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Top 5 Most Haunted Roads in the USA

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Some roads can make your blood freeze to ice.

Some roads can make your blood freeze to ice.

1. Clinton Road

There are roads out there that spread fear to travelers and motorists traveling upon them. Located in New Jersey, Clinton Road is considered one of the most haunted roads in the world. In fact, many refer to the road as the scariest road in America. Approximately 16 km long, Clinton Road goes by the Clinton Reservoir and has many tales to tell.

For example, there is rumored to be a black pickup truck that comes from nowhere and chases down drivers. It is said that the driver of this mystical vehicle is trying to get you off the road. Those familiar with the road warn others not to get out of the car under any circumstance.

There is a particular place on this road that tends to be more haunted than others. Just around a sharp turn called Dead Man’s Curve, there is a bridge. The tale about this bridge is that, if you drop a coin into the water, the ghost of a boy will throw it back at you.

There have also been reported weird noises and sounds across the whole of Clinton Road. It is also not unusual for the lights on a car to start to flicker or for a car to not immediately turn off even when switching off the engine. The forests that stretch along this scary road also involve some genuine mysticism. For example, there have been satanic meetings organized in the woods. This may be a reason behind the negative energy that seems to make its presence at Clinton Road.

2. Archer Avenue

Another haunted road is Archer Avenue, which is located in Justice, Illinois, in the Chicago area. It's a 54 km long road, so you're up for a task if you want to drive the whole section of this chilling road. The road weaves through a couple of forests and lakes. There are also multiple cemeteries and graveyards located along this haunted road.

The most haunted section of the road is said to lay between Resurrection Cemetery and St. James-Sag Church. Tales say that ghostly monks appear on the route—more precisely around St. James-Sag. This road is full of creepy tales, but probably the most known is one about the ghostly hitchhiker named Resurrection Mary.

Mary was a young girl who worked at a local company. One night, she decided to go out dancing with some boys. Unfortunately, they never arrived at their destination as one of the boys crashed the car. As a result of the massive impact, Mary got thrown out of her seat through the windshield. She got transported to the hospital but sadly died on the way there. After her tragic death, she seems to be haunting this terrifying road.

3. Chena Hot Springs Road

This one makes me shiver. Located near the Alaskan city of Fairbanks (a city mostly known for the hugely popular Ice Road Truckers series), this road may not be as appealing as the legendary Dalton Highway. Still, it seems just a bit spookier than its bigger sibling.

As someone who knows Fairbanks, I can tell you how to get on this mystical road. From the centrum of Fairbanks, get on the highway AK-2 and follow it in the north direction. However, do not continue up to Fox. Instead, watch for the signs on your right, as there will be one with Chena Hot Springs Rd written on it. Follow this sign, drive off the highway and then take to the right. Now you're on the scary Chena Hot Springs Road. Now, follow this route forward. You will almost immediately reach a gas station on your right, so make sure to fill your tank before continuing.

So, what is the deal with this road? Why is it considered haunted? Well, many local tales tell about cryptid encounters and pale figures that appear amongst the trees. Drivers have also witnessed glowing orbs appearing in the sky. Since this road is very remote, it makes it even scarier as there is no fast way to get out of there. If you are driving there, you need to deal with it as there are no shortcuts back to safety.

Other things noted by the drivers are sudden temperature drops that can occur from time to time. Chena Hot Springs Road is a chilling road to travel, so have that in mind if you're up for an adventure in Alaska.

4. Route 2A

Holy moly, this road is a tough deal. Located in Maine, between Macwahoc and Houlton, it is so scary and deadly that Dick Curless wrote a song about it called "A Tombstone Every Mile." Sadly enough, many truckers have paid with their lives on this road. Being located in the north of the USA, the winters are cruel, and driving this road during winter conditions is not an easy task for anyone to handle.

Many travelers seem to have witnessed a ghost of a screaming woman calling upon help and telling travelers that her husband sits trapped in his car. There once was an accident that would strengthen this ghost sighting observation. A young woman once traveled with her husband on 2A during winter. Unfortunately, the couple lost control of the car and crashed into a utility pole. The woman's husband died immediately, but she got thrown out of the vehicle and was at that time still alive. Sadly enough, she later froze to death while wandering in the cold to get help.

There is another ghost you can see while driving on Route 2A. Drivers report sightings of a young girl staying on the side of the road. When they offer her a ride, she vanishes. It could be a ghost of one of the two 10-year-old girls that lost their lives on August 22, 1967. Reports state that they were hit by a semi-truck while walking down this haunted road.

These are the reasons why this route deserves a place on the list of the top most haunted roads in the USA.

5. Highway 93

Highway 93, or the so-called Blood Alley, is a highway located between the cities of Kingman and Wickenburg in Arizona. This large, curvy road that goes right through the canyons of Arizona is infamous for hundreds of travelers and motorists who have tragically died on it. The road was so dangerous that it got reworked in 1908.

Being such a tragic road, it did not take long for locals to conclude that there must be something particularly wrong with Blood Alley. Rumors say that you can see ghosts wandering along the road or staying in the middle of the road at night. You can even witness different apparitions. I do not know how about you, but that sounds pretty scary to me. So make sure you stay safe if driving down this haunted road.


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