I am a Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon with a Cancer Rising & I am struggling emotionally as I get older. Any thoughts of how to balance out? You mentioned Cancer and Capricorn are opposed, can that be the struggle?


The Sun, Moon and Rising sign work together as a trinity. Your Gemini Sun is the easier part of it. You are outgoing, intelligent and probably know a little about a lot of subjects (and are a master at some)! You seem changeable, as it's the sign of the Twins, but the Cancer Rising adds to that.

The Rising sign is how others see us; the facade we put on before we let others in. A Cancer Rising person seems kind and agreeable, but it's also a leadership sign (as is Capricorn). Cancers love security, but get bored easily, too. So others see you as approachable, but also as someone who is open to new ideas and change. They probably confide in you often.

The Capricorn Moon is a little harder; the Moon rules our emotions. Capricorn Moon people hold back until they are sure they want to get to know someone better. They are discriminating, not in a judgmental way, but in a "is this person worth my time" kind of way. Capricorns are romantic, in private please, and so are Cancers. So both are kind of traditional.

Capricorn is another leadership sign. So you come off as gentle and friendly, which you are. But you are very ambitious and Gemini makes you more fun than people think you are at first.The opposition of Cancer Rising/Capricorn Moon is only shown in the way you appear (capable, a good listener, kindhearted) and the way your emotions are (more hidden, afraid of rejection, more serious about life than you appear). It shouldn't cause you any trouble. All in all it looks good. Take care. Jean

Updated on March 28, 2018

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Capricorn Moon Sign Emotions
By Jean Bakula