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Ghosts & Hauntings


Three Creepy Dog Stories to Tell Round the Fire

There is a British tradition going back centuries of telling scary ghost stories around a log fire on Christmas Eve or a campfire in summer. Here are three tales of phantom dogs that are bound to send a chill down your spine!


Our Stay in America's Most Haunted Hotel

Many years ago my wife and her family visited Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Recently we returned and stayed in the famously haunted 1886 Crescent Hotel. Here is my account of our stay in America’s most haunted hotel.


Home Alone: The True Story of One Teenager's Weekend of Terror

Having the house to themselves for a few days is normally a teenager's dream come true. For one girl, however, the experience evolved into a nightmare when a series of unexplained events led her to believe that she wasn't alone after all. This is her harrowing story.


Britain's Most Haunted Castles

A look at 10 of the most haunted castles within the British Isles and the legends behind them.


The Top 10 Scariest and Most Haunted Places in South Carolina

This article ranks the 10 scariest and most haunted places in South Carolina. It provides a brief overview of each site's history, ghost sightings (when applicable), as well as local legends that pertain to their haunted pasts.


Time and Again: The Story of a Haunted Bedroom

It is said that energies of the past, especially those involving trauma, linger long after the incident itself is forgotten. The following is the true account of a woman whose home not only retained memories of a devastating event, but replayed it in perpetuity.


Something in the Darkness: Is It a Sleep Paralysis Demon or Waking Nightmare?

Sleep paralysis is our body's way of preventing us from acting out our dreams. In some cases, however, this protective mechanism does more harm than good. The following is a real-life account that is either an example of this phenomenon, or a demonic visitation that affected two people at once.


Mysterious Places: The Institution of the Damned

Places that house those who have been removed from society for any length of time have been known to harbor negative energies that are often difficult to dispel. This is the real-life story of one such location in which the tortured spirits of the past quite possibly still linger.


Haunted Passageways: Tales About the Infamous Tunnel 19

Some areas attract spirit activity more than others. One such place is an abandoned tunnel in West Virginia. Nestled deep within a state park, it has been the site of many a tragic death in the past. It is also a place where unexplained phenomena and ghostly sightings have been reported for decades.


One Renter's Paranormal Experience in the Sourland Mountains

Read one person's spooky experience in the desolate Sourland Mountains of New Jersey.


Cursed Objects: The Antique Hutch

Objects that have been around a while often have stories to tell. Not all—as one can imagine—end happily. The following is a real-life account in which a woman unknowingly brought something sinister into her home via an antique stand-alone cabinet.


Spirit Encounters: A Story About an Imaginary Friend

It isn't unusual for a child to enjoy the company of a playmate only they can see. Sometimes, however, the possibility arises that this invisible friend is something more than a product of imagination. Such was the case in the following true account which straddles the line between life and death.


Ghosts of the Past: The Haunted Apartment

This true account tells of a woman whose life was turned upside down after signing the lease on a new apartment. The frightening disturbances that followed would ultimately convince her that she was sharing space with entities from a bygone era who were unwilling to let go of the past.


Nine Lives Are Not Enough: True Tales of Ghost Cats

It has been said that cats are more connected to the other side than any other living creature. Perhaps that explains their reputation for lingering between worlds after death. The following are two of many instances in which these mystical beings refused to go gentle into that good night.


Closer Than You Think: Three True Accounts of Communications From the Afterlife

When someone dies, those they leave behind often long for a sign that their loved one has found peace on the other side. Sometimes, however, the interactions that take place are neither solicited nor desired. The following real life stories are examples of what happens when spirit contact goes awry.


How to Get Rid of Spirits in Your House

If you have a ghost or spirit trapped in your house, find out how you can get rid of them or release them kindly once and for all. We'll also talk about what to do if there's a demonic entity in your house. Protect yourself, now.


The Winchester Mystery House

The wealthy heiress to a rifle company fortune built a huge mansion in California; it’s said to be inhabited by multiple ghouls and anguished spirits.


Twelve Eerie and Haunted Places on Route 66

Sure, it's an iconic American roadway. But it also has a history laden with murder, mayhem and hauntings. You can always read about the lighter side of getting your kicks on Route 66—now delve into its dark and supernatural side.


Toronto’s Casa Loma and Its Ghosts

Casa Loma in Toronto is the kind of place that ought to have ghosts, and there are plenty of people who claim to have seen some.


The History and Legend of Bakersfield's Ghost of Mill Creek Park

Mill Creek Park is sometimes known as Central Park and is located in downtown Bakersfield. Red-bricked walkways, fountains, and ponds filled with ducks compose this area. However, there is a sinister element present.


10 Things Paranormal Investigators Want You to Know

What is paranormal investigation really like? Find out at least 10 things you didn't know.


9 Most Haunted Places in Alabama to Visit

Alabama has a rich history, and the state is no stranger to the paranormal. It houses some truly scary and haunted locations. In fact, Alabama may just have the most gruesome and terrifying history of all!


Haunted Kentucky: Sauerkraut Cave and the History of Lakeland Asylum

Right in the middle of E.P. Tom Sawyer Park lies a dark cave that holds tragic and bloody secrets from a haunting past. Take a step inside pure blackness and discover an insane asylum's turbulent history riddled with torture and murder.


Haunted Sites in the Philippines: Clark Air Base Hospital

Explore the grounds of an abandoned hospital with a long, bloody history of war, tragedy, and triumph. Come see what still lingers around Clark Air Base Hospital, which changed from a prosperous hospital to nothing but decaying ruins.


When Darkness Falls: Haunted Schoolhouses

Any tragic event that involves loss of life can have repercussions for years following the incident. In the two cases we are about to explore, untimely ends brought with them more than simply grief and sadness. In these instances, death and destruction were only the beginning of a greater mystery.


Can Cats See Spirits? How to Tell If Your Cat Sees a Ghost

Does your cat stare at the ceiling, act sporadic, and appear to see things that you can't see? Do cats see ghosts? Get the answers you've been looking for.


The Davenport Brothers and the Spirit Cabinet

At the height of the spiritualism craze in the 19th century, audiences could be easily convinced certain experts had contact with the supernatural world.


Poltergeist Phenomenon: Levels of Activity

There are many kinds of paranormal phenomenon in the world. Poltergeists are one of many. German for "Noisy Ghost," a poltergeist can be a dangerous thing. Learn here how to identify if there's a poltergeist infestation in your home.


Can Science Explain Why People See Ghosts?

All the scientific evidence says that ghosts don't exist, and yet millions of people claim to have seen one before. This article discusses four prevailing scientific theories that explain why so many people see ghosts or spirits. In a certain way, maybe ghosts do exist after all.


From Paranormal 'Believer' to 'Skeptic'

Follow me on my path from being a believer in ghosts to a believer in logic and reason.


Are Ghosts Real? Theories and a Real-Life Story

Whether they are psychological projections, waking dream states, quantum projections, or simply sensory confusion, these stories tell us something important about the nature of how we perceive reality. This article explores our understanding of ghosts from multiple perspectives.


How the Dead Communicate With the Living

There are few among us who have not experienced the loss of a friend, relative, or even a beloved pet. In our grief, we long for assurances that they have found peace as their soul journeys into the next realm. These are a few examples of how those who have passed on reach out to those who remain.


True Tales of Hauntings: The Spoiled Ground

This is the story of a young family and the country home that would prove to be both their greatest pride and worst nightmare. A series of terrifying events would convince them that their dream house had been claimed by spirits who could not rest in the presence of the living.


The Scent of a Ghost: Smelling a Specter

Ghosts are popularly known for their sight and sound. But can a ghost be detected by its smell? In many cases, the scent of a ghost announces its presence. Anybody can smell a ghost, even eminent celebrities such as Ariana Grande.


When the Shadows Lengthen: Haunted Cemeteries

Graveyards are meant to be the final resting places for those whose souls have departed this world. Rife with sorrow, these sacred grounds tend to be plagued by paranormal activity. Let these stories act as a warning that the living are not always welcome in the gardens of the dead.


The Ghostly History of Franklin Castle: Hauntings of Cleveland, Ohio

Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio, is considered the "most haunted house in Ohio." Are the rumors of hauntings legitimate? Could the ghosts of the original owner's family still be haunting the halls of the famous Victorian mansion?


Are Ghosts and Spirits Real? Psychology Fails to Explain the Paranormal

While Abigail Pettibone may have died hundreds of years ago, many who have dined at the tavern bearing her name have reported her ghost still resides there. Despite efforts to explain this supernatural or paranormal phenomenon, psychology still falls short when trying to explain hauntings.


How to Contact the Spirit World (and Perils to Avoid)

Whether it be by séance, black mirror, or Ouija board, the ultimate goal is to make contact with the dead. However, these interactions can come with a price.


Is Baldwin-Wallace University Haunted?

Baldwin-Wallace is rumored to be haunted. Most of these hauntings have been reported in Lang Hall and Kohler Hall—both dormitories. Apparitions have also been seen outside Bonds Hall. Is there any truth to these reported paranormal happenings?


True Ghostly Encounters: Can Home Renovations Wake the Dead?

Earthbound spirits can remain dormant for years until something, or someone, awakens them. Resting souls have been known to be called to action when the places they frequented in this world are disturbed. The following story recounts an instance in which renovations, quite literally, woke the dead.


The Lady in Red of the Sandusky Mall: Hauntings of Erie County, Ohio

Many visitors and employees of the Sandusky Mall in Sandusky, Ohio report encounters with a mysterious ghost known only as the Lady in Red.


Is Cedar Point Haunted? Ghost Stories of Sandusky, Ohio

Throughout the years, there have been numerous reports of hauntings throughout the Cedar Point amusement park. Is there any truth to these ghost stories?


Ghost of Bellamy Bridge in Northwest Florida

Discover the ghostly story of a bride who died by fire on her wedding day and whose restless spirit now haunts an old bridge in northwest Florida.


Ghostly Animal Encounters: The Haunted Shelter

Whether or not animals have souls is a topic that is subject to debate. There are many who believe that animals have spirits that continue on after death. Unfortunately, those souls do not always find peace. This is one woman's account of an animal shelter and the lost souls who called it home.


True Ghostly Tales: The Forlorn Spirit

It has been said that we come into this world alone and will leave in much the same manner. Even so, we would all like to think that someone will be there to comfort us in our final moments. This story recounts one woman's solitary death and the bizarre series of events that followed.


Ernest Hemingway's Haunted Key West Home

Given the Hemingway's love of Key West and their beautiful home there, it is not surprising that many people have reported seeing the couple's ghosts— individually and together—in the building and around the grounds of their former tropical estate.


True Ghost Stories: In Her Father's Shadow

It is not unheard of for the spirits of the departed to remain behind in the places that they frequented in life. In some cases, these restless souls remain earthbound simply because they cannot accept their mortality. This is one woman's story of her father's death and its unexpected aftermath.


Do You Believe Ghosts Are Real? My Encounter With the Miner's Ghost

While on a mine tour in Wanlockhead, Scotland, an apparition made an appearance in one of the photos taken. In this article, the author investigates the existence of ghosts from various views, including that of the general public and that of the scientific community.


Be Careful What You Wish For: A True Account of Ouija Board Horror

The Ouija board, as we know it, has been marketed as a game for children for over a century. With that in mind, most people assume that it is a tool of harmless folly. This is the story of a group of friends who would learn the hard way that danger can lurk in the most unlikely of places.


Terror on Wheels: Three Tales of the Unexplained

There are few things as frightening as a long stretch of deserted highway on a moonless night. That is, except for someone—or something—unexpectedly emerging from out of the darkness. These stories of the unexplained all revolve around cars and roadways. Enter if you dare.