I am a Taurus sun, Capricorn moon, and an Aries rising. I'm in my early 20s and for some reason, I feel lost, very emotional, and don't really know myself. I've been feeling really unhappy lately. What can I do to change this?


This isn't really an astrology question. I am sorry you are feeling unhappy, but can't determine what planet energies are in your chart without doing one.

The Taurus Sun means you are gentle as Venus rules Taurus. You are reliable and need security to be happy. You will work hard if it's for something you really want. You are easy going and well-liked. The Capricorn moon is your emotional side, and it's a serious one. You keep your feelings locked up quite tight, although you are emotional, you don't like to show it that much in public. This is also a sign which craves security. Did something happen lately that made your life less secure or scared you? Aries rising means people see you as outgoing, a leader (Capricorn is also a leadership sign). Are you unhappy with a job that's going nowhere? That might be part of the issue. Use the Aries rising to be your charming and friendly self, and it will attract more positive people in your life.

If you continue to feel too depressed or lost, please contact a healthcare professional. I can see those two reasons which may cause you worry and unhappiness for a while, but I can't give mental health advice.

Updated on April 13, 2018

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Capricorn Moon Sign Emotions
By Jean Bakula