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Urban Legends


Mysteries of Time and Space: Portals

Traditional thinking would have us believe that gateways into other dimensions are something that exist only in the world of science fiction. The stories you are about to read are the real-life experiences of people who would challenge that notion. They know the terror a portal can bring.


Urban Legends, Monsters, and Haunted Places in Ohio

Good ole Ohio, a rather peaceful state known for the buckeye tree, home to America's first traffic light, the first pro baseball team and of course Helltown.... and zombie apocalypse emergency drills.... and dogmen, the tortured children of Gore Orphanage, frogmen.... ok, maybe it's not so peaceful after all.


Louisiana Urban Legends, Monsters, and Haunted Places

Long before hurricane Katrina brought forth the tales of sharks and alligators swimming through the flooded streets of new Orleans in 2005, there already existed a vast amount of urban legends and ghost stories involving the State of Louisiana. From werewolves to vampires, zombies and ghosts, Louisiana seems to have it all.