5 Signs Your House Is Haunted

Updated on May 16, 2020
Layne Holmes profile image

Layne grew up in a haunted house and has had paranormal experiences throughout her lifetime.

How I learned to live with the paranormal.
How I learned to live with the paranormal. | Source

How to Tell If Your House Is Haunted

I've always been sensitive, and from what I've learned over the years is that there is a strong line of paranormal sensitivity on my dad's side of the family, which is Lithuanian and Polish. Paranormal sensitivity generally involves the ability to sense things—visits by relatives as they are transitioning or passing from this life, premonitions in dreams, voices, sights, etc.

My Experience With Hauntings

I grew up in a haunted house. It sort of paved my understanding of the supernatural world. For many years—from childhood to adulthood—I kept my experiences to myself until I was finally able to open up to my dad, who indeed confirmed what I was experiencing. I have since lived in several places and have had either more intense or less intense experiences depending on the energy in the home.

Are There Different Types of Ghosts?

Yes. Spirits can either be really active or inactive—there are even non-human spirits (scary). Some spirits are active and haven't transitioned. They may try to engage with the living. Residual spirits simply repeat movements or experiences over and over again—like walking back and forth, back and forth—and may not even feel scary.

How do you know if a house is haunted?
How do you know if a house is haunted? | Source

5 Signs Your House Is Haunted

Every house will have random noises, shifting, pops, etc. with settling foundations, weather, and heat exchange, but hauntings are much different. The easiest way to confirm a haunting beyond first-hand experience is confirming a death by researching the house's history. More on this later.

Here is what I experienced in my haunted home:

The First Time I Was Ever Alone

When you are alone you will know if there is a ghost or spirit around. You will feel as though you are under a magnifying glass. This sensation can come from behind you—like someone is watching in your periphery, or it can be an overall enveloping feeling . . . kind of like a bug under a magnifying glass. The air grows thick and heavy, slow, and you can really "hear" the air particles pinging. You may hear your heart beating or feel chills.

I experienced this the first time my dad ran an errand. He ran around the corner to get something from a neighbor. I was so excited to be home alone for once! But then, as soon as he left, a horrible feeling of being watched crept in. I slowly threw a blanket over my head and leaned up against the couch paralyzed until he came back. It was a bad feeling.

1. Strange Dreams

I did sleepwalk quite a bit when I was younger—and never again after moving out of that house. I did, however, have some trippy dreams. If you have dreams where you are living as someone else quite vividly, acting out activities that are beyond you, this may very well be an indication that you are channeling the spirit's energy and memories.

I had some pretty startling dreams of a woman when I was younger. She was wearing a green and white striped shirt. Later, my dad confirmed that he once saw a woman disappear into his bathroom in that same shirt. He also used to feel his bed sink as if someone was sitting down on the edge of it everytime he napped. Moral of the story: Pay attention to your dreams.

2. Hearing Things

At the worst of it, I heard a growl in the middle of the night. I will not forget it to this day. I've also been in heavily haunted places where I've heard my name called in my roommate's tone of voice . . . pretty serious stuff. This is enough to keep you on edge. You may hear movements in the house, too, like doors swinging, footsteps, sounds of people moving around even though no one is there. You will know when you hear it. Don't be fooled if you have an active household or animals—they can make odd noises, too.

3. Seeing Things

I've seen quite a lot. My dad saw quite a lot in our house, too. Every night when I used to go to sleep and the lights were out, I would make out the silhouette (translucent, white, and smokey gray) of a man walking back and forth in the hallway. I never sensed any kind of malevolence, but I did see him regularly. I used to run down the hallway and sleep between my parents. I would also see shadows up in the ceilings of the walls shifting.

I've also seen people—yes, relatives, figures. The most prominent figure I ever saw was at a hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. I woke up to a woman wiping the dresser in my hotel room. She was wearing catering clothes. I could hear her ring slapping the wood as she wiped with a cloth. I was so disturbed by it that I almost said, "Don't you see us sleeping in here?!" because she looked real and fully formed! I looked at the clock and saw that it was 3:00 am in the morning. Immediately, I turned on the light and she was gone.

4. Malfunctioning Devices

We've seen all the horror films with flickering lights, stomping, moving furniture. These are common horror film elements. Some people report that a room will get cold, some may notice drained batteries and changes in electronics. Indeed lights may turn on or flicker, things will move. My dad told me about the time he was working on our haunted house. Two things happened:

  1. He was cleaning the old stove and trying to fix it (he was an electrical engineer and very skilled). He was having a hard time working on it and finally slammed it and said "damn you!" The stove literally lit up right where his hand was.
  2. He installed a water heater in the attic right before we left for a trip. He mounted it so that it could not tip over. We returned from the long trip and went to sleep. He checked it the following morning and found it down on the ground in a position that likely could've ignited the house.

5. Finding Things

If you find leftover belongings, you may be able to gauge who lived there before you. Anything like paraphernalia or weird equipment is a telltale sign. We found an old dental cleaning kit (OLD) which was a little bit creepy. I disposed of it far far away from our home. We also found a snakeskin coiled up in the bathroom when we moved in (yikes)—this is suburbia by the way. It's good to clear the space in between owners energetically. I'll explain that farther down below.

How Do You Know?

You will know if you've experienced the paranormal if you can't talk yourself out of what you saw, heard, or felt. I tried to deny what I was experiencing when I was younger, but when I finally accepted it, I was able to find some resolution.

You can do some investigative work of your own.
You can do some investigative work of your own. | Source

How to Find Out If Someone Died in Your House

The previous owners are required to disclose this information depending on your state—some states require notifications based on the number of years that have passed. You can snoop around at your local library to check public records like census records and city directories. You can even look up death certificates. We knew that someone had died in our home, but we thought it was just one individual, so I took things further.

Work With a Clairvoyant

I actually had worked with a clairvoyant for personal reasons but he later conveyed some interesting information. He confirmed that indeed a woman had passed in our house, but that there had also been a homicide-suicide. No wonder our home was vacant in the lot for 10 years before anyone moved in! I felt like this made sense since the energy was so negative in the home.

It is best to work with a professional if you are new to the paranormal.
It is best to work with a professional if you are new to the paranormal. | Source

Cleansing Your Home of Spirits

I do not recommend this if you are new to these kinds of techniques, but this is what I do to clear a house of negative energy, spirits, or any kind of residual things:

  • Remove Clutter: Donate anything that carries a strong energy—an older rocking chair from Goodwill, a book from a second-hand shop with weird writing in it. Remove clutter from the corners of your home, closets. You don't want stagnant air. Mirrors, too, are specially charged and may act as portals. I usually don't have mirrors in my home or cover them if they feel "weird."
  • Open All of Your Windows: Let the breeze pass through your house and air it. Let the energy escape.
  • Light Sage, Palo Santo, or Use Holy Water: Use a bowl to catch ashes or embers that may fall as you walk through your home. Light the end of a sage bundle or palo santo and blow it out so the flame is not alive. It should smoke. Walk through the house room by room, and walk towards all corners of the room, tracing the smoke wall to wall. At the end of this process, you will want to "drive the energy" out of the front door or back door by tracing the four corners of the door with the smoke. You can use holy water in this same way.
  • Offer Kind Words: As you address the energy in the house, some experts choose to speak directly to the spirits and encourage them on. I like to walk through my home and simply say "Love and Light" over and over again. You want to bring kind words with you as not to agitate.
  • Sprinkle Salt: Sometimes I like to sprinkle salt in all four corners of a room, house, or bed posts. This is an old folk "remedy."
  • Be Strong: Don't be a victim but don't be an aggressor. Handle yourself with confidence. If you really feel uncomfortable, go stay at a friend's house or invite a friend over. I have two cats and a dog and they sleep in my room. They make wonderful guardians.
  • Cleanse Regularly: You need to cleanse your house like you wash your clothes. Make this a regular thing.
  • Work With an Expert: If things are really bad, work with an expert. It's not worth your peace of mind.

If you are a novice, do not attempt this alone or without guidance. You can exacerbate situations. Work with a professional.

Some Spirits Are Benevolent

Some spirits are benevolent. Some serve as protectors, some are playful, and some just continue to exist without causing harm. If you or your family are experiencing negative events, including health events, and feeling terrorized in your own home, work with a professional. Otherwise, learn to coexist. Sometimes, all it takes is accepting the paranormal.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2018 Layne Holmes


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    • profile image

      Ilianna cajilema 

      3 months ago

      I think there’s a ghost in my home,I’ve heard a lot of people saying a man was killed to death by the bathroom,and I’ve been hearing these whispers calling my name or one of my family members name,and I’ve had very scary dreams about a ghost hiding somewhere in my room,this scares me a lot,and I’ve been noticing that my phone has been gone missing and I find it somewhere else that I never put it,and my sister said that she heard somebody running downstairs when she was walking down the stairs,and she checked,nobody there...me and her are scared as if this man that was killed to death by the bathroom,me and her are scared that this dead man is in our house...but as a spirit...I’ve seen shadows and other sorts of stuff in the distance,but when I walk up to it,it disappears in mid air...and I get very scared,I try to ignore all this but it happens more often when I ignore it

    • Layne Holmes profile imageAUTHOR

      Layne Holmes 

      19 months ago from Bend, Oregon

      That's beautiful that you get to see your pets and also beautiful that you get to visit your friend in the dreams. I know sometimes dreams can be scary but I do believe in benevolent energy and their ability to protect us.

      Really troubling to hear about the apparitions in your travel trailer—I suspect you're right that something may have happened in there (?) or maybe on the grounds it is parked on if it is not mobile. Or, there could be an object in there that is serving as the portal. Glad you resolved it with the prayer. Always smart to be proactive about it. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      19 months ago from Kaufman, Texas

      ' This generally involves the perception to sense things—visits by relatives as they are transitioning or passing from this life, premonitions in dreams, voices, sights, etc.'

      I'm the same way. I also get a farewell visit from my dogs when they die. When a dog friend of mine passes, he or she generally shows up in a dream to tell me things are alright, and wish me well. Without words, of course.

      Then for a long time I've had dreams about a childhood friend who died more than ten years ago. In the dream, which is a recurring one, he's not dead, but it is a bit of a secret. If I go to his parent's home, where he grew up, then I can hang out with him there. That's how the dream goes.

      I've been living in a travel trailer for years now. I've seen some seriously frightening apparitions in here. No clue who owned this thing before me. It was ten years old when I got it. One night these apparitions simply would not go away. I called a Catholic friend and asked him to pray, and he did. They vanished and I've not seen them since.


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