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The Vampire Beast of North Carolina

Thomas is a paranormal investigator and published author on paranormal activity who comes from a family that can see ghosts.

Is the Vampire Beast of North Carolina real?

Is the Vampire Beast of North Carolina real?

Origins of the Beast of Bladenboro

What is it, and where did it come from? No one knows for sure. And why did it spring into action in 1953, disappear for decades, then make its return and go back to killing animals and draining them of blood in the Bladenboro area of North Carolina?

Bladenboro is a small town surrounded by pine woods and swamps and located at the southeastern corner of the Piedmont of North Carolina. Bladenboro is just four hours from the mysterious Roanoake Island and was also the home of NC's greatest monster, the Beast of Bladenboro.

Mysterious Dog Killings in the Winter of 1953

In 1953, something was killing dogs in Bladenboro, and the odd thing was that when the dogs' bodies were found, they were drained of blood. Some residents claimed they saw a strange beast with the body of a bear and the head of a cat—and they said it screamed just like a woman.

After the story appeared in Bladenboro's newspaper, The Robesonian, around Christmas of 1953, hunters came from as far away as Arizona to try to get a shot at the beast. But even though the hunters brought whole packs of bloodhounds trained to track anything, nothing was ever found.

On December 31, 1953, the Vampire Beast struck at the home of a man named Johnny Vause. It tore into the kennel where two large coon hounds were being held, and then it tore the dogs into ribbons, and there was a huge amount of blood found all over the kennel and as high up as 12 feet on the sides of a building there.

It was apparent that something had virtually shredded the dogs. Tracks in mud nearby were deep and strange looking, according to a local wildlife expert at the time. He said they looked like a cross between a large dog's and a large cat's tracks and that, from the depths of the tracks, the animal weighed at least 200 pounds. He went on to say it was no animal that should be in the area.

A local veterinarian that examined the dogs said that whatever animal killed the dogs had to have had very large, sharp claws.

Then, on January 1, 1954, the creature killed two dogs at the home of Woodie Storm. It ripped the dogs to pieces and ate their internal organs. It tore through a kennel fence to get to the dogs. Storm heard the killing taking place, but by the time he got his gun and flashlight and got outside, the dogs were dead. Storm said he heard something large in the bushes near him, but he never saw it.

Later that day, a friend brought two bloodhounds over to track down the Vampire Beast, but the dogs refused to track the animal, whining and lying down on the ground like they were afraid.

Two more dogs were found at Wade Henson's farm on January 3, and the county sheriff at that time said there was no blood in the dogs at all. Again, the internal organs were gone. Henson had fed and watered the dogs at 7 a.m. and then went to a local store for tobacco. Twenty minutes later, he came back and found the two dogs dead in front of their kennel, which had been torn open. It was said that the dogs had been torn apart and were in at least 40 pieces, lying there on the ground.

1954 Livestock Killings

Julian "Tater" Shaw, who owned and operated a local gas station in the area, said that over the winter of 1954, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, and large cages of rabbits were killed and torn to pieces. Something was out there killing animals, and it was a very large beast. Some people claimed to have seen it, and they described it as looking like the photo at the top of this page. No animal like that is supposed to live in this area of North Carolina.

And then the killings just stopped, and the people of the area slowly forgot about the Vampire Beast of Bladenboro. That is until 1974 and 1975 when, again in the winter, many more animals were killed and torn apart. It happened again in the winter of 1998 and 1999 and then again in 2003, and again in the summer of 2013. What is this animal, and how can it go for years without killing animals, only to pop back up again?

The Vampire Beast typically targeted dogs, although it was known to attack livestock, as well, and once attacked a human.

The Vampire Beast typically targeted dogs, although it was known to attack livestock, as well, and once attacked a human.

The Beast's Return in 2003

In 2003, the mysterious beast came back. Goats and dogs started showing up again, dead, with very few marks on them. Again, the strange thing was that even though the animals had been killed, there was no blood around or inside of the dead animals.

People in the area quickly concluded that the Vampire Beast of North Carolina had returned—and return it had. Only this time, it was killing animals in a 120-mile radius of Bladenboro, and this time, no one had seen it.

People were finding tracks that not even experienced wildlife biologists could explain. They said they were the strangest, most unusual tracks they had ever seen, and they couldn't say what kind of animal they came from. They did say the beast appeared to be killing just to kill, and, in almost every case, the animal's blood was gone.

One thing it did upon its return that it did not do back in 1953 is it killed dogs chained on chains in people's yards. It even killed pit bulls while their owners slept in the house a few yards away. People just couldn't figure out how it walked up to a pit bull and drained it of blood, with the dog putting up no fight. How could it be doing this?

It had the people of Bladenboro on edge, and people were watching their children closely. Scout troops canceled camping trips in the area because they feared what the Vampire Beast might do if it had the chance.

The Bladenboro Beast's Return in 2013

In May and June of 2013, something was once again killing animals in the area and draining them of blood, but no one could say what it was.

Local veterinarians said the animals were killed by puncture wounds in their necks, and they were almost always drained of blood. There is no animal in North Carolina that can do this, although several cryptids have been spotted in the state.

Misty Turner's Encounter With the Beast

On June 15, 2013, I received a phone call from Misty Turner of Bladenboro, North Carolina. She was upset because something had killed three horses and a large Bullmastiff dog that belonged to her. The three horses were killed that Thursday morning, sometime before daylight, and the dog was killed late Thursday night.

Misty's son Taylor found the three horses dead when he went to check on them after he heard their large Bullmastiff dog barking by the horses' pasture. When he arrived on his four-wheeler, the vehicle's lights revealed three dead horses lying on the ground. The large dog was outside the pasture, barking at an area of dense undergrowth.

He went and got his rifle and his mom, and she called the local police. After they inspected the horses, they found only puncture wounds on the horses' necks, and there was very little blood. They said the horses were soaked with foamy sweat on them, like they had been ridden hard for miles.

When the local sheriff arrived, he called out a local veterinarian who examined the horses and said they had deep puncture wounds in their necks and that, apparently, the horses had been drained of blood. Neither the sheriff nor the vet could explain what type of animal had killed the three horses.

After being at the farm for two hours, the sheriff and the vet left. The family used a tractor to move the horses to a deep ditch and buried them. And that should have been all of it, but it wasn't. At just after 11 p.m. on June 15, 2013, Misty heard a moaning sound coming from outside the back door of the house.

When she turned on the lights, her large Bullmastiff dog was lying there, and she said the dog died as she rubbed its head and tried to look at it. She called the sheriff again but said he was not a lot of help. He told her that he had been asleep and that dead animals were not really his job. She said he came out but wasn't a lot of help.

She said when she turned on the light, she saw a large creature that looked like the animal in the top photo above running from her dog. She called me, hoping I could tell her what the animal was. I could not, but I am continuing to work on trying to find out.

Is the Vampire Beast of North Carolina still out there?

Is the Vampire Beast of North Carolina still out there?

Is the Beast Still Out There?

Whatever the Vampire Beast is, it can approach large pit bulls and kill and drain them of blood without making a sound. There must be more than one Vampire Beast because it has made kills 100 miles apart on the same night. It apparently killed a pony just outside of Lincolnton, NC, so it is killing in a much bigger area than it did back in 1953.

Police are often called in the Bladenboro area when people hear a woman screaming over and over, but no woman is ever found. The only possible answer is that it is the Vampire Beast they are hearing.

Biologists have studied the animals it has killed since its first period of activity in the 1950s, and they have no answers. It kills the animals, apparently, by smothering them, and then it drains their blood.

One strange thing is that other predators that usually eat dead animals won't touch one of the Vampire Beasts' kills. Tracking dogs brought to animals killed by the Vampire Beast have refused to approach the dead animals or attempt to track it. What are they so afraid of?

No one knows the answer, but the Vampire Beast is still killing animals every few years in and around Bladenboro. There have been numerous reports of unexplained animal deaths and injuries throughout NC, where it is unclear what kind of animal attacked livestock. The Bladenboro Beast is just one of several mysterious paranormal creatures found in North Carolina, a state with a wealth of fascinating creatures, both real and mythical.

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eshaana on January 21, 2016:

Why all these creepy things happen in foreign countries not in india

marlee on March 10, 2014:

You never know what is lurking in the dark woods in the shadows late at night

nativewife on January 26, 2014:

I live in Robeson County, NC , and I was wondering if anyone knows of any sightings of this animal in this area.I have two small kids that love exploring the woods..

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on October 30, 2013:

Real dead animals have been found for years. Thanks for your comment.

Treathyl FOX from Austin, Texas on October 30, 2013:

Let's start on the premise that real dead animals have been found. If that's true, there's a sadistic killer on the loose. He or she better get caught before they decide to make humans their prey instead. This is not a play play creepy legend.

stump jumper on October 02, 2013:

My family is deeply rooted in Purlear,NC. This is western Wilkes County. My Grandpa called them painters cause you could hear them panting when folks was followed or flanked buy them on footpaths back in the day. He never seemed to have any particular fear of them more a respect. he told me there used to be a gas station/zoo here before 1940 that kept black panthers and other various animals in cages just beside the Yadkin river just across what is now cornerstone church. We had a flood in 1940 and the owner released his critters to save them. He said that is how the non-indigenous cat got its start. Never heard the man lie ever. I have heard of many sightings. he always said you was more likely to see one looking in the window watching you than to find it hunting for it. I don't believe it is supernatural just intelligent and knows to stay clear of us. I`ve had dogs that ran deer and was too stubborn not to try to fight a coon in the water so my opinion is some dogs just bring things on their self I figure these cats prefer rabbits and birds and such for food but if forced to kill a pet, might as well not let the fresh blood go to waste. well yall know how the story goes with opinions so here`s my 2 cents and a grain of salt. I don't know the world just has a little more in it with the legend of the N,C black panther.

Ellen east carolina on September 24, 2013:

I have seen it and it can not be killed. My husband three times close up and it just vanished. It is a paranormal entity.

Travis on September 09, 2013:

If you want me to try and hunt this thing, Email me at

CreepFinder @

I'm a 24 year old Marine with some free weekends, firearms, and that just wants to help.

Travis on September 09, 2013:

I'm interested in tracking this creature down. Are there any locals who have seen it on their property that are interested in having me come down for the weekend and try to stake it out?

Phil from Badensboro on September 06, 2013:

I have seen the creature many times in the area. It crosses the creek on my property all the time. It looks like the creature in the top photo above.

Chris on September 01, 2013:

I saw it once (so did my girlfriend at the time). It was in Currie, North Carolina. Long story. And I've heard it more than once. I'm looking for someone who might have an audio recording of its cries. I'll post more about my encounter at another time. In the meantime, if someone has an audio recording of its cries, or if someone in the area happens to have a cell phone handy when they hear it, please record it...

Light on July 24, 2013:

It is seen that....this creature is transitory in nature.

And that...this area where it has been feeding has a rather large amount of electro magnetic bursts which originate from parallel realities, which is where this particular creature originates from.

This is why there is never any body found or dwelling found where this creature supposedly lives.

With respect...


Robbie on July 08, 2013:

I just read an account of a very similar animal sighted in south america, after finding his goat killed in the exact same manner, that's wild.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on June 18, 2013:

Thanks for the great comment. It appreciated.

Cweeks on June 18, 2013:

I live in Sampson county Nc and I've heard the screaming of women before many times in fact always about dark usually around sunset when my friends and I venture into the dense woods around my house I've never really had an explanation for the screaming we heard until now. My friends have not gone into the woods anymore due to the fact that they went into the woods by themselves and have claimed to have seen some large black-brown huge bobcat resembling creature watching them from a distance. I've only heard the screams.

Lauren G on March 16, 2013:

I live in wake forest nc and ive seen this animal when i first moved down here about five years ago!! We have three cats and the back out our house is wooded!! My mother and i kept hearing a scream so we went out in our back pourch and seen a dog sizd animal with his arms way higher then his back legs and he was running away from our direction! A few days later i was sitting on my from steps and i heard something near me.. i looked over and it ran right passed me!! Our cats stay in the basemeant and our basemeant door on the out side is all scratched up!!! Weve heard a loud scream in the woods i swear this is all true!

rosilinda on January 20, 2013:

they are there these animals exist there might still be out there hunting and killing draining animals of blood and who knows it might be killing humans and police offices do not want to tell us i mean how knows the things they may be hiding from us it might still be out there killing animals and humans i do not think there are much of this things so do not kill it or else it will truly be extinct and we will never have any information or clues about it so if you see it trap it and give it to the marine biolgist so the could give us more information about this creature

chris broady on January 18, 2013:

i know exactly what this creature is!it is a cougar!the reason why it kills and don't eat it victims,is because sometimes cat kill in this manner!if it sees more prey than it can eat,then it predatory drive is kicked in to overdrive!this explains why it does not eat the prey it kills!it also makes a screaming sound,similar to a woman screaming!i do beleive that the fish and game officials know too!they just don't want a public cry of concerns!cougars have always been in n.c.,but b/c of their secrative nature,you wont often see them,but they are there!this is your answer,and i stand by it!

Curious Writer on January 06, 2013:

Chupacabra as a NON Mexico style

Fern on December 01, 2012:

That sounds really scary. Cat-bear-wolf thing? And what I don't understand is the whole pitbull chained to house thing. Unless the dog was sleeping and the creature is just really stealthy...

The Vampire on November 21, 2012:

It might be a real creature that is just a species of its own that hasn't been discovered yet.

anthony on August 07, 2012:

that is really scary

miamilife on May 19, 2012:

My mom told me when she used to live in Paraguay that there was an animal similar to this in the jungles.It was like a wolf yet not exactly, but was more muscular and had a very dark gray coat.For the international occurrences maybe its different races of the same species? And maybe the animal is a descendants of the saber tooth tiger just smaller and mixed because where these sightings are reported are the same areas that sabertooths used to be(north america,south america,europe, and africa.) And note that that had the build of a bear.

omg on March 12, 2012:

i am freaking out

Paola on February 13, 2012:

It sounds like el chupacabras ......

simone on December 21, 2011:

i believe that such a creature should exist but,since it is not killing humans,it should not be hunted.i understand the pain of having you beloved puppy or dog drained of it's blood but why aren't people crying for the buck and antelope that are hunted everyday?humans are prone to favoritism.this animal(may it be real)is only doing what nature intends for it to's the circle of life.the solution is not to kill the beast but to keep your dogs inside or somewhere safe.but of course men will try to kill it because what's another species gone?

james on November 16, 2011:

i heard whomen screams just now this is crazy my mom dosent believe anything like this but this is the only time i saw hear scared of this kinda stuff!!

James on November 12, 2011:

Just watched the Monster Quest special on the HISTORY Channel earlier today and found it quiet interesting. What is unusual is the killing of Pit Bull(dogs) that were chained near homes, and the goats killed in a fenced in pen near the owners house....and yet no fight given by the dogs or noises heard from either the dogs, goats during the killings. The deaths had to be stealthy, and swift. Very few wild animals that hunt, kill without feeding on their victims. The way these animals died is very strange indeed. I have noticed that these killings are global, very similar, and run in cycles. Cattle mutilations, pet killings, and even a few human mutilations have been reported for hundreds of years! England has a similar beast known as the 'Beast of Exmoor' that killed sheep in a similar way and pattern. This beast killed hundreds of sheep and even the British Royal Marine snipers were sent in to kill it with no success. I still believe it to be a wild Cougar or large hybrid cat doing these killings, but what bothers me is the lack of noise and resistance by the victims (and the lack of eating of the carcasses). Strange indeed!

james on November 12, 2011:

i have my own page on ghost of america me and my friend have post ghost stories this is a new case that ive heard but never investagated it so i will have stories on there please cheack it out its ghost of america/westfield nc

james on November 12, 2011:

i have been seeing a strange cat like bear outside in my woods behind my house i live in the foothills piolt mountain finally i have some one else that belives in it

Alice on November 12, 2011:

I,to be honest,dont belive in it

John on October 20, 2011:

When is the last time anyone saw the beast? And whereabouts can we find ot?

Tammy Worrell on March 22, 2011:

I live in northwest Guilford County. I live in a fairly populated neighborhood and would never have imagined seeing what I saw one night driving to the grocery store. I was driving down River Hills Drive when my head lights caught two red glowing eyes. I assumed it was a dog or large cat. As my car approached I could see that it was not a domestic animal. It was a very muscular animal, close to the ground with front legs that curled around, sort of bowed. It had the body size of a large dog but shorter to the ground. It was a grey color and at first I thought it must have been a wolf. But it was not a wolf. It was too short and muscular. The hair was fairly short and looked very coarse. I slowed to a halt which caused the "creature" to look at me. My headlights were beyond the point at which it would have caused a red eye reflex but the eyes continued to glow red. The creature was hovering over a dead animal in the road. It's front legs were very muscular and as it walked around the prey, it guarded it as if it were a lion guarding a kill. It stared at me as it walked around the dead animal in the road, never making any advance at my car. It had a long face with large teeth like a lion. It had whiskers like a cat but it was not a cat. If I were to guess the weight, I would say around 60 or 70 pounds. It seemed to have an evil presence. I am very intuitive to paranormal activity and consider myself very spiritual. I own a medical practice in the area and am not the type of person to make up a story like this. My belief is that I was looking at a creature in another dimension if that makes sense. I called my husband from my car and told him about what I was looking at. He pretty much discounted it until a couple of days later when there was a story about the "Vampire Beast of NC" in the Rhino Times. He brought home a copy of the newspaper and told me that it was such a coincidence that I had described an animal that seemed to be exactly like the picture on the cover of this edition. When he laid the paper on the table, my hair stood on end. I was looking at the animal that I saw a couple of nights before. There was no mistaking the evil glare of this creature. I actually felt excited that my observations were validated. I saw the Vampire Beast! If you live in the area and have also seen this creature, let me know. I would love to chat!

Robert Huggins on February 20, 2011:

I would look at cycles. In 1950s animals attacked stop then begin present day. I would look for anything 1900s. If somehow you find something look at 1850s.

Vanessa^-^ on January 25, 2011:

I find it kind of hard to believe in vampires myself to be honest.. although I would love for them to be real and as amazing as they seem, this is not enough prof for me.. meeting one would help I'm sure. I've always dreamed of becoming on.. ever sense I was little. Now i know better than to hope for such a thing. Maybe its not all that it seems to be??

john dough on January 25, 2011:

If you were wondering I heard the screams of the panther or what ever it was in 1986 or so and the graveyard is named Harrill graveyard and is on a dead end road.If you want the sh.;;,;t scared out of you go to Hestertown road and park at the end of the road and walk in,the graveyard is on the right you can't miss can step off the road right into the graveyard.happy hunting....

john dough on January 25, 2011:

I live in lincolnton 5 miles from the courthouse,when I was 13 me and my cousin was outside on his uncles porch and heard something at the edge of the woods about 200 feet away screaming like a woman,but you tell it wasn't any woman.we just stood there listening to it scream,it ran chills down my body and was very loud.The only thing we could come up with was that it was a black panther,it would not step out in the light so we could see it.It knew we were there and did not like us being there,it went on screaming from the edge of the woods for 15 minutes at the start of the trail we used to go camping in those very same woods,I don't think we ever camped there again.I have camped in the woods around here all my life and I know there are wild dogs here because I have run up on some myself,luckily they were also scared of me.My older cousin got treed by some wild dogs wnen I was a kid,I have been in the woods walking at night and heard something in the woods with me that sounded like it was running through the woods tearig all the trees down around to the right of me.I tried to tell myself it is a herd of deer at least that's what I hoped it was,you couldn't see your hand in front of your face and I didn't have a gun or anything to protect myself.This road is long been said to be haunted and I do very much believe it,from a floating light from several people have said in the past to witness and an uncle said something woke him up carrying him out of his trailer and he grapped the door facing and finally put him down. I remember the night it happened was about 6 years old,I know he used to drink,but was scared to death and he was white as a ghost telling me,my mom,and sister it was trying to carry him to the graveyard below his house, it is only a couple hundred feet from where I live and the same distance from his house and he refused to go back home that night he was so scared.Another woman on the same road sqaid she woke up one night and something was on top of her and she couldn't move or scream out,the same woman said she saw a ghost in the graveyard a woman in a red dress and it was calling her name.Normally I would not believe this woman,but just so happens whenI was little I saw some teenagers digging in that graveyard and it was a woman in a red dress.the teens where drinking when they done this and I seen the corners of the casket years later in one of the guys house in a drawer.I was told he took the corners back and reburied them because the woman was haunting him.he just happen to be the brother of the woman who said she saw the ghost.How could she know about the woman in the red dress unless she saw it.Back to the floating light my cousin said his grandpa on the other side of his family saw the light out the window and got up and walked out of the house with everyone asking where he was going,he never answered.the next day he showed up and said he followed the light deep into the woods and it disappeared and he laid down his head against a stump and fell asleep.the story go's that if you see the light you will follow it like you're mesmerised,my mom said she saw the light and though someone was playing a joke with a flashlight and a string from the powerline because she saw anyone.They say my grandma saw a ghost at the end of the road on the way to pick up my grandpa from work,said she saw a man in the road and was scared to stop when she looked back he was still standing there and never felt a bump and didn't mom said she had to ride with her from then on when she went out at night and later found out later a man died there years before when his tractor turned over killing him.there are a lot of strange things happen on this road and the woods around here,the graveyard is so old that some of the graves has nothing but a plain rock sticking up and some are unmarked because I remember alot more rocks sticking up when I was younger.No one has been buried in the graveyard since the 1940s or 50's,but we have a family graveyard behind that one,I have tried to find out more about the graveyard online,when it was started and who the unmarked ones were.only can find a brief mention of both graveyards,I say it was probably started in 1700's maybe the courthouse might have a more accrate record on it.this road can be pretty spooky at night

erin on January 23, 2011:

my name is erin i am a 11 year old girl so enywaylast year when we were visintg my cousin in north carolina this is when i was 10 it was night we just go in to our rental cabin o there house i don't really remember so i was video taping with my 4 year old sis when we heard a loud pitched scream our dog hide under the couch and the other 2 started whimmpering all the animlaes in our house started to hide my 16 yar old sis ran out with my dads hunting gun she looked round and saw something in the barn we had 4 dead goats and 3 dead sheep and our guard dog milly wasn't comptly dead luckily i was able to shoot some film of the animal

Sparrow on November 13, 2010:

I think that this creature is some speceis that has been long forgotten, this animal might be the thing that has started the stories of vampires long ago, like a chupicabra or something. and this ctreature might be part panther, that must be the reason for the screaming, or a lady must have seen it and screamed each time.

Blackspadeproductions on October 12, 2010:

There could possibly be only one of these animals killing in a 120 mile radius in one night. If it is Vampirish, then it has lightning quick speed and agility. It could easily make that trek without even breaking a sweat. As for the very few marks you also have to take into consideration Vampire bats. They feed on animal blood. If you have a swarm of them then they could wreak a lot of havoc over a wide spread area. Look into your vampire history and you will see my facts are not only accurate, but relevant.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on September 02, 2010:

Thanks for all the great comments about the Vampire Beast Of North Carolina. They are appreciated.

Cat on August 02, 2010:

I think this might actually be true. I'm in NC visiting family and the backyard is woods. At night when I'm trying to sleep I swear I can hear screaming. One of my first mights here my stepfather heard his dog barking out in the woods, he went out there and something was attacking it but he didn't know what it was. He shot a few rounds from his gun and the beast ran off andby the time he got to the dog well it was too late help him.

Emily on June 02, 2010:

I think this is cool but I don't believe in this

Bella on June 01, 2010:

I think this is very cool but I don't think this is real I mean doesn't it sound like new moon a wolf like bear????? New moon is just like that

lauralee on May 03, 2010:

so i live in a small town in north Carolina called maiden and im only 14 but i love the woods and anyway one day i was outside like around 8:00 am and i love by the woods and one day i swear to god i seen something like almost a bear/wolf thing and after reading this it may have been it b/c i once found a dear outside my house once also no blood around it only marks and late at night i hear weird noises which are really creepy but that's scary b/c i live near Lincoln county in fact im only 20 min away from there and also i seen like weird paw prints in the mud on the trial i go walking on sometimes and they look similar to a wolf kinda but they are bigger. this scare the heck out of me know

Rosalind2013 on April 10, 2010:

I don't know if this is real or not, but it'll make an awesome addition to my vampire novel.

slaybeast on April 04, 2010:

i got a picture of it in central nc.also got dead pets and livestock to go with it.ill post it here if i can figure out how.

charles on April 03, 2010:

I would be long gone from around there Iam from raleigh nc Iam not crazy about going in the woods at night start with let alone day time now days have no idea what you may run up on only way i go in woods if more than 6 of us and we have fire power to take something down like a bear or something that's going hurt us I say stay out them woods man or woman and kids keep pets inside put bars on windows

david on February 02, 2010:

my uncle shot the beast while deer hunting 2 years ago off of cabin creek road Wilkes county NC . He saw it staking a doe.It was near dark and he was scared to get down out of his tree stand with it in the area , so he shot it with his .50 caliber muzzle-loader.The beast rolled over and screamed an incredible noise before getting back to its feet and running . He refused to look for it at night for fear of it still being alive ( and b/c a muzzle loader fire's a single shot and you can't have a quick reload with that gun). It began to rain and my father and his friend started tracking it(b/c the rain would quickly wash away the blood trail). My uncle sat in the truck while they searched.The blood trail was lost in the heavy rain. The next day my father and his friend couldn't find it.About 5 days later they returned again to look for vultures, but there was none to be found.My uncle never returned to the area to look for the beast and to this day he will not go to the property alone .He described it as very dark in color . He said it was no bear (we have many bears in that area of Wilkes county)b/c of the way it walked.He said it was more cat-like of a walk.It was larger than any kind of animal. like a small bear.But longer than other animals around here.He said it was no mountain lion b/c of the size.(although science says they don't live here they do,b/c there is also a mountain on the property and it wasn't that animal either)

wowicantbelieve on December 08, 2009:

Dude. i have lived in Lincolnton, Nc for 25 years now and i have heard stories from friends parents of strange noises coming from the woods in the area and strange scratching sounds late at night but never had heard this story. My friends dad told me one night that he saw an animal by his house one night sitting and watching the house never came up to the house but stayed and watched. then all of a sudden he heard a woman scream and the aminal left. now i don't know about you but this guy is a retired police officer and a marine vet so i believe him when i hear it. and he told me this about 12 years ago so i know that something is in the woods in lincoln county so maybe people know more than they let off and just scared of sayng anything? maybe?

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on July 10, 2009:

Tell us more Chester. When do you see it. Did it tear up a cage or building to get to the chickens?????????????

chester on July 09, 2009:

I have unfortuantely seen him twice crossing the power line on my property, i tell my wife its just a white cat i am after so she dosent get scared but last year i had five chickens it killed, draining all their blood and leaving them in a small pile in the woods near my house, very scary.