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Waking Up with Three Unexplained Scratches on My Body

Updated on July 12, 2015
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Team Wiseman has noticed that strange scratches in certain formations have appeared around the world and were the first to expose it!

This is something that happens all the time, but is rarely discussed. Thanks to the Internet, though, people who observe unusual occurrences, like waking up with three scratches somewhere on their bodies, are starting to talk to each other. And there are a lot of us, and we know the same thing is happening to all of us.

When I say it like that, it sounds crazy, right? Sure it does. It sounds crazy to me, even, and I'm the one writing about the phenomenon of unexplainable scratches appearing on human flesh.

"What does it mean?"

"Why is it happening?"

"Who else is it happening to?"

"Am I crazy, or is this real?"

"What can I do to stop this?"

These are the kinds of questions we are asking.

What are these mysterious scratches on my body?
What are these mysterious scratches on my body?

What Do Unexplained Scratches Mean?

My research shows that these scratches usually come in threes, and appear on the back, arms, legs, and face. Along with scratches, people also experience mysterious bite marks and inexplicable bruising. They seem to appear at times in our lives when temptation is near or when we're facing a big decision.

These scratches have a distinct meaning: "destruction" or "destroy." Rather than going on and on, I'm going to share testimony from others who have been affected by strange scratches. You'll notice that this phenomenon doesn't restrict itself to one country, but rather has afflicted many around the world! You are not crazy, nor are you alone.

Most Recent Poll

Several months ago, I administered a poll about unexplained scratches and the response was fascinting.

Question: Have you ever experienced unexplained scratches, bruises, or bite marks?

  • 97% Yes
  • 3% No

These results are out of the 1047 people who voted, and this is just the beginning. Thousands of victims have turned to the Internet, searching for answers about the three unexplainable scratches appearing on their body, and I'm here to give you answers. Though other sites have tried to help, they all fall short of the Truth.

Personal Stories About Unexplained Scratches

These are real comments left by readers who have experiences scratches and other mysterious events:

"...I found this site via a search on paranormal scratches. I'm the victim of this phenomenon. This has been happening to me for the last 6 years. At first I thought it was just something odd or that maybe one of my cats scratched me and I didn't remember. I actually watched them form one night and had witnesses to the event. They were raised like welts and turned bloody. After about 3 days they completely disappeared. I've had them in places I can't reach which rules out self-infliction. I've had them on my face, neck, arms, legs, and back. Over the years I've almost gotten used to them. I was told that it might be a ghost in my house, but when I moved it kept happening. Also other people that have been close to me have been affected as well. I know this is bizarre and doesn't fit the norm, so I'm here in search of answers. I've been advised by someone who tried to help me that it may in fact be my own psychic doing. Let me explain. We all have a personal spiritual energy and there's a lot about the human mind we are only starting to understand. It's been suggested that I have certain powers or gifts that are making this happen. This power comes at a price, though. It's painful and has affected others I know. The bloody scratch marks eventually heal and disappear but nonetheless it's scary. I'm not saying that I'm some kind of warlock or anything like that. The reality is I don't know what's going on or how to deal with this. I could use some help. So I've chose the grassroots method and decided to find others like me. The person I'm currently talking to has been very helpful, but she is only one source of information. I would like to hear from others. Thanks."


"I wake up sometimes and I have scratches on my upper body, on the front and back of my right shoulder blade, and on my stomach on the right side. I don't inflict them on myself and I also do not have any animals. What do you think they are coming from?"


"On way too many occasions I have woken up with bad bruises on my body. I know that at work I often bump my arms and legs into things, but these bruises are on my torso. Unless someone pinched me or hit me, I can not figure out where I got them. On several occasions my husband has noticed bruising on my back and scratching on my back as if someone had just scratched me. They are not bleeding, but they are fresh. I have had dealings in the past with paranormal experiences where I have been pushed down a flight of stairs, or punched in the back. I call to the power of the Lord, Jesus Christ to rid me of these attacks. It usually works. But, the Devil just does not like to let go."


"The scratches, if not self-inflicted, are definitely demonic. There have been thousands of these afflictions in the past and 90% have demonic origin.

There is Biblical evidence of this, and it can be overcome. But don't go to a Catholic priest for prayer; they will just tie you up in religious jargon. Call a reputable evangelist."


"I am having these issues right now.

Yesterday I awoke with a large bruise on my forearm in the shape of a toothless human bite. The surrounding area is swollen, and I had 2 other people besides myself look for bug/spider bites(NONE)!

Today I have three scratches on the other forearm that became welt-like and burn. They are wider than cat scratches. Two of the scratches run straight up and down the forearm and the third sort of curves towards the other two. They are all about two to two-and-a-half inches long. I don't smoke dope (speed, meth, whatever you want to call it) or crack, no alcohol, no over-the-counter pills."


"I was awoken around 2:24am when my three-year-old son came running into my room screaming, "Get it away from me, get it away from me!" I opened my eyes as he climbed in bed between me and my wife. It was still dark in the room. I looked towards the foot of the bed. With GOD as my witness, clear as day, I saw a green face. I saw his eyes, nose, and mouth. His head was at the foot of the bed as if he was resting his chin on the bed. I screamed as loud as I could and reached for the light. By this time I was standing on my pillow against the headboard... The face disappeared when I turned the light on. I turned every light on in my home and searched every closet, under every bed, every square inch. I found nothing!

We live in a township called Huron believed to have been built on Indian burial grounds. I've been in the garage working underneath the car and have heard someone come in the door and close it and nobody was there at all. We have heard loud banging from the outside which shakes the house: not one or two bangs but six or seven in a row. Once I called the police and they searched the outer grounds. At the time there was four inches of snow on the ground and no one found a single footprint where the banging came from. I have since moved out of that house and my father continues to live there. He had three scratches on him last week. He also said he saw the green face in his room. I built a home on three acres on property right next door. Nothing has happened in my new home as we had it blessed. But my father says he hears a man talking almost every night. He has woken to the sound of water running and has had to shut it off. When he got sick and had to go to the hospital for surgery he was gone for seven days. I let his dogs out every day and fed them and spent time with them. THEY BOTH DIED for no reason the night before my dad was released from the hospital. The vet has no clue what they died from. They were both only four years old. I believe a demonic evil within the home murdered my dad's dogs.

Every thing I have said is true and not a stunt.

On the brighter side of things, my mom, who divorced my father 30 years ago lives in Arizona. She feeds these wild birds every day in her back yard by a stucco wall. The other day she noticed a face on the wall that looks to me like Jesus."


"I have had unexplained scratches, strange bruises, and possible burn marks. I have also had very fine, laser-straight parallel scratches under my right eye which disappeared within hours. I live in a clean house with no pets and shower every day. I'm not religious. All the marks clear up within a few days and do not hurt. I do dream about large demonic looking creatures (tall with gladiator-like human bodies and vile dog-like heads), but in the dreams I'm not afraid and find myself to be stronger and quicker and fend them off very easily. According to my partner I'm a heavy sleeper and a right git to wake up so I don't think the marks are self-inflicted. Some are right in the middle of my back where I couldn't reach. Maybe they're psychosomatic."


"I get these scratches when I'm awake..."


My brother Guy, my best friend Mindy, and me (Chrissy) were in my room the other day. We sat in a circle in the dark and held hands. Each of us said the words, 'On the first day of school I fell off my bike and got a scratch,' and so on seven times. We turned the lights on and checked our backs. Mindy had SEVEN red scratches lined up on her back. There was one scratch on my neck, two scratches on my right arm, and four on my left arm. My brother only had small ones. We took pictures of Mindy's. Mindy and I have scratches all over our bodies. One of Mindy's scratches left a scab. The one on my neck is very deep, deep enough to leave a rash. We don't have a very good relationship with Jesus Christ, so I don't know what to do...but I wear a cross. It helps me when I'm scared for some reason. I have a really bad feeling about this. Help. I have had weird experiences with these type of things before, such as screaming on my camera when I was making a video and nobody was at my house but me. And I've seen weird things in Mindy's room but i won't get into details because nobody believes me. I don't know what to do and I'm scared to be alone in my room."

How Can I Explain These Mysterious Scratches on My Body?

For several years, my family and I have experienced three scratches appearing mysteriously onto our bodies. During those afflicted years we were disregarding God and all He stood for. We were living for ourselves, using drugs, and living the "rock star" lifestyle.

While the scratches on their own were weird, what drove our suspicion was the fact that they appeared in patterns. Sometimes there were three cat-like scratch marks, just deep enough to see red, but not deep enough to draw blood. Sometimes there was one horizontal line with two vertical lines crossing the center. They would always burn then totally disappear a short time later, only to appear somewhere else on my body.

These were times drowned in confusion and chaos, so much so that the atmosphere seemed to get foggy or hazy. As these scratches appeared more and more, things became clearer. These mysterious scratches had a meaning, a purpose. They were meant to cause chaos, confusion and ultimately destroy us. In a nutshell: demons placed these marks on our bodies.

Unexplained Scratches Caused by Demons

I know, I know. It sounds crazy, and I agree. It is pretty amazing what really happens behind the scenes of humanity's existence. My family and I have been told that we are crazy too, but we know the truth. All we did was experience a phenomenon, and have decided to share our experience with others experiencing the same thing. Little did we know, it was happening to millions around the world!

The three parallel scratches are a symbol that means "Destroy." The target that is to be destroyed is us. God tells us that the devils go to and fro, seeking whom they may devour. The only answer to stopping is total surrender to Jesus Christ. How do we know? We called to Him, and even though we disregarded His ways, He answered. After several months of making the right decisions in life and becoming more aware and obedient to God's moral laws, we were set free! We are living proof that Jesus Christ is our helper and our Savior!

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: [1 Peter 5:8]


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    • profile image

      Unknown 12 days ago

      I'm Gay does that make me get scratches?

    • profile image

      Sharon Smith 2 weeks ago

      I have also been waking up to random scratches and bruises! Its been happening for quite some time, and I had no clue what it was! I thought my son, Robert, kept letting the cat into my room, letting him scratch me! I now know that this is the work of demons! Satan! Thank goodness I am a woman of the lord, going to church every sunday. Hopefully these pesky demons leave me alone!

    • profile image

      jean 2 weeks ago

      ive been getting random and yet small scratches lately, and today i felt a bump on my nose that hurts when i touch. i didnt even hurt myself. but one thing that catches my attention is when i scratch myself ( once and small) it immediately turns into a mark. idk if this is a "phenomenon" but i need answers... i dont want to experience these anymore its freaking me out

    • profile image

      Emanuel Gaspar 3 weeks ago

      Hi. I'm a male born in Portugal. I lived in England some time and came back to my country 4 years ago. When I turned 18 some strange things started to happen with me. I'm now 28. I began to hear voices after a strange incident with my cousin. I prefer not to talk about the incident so I'll move on to what is happening ever since. The way I hear these voices is weird. Is like they are inside my head. Like communication using thoughts. I usually reply to them in my thoughts as well and they can hear me because they reply. I don't remember hearing voices when I was a kid. Other weird thing is that sometimes my body moves and I'm not doing it. Like for an instance my hands and arms. It's like they are being controlled. I learned to live with this and to be honest I wouldn't see myself living without it anymore (hearing voices). It's like a part of me now. But I really would like to know why this started to happen. I tried asking these voices but I get different answers so I really don't know. I'm also careful when speaking with them because I know some of them do not have good intentions. I don't know who or what they are. Moving on. Several years ago, in England, I started to have weird dreams. I could write a lot about the dreams but I'll resume. Most of the dreams are about me leaving earth and meeting with blueish beings( I remember seeing earth in the distance); global catastrophes; Going to a spaceship and meeting greenish man (they look like man but it looks like they have scale or something). The dreams started in England, London 2012. I started to have dreams where I know I'm dreaming and I can make decisions. I must say that this sensation is very good. After falling asleep I also started to see my body in bed and then I could go anywhere. One day, 2013 Portugal, I had this dream that I remember very clearly. I saw my body in bed and it was very dark in the house. I heard noises coming from outside, in the building. I went out and went to the stairs (I was living on the 6th floor) to see what was causing the noise downstairs. I saw a grey bald man swallowing a baby. He sensed my presence, looked at me and I ran, of course, fearing that he would come for me. I woke up right after entering the house. Nowadays, right before falling asleep, I can hear a male voice but different from the others. Is strong, deep. I get chills when I hear this voice. He has asked me if I can hear him well. Just that for now. I ask him who he is but I get no reply and then I fall asleep little after. The voices started 10 years ago but from time to time I also see figures and shapes, some are dark others are like a ball of light that passes very fast. Sometimes I also see faces of people I never saw before when I close my eyes. Last year I was affected by this weird anxiety problem. I started to take pills (xanax and victan) to control it. I'm now free from pills but last year was very bad for me. I was depressed and some weird things started to happen. I felt like someone was hitting me but I couldn't see them. This passed. I'm now living alone again (last time was in Englad 2011-2013) and I'm having weird dreams and hearing this deep voice ever since I rented this new apartment. Before hearing the voice I hear a weird sound. Is like a endless ''biiiiiiiiiiiii'' that fades. Today I woke up with a mark on my chest. A little wound, heart-shaped. It does not hurt but I would like to know how it got here. I don't remember dreaming today, which is weird as I always remember at least something. Any of you experiencing things like this? I don't read much and I work a lot but I searched for strange marks on body when I saw my wound and got here. I'm not religious, I don't believe in a God that created all things. I do believe in energies. I'll try to decipher what this new deep voice wants. All the best

    • profile image

      Miriana Mantell 3 weeks ago

      Hi my story begins 44 years ago i was born in New Zealand since a very young age i could see people and animals that have passed over, I have always had a strong sense that i was a portal to the other side a doorway if you like, my incle was a maori healer who helped me all my life with the trouble from the spirits i have had scratches,bruises and some other black thick sticky stuff on my body when i tried to wipe the black off it stung so i left it and it disappeared on its own a couple of days later, I am currently living in the township of Waihi and find myself getting sick when i step out my gate...i have a special charm protecting my house i am sick of living like a prisoner of my property i would like some advice on how to free myself of a 1000s of spirits please help i am going crazy and want some sort of life back.

      I am also a natural born medium.

    • profile image

      A Rich 4 weeks ago

      I've been so confused about these scratches that mysteriously appear mostly on my back. The scratches, usually appearing three at a time, and 1 to 2 inches long, form scabs and that's when I discover them. It's bewildering and startling when these things show up out of nowhere. Prior to them appearing, and usually on the same day I actually feel a negative presence trying to get at me, like "scratching" to get inside and I feel very annoyed and agitated. I always stop and pray and ask Jesus to bind the bad spirit and protect me and my house and family. This has been happening for over two years when I moved to Arizona. Thanks for sharing; now I know I'm not going kookoo!

    • profile image

      Dylan G 5 weeks ago

      i have scratches all over my body and neck And im a christian.....

    • profile image

      Lisa K 6 weeks ago

      I woke up the past two days with scratches all over my back, and I don't understand were they are coming from.

    • profile image

      Lourdes 6 weeks ago

      I woke up this morning with Metallica's Enter Sandman's song in my head...When I was in the bathtub this afternoon, I noticed three sratches on my right leg..

    • profile image

      Brett Telford 7 weeks ago

      I like this information and not that I am drawn towards the devil or his army but because I am a Priest.

    • profile image

      Peach 2 months ago

      I've had these marks on my back and my breast. I know about the back and it was paranormal, but why on my breast? The first thing in the morning I did was to check it there, because it would hurt a lot. Please help me. Bless you.

    • profile image

      Dana 2 months ago

      I just one day noticed 3 straight scratches on my back, they're a finger length long and look like a big animal like a bear scratched me... They look like they have only just happened or only just started healing as they are red and are raised off my skin as skratches do.. it doesn't appear that they are going to heal any time soon...or ever

      It makes me concerned to read that "finding Jesus" was the only way to stop this strange occurrence as I am atheist and not matter how much I want to, I simply can not make myself believe in a higher power

    • profile image

      Michelle 2 months ago

      this morning i woke up took a shower for waork and got a burning sensation on my left arm when i have finish drying off it was 3 long scrapes on my left hand then on work here on my chest i felt a burning again upon checking 3 scrapes again what can this be help

    • profile image

      Phillip 2 months ago

      I noticed thin red scratch marks near my armpit in directions my fingers couldn't do. All of a sudden my armpit area started to itch and look and found these markings that have hives and itching bumbs raised where the scratch marks are. It's a burning itching feeling and too thin to be by my nails and tried to scratch my self to compare and wasn't the same look at all.

    • profile image

      Karen 2 months ago

      I woke up this morning with five unexplained scratches on my left foot,I have no animals l am a well balanced person no hang ups so to speak,very strange indeed,I don't take drugs neither drink alot of alcohol. My alcohol is water and tea. I have had these scratches before normally three like most other people,today I had five, don't know what to think really!!!

    • profile image

      Richard Maldonado 2 months ago

      My mom woke me up for school and she saw claw marks at my shoulder blade to my waist.She thought it was me but I would have felt it happening

    • profile image

      Quinn porter 2 months ago

      Whenever I think about my fears enough ill get a slit on parts of my body well one slit that moves around daily it'll be in my arm one day and in my chest the next its only there for one day before moving again

    • profile image

      Lou, Bay Area650 2 months ago

      I am glad i am not the only one to have this happen. And many of the tales from others are identical to mine

    • profile image

      Abbey.3king 2 months ago

      I argued with my family last night and when veeything settled down I went to sleep and woke up this morning and had my breakfast and (as any Norma person does) went to the toilet when I noticed there was a burning sensation on my upper leg nearest my bum cheek so I had a look and I had 3 scratches that were red raw but weren't bleeding. I have a dog but he was down stairs all night and all the doors were closed. I don't want to say anything to my parents coz they will think I'm crazy but I really think something paranormal has happened to me. Every since we moved to this new house (just over a year ago) I knew something wasn't 100% right like at night I'd hear creaky floor boards that only ever creaked when you stepped on them!! I'm really scared and would love and explaination

    • profile image

      Save_Them777 2 months ago

      I've never done self harm or drugs. Nor am I depressed but when I was getting dressed I noticed the mark of Stygal(brings death) on my stomach along with 3 scratches under it. I wanted to know what it meant but my friends started acting strange around me such as: looking behind me, mumbling, or ripping bits of their skin on their hands off.

    • profile image

      ben 4194603882 2 months ago

      My opinion: Demons are real! That also makes Christ real. Seriously if You are having problems in any way ,Prayer to Christ can fix anything! If You dont know how to pray literally out loud say, yell depending on your mood. Ask that The Holy Spirit to protect you. Remember the devil cant read your thoughts. CHRIST CAN. So if you want a demon to leave you alone you must with an assertive voice out loud say "Demon by the POWER OF JESUS CHRIST, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE MY HOME, YOU HAVE NO POWER THAT COMPARES TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. " NOTHING IN THIS WORLD HAS POWER LIKE CHRIST, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT IS CHRIST'S ENFORCER. Give your heart and soul to Christ . Remember hell was not created for humans. Christ want s you to be in heaven , He loves You far beyond our ability to understand.

    • profile image

      Sherry 2 months ago

      I'm a strong believer n Christ an a few days ago after my shower I noticed I had 4 scratch marks on my left upper body near my under arm not sure when it happened an couldn't think of anything I did to cause this myself .No pets ,no tree branch,not my own nails,first thing crossed my mind was something evil did this

    • profile image

      Ashleigh Riekert 2 months ago

      When I was about two years old I started talking to things my parents thought it was and imaginary friend but soon figured out it was the old man that was murdered in my room the year I was born. After a while it was fine I just thought that maybe I was special so I went on with my life and after 12 years of this we moved to New Zealand and I started to become negative and aggressive and really angry and I felt like I was a possessed demon and now I can't sleep because it feels like someone or something is watching me, touching me, breathing on me. And a week ago a demon appeared to me in my sleep he told me to scream and for some reason I did. I would clean up my room than the next morning it is a mess. And I would wake up with 6 not 3, but 6 scratches on my arm that feels like I am being branded. I can't talk to my parents cause they don't understand, this is freaking me out and I don't know what to do I need answers Please.


    • profile image

      Cheyenne 3 months ago

      So I just woke up and I found 3 bloody starch marks on me n my lizdured been acting weird n not its self n my god mother just die 2 days ago n now ever since there's been weird stuff happening what should I do

    • profile image

      Jack 3 months ago

      I'm a strong follower of Christ and I still have three large scars on my side that I woke up with and two on my shoulder I woke up with. I'm not so sure about the whole devil thing but something weird is going on.

    • profile image

      ahomosexual 3 months ago

      i found a random scar on my stomach and idk what it means because 1) i just now discovered this and 2) i dont recall getting a cut on my stomach

    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 months ago

      Yesterday I done a very satanic ritual and then started to hear sounds in my room all night. My neck randomly started swelling up and burning and I didn't know what to do so I left it. I woke up with 3 deep scratches on my neck and I'm thinking it had something to do with the ritual,,,any advice??

    • profile image

      Christian Rodriguez 4 months ago

      I woke up this morning and when into the bathroom when I saw red on my back and I turned around to see in the mirror and I have 3 scratch marks running on my back, I had very sexually active dreams last night. I read up on it and it says that the demons love to give sexual pleasure but implant a seed to commit bad sin and turning your faith away from God. It will choke, make you not able to move during sleep, leave scratches, bite marks and many more demonic symbols! Becareful and get right with God; repent and get on the right path you should be on. God bless

    • profile image

      Angela Wells 4 months ago

      I woke up this morning just realize did not know I had a scratches long mark on my arm till I feel like it was kind burning sting then it had stop sting on that same day it be happen to me ever now and then

    • profile image

      Shaki 4 months ago

      Waking up with cuts like on my right arm, back shoulder and arms, occasionally, been happening with in the year now,

      I don't itch or scratch myself, I don't hv any sharp object in my bed, near around me,

      I am so worried

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 4 months ago

      Worry not about what this means, rather spend your time searching for Wisdom and Truth only found in Christ Himself. Learn and seek after Him. Seek and you will find!! So be careful for what you think you want to seek... again, Seek Christ is our advice:)

    • profile image

      tookie. 4 months ago

      About two months ago i stop talking to my ex we broke up n now i have a letter W In the top middle of my back .Right between my shoulder blads.What does this mean?

    • profile image

      Torah 4 months ago

      Why are spme people a target?

    • profile image

      Amith 4 months ago

      So youre telling me, that there are demons out for me?

    • profile image

      Annabelle 4 months ago

      Once I woke up to a scratch on my arm and it completely disappeared 3 days later it was so creepy

    • profile image

      My name 4 months ago

      My right ear got scratched and there was blood I did also experience parinormal things in my room about a week ago

    • profile image

      Wolfy 5 months ago

      These scratches keep happening to me. I will wake up with 2-3 new scratches on me. I don't have cats and i don't do this myself.

      Some are a U shape or an S and some are straight lines. I don't know what to do.

    • profile image

      abc 5 months ago

      ghosts can manipulate themselves using energy, devils won't do that, they possess direct into objects or human and animal body, specially when their spirit weakeness, because fear or having a hard time ( with family , job ) that way they don't lose energy like ghosts, but they use that body energy or objects, when the energy run out, they will leave the body or objects and find new one, 3 scratches may cause someone fear enough to possessed ( English is not my mother tongue), often ghosts can't do anything harmful, they just appear, send messages, or warning, but using energy from environment is hard to keep that form for long time unless they stand near electric sources, devils use their own energy to scare someone off, and they possess and use his/her energy, stored for the next victim, cause them fear and steal their energy again, pay a little energy to get full energy source, sound good?

    • profile image

      Chelsea Vlaun 5 months ago

      So this morning I woke up & I turned my back in the mirror & noticed that I have a D shaped on my left shoulder. I mean it's plane as day the letter D. It almost looks like a birth mark or even a bite mark. But I've never had it before. It just showed up last night in the middle of nowhere. I don't understand where it could have came from. Also, I constantly have these weird dreams but I'm awake. So there was this one time I had my baby in the bed with me nursing & we both fell asleep. Well I heard these really loud footsteps in my living room so I tried to wake up but I couldn't so Ik in my sleep I sat up & looked & there was nothing. So I laied back down.( Keep in mind I'm still asleep) well it happens agian & this time I tried to move my head because I feel something standing over me but I can't move my head because it's so stiff as if someone is holding it in place. I finally woke myself up & moved it & there was nothing there. This isn't the only time this has happened. This same exact thing happened to me a few months ago except I was pregnant probably 30 weeks & I had the same dream only execept I had some girl trying to wake me up. She was pushing on my belly trying to wake me up she had long strawberry blonde hair and she was in her 20s maybe. So weird I have these dreams sometimes where I think I'm awake but I'm not in asleep. These only happen when I hear things or see them. I always told my hubby about them but I think he thought I was crazy until one day I laied down for a nap & he was in the living room & out bedroom door shut firmly it didn't slam tho. So he came into the room thinking I shut it but he found me asleep & he was trying to wake me & all I did while I'm still sleeping was sit up in bed & point towards the door that just shut in it's own. So crazy right. I wish I had answers as to why these things happen to me as well as my unexplained Letter D & random bruises

    • profile image

      My name is confidential 5 months ago

      Well the other night I woke up with 2 small kinda faint scratches on my face but enoufgh to bleed. I have a pet cat but sleep with the door firmly shut, and also like to rap myself like a burrito when I'm asleep to. I don't really know what it is but I don't think it's anything serious, I'm just courios I guess.

    • profile image

      Jaden Walker 5 months ago

      So. Had a dream where there was a sloth that attacked everyone. It scratched me on my left arm. I woke up. There were 3 scratches on my left arm. I immedietly texted my friend and she thought i was crazy. I was so mad at her. I was really scared too. They have gona away now but still.

    • profile image

      -- 5 months ago

      I Woke Up This Morning Experiencing Multiple Scratches On My Arm They Weren't The Worst Scratches Thankfully But Back To The Story Of Psychedelic The Night Before These Scratches Appeared I Had A Dream Where I Was In A Prison For Kids-Not School And I Had Tried Breaking Out Of The Prison Which I Did After Letting 5 Lions Out To Kill Most Of The Guards But Meanwhile In The Dream I Had Gotten Cut Multiple Times And I Just Woke Up This Morning Experiencing Scratches only on my right arm nowhere else

    • profile image

      Julie Brown 5 months ago

      I have experienced four attacks where I have been attacked by demonic entries. The first time I was reading my Bible and suddenly felt as if a spider had bit me on the back of my leg. I jumped up went into bathroom to see and I had three scratches on the backside of leg. They were so deep and burned as if I had been using a razor. These scratches stayed on my leg for over a month, they became infected and daily I put antibiotic ointment. They welped up and we're present for almost a month. My son was attacked so brutally that he has scars. He was 14 yrs old when he was attacked so viciously he came down the stairs screaming and hollering when he turned around he had over 20 gaping gashes bleeding down his back. To this day every time he takes off his shirt I am reminded of the brutal attack as he has 20 scars still present to this day from the attack. There is no question in my mind that these occurrences happen. Usually it happens to people who have a high calling on their life. The devil only attacks who he thinks will threaten him. So on the positive side of this if you have been a victim of this type of attack you have gifts you don't even know you have and you have a high calling on your life from God. Why would the devil ever attack something that is no use to him. So on that note you can say there is some type of positive outlook on this very negative occurrence in that the person or victim whom or attacked are usually the ones whose light shines the brightest in the spiritual Realm. If you want to end these attacks put Jesus first and foremost in your life and begin your calling for the purpose in which you have on this Earth. Take this negative and turn it into the positive and give GOD THE GLORY, not the devil. Peace Love and Happiness to all of you whom have been victimized buy these type of attacks

    • profile image

      Anna karaoli 5 months ago

      I have nightmares once in a week and not chasing in jungle nightmares.Nightmares where someone I know dies or I kill them.I have had scratches appearing on my left arm for months now whenever I sleep well I always find scratches on my arm and hand.Today I found 15 scratches on the elbow and upper area.What's going on?Am I being chased by demons or satan himself?

    • profile image

      Anna 5 months ago

      Every 2 or 3 days when I wake up I always find scatches on my left arm and hand for months now.I thought it was from a phone charger but no.This happens mostly when I have a good sleep.2 days ago my hand was full of scatches and today I have 15 on my arm.Am I chased by demons or satan himself?

    • profile image

      Erin Garvey 5 months ago

      Today was the third time that I have had two-line scratches on my body. Middle of the day, nothing particular going on, burning sensation and then the two lines. This is over a month or so. In each location of the two-line scratches, they are still visible as red lines. I don't actual feel it's negative but someone in the spirit world trying to get help from me. I keep saying I can't help but I keep getting scratched. So - where are the answers to all of these comments below? Anyone? It's not a demon so please don't start off with that.

    • profile image

      Anita Rosario 6 months ago

      My husband and I are Christians but we have not been as close to our Lord as we should. We have undergone attacks in the past. I was severely attacked health wise and suffered horrific pain that pain medication could not help. My son heard a voice call his name and my husband heard what he thought was me screaming in pain. When be went to check I was sound asleep. My husband was also fired at this crucial time from a company of 16yrs. We know this was a demonic attack. We asked for prayer and deliverance. We pulled ourselves tight to Jesus. After 6 months of utter physical hell I was delivered. My husband found a new job much later on. But our 401 was completely wiped. It has been several years since then and life has been good but I believe we are now under attack again. My husband has become bitter and very angry. My oldest son is engaged to a young lady who is a deceiver and hates my husband. She is purposefully driving a wedge between them. And they were very close. My son is completely fooled. This makes my husband even more angry and bitter. Our marriage is now suffering where once we were extremely close and now I feel us pulling apart everyday. I know the devil is meddling. This morning my husband awoke with 3 long scratches down the back of his leg! My gut is telling me this is bad but my logical side is trying to think of another reason. We have suffered a demonic attack before and it feels like the same oppression. Very worried.

    • profile image

      Mohan sharma 6 months ago

      Last night my mom wake up suddenly . And there are several scratches on their stomach .

    • profile image

      carissa 6 months ago

      I don't know what to think, but im freaked out. Last night i went to bed, no marks,cuts, nothing! I wake up this morning to my hip burning! I look down and see 1773 on my hip! My husband doesnt believe in paranormal... But I dont know how it happened. The beginning of the week my upper are hurt like someone grabbed me. I just need a answer, I'm freaked out. I need answers!!!

    • profile image

      Lucy 6 months ago

      My friend has been waking up from nightmares, and she claims this thing to be demon/monster. Every time she wakes up she has 1-3 scratches on her arms/legs. And in the dreams the thing keeps saying, "It's coming." And when I was with her on this hill, we always go on, she heard the monster roar. I have experienced this to before.

    • profile image

      Hailie 6 months ago

      The other day I woke up with quite a few scratches on my stomache face and back and 2 bruises on my legs

    • profile image

      Gabrielle 6 months ago

      In the last year the bruises,fresh cuts and more got intense,but I did not mind,said is part of what I call ''duty''in sleep,but 2 months ago I woke up with my hair cut pretty bad.Shaked me a lil as my hair was very long;since then it keeps growing but something keeps cutting it and I feel so weak .

    • profile image

      Dave 6 months ago

      3 scratches on your body in a row are result of paranormal sutff normally Demonic. get help

    • profile image

      Mohd 6 months ago

      I got 2 visible (but feels like 3) long finger like scratches on my back (from my left shoulder towards the center in a diagnol motion) and the similar kind in the front (from my right shoulder downwards towards my chest)

    • profile image

      kristine berry 7 months ago

      Hi yes i also woke up with scratches on my right shoulder blade and it`s been 3 days and now they are gone and my little boy that is 4 is waking up in the middle of night scarming i need help please i want to find out who or what is doing this to me and my little boy. we have been living in this house for 5 months now and this just started the other night. everybody thinks im crazy or something.

    • profile image

      nhyira. 7 months ago

      hmmm, I also woke up this morning and I saw 6 scratched marks on the right side of my groin and back of my neck. and it got burning sensation . I have be experiencing it often. Does any one know what's really going on? I fear not because God is with me always.

    • profile image

      Jackie 7 months ago


      I have had weird bruises and scratches too, like hand marks and this is when I am I single lol. I am an athlete and always catch my fall and I hardly ever sick but I know I see marks on my body. I just recently felt a man in my bed just holding me tight, and didn't want to let go and said I hope this is a dream but I wasn't scared and his hands were kind of small, it felt somewhat kind but I woke up an he disappeared. I think this happened to me once when I was in highschool and I called my love in my the middle of the night scared and of course he thought I was crazy lol. I don't think these are guardian angels, perhaps. I don't want it there anymore. I am sick of these weird bruises or marks.

    • profile image

      Marissa 7 months ago

      I am religious and I believe in god and Jesus Christ but I've found strange cuts all over my body since the last 3 days. At first I found 3 on the right of my stomach area just a bit above my right leg, I saw 3 on the side of my face and 2 in different parts of my right leg. All the scratches on the first day were on the right side of my body. My parents just told me it was my dogs since they sometimes sleep on my bed. The second day I found another on my face but it wasn't as much visible but you could feel it very much. That was the only one the second day but right now as writing this I just got a mark on my left hand and arm it wasn't there a minute ago and I'm scared. The most mark looks like a purple line but it hurts as I touch it and it's like a dent and like I had a deep cut there and I got surgery or something, that's what it's like. Right under that there's a long red scratch that's getting all rash like and now is like a long cut. I'm getting really concerned and at first I thought I've been sleepwalking and hurting myself but I don't think that's something that could happen. I really want to like record my sleep and see what happens but I'm afraid if I do and there's some strange monster type thing or something I'll be to paranoid to sleep again. ive checked my back and there's nothing there and I don't know what's happening. Everyone thinks it's my dogs or I'm doing it myself but there scratches are to the point where I'm almost bleeding. I'm not sure they could be the work of demons but I will go to church more and do the most I can to be with God so they'll go away and if they don't then they might not be from demons. If anyone else has anything about this that could help me please say it.

    • profile image

      Jitendra Singh 7 months ago

      Hi Guys

      Same is the case with me Unexplained scratch marks two or three lines it's been 6 years I am living with this unexplained scratches 5 to 6 times a month.

      I also consulted Doctor, skin specialist and the only answer I got is this is a result of some food allergy which I need to detect and avoid.

      I have video the occurrence of scratches many a time , there is a slight abnormal burning sensation and then the scratches start.

      It happens anywhere any time of the day.

      I personally feel it's not something demonic or evil. it's our bodies excess spiritual energy which we all need to tap and channelise. The excess spiritual energy is God's gift to us.

      Any other views on this please mail at jeetushail@gmail.com

    • profile image

      Kate 7 months ago

      My partner has literally just seen 3 scratches form on my left arm going from my upper arm right round to my back I'm getting burning sensations where they are and I feel quite down and tired but I don't know why my dog won't leave my side either I wish I could post a pic on here they look like deep cat scratches

    • profile image

      Erin 7 months ago

      I have no nails, as i am a biter of them, and i woke up with two sets of 3 scratches on my right leg, one set on my inner thigh and the other where the bend of my knee is, my brother is a deep sleeper and never gets up, and my parents are not on the same floor, i woke up to find these scratches after a pretty scary dream, my only question is how do the appear, because i have no nails to make long scratches with after a scary dream, is this normal?

    • profile image

      Kat 7 months ago

      I wake up with scratches up and down my legs and my arms, some are about a foot long, I'm only 13 and I don't do any bad things, I shower frequently, and I have a cat, but he NEVER scratches me. This happens when I'm under covers, and my cat is outside my room, and than I wake up with many small scratches (about 7 all a inch long) or 1-3 foot long ones, some have left scars... what's happening to me? Please sombody help, I'm scared...

    • profile image

      Maria 7 months ago

      I woke up with bruises on my body out of nowhere

    • profile image

      Tom 7 months ago

      I'm not sure if I'm considered with this

      But I woke up this morning with the sign of the cross scratched onto my forehead. It wasn't there yesterday.

    • profile image

      Hi my name is Abby Murphy 7 months ago

      Hi my name is Abby much I'm 15 have I have scratches all over my back this as never happened to me before They are really Itching me this happened about 2/3 in the morning just don't know how I got them there. Do you know how to send photos as it's nothing like I never seen before thank you

    • profile image

      Sharon 7 months ago

      Recently I have been noticing bruises and scratches. I have eczema and usually scratch myself at night but this is too bizarre. One morning I woke up with a bruise on my inner left thigh that was in the shape of a hand and multiple small bruises on my body. I am clumsy but there were so many that were in places I have never bumped into. As well as this morning I woke up and saw 2 long scratches going up my left arm onto my veins and up to my bicep. Now there is one final scratch that I just identified while using the restroom. It is in the shape of an "M" on my inner right thigh. I have a feeling I know what this is from.

    • profile image

      Jaden 7 months ago

      I woke up with deep, painful scratches on my left arm. Some are on top of my hand, some on the inner edge of my wrist, and some on the underside of my wrist.

    • profile image

      Tasha 7 months ago

      I woke up from my after work sleep...I felt my stomach burning and notice three claw scratches on my stomach...This was very unusual because I slept on my stomach and part on my side...This never happened before. Someone has an explanation for this.

    • profile image

      Al boulet 8 months ago

      I have been getting a regular scratch in the middle of my forhead always the same angle and consistency I woken up in the morning no less than 10 time with this strange scratch over the last 7 years . It's not from my nails because I have tryed to simulate this unique horizontal perfect scratch with no success that even comes close . What's going on can anyone tell me ? It's starting to freak me out

    • profile image

      Bulle 8 months ago

      Hi I slept last and wake this morning with five line stratches on my forearm

      Five small scrates neatly made scratches so I am wondering may something is into me

    • profile image

      Tom 8 months ago

      I have the 3

      Scratches near a vain on my arm, and I have one going down my face. What I don't get is why it happens. I don't self harm and I didn't really find an answer to my question here.

    • profile image

      kevin 8 months ago

      I am atheist and I get these scratches.

    • profile image

      Matti 8 months ago

      um.. I have awoken with bruises and unknown scratches on my body.. never all three next to each other for the scratches, but when it comes to the bruises they don't just come in one or two and they are not small.

    • profile image

      mia 9 months ago

      I have woken up with a large bruise on my back once!

    • profile image

      Deborah 9 months ago

      It happened to me 4 years ago scratches 3 in a row I did not know where they came from my dog just got shot and I had been going through a lot. Then a year ago when I almost died because I was so sick and had nobody to help me just family around that was abusive I had woke up with briuses all over my legs I've healed now and God got me through my sickness in JESUS NAME. I woke up yesterday with a deep scratch in my foot and in my leg again so I'm talking to Jesus and my heavenly father to not panic

    • profile image

      Paulina 9 months ago

      why do i randomly wake up with 3 parralel scratches on my body mostly my arms?

    • profile image

      ravi 9 months ago

      i was getting a pinch near my muscle hand , like a bit love but blue,, bt it hurts... i got it at night,,, in the morning when wake up... i already gone to work... threre was only 2 person.. me n my frnd.... wen i was peeling mango.... 'he told wats in my hand.... when i turned ....i see like something bite....i didnt know... third time a row i got... then after that it disappear

    • profile image

      Christopher 9 months ago

      This black dressed woman held me down in the middle of night when I was maybe 16 It was hard to breath and I tried to tell her to leave I looked her in the face her dead eyeless face at that moment I was free to speak and I demanded she leave such cruel things ran through my mind. I told my self if she lets me go I'll rape and beat this woman. I asked her to leave with such hate after humiliating me. After that I had saw her one other time a few months later and the way I felt such anger after she held me down and scarred my back while I lay motionless. This black dress woman keep her distance I stared her once again in her eyeless sockets and I ran after her she turned a walked away. And I never saw her again do not be bullied stand up look these demons. In the eyes with fear until it turns to foolish courage they will leave but you. Must for own respect your own life.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 10 months ago

      I can relate you and everyone else who've commented, however for the several who likes to dismiss this highly important subject because we do not have "proof", then I'd like to say something.

      This has always been happening to me as well, and even up to this very day, I'm always waking up with several marks. However, unlike others, it's not usually three marks that resembles "claws", but in fact long lines almost like if I've been scarred by a blade (I say that because it's usually 4-6 inches long), and marks that resembles teeth prints. It doesn't seem to be ordinary teeth marks, if you get what I'm saying, as it appears to resemble snake bites. Plus that's not the only thing, I even wake up to the same pains and physical marks that I experience within my bad dreams (or nightmares). Say like, this one time, I dreamt of some "unrecognisable entity" which attacked me. (and by the way, this one felt very real as I woke up scared.) During the nightmare, my hand had gotten hit by an object which left a very severe mark, and wow, did that pained. I don't remember whatever happened next, but I do recall waking up to the same pain, same bruise, and felt very, very terrified. It was like I was out of breath and couldn't comprehend what the hell had happened. But I know for sure, that couldn't have been just a dream, and that was nothing compared to what else I've went through, which is a lot more unbelievably worse.

      Clearly, that's not normal, and in fact, yes, I do believe in "Demons", and whatever else "supernatural creatures" that hide out there, because I've had too much other unmentioned encounters that nothing else could possibly explain. So as for those who don't believe due to lack of evidence, I don't blame you. I get that none would ever believe in these sorts of things, unless they truly experience it themselves. Besides, how can we get the evidence? Obviously those who experience the same thing as me would be too freaked out and looking into the matter to protect themselves from further harm, would have absolutely no time to think; "hey, I got to find some kinda proof of this for those non-believers". No, it just doesn't work that way. People would rather get rid of problems quickly, rather than waste time to prove it while their life may be at risk!

      Yet I wouldn't wish for the same things to happen upon you just to get to acknowledge the fact that there're some unexplainable things and evil entities lurking around us absent-minded humans. Most of the world is quicker to believe in aliens than what is already surrounding us anyways. (I'm not disproving the theory of alien life, by the way.) All I'm saying is please, don't be quick to judge and spare us the nonsense. You all who are lucky enough to not go through such things should be truly grateful (Although I understand that they're some who don't share these experiences but still believe us under circumstances), and try to make some good use of your life.

      As for everyone else, please seek help immediately and always pray to God. Have no fear whatsoever, it always helps to keep positive.

    • profile image

      Ryan 10 months ago

      For all the skeptics out there I have had an experience that you would think is undoubtedly stupid but I know its true. unlike almost everyone on here i am not a religious person in fact i prefer to look at things logically but when had my experience i knew it was real.

      I was having these nightmares about an old man in early nineteen twenties clothes i didn't know his name i didn't see his face.But one night as i was trying to get to sleep i was hearing tapping on my wooden bed so i just shrugged it off thinking i was just hearing things and over the next week it was getting harder to ignore. Then at the end of the week the same happened but with one difference I heard a woman speaking very faintly so I turned around and i couldn't see anyone then I heard her scream in my ear 'WHO THE F***K ARE YOU'. I was so terrified I shouted on my mum who then ran in and asked me what was wrong? So I asked her instead did you her the woman scream? She replied, What are you talking about? so I told her. She told me not to worry but i couldn't sleep.

      After that a couple of months rolled by with nearly nothing paranormal happenings so i thought it was over. I was wrong.

      One night I had a drink with my friends in my room and at the end of the night I put the beer bottles into a bin bag. In the morning I got ready to take the bag out and to go out with my friends but as I was walking to my room door my cast iron warplane shot off my unit so I jumped out of the way. Then I heard a noise coming from the bag with the bottles inside of it. Before I knew what to do it flew clear across the room and hit me in the face and arms. It cut my arms open so I had to go to the hospital and get stitches. After that I was so scared to go back into the house my mum got someone to come out and bless it.

      After all that I haven't had any paranormal activity happen to me or in my house. So if you think that it is fake try spending a month in someone else's shoes who is actually going through it. And to the people who are going through it get help as soon as you can because it will only get worse.

      Thank you all for sharing your experiences and i hope my one will help anyone who needs it.

    • profile image

      Raj 10 months ago

      Some time back, i had this weird dream of someone watching from behind me and I wana turn back and look but i wont be able to even move. This happened to me thrice and on the third time i saw a strange looking boy. Yesterday I was sleeping sound when suddenly i wokup with a feeling of someone grabbing my neck. I woke up but i guess it was my own hand. But y would i try to hold my neck strong enough to choke myself and wakeup?

    • profile image

      Thom 10 months ago

      Woke up this morning with a strange burning sensation on the right hand side of my neck. Checked it out and it looked like two parallel lines at an approximate 45 degree angle with a line going straight through it (like a tally but with only the two verticals). Anyone know what this might mean?

      I am Christian and I go to church. Indo not often sing the hymns as I am drumming behind the projector screen, but I have been singing these last couple of weeks - any ideas?

      I do believe that there is a Satan and that he does reside in hell - but I do not worship him in the slightest.

      Please help, this is really creepy.

      I do believe that the Bible verse at the end of the article is true (Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: [1 Peter 5:8]) but I am praying that I am not the devil's target at the moment.

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      Amanda 11 months ago

      I have been experiencing unexplained bruises and scratches for a couple of years now, cold touches and I also have dreams where I am casting out demons in the name of JESUS.

      I personally think God wants to use me.

      I think we are in end days and the veil is thining!

      I have invited in the HOLY spirit and have a relationship with JESUS.

      I believe God is calling his people and the enemy wants them to be to scared to answer the creators call.

    • profile image

      Al 11 months ago

      Come on people if your scratches are legitimate its not a devil or demon,

      Look at it logically, they have this "power" to leave scratches.

      So why dont they scratch out a message on the wall, I think that would get the point across much better.

      Like the best they can come up with is to leave scratches on you I mean come on.

      I have experienced and seen some pretty odd stuff that most would think was paranormal, but I found that once I looked into it even a little, the explanation was usually pretty simple.

      Some a bit more complex but still by no means supernatural.

      Think about it, if they can scratch you then why cant they type a message on your phone or computer?

    • profile image

      Persephone 11 months ago

      I woke up yesterday from a nap..I started going on about my day and 30 minutes after being awake I started to feel a burning sensation on my neck. I looked in the mirror and I have scratches on my neck. I do not have a cat and I was alone in my house at the time. It's a bit scary..

    • profile image

      Aaron 11 months ago

      Mine is the crucifix on my head and no one put it there, and years later now i got two lines outside the crucifix symbolizing glory light on my forehead

    • profile image

      Stu 11 months ago

      Woke up today with red scratches, barely raised, 2 on my neck and third one in collar bone area. Decided to look unexplained scratches and could not believe they appear in 3's. Hope these vanish and never return but for the time being I will monitor the situation . Cannot believe this is happening with others. This site and the testimonials a bit scary to say the least

    • profile image

      Ginny 11 months ago

      I have been getting these scratches for yeas but never really thought anything about it until today, when I finally decided what the heck I'll look it up. I've woken up with 3 scratched never very deep just enough to see a little red and they usually fade in a day or so. They've appeared on my arms and inner legs but mostly across my chest or stomach. This morning 11/23/16 I woke up with 3 faint scars on my inner leg. Now I have been under a ton of stress lately. I believe in the lord Jesus Christ, I believe in a heaven, but I struggle to believe I will be allowed in because of all the bad I've done. I've never commited any crims or been to jail but I'm not a good person either. Most people say I am but I obviously don't feel the say way. I struggle with self doubt, I struggle with belief sometimes, and I don't really fallow the lords ways even though I believe in him. Maybe, just maybe it's time for me to start following them or at least start reading the bible. And pray that the lord will help me through this.

    • profile image

      fundiswa 12 months ago

      this is scary and when you show this scratches to people they think you are some demon. I notice this was written 5 years ago, I started noticing this three scratches on my arm 2 days ago. I am a churchgoer and I very much believe in God with that being said I am not a perfect person. I ma seriously confused and scared. I know I need to pray hard but am I getting this marks because I am a sinner?

    • profile image

      vicky 13 months ago

      i noticed a number on my leg it says 34, and a man in a car stopped the car and looked at my leg, he then dragged me into the car, and then i lost counsciousness i woke up right outside my house and had forgotten everything, my parents found me and called the police, they made some test and a drug was found in my blood.

    • profile image

      Serena 13 months ago

      Hi my name is Serena and i have just experienced this thing. It all started when I was at my nanas house watching youtube in the sitting room. My grandpa just woke up and I instantly went to turn off the T.V because I always get in trouble for having the T.V on. So I then began to decide, should I go to sleep, or should I go turn on the light because I am terrified of the dark. Suddenly I felt like there was a female person behind/on my shoulder but I thought nothing of it and rubbed it off. The next day I went by my mothers house to go pick up some stuff for sports training and all of a sudden as I enter the car I feel a hot burning sensation on my neck, like someone was burning me, well thats what it felt like. I then discovered that it was scratches on my neck, NEW scratches that hadn’t been there before I got in the house. This was very unusual and painful. There were about 3 main lines sorta and they aren't like anything i've seen before. Is there reason why this would be happening to me? And it was DAY TIME!!! thats what was weird about it.

    • profile image

      Seeforyourself 13 months ago

      Well I had them... Like when you touched them, its gonna bleed. Christians, satanist, atheist, wicca, pagan, buddhist, taoist, confucianist, all have particular parts in this world. I do believe everything co existed. So if there's an angel then there should be demons too. Like humans, they have feelings... So when you tried to lure them out.. You disturbed them, so many of them are just like us, mad when disturbed... But some of them are not, most are clever, just like politicians and board members and directors... So If they do things... It doesn't mean that they really intend to do it... Its what we believe in.. so what will they do? If you dont want to see them... they might come to you... Its inverse always... So 3 scratches= holy trinity of christians... being against of them... that's why. Its hard to understand.. If he wasn't just like us... so don't try to... you'll just regret it.

    • profile image

      Peekabooforemost 13 months ago

      well I had them one particular day... After my re-occurring dreams... And it seems to me that they mean one and the same... When I had my nightmares I woke up exactly 3am.. and it reminds me that It is the end of witch hours (meaning to say end of witch rituals, some rituals though... end after 3 am.), I feel like I'm being watched so I even if I tried to fall asleep I couldn't. So this is my bad habit now, I do my home works past 11:00 so that I wouldn't have them... One early morning... 3:00am I woke up from a nightmare... I noticed that I couldn't move so I looked around, and I noticed a girl with a creepy face staring at me located below my feet (well i'm gonna have a heart attack if she tried to vanished then flicker the lights, and then sit besides my head and say hello with her scary face) After then I realized. I wasn't safe even a pastor or even someone else was there. So I tried to remember all my re-occurring dreams... Each of them conveying something... My first was someone was trying to kill me, so he chased me until we ran through the mall hallways, and then after he got me cornered, I killed him... not intentionally though. Second, (the night when we lived in a apartment) A horrifying dream where I don't help someone who was possessed by an entity then all of a sudden while looking at him, I became him... struggling.. (that night I woke up, I turn around to my father while catching my breath, I see a man standing, but its dark so I cant see his face... I freaked out so I turned around and see the wall facing me... And then after a brief moment of silence, I turned around (where he was standing) and saw that he wasn't there anymore. The third one was I'm with a girl who was apparently whining... its all your fault its because you possessed my body that's why were here! she said. then we explore the whole place, ate street foods, saw a creepy dead lagoon, a pool with a ladder of meat, after that I dont know... then the fourth one... The LAST ONE. A demon was chasing me, he said that I broke one of the rules of our contract... And then I started to run and run... After reaching a water pump.. He said.. Its all over, Just faced your fate. I'm out of breath.. And I couldn't do anything but stare at him... and then my expressions said Okay.

    • profile image

      Darrell 13 months ago

      I too have experienced the scratches on my leg I do not have a cat or any animal that would put any type of scratches on my body I woke up again last night with the scratches on my leg it has been going on for some time now and also some family members are showing me scratches and bruises that they cannot explain I do not understand why these things are happening what can be done about it

    • profile image

      Remir 13 months ago

      For me it happened 2 days ago that night i dreamt of my late uncle telling me he is not dead he is still around. In the morning when i touch my neck i feel a pain but if i don't i just fell normal like there is nothing wrong when i check in the mirror, i saw three scratches. And one wound exactly in the center of my forehead. Am still worried i don't understand. And i sometimes have these thoughts of selling my soul.

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 14 months ago

      Claim the Blood of Christ over your body, life and CHOICES! It's the Good Fight of Faith, Keep the Faith in Christ as Redeemer!! Amen!

    • profile image

      Abha Paliwal 14 months ago

      I m suffering from unknown scratches 4 d last four months. I have gone to the temples/priests and taken medical support of doctors, but no result. Now I m fed up. These unknown scratches comes on my hands / legs anytime during day time. Let me know how to get rid of this problem.

    • profile image

      Yousif 14 months ago

      It happened to me 3 hours after waking up i noticed my face is burning. I woke up the next day and noticed 3 scratches on my left cheek and one on my forehead and a small one under my nose. Nothing scratched me and i didnt scratch my face! I dont know whats wrong this the first time that it happened to me. I will just not pay attention and hope it wont happen to me again. I thought i was the only one but now i notice some comments are exactly like mine.

    • profile image

      Caitlin 15 months ago

      Hi there. My friend had this weird dream a few nights ago, but it didn't involve any strange scratches or anything. Her dream was about this ritual where everyone was chilled and this girl was carving a triangle, circle and square across her wrist in this order, and my friend was screaming and trying to get away from all theses carvings. but she couldn't. the she said that she saw all three of these shapes on an inverted Christian cross on a gravestone. We have looked everywhere to find the meaning for this dream, and I was hoping, from reading this article, that you could please help us.

      Thank you...:)

    • profile image

      GodisLove 15 months ago

      GodisLove 7 weeks ago

      I found answer maybe. I thought of Sage but decided on Garlic. Yes, real Garlic. I took four(4) Cloves and placed them all on the mattress below the sheets. One(1) at my Feet another at the left side and right side of the bed and the last one on the head of the bed frame one under my pillow. I have now less scratch and the ones before are healing. This could be the answer so I will continue. and I memorised a part of the Bible that is Psalms the best part. I say it from memory even the Psalm 23 is good. Hope this helps. God is Love.

      It been 7 weeks and no scratch replaced the garlic when it gets hard and odourless get new ones. Take the old garlic out rap it in tin foil and place a fresh garlic on the outside. then burn the garlic in a fire or on the barbecue .

      I could feel the tension of spirits in the garlic as cared the old ones down to the kitchen for the tin foil.

      Thank .. oh one more thing...place a piece of garlic at each entrance of the house on the floor at the door, window, cat door etc.

      God Bless