What Happened at Caledon Local 21 in 1999?

Updated on December 30, 2014

Not very many people remember the television shows broadcast from Caledon Local 21 in Ontario, Canada. Fact is, the channel could only be brought in through a low frequency which required old school rabbit ear antenna. Plus, the station only played a few shows; namely, Mr. Bear's Cellar and Booby.

The only evidence that the station existed comes primarily from a blog of a young man who was recounting his childhood memories of the shows he watched on channel 21 in his effort to find answers to unanswered questions about the station and his childhood. The blog ends abruptly as it appeared to be hacked.

We're not sure where Elliot--the writer of the blog--is and wer're not sure what happened at Channel 21.

Elliot said he attempted to visit the station in the late 1990s because he wanted to appear on the Mr. Bear show. But when he and his father arrived at the station, they were in for a surprise.

Elliot's Blog

Channel 21 only operated for just under 2 years in the late 1990s: From 1997 to 1999. During the last year of operation of the channel, Elliot spent significant time watching shows from the station on his little old second-hand TV that his Dad got him to appease him because his Pokémon shows conflicted with his Dad's evening news. Evidently, it was only these old school TV sets that could bring in the station.

Recalling his memories of the episodes he watched on Channel 21, he realized they were a bit odd. One of the main characters was apparently played by a guy in a big bear suit and was named Mr. Bear. The other program Eliiot watched was Booby, which had the main character portrayed by a hand acting as a puppet.

The episodes got strange, to say the least.

One show was simply called Soup and Spoon and featured a spoon and can of soup dangling from strings with the spoon "chasing" the soup. You then see a group of kids sitting at a table, looking scared and confused, the can of soup held in front of them and a voice saying, "Spoooons ready?"

Episode 23 of Mr. Bear's Cellar was frightening but to a young Elliot just seemed like possibly a show for the "grown-ups". It starts with the camera on its side, then the camera fades out and comes back in upright and you see Mr. Bear talking to a kid who is older than the usual kids on the show. The kid is talking loudly about it being late and saying his sister needed to come home and then Mr. Bear begins speaking, using profanity, in a threatening manner to the child. The kid starts up the stairs saying he's going to call the police at which point Mr Bear rushes toward him and the kid screams and runs and the camera cuts out.

Playing with Scissors was an even more disturbing episode of the Booby show in which Booby is dancing around with a pair of scissors with his "girlfriend" which is played by a hand with a ribbon tied to its pinkie. Another smaller hand is introduced, jerking around as if struggling, and Booby says, "Scissors are very dangerous kids, so hold them safely." Elliot states in his blog that Booby's girlfriend grabbed the smaller hand and "Booby went at it with the scissors".

Finally, Elliot describes Episode 28 of Mr. Bear's Cellar that played throughout August 1999, which simply shows Mr. Bear inviting kids to join him in the cellar and then shows the address on the screen where the kids could write to him.

It was at that point that Elliot sent Mr. Bear a letter. Mr. Bear replied with a letter describing how fun the cellar was and where to go to join him on the show.

Elliot's father took him to the address, where they found an old run-down farmhouse in an isolated area on the edge of town. When they knocked on the door, the police answered. His father only told Elliot later what the policeman talked to him about privately outside of earshot. Turned out some unknown man ran the station and was kidnapping kids and keeping them there in the cellar. He left the house the night before the police came to investigate.

Over the course of years, as Elliot got older, his father let him in on what had happened and introduced him to a cop friend that had even more information. He was told that the police had found 16 charred bodies in a big ditch near the house. Elliot was able to watch more episodes that had been confiscated by the police, too.

Variously, the shows featured ramblings about appeasing Satan and wanderings in the forest. One bizarre episode involved Mr. Bear fixing a mixture of orange juice for the kids who were sitting at the table, one of the kids turning out to be the one Mr. Bear argued with and ran after up the stairs of the cellar. Elliot finds out the kids had been drugged prior to being taken to the ditch.

Elliot eventually visits the house again; this was by the time he was a young adult. He ends up seeing the entrance to the cellar at the side of the house but quickly passes it because of a bad feeling about it. He goes into the woods at the back of the house and finds a clearing with 3 logs surrounding a charred area of earth. Some teenage kids confront him but soon, after some questioning, tell him that the guy who ran Channel 21 is still around and lives in the storm drain nearby.

Eventually Elliot does go back to visit the "storm drain", but never sees the man who was Mr. Bear. However, he takes some pictures and leaves.

It's at this point that Elliot begins to receive emails supposedly from Mr. Bear.

Dear Elliot,

My dear, dear boy,

I have missed you ever so much, oh how you've grown! Your twinkling eyes have stayed the same however, those eyes looking for adventure, oh how imagining them brings warmth to my old bear heart. That day you came to visit me I felt so happy I wanted to go out and pick strawberries. He told me you would come looking! Oh yes he told me you would come looking.

Now it will be soon, you won't be so lonely soon! I'm ever so sorry I couldn't say hello when you came to visit, not once, 2 times! Do not fret however, you will soon finally get to play with the other children. I will try making my cellar even cozier than before!!!

100 fuzzy hugs,

Mr. Bear

Elliot is able to see more tapes of the show that had been confiscated by police, including the episode of the sacrifice. He saw some of the worst of it but couldn't bear to watch some of it.

Mr. Bear
Mr. Bear

The Blog Gets Hacked

This is where the blog ends abruptly, apparently hacked, with one final, eerie, message.

Once upon a time...

There lived a boy named Elliot

Elliot was a clever boy who loved to play with friends

One day he watched a lovely television show about a bear and his children friends

The children loved helping each other as good children should, but they also loved the bear

The bear loved the children since the children were so good at helping him and the fallen angel

The children and the bear wanted to play forever with the help of their friend Booby

But the fallen angel needed even more help, so the children had to give the ultimate sacrifice

Because that's what friends do Elliot

They help each other

Help us Elliot, burn with us Elliot

I want you Elliot, he wants you Elliot

Come back to the cellar

Pretty please with sugar and icing on top!

- Mr. B


There are many possibilities as to what this blog is. It could be a well-crafted parody of how we teach kids in strangely misguided ways to conform. It could be just a spooky story someone created for the fun of it.

Or it could be a true account of a mentally ill man who ran a TV station from his cellar and victimized more than a dozen kids. In which case, who is he? Maybe he's Elliot. Probably not.

How did Mr. Bear know Elliot had visited the house twice? He sent Elliot that email about seeing him come "visit" before Elliot ever blogged about investigating the storm drain.

The hack, I suppose, didn't have to be committed by Mr. B. It could have been committed by any prankster, as well the emails from Mr. B could have been sent by anyone.

I suppose we'll never know.

Do you think the story of Caledon Local 21 is real?

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House where television programs from Caledon Local 21 were broadcast.
House where television programs from Caledon Local 21 were broadcast.


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    • HazMattUltra profile image

      Johann Ziska 

      3 weeks ago from USA

      Cool story, bruh. Sadly, there's no evidence. I know, it's hard to do actual research these days, you know, with Google and all (insert eye roll here).

      It would be hard to hide the disappearance and deaths of so many children to begin with, let alone the fact that there are absolutely no reports, police or civilian, of any of this.

    • profile image

      Random person 

      2 months ago

      I live in Pickering and I have been to caladen and have never heard of the 16 kids or mr bear and this is probably fake but I’m only 14 and I have hope that this is real

    • profile image


      6 months ago

      The 1999 creepy pasta is so detailed that it feels SO REAL

      I don't know what to believe anymore, it's 10:03 PM on a Friday night and I just read the creepy pasta for the fifth time in my life.

      I've been researching if this story is real

      And honestly,

      I don't know what to believe anymore.

      People are acting like they have lived at that moment.

      And there's no paranormal activities going on

      So kidnappings and murders could have happened

      idek mannnn

    • profile image

      Fight me devil Imma Christian so what you gonna do about that fam lit dope 

      7 months ago

      first of all why can I comment with 8192 characters exactly and second of all this is super fake the author of the blog admitted to it being fake and the stuff on youtube is just fan-fiction but thanks for the nightmare fuel when I was young

    • profile image

      Natalia Rayne 

      8 months ago

      I believe in the possibility in the existence of a Mr. Bear. There is evidence in videos and the blog Elliot wrote and his experience with "Mr. Bear's Cellar" and "Booby". If this story is not true, I believe it is, then someone needs to explain how they made up such a gruesome story of a man dressed in a costume, luring children into his cellar, and intentionally murdering them. I hope, if this story is true, that the police can find and arrest this man in the bear costume.

    • profile image


      8 months ago

      The Mr. Bears cellar creepypasta is based on a true story so everything cod have happened 89% of 100% I would say is real

    • profile image


      14 months ago

      You got to wonder though.... If it's not true then why did Elliot keep uploading more information to his blog, not to mention how he went down to the police station to view the tapes as he stated in his blog about 1999. I would say yes that Caledon Local 21 did exist. I've seen the fake Caledon Local 21 youtube channel which is not very convincing. But there are Peadaphiles, rapist, murders, and like Mr. Bear even child murders. The story is not too far fetched by any means

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      On you tube i came across the 1999 story by Elliot and when i do some googling there is no information on Caledon local 21. i cant seem to find any police records or news on Mr Bear and his victims. if this was real there would be something online other than just blog posts and good horror stories am i right? sure the videos on you tube are there but why is there no info on the net about it?

    • profile image


      17 months ago

      it is real because i ask a teacher at school i said has you seen a tv show titled caledon local 21 and to my surprise she said yes and if you research on youtube they has the tapes so booya

    • profile image


      18 months ago

      It's fake, the author said so. Sorry guys

    • profile image

      Claudio Torres 

      2 years ago


      "There are no television stations in Caledon, which is located with the broadcast area of stations in Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton."


    • Boxcarro profile image


      2 years ago from Tijuana

      I happened to live in Toronto in August, 1999, July 1999 & left on Thanksgiving Day.

      The "Old School" Television you allude to was ALL TVs in those days. Even in California, Akansas and Portland Oregon....where they also had a Wierd TV station.

      I love your stuff. Great. I have a HubPage account but have not built a "hub" ...I live close to Hub Pages & My Bank is across the Street.

      The Federal Communications Commission in USA has always been Blue Nosed Puritans. I have been a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator over 20 Years....if you accident let a Cuss Word you can Lose your License...in Liberal Freedom Loving USA. Prudes, Snobs, Know it all Americans.

      I wish I had Stayed in Toronto.

    • profile image

      Ron S 

      3 years ago

      Two more clips id like to suggest; booby "together" and Mr bears cellars. Both have terrible audio and quality like they should if real, not to mention more. First "booby together" an odd, very odd video. Same cloth, lantern, quality and eerie feel. There isnt much else apart from relish ketchup and a couple hands, but similarities are there. Now for the clip Mr bears cellar; quick note*the basement in fact is totally that of a 1999 Canadian farm/rural house, i cannot explain what my gut felt watching this for the first time* after his solo chess play, he moves to answer a knock. Sidenote, i think the boy that walks down looks very similar to one one from soup and spoon (far right). After they walk down, hide and seek starts. That voice counting....ugh. That same lantern again, in the very close foreground almost half visible, that infamous red table cloth as well. The bear suit is not generic, or even brown, which i feel lends to the credibility. The quality of both, when they stop or cut away it all has the same "dna" if you will. Thoroughly search as there is alot of fake/remades and you watch. You will know when you find (what i feel is genuine) these clips. Feel free to let me know what you think. If these three video clips (and there are even more that i feel are genuine) do not peak your interest or curiosity to pursue the truth, im not sure anything will. I have been looking at alot of presented videos and statements over the past year, even news and police reports. I am only under an hour away from Caledon. There is alot of misleading info ...but these three clips as well as a couple others and some rare reports have too many little, crucial things in common. Still not fully convinced because i have yet to find names of dead (or even a mass burning that actually took place) nor a suspect name, this however does not mean this simply didnt happen. Pursue the truth always, thanks for reading! Ronzai

    • profile image

      Ron S 

      3 years ago

      I dont live far from the actual area, actually in one city claimed to be lived in by this blogger, Kitchener/Waterloo (KW) Ontario. Im not saying ive watched the show, i havent, nor am i a flat out advocate but there is some compelling and really creepy evidence online. One such clip i found; "Soup and spoon" with that eerie old scorched lantern, some nervous almost impatient faces. Many red flags in that video, it just doesnt sit well with me. That part of the province is rural to say the least as well. One of the most confusing, troubling and wavering claims to me is that the apparent lack of police "work" ...Pickering was a suspected relocation area. And......lol? I feel the profile is really helpful, especially if any real video tape evidence exsist. The voice, studder, timidness, not to memtion his apparent knowledge in (old fashioned even then) broadcasting and his age! This man just vanished ...within a week or so of "Elliot" being invited via a return letter? If he kept this letter how has it been use to assist? I was also well enough engaged and involved in life in 1999. I dont remember hearing one thing about upwards of 16 kids being found burnt under an hour drive from my home. Case and point for now, im not entirely sold. If youre this far, thanks for reading, question everything and stay sharp! Ronzai

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      What's odd is that I remember that there was some show called 'oobi' with hands with big eyes on them that was on Nick JR. in 2003. Sounds like someone had a lot of free time twisting kids shows into something of horror, very good job. But I still think this story needs work. Like how they should use the shows This 'Mr.Bear' came up with for kids shows they have today. Besides that I think it was a good concept.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      It's really hard to tell if this is a real story or not, but the amount of detail is a large factor to the truth in the story. If it is real, I think we should all know to keep our children or siblings close.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      This is kinda real kinda fake


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