Waking Up with Three Unexplained Scratches on My Body

Updated on July 12, 2015
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Team Wiseman has noticed that strange scratches in certain formations have appeared around the world and were the first to expose it!

This is something that happens all the time, but is rarely discussed. Thanks to the Internet, though, people who observe unusual occurrences, like waking up with three scratches somewhere on their bodies, are starting to talk to each other. And there are a lot of us, and we know the same thing is happening to all of us.

When I say it like that, it sounds crazy, right? Sure it does. It sounds crazy to me, even, and I'm the one writing about the phenomenon of unexplainable scratches appearing on human flesh.

"What does it mean?"

"Why is it happening?"

"Who else is it happening to?"

"Am I crazy, or is this real?"

"What can I do to stop this?"

These are the kinds of questions we are asking.

What are these mysterious scratches on my body?
What are these mysterious scratches on my body?

What Do Unexplained Scratches Mean?

My research shows that these scratches usually come in threes, and appear on the back, arms, legs, and face. Along with scratches, people also experience mysterious bite marks and inexplicable bruising. They seem to appear at times in our lives when temptation is near or when we're facing a big decision.

These scratches have a distinct meaning: "destruction" or "destroy." Rather than going on and on, I'm going to share testimony from others who have been affected by strange scratches. You'll notice that this phenomenon doesn't restrict itself to one country, but rather has afflicted many around the world! You are not crazy, nor are you alone.

Most Recent Poll

Several months ago, I administered a poll about unexplained scratches and the response was fascinting.

Question: Have you ever experienced unexplained scratches, bruises, or bite marks?

  • 97% Yes
  • 3% No

These results are out of the 1047 people who voted, and this is just the beginning. Thousands of victims have turned to the Internet, searching for answers about the three unexplainable scratches appearing on their body, and I'm here to give you answers. Though other sites have tried to help, they all fall short of the Truth.

Personal Stories About Unexplained Scratches

These are real comments left by readers who have experiences scratches and other mysterious events:

"...I found this site via a search on paranormal scratches. I'm the victim of this phenomenon. This has been happening to me for the last 6 years. At first I thought it was just something odd or that maybe one of my cats scratched me and I didn't remember. I actually watched them form one night and had witnesses to the event. They were raised like welts and turned bloody. After about 3 days they completely disappeared. I've had them in places I can't reach which rules out self-infliction. I've had them on my face, neck, arms, legs, and back. Over the years I've almost gotten used to them. I was told that it might be a ghost in my house, but when I moved it kept happening. Also other people that have been close to me have been affected as well. I know this is bizarre and doesn't fit the norm, so I'm here in search of answers. I've been advised by someone who tried to help me that it may in fact be my own psychic doing. Let me explain. We all have a personal spiritual energy and there's a lot about the human mind we are only starting to understand. It's been suggested that I have certain powers or gifts that are making this happen. This power comes at a price, though. It's painful and has affected others I know. The bloody scratch marks eventually heal and disappear but nonetheless it's scary. I'm not saying that I'm some kind of warlock or anything like that. The reality is I don't know what's going on or how to deal with this. I could use some help. So I've chose the grassroots method and decided to find others like me. The person I'm currently talking to has been very helpful, but she is only one source of information. I would like to hear from others. Thanks."


"I wake up sometimes and I have scratches on my upper body, on the front and back of my right shoulder blade, and on my stomach on the right side. I don't inflict them on myself and I also do not have any animals. What do you think they are coming from?"


"On way too many occasions I have woken up with bad bruises on my body. I know that at work I often bump my arms and legs into things, but these bruises are on my torso. Unless someone pinched me or hit me, I can not figure out where I got them. On several occasions my husband has noticed bruising on my back and scratching on my back as if someone had just scratched me. They are not bleeding, but they are fresh. I have had dealings in the past with paranormal experiences where I have been pushed down a flight of stairs, or punched in the back. I call to the power of the Lord, Jesus Christ to rid me of these attacks. It usually works. But, the Devil just does not like to let go."


"The scratches, if not self-inflicted, are definitely demonic. There have been thousands of these afflictions in the past and 90% have demonic origin.

There is Biblical evidence of this, and it can be overcome. But don't go to a Catholic priest for prayer; they will just tie you up in religious jargon. Call a reputable evangelist."


"I am having these issues right now.

Yesterday I awoke with a large bruise on my forearm in the shape of a toothless human bite. The surrounding area is swollen, and I had 2 other people besides myself look for bug/spider bites(NONE)!

Today I have three scratches on the other forearm that became welt-like and burn. They are wider than cat scratches. Two of the scratches run straight up and down the forearm and the third sort of curves towards the other two. They are all about two to two-and-a-half inches long. I don't smoke dope (speed, meth, whatever you want to call it) or crack, no alcohol, no over-the-counter pills."


"I was awoken around 2:24am when my three-year-old son came running into my room screaming, "Get it away from me, get it away from me!" I opened my eyes as he climbed in bed between me and my wife. It was still dark in the room. I looked towards the foot of the bed. With GOD as my witness, clear as day, I saw a green face. I saw his eyes, nose, and mouth. His head was at the foot of the bed as if he was resting his chin on the bed. I screamed as loud as I could and reached for the light. By this time I was standing on my pillow against the headboard... The face disappeared when I turned the light on. I turned every light on in my home and searched every closet, under every bed, every square inch. I found nothing!

We live in a township called Huron believed to have been built on Indian burial grounds. I've been in the garage working underneath the car and have heard someone come in the door and close it and nobody was there at all. We have heard loud banging from the outside which shakes the house: not one or two bangs but six or seven in a row. Once I called the police and they searched the outer grounds. At the time there was four inches of snow on the ground and no one found a single footprint where the banging came from. I have since moved out of that house and my father continues to live there. He had three scratches on him last week. He also said he saw the green face in his room. I built a home on three acres on property right next door. Nothing has happened in my new home as we had it blessed. But my father says he hears a man talking almost every night. He has woken to the sound of water running and has had to shut it off. When he got sick and had to go to the hospital for surgery he was gone for seven days. I let his dogs out every day and fed them and spent time with them. THEY BOTH DIED for no reason the night before my dad was released from the hospital. The vet has no clue what they died from. They were both only four years old. I believe a demonic evil within the home murdered my dad's dogs.

Every thing I have said is true and not a stunt.

On the brighter side of things, my mom, who divorced my father 30 years ago lives in Arizona. She feeds these wild birds every day in her back yard by a stucco wall. The other day she noticed a face on the wall that looks to me like Jesus."


"I have had unexplained scratches, strange bruises, and possible burn marks. I have also had very fine, laser-straight parallel scratches under my right eye which disappeared within hours. I live in a clean house with no pets and shower every day. I'm not religious. All the marks clear up within a few days and do not hurt. I do dream about large demonic looking creatures (tall with gladiator-like human bodies and vile dog-like heads), but in the dreams I'm not afraid and find myself to be stronger and quicker and fend them off very easily. According to my partner I'm a heavy sleeper and a right git to wake up so I don't think the marks are self-inflicted. Some are right in the middle of my back where I couldn't reach. Maybe they're psychosomatic."


"I get these scratches when I'm awake..."


My brother Guy, my best friend Mindy, and me (Chrissy) were in my room the other day. We sat in a circle in the dark and held hands. Each of us said the words, 'On the first day of school I fell off my bike and got a scratch,' and so on seven times. We turned the lights on and checked our backs. Mindy had SEVEN red scratches lined up on her back. There was one scratch on my neck, two scratches on my right arm, and four on my left arm. My brother only had small ones. We took pictures of Mindy's. Mindy and I have scratches all over our bodies. One of Mindy's scratches left a scab. The one on my neck is very deep, deep enough to leave a rash. We don't have a very good relationship with Jesus Christ, so I don't know what to do...but I wear a cross. It helps me when I'm scared for some reason. I have a really bad feeling about this. Help. I have had weird experiences with these type of things before, such as screaming on my camera when I was making a video and nobody was at my house but me. And I've seen weird things in Mindy's room but i won't get into details because nobody believes me. I don't know what to do and I'm scared to be alone in my room."

How Can I Explain These Mysterious Scratches on My Body?

For several years, my family and I have experienced three scratches appearing mysteriously onto our bodies. During those afflicted years we were disregarding God and all He stood for. We were living for ourselves, using drugs, and living the "rock star" lifestyle.

While the scratches on their own were weird, what drove our suspicion was the fact that they appeared in patterns. Sometimes there were three cat-like scratch marks, just deep enough to see red, but not deep enough to draw blood. Sometimes there was one horizontal line with two vertical lines crossing the center. They would always burn then totally disappear a short time later, only to appear somewhere else on my body.

These were times drowned in confusion and chaos, so much so that the atmosphere seemed to get foggy or hazy. As these scratches appeared more and more, things became clearer. These mysterious scratches had a meaning, a purpose. They were meant to cause chaos, confusion and ultimately destroy us. In a nutshell: demons placed these marks on our bodies.

Unexplained Scratches Caused by Demons

I know, I know. It sounds crazy, and I agree. It is pretty amazing what really happens behind the scenes of humanity's existence. My family and I have been told that we are crazy too, but we know the truth. All we did was experience a phenomenon, and have decided to share our experience with others experiencing the same thing. Little did we know, it was happening to millions around the world!

The three parallel scratches are a symbol that means "Destroy." The target that is to be destroyed is us. God tells us that the devils go to and fro, seeking whom they may devour. The only answer to stopping is total surrender to Jesus Christ. How do we know? We called to Him, and even though we disregarded His ways, He answered. After several months of making the right decisions in life and becoming more aware and obedient to God's moral laws, we were set free! We are living proof that Jesus Christ is our helper and our Savior!

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: [1 Peter 5:8]


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    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 5 days ago

    • profile image

      Sheri Timmons 5 days ago

      I woke up with what looks like a symmetrical symbol scratch on my leg. My daughter is freaked out by this. We definitely have poltergeist activity and others have seen 2 full bodied aparitions. One is a man in very old style formal dress and the other is a little girl in a white dress and corkscrew pigtails. I refuse to be afraid and light sage whenever tension seems to be building in the house however if I have been marked by an entity I really want to know so I can deal with the situation appropriately. I didn't see an option to share photos. Any information is very much appreciated.

    • profile image

      Unon 6 days ago

      I always wake up with deep scratches on my legs, back, hand, face, and yesterday i woke up with three dots on my chest that continued to bleed randomly throughout the day.

    • profile image

      kindle 8 days ago

      freaking out rn. six scratches.

    • profile image

      Frank 8 days ago

      Damn the electricity suddenly got cut while i'm reading this, and it's 11:53pm now!

    • profile image

      Gilli 2 weeks ago

      This has been happening to me for a while now... I have been waking up with scratches all over my body especially my right hand now my right hand muddke

    • profile image

      Deanna 3 weeks ago

      I woke up with three deep cuts on my stomach and at night my house is really sketchy

    • profile image

      monty 3 weeks ago

      i got three unexplained scratches on my thigh at the beach , 2 straight 1 curved , they were all bruised round them and that night i tried to comitt suicide my life has fallen apart since ive lost my boyfriend, my home and my dog , i believe i was marked by a demon and it really does mean to destroy; i had zero relationship with god at the time and im trying build one now its been 5 months since that day and im still plauged by nightmares

    • profile image

      Shellby D. 3 weeks ago

      Before I find the scratches it feels like I'm being burned then when I look I find scratches and sometimes brusies

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 4 weeks ago

      You are being marked, and it is all for one reason.

      1 Timothy 6:12 tells us to FIGHT the good fight, and that fight is for your faith. Will you believe the lies literally scratched into you or will you lay hold of Eternal Life through Christ, our Lord!?? We choose the latter.

      Evil is a liar. Jesus Christ is Truth. He has also written something on you... it's in your heart.

      May God continue to bless your journey Home.

    • profile image

      Lamide Johnson 4 weeks ago

      I had a experience like these several times , waking up and looking at scratches ,it happened many times that I can't count and just took it like its normal , yes mostly its 3 lines or 4 ... I still can't explain it ... Have heard and seen strange things as well , for instance,one day saw a gigantic creature as tall as up to 20feets in my dream,looks like fucked up that I can't explain it and made a run for it but to my surprise as I was running , though it had long legs but he's not walking with them but yet approached like a movement controlled by winds... As I woke up , I was so scared in my bedroom and just a second or two seconds after, I heard a sound at the back of my room but my bible was so close to me and I picked it up and started shouting Jesus then the sound stopped ... I also remember that before that time, there was a day I was trying to sleep half carried away and then saw something very nasty looking. Dark in face blends with the night but the eyes are so big , looks feminine with long hair. Very big and gigantic. And trying to I think wrestle me down and strangle me but I kept using my hands to fight it and we struggled which lasted almost a minute. Then it was gone , and it later seemed like it is unreal but I know it is real but it made me think as if its a dream ... If I had told anyone I am sure they will never believe it but it happened and I an not insane. I also fly in mydreams without wings , I tried many times to control the flight but its not easy. Because sometimes I fly as high that I try to avoid power cables but I realised its very funny because I only step one. Two and up and am flying , looking at different people under who can't fly and some asking me teach us how to fly ... Its weird right ? Human nature has a lot hidden from us but it manifests to some of us in different ways. That was when I believed in Demons & Angels ... How about a very strange noise in the night about 2am? that sounds soo scary ... It has also happened once and I heard it as if its from the next house but the following. Morning , I aasked everyone in the neighbourhood what strange noise and was that and they all said they heard nothing ... That has happened once as well ... So what do you say to that ... ? That's what life is all about sometimes ... But as for the marks, my question is I hope the devil is not marking some people ? Its hard ... Let's hear another persons view ...

    • profile image

      N/A 5 weeks ago

      I think maybe the reason you woke up with scratches is because you were on drugs, as you admitted in this article. Drugs will make you sleep walk, and do things unconsciously.

    • profile image

      Valerie1960 5 weeks ago

      I found a very strange mark on my back, not scratches but it looks like an angel or something, very high up and not an area I can reach myself.Will moniter to see how long it lasts

    • profile image

      emily fields 5 weeks ago

      there weird thing happening in my house, door handles keep turning,ect...my one year old cousin keep pointing at a wall and talking, i dream of someone holding my trought and i cant even breath, when i wake up my neck hurts and i feel dissy, and scratches all over my body

    • profile image

      jasmine 6 weeks ago

      i have six sets of three parallel cuts on my body. it’s so weird and it kinda creeps me out because i have no idea how they got there. if a demon is tryna kill me i’m gonna be pissed lmao

    • profile image

      kaila 6 weeks ago

      me and some friend keep waking up with our cuts deepened

    • profile image

      Ace 6 weeks ago

      I've been living in the same apartment for almost three years and honestly, I'm just now noticing these healed scratches. Sometimes I'll just feel my skin and find a scratch that happened out of nowhere. I always get a feeling like I'm being watched too, especially at night. And then there are times where things in my room will move. Or stuff disappears for a while and I find it sometime later.

    • profile image

      Marshall 6 weeks ago

      My girlfriend was attached by something last night and lt left about 30 or 40 scratch marks on her body. They almost were all in three's. Also i saw a symbol scratched into her shoulder. I saw them appearing on her body as she began hyperventilating from fear. It looked like a horror movie. I will be contacting a catholic priest and seeing if holy water and blessed rosaries. I have noticed scratches here and there in my life but nothing this violent. If i would have taken her to a hospital, they would have asked what she was attacked by. Yelling out loud seemed to make it stop. I hope this does not happen to anyone else. It was like a nightmare.

    • profile image

      Bev 7 weeks ago

      3 long scratchmarks goin In a vertical direction upper left arm.look like A cat scratched me.its red but its not bleeding an tbe skin is not broken. My son said laughn, maybe a ghost did it..they are spaced apart. 1 is runin down wbere my arm pit is. 4 inches away is another, 3 inch away another. caught my intention cause they all are identical.in the beginning of the article i read it may happrn if you are facing a big decision an facing temptation..and both of these things im facing at one time.so i believe there is sone validity

    • profile image

      Tadgh- Australian 7 weeks ago

      Jay mate I know I haven’t been scratched yet and I believe you, demons heaven angles they all exist. Having two scratches on your right arm is going to hurt when you notice it. But what happens to you if that didn’t happen? Leave comment. What happens if an angles came? What would they do? Would they give us good luck for the rest of the year you know I don’t know alright so yeah mate? Also having a nightmare might wake you up in the middle of the night. Jay mate i feel really bad for you and I hope it doesn’t happen again so see you Jay.

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 7 weeks ago

      Amen brother! We are praying for you Jay, Love always wins and remember: It's not what you do that saves you, it is what He (Christ Jesus) already did. Fight the good fight of faith and continue your walk with Him. He never leaves you nor forsakes you. May God continue to bless your journey home.

    • profile image

      Jay 7 weeks ago

      Just finished brushing my teeth and washing my face, and when I looked in the mirror I noticed 2 huge scratch lines and several small ones on the back of my right arm.I wish I can post a picture of them here, but trust me, I'm not lying. One I can understand me doing by mistake, but not this.

      It's not the first time, but they were never this big or this scary. I'm a born again Christian btw, but I've become far...far away from Christ.

      I really need to re-examine my life.

    • profile image

      Kaiden 8 weeks ago

      About every few other days u find scratches on my stimach and my arms this is really scary because thus is just starting. I do have a dog but she is in the cage all night.my family says it's nothing and that it's just me but I don't have any reason to scratch myself. Im really wanting to fund out why thus is happening to me

    • profile image

      N/A 2 months ago

      Ok, so this has been happening to me since I can remember but I highly doubt it is my own paranormal thoughts and I doubt it happens without anything coming into contact with it I think it may be something else.

    • profile image

      Keira 2 months ago

      So this happened to me recently and it was strange I have no pets at all so I was kinda like, what why do I have 2 bruises on my left arm and 6 scratches on my left thigh.?.?. I told my mom about it and she was confused as well I asked her do you have anything happening to you? She said no so I was very confused. Then I searched up this web site looking for answers sence the bruises weren't going away but the scratches were gone at least. I wonder what else is gonna happen

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 2 months ago

      Nah, not Bartonella. Bartonella looks a lot like stretch marks, and has effects of Lyme disease. people can be tested for it, and may cause death. Not bartonellla. Thanks for the suggestion though :)

    • profile image

      Be Reasonable 2 months ago

      Bartonella. Look it up.

    • profile image

      Mrmeow 2 months ago

      I don’t need to sleep.... they happen while I’m wide awake. Happen all over my back where I couldent reach in the same direction the scratches are going.....

    • profile image

      Mimi 2 months ago

      It’s not so much scratches. It’s scars. When I wake up, I always have a scar that appears, for no reason, on one of my arms. I seriously don’t know what’s going on. Could have something to do with me actually hurting when someone stabs me or hits me in my dreams?

    • profile image

      Arsalan 2 months ago

      i would like to say that got 6 marks on my back 5 are horizontal and long one small vertical well i think its normal for me because in previous years i faced many bad exp.s i have a habit i do not sleep at night i have seen many shadows, sometime red eyes and head hanging in the air i feel like someone watching me but i try to be strong n ignore such thing. (English is not my mothers tongue but i try my best to express my feeling) if you dont blv on demons just let me know have many proofs that i collect myself from my life.

    • profile image

      Lisa 2 months ago

      Ive had the three horizonal ones once or so. My stepsons mom put them on him as i watched. After she left i changed his diaper. Everywhere she had touched there were scratches. But not human. Too small. Also my brother got out of prison and held my 6 mo old for first time. The baby visibly changed before our eyes. He would slam head into tile floor blacking his eyes. He is now adhd. He wasnt before. I and my brother had something happen as kids that changed us too. How do we protect ourselves. We plead the blood of jesus giving glory paise to god

    • profile image

      Sam 3 months ago

      I've been waking up with the occasional scratch and sometimes a bruise, but the problem is I do not bruise easily nor are the bruises in places that I could easily hurt. These odd bruises and scratches have also been appearing a lot recently this past week. I've gotten a three small finger size bruises on my right bicep, a scratch on my left calf, a bruise with a pretty small scratch on the middle of my back which is almost impossible to reach much less bruise and scratch, and as I was sitting and watching Tv I look at my right bicep and sure enough another small finger sized bruise had appeared.

      I have had strange things happen to me before and I have a weird fear of my closet and bathroom I always feel like I'm being watched even if my closet is closed. As a kid orbs would appear in some photographs, I saw figures even at one point I even followed one, I occasionally hear whispers, I have heared and seen things fall in my kitchen for no apparent reason, and I use to have pretty bad nightmares so did my sibling. I don't know whats going on, but a friend's mom is offering to burn sage in the house to get rid of it. I don't even believe in this stuff all that much.

    • profile image

      Amanda 3 months ago

      Just yesterday upon waking up I notice a few scratches on my neck one of them appearing to be the letter M then other F. I have no answer i notice the marks right after my shower. Water burn across my neck. There starting to disappear now. I have no clue if i had done this or something else.

      My fiance sleep has been wacky for the past few days. He has nightmares and says babe watch out there someone there. I get up turn the lights on and see nothing.. I think its been a long time event. Few months ago i waken up to having a bite mark. Or other letter m. Unexplained bruises too. I sound crazy atm. Not knowing what the causes. My animal's my dogs and cats have been fine. There not acting strange. Been mediating and writing what i hear. Few i heard dont tell haha are scared.

      Im not sure if it is paranormal and toying with us.

      Or just mind games. My fiance even broke out with hives out of no where before. We are ignoring it. And going to cleanse the apartment. Mind you been living in the same apartment for 7 years.

    • profile image

      Guest 849 3 months ago

      Just a couple days ago, I noticed a scratch across my chest just below my neck, I shrugged it off as my cat, but she hardly ever sleeps with me. Just after I got very very sick, I can hardly get out of bed. Just today I woke up with I scratch underneath my right breast. I wear clothes when I sleep so I know it's not my cat. This worries me because I just relapsed with self harm and I have an eating disorder. I'm worried that it could possibly be a demon that's trying to make me weaker and make me break down more and more, my depression only became worse once this started happening. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • profile image

      unknown 3 months ago

      has anyone used any type of spiritual item, before any of this started

    • profile image

      Mimi 3 months ago

      I recently woke up with three, small scratches (that are now scabs) on my right leg. I own a kitten, but he can't open the door into my room yet, and I close it every night. The scabs are very red, like bloody so they are probably new. I am very scared. I live with 6 other people and nobody else has been experiencing this. I have also previously woken up with random bruises, that I don't remember having. Please help?

    • profile image

      Nancy 3 months ago

      A few weeks ago i had a dream that someone came up behind me whike i was sleeping and hugged me from.behind. I coukdnt move coukdnt talk i know he looked like but no one was there. I was frozen. Today i woke up with marks on my back. Any explanation

    • profile image

      Tyler 3 months ago

      I wake up with unexpected scratches on my chest and it frightens me

    • profile image

      James Howarth 3 months ago

      Well going to Blackpool spiritual church in england tonight they have a good medium on so am gonna see if he can shed any light on things that been happening recently? I.e scraches on legs and welts on neck?If have no joy then it gonna be priest next

    • profile image

      Unknown 3 months ago

      A few days ago I woke up with a semi circled shaped scratch on my stomach, I didn’t think anything of it but then I realised my cats where at another house... the following few mornings I’ve kept waking up with scratches all over my body, neck was a long line, my right leg, both curved and my foot, (I wear socks to bed) so I’m freaking out, they’re all deep enough to show red, but I don’t think any have bled. It’s really creeping me out due to a paranormal experience a few nights ago that my parents had.

    • profile image

      Violet 3 months ago

      So I didn’t notice the scratches until later in the day in spanish class and they’re not 3 marks it’s a bunch of little scratches on the backside of my hand. My hand started to itch while in spanish class and i looked down at my hand to these tiny scars. I know it wasn’t me because i barely even have nails and they’re definitely not sharp. Can someone explain this? thanks.

    • profile image

      John 3 months ago

      I had them red welt things on my neck when I woke up this morning 2 this time.2 days earlier just lost all of my money on roulette I bet Mr demon had a good laugh at that too

    • profile image

      Person 3 months ago

      Hello, When I woke up this morning, a strange circle-like scratch appeared on my back. The weird thing was, it was directly on the middle of my spine. Perfectly. Right on the joint of my spine. I have no explanation for this, and even searched up some info. I'm probably over-worried but my friends are concerned a bit. Just putting this out there

    • profile image

      Alina 4 months ago

      second comment: sometimes i feel like something is wathcing me, and one time i was scared so bad cuz it felt like, u know when someting falls on the ground and ur bed kiinda moves, well yh and also i heard i sound but my mom and sister we downstairs, my dad was asleep, and brother, well he was in the basememt, and i think i also felt something pull on my blanket, i also sometimes get scratches on my face and back

    • profile image

      Alina 4 months ago

      this happened sometimes, this time it happened two day in a row, i have thin scratches on my face, i don't have pets, and my nails are way to short, there thin like a knife or something, what is it,

    • profile image

      A Webb 4 months ago

      I am also searching for answer.I found two scratches on my left arm, one on my upper left arm and one on my lower left arm. I do I did not scratch my arms at work and with all the winter stuff I am wearing to keep work is no way something external can scratch me without damaging the stuff I was wearing. interestingly, both scratches are about 3 04 4 inches a part, but they are inline and seem to me following the same blood vain. 3 days now and it seem to be healing.

    • profile image

      April 4 months ago

      I have two scratches owne csme outta no where

    • profile image

      Alton 4 months ago

      I don’t know what this is but I woke up with the number 10 on my stomach. Almost like someone carved it into me. It’s been almost 4 months and it’s still there

      What do I do??

    • profile image

      Lovelyone 4 months ago

      Yesterday My bf ended up noticing some type of red mark on my left shoulder which i had not noticed .. and this morning that mark turned into 3 bloody looking scratches ..im very freaked out about it and of course he’s accusing me and not believing when i tell him i woke up with them!! Ive bin having creapy scary dreams could this be something paranormal??? Any one experiencing something like this??

    • profile image

      ... 4 months ago

      My brother my mom and I have been scratched and bit, today my mom got scratched on the back but it seemed that it left the letter “n” and the same thing happened to my brother a couple weeks ago except it was on his chest I’m really scared.

    • profile image

      promise 4 months ago

      Anyone experiencing supernatural things at night you don't like, put a bible under your mattress or under your pillow and ask for protection. I promise if you truly ask for help it works.

    • profile image

      rubberrevolver 4 months ago

      I've had paranormal experiences in my past mostly happening at my grandmothers house. I was scared one night and went to sleep in her bed one night. I was awakened by something i looked up from my pillow to see a creature jump over her and scare me. It kind of looked like a gremlin. I'm 31 now and this happened almost 20 years ago i still have this memory. Now having said that, within the past 10 years I've had random scratches show up on my abdomen once in awhile always 3 no more no less. I am not suicidal and do not put myself in situations in which i can inflict harm to myself. In the past couple weeks I've been having a tough time with my emotions been stressed out from the holidays and in a fit of sadness i did say out loud that i wanted to kill myself in front of my fiance. Since then, I've gone to bed and woken up in the living room which is a side effect of sleep drunkeness and also have seen three scratches on my collar and abdomen just recently today. I'm very nervous about what is going on and could use some feedback and/or suggestions on how to deal with this.

    • profile image

      urietarded21 4 months ago

      um so now i'm shit scared because on new years my friends and i played with a oiuja board and now i wake up with 3 parallel scratches just above my hip. i literally don't know wtf to do HELP PLEASE

    • profile image

      Jesse 4 months ago

      Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and felt something sit on my bed, which is impossible because I live alone. There was nothing there when I turned over and looked around, and this morning I have three parallel scratches on my hand. Any advice?

    • profile image

      Mandy 4 months ago

      My whole life I have woken up with scratches on my body and I thought it was normal. Once my friend saw them I told me that I needed to save myself. Earlier this month she bought so sage and used it on my bedroom. After that they have gotten worse. What should I do?

    • profile image

      Sweet 343 4 months ago

      Happy New Year. I have these 3 scratches on my arm and neck now as I type this message and it's not the first time never paid to much attention now i know. Stay focused

    • profile image

      Sam 5 months ago

      This happened to me recently it started maybe 1-2 months ago and it kept happening every 2 weeks I can vaguely remember that my 1st cut was on my face and the next was on my shoulder then my arm it looks like the cuts are descending every time it happens what surprised me the most is that it doesn't even hurt when I wake up it looks like it's already been there for a long time or something along the lines of it looks like it's almost healed. can someone like help me on this?

    • profile image

      Nikki 5 months ago

      Has anyone ever seen the source of the scratch marks?

    • profile image

      Hakuri 5 months ago

      I wake up with patches of multiple scratches, up to 40 at a time in a filled circle shape, and theyre not really scratches, theyre dots, like i had been stabbed over and over with a thick needle. There is no pattern, and I have a cat that likes to knead on me during the night, but the scratches are in a spot he cant get to.

    • profile image

      Arya 5 months ago

      Mine comes in 3 each nite it ads up to 26 each night

    • profile image

      echoxi 5 months ago

      I've noticed that in the past year I've had small but visible scratches on my upper chest close to shoulder and on my torso sometimes on my thighs. I don't have long nails and when they do grow I cut them up because they snag on my clothes and end up getting jagged. Its rarely in 3s its usually one long scratch they aren't painful nor do they burn but I find it strange.

    • profile image

      Graciela 5 months ago

      So this morning I woke up with 3 scratches on my stomach , idk how to explain, can someone help me

    • profile image

      Varoun 6 months ago

      Hi..am from the caribbean...but ive been expierencing the same thing....for the past month or 2....every morning i have been waking up with bite size and some times huge huge buises all over my body in places i cant describe

      ...and atm currently...theres recently been a time where i taught it stopped...and then 2 days ago...it came bk...and rn am sick in bed...i feel weak and helpless my resistance is low...i feel like wut ever it is its draning all thats left of me....i am a hindu....but ive tried the bible...i uses the name of jesus and got my pastor to guide me...that didnt work...i tried local flokore methods work for a short time only...nothing works...idk how long i can go on like this.....wish there was some miracle or somebody to u know help me....but its a small world out here..anyways thats my story and its still going...all the best to the people who get better and fought off the evil things

    • profile image

      Unknown 6 months ago

      I'm Gay does that make me get scratches?

    • profile image

      Sharon Smith 6 months ago

      I have also been waking up to random scratches and bruises! Its been happening for quite some time, and I had no clue what it was! I thought my son, Robert, kept letting the cat into my room, letting him scratch me! I now know that this is the work of demons! Satan! Thank goodness I am a woman of the lord, going to church every sunday. Hopefully these pesky demons leave me alone!

    • profile image

      jean 7 months ago

      ive been getting random and yet small scratches lately, and today i felt a bump on my nose that hurts when i touch. i didnt even hurt myself. but one thing that catches my attention is when i scratch myself ( once and small) it immediately turns into a mark. idk if this is a "phenomenon" but i need answers... i dont want to experience these anymore its freaking me out

    • profile image

      Emanuel Gaspar 7 months ago

      Hi. I'm a male born in Portugal. I lived in England some time and came back to my country 4 years ago. When I turned 18 some strange things started to happen with me. I'm now 28. I began to hear voices after a strange incident with my cousin. I prefer not to talk about the incident so I'll move on to what is happening ever since. The way I hear these voices is weird. Is like they are inside my head. Like communication using thoughts. I usually reply to them in my thoughts as well and they can hear me because they reply. I don't remember hearing voices when I was a kid. Other weird thing is that sometimes my body moves and I'm not doing it. Like for an instance my hands and arms. It's like they are being controlled. I learned to live with this and to be honest I wouldn't see myself living without it anymore (hearing voices). It's like a part of me now. But I really would like to know why this started to happen. I tried asking these voices but I get different answers so I really don't know. I'm also careful when speaking with them because I know some of them do not have good intentions. I don't know who or what they are. Moving on. Several years ago, in England, I started to have weird dreams. I could write a lot about the dreams but I'll resume. Most of the dreams are about me leaving earth and meeting with blueish beings( I remember seeing earth in the distance); global catastrophes; Going to a spaceship and meeting greenish man (they look like man but it looks like they have scale or something). The dreams started in England, London 2012. I started to have dreams where I know I'm dreaming and I can make decisions. I must say that this sensation is very good. After falling asleep I also started to see my body in bed and then I could go anywhere. One day, 2013 Portugal, I had this dream that I remember very clearly. I saw my body in bed and it was very dark in the house. I heard noises coming from outside, in the building. I went out and went to the stairs (I was living on the 6th floor) to see what was causing the noise downstairs. I saw a grey bald man swallowing a baby. He sensed my presence, looked at me and I ran, of course, fearing that he would come for me. I woke up right after entering the house. Nowadays, right before falling asleep, I can hear a male voice but different from the others. Is strong, deep. I get chills when I hear this voice. He has asked me if I can hear him well. Just that for now. I ask him who he is but I get no reply and then I fall asleep little after. The voices started 10 years ago but from time to time I also see figures and shapes, some are dark others are like a ball of light that passes very fast. Sometimes I also see faces of people I never saw before when I close my eyes. Last year I was affected by this weird anxiety problem. I started to take pills (xanax and victan) to control it. I'm now free from pills but last year was very bad for me. I was depressed and some weird things started to happen. I felt like someone was hitting me but I couldn't see them. This passed. I'm now living alone again (last time was in Englad 2011-2013) and I'm having weird dreams and hearing this deep voice ever since I rented this new apartment. Before hearing the voice I hear a weird sound. Is like a endless ''biiiiiiiiiiiii'' that fades. Today I woke up with a mark on my chest. A little wound, heart-shaped. It does not hurt but I would like to know how it got here. I don't remember dreaming today, which is weird as I always remember at least something. Any of you experiencing things like this? I don't read much and I work a lot but I searched for strange marks on body when I saw my wound and got here. I'm not religious, I don't believe in a God that created all things. I do believe in energies. I'll try to decipher what this new deep voice wants. All the best

    • profile image

      Miriana Mantell 7 months ago

      Hi my story begins 44 years ago i was born in New Zealand since a very young age i could see people and animals that have passed over, I have always had a strong sense that i was a portal to the other side a doorway if you like, my incle was a maori healer who helped me all my life with the trouble from the spirits i have had scratches,bruises and some other black thick sticky stuff on my body when i tried to wipe the black off it stung so i left it and it disappeared on its own a couple of days later, I am currently living in the township of Waihi and find myself getting sick when i step out my gate...i have a special charm protecting my house i am sick of living like a prisoner of my property i would like some advice on how to free myself of a 1000s of spirits please help i am going crazy and want some sort of life back.

      I am also a natural born medium.

    • profile image

      A Rich 7 months ago

      I've been so confused about these scratches that mysteriously appear mostly on my back. The scratches, usually appearing three at a time, and 1 to 2 inches long, form scabs and that's when I discover them. It's bewildering and startling when these things show up out of nowhere. Prior to them appearing, and usually on the same day I actually feel a negative presence trying to get at me, like "scratching" to get inside and I feel very annoyed and agitated. I always stop and pray and ask Jesus to bind the bad spirit and protect me and my house and family. This has been happening for over two years when I moved to Arizona. Thanks for sharing; now I know I'm not going kookoo!

    • profile image

      Dylan G 7 months ago

      i have scratches all over my body and neck And im a christian.....

    • profile image

      Lisa K 7 months ago

      I woke up the past two days with scratches all over my back, and I don't understand were they are coming from.

    • profile image

      Lourdes 7 months ago

      I woke up this morning with Metallica's Enter Sandman's song in my head...When I was in the bathtub this afternoon, I noticed three sratches on my right leg..

    • profile image

      Brett Telford 8 months ago

      I like this information and not that I am drawn towards the devil or his army but because I am a Priest.

    • profile image

      Peach 8 months ago

      I've had these marks on my back and my breast. I know about the back and it was paranormal, but why on my breast? The first thing in the morning I did was to check it there, because it would hurt a lot. Please help me. Bless you.

    • profile image

      Dana 8 months ago

      I just one day noticed 3 straight scratches on my back, they're a finger length long and look like a big animal like a bear scratched me... They look like they have only just happened or only just started healing as they are red and are raised off my skin as skratches do.. it doesn't appear that they are going to heal any time soon...or ever

      It makes me concerned to read that "finding Jesus" was the only way to stop this strange occurrence as I am atheist and not matter how much I want to, I simply can not make myself believe in a higher power

    • profile image

      Michelle 8 months ago

      this morning i woke up took a shower for waork and got a burning sensation on my left arm when i have finish drying off it was 3 long scrapes on my left hand then on work here on my chest i felt a burning again upon checking 3 scrapes again what can this be help

    • profile image

      Phillip 8 months ago

      I noticed thin red scratch marks near my armpit in directions my fingers couldn't do. All of a sudden my armpit area started to itch and look and found these markings that have hives and itching bumbs raised where the scratch marks are. It's a burning itching feeling and too thin to be by my nails and tried to scratch my self to compare and wasn't the same look at all.

    • profile image

      Karen 8 months ago

      I woke up this morning with five unexplained scratches on my left foot,I have no animals l am a well balanced person no hang ups so to speak,very strange indeed,I don't take drugs neither drink alot of alcohol. My alcohol is water and tea. I have had these scratches before normally three like most other people,today I had five, don't know what to think really!!!

    • profile image

      Richard Maldonado 8 months ago

      My mom woke me up for school and she saw claw marks at my shoulder blade to my waist.She thought it was me but I would have felt it happening

    • profile image

      Quinn porter 8 months ago

      Whenever I think about my fears enough ill get a slit on parts of my body well one slit that moves around daily it'll be in my arm one day and in my chest the next its only there for one day before moving again

    • profile image

      Lou, Bay Area650 8 months ago

      I am glad i am not the only one to have this happen. And many of the tales from others are identical to mine

    • profile image

      Abbey.3king 8 months ago

      I argued with my family last night and when veeything settled down I went to sleep and woke up this morning and had my breakfast and (as any Norma person does) went to the toilet when I noticed there was a burning sensation on my upper leg nearest my bum cheek so I had a look and I had 3 scratches that were red raw but weren't bleeding. I have a dog but he was down stairs all night and all the doors were closed. I don't want to say anything to my parents coz they will think I'm crazy but I really think something paranormal has happened to me. Every since we moved to this new house (just over a year ago) I knew something wasn't 100% right like at night I'd hear creaky floor boards that only ever creaked when you stepped on them!! I'm really scared and would love and explaination

    • profile image

      Save_Them777 9 months ago

      I've never done self harm or drugs. Nor am I depressed but when I was getting dressed I noticed the mark of Stygal(brings death) on my stomach along with 3 scratches under it. I wanted to know what it meant but my friends started acting strange around me such as: looking behind me, mumbling, or ripping bits of their skin on their hands off.

    • profile image

      ben 4194603882 9 months ago

      My opinion: Demons are real! That also makes Christ real. Seriously if You are having problems in any way ,Prayer to Christ can fix anything! If You dont know how to pray literally out loud say, yell depending on your mood. Ask that The Holy Spirit to protect you. Remember the devil cant read your thoughts. CHRIST CAN. So if you want a demon to leave you alone you must with an assertive voice out loud say "Demon by the POWER OF JESUS CHRIST, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE MY HOME, YOU HAVE NO POWER THAT COMPARES TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. " NOTHING IN THIS WORLD HAS POWER LIKE CHRIST, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT IS CHRIST'S ENFORCER. Give your heart and soul to Christ . Remember hell was not created for humans. Christ want s you to be in heaven , He loves You far beyond our ability to understand.

    • profile image

      Sherry 9 months ago

      I'm a strong believer n Christ an a few days ago after my shower I noticed I had 4 scratch marks on my left upper body near my under arm not sure when it happened an couldn't think of anything I did to cause this myself .No pets ,no tree branch,not my own nails,first thing crossed my mind was something evil did this

    • profile image

      Ashleigh Riekert 9 months ago

      When I was about two years old I started talking to things my parents thought it was and imaginary friend but soon figured out it was the old man that was murdered in my room the year I was born. After a while it was fine I just thought that maybe I was special so I went on with my life and after 12 years of this we moved to New Zealand and I started to become negative and aggressive and really angry and I felt like I was a possessed demon and now I can't sleep because it feels like someone or something is watching me, touching me, breathing on me. And a week ago a demon appeared to me in my sleep he told me to scream and for some reason I did. I would clean up my room than the next morning it is a mess. And I would wake up with 6 not 3, but 6 scratches on my arm that feels like I am being branded. I can't talk to my parents cause they don't understand, this is freaking me out and I don't know what to do I need answers Please.


    • profile image

      Cheyenne 9 months ago

      So I just woke up and I found 3 bloody starch marks on me n my lizdured been acting weird n not its self n my god mother just die 2 days ago n now ever since there's been weird stuff happening what should I do

    • profile image

      Jack 9 months ago

      I'm a strong follower of Christ and I still have three large scars on my side that I woke up with and two on my shoulder I woke up with. I'm not so sure about the whole devil thing but something weird is going on.

    • profile image

      ahomosexual 9 months ago

      i found a random scar on my stomach and idk what it means because 1) i just now discovered this and 2) i dont recall getting a cut on my stomach

    • profile image

      Anonymous 9 months ago

      Yesterday I done a very satanic ritual and then started to hear sounds in my room all night. My neck randomly started swelling up and burning and I didn't know what to do so I left it. I woke up with 3 deep scratches on my neck and I'm thinking it had something to do with the ritual,,,any advice??

    • profile image

      Christian Rodriguez 10 months ago

      I woke up this morning and when into the bathroom when I saw red on my back and I turned around to see in the mirror and I have 3 scratch marks running on my back, I had very sexually active dreams last night. I read up on it and it says that the demons love to give sexual pleasure but implant a seed to commit bad sin and turning your faith away from God. It will choke, make you not able to move during sleep, leave scratches, bite marks and many more demonic symbols! Becareful and get right with God; repent and get on the right path you should be on. God bless

    • profile image

      Angela Wells 10 months ago

      I woke up this morning just realize did not know I had a scratches long mark on my arm till I feel like it was kind burning sting then it had stop sting on that same day it be happen to me ever now and then

    • profile image

      Shaki 10 months ago

      Waking up with cuts like on my right arm, back shoulder and arms, occasionally, been happening with in the year now,

      I don't itch or scratch myself, I don't hv any sharp object in my bed, near around me,

      I am so worried

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 10 months ago

      Worry not about what this means, rather spend your time searching for Wisdom and Truth only found in Christ Himself. Learn and seek after Him. Seek and you will find!! So be careful for what you think you want to seek... again, Seek Christ is our advice:)

    • profile image

      tookie. 10 months ago

      About two months ago i stop talking to my ex we broke up n now i have a letter W In the top middle of my back .Right between my shoulder blads.What does this mean?

    • profile image

      Torah 10 months ago

      Why are spme people a target?

    • profile image

      Amith 10 months ago

      So youre telling me, that there are demons out for me?

    • profile image

      Annabelle 10 months ago

      Once I woke up to a scratch on my arm and it completely disappeared 3 days later it was so creepy

    • profile image

      My name 11 months ago

      My right ear got scratched and there was blood I did also experience parinormal things in my room about a week ago

    • profile image

      Wolfy 11 months ago

      These scratches keep happening to me. I will wake up with 2-3 new scratches on me. I don't have cats and i don't do this myself.

      Some are a U shape or an S and some are straight lines. I don't know what to do.


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