The Types of Dark Forces, Demons, and Spirits That Exist and Attach to People

Updated on April 9, 2018
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Different Types of Dark Entities

In a world filled with dark entities, it can become overwhelming for the average person to have any real knowledge of the different dark beings out there. So, I have put together a list of the four most important dark creatures to be aware of. Many of these beings can merge with humans, forming a hybrid entity that can cause lots of mayhem in the world. This is because the hybrid will appear to look like a regular human, despite its otherworldly powers and bloodlust. Be sure to keep your book of incantations and holy artifacts with you at all times as this will aid you greatly in battling these creatures. I know from personal experience that even a simple crucifix is enough to stop a demon dead in its tracks, though obviously for battling more powerful dark beings such as fallen angels, you will need something more powerful.

4 Types of Dark Creatures, Demons, and Spirits That Attach to People

Here are the four entities everyone should be on the lookout for.

  1. Demons
  2. Dark Spirit Entities
  3. Dark ETs: Reptilians and Greys
  4. Fallen Angels



For those of you who already read my previous article, you know that demons are in fact real and they can be summoned to this world with the proper ceremony. Demons are so strong that they can take over a human host and totally possess them. Doing so gives them the perfect disguise in the human world. The tricky part is that demons are really good at imitating the lifestyle of humans, so it can be difficult to figure out who is a demon and who is not. The easiest method I have found to identify demons is always carrying with me a holy object that has been blessed. This can be any type of religious artifact, though for convenience's sake I use a small crucifix. The particular crucifix I carry was acquired by a friend when he visited the Vatican, so it is blessed with immense spiritual power.

You know when you have come into contact with a demon as the entity will begin to freak out if it comes within around fifteen feet of the holy object: their body will appear to be in immense physical pain when you get that close. They will most likely start running away, so you’re going to have to be in good enough shape to chase them down if this is the case. Sometimes they will stay and fight you head on. I would recommend taking some self-defense classes so you can get good at dodging attacks because demons are fierce fighters. If you pierce their skin with the holy object, they will vacate the host's body and return to hell. I have not yet fought a full-blown demon who still had their original body—in that case, you may need some more substantial firepower.


Dark Spirit Entities

these are fallen souls of the dead who harbor resentment towards the living world, and thus they cannot leave until they let go of their hate. The tricky part with these spirits is that they don’t have a physical body, so they have to possess another human. Holy objects will cause them some pain, but you will need to have a priest perform an exorcism on the possessed individual to rid them of the spirit. While you may think that is a cumbersome way to do it, the only other option you have is to have a heart to heart conversation and convince them to let their anger and hate go so they can be free. This approach has about a one out of 10 chance of actually working so I would suggest tying up the possessed individual and bringing them to a priest (or anyone who is trained in exorcism). Also keep in mind that if you kill the possessed person that will not get rid of the spirit, so please try to avoid doing that at all costs.


Dark ETs: Reptilians and Greys

As you may already know, we have come into contact with extraterrestrials and not all of them are friendly, in fact, most are not. Specifically, two types of aliens, Greys, and Reptilians, are aligned with the forces of darkness and need to be subdued. These creatures got their advanced technology from merging with demons for an extended period, and they are coming to earth to cause mayhem and sew discord among humans. Greys are shaped like the classic grey aliens you see all over the internet, and they possess advanced technology but not much physical strength. A gunshot to the head will take them out, or if you are strong enough, you could beat them to death as well. Keep in mind that they have advanced weapon technology, so your best chance is to sneak up on them before they can react.


Reptilians are humanoid looking reptiles that have begun to infiltrate the highest echelons of the global power structure, and many heads of state are secretly reptilians. They possess advanced shapeshifting technology so they can assume the identity of anyone on the planet. This makes it tricky to determine who is a reptilian and who is not. The telltale sign of a reptilian is that they have a tiny bit of green scales that appear behind their ears. The trick is to look there, and if you see any green scales you know, you’ve found a reptilian. Keep in mind that they possess immense physical strength and can kill a human in only a few seconds, so I would recommend bringing a firearm with you.

A depiction of the archangel Michael casting out the angels who defied God.
A depiction of the archangel Michael casting out the angels who defied God. | Source

Fallen Angels

This is the rarest being on here, so much so that many experienced demon hunters refuse to believe they even exist. However, I can assure you that they do exist. Fallen angels are the most powerful dark beings out there: as they were cast out of heaven by God due to their defiance. Many of them were killed in the ensuing battle, but a few still linger here on earth. They aim to deface the earth and rid it of all humans, leaving only demons left to rule the planet. Much like demons, they can assume a human identity and merge with humans. They can also potentially be reborn in a human body which is the worst because then they have the time to assimilate into human culture and figure out the best ways to annihilate us. If you manage to encounter a fallen angel, you will most likely die unless you have a legitimate priest that knows the proper prayers and incantations to summon an angel. If you are worried about potentially encountering one, I would be sure to memorize the appropriate incantation to summon an angel and carry the sigil of an angel. These sigils are ancient engravings of the signs of angles, and they can be used as a beacon to summon angels to Earth. If an angel manages to appear, it will result in quite the epic battle, and usually, the angels win, capturing the fallen angel and taking them back to heaven to face God’s wrath. Lucifer is still at large though, and until he is finally captured and brought to justice, these dark entities will exist in this universe.

God casting out Lucifer.
God casting out Lucifer. | Source

What About Werewolves and Vampires?

Many people ask me about these two, and honestly, you have all read enough books on both of them, so you know exactly how to kill them. Use a silver bullet to kill a werewolf and use holy water or a stake through the heart to kill a vampire.


Best of Luck!

I hope you found this article informative as it is up to us to rid this world of the evil beings that seek to destroy everything.

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