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Can Mannequins Come to Life? A Tale of Living Mannequins

Cindy is an author and paranormal enthusiast who has published numerous books and articles on the subject of true unexplained phenomena.

Mannequins are not living entities, but this tale makes us wonder about these humanlike objects.

Mannequins are not living entities, but this tale makes us wonder about these humanlike objects.

The Visitors

This incredible anecdote was forwarded to me on social media by a woman named Tammy Roberts.* Tammy asserted that she was once the victim of a series of unexplained encounters with entities whose origins remain, to this day, a mystery.

Before going any further, it is important to note that these happenings began seemingly out of the blue. The catalyst for these events, if there was one, is unknown to the parties involved.

According to Tammy, the first incident took place one night while she was sleeping. Normally, her boyfriend James would have been staying over, but on this occasion, he had been out of town on business.

She recalled being awakened at some point by the overwhelming feeling that she was not alone in the room. As her eyes focused in the dim light, she saw five figures standing in formation at the foot of her bed.

She described them as having been no bigger than children, perhaps four feet tall at the most. As far as she could tell, each one was identical to the next. Their faces were vague and nondescript, with small noses and mouths and narrow eyes that were nothing more than slits.

The figures were bald and completely nude with no physical characteristics that revealed their gender. Just as their faces were exact copies of one another, so too were their bodies. She noted that they all had fully-formed arms that they kept awkwardly pinned to their sides.

Tammy recalled being frightened, but not as much as she should have been given the circumstances. The five intruders that had made their way into her room were so unusual looking that she was half-convinced that she was dreaming, even though her eyes were open and she was completely aware of her surroundings.

Unsure of what to do, she waited for the almost child-like entities to do something so that she could make a run for the door. After several tense moments ticked by with no movement from the uninvited guests, Tammy suddenly flung back the covers and bolted towards the door. She didn't tarry long, but she recalled that as she passed the figures, she saw that they were much smaller than they had first appeared.

Once she reached the hallway, she turned back to close the bedroom door. When she did so, she saw that the home invaders had also fled. How they had managed to escape the room without using the door or window is something that she could not, and cannot, explain. All she knows is that they were there one minute and gone the next.

When she was confident that the coast was clear, Tammy returned to bed. When asked why she didn't report the incident to authorities, she offered that she had considered it but at the time was still mulling over the possibility that the episode had been a vivid dream.

After spending a restless night reliving the unsettling encounter over and over again in her mind, Tammy concluded that she had probably let her imagination get the better of her.

When the sun came up, she decided to put the event behind her and get on with her day. The alternative, which was that the odd beings had indeed been in her room, wasn't something she was prepared to entertain, at least not yet.


Everywhere and Nowhere

The knowledge that James was due back later that afternoon helped to ease Tammy's mind. Even though they weren't living together at the time, he had become a regular fixture in her home. Although she liked to believe that she could take care of herself if need be, she readily admitted that she felt safer when he was around.

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Everything went smoothly for several weeks until one evening when Tammy was relaxing in the bathtub. She recalled that she had been soaking for a while when music suddenly erupted from the vicinity of her backyard.

She recognized the tune right away as the birthday song. For reasons she couldn't fathom, someone was playing the refrain over and over again on what she believed was a recorder. It was a minor disturbance that she would have ignored had it not been for the fact that it sounded like it was coming from just outside her bathroom window.

When the music continued to grow in both volume and intensity, Tammy finally got out of the tub and peered through the glass. She didn't see anyone in the yard, but she could still hear the droning of the recorder.

After settling back into the water, the noise stopped for a few seconds before starting up again. This time, however, it was obvious to her that whoever was playing the instrument was now doing so from the hallway that led to the bathroom.

This was when the panic began to set in. No one other than Tammy was supposed to be in the house, and she had no desire to open the door and come face-to-face with whoever was lurking on the other side.

After hiding in the bath for a good while, Tammy finally dried off and put on her robe. She then looked around the room for something that could be used as a weapon. With few options to choose from, she settled on a can of shower cleaner that she planned to spray into the eyes of the person or persons who had broken into her home.

As she eased her way towards the door, "Happy Birthday to You" was still playing on a loop. Mustering up all of her nerve, she threw open the door, fully prepared to blast caustic chemicals at all comers.

Rather than squaring off with a burglar, Tammy found the area vacant and deathly silent. The song had stopped and there was no sign of the trespasser. After checking each room, she saw nothing out of place and no evidence of a break-in.

Bewildered by the unexpected turn of events, Tammy sat down and wondered, in all seriousness, if she was losing her mind. She knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the music she heard had been real and that it was being played by someone who had entered her house without her consent. How they had managed to sneak in without being detected and leave in the split second it had taken her to open the bathroom door is something she has never been able to figure out.

Tammy hadn't told her boyfriend about the nightmare that may or may not have been real, but she did share the details of this disturbing incident. To her surprise, James had gotten a kick out of the story. He thought it was hilarious and after she thought about it, so did she. After all, who had ever heard of someone breaking into a stranger's home just to roam the hallways playing the birthday song on a recorder? That being said, this would be the only time she would find anything amusing about the strange goings-on taking place under her roof.

On a side note, Tammy wanted it known that it was not her birthday, nor was the occasion coming up anytime soon. If the song and timing had any significance, it was known only to the enigmatic musician.


Child's Play

The disturbances increased in frequency over the coming weeks. Tammy recounted that she was awakened on numerous occasions by the sound of children giggling and carrying on in her bedroom. When she turned on the light, there was never anyone to be seen, although the commotion they were making could still be heard.

On top of everything else, the sensation of being watched day and night became a constant in Tammy's life. The feeling of being under constant surveillance caused her to become self-conscious in a way she never had before. She remembered that period as having been the most miserable of her life.

To add to her woes, it was around this time that Tammy was once again visited by the five figures in her bedroom. The scene played out almost exactly as it had on the prior occasion. The diminutive, hairless humanoids had appeared seemingly from out of nowhere to stand watch over her as if she were some sort of newly discovered lifeform.

It was only when she ran for the door that the interlopers showed any signs of life. Rather than advancing on her or trying to prevent her from leaving, they had disappeared without warning, just as they had before. Again, their escape happened instantaneously without her seeing how it was accomplished.

Although by this time Tammy was almost certain that she was the victim of a haunting, the thing she found most frustrating about her ordeal was that nothing out of the ordinary ever happened when James was present. He was always either away on business or staying at his own place when the figures made an appearance. This only added to her ever-growing fear that the unexplained events taking place in the house were somehow of her own making.

One of the most frightening incidents occurred, once again, while Tammy was in the bath. This time, the tap suddenly turned on by itself, spraying her with scalding water. Her skin burning, she had tried turning off the tap, but the handle had spun in her hand as the scorching water shot out at full blast.

Unable to stem the flow, she jumped out of the tub. Inexplicably, as soon as she was in the clear, the faucet shut itself off. Out of curiosity, she tried the handle and discovered that it was now in perfect working order.

Other less distressing disturbances interrupted Tammy's life nearly every day. One of the most perplexing took place anytime she ran the vacuum cleaner. She recalled that as soon as she would start the machine and proceed to push it along the carpets, she would hear the loud din of children's voices in the background.

Early on, she would turn off the sweeper in an attempt to hear what they were saying, but the room would instantly fall silent. When she powered it back up, the yelling would begin anew. The activity would go on until she was finished vacuuming the house. This became such a regular phenomenon that she began to think that forces she couldn't see were using the loud whirring of the appliance to drown out communications they didn't want her to hear.

Unexplained events would continue unabated for over a year before Tammy finally had confirmation that what she had been witnessing was real. Her much-needed affirmation came when James happened to drop by unexpectedly one evening.

He would later tell Tammy that, as he was turning the corner that led to her house, he had seen what he thought was a group of children gathered in the driveway. When he was close enough to get a good look at them, he saw that they were something else entirely.

As the headlights shone on the figures, James noted that they were all completely naked. Stranger still, their gleaming skin made him think that they were perhaps wrapped in a substance that reflected light. When he attempted to inch closer, they were gone in an instant.

Completely taken aback by what he had just witnessed, he parked his car and walked around the property in search of the youngsters. In spite of looking in every conceivable place, he could find no trace of them.

As he got back in his car and pulled the rest of the way into the drive, he couldn't stop thinking about the odd ducks and how they had stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the shadows like paper dolls.

James would later tell Tammy that the group had remained perfectly still as his car approached, making no effort to move out of the way. This made it all the more perplexing that they had vanished in the blink of an eye. He stressed to her that nothing about their appearance or behavior had seemed right. There had been no need to elaborate; she knew exactly what he meant.


A Fresh Start

Even though she had known for some time that something unnatural had entered her life, it was this incident that spurred her to action. She and James had been discussing marriage for months and decided that it was time to make it happen. Hoping for a new beginning, Tammy put her house on the market while the couple looked for a suitable place to settle down and raise a family.

Whether or not prospective buyers were warned of the questionable events occurring in and around the house is unclear. When asked, Tammy opted to keep that information to herself, which is certainly her prerogative. At any rate, the property was eventually sold and, for better or worse, someone else now calls it home.

Even with the benefit of hindsight, Tammy can't explain the presence of the figures that seemed to have attached themselves to her former residence. She doesn't believe for a minute that they were actual children. Instead, she has concluded that they were non-human beings that had assumed the forms of children in order to appear less threatening. She can think of nothing else that would explain their ability to manifest inside of her house without ever going near an entrance.

James, on the other hand, was not prepared to offer any theories as to the origins of the figures he witnessed in the driveway. When asked if they could have perhaps been visitors from outer space, he offered that they did not in any way resemble the renderings of extraterrestrials with which most of us are familiar. There were no bulbous heads, oversized eyes, or elongated limbs to peg them as being from anywhere other than Earth.

Rather than reminding them of aliens, the figures' hairless forms and waxy skin led the couple to describe the five interlopers as having more closely favored store mannequins, albeit ones capable of independent movement.

Of course, the possibility exists that they were simply neighborhood children who took pleasure in terrorizing the pair, especially Tammy. If that was the case, their prowess as housebreakers and masters of disguise was truly remarkable.

In the end, Tammy moved on physically but admits that the memories of that period remain deeply embedded in her psyche. To this day, she still experiences nightmares in which the child-like beings appear. Although she hopes that these incidents are simply leftover fragments of a time gone by, she has her doubts. After all, once one has witnessed something they can neither understand nor explain, the lines that separate the real from the surreal become forever blurred.

*Name has been altered for reasons of privacy.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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