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UFOs & Aliens


Even Skeptics Like Me Find Recent UFO Sightings Baffling

There have been video recordings of UFO sightings throughout our nation that have left even skeptics like me baffled. Although I do not believe that these UFOs are extraterrestrial spaceships, it is obvious that they are a product of some kind of scientific phenomenon. Seeing is believing.


Religious Movements Spring From Extraterrestrial Contacts

Several so-called religious movements have sprung from the notion that aliens aboard Unidentified Flying Objects bring enlightenment to earthlings.


The Strongest Testimonies About Aliens and UFOs

This article explores the strongest and most credible testimonies about the existence of ETs.


The 1974 UFO Crash in Coyame, Mexico

In 1974, an unidentified flying object crashed in the desert outside the town of Coyame in the Chihuahua state in northern Mexico. Learn more about the crash and its aftermath here.


The 1989 Voronezh UFO Incident

In 1989, aliens allegedly landed in Russia. They visited the city of Voronezh and duly got reported by a news agency. Was it a hoax, or did three children and a police officer really see something from another world? Here's the story.


Do Aliens Exist, or Are We Alone in the Universe?

Could extraterrestrial life exist somewhere in the universe, or is Earth unique in its ability to support life? Are we really alone?


The Phoenix Lights: Seen by Thousands From Nevada to Arizona

The Phoenix Lights are noted by skeptics and believers as the largest and most-photographed mass sighting of an unexplained triangle-shaped, silent, fast-moving object. UFO? The Air Force? Interdimensional? Extraterrestrial? We may never know.


FBI Confirms Aliens Exist

A recent string of declassified documents, leaked memos, and an eye-witness testimony has confirmed what we have all known: that aliens exist and they have visited this planet.


Do Aliens Exist?

Humans have always been searching for alien life. And while there have been many news reports of UFOs and alien abductions, we have yet to find definitive proof. This article takes a look at the evidence present of the existence of aliens.


5 Signs That Someone You Know May Be a Reptilian Shapeshifter

You may have heard that some prominent people around the world are "reptilian shapeshifters." What does this really mean? How do you tell if someone close to you is a reptilian? Learn the signs.


The Possibility of Finding Aliens

Two famous scientists disagree about the existence of extraterrestrial life and the likelihood of ever making contact with out-of-this-world species. Read on to learn more about their views.


How to Organize Your First UFO Sky Watch

A UFO sky watch is a great outdoors hobby for friends and family to do together. A steadfast belief in little green men is not a requirement!


The Battle of Dulce: Underground Alien Firefight

The Battle of Dulce is an alleged firefight that took place in 1979 between aliens and humans in a secret underground base in New Mexico.


UFOs Debunked: Why Aliens Are Not Visiting Earth

Find out why it is unlikely that an alien race is traveling across the galaxy just to visit Earth. UFO sightings debunked.


The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Humans evolved on Earth. So—given the vastness of the Universe—is it possible that intelligent life exists somewhere else?


The Drake Equation Explained: The Search for Intelligent Alien Life

Learn more about the Drake Equation, a tool used to predict the number of intelligent alien civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy.


5 Ways Aliens Could Invade the Earth and How We Might Stop Them

Could aliens invade the Earth and try to bring about the end of mankind? If they do, how can we defend ourselves? Here are a few ways we may be able to fight back.


Shocking New Findings Reveal That the Vatican Is Waiting for an Alien Savior

According to this book, Vatican officials are not only aware of alien presence on Earth; they are actively preparing for the coming of 'cosmic' Christ. Bonus: The Allies of Humanity's message.


Proof That Aliens Created Mankind Exists in Ancient Biblical Texts

Ancient texts predating the Hebrew Bible offer a very different version of the story of creation and reveal the scientific origin of mankind.


Do Aliens Exist or Not? Are We Alone?

Do aliens exist? Is there some other form of life out there? Is the government hiding the truth from you? In this article I will express my own personal opinions on this topic and why I believe.


Was the Ancient Sumerians Created by Aliens?

Read on to explore why some believe the ancient society was formed by extra-terrestrials.


Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?

Discover why some say there's evidence that ancient aliens helped to build the pyramids of Egypt. Are the pyramids of Giza more than they seem?


5 Strangest Explanations for UFOs and Aliens on Earth

What are UFOs, why are aliens here and where do they come from? Are we really sure we want to make contact with an alien race?


UFO Sightings and Evidence Throughout History

Are aliens real? Discover why sightings and evidence of UFOs throughout history have some researchers saying yes.


5 Possible Downsides to the UFO Disclosure

We can endlessly debate whether the world is ready, but sooner or later, the disclosure of UFO files is inevitable. What could possibly go wrong?


Flying Humanoid Sightings and Theories

UFO researchers around the world are capturing unidentified flying humanoids on camera. Are these sightings of a new kind of alien, or something else entirely?


Why Did an Andromedan Use the Words of Ralph Waldo Emerson When Talking to Alex Collier?

Alex Collier is famous for being a self-proclaimed alien contactee who says he has had many meetings with beings from Andromeda. But are his claims true?


Are We Ready for the UFO Disclosure?

Why are we denied the truth about the UFOs? Is the mass panic scenario really a concern? What would the UFO disclosure mean for the human race?


Hollow Moon Hypothesis: Is There Evidence the Moon Is Hollow?

Discover why some people think the moon is hollow and decide for yourself if there is more to our moon than we realize.


Unidentified Submerged Object: The Underwater UFO at Shag Harbour

Read the shocking story of the Shag Harbour unidentified submerged object (USO) incident, where an underwater UFO was tracked by military forces.


The Barney and Betty Hill UFO Abduction Story

Read the incredible story of Betty and Barney Hill and the first-ever documented UFO abduction.


5 Reasons We Will Never Make Contact With Aliens

Learn why it is unlikely we will ever make contact with intelligent life, even though we are likely not alone in our galaxy.


The Bob Lazar Story: Area 51 Secrets Revealed

Bob Lazar’s connection to Area 51 and a top-secret government conspiracy has intrigued UFO researchers for decades. But was Lazar telling the truth?


Was the SETI "Wow! Signal" Evidence of Alien Contact?

Was the "Wow! Signal," captured by a SETI researcher in 1977, an alien signal and evidence of contact with another civilization?


The Hollow Earth and Admiral Byrd's Diary: Proof of an Inner Earth?

Is there proof to support the theory that the Earth is hollow? Find out how legendary explorer Admiral Richard E. Byrd is linked to Hollow Earth Theory.


Top Ten Conspiracy Theories: The Roswell Incident

This article explores the true cover up and disinformation behind the Roswell Incident. The nature of the event has remained hidden from the public for over sixty years, what were the real reasons?


Was Baalbek a Spaceport for Extraterrestrials?

This article addresses the possibility that Baalbek, an ancient temple complex in Lebanon, was used by aliens as a spaceport.


Was Serpent Mound Built by Ancient Aliens?

This article provides scientific details about the mysterious Serpent Mound in Ohio. The author also speculates about when, why, and by whom it was built.


Characteristics and Traits of Alien Greys

This article contains an extensive list of the various traits, characteristics, and behaviors commonly associated with Grey aliens.


Do Aliens Exist? Three Prominent Alien Types Exposed!

Do aliens exist? This question is often asked by truth-seekers. Those who report having been abducted say that there are three main types, or species, of aliens: the greys, the reptilians, and the Nordic aliens.


Bright White Orb of Light

In 2006, I went on a hiking and camping trip with my parents and brother. Little did I know, I would witness something that I could not identify, that nobody would believe I had seen, and that would change my view of life on Earth and other planets.


David Icke and the Reptilian Conspiracy

David Icke is the former footballer and sports commentator who has become more famous as an outspoken conspiracy theorist with some very weird ideas. He says the world is run by reptilian aliens.