce was being sucked out of me (extremely painful i assure you) and simply called on Jesus cause it was something I read. I saw a sudden bright flash of light cover the room and the demon left immediately following a strange disembodied scream. I felt a sudden sense of deep peace, healing and calmness afterward and an otherworldly love that I can't really describe. After that I knew the truth, that God is real and Jesus won the ultimate victory over evil. There was no room left in my head for doubt.

      Personal experience aside it is safe to say these demons do indeed feed off souls. I believe it is the only way they can find sustenance outside of the love of God who cast them out. They are mere shadows of their former greatness and a true threat to all life that does not recognize the eternal truth. The devil is a lion that roams the Earth seeking whom he may devour.

      In any case demons are pretty easily distinguishable... since then I've dealt with a few and helped others to do the same.

      1. Black eyes that exude a sense of eternal damnation... dead give away what you are dealing with is demonic.

      2. Scent of sulfur... even if it's faint, it is present.

      3. The need to be invited... this does not need to be a physical invitation unless the demon is physically manifested (very rare but can happen, once a demon has taken physical form it is bound by physical laws, however it is extremely strong by human standards so be very careful, even a small child manifestation can possess the stregnth of 10 men to make matters worse it may not be a manifestation but a possession, meaning if you physically kill it, you may end up killing the host- a small nonlethal cut from anything silver or chloride based sprays like those from a fire extinguisher work well- they cannot stand chlorine or silver)... a demon can drain your life force spiritually when you commit sin (anything that alters the mind, or serial acts that join your spiritual body with that of another leave you particularly vulnerable since this places the spirit in an Astral state very similar to death)

      4. A strong aversion to light... particularly ultraviolet light if you need some pro tips. Demons generally manifest their corporeal forms from shadow. It should be noted that electrical light is not ultraviolet light so demons will typically drain electricity before they attack.

      So they don't like silver, chlorine, or ultraviolet light but to truly get rid of a demon once and for all you must identify it's true name which you can actually learn if you are psychically attacked when it tries to drain you simply by locking eyes with it. Then you must order it to leave this world immediately in the name of Yeshua (Jesus) who died for our sins. Since it has no authority in the physical realm it is bound by divine law to comply... a process that seems pretty painful for it... like being engulfed in flames.

      Main point is... if you see something... be it aliens, dead relatives, ghost dogs, black eyed or faceless people, etc. you have nothing to lose by invoking the name of Jesus... if they aren't demons then no harm done... if they are it could save your life.

    • profile image

      Unknown 2 years ago

      God threw devil in hell, and some rebel angels are going with him. Devil is using demon to trick or kill us. Alien is just word, but think again alien is word as possible be demon. The demon can change shape of their body, so they can change to anything like human. The demon wanted us to focus on them not to God. That's why they gave us little hint to found the cure, so we will look up to them. Hello?!? It's trick! They only want us being their slave in the lake of fire. They can trick our weak mind like antichrist people. Once, I was research about "alien," there are no real alien. Just demon.

    • profile image

      Leigh O'Connor 2 years ago

      I have seen demons with no genitalia whatsoever, which confirms their origin as holy angels before the rebellion in Heaven. Angels are not male or female, so why would they need sex organs? They do not marry thus they have no need for anatomical appendages used in reproduction. Those demons that sided with Lucifer cannot reproduce, which angers them even more because human beings have only that ability and right. We were made in God's image and we emulate him in being able to create life, at least in our uniquely physical way. God of course provides the breath of life to complete the process. They possess however a dark ragged opening in the spot between where the anus is and where a womans vagina would be. I believe (not from experience) that some demons have modified themselves in this way to simulate sexual intercourse with unsuspecting men engaged in vile sexual practices (remember this is just a theory, so don't attack me for being ' homophobic" I love all human beings as my Saviour Jesus Christ has taught me). Demons are attracted to people engaged in sinful practices, its a matter of fact. They come at night as one sleeps and the garbage left behind from sin attracts them like flies to putrid meat or moths to light bulbs.

    • profile image

      Lorien 2 years ago

    • profile image

      Eleonor Lapuda 2 years ago

      Based on the knowledge of demons after numerous experiences and meetings with them, I can explain a few things:

      I. They can change shape and their true form is deep black. Then they can look like what they want for example trick people that magical creatures or aliens exist, they just want people to belive that they create humans. Long time ago they trick people that Gods exist, when time flow they took new form to trick us. They materialize when they want so in the past they

      Left and leaving behind after them only human beliefs.

      They want humas to forgot this lesson : This world is created to teach humans, because when Eve lets herself to be posses and trick Adam to go her footsteps God create this world more painful to teach peoples what evil is, to not let humans be tricked again we start know what pain is. Because when you are scared or you feel pain about something you know that it can hurt you or destroy you. But humans using science only to learn how to use this world, like tool, they don’t learn anything when they forgot about God.

      After every night appears day, after winter someday summer will come, water put out fire, every rainbow start with purple to end with red, everything have started to be an end. Opposites are harmful to themselves, so that join together easily and destroy their differences. their separate existence is destroyed. This world is temporary, time is an illusion, do not seek the boundaries of the universe. There is nothing to find. This world is a temporary school. Besides it is only God and every law of the universe not tell where we came from. These are only the boundaries created by God and the outside universe is God. There is no other worlds, from the beginning there were no worlds. It has always been God who can create space. And there it is not a big organism, for example. Universe who has a soul, it is a lie invented by demons. God is a separate existence and worlds are his creation. The diffrience define our existence. We are like diffriend rainbow color with a lot of shades. When you let to be possessed slowly you start to lost your existence, when you mix 2 colors you get new one but you lost our own. And when you put rainbow through the prism, you lost colors and get white light.

      II. Nowadays games and cartoons are manipulated by anti-Christian content

      1. Steven Universe, Legend of Zelda, Brave warriors and more: If you read Bible you know that “Angels took human women as wives and gave birth to the giants” It mean that Fallen angels possessed human women’s and their soul fusion (like fusion rainbow to white) and it is angels child’s. They don’t make separate child’s like we do from x and y chromosomes. For them our souls is opposite chromosome. Like garnet is sapphire and ruby child. They want us to make Babel tower again. And Babel tower is mass possession. When you give to possess the demon knows your every memory knows everything about you then the soul becomes naked. That is why Adam and Eva became naked. We become like a mask in the hands of the mask seller of the major mask. Demons look at us as masks that can be used to take our disposition destroying our existences.

      2. Ganon in hyrulle warriors separate Cia to Light and Dark side and he look similarly to Jasper from Steven universe who separate garnet to ruby and sapphire. When you remember how look like Din statue from wind waker you know that it was statue of having only nose and eyes. Jasper have nose gem. For what reason I'm saying it? In Christianity, Jasper is a stone symbolizing Jesus Christ, Ganon comes from the desert like Jesus Christ. They separate souls from 1 combined to 2 and Jesus Christ exorcise spirits and teach how to do it. The main character is called a "link" What also associated with fusion, 6 sage connects and ties Ganon. (I do not know if you know but the next time someone attacks usually possessed several joined together demons) and 6 connecting sage as number 666 the number of giant.

      3. Mask seller knew how to change spirits in masks, Majora mask can also be found in the lavio shop. They resemble little violet elf from brave warriors with whom all souls become connected. Fusion is let yourself steal yourself but not with yourself inside anymore. Because you stop to exist. It is the deepest way to kill yourself.

      4. In Brave warriors Bea father look like a priest and the Holy Eucharist want to be associate with worms.

      Everywhere encouraged in these games and cartoons to believe in reincarnation(the belief in reincarnation is to not look where the soul comes + demons easier to convince people by false dreams or memories that someone was once someone else, that person is the easier target of demonic possession), there are pagan beliefs , they want to convince that possession is something "good", make you believe that the shape-shifting beings are funny, that with ghosts, aliens or whatever they come up with themselves you can get to be friends. But true is that all this is really a trap for your soul. So what exactly are the Illuminati? Possessed bodies of 6 to 60 to 600 the number of giant, and the beast is wearing a blasphemous names. You never know if someone you meet is already controlled by a demon. They want to possess heads of state, so that you do not buy not sell if you do not have the mark of the beast (do not give to possess). and they want to possess so many people to gather armies that can not be exorcised then attack the church. First, they create a network of connections. Possess a friend someone close to you, close to your person and then you. Only closeness of God will protect you. God only can give you a weapon to fight with them. Pray.

    • profile image

      Randy G 2 years ago

      This is all very interesting, but as in any information passed on to others there has to be an original source from where such information emanates. During my lifetime had I been told that Angels do wonderful things for human beings and that Demons make humans do terrible things. However the depiction of Angels in art is a false representation of their appearance as well as the Demons. The book of Jubilees state that the Fallen Angels(Demons) were taken to a part of the earth and placed in an abyss which was frozen over until judgement day. If that was factual information I don't see how they are freely appearing all over the earth and have been for who knows how long. What really piques my interest is the fact that an Almighty powerful being would even allow such craziness to exist! What would be the sense of it all? Anyway when I read the stories of abductees ( I have not been abducted but have had plenty of experiences) these demonic (alien) beings are frightening people but they are not making people go out and do evil things and bringing down mankind. However I do see evil being practiced by other humans against humans. One evil I see is that life is given abundantly for all to partake of, yet someone put a price on life and therefore we have poverty as if everyone is supposed to be born rich. Also as technology is advancing it is moving us further from nature to where our dependence will be based on mankind's technology and not nature.

    • profile image

      Timothy J. 2 years ago

      For 3 years I was tormented in my sleep through college, and then when I came home. Psychologists coined the term "sleep paralysis," and I agree, you are in a state of paralysis, however, why then do you visualize the most evil, disgusting, vile creatures one would be hard to explain? Like the old gruesome lady in the corner, the black shadow that hovered above me, and my eyes would be wide open and I would be in a hospital room while beings with no face worked on me??? I'd wake up with scratches of 3 on my back (to mock the holy trinity) and since I was unable to speak, I finally just started praying to Jesus Christ in my head, and low and behold, after 3 straight nights of the attacks and me calling upon the Lord, never have I had a sleepless night since. I have had guns to my head, stabbed with a butcher knife, hung by a cliff 300 feet off the ground in Oregon, and those were extremely frightening experiences. But I would choose a gun to my head any day over a night of Hell in my bedroom. There is no word for that kind of terror. But remember our Lord says, "Be still...and know that I am God." Amen to that.

    • profile image

      david cox 2 years ago

      i just love getting educated by people who believe the whole world is deceived but them, however are on top of it. bible says the whole world will be deceived not almost all, or all but one. check yourselfs before you wreck. none of us humans have the answers to all the questions. aliens are teaching us what god wants us to know. my god never fails, so as long as i put him first in all maters how can anything not be of god. get your minds out of the box youve chosen to live in and start thinking outside of it. let god lead you with the light of Christ, trust him and know all things are working out his great plan. love is our weapon, us it, love yourself dont forget. read the part 2 book, the urantia book. the world is not ending any time soon. if we are complete in our spiritual growth then it vwill end, until we are finished and god has completed what he began things might change but not end. we are rising out of this reality and entering into a higher vibration, becoming more like Christ as Jesus said we would. ye of little faith. take a chair sit and watch the unfolding of gods kingdom. its bigger than our small mortal minds can even start to conceive. all the aliens are here for a reason. so fear not gods people. its going to be alright.

    • profile image

      jaime robles 2 years ago

      Hello everyone i am here as a testimony for god i truly believe everything happens for a reason and that's why he brought me here today I never really believed in god or Jesus I always thought movies we're for entertainment and that it was all myth's and false explanations to the understanding of the ancients back then. I was depressed for a while and started to smoke marijuana and hang out with bad people from the "hood" or "ghetto" Then I met a good friend which is funny because back when we we're young we fought and didn't get along So here he comes into mt life once again and I see that this guy who had been in juvenile detention and loved to fight and was rebellious like myself has changed I couldn't believe it. He took me to this great woman who is a christian and she talked to me at first i thought it was all b.s sorry for my language , like i said everything happens for a reason. Then something kept trying to pull me towards that direction but still I was all up in my feelings and hurt and prideful to just let go. I thought i was one thing but in reality i really wasn't hard or bad or the thing i portrayed myself to be deep down in my heart I was wrong for being selfish, and prideful, I couldn't find it in me to be like other people who just care about themselves and about money and about how they look in their "selfies" or thinking their better than everyone and the I don't give a fuck mentality' I started to think to myself I am different there has to be a reason to that. That's when i started to go to church and I learned from my pastor the aliens are really demons I was so intrigued and for some reason I just started searching up many thing's like the book of enoch which is really good and talks about the giants and fallen angels nephillim and i wondered to myself why is it removed from the bible. I started relating many movies like for example prometheus to the fallen angels I started to try to convince my family but yet I still had my doubts I couldn't believe this was real but I was now relating facts to myths like the great flood if you search it up you'll find that there are sea creatures remains on top of mountains which is impposible and there is a flood myth in basically almost every religion I started digging into conspiracy theories since i had always heard the johnny bravo and the simpsons predicted 9/11 and found out that the owner had filed a claim insurance of 4 billion dollars in case the towers we're attacked by terrorists 2 weeks before you can search it up i started going to church and started to read the bible more but yet i couldn't leave my addiction of getting high then I had a horrible experience on k2 which is funny because many of those spice names are like syn, devil inside, black voodoo you get the point and its like my mind came to life and it was angry at me for knowing the truth and trying to convince my family when i was still fucking up and getting high it was showing me who i really am inside i felt like i was a little baby being tormented by a hulk and the more i fought it the deeper i went in to it i felt there was 4 things there touching me all over my body laughing at me I felt hands all over my body and I couldnt stop it it was bad to bad to the point I just had to accept it and for days after I couldn't remember it its like something didn't want me to remember then thats when i had this crazy idea around that time that i was here for something i was a savior to bring peace to the world and stop the hate just like someone had mentioned in the comments above which up to now i had never seen. back to everything happens for a reason I started to see many things, once iwas outside sober and my dog was barking at the wall behind me but it was a vicious bark i had never heard before and when i turned i saw the arm in my shadow go back into place as if it was my shadow then i got mad and demanded it to show itself in the name of Jesus and purple lighting appeared from both my right and left side I thought i was going crazy or something, so i kept asking god to show me if i was wrong thats when one night i was just sitting on my bed while thinking and facing the t.v but it was off so it was just black screen then i saw a black humanoid figure looking at me upside down from the mirror that was on the wall behind me it was reflecting off the black screen i kept staring at it and fear started to enter my heart but then i started praying to Jesus sincerely for forgiveness and to make it go away as soon as i turned back i saw it looking up as if it we' re surprised to see me praying and mad, then It was gone after many experiences and research i have come to conclusion that yes there is a god and Jesus and there is evil out there the same evil that comes out in movies and t.v think about it why are movies all about the same thing witches, aliens, monsters, demons , the end of the world the past its like life is its biggest movie itself The end times are near and i have many friends who have told me that they feel like god is testing them like he test's me i see them with good hearts just in the wrong crowd i didn't come here to judge I have come to help and express how I feel and no im not crazy if I were I would be biting of my fingers and eating them up , but i can say this ever since one night in a party before all this i offered my soul to a demon to prove to myself if its real or not while i was high my life went downhill from there, my family grew apart we started fighting more I became more a drug addict then what i already was but with Jesus and God I know everything will good I know every day will be great when I leave it in their hands there is power in the name of Jesus repent and pray honestly with sincerity he is your friend he will never judge he knows your secrets be yourself with him be true ask him to show you whats right not for what you want like 10 million dollars or a hot bf/gf or awesome job or fame/ of course he's not going to give you what you want but what you need he knows best trust in him. And if you haven't tried it how could you know that its not real i always here people say you have to see it believe it but how can you when you even give yourself a chance to see ask him pray to Jesus he is always listening, I mean common even quantm physics have discovered that there is other worlds beyond our senses . Because imagination isn't created out of reality reality is created out of imagination. Love you father thak you for bringing me here and giving me the courage to share this Amen.

    • profile image

      Kat 2 years ago

      Have to agree with jps of the connection after much research and prayer myself.

    • profile image

      jps 2 years ago

      I have to say this is all compelling and makes sense. I will also say that growing up in a Christian home I feel blessed. Aliens/ fallen angels? Well just to put something in perspective, one day I came home from Bible College (1982..so its been a while)...for no reason at all I suggested to my parents (I thought it was funny/not in retrospect) that perhaps aliens and UFO s were Satan and his "creations"...after researching and reading...I am now convinced that God was giving me some sort of insight? Its all to real...too possible...and scary....for time is running out and it seems the end is drawing closer!

    • profile image

      Christa 2 years ago

      I am 36 years old, and have been a christian since I was a small child. Oddly enough, as a child I had a fear of aliens, every night I would pray not to be abducted by them. I think it was largely due to the many 'alien tv shows' I watched. But I still remember to this day, I was outside playing and all of a sudden I had a revelation that aliens were just demons in disguise, the thought just came to me out of the blue. After that I was no longer fearful of them. Alien movies or shows never scared me anymore, because I knew that I was protected from them because of my faith in Jesus Christ. So I find it interesting to be reading articles of this subject. I had just put it out of my mind over the years, because it did not affect me. This just confirms to me that what revelation that I had was from God, and I have been reminded of it.

    • profile image

      christy cooper 2 years ago

      I had a close encounter in 2008. An agency called Mufon came to my hometown the next day to investigate my and friends report we had made of a very disturbing duo encounter the night before. I never believed in God or Satan before my experience but I guarantee you fellow humans that the Bible is 100 percent true!!The end of the world is very close!!

    • profile image

      Jill 2 years ago

      Maybe people shpuld look of released or leaked gov. Alien documents. They are real thousands of years of recording in history, too many witnesses. I believe anyone creature, human or whatever that abuducts people unwillingly, etc can not be of God that is for sure. They carry the darkness. Love is light.

    • profile image

      James R. 2 years ago

      If this post contained even the slightest bit of evidence, It would still be comically brain dead, But being a member in good standing of the Illuminati, I must tell you that you don't know anything about what our interplanetary visitors plan for us.

      And it will be wonderfully erotic!

      And if you but that previous paragraph, I've got a bridge for sale.. dirt cheep!

    • profile image

      Konstantinos 3 years ago

      Christ is in our midst! He Is and always shall be!

      Is anyone here an Orthodox Christian?

      If anyone is also interested in learning more on demons (aliens) please read the Holy Fathers.

      Also, another good read is the easay by (Blessed) Father Seraphim Rose.

      Thank you. :)

    • profile image

      Najs 3 years ago

      I thought the title lead to an interesting article...I really wasn't sure what to expect. I got to #2 before I couldn't read anymore of its silliness. Was this article written as a comical joke or to be taken seriously?? The author writes about aliens as though they personally encountered them their selves, sat down, and interviewed their moral intentions. This has not happened so he van not determine anything, which makes it false lol.

    • profile image

      radiantwriting 3 years ago

      Just got finished watching the movie "The Fourth Kind" - at the end, the woman was under hypnosis and repeated what the alien /demon had spoken "---- savior----" and "I Am God" - who does that sound like? Lucifer himself - they are nothing more than demons trying to deceive mankind - it will become more prevalent as we draw closer to the end times - don't be deceived!!!

    • profile image

      tim campbell 3 years ago

      Folks they say the answer is out there, on other planets, or even other galaxys. We have high powered telescopes pointing out to space hoping to catch something when in reality all along these evil beings are much closer to earth than we think; namely under the earth or beneath our feet. Look up youtube and other sites on military bases such as area 51 and in particular Dulce base and understand that these demons are living out of sight and working alongside the military AND not in a good way. A pact has been entered into with these beings for technology but the trade-off would shock many, the taking of men, women and children for these demons. My own theory is when all who have put their faith in Jesus Christ are raptured (and i sense it cud be later this year) then the plot and schemes of these evil beings and their master the devil will become apparent, namely that our race began from them and not our One True God. Look up for our redemption draws nigh

    • profile image

      levi909 3 years ago

      I believe as well, Aliens are Demons. I have always thought this. What else could they be? I also believe that Angels are Aliens as well. There are good and evil ones.

      I never believed in UFOs before 1998. That's when I started investigating what they REALLY are, and UFOs. I was 18 years old when me and a couple of friends seen a UFO, and it is something we will never forget! I never believed in UFOs or Aliens before our encounter.

      We were out driving around, and lo and behold, there was this metallic looking bowl in the sky. It was faraway, and lights wereblinking around it. No sound! No movement. It's as if it just floated for a few minutes, and then when it took off -- it left a streak it left so fast. WILL NEVER FORGET IT! Have been on a journey since to find out what it was.

      My conclusion is: Aliens and Demons are the same. Angels are Aliens to. (Good ones)

      What ancients described in the bible are UFOs, it's a mode of their transportation. They called them chariots. They had word limitations, and UFO or Alien wasn't in their vocabulary. It is today.

      Same earth, yet different names to describe these beings.

      My chances of seeing another UFO IMO, are very slim.

    • profile image

      aliens are deceptive 3 years ago

      Pleiadians or Verdants or whatever species they claim to be, they are demons in disguise.

      the late Philip Krapf knows the truth about his "verdant" buddies including his "verdant" lover Gina

    • muffymayhem profile image

      muffymayhem 3 years ago from Perth, Western Australia

      People thought Noah was crazy too...

    • muffymayhem profile image

      muffymayhem 3 years ago from Perth, Western Australia

      Makes you wonder who did Joan of Ark and Charles vii see ... and who was speaking to Joan throughout her campaign ?

    • profile image

      mr t 3 years ago

      Aliens are real and yes they are demons posing as creators of mankind.

    • profile image

      Joshua 3 years ago

      I'm not sure about fact #5. If anyone knows that that is true or that has heard of an incident like that say so.


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