I am a Virgo born on 9-20-1961. I read I was born under negativity. I always have problems no one has ever heard of. Can I break this cycle? If so, how?


It's only really old astrology books that make any sign sound really negative. Virgos are intelligent, fun, care about health, and usually live a clean lifestyle. There can be difficult aspects in your chart, but I can't tell from this. Has this negativity been a long cycle? Some of the larger planets stay in a sign for a year or more, like Saturn or Jupiter. Saturn would bring karmic problems into your life to learn from. But Saturn hasn't been in Virgo for some time. You can break the cycle, because you have Free Will to think about areas of your life where you can try to change your circumstances. Be creative. Change your attitude or routine. Meditation is helpful for getting deeper into your Spiritual side. I'm sure we all have unique problems, but everyone goes through really hellish times at one point or other. Hopefully it will pass. But it's not because you are Virgo. It's a mutable, changeable sign, so making a few positive changes should help. Try to get out more or do something new.

Updated on March 23, 2018

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Negative Astrology Sign Characteristics
By Jean Bakula