I am a Taurus sun, Capricorn moon, and Aquarius rising. I seemed to have come to a stopping point in my life at 60 years of age due to an escalation in issues with a rare genetic disease that I have suffered with all my life. I have always been a hard worker, very generous, active, and creative. Now I am wallowing in pain and depression. How do I kick start my life again?


I'm sorry you are suffering right now and wish the best for you. This is actually a little different, though I will interpret the Trinity.

Saturn takes 30 years to go through all the planets, so when we are ages 27-30, 57-60, or 90+, we go through something called a Saturn Return. Saturn is the karmic teacher, and it's here to teach us lessons, normally ones we don't really like, or painful ones. I learned they can be good lessons, too, but in all my years find they are mostly hard.

So I think what's happening is that you are at the end of your 2nd Saturn return, and this is what it's teaching you to deal with, for reasons that can still be positive. I have an article on Saturn Returns: http://hubpages.com/astrology/Astrological-Saturn-...

But with your Taurus Sun, you are a kind and gentle person who never says no when it comes to helping others. You love the outdoors and are very creative. Also a bit stubborn, but not in an annoying way. You just gently don't do what you don't want to do. The Capricorn Moon is about your emotions, and you hold them in a little bit, or don't show them much unless it's privately. But they are strong emotions. You are hardworking and ambitious, and I can see you have dealt well with responsibility. This will help you get through this rough patch; you are strong. Taurus and Capricorn both are strong family loving signs and you are devoted, and family will help you too. Aquarius Rising means you seem more outgoing and liberal when people don't know you, and later they see you are so family and work oriented. But this helps your creativity. Aquarius and Taurus are fixed signs, and so that tenacity will be a big aid in helping you through the escalation of this disease. Even the strongest of us get depressed when faced with such a tough thing, but if it can escalate, it can go into remission too, and that stubborn part of you can beat it back.

I don't know how this affects you physically, but try meditation if you can. It helps you to learn to control your thoughts, and that's part of any battle. It takes practice and there are many kinds of meditation, but religion doesn't matter in most types. It can clear your mind and make you feel more in control--mind over matter, right? Meditation is a way to open any doors because our minds are so powerful. You can even get an app for your phone for free called Buddhify; it has short, guided meditations other people read and you just listen to while blocking your thoughts. I prefer quiet meditations, but it can give you the basic idea.

I hope this helps; know suffering for so long has to have made you strong. That strength is still there; it's just waiting to come back. Also, if you feel up to any of your creative activities or are able to start a new one to keep your mind off how you feel, that could help too. I wish you the very best.

Updated on May 13, 2018

Original Article:

Capricorn Moon Sign Emotions
By Jean Bakula

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