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Out-of-Body Experiences


Leaving the Vessel: When Souls Take Flight

Our bodies are amazing creations that house the essence of who we are as people. Out-of-body experiences, a phenomenon in which one observes their physical form from a distance, are not uncommon. These are the stories of two traveling souls and the memories they brought back from their journeys.


The Art of Astral Projection Soul Travel

Want to astral project? Astral projection, also known as astral travel, means leaving the physical body and traveling in an astral plane. Learn to let your soul travel through an out-of-body experience. Anyone can accomplish this amazing feat!


The Dangers of Astral Projection (and How to Do It Right)

Astral projection can help us learn about ourselves, but are you aware of the dangers and misconceptions around the practice?


Paranormal Experiences: Ghosts of the Living?

Usually ghosts are known to be dead. Yet thousands of cases involving bi-location, doubles, doppelgängers, and vardogers suggest that we have a ghostly side whether we are alive or dead...


How to Teleport: Teleportation for Beginners

If you’re anything like me, you will have spent many a futile hour day-dreaming about teleportation. How cool would it be to transport ourselves huge distances quicker than it takes to shake a lamb’s tail?