I was born 09-07-04, and I see that you talked about how we like natural things. We do like natural things, but because we like natural things we are very healthy. We barely have diseases. Why would you think that we have diseases?


I wrote that piece in jest. It is Negative Astrology Characteristics, so some negative traits of the signs were exaggerated, in an attempt to soften the blow and make it fun to read. I was suggesting that Virgos worry too much about having health problems, and that it's silly because they usually live such healthy lifestyles. It's humor. I don't think Virgos have diseases, but they can become hypochondriacs if the sign's traits are taken to extremes. All of the sign descriptions were extreme; it was supposed to be a fun piece, so please don't take it so seriously.

Updated on March 26, 2018

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Negative Astrology Sign Characteristics
By Jean Bakula