The Meaning Of The Camel Power Animal As Your Totem

Updated on November 8, 2017
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Camel Totem Power Animal
Camel Totem Power Animal | Source

We Shall Explore Several Meanings And Messages That This Power Animal Has To Share As Your Personal Totem.

Below you will find keywords and meanings related to the Camel Totem as it relates to symbolism and your personal journey. Totem, Spirit Animal, and Power Animal are used interchangeably here because they generally mean the same thing.

I shall also share with you my experience in discovering the Camel in a guided meditation at a local metaphysical shop in Fairhope, AL.

You may also be interested in another way to find your Power Animal using your Chinese Zodiac and Western Zodiac Signs. It's also explained briefly in a humorous video with Megan Fox telling Conan O'Brien what his Power Animal is.

Camel Totem Keywords

Here are a few keywords to better help you understand the meaning and general message your Animal Spirit Guide may be trying to convey. Whether you have come to find that the Camel is your personal Animal Spirit guide or believe this to just be a marker or message given to you in one of your meditations or a dream, these key words will give you some clarity. If one or more particular key words resonate with you then you have received its power. Now it is time to meditate further on the key word that jumps out toward you and find the meaning in your own life. Is it a warning? Is it a theme of your current situation? These are questions you may want to ponder while discovering the meanings of the camel.

  • Survival
  • Travel
  • Service
  • Strength
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Conservation

Slow down and reserve your energy. I must teach you the importance of survival and living from within.

Camel Totem
Camel Totem | Source

Meanings And Messages From The Camel Totem

There are several beliefs about what Power Animals and Totems are. Some of them being our Angels or spirit guides taking animal form. However you see this, it should be apparent that by either animal symbolism or by the characteristics of their animal personalities they are trying to communicate with you in a language you can understand if you will only attune and reach for them in your understandings. You can do this by learning about the animal that has come forth. Learn their attributes, strengths and weaknesses, and means for survival. In some ways the way animals communicate is also important because they most likely are using that form of communication with you.
So now as I let my ego rest, I fully accept that the Camel has a message for me and is with me now on this part of my journey.

This is what the camel has to say:

"Slow down and reserve your energy. I must teach you the importance of survival and living from within. You must go inside now and take inventory of your reserves. Be of humble service to others but don't give away too much of your power. You must retain life energy within you for the long haul. You may have a long life to live and will need to control your exertion. You must stand strong now and learn to depend on your own inner gifts and talents. You must take only what you need now and leave what you cannot carry. You will learn from me to be a pillar of health. Your vitality comes from within. Gather your life energy now through rest and relaxation for you will need it on your long journey. You may find others in need of your care who are weaker than you. You will need to carry them for a while, but you must learn how to care for them without giving too much of yourself. Be of service but remember your survival instincts."

You will learn from me to be a pillar of health. Your vitality comes from within.

Owl Totem Spirit Animal
Owl Totem Spirit Animal | Source

Finding The Camel In My Meditation

It was a Tuesday and I had a day off from work. I thought great I can go to my first meditation at my new favorite metaphysical shop, Rosie Bluums. Betsy, the healer and Reiki Master that owns the shop guides meditation there 2 nights a week and although I had been there twice before browsing for beautiful new crystals to take home this was my first time meeting her. She had a great energy about her and very welcoming. She got us all comfy with our blankets and pillows to prepare us for our guided meditation. She let us all pick an Angel Oracle Card before beginning. I picked my card, "FREE WILL." I thought interesting. We all got to choose a quartz crystal to hold and then she explained that we will be focusing our meditation today on our Spirit Animals. My heart jumped a beat with excitement even though I already knew my Animal Totem. This was just another confirmation to me that this is my theme this week or month, I'm not quite sure yet. I've been doing a lot of reading and day dreaming about my spirit guides lately especially my totems. I thought perfect. Lets see what my Owl has to tell me.

Yes, the Owl is the only Power Animal I knew of to be my guide. The Owl's attributes are highly intuitive and seeing what others do not. I'm getting much more comfortable with my Owl guide. It resonated with me right away. After I found out I thought of course. How could there be any other?
What I didn't know was that my Owl guide was about to introduce me to another Spirit Animal, the Camel. In our guided mediation, Betsy led us to a green pasture at the edge of a cliff that looked over an ocean. There we were to meet our Spirit Animals. Of course my Owl showed up right away as if we were old friends. As always though in meditation for me I start to get the chatter box in my head and I started asking myself am I forcing this. Did the owl show up only because I already know of her? The owl didn't come to me as close as she normally does. Instead she flew down and rested on the Camel that suddenly appeared in my peripheral vision to my left. There was another guy meditating next to me that I briefly met before starting meditation. He was from Turkey. While still in the meditation I just assumed that I must be seeing other peoples Spirit guides too. Since we were all in the room together all focusing on our guides, this could only make sense. Of course I was all wrong, he said his Animal Totem was a black panther. I also saw and Eagle or what might have been a Falcon eying what I thought was a Salamander on the ground. I didn't really pay much attention to those either since I also thought those were other peoples Spirit Guide crowding my meditation. How egotistical of me to think that.

Somehow they knew I'd figure it all out with a little research and it turns out that the Camel directly relates to me. I resonate with the attributes so much and feel like this is where I am right now in my life. The Salamander or what I thought was some sort of lizard turned out to be just that, a Mexican Salamander or Axolotl. An Axolotl is also known as a Mexican walking fish. I found this out by watching a YouTube Video and heard a suggestion by Megan Fox on the Conan Show to combine your Western Zodiac and your Chinese Zodiac signs and search to see what your Power Animal is. Mine being Libra and the year of the Monkey, I got Axolotl. At first I was confused and thought this was some creature from mythology. Nope, Google explains that it's a Mexican Salamander. At this point I'm thinking that was the best meditation experience I've ever had. I now know of 3 of my Spirit Animals and they all came to me at once. Now I just have to find out who that Falcon was trying to get my Salamander.

Axolotl, Or Mexican Salamander

My Axolotl Animal Spirit Guide
My Axolotl Animal Spirit Guide | Source

Have you wondered what your Spirit Animal is?

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Finding Your Spirit Guide Using Chinese Zodiac And Western Zodiac Sign

I'm not sure if this segment on Conan in the video below with actor, Megan Fox, was just meant to be funny but she gives much useful information on another way to find your spirit animal, ones that you may not be aware of.
I recently have been seeing a weird looking gecko or salamander in my meditations and I'm guessing I was letting my ego get too involved and didn't believe this had anything to do with me, let alone be one of my Animal Spirit guides. I thought for sure this must be some other persons totem. Sure enough after following Megan's suggestion for finding your Animal Spirit guide using your Chinese zodiac and your Western Zodiac sign, mine being the Year of the Monkey and Libra, I found that I am a Axolotl. An Axolotl is known as a Mexican Salamander or a Mexican walking fish.

Conan discovers His Spirit Animal

Camel Power Animal
Camel Power Animal | Source

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      Maurice Glaude 2 years ago from Mobile, AL

      Meditation is not only the new trend that you hear crossing your legs on the floor and being silent. Meditation is also walking with mindful purpose or exercising can also be meditation. Singing or chanting as they did long ago is also a form a meditation. You should experiment with some. Just having the intent of being mindful and for a positive purpose like reducing stress or healing can be meditation even while you're washing the dishes. Meditation can be any activity while focusing your mind. Your purpose is your own.

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      Thank you for sharing this interesting information. I haven't done any meditation myself, but I find the topic intriguing.

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      Awesome! You have shared such an interesting insight to life.