I have Pluto conjunct NN in 12th hse Virgo. Have I possibly erred in a past life causing me to repeat a cycle? I am intrigued by "Curiosity can be our biggest asset, but also our greatest enemy, if we keep looking back and repeating the same mistakes." I am not sure what to aim for in this incarnation, my SN in Pisces or my NN in Virgo. I would like to break any regressive loop that might exist.


We have all erred in past lives, so don't take it too hard! The South Node is about past lives, while the North is about the direction you need to go to correct things, beginning in this life. The 12th house is about secrets and sorrows, so in Pisces, and other lives, maybe you either worked in a prison or hospital where you saw sorrow. Or you may have had or known people close to you with substance abuse issues. Since the NN is in Virgo, it's telling you to walk a healthier path, not be so critical and to focus more on yourself to find out what is causing you to be unhappy or secretive. Change is hard, and we often make the same mistakes for many lifetimes. Aim for the Virgo traits and take better care of yourself. In Pisces incarnations, you probably wore yourself out caring for others or partying with them.

Updated on April 5, 2018

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Astrology, Reincarnation, and the Moon's Nodes
By Jean Bakula