I am a female born on April 14, 1956, and he was born January 27, 1952. Are we compatible as a couple?


You are a Sun Sign Aries, and he is a Sun Sign Aquarius. So you are a leader, a fire sign, and probably outgoing and fun. He is an air sign, and perhaps a nonconformist who is intelligent and has new ideas. Fire needs air to burn, and in Astrology this is called a sextile. So based on this small bit of information, I would say you are compatible.

But here's the real issue. Besides your Sun Sign, the Moon and eight other planets are also in an astrology sign. Without a birth time and place, I have no clue where your Ascendants are. There are twelve astrology houses which rule three or four critical areas of life. The distance each planet is apart from all the others matters, these are called aspects. So what I have to go on here is only about one-tenth of a horoscope. I don't have a whole chart and very little to go on. So it's not a complete question for me to answer.

Do you get along well on a day to day basis? Do you have the same or similar views on the issues that matter most to both of you? Do you enjoy each other's company? That's for you to figure out.

So based on Sun Signs, you seem like a couple who can make it, but I never promise a couple will stay together forever. We are all born with Free Will and the ability to change with our circumstances. Good luck, and I hope you find happiness with each other.

Updated on March 22, 2018

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Aries Moon Sign Emotions
By Jean Bakula