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Urban Legends


The Disturbing True Tale of Baltimore's "Vampire Boy"

One might think that vampires—undead creatures who subsist on the blood of others—are products of imagination with no basis in reality. While this may well be true, there have been instances in which individuals have presented with symptoms of vampirism. The following is one such case.


The Mysterious Guidestones of Georgia

In 1980, four granite megaliths were erected in eastern Georgia and nobody seems to understand their purpose.


Raising the Dead: Can Whistling Call Forth Spirits?

If one wishes to draw the ire of those who inhabit the land of the dead, there are few more effective ways than to whistle. For unknown reasons, some spirits take offense to the shrill sound and will not hesitate to make their displeasure known, as evidenced by the following accounts.


Unexplained Phenomena: The Painting That Came to Life

We all know that inanimate objects are incapable of functioning independently. While that may be, the following account flies in the face of that belief. It tells the true story of a man whose stay at a roadside motel introduced him to a painting that he is convinced had magical properties.


The Tragic History of the White Lady in Filipino Folklore

The Woman in White is a ghost with a sordid past. Many legends are told about this apparition, but the roots of her misery are often overlooked. Why is she always female? And what is the meaning behind the color she wears?


Almost Human: Three Real-Life Stories of Creepy Dolls

We all know that dolls are manufactured objects that cannot think, feel, or act independently. At least, that's what we like to believe, though the subjects in the following true tales would beg to differ. Sometimes, there is more to these human replicas than meets the eye.


The Mystery of Entombed Animals

For hundreds of years, stories of animals emerging alive from solid rock have intrigued people.


Tulpas: A History and Example of Living Thoughtforms

What is a Tulpa? Discover the origin and purpose of these curious entities.


New York City Sewer Alligators: An Urban Legend Debunked

We have all heard the tales of alligators not only surviving but thriving in New York City’s sewer system, but is there any truth to it? Are there really colonies of alligators living beneath the feet of one of the busiest populaces of the United States?


The Bloody Benders: The Family That Wasn't

In the late 1800s, travelers stopping for the night at a one-room inn outside of Cherryvale, Kansas, were often never seen again.


The Green Man Legend: How Real Tragedy Became a Pennsylvania Ghost Story

I discuss the Green Man ghost story of western Pennsylvania, including the real story of Ray Robinson and how his electrical accident turned him into a local legend.


What Became of the Mary Celeste 'Ghost Ship'?

What happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste? We may never know for sure, but here is my theory on their fate.


The Red Ghost of Arizona

In the 1880s, a huge red beast terrorized the Arizona Territory, and stories of its appearance grew more and more grotesque with each telling.


The Dark Watchers of the Santa Lucia Range

Scared of monsters? You should know about the creepy creatures who might be living in California. Local legends speak of mysterious shadowy figures looking out to the sea all along the Santa Lucia Range in California. Read on for everything you need to know.


Never Alone: Bizarre Tales of Parasitic Twins

These are the stories of two people who were born acting as hosts to parasites that threatened to destroy them. One of them spent years unaware of the cause of his affliction, while the other was forced to live a life of waking nightmares. These are their stories.


Mysteries of Time and Space: Portals

Traditional thinking would have us believe that gateways into other dimensions are something that exist only in the world of science fiction. The stories you are about to read are the real-life experiences of people who would challenge that notion. They know the terror a portal can bring.


True Mysteries of Time and Space: Mothman and Indrid Cold

In 1966, a series of unexplained events would rock the peaceful haven of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, to its core. What began with a string of sightings of an unidentified nocturnal creature would culminate in a tragedy that would forever change the town and its citizens.


The Legend of the Hooker Brothers: New London, Ohio

Joseph and Edward Hooker were tragically murdered in their home in the small town of New London, Ohio, in 1974. They have become a local legend as rumors of hidden cash and hauntings still circulate decades after their deaths.


The Bunny Man: Evolution of a Legend

There has long been an urban legend of an axe-wielding man in a bunny costume wreaking havoc on those unfortunate enough to cross his path. Surprisingly, there actually might be a grain of truth to this story.


Oklahoma's Monsters and Other Unexplainable Legends

There are a lot of strange things lurking in the wilds of the "Sooner State." This article lists the Oklahoma mythical creatures and monsters you may not have heard of before.


Spring-Heeled Jack: A Victorian Terror

He leaped over high walls, scared the wits out of women and horses, slapped men in the face, and escaped. But did he really exist?


The Curse of the Delhi Purple Sapphire

In 1857, an insignificant gemstone was stolen from an Indian temple. The story that followed the theft is a fascinating tale of misfortune and tragedy. Was this stolen jewel haunted by its true owner?


Possible Explanations for the Mad Gasser of Mattoon

If there’s anything guaranteed to send a nervous tremor through a community, it’s the local newspaper printing a headline such as “Anesthetic Prowler on the Loose.”


Ten Lesser-Known Mythological Beings Found in Scandinavian Culture

Scandinavian mythology consists of a multitude of different eerie mythological beings and creatures, many of which are not widely known.


The Curse of 'The Crying Boy' Painting

In the 1980s, the phenomenon of 'The Crying Boy' gripped the UK. In homes where everything was destroyed by fire, the image in the haunted painting remained strangely intact.


Peter Stumpp: The Werewolf of Bedburg

Peter Stumpp was a man who lived during the 16th century and was thought to have been an actual werewolf.


The Myths, Folklore, and Legends of Scotland

Myths, legends, and folklore—the things that fuel our nightmares, but is there any truth behind them?


Rebobs: The Flying Monkeys of Napa Valley

Reports of creatures known as Rebobs have occurred since the 1950s around the area of Partrick Road. Have you ever seen one? Find out more about these mysterious sightings.


The Cardiff Giant

What appeared to be the petrified remains of a three-metre tall man were uncovered in upstate New York and the crowds flocked to see it.


Unsolved Mysteries You May Have Never Heard About

There are many unsolved mysteries from all over the world that most people have never even heard about. Some involve people, others involve locations.


Is the Mitchell-Hedges Skull Fact or Fiction?

As one of six fabled Crystal Skulls, the one found by Mitchell-Hedges and his daughter has proven to be the most detailed and most mysterious. However, there are questions about its authenticity. Read on to find out more about this mysterious skull.


Facts About the Not-So Spontaneous Human Combustion

A fire breaks out, and a person is consumed by flames! It seems spontaneous, as if some mysterious force has caused it. But, a closer look at details may reveal that such events may have a common cause.


Mysteries and Ghost Ships at Sea

Dozens of ghost ship stories tell of unknown catastrophes that befall vessels and their crews.


Urban Legends: Slenderman, Bogeyman, and the Big Bad Wolf

Love urban legends? Read on for an investigation of the legend of the Bogeyman through the ages and around the world. Have you seen the Bogeyman in any of his forms?


The Fiendish Black Dog of British Folklore

Interested in British folklore? You need to know this story. The Black Dog is a frightful spectre creature found in folklore across Great Britain. Read on for everything you need to know about this creature.


Roswell Rods: A New Species or a Technical Glitch?

Are there strange things zooming through the sky? Why can't anyone see them with the naked eye? Photographers claim to have recorded these cryptids. Real or not, there's more than meets the eyes. Read on for everything you need to know about the Roswell rods.


The Warring Giants of Dudley and Birmingham

A curious relic can be found in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter known as the War Stone. Legend tells us it was left behind after an epic battle between two giants, but it may also reveal a lost castle.


Whatever Happened to Ted the Caver?

People have been fascinated by the story of Ted the Caver, if not downright scared to the bone. Explore Ted's story of a terrifying encounter in a cave, and read some theories about what might have happened.


The Legend of Dead Bart and the Creepypasta Universe

If you're a "Simpson" fan, then don't have a cow man! Dead Bart is just a myth . . . right?


Maggie Dickson: Convicted, Sentenced, Hanged, and Lived

Maggie Dickson continued to work until the day her child was born in a field, where she had gone to give birth in secrecy. Whether the baby was stillborn or died shortly after birth is not known for sure. It is known, however, that Maggie left her dead baby on the bank of River Tweed.


Mothman Sightings and the Point Pleasant Silver Bridge Collapse

The chilling story of how sightings of the mysterious Mothman preceded the tragic collapse of Point Pleasant's Silver Bridge in 1967.


Creepypasta: The Internet's Answer to Urban Legends

You know it's true . . . you heard it from a friend who read a post from a friend on an Internet chat room. Now Creepypasta is scaring up some popularity.


Tunguska and Tesla's Death Ray: Did Tesla Cause the Tunguska Explosion?

Discover why some believe the Tunguska Event of 1908 was a massive explosion caused by Nikola Tesla’s greatest top-secret invention.


Urban Legends, Monsters, and Haunted Places in North Carolina

North Carolina—also known as the Tar Heel State—is home to the Appalachian Mountains, lovely scenery, beautiful beaches . . . and lots of monsters. Read on to get a glimpse of the delightfully horrid things this state has to offer.


Urban Legends, Monsters, and Haunted Places in Ohio

Good ole Ohio, a rather peaceful state known for the buckeye tree, home to America's first traffic light, the first pro baseball team and of course Helltown.... and zombie apocalypse emergency drills.... and dogmen, the tortured children of Gore Orphanage... ok, maybe it's not so peaceful after all.


Louisiana Urban Legends, Monsters, and Haunted Places

Long before hurricane Katrina brought forth the tales of sharks and alligators swimming through the flooded streets of New Orleans in 2005, there already existed a vast amount of urban legends and ghost stories involving the state of Louisiana.


Indiana Urban Legends, Monsters, and Haunted Places

While spending a week vacationing in Indianapolis, I discovered some unusual and creepy tales from the great state of Indiana. With any luck, you will find my discoveries as interesting as I have.


Urban Legends, Monsters, and Haunted Places in Washington State

There has always been a lot of mystery wrapped up into the state of Washington. With it's diverse landscape and climate, ranging from foggy coastlines to snow covered mountains, comes a large variety of urban legends and haunted places to choose from.


10 Common Urban Legends and Where They Came From

Urban legends are like modern-day fairy tales—they serve as windows into our minds. Discover the origins of ten common urban legends.


The 1980s Curse of the Crying Boy Painting

This article deals with a controversial "urban legend" from the 1980s in Britain—the curse of the crying boy paintings and the series of unexplained fires that seemed to follow them.