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What Happens to the Soul Between Lives?

What happens to the human soul in between incarnations? Where does it go, and who does it see? Is the soul judged by a Divine Being, or does it go on to another life to learn more on its journey to perfection?


On the Evidence About Life After Death

Can one rationally embrace the hypothesis of an afterlife based upon the evidence of decades of research on this subject? In one word: Yes.


The Missing Karmic Link to the Law of Attraction

Firstly, we must not think of Karma and the Law of Attraction as necessarily being two separate subjects or separate spiritual laws.


Reincarnation and the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are what the Bible refers to as "the Book of Life." We have all lived in many different incarnations—often with the same people. These are called "soul groups." Find out more!


Is Barbro Karlén the Reincarnation of Anne Frank?

The remarkable yet true reincarnation story of Barbro Karlén, who from an early age remembers being Anne Frank in a previous life. Her terrible memories are beyond doubt. Has Anne really come back?


Reincarnation: Were the Pollock Sisters Reborn as Twins?

The case of the Pollock twins has been one that proponents of reincarnation have venerated for years. Were the identical twin girls the reborn forms of their deceased sisters?


Edgar Cayce's Reincarnation Views

Edgar Cayce was a simple man from Kentucky who found he could heal people with medical advice while he was in a trance state. He later was able to see people in other lives and incarnations.


Dorothy Eady: The Reincarnation of Omm Sety Priestess of the Nile

Dorothy Eady was a normal child—until she fell down the stairs and died. When they revived her she said she was Omm Sety Priestess of the Nile! And more startling? She has proof!


Where Do We Go When We Die?

Where do we go when we die? What happens to us? Is death the end, or is it just the beginning?


Reincarnation Stories: Children Who Remember Their Past Lives

Here are some true tales of children who believe they have lived before, along with documented proof of reincarnation. Read on, and you will never doubt again.