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Signs and Stages of Demonic Possession

Michael loves nothing better than a good conspiracy served with a side of paranormal investigation.

Standing on the shoulders of demons

Standing on the shoulders of demons

Demonic Possession Cases Are Increasing

Since seeing The Exorcist back in the '80s, I have been fascinated by all aspects of the occult— and none more so than demonic possession. But, what is it? Why is the number of cases increasing? And can it be avoided?

This is written from a spiritual point of view, not a psychological or scientific one. I fully accept that some suspected cases of possession are nothing more than mental illness. That being said, some cases stand out, such as those with professional witnesses, that cannot be so easily discounted.

Be warned: This is a dark and dangerous subject, and the pictures and videos are scary, if not outright horrifying. Continue at your own risk. If you are affected in any way by what you believe to be a demonic influence, consult a psychologist and your local church.

If you want to hear more about this subject, I was recently a guest on the Passion for the Paranormal podcast. Check out your podcast supplier to hear more.

Am I Possessed?

It may be hard for you to be able to tell if you are possessed by a demon. The best option you have is to call a priest who has been trained in exorcism. If they are a trained exorcist, they will have plenty of tools at their disposal for determining if you are possessed or not. Due to the increase in demonic possession in recent times, more priests are being trained in exorcism every year, so it should not be that difficult to get into contact with one.

Signs of Possession

There are some clear signs of possession that you have to be aware of. When the demon takes control of its host, there will be certain behaviors that crop up that will distinguish the possession from something else like mental illness.

  • Odd Behavior: The person in question will start doing a bunch of odd things they never normally do. Maybe they start smoking or start speaking in a different language, even when they don't speak the language. They will start to act in a totally different manner than normal.
  • Night Terrors: The demon's powers grow stronger at night when the host is asleep, so they may experience horrifying dreams and night terrors. They may also wake up in the middle of the night and start acting strangely.
  • Negative Reaction to Prayer: This sign is one of the most critical and important as a person possessed by a demon will become physically sick when a priest or exorcist is present and is reciting a prayer. The possessed person will try to stop the prayers and may lash out at the priest, so be careful.

What Happens When You Are Possessed?

When a demon starts to take control of your body, a few things happen, such as:

  • Different Voice: You may begin to speak in a different voice, one that sounds completely different than your normal speaking voice. You may also suddenly start speaking in languages you don't normally speak in.
  • Different Personality: Your personality may abruptly change as the demon takes hold of your body. You may experience wild mood swings and start doing activities that you would normally never do.
  • New Abilities: You may suddenly have new skills and abilities you never had before, such as being skillful with weapons or other technical skills.
  • Supernatural Knowledge: You may somehow know things that are only known to a select few people. As the demon possesses your body, their mind will begin to merge with yours, and they have knowledge of otherworldly things.

Three Stages of Demonic Possession

There are three generally accepted stages of demonic possession. While there is some overlap between the stages, there are distinct features in each stage. As the demon works its way into its host, it slowly takes control of the vessel.

The three stages of possession are:

  1. Manifestation and Infestation
  2. Oppression
  3. Full Possession

1. Manifestation and Infestation

This can affect houses, forests, cars, and even a doll. You name it; infestation can take place within it.

Think of it as a form of haunting with the express idea of the demon introducing itself to the intended target through surreptitious means. That could mean pretending to be the ghost of a lost little girl or a dead relative, or even coming through a Ouija board session or seance with the express purpose of breaking down your resistance.

The demon is seeking approval at this stage, approval to stay. It almost needs permission to begin to reveal its true self. It will slowly increase in tempo as the demon gains strength and the chosen individual loses theirs.

2. Oppression

Now we move on to stage two: oppression. This is where the entity makes its true identity known and moves into full attack mode. This can be physical, mental, and psychical in nature and is designed to break the affected person's will to live. Sleep deprivation, increased paranormal activity, bites, scratches, and even sexual assaults may take place.

At this point, the victim may call in a psychic or paranormal investigation group. This can be dangerous if they do not know what they are dealing with and will often make things worse.

Depression is often a symptom at this stage, and as the will and faith of the individual nears a breaking point, the demonic entity will move onto the third and final stage: possession.

3. Full Possession

In this final and most dangerous stage, the demon now has sufficient power and hold over the individual to "close the deal," so to speak. Typically the person affected will have little to no self-worth, will, or faith left.

The evil entity will be in control more often than not, and the host may well be hearing voices telling them to harm others or themselves. Manipulation is at an all-time high, and the very soul of the individual is at stake.

In the worst of cases, the demon may even have control of the host body like a parasite, which is really at the base level of what a demon is. The demon's goal at this point is to drive the affected to suicide and to take as many people with them on the way, thus condemning their soul to an eternity in hell.

How to Get Rid of a Demon

There are a couple of ways you can go about getting rid of a demon, ranging from the simple to the complex. Like I said earlier, getting a certified exorcist is probably the best thing to do. The priest will be able to remove the demon and get it to go back to where it came from. Keep in mind that hiring a priest will be expensive, but it is a necessary step if you want to rid yourself of demons.

Why Are Cases of Exorcism Increasing?

Worldwide, the Catholic Church seems to be increasing the number of exorcists in its army of holy warriors. The real question in all of this is why?

Reading several sources, including and the Telegraph (a UK-based newspaper), it appears that in May of 2013, Father Gabriele Amorth, a priest from Italy, said that he had helped perform over 160,000 exorcisms. He even asked Pope Francis to give all priests the right to perform exorcisms to deal with the increase in demonic possession.

In Father Amorth's view, the escalation of possessions could be due to the proliferation of paranormal shows on the internet and TV and the rise of occult practices. The sheer volume of information available on this topic is astonishing and makes it easier for people to dabble with things they simply don't understand.

It would seem that the modern world is causing more and more of these cases to crop up; however, no one can offer a good explanation as to why that is happening. Clearly, there is something about how the modern world is organized that is causing more demonic possessions, yet no one can pinpoint the main factor in all of this.

It is a disturbing trend that more and more people seem to be actively inviting the demonic into their homes and, ultimately, into themselves.

I Would Love to Hear Your Stories

If you or anyone else you know have been affected by the paranormal, I would love to hear from you down in the comments section below.

Stay safe and God Bless.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: What triggers demons? What can I do to avoid them?

Answer: Even if you are not religious, just try to live a good life and be kind to those around you.

Question: Today I woke up with 3 scratches on my hip. I usually wake up with severe bruising on my legs, deep and dark, sometimes in a pattern that looks like someone took their fingers and pressed as hard as they could. Is there anything I should keep an eye out for? I don't want this to jump to my daughter.

Answer: Three scratches has been known as a bad omen in paranormal circles. Is there any other strange happenings in the house or is anyone else being affected?

Question: Can we be followed by multiple forms of demons, or paranormal, attachments as a lifelong phenomenon? I feel like I'm a sort of targeted.

Answer: Believe it or not I really understand where you are coming from. In answer to your question, yes. I do believe that can happen over a long period of time. I experience phenomenon even now linked to what happened to me 35 years ago. It can feel like your life is cursed when the same repeating patterns keep occurring.

Question: How powerful is a demon who just smiled during exorcism?

Answer: Very. Be cautious!

Question: Have you encountered a demon?

Answer: I believe so, from the age of six, my family was devastated by paranormal activity that verged on the demonic. Now, as an adult, it is still something that affects me from time to time.

Question: Is there a difference between evil spirits and aliens, or they the same?

Answer: I believe that they could be one in the same.

Question: What causes you to be possessed by demons?

Answer: Weakness and a lack of spirituality.

Question: How do I know if my five-month-old infant is possessed by demons?

Answer: I am sure you are safe, there would be no reason for an entity to take over someone so small and powerless. I also believe that God would never allow such an innocent to be used in that manner.

Question: I have been told by a medium a man still believes this is his house as he died here and did not want us here, a lot of things have been happening I also do things in my sleep I am aware of but have no control over, e.g., hitting him then laughing, is this a form of possession?

Answer: It could be the beginning of oppression, I would make contact with the local church to be on the safe side.

Question: I don't follow any religion, so I don't know what I should do if I have been having nightmares where I have been waking up in tears. What do you think?

Answer: Even if you are not religious, a friendly church can be a calming and comforting place. Also, its always wise to keep in touch with your GP.

Question: I’ve noticed strange things happening in my house. I had a dream the other night and a little girl said, “don’t worry the ghosts are safe here.” I awoke at 4 a.m. shortly after in pain as I had huge scratch marks all over my arm. I have no nails to do it myself. Should I be concerned, and if so, what should I do?

Answer: Get help now, contact your local church or paranormal group and check out my follow up to this article at the link below:

Question: I have just discovered that I am the child of a narcissist. I remember few things of my early childhood, one was a recording dream of my mother with glowing bloodshot eyes with her piercing blue irises. I couldn't tell her, since she was the one I woke up to. Could a demon be possessing me or her?

Answer: It sounds like your mother more than anything, I take it you don't have experiences more recently?

Question: Are having seizures in the middle of the night and hearing voices telling me to kill someone symptoms of the second stage?

Answer: They could well be, but please seek help as soon as practicable!

Question: How can I help my mother with a demonic possession when I have no money?

Answer: A real priest will not ask for money to help you and your mom, charlatans will.

Question: Is it possible to have a lifelong attachment given by someone else?

Answer: In the form of a curse, I believe so.

Question: do you believe one can be possessed again after being saved ?

Answer: Unfortunately yes, I believe you can be repossessed.

Question: I had a dream about me performing an exorcism, and I saw the face of a demonic figure. What is my dream trying to tell me?

Answer: Maybe it's a calling? Have you considered taking up the mantle of an Exorcist?

Question: I'm in the oppression stage of a demonic possession, and don't know what to do. I reached out to my local church and have yet to get a reply. What should I do?

Answer: Keep on at them, if they are slow to respond, try another church even if it is outside of your denomination.

Question: I had a dream about me performing and exorcism, and I seen the face of a demonic figure. What is my dream trying to tell me?

Answer: Answer your calling! Your dreams may be pointing to a path that may help many!

Question: My friend told me she thinks shes being possessed and when we were reading this her eyes went black and she hissed. Are there cheaper priests or qualified exorcists?

Answer: The Catholic Church will not charge money for helping. If someone is asking for payment, they are not doing the Lord's work, just lining their own pockets!

Question: Can you defeat a demon and absorb him with all his powers and memories?

Answer: No, you are playing with fire in any attempts with communication with the demonic

Question: Why do the door knocks come in the form of three taps in reference to demonic posession?

Answer: It is in a mockery of the holy trinity, the father, the son and the holy spirit. This is why 3 am is a significant time and occurrences often happen in threes.

Question: Have you ever seen an actual possession in a person? I have, and yes, it was similar to the movie, except for the fact that her head didn't spin around. Her speech was different and movement a little odd it was as if it had control like a puppet she moved and spoke but even the English was basic at best and her eyes well when she went to sleep minutes before looked exhausted where wide open.

Answer: I have not seen a possession but according to my family, I was once under the influence of a negative entity for a period of years on and off. I still feel now like something is lingering.

Question: How do I avoid demonic possession?

Answer: Read my follow up article at the link below as it gives some good advice:

Question: Why would a demon enter a specific house?

Answer: Through a spiritual weakness in the family residing there.

Question: How long can the demonic oppression stage last?

Answer: Anywhere from a few days to years depending on the strength of the person being oppressed.

Question: Can I get in contact with a demon? If so, how?

Answer: Yes but I would not recommend it.

Question: I am a medium. I have been seeing things my entire life. However, I’ve seen more in the last year with my fiancé than I ever have. I’m 25 years old to put that in perspective. He has horrible night terrors where he will wake up and swear there’s blood all over him, but there isn’t. When his episodes get really bad, he speaks to me in some gargled, snarling form of Latin. What do I do?

Answer: Contact a priest immediately

Question: Is this a ghost or a demon? A year ago I witnessed a flat screen tv levitate and jump off of the tv cabinet. Scared the crap out of me. Also repeatedly in the middle of the night, a light turns on in the carport.

Answer: Sounds more like poltergeist activity, but please be careful and make no attempt to contact the entity.

Question: Is it possible to be a demon yourself?

Answer: No, one can only be possessed by a demon, not be one yourself

Question: Is deja vu a sign of possession?

Answer: I don't believe so, more a possibility of multiple alternate dimensions overlapping at that exact moment, similar to a Mandela Effect.

Question: How do I get over being possessed I feel like it's not over and it's hard. I keep having flashes that I can't really remember what happened but what I do remember I find hard to believe. Should I seek professional help or advice?

Answer: I would recommend talking to a counselor or therapist. This can really help you get over the trauma of a possession.

Question: I did this cleansing on youtube which casts out demons and I began shaking and every time the man in the video would say "leave" my body would fall to the floor (I was sitting on chair while doing this). After this experience, I've been having involuntary movements and just been really paranoid and scared to be alone. I'm 13 and I'm scared. I don't know what's happening. My parents are Muslim so I can't tell them that I want a priest. What do I do about my strange symptoms?

Answer: People on Youtube are certainly not the experts they pretend to be and given your age, I would highly recommend not playing around with forces we have little understanding of. Talk to your parents, leave nothing out and hope that they are able to give you comfort and the help that you need.

Question: Have you seen a ghost or demon before?

Answer: I grew up in a house with extreme poltergeist activity, all centered around me. Whether it was a haunting attachment or demonic I couldn't say, but I do have my own thoughts on the matter.

Question: How do I know if I'm under the influence of something negative?

Answer: Feeling drained, low, depressed, oppressive feelings of powerlessness can all be signs, take care.

Question: My boyfriend I believe is possessed. He made me promise to never tell anyone. What should I do about my boyfriend's possession?

Answer: He needs help. If he is possessed he needs religious help, if he isn't he needs a doctor.

Question: Is it a sign of possession if you have involuntary movement and twitches?

Answer: There are many things that can cause the issues you have mentioned, please don't jump to a demon when it could be a medical condition.

Question: I was “hit” with some form of energy while sitting bed earlier. My ears went numb, my mind turned incredibly clear, and my hearing started to fade out and as that happened I heard a very faint chant in my right ear. It was a totally complete feeling and almost an out of body experience. Are these dissociations associated with demonic possession?

Answer: Hard to say what that was but it sounds more positive than negative, I think we can rule out demonic activity.

Question: 2-3 times we have woken up to see slash like marks on the fitted sheet between us, could this be a demon?

Answer: I could be, or it could be a pet or even long fingernails. Always look for the easiest answer first.

Question: Why does my T.V. turn on by itself?

Answer: Could be faulty TV or poltergeist activity.

Question: I just woke from a dream about summoning demons using energy from my hands, can that really happen?

Answer: I am almost certain that it cannot.

Question: My son screams and throws a fit when the Bible is read, should I seek a priest to help?

Answer: I would tread very carefully with children. Could he have been exposed to film or TV pertaining to the demonic? Kids are very easily influenced, especially by their peer group.

Question: Do you know Gaurav Tiwari or have you heard of his death?

Answer: I never had the pleasure of his acquaintance nor any online contact. I do know of his work, and that he is certainly missed in this field. I am also aware of the strange circumstances surrounding his death although I feel it would be disrespectful to comment further on it.

Question: How can I help my mother to break the contract she has done with entities, cleans her, me and my house of those bad energies?

Answer: Find a good tutorial on house smudging, there are a few here on Hubpages.

Question: I have for a while now been aware of these things. I have researched for years but always seem to come on empty. I have strange happenings around the house when watching ghost adventures, as in, feeling exactly how the crew feels and end up in a bad mood after watching them, although it has only happened a few times. What could these feelings of discomfort around ghosts mean?

Answer: The human mind can be a powerful influence, it might be you are manifesting these things during intense concentration.

© 2015 Michael Murchie


Rodolfo on August 19, 2020:

I definitely believe in demonic possession. I have been through different uncanny situations.

Michael Murchie (author) from Parts Unknown on August 11, 2020:

Jesse, even if it's just popular culture affecting him it is certainly is worth talking to him first before getting anyone else involved. Take it carefully, at 7 the mind is fragile and still developing and steps taken now in haste could be with him the rest of his life. Please feel free to email me (link in my profile) with any updates you feel like sharing or if you need more advice.

Jesse on August 10, 2020:

If my 7 year old son is drawing the devil holding upside down crosses and knowing 3 called the witching hour and knew information about me that that no one around him knows or would tell him should I be worried

Jacob moody on July 19, 2020:

Is there signs in photographs I can look for for cases of possession?

Abigail N Hartmann on July 17, 2020:

Our house started being haunted about 6 months ago just kind of a lazy haunting nothing really all that scary. But then in one week i lost my job and then it was founded that my daughter was being inappropriately touched by a sibling and everything exploded. I then found myself eye to eye with satan. Since then my 4 yr old has made a friend with an entity she calls the tickle monster. He tells her his name is "curtain" and he just hangs out in the curtains. But he tells my daughter what she can and cannot do. She is extremelyscared to go against his wishes even tbough i assure her mommy will not play his game. Her bahavior has gotten terrible and she is now at this point not Avery anymore all the time. My heart is shattered. Ive reached out to local catholic church and the priest didnt take me seriously since he didnt encounter anything while here. I am trying to figure out which demon which demon has attached to avery and i fear i have one atrached to myself too. She wont tell me his real name just calls him curtain or mojo. I need help here anyone please. I was contacted by a guy from texas offering to help for 3000 dollars and i asked him if he missed the part when i lost my job. Avery told me today that there is a devil in her brain and thats why shes frustrated. She is fucking 4 yrs old!! She shpuld be playing with her babies and busy being 4 but she is battling a devil in her little body. Please someone take me seriously and help or atleast help me identify the demon so i can try to order it to leave. To give you guys a clue as to what this has done to avery she informed me the other day that "curtain" and belial the demon were from different orders in hell. I didnt even know that. Please someone HELP!! I STAY UP ALL NIGHT TRYING TO PROTECT HER WHICH GOT ME PUT IN A MENTAL INSTITUTION BY MY MOM. IM NOT CRAZY THIS IS REAL!!

nay on June 10, 2020:

i recorded my boyfriend and I sleeping it appears my dog is thrown off me possibly and then boyfriend gets restless noises and moaning in background things scrapping and looks as though possibly pulls him off of me while he is hugging me what is going on here? and if i was possessed could I still pray to god like I try every day or pray evil stay away from me? i think its him... he has alot symptoms.

Me on April 24, 2020:

Ask a minister not a priest (no offence) or Devoted Christians for prayer for those who have no hope. Confess your sins to God. And ask him to come into your heart. And he will protect you forever. Pray to God for help and he will send someone to you.

Dennis on April 20, 2020:

How to get rid of attach demons

Peachy Perfect on April 16, 2020:

my dad is possessed

brian from uk on April 13, 2020:

I dont know if i had possession when i was a young kid but my nan said i had the devil in my me at the time i must have read my uncles unspoken thoughts i only thing i remember was my uncle appearing on the backdoor step he said something to me asking me what i was doing i felt this rushing sound in my ears i could not hear what i was saying to my he got this seroius look on his face i must had said something else but i could not hear anything it was like i was a deaf person my uncles face went angry and he stormed off my nan said i got the devil in me i still dont unerstand what happened some fifty years later but it maybe something to do with been psychic empath its something people dont like to talk about it still happens to day now and then it made me wonder if i was possed by something

ussery on March 03, 2020:

i cant get rid of the demon in me a exercist cant even get rid of it im scared what do i do i can see saten in my sleep and it keeps folowing me around but last night it got me. what do i do

Darren green on February 27, 2020:

I'm born gifted and my mom and I got door bell ringing then know one there me my self as had people in my room sometimes didn't get scared thought my body reacted in a special way like from my stomach felt to my entire body and got rid of them at one time but my mom is sent mental through the it all I'm not mental yet but signs of the good side coming too the ones I should have listened to straight away the sign was urging you to run now i didn't I've got demon stuff who want to kill me unfortunate stuff but I've seen the devil too I'm just trying my best most times to follow instructions of my signs hard going this at the moment but I believe in God he was my first premonition when this stuff started I'm for real if you believe me sometimes I can see into the future sometimes and this is real that's how I deal with this because I'm shown im not Alone in this there gonna get me out this and I plan on it staying that way

Ursula on January 13, 2020:

I believe there is someone else in my daughters body. No one believes me and everyone keep saying people change but my daughter has changed drastically doing things she would never do before. Her fundamental core has changed I don't believe that happens just from teenagehood or smoking pot

peter francis arnold on January 12, 2020:

i have a friend that i met about five years ago and she marred about three and half years ago every thing seem to be going good they had a little girl and they all when to the Philippines for a vacation every thing changed after that they stopped going to church and a lady moved into the basement apartment and now she is having lesbian affair with her put her husband away but he is ok with this arrangement i new her for about three or four years and didn't know or think she was bisexual so here are some of the things i noticed about her we would be having a conversation and right out of the blue she would put a word in there that i didn't know what it meant or recognized wow i was there one afternoon and she came up from down stairs and started to play with her daughter and in a deep hollow voice she said i love you so much i never hard that voice before and her eyes where all brown no whites or pupils i never seen that before another time her eyes pupils were dilated and shinning like lights i don't recall the last time i seen her eyes normal an at work i believe she seduced a female co-worker something i picked up on facebook and she took her three year old daughter to a gay pride parade like is she grooming her things changed so much there i broke of our friendship in my observation this woman has demons and she has an insatiable sex drive also one evening when a was there a noticed a dark shadow surrounding her i would like to get her help but I'm out of the picture now one more thing when i was taking to her on the phone about her and the lady down stairs i tick her of and she start screaming high pitched yiyiyiyi an at the same time to the left of me a hard a fluttering sound an a pop of energy an at that moment the phone went dead

Roxxyolo on December 25, 2019:

So i stated having preminisions, akward noises, light movement of things, slight shaking of my bed, demonic looking faces on the walls and now on my skin. tbe spaes change right infront of eyes. At first i thought i was seeing things but ive had friends look at my legs and they freak out at what theer seeing seeing

Amelia on December 24, 2019:

Hi I am possess and I wanna know the health risk you go through when there are demonz inside of you

Lisa on November 27, 2019:

You have a very good understanding of demonic possession. I lived through a full possession and exorcism of my daughter at age 7. Nothing can prepare you for battling Demons in your own child as a single parent. My daughter is a gifted clairvoyant and medium I found out which is part of what started our horror story .

Renee Lollis on November 10, 2019:

Can twins be possessed easily? My boyfriend's sister has a set of twins, and they are really bad they're like 5 or 6 years old, and they cuss a a lot words that no kid should say at that age. My dad told me it's easier for twins to get possessed. Now I don't know if this is, because they aren't disciplined, or not (I'm not sure if they do get disciplined). They are also very bad they like to hurt people. Kind of worries me.

A Rabbi on November 02, 2019:

Reading this article makes me think of an incident that occurred almost 2 years ago to the date. As a man who answered the call from the most high; a man who was even given a name by the most high; I feel as if I need to share this. A paranormal group in Ohio contacted me one evening and asked if I could join them on an investigation and do a walk through to see if I could discern or debunk their findings the group has lots of state of the art equipment devices to read radiation; EMF detectors, SB7 (spirit box) and different ranges of camera that see different spectrums. So of course as a man called by the most high I went to the home where some odd things had been captured. When I arrived I walked into the home I could feel my heart pounding and palpitating. The women who owns the home was explaining things to me when suddenly she called me by the name the most high gave me. Her voice went into a deep animalistic growl. Her pupils seemed to enlarge even over the whites of her eyes; they were so black no light reflected off of them. In a deep beastly voice she told me she wanted to snap my neck. At that very moment I knew I was staring into the eyes of an unclean creature. I make habit to carry biblically prepared holy oil in a small bottle in my pocked. As well as a Star of David to remind me only the creator G-d himself is king. I placed a few drops of oil upon the woman; her face began to morph almost animal like. I began to pray as she began to curse the names of G-d in a language she very clearly did not know. In the room there were 12 of us; myself included. I placed my Star of David upon her. And began to call out the names of the most high and his angels. While staring the beast eye to eye I could hear it chastising me. What seemed like an eternity in prayer there was an anomaly of white light that was detected by all of the equipment following by her body falling limp. When she came to she cried. And told me she felt she was in a nightmare she couldn’t wake from. When a person is possessed the exorcists faith as well is put on the line. No one but an exorcist could understand

Donna79 on October 28, 2019:

Bianca I'm having the exact same issue as you! Except I used an ict/evp machine not even thinking it would work after a short time I was being woken up between the hours of 2am and 4.30am and a few months after I started to see spirits in my home! I also experienced a chocking sensation where I could not breathe that happened to me twice and after the 2nd time I got up and then passed out and split my head open! The other night as I was laying in bed I experienced this burning sensation on my left buttock but after that I am being touched sexually constantly day and night in my bed in my sleep sitting standing in my car when I'm out and about! I feel like my face is swelling and I can feel it smiling except its not! I know how stupid that sounds but it's the gods honest truth! As I'm writing this my eyes are blurring it's like something is in control of my body! My younger son has crashed his car on 3 separate occasions. I live on a religious island up in the North West Coast of Scotland and approaching the church isn't really an option I just don't know what to do! I have tried sage and incense. I really need help and advice please please please if SOMEBODY ANYBODY can help me my email address is please contact me I'm desperate for help

Bianca on October 22, 2019:

So I’ve been dealing with some weird changes to my body after I received a spiritual cleansing in my home after I seen a spirit in my house moving the curtain once I entered back into my house a burning sensation started to occur every since then it’s been happening on and off at that point i gave up with the mediums and went to church I’m originally a Christina I was raised in church a child of god I guess I can say I was young and dumb and shouldn’t have been dealing with that stuff to begin with I’m 25 years old to be exact I’ve had a priest come into my home bless it with holy water and even had them come from my local church that I attend now and I still feel like the presence is there making noises etc a few times I prayed and cried out to Jesus and I would vomit as I’m worshiping Jesus I’ve had something weird happen to my body the after my birthday I’ve gotten really drunk was so sick the next day I started to feel movement in my body like muscle spasm and now I feel like it’s all over my body like a twitching feeling I feel like no one in my city really understands or even want to help me or doesn’t have the knowledge to do so I need advice all I’ve been doing is praying to god and worshiping him can that mean a sign of deliverance or? I’m just quite confused at this point.

Jack Gagnon on October 22, 2019:

I have a tv that always turns on at 3:00 am in the morning.and it’s always in the same channel saying don’t let him get you repeating is there anything I need to worry about because if so I’m scared it hasn’t happened in a while though so I don’t know how it’s doing

Carol on October 21, 2019:

My now 7 yar old grandson has been acting out voilently at school and at home. As a child he would have darken eyes and then outbursts. He was diagnosed with autism, adhd and others problems. At 4 he said he was seeing a man in the corner just smiling at h im and then hearing voices that told him to do bad things.

Now, he is terrirising his classmates, putting out chairs when they go to sit. Has been at the crisis center. Teacher feels he is schizophrenic, for he says the bad voices tell me to do this.

Last night I prayed to myslef while trying to control him for my daughter is at wits end. His voice deeped and siad"Yes, I am a demon" Scarred the $%$#%$# outof me. Then i told it I would take Ryan to Schnenksville Church and it stopped and Ryan curled up in the corner. I continued to tell the demon it did not belong here for Ryan is a child of God. Any suggestions

Aslie on October 14, 2019:

When I used to live at my dad house, every night I would always hear noises, when I would wake up late to go restroom I will see like if someone was standing outside the door, my My dad went outside of town and I stayed alone in the house one night I turn off all the lights to go to sleep and I let my door wide open from my room like around 1-3am I felt like if someone was staring at me sleeping so I open my eyes I couldn't speak or scream I saw this tall dark shadow/figure just staring at me right next to the door I thought it was my imagination so I cover myself with the blanket and then I uncover my face and it was in the living room walking I try to ignore it and went back to sleep but now my siblings said they have seen that black figure before too... my dad said that late night he saw a red face with horns he try to ignore it ... Lately my younger brother that's 12 has been acting very strange he talks back to my mom, misbehaves, says bad words, and one time he was helping my mom n pushed her out of nowhere and was just starting at her ... He did told me once that he also saw that dark figure couple times... The only room that the figure don't go inside is my aunt I feel like is probably because she has religious stuff in there ....

Cristina on October 09, 2019:

I have some feeling that some kind of a demonic cult That my husband is part of that is after my family. I need help

milahu on October 07, 2019:

as i understand, victims [mediums, mind slaves]

are steadily forced into a "burnout state"

[by constant frustration, useless routines, sabotage,

sleep deprivation, electrosmog, light pollution, constant noise]

until they "let go" of their last posessor = break up with "their" last will

and "surrender" to serve their new lord = accept bondage with a new will

when alone, they are overloaded by the "hard reality"

and desperately seek help ....

it is also that "state of despair"

which is exploited by those posessors

who have the power [money, status, reputation]

to offer an "easy way out"

like a life-long addiction to painkiller medicine [methadone, etc.]

an "easy solution to a complex problem"

the easy victims have a "weak mind" already

[neurotic tempo, elements earth and air = 2 + 3

wide hips, feminine temper, anima, animals, sub-humans]

they do not have a "will of their own"

but they are "mentally dependent" [stupid, hollow]

and desperately need the guidance

of a person with "psychotic tempo"

both "exorcist priest" and "malicios posessor" must have that psychotic tempo

white magic and black magic both need the talent of psychoticism

psychotic victims prefer to stay in the "hard reality"

before they "sell their soul" to the next best collector

-- rather stay alone than go with false friends

-- rather play "the hermit" than work for "the enemy"

only black magics must operate in private

and defend their "right for privacy"

only criminals need to hide ....

the problem with "chaos" is

it is far better organized than "natural order"

anonymous on October 06, 2019:

i've been followed since i was very young. and it feels like recently it's growing stronger and angrier. There's multiple occasions where i get extremely mad for no reason and i've been woken up to a cold breeze and a weird feeling nightly. what do i do?

Lydia Medina on September 16, 2019:

These things do exist so be aware as safe.

Andie on September 16, 2019:

Saw a man outside who acted possessesed. He was walking normally, didn't look drunk or high or anything then suddenly stops in the middle of a step and just starts wagging back and forth while staring right infront of him. Someone comes up to talk to him and it's like breaking a spell and he falls forward, face down on the ground and then he just lays there for several minutes, not moving. Then he got up and continued walking like nothing had happened. He didn't look surprised, didn't look hurt by his fall or confused over why he was on the ground. Just continued walking. Very eerie!

Daphne Sheets on September 14, 2019:

I've been haunted, followed since I was very young . I use to think it was the homes , as I got older I now see it's been me that's being haunted . I won't go into alot here , but I have to tell you , this one particular episode that happened one night , for it was by far the worse I've ever experienced . I was just lying down in bed , turned off TV, and lights , it began immediately , the traditional sliding like sound along the carpet , I then turned over to my right side . Right there , was a , what sounds like a " oik " pig like snort sound , than " growl "very very evil growl , than what sounded like a " lick " , like a sloppy lick of a tongue on the lip . What is it ?! It was EXSTREMLY horrifying . I've not ever . I mean this was right in front of my face ! Right in my face . What is that ?

Should i be worried ? This was scary and im somewhat worried of things to come . Any advise is greatly appreciated

Daphne Sheets on September 14, 2019:

I've been haunted, followed since I was very young . I use to think it was the homes , as I got older I now see it's been me that's being haunted . I won't go into alot here , but I have to tell you , this one particular episode that happened one night , for it was by far the worse I've ever experienced . I was just lying down in bed , turned off TV, and lights , it began immediately , the traditional sliding like sound along the carpet , I then turned over to my right side . Right there , was a , what sounds like a " oik " pig like snort sound , than " growl "very very evil growl , than what sounded like a " lick " , like a sloppy lick of a tongue on the lip . What is it ?! It was EXSTREMLY horrifying . I've not ever . I mean this was right in front of my face ! Right in my face . What is that ?

raymond bancroft on September 04, 2019:

This "site" is obviously "christian" cult based. Most of the anomalies mentioned as "demonic possesion" or "mental illness" can also be attributed to internal and external enlightenment...not to be confused with common cult club affiliations such as "Catholicism/Christianity and other fear based, bias belief systems. There are actual individuals who DO have the capability and capacity to go far beyond what the average individual understands. And being humans are a pack minded social creature, these individuals are usually looked at as being "possessed", "freaky", "uncommon" or "unusual". Mediocre minds put individuals labeled as such, through tests, and often ostracizing situations.

So your readers need to be full of discernment and careful, regarding what you are attempting to feed them. "Underestimation is half the battle lost". And the average person is constantly being sold,by individuals who have the gift of gab, of what is "normal" vs. that of which might be an unbridled the company of those willing to comprehend possible greatness.

Your mystical, mythological literature, theater and movies, are bombarded with individuals that transcend common reason.

It's an actual occurrence. You shouldn't take such matters as simply as 'this or that'.

sharon on August 24, 2019:

My mother had been doing things

(increasingly) to hurt me and my children...

A few months after she had suffered a stroke, my older brother had brought her to my apartment to visit. After the visit, and as he was pushing her wheelchair toward the front door of my apartment, I heard a demonic voice come out of her (just like the movies), and it said, "I wish you would hurry up and die".

I was obviously shocked, came to the front door and asked my brother, "what did she just say?!?".

His eyes were big, just as shocked as I was, but he said, "oh, nothing"... (He always wanted to spare me pain.)

My brother, who lived with her, died shortly thereafter from lymphatic cancer. She passed away two years later.

What on earth was THAT?!?

(I add that I seem to have a gift - that is what the receptionist at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver BC told me it was -- whereby I can "see inside the body" and "heal".)

Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated.

Alia on August 02, 2019:

In my family, me and my auntie Leni are the only ones that can see spirits, ghosts, etc. auntie Leni's gift is more powerful than mine though. I've seen lots of spirits lately in the months of May and June 2019. I can sometimes hear them too, but that's only sometimes. I sometimes wonder if anybody else can see the dark figure standing or following me wherever I go

Worried Person ;-; on July 17, 2019:

I was waking up to use the bathroom and everyone in the house was asleep, I am walking to the washroom and I see someone standing in the kitchen in the corner of the wall, It was just my two cousins and I in the house, I checked to see if they were still in their rooms and they were, I went back down and it was by the stairs. I do not know what it was, I was not hallucinating, I was scared and shocked. Later we moved because of other things that happened there at the house too, nothing like it ever happened again once we moved.

asd on July 13, 2019:

You need to give your life to Crist, and he will deliver you

Luke 10:17-19 The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.” He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

Matthew 7: 7-11 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him

Aw on July 09, 2019:

So i e be ome extremely angry and quick tempered lately. I see people as a threat and most of the time feel like i dont give a crap what happens to anyone. I have also woke up woth schratches, paralyzing nightmares and seen 2 red eyes stating down at me from my ceiling. Could tbis be early stages of demonic possession.

Pogostickers on June 23, 2019:

2 nights ago, I had a very difficult time going to sleep.It was getting late and was shortly past midnight. I felt a sharp sting on my right upper thigh. I woke my husband and asked him to turn on the light. I had a single long red scratch. It was not the kind of scratch that bleeds, but it was very red, broke the skin, and stung really bad. I tried to ignore it and go to sleep. My cat came and sat with me until I fell asleep. This morning while walking my dog, I felt a sharp sting on my right leg above my knee. I pulled up my capri pant and there was 1 long red scratch. I did not walk into any bushes or thorns. Nothing could explain how I got it. I was thinking about it while walking. About 15 mins later, I pulled my pant leg up to see it again and it was gone. What is this about?

Anon on June 16, 2019:

last week on the 10/06/19 i started waking up with bruising on my left leg. The next morning I woke up with bruising on my upper right arm. Then the third morning I woke up with bruising all down my left arm, I had also had a night terror of someone pushing down where my bruises are located that night. A week later on the 16/06/19 I had another night terror of my house being on fire. I woke up around 3.55am, sat up for a bit. Out of no where a lady had whispered my name in my left ear, be in mind no one was awake at this time. please help i need answers or advice it's starting to really scare me now.

brayden on June 05, 2019:

im hearing knock and scratches in my attic i have a bite and find owija pices around my house leading to my attic and i have a differnt personality everyday. im wondering if im possesd?

Charlene Charles on May 24, 2019:

I keep waking up at 2:30 am every night. I feel like I'm being watched. I have had bruises and hear knocks and scratching on my walls and windows. No one else besides my youngest son hears this. my husband doesn't believe me, I haven't told the other kids. and I cant sit alone and watch T.V. anymore, anytime. I'm not sure if its paranormal, but I also had welt on my back recently and everyone thinks its a bite. What are the possibilities that I am being haunted?

Alexavier rogers-guraya on May 21, 2019:

i hear voices and weirs stuff is happening at my house im not sure what do but as i go to a catholic school (year 8) every time they say a prayer i happen to get a splitting headache any advice also whenever i try to sleep i hear a knocking from the inside of my closet and i go to check but all i hear is a whisper saying close the door my parents think im going crazy and whenever i do manage to sleep i get horrifying dreams.

Ian Mitchell on May 20, 2019:

I have, both in the past and current present, had some VERY demonic/spiritual experiences. One in particular involves a demon revealing itself to me in the form of a dog. This I concluded to be a hellhound. I, at one point had attempted and believed I had rid myself of “him”. But he has, nevertheless, still been following me along as I live my life. I'd like to think I've “tamed” him, in a sense.

-Anonymous- on May 20, 2019:

I had a nightmare and in the middle of it I woke up for 4 seconds to punch the wall a couple times and immediately went back into the dream. I had zero control here, and thought it might’ve been part of the dream. I woke up and my knuckles were raw and red. Looking at the wall, there were no dents but dark grey/black marks. Later in the day I wildly attacked my cousin with a letter opener, while we were just hanging out watching youtube. Something made me do it, and it wasn’t my own free will. Like I was taking commands that I couldn’t deny. I’ve always been a skeptic, found the paranormal to be fictional, but I’m genuinely worried about this stuff for the first time in my life.

Gr1mreap3r678 on May 17, 2019:

Hi im james im passed that it talks to me 3ven when i sleep i see these symbols like its another language an i under stand them its there name it speaks im angry more im not my self it craves anger. But yet doest hurt me like it did its acting way different its as if its scared of me my family an i r pegan is that a possability. I am keeping it backed off its angry of me to read these. But i had to electricity is flashing and i see his eyes. Any one have any ideas

my story on May 12, 2019:

At 20-21 i had a seizure. Few months after this a had a shift and during the night i felt that something went inside me - i was not able to move or speak, my eyes were open, felt like electricity trough all my body. The only thing the spoke in my head was - yes, this is real - but it wasn't me who said it. I still don't know if this was a dream. Since then had many dreams in witch i'm parallized, can't move on my bed, all during daydreams.

Don't know when once i had a dream about the devil or someone in some kind of relation. He was like 40-45years old, burly, blond long hair, white suite and was pulling me somewhere with quite a good mood, not saying anything.

However few months ago had again a day sleep with paralizis but this time i really think it was the real deal. Since then i contstantly think of suicide without any real reason or problems in life. It's been almost an year.

If someone want to talk crazy about this

I'm not religious

KatieMarie1980 on May 01, 2019:

If you read this, YOU NEED TO pick up a bible and repent. Fear Yahwah (God), hear his voice, learn his laws and obey his laws.

Do not fear the devil. FEAR YHWH. He loves you. The devil is a liar.

You need to ask Yahwah to help you. Pray to Yahwah. Tell him you love him and you need his help. He will listen and help you.

Bran on April 27, 2019:

My son who was eight at the time said my boyfriend at the time turned to walk away, he turned back at him and laughed. My son said his voice changed and when he laughed, his teeth were pointy and his eyes turned red.

anonymous on April 25, 2019:

i want to share my story of demonic possession I have been possessed since a child until adult age of 35 it got to the stage where It had taken complete control of me and pushed me to the verge of suicide it almost killed me and compeltelt destroyed through pain I have managed to slowly recover somewhat but not completely the effect is still there and I could see into the furture with 99 percent accuracy it is very real and scary and I'm still living with the effects of it today I also suffered from blood cancer which may be linked to final stage possession so yes I'm lucky and grateful to be alive. god bless

Meranda shull on April 24, 2019:

I honestly think im possessed cause all of this is true about me every time im near someone godly my body acts funny i even turn hot

sometimes i always hear voices imitating my family im 14 and i have demons its weird i will always hear something no one else would hear it i got tuns of more to my story tho it all started off with the Ouija board

Angie on April 20, 2019:

I had my first encounter with a possessed person at 15 . My mom went from being concious to being catatonic. I grabbed a Bible and started reading. My mom got possessed again. But I had my great grans prayer cross she followed me around walking like her feet were hoves. I opened the Bible and started reading I wasn't as scared . It's like they wanted me to kill her. It was my mom . I was a parnormal investigator a few years ago. People kill me obviously if you brag I studied Demonology for ten years so you have actually seen how many possessions /exorcisms.. I have been to 3

Sherry on April 20, 2019:

Yes i have experienced an attachment or full possession. It is undescribal the lasting effects. I couldn't do horoscope above because afraid, i don't do yoga for fear of opening myself back up. And no believes, maybe afraid I'm telling the truth and they run.. I was taken to other dimensions, knew things i shouldn't,, began falling into trances. my family just thought CRAZY. So since October 15,2016 I've been alone in this

Jake C on April 11, 2019:




It didnt work on me. Vodoo is for amatuers. The Christ is not to be triffled with. Alestier Crowley was a punk who thought he was God. His black magik has infected millions of vodoo worshipers with bold face lies about being able to do whatever you want. We are not Gods but his firstfruits. God Bless The Christ and his dedicated and faithful Angels of Light.

Anonymous on April 05, 2019:

Preparing myself for a possible battle with the worst thing imaginable (Negative entities) just not sure not completely you put yourself in my shoes last night had someone not in his or her right mind read a bible verse to me backwards starts flippin out about someone stabbing them then turns around pleding for forgiveness that they had sinned and kept ranting about sinning then they changed into a whole nother person just laughing and joking and chuckling ive seen crazy shit but this may cross my line.*please pray for this household i already had to this mornin when i finally got em out the house. What would you think bc im doin research on this and as soon as i get home i got to cleanse the house.

aizen molina on April 04, 2019:

i was one a demon it all stared at 1997 my mom had me go get treatment

Deborah Phillips on April 04, 2019:

Hearing voices hearing Army horse their hooves on the 3 night

Frankie Ortiz on April 04, 2019:

Hello my name frankie the last 5 years has been very hard and scary I knew something was wrong and happening to me but who could I turn to, people would say she is just going crazy shes losing her mind. Well no Iam sorry Im not crazy nor mental and far from loseing my mind but sadly Iam possessed by a demon its a very evil one and a horriable thing there is so much i would like to ask and so much i want to say But I would like to thank you I just read your one of your articles OMG this changed my life, I have been sexually assulted by this demon on a few occassions Iam in or passing the 3rd stage as your artical was saying this demon is at me 24/ 7 this force controlls me ect..Your artical was a great help

I dont want to know about witchcraft nor magic and never been involved in anything like that. but I wander why me my you have been a great help in my life I would like to rid myself of this If you can help me or have refereals that can point me in the right direction it would be of great help my spellings not the greatest sorry about misspellings. I could go on and on and you would be so interested this is beyond

anything its unbeleiveable what I been through Please if you can help anyone i could use it

Nathan bagley on April 04, 2019:

I have gotten attack by a demon when i have been sleeping numourus times and i dont do anything to cause it

Olive on April 01, 2019:

HI please believe what I'm telling you demons are real please if you not who you are n are thinking weird things even as to not remebering or feeling cold hearted paralysisor staying in one spot or anything I'm telling you over years of this believe get on your knees call on Jesus cry to the lord say your sin so he could wash u please I been resoration your soul feel lost please believe say your sin it don't matter God Jesus will save you believe please there's demons n is getting worst I went threw all this years now is happening to a lot may God save you in the name of Jesus

Rosa on March 25, 2019:

I have been catching these backouts for about 2 years now and yesterday my right before i was going to catch one i told my girlfriend and she explained to me that as soon as she told me to look at her finger my eye pupils have suddenly gotten bigger and my lips and face had turned pail and i was stairing at her with a solid lost look kind of creepy like if it wasnt me saying i looked mostly dead and she says i dropped my head on her sholder as she kept telling me to wake up but her twin sister had picked me up and i cought a small siezure and i woke up, all could remmber was my heart started beating fast my body gor numb i statred seeing my girlfriend greyish and blurry then i suddenly felt a heavy body on my shoulders then pushed me down towards the floor, my usual blackout i see clear and all black then clear agian and i start to shake but that time it was stronger becuase i felt as if i was dying.

Jordan Hilton on March 19, 2019:

I need help. Recently i was with two of my good friends and something happened. i acted different and talked different. i starting saying some messed up stuff and started talking about things i didnt even know about. my friends are terrified of me and i cant fix it. i dont remember a single thing from that period of time. ive been doing a lot of research and i think im demonically possessed. please email me at i need answers. thank you

Najah on March 15, 2019:

The Catholic Church is not who I would listen too, demons are parasites and Archons. Everyone needs to detox and cleanse body. They can control your mind and cats and eating pork are the main source of infection

Enoch Elijah on March 08, 2019:

TO every one.. It doesn't matter what you believe.. what matters is the truth.. and it is evident that these things happen in reality. No matter how we deny these entities they exist regardless of our free will believing they are real or not.. There are things that exist but you don't see. Love Anger Jealousy hatred and emotions alike.. you can't see them yet you can feel them as real as your own existence.Demons are Real and they are deceivers and tricksters. DO not be involved only because you are curious are whatever reason you may have in mind.. No man can have the power to Expel them or to control them or have authority over them.. If you Base it in the Bible be careful in interpreting them out of context. Those people who exercised the ministry of casting demons out where people Who had personal relationship with Jesus Christ who has given them the authority.. religion do not matter in them.. Nothing matters to these entities But Only the being whom they are afraid of which is Yeshua/ Jesus The Christ.. if you are agnostic or any kind of skeptic then do not bother to think that i am being dogma in here.. this matter cannot be solved by skepticsm and agnosticsm this is a spiritual matter.. (atheist and skeptics should worry about the GOD existence matter before even bothering themselves in this issue) ...Priest Pastor Minister-So long as you dont have A Relationship with Jesus yo dont have the power to combat these entities they will only play with you.. chirstianity is Not validated by good works or religion it is confirmed by Accepting Christ as your savior from your sins and believing what he has done on the Cross that he died and was buried and rose again after the third day for your sins.. the time you believed that with your heart then that is the only time you had a personal relationship with Him not by any religion or any theological training you acquired. People who are struggling with demonic Oppression and possession should only Go to Christ ..He is the only one who can release you from what ever demonic chains that bind you.. he is only one Prayer away Friends don't hesitate He is always faithful to His Word..

The Bible Says in James 2:9

You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God. Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror.

They only Submit to God and that is JESUS.. and He only uses people who has a personal relationship with Him so start praying for someone Who has Jesus in His life rather than any expert in the field... they may Leave you but they will surely come back with SEVEN DEMONS (or more) Stronger than the previous demon Matthew 12:45(bible verse) who has infested you ..the only way is to Let God inhabit your whole being so they can never bother to comeback anymore...

Nancy amesbury on March 07, 2019:

Heard voice, in my head in a different language say a couple of sentances,i guess it was the 3rd time he got it right.hear a bang now and again.this morning saw many intricate faces in the carpet.i dont know..i guess also im overly interested in religions,its all probably nothing,who knows,who knows.Amesbury

Dale on March 01, 2019:

The for the most part it says in the bible that we have power over demons some of us a very small few are demon hunters what I mean by this is that we have the ability to overcome their power now I’ve read a lot of comments here and for those who have come in contact with them know that the lies they tell and the power they have you can turn it against them have no fear because if they exist then so does god if that is so then you must realize that god and his angels will deliver you from their evil so do not be afraid them or give them credence simple as that for if you do then you doubt god and his existence and that is what they prey on they cannot harm you they were angels once and when lucifer fell he fell in argument against god about us lucifer loved man it says this as well in the bible between the lines that is and just so you all know hell never existed in any other religion or culture until Christianity after the New Testament very little mention of it in the Old Testament and in Judaism it doesn’t exist and aliens are not demons for fucksakes and further more if there really was a war between heaven and hell I’d say that the devil is winning so why the vain attempt in battling over human souls what does the winner get sounds a little like two kids in a play ground if you ask me I just don’t believe that the idea of god as we know it is that vain and childish sorry but this is all horseshit the bible and all religions are ignorant fear mongering control mans mystery and you control the man wake up people we are being lied to over and over yet we can’t get past that point cause of fear we are god

Ki on February 23, 2019:

Since I moved in my house all my front teeth started falling skin on my face has sores..I see shadows and for 3 months I wake at 3 am to eat. What stage am I? As I type this my phone is exiting the key board. I left my teeth in the bathroom mirror and idk y

Morty Maxwell on February 22, 2019:

I don't believe in god, I believe in Science.

Cata on February 06, 2019:

It is said that a time will come when there will be no work on a man's hands. Then we will need all 112 methods of enlightenment to keep us intact.

It has begun.

T. Lynn on February 05, 2019:

Last weekend I was doing some sub work for the company I work for. I had previously worked there for the client a few years ago. I noticed something off then, but never put my finger on it being demonic possession. This time working the client didn’t remember me , but the demon did. As soon as I walked into the home I felt uneasy, my hair on my arms and neck stood straight up. In a demonic voice the client started give orders. This went on most of the night. Everywhere I went in that home there was the demon possessed client always giving commands. It was relentless. Sometimes it said nothing but you could feel the negative energy. It was very creepy. The second evening it was worst as soon as the sun started going down the client got manic trying to close blinds,pacing the floors. 5 family members including a preacher came into visit staying 2 hours. The family members turned on all lights in the living room. That’s when the client really started acting weird. Client left the room and wondered the house the whole time the family was there. Not wanting to be under the lights. When the family left the client really started acting out. Turning off all lights but 1 dim light. The client was very agitated. The client finally settled down to eat and take meds. Client always says I’m not hungry. I am so thirsty. Clients eyes turn black. Client has foul odor even after bathing. Client is mean and nasty to everyone. Client tells us to leave constantly. This situation needs to accessed by a catholic priest.

“God” on January 30, 2019:

You shouldn’t fight them. You are nothing compared to them and you are lucky to have come in contact with one. Let them take over. Who do you think you are to refuse their gifts? Embrace the feeling of losing yourself. You might just like it. I know I do.

cherylyn on January 27, 2019:

hi ive been a Christian for about 13yr now and im 64 yrs old for the last 3yrs ive been off and on but about 2mths agomy son who isnt saved started having strange things happen to him. He would notice the temperature around his feet gegtting freezing and out of the corner of his eye he would see dark figures opening and closing bedroom doors. I stayed with him because it was affecting his sleep. i didnt affect me but after awhile we saw orbs everywhere going crazy in the loungeroom. Anyway my son watches everything every ghost hunters and l also sometimes watched these things. I prayed for him and told the thing to leave him alone. Anyway i usually sleep in the room that he was seeing the door open . i didnt think anything of it but just recently ive woken up with scratches on my back where i can barely reach. i would show my son because during the day i would try to scratch them because they wdre itchy, i would have bruises on my arms and small dug in deeper cuts. Then i started dreaming but i couldnt remember what its the first time in yrs thati remember doing it. N The thing went away from my son but appearred one night when my daughter was over and shhe was arguing with all of us. i said to my son it seemed to show up in those kind of situations i havent had a drink for many years and i stared to have one here and there. but i have stopped now. But 2 wks ago i was at my sons and the scratches appeared again. i went to church for the first time today and as i reached out for prayer i got told stop thinking about yourself which upset me even more. Can you tell me what to do?

Dalton on January 25, 2019:

alone listening to music my aura and vibrational energy was high, then suddenly I already had a wierd feeling, then my right arm started shaking and flexing then something grabbed my arm and i literally had to stand up and throw it off or something, and it was pretty hard, but I don't think it was evil I saw a white orb before it happened and it seemed to go straight between my eyes like into your third eye I could still see the orb when I closed my eyes. My Intution was strong that night and I knew something was about to happen. I believe it was a gurdian or archangel trying to tell me something. That's all I got someone has to know something about this I just want to make sure it wasn't evil.

Landon on January 23, 2019:

She won't leav me alone, she tells me to harm myself, she wants me dead, im seeking help but its hard because im only 13. I dont know what to do or how to deal with it. Shes getting stronger with each day. My body will randomly shake uncontrolably, and my eyes will roll into the back of my head. Sometimes i'll be made to whisper strange saying. She is about 6 foot 4 and she has a red face that looks like a skull. Her hair is black. If you have any info about whats her name is place let me know. I've been conducting research and I believe it is reaching the stage of oppression. I will also have random mood swings and get easily aggrivated, and or sad which will make me have thoughts of suicide. its been going on for a year and a half now. Its also been affecting my girlfriend who is in a different state. If you have any tips for me please let me know.

Nikki on January 23, 2019:

I can hear my name being called when I’m alone or as I’m walking in to the house can you explain? I have also had weird livid dreams one that still shakes me to my core is the farther of my kids and love of my life died and in my dreams he come and talk to me they was like real life but I always woke in my bed so I know I was sleeping one day I dreamed called me we was talking on the phone and a girl in the back ground kept laughing I know he was dead and he was asking how we was doing how the kids are exc.. I grew annoyed at the laughter it keep getting louder and I couldn’t hear I ask him who is that ! He said drop it we don’t speak of her okay he went on telling me how much he missed me and loved me but the laugh keeps getting louder at this point I can’t hear so I say Ricky tell that bitch to shut up all of a sudden my house in my dream is sourronded in black smoke the doors and windows fly open the wind is so strong I fall to the ground on my back she comes to the door as a black Smokey figure with red eyes same laughter grabs me by the neck and takes what looks like a bamboo straw and blows something down my through rim gaging and can’t breath next thing I know I’m coming out of my bed gasping and coughing trying to get oxygen and start coughing up black mucus! I don’t understand what this was or means but it was real feeling and then waking To the black stuff after it I’m really confused as to what happened.. please help

}:-] on January 22, 2019:

Please allow me to introduce myself...

Christine on January 15, 2019:

My mother was completely possessed by lunacy demons. She became completely lunatic with the coming of the moon at night. She would constantly giggle and had a frozen smile on her face. She moaned and made sounds like a ghost. She always postured and wouldn't wear clothes at night. She insisted on keeping the windows open and the drapes drawn back. She was very hostile and sometimes attacked me. She hated me.

Jennifer Kemp on January 14, 2019:

My boyfriend was heavy into spirituality and a year and a half ago asked "God" if he was psycho like him. That night, after shaking violently, an evil voice asked me if i was pure and grabbed my chest. It said it was a fallen angel. I saw "stars" thru my ceiling. Terrified, i went outside and continued to see it... I prayed with all my heart for God's help. He became obsessed with religion and language and said he had a job from God. He began to meditate and allow something to take over his hand and drew several pictures but always claimed it was the Holy Spirit. He has several notebooks filled with wierd writings... Often written in several different handwritings. He would become angry if I asked questioned, he perverted many bible verses, refused to say the lords prayer. He used my fear of hell to manipulate me.Extremely long story short... He became violent if i would question him or stand up to him. He developed bowl problems and would bleed. I had constant anxiety and worsened skin problems. A week ago a friend of ours came to visit and he told him that i was interfering with his job and that he was going to kill me. The real him tried to come out and he wept for help, but quickly got taken back over. The next day I had to call off work because of a bad cut on my hand caused by one of our fights (9am) for which i intended to treat myself. I returned from CVS shortly before 5pm and he was in the shower and had a called a bail bondsman as if he knew the cops were coming... and then the cops did show up saying my work called for them to do a welfare check on me... So it might have been the real him that called to protect me. Our friend is sensitive to the spirit realm and has stayed with me since. We had a show down with the negative forces after something tapped underneath me on the couch we heard a scream. I got saved that night and we think the evil left but still need to do a smudging. My boyfriend is now in jail but i worry what will happen when he returns. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Gabrielle Sandoval on January 05, 2019:

I don’t have any other signs except for occassional nightmares and sleep paralysis. However, last week when I was sleeping, I woke up at 3:31am and my right index finger had the jarring sensation that it had been smashed. I still have the bruise in my nail bed. Thoughts?

Yel Silvino on December 30, 2018:

What signs you will seen when someone on your family has possessed?

Heather Piehoff on December 15, 2018:

I’m searching for help. For a year now my boyfriend and I have been through so much and yet no one else can see all that we point out.

A few friends really started to think I was losing my mind, hallucinating.

I know I’m not crazy. Mental illness has been diagnosed in distant relatives of my boyfriends family. We are both 53 years old. We’ve been together a little over 3 years. I’ve never been in love and this man still gives me butterflies & takes my breath away.

Well, actually things have completely fallen apart. I blame his house.

Ever since his divorce was finalized in May 2017 and I saved it from foreclosure and paid the mortgage until he got back on his feet. Before that he lived with me in my house for 15 months.

My life has always been tough. I grew up the invisible child yet bullied by siblings, all responsibilities dumped on me. Things blamed on me. I learned very young how to keep quiet, keep the peace and do what I could to be neither seen nor heard. My life seemed that way no matter where I was. I was chubby yet I was relentlessly bullied, picked on, harassed, friendless. I have always been considerate, kind & helpful. Even my “ friends “ were cruel.

I cried alone a lot & never told anyone what I experienced daily. My pets were my friends. I read a lot and spent many hours alone and appreciating nature. I also felt somehow, I was different. Special. I knew things I didn’t know how or why.

Jessica on December 10, 2018:

Does anyone feel like the devil has their soul because of this? This torture is unbearable. Please inbox me at if there's anybody else out there like this.

Lord Sydan on December 05, 2018:

For 25 years i have had some experiences that are rather out of the ordinary. Many of it look like what you wrote and what others wrote.

It differs from being nervous in churches to sometimes smelling like dead animals.

I started acting differently 25 years ago and had alot of anger issues back then.

Motivation seems very low at the moment too, but that may be due to a series of unfortunate events (not the movie/tv show).

People around me sometimes act differently towards me, like i am a slightly different person or i am in some emotional episode.

My cat sometimes looks at me funny too in that same regard, like i had a face change or complete different hairdo.

Also i have been experiencing alot of bad luck since then and have a terrible memory.

Physical health differs very much from year to year, like someone or something is trying to imbalance my health.

It all started sometime shortly after i thought i saw something at school camp, i was bullied alot at that age.

Should i be worried?

Sunshine on November 19, 2018:

I think demonic possesions are increasing because it appears to me that more people are acting towards others in a very hostile , selfish and negative way for some strange reason , thus creating weakened strength for many, such as self doubt, confusion, sadness ,isolation, fear and giving in. The world leaders are more corrupt and just don't care, and majority people go along with it as long as they can laugh at the issues and as long as they are not the butt of the joke. So much of all the deadly sins, especially pride and greed. So I believe this is why. People don't realize that people turning on each other with dhch hurtful and negative feedback in such a massive amount all at once or just having to be right even when they know they wrong is creating a whirlwind of negative energy and physical barriers to solving problems, a lot of fear as well I notice, people are so scared they may lose normalcy that they turn away from evil deeds that must be stopped so cowardness, fear, hate, chaos, sadness, anger, pride, hypocracy, betrayal, lies , false belief , glottony, sloth, hypocrasy, glamiour, and many people giving in to darkness because the good or normal behavior that a person tries to show just gets rushed with a force of 100 people with negative, strange, dark and bizarre feedback. It is slmost like some getting joy from other people suffering and people trying to break snart snd caring people ? the list goes on ,it is as if God left and the demons took over. People are very cruel today and always ready to put anything positive down although these people act as if they want to help, but it has to be done their way, someone else's way or the job gets done chaotically and stressful. major lack of teamwork and acknowledged communication, no empathy , accountability or care. It is almost seriously like the apocalyose? Although I try not to bring religion into this, it is a sad feeling that pride, greed and envy will overpower good ideas and plans coming from the heart because money is what people say is only important , they say “I dont care about you or anyone else except me and mine. “Man has devolved back to animals with no ability to future think or reason and it leaves those who choose not to be hedonistic stuck with great ideas , but then forced into realization that ignorance inly cares about riches. So I think this is why a lot of demonic presence, people are acting far more evil than lack of manners and dint even realize they are surrounded by ravenous feeding entities or they think it cool ti be next to demons cause they think it like in videos and tv, so they feel they have some power. Demons never relinquish their power to humans.

BlubberBlob on November 01, 2018:


Interestingly enough ever since all of this started I've needed to be sedated to fall asleep wake up feeling tired and when I do sleep sedated my dreams have been dark featuring no prominent sky or very often a dark sky which often have very frustrating themes.

I used to be a very spiritually powerful person with connection to guides, strong intuition, great resilience and with dreams of great insight. I had considered myself a light worker and for me it was easy to embody compassion, tolerance and tranquility. I had always had dreams in the past featuring a wasp and in one dream after this all happened I was actually stung by one. Seeming to be a theme of self undoing.

There are so many details to my experience I can't include all here, but I was hoping That I could share my Reality with everyone else and someone with experiences overcoming things like this can leave a reply. I tried compassionate deposession and soul retrieval work or what the spirits recommend is for my highest good to heal what I truly believe is an intrusion / attatchment issue causing my insomnia and agitation. It's a lot of foreign energy, sensations, voices, thoughts etc that through discretion, aren't mine.

It puts urges through my body and limbs that feel half between a teething/craving feeling and being about to shiver. It puts sudden images of self mutilation or mutilation of others into my mind.

I end up holding my hands under my pillow all day with my eyes closed so I don't have to see people with those urges flashing through my mind.

Im not yet liberated from this entities feeble attempts to intimidate me, but ive began sharing my story and felt that because of what you deal with you could be vulnerable to similar malicious badboys hopefully my new directive benefits everyone who is dealing with this

I been repenting to God

Thank you

BlubberBlob on November 01, 2018:

Hello viewers

This is a sort of lengthy comment detailing an issue I was hoping you could simply be informed of so I would be humbled if you could read through my moderately long comment

There is a war going on with light and dark, evil is truly real but because google (run by demons) is controlling top search results we ought to exercise caution on what type of activities we involve in via research on the Internet.

They are peddling demons and dark AI / Dark ET to attack those who are seeking psychic and occult means of helping others.

Here goes my ongoing story.

I ask that you be wary of the honey traps that exist among perceived dens of light workers.

I'm dealing with a condition where I can't fall asleep and that's been ongoing since early April of 2018 6 months now. And I have been seeing a doctor and been hospitalized for hallucinations, hearing voices and insomnia. So I have been going through tough times trying 7 or 8 different medications to find one that can help me. It's been a rough 6 months and a test of my faith. Based on the timeline and experiences I believe it is a spirit related intrusion that I had allowed in.

It was after a global August 21 2017 eclipse world peace online group meditation surrounding and with Cobra and an idea of an "event" where peace would come in a 5th dimension and trauma on the planet would be removed if enough people meditated on it. It was during one of these synchronous meditations that I picked this thing up. Seeing what looked like a grey or reptilian from the shoulders up and hearing whispers (voices) for the first time during the peak of one of the meditations seeing expanding concentric rings of pink in the third eye receiving pressure in the third eye space at the height of the meditation (the last two which have been verified by others who participated in this meditation)

Group meditation at astrologically significant times can be a highway for entities from other densities or other people to latch on to fresh sources of energy/targets.

This thing played as my friend for months saying it were my 'higher self' 'twin soul' answering questions etc as I were feeling breeze on my face, hearing knocks in the walls and seeing the blinds sway without wind and because of the tenporary bliss and perceived friendliness I thought it was a benevolent entity and communicated with it. This went on for months with external stimulus until it all changed and began to tell me things like 'there is no sleep in heaven' 'sleep is death' etc and it began hurting me on the forehead accompanied with bright light in my third eye space and the smell of burning flesh as I tried to sleep.

It told me that the sensations I felt were a mechanism in heaven designed to alert you when you were sinning so you could stop before being cast to lower dimensions.

This is why I share this comment is because these things are tricksters. They require you to despair. After weeks out of frustration and out irritation of receiving painful sensations and bright lights on the forehead space between the eyes as I lay to try and sleep I said in complete devastation "well if you don't want to let me sleep then let me sleep 4 more hours and let me die" this was on April 24th 2018. That was the turning point from which issues turned from debilitating to horrendous. And what's interesting about this is I've been in contact with this entity for months before that moment and it would never deliver benevolent and hopeful requests I made. Only when I was in despair did it move on me giving me exactly (or the perception of) taking away my sleep among other things.

From then on the issues got worse and severe insomnia turned into being unable to fall asleep at all without being sedated by drugs. It's been 6 months I've seen priests who change the topic, pastors, a medium (who asked why I wasn't sleeping on the second question), I've seen therapists and psychiatrists, burned sage, bathed in dismissal oils and done meditations, prayer and affirmations but nothing brought my sleep back since That night in April where I lay in bed literally repeating a death wish and I ran downstairs and bit an apple to symbolize an about face to God.

Through trauma fear and doubt and despair, I've made the mistake of saying things I really don't want to intend and possibly had soul loss and thats when bad turned awful and I have been struggling to survive since getting irritation from unknown sources, feeling impulses, hearing voices telling me I'm already dead, give up etc, getting painful sensations in the forehead which accompany purple/red lights and unhappy faces in purple color when laying in bed trying to sleep and being unable to sleep without prescription drugs.

It feels like my communication with the divine, my intuition, my dreams are all blocked, that my former spiritual power, passion and optimism for life are greatly damaged.

My treatment of psychotic drugs isn't bringing my sleep back and so given a recent experience of the smell of blood, intense heat on my lower legs and great pressure in the third eye during removal attempts from distant entity clearers and other experiences I have had, I highly suspect it's an attachment and more than mental illness I just don't know of what nature earthbound, demonic, gray/reptilian. Priests change the topic when I talk to them, mediums tell me what's happening but are not able to heal the issues, psychiatrists assure me there is no supernatural and that the drugs which are prescribed should help address the cause of my insomnia (which they haven't).

I have had visions when waking up out of sedation (while still on anti hallucination drugs) of things like a rainbow serpent coming out of my mid eyebrow area as I felt it and descending to my mouth to be swallowed all while unable to move. And had once seen an image of an iridescent pinecone about to be fed to me through my mouth being suddenly knocked out and aside from me.

I had thought I was better when I was first hospitalized, but did not know then that the reasons I slept in the hospital was because I was being given sedating drugs. When I was discharged, they sent me home with only anti psychotics and I couldn't sleep again although I had at the time believed I truly was better and that all of the visions and experiences were a part of psychosis. Over the first 3 days I was back home, I took 30ml of Benadryl, Chamomile tea etc and slept maybe 30 minutes at a time, and upon waking up from one of my naps, heard a deep voice tell me 'you have a beautiful beautiful family' like if my 4 hours of sleep deathwish was 'granted' and since that time in March of 2018 falling asleep has been almost impossible, and when I do, I'm usually experiencing sleep paralysis which doesn't scare me and wake up within 3 or 4 minutes.

I had tried for months to get what I thought was an angel, guide, twin soul or higher self to help remove or augment unwanted emotions and urges like sexual urges or grudges, things i tried to breathe out with meditative visualization etc until it had turned on me with pain and urgency and intimidation) and began refusing to answer questions etc to get me into despair.

Since then my body feels cold, I have a bad appetite, I feel like I didn't sleep coming out if sedation, I see an eye which looks back at me when my eyes are closed. (Similar to what it looks like when you stare at the sun them close your eyes and see the luminous spot where the sun was, but this is shaped like an eye.

Lessons I have learned from this experience is to not do massive world focused trauma alleviation meditation as that could be a type of energy / karma that may remove lessons or traumas that some are creating themselves and not ready to overcome, maybe I attracted something to teach me that lesson, but it won't go even when I acknowledge what I've learned, so maybe it has different things in mind.

I also learned that I should not be so quick to give up my personal/spiritual power to a harassing spirit or change my outlook so hastily when being harassed for any reason.

Jessica on October 27, 2018:

Thanks so much Cassie, sadly since the night the demons forced me to run out on my life in disbelief, the Holy Spirit has departed and I'm in constant hell, just without the flames, but that will come later. The devil has my soul, my mind will and emotions, in chains where there is no rest or peace for my soul. This is what hell is like. But Thanku for believing the best, I appreciate that Cassie, really I do.

Cassie2580 on October 25, 2018:


You have hope as well, you have not lost your salvation. I'm praying for you, be strong! Read the bible, pray to the Holy Spirit, he will help you, do not give up!

Cassie2580 on October 25, 2018:

My family is still recovering from a demonic haunting from 5 years ago. We experienced shadow 'people', footsteps, the sound of people breaking in at night, a heavy light fixture fell and nearly hit my son but he stepped away just in time (I believe this was divine intervention). A mirror shattered, sewage backed up for no reason, a cross flew across the room, and my son saw terrifying creatures. I was attacked in my bed and felt like there was some sort of battle happening in the room, but I couldn't see anything. I was paralyzed and could only call on the name of Jesus in my head. There was always this feeling of dread, this feeling that we weren't wanted there, and I was always thinking of jumping off the bridge and killing myself. My son had the same feeling, and this was very uncharacteristic of both of us. We had our home blessed by a priest repeatedly and I read the bible and said the rosary every single day, but they were relentless. I began to feel sure that possession of one of my 5 children was inevitable, so we left the house and everything in it. I tried to go back to retrieve our things, but my heart would beat so fast that I had to leave without taking anything. My youngest son has PTSD and has suffered from terrifying nightmares for years, but is now receiving EMDR therapy and thank you Lord it is helping. I want to say to anyone who is experiencing any type of haunting or oppression to just get out and if you can't take all of your things with you, forget about it and go, things aren't worth your life. I thank God we finally recognized what was going on before anyone was possessed. I never believed in anything like this, but we are all forever changed. Luckily it increased our faith in God. We have experienced strange creatures in the woods since then, it is like we are more aware and sensitive now, but have not been hurt anymore, only scared. My only regret is that we weren't able to find anyone to exorcise our house and I had to be financially ruined in order to get away. It is not easy to find someone who you can trust to do it the right way and not make it worse. The priest who blessed our house just made things worse each time until it was unbearable, and I had nowhere to turn. Now someone else lives in the house and there are children. I wish I could have done something to get rid of it. Anyway, thank you for reading, I hope and pray that anyone dealing with this will be kept safe and be able to find the help they need. God bless.

Jessica on October 25, 2018:

Didymus it sounds like u still have hope. You can literally call on Jesus and He will help you. I used to have Jesus but the demons caused me to run away from my life to go and die, and since then I lost the Lord and my salvation, the demons have taken me into hell where I'm in another realm of torture all day and night, and I cannot get God back because He has departed His Spirit from me. I lost my salvation even though I love God and hate the devil so much, but because I did wicked and ran out on my life, God saw this as the unforgivable sin and Has departed from me and my soul has been claimed by the devil to torment forever until He takes me to hell. U still have hope of u choose Jesus, I have no hope anymore because I've lost my salvation.

Didymus on October 24, 2018:

Jessica. Youre not alone. I feel the same. I cry everyday. Ive been in hospital & medicine, no work. I see and hear things. Voices tell me to kill everyone. Even family. I havent been happy for so long. Most sad is, the demon make me think friendship. I no want demon to go. I curse god & praise devil. This is not me. I am so scared. I think suicide everyday. I try once. Religious hogwash make me so mad. I hate all that is good. I dont know what to do. I am 29 years old.

Sage cleanse on October 18, 2018:

I have had a demon chasing me since i was 6. My first encounter i can remember woke me in the middle of the night and almost made me kill my younger sister because i would not leave with it.

I had some trouble throughout the rest of my childhood that I taught myself to double and triple check all decisions before i acted.

When i was around 20 i started having blackouts and would come to driving through red lights or lost in the woods. I had a wiccan cleanse done which seemed to help for about 7 years.

Then it came back to terrorize my family. I had 2 small children at this point. My 3 month old would scream if he was in a dark room but the second you turned on the light he would stop even if none entered the room. My older son was 3 and kept complaining of red eyes in his closet. Then he came out screaming from his room saying he would never go in there again and had bruises on his ankles. He said it was the red eyed man. We cleansed our house and my oldest son. I thought this would be the end of our trouble but apparently not.

Last year my dreams were invaded. I had reoccurring dreams every night that i knew in the dreams that i had to wake up from and would awake at exactly midnight narrowly escaping the entity. It would get closer to catching me every night. I wore protective stones and cleansed my self everyday for a month. Finally the danger seemed to pass. I never told my youngest daughter anything about this and now exactly 1 year from the date it first appeared last year my 8year old daughter is the new target. Her description of the entity is an exact match to my experiences last year. She has woken up with a bruise in the exact location it touched her in the dream.

My family is in danger again and I'm out of ways to rid my family of this danger for good. Please help if anyone knows something i have not tried.

Jessica on October 16, 2018:

Dear Jeremiah.

Thank you so much for your dear and heartfelt prayer, I do so appreciate it and value every kind word u wrote. Sadly it is true that I'm in hell now, even though I'm alive. I'm in a permanent state of torture which is hell on earth, without the flames, but that will come later. The Holy Spirit has departed from me. And a demon holds my soul in torture and chains. There is no rest or peace for my soul and I have no feelings of places. IS THERE ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE SUFFERING LIKE THIS???

Jeremiah on October 12, 2018:

Jessica Kincaid Smith.

You are freed in the name of Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High, The Alpha and The Omega, The King of Angels, He Who IS, He Who is I AM (I Am being your refuge, your sanctuary, your rock, your redeemer, your salvation, you are freed in the name of of Jesus who died for you out of Love and Mercy.

Mercy on you soul and Love for your spirit (what makes you you) and your soul.

You mustn’t speak of not being redeemable, unworthy, etc. Cleanse this thought with Holy Fire, wash that crazy delusion away with His Blood. He gave up EVERYTHING for you.

He would leave the 99 for just 1. That ONE is YOU.

Jesus LOVES you. This I know. The Word of the Living King of kings tells me so. Little ones (like us) to Him belong. We are weak, but HE is strong.

Oh yes, Jesus loves US!

You are a Princess and shall NOT BE HELD FOR RANSOM ANYMORE!

You are NOT a toy, not a chess piece, not ANYTHING at all, but the daughter of the King.

Read this, KNOW it is so....and ask YOUR loving, gracious, kind, forgiving father to help you, deliver you and give you rest and peace.


I cast out this demons and bind it. As with the others before. I ask my beautiful, wonderful Father Whom has literally brought me back from self-imposes death to show this lady the kindness and mercy He has shown me. I ask that you send angels to minister to her, to fight whatever it is that afflicts her and to sanctify her and make her new in Your name and in Yours eyes. I pray the healing blood of Jesus wash over her if she would accept it, that her spirit may be clothed in white and she come to know the wondrous Glory of He Who Has Always Been, and His Son Jesus.

This. Is. Power.

Let it be known.

Jeremiah on October 11, 2018:

I’m 38 years old and I am a doctor, I’m very intuitive but also very logical (as you’re taught to be with schooling to rule out different possibilities for diagnosis, etc).

When I was about 4 or 5 I remember a vivid dream of running from the devil in hell (yes, he was red and had horns in my dream). My mom told me I used to get absolutely terrified at night starting at age 3, she said I’d say I saw things, including eyes. My older half brother lived just underneath me in the basement, he’s 9 years older…told me he was probably an alcoholic by 12 and started doing drugs like LSD at an early age, I remember he had posters of rock bands with occult symbols in his room.

At 16 I was at a Church retreat, an exorcism was being performed in the 2nd story of a building, the kids (audience) were on the 1st floor. The lighting on the first floor turned reddish and dimmed. The youth pastors was thrown by a heavy but weak girl upstairs…that started with a ouiji board the girl played with.

At 20 I nervously sang a Christian song in front of 100’s of teens at a Youth Leadership Conference. A younger boy wanted to accept Christ because I became his friend and made an impression on him. That night, outside, a man was talking with him after he was acting strange, a group of us started praying about 30 feet away as the man counseled him and prayed with him. The boy vomited green stuff after cursing etc and that was that…

At 36 I had dreams of 2 demons, they were both in human form. 1 was a beautiful female, the other was a handsome, charming fellow. These were VIVID dreams, I don’t remember what they said, I just remember knowing they were trying to seduce my soul. I rebuked “Samael” in the name of Jesus, and later did the same with “Inana”. They just smiled as if they knew they were defeated and left. Hopefully not to come back…

Last experience, at 38…a young lady came to visit me while I was at my mother and step dad’s house as I was transitioning in a move from one city to another.

She knocked on my door and said she was scared, could she sleep beside me? I said yes, but made sure she understood that was all that would happen. Strangely enough, in this house my mom has experienced some bad things, which I prayed about and they stopped, so I figured something could be “up”. I’m asleep, I wake up as I feel the bed shake and she’s shivering, HARD. This happens twice, I ask if she’s ok, she says “why’d you call me fat”, I said I didn’t..”ok”. More shivering, it felt colder all of a sudden, something is wrong… I look at her and she looks different, so I turn on the closet light with the door only slightly cracked. She seemed distorted, her face that is. I tell her “this isn’t you”, she says “yes it is”…so I ask her to say St. Michael’s prayer (I’m not Catholic but she is, we talked about religion and God earlier that day). She says it, snakily. What I remember after that is going to my mom and step dad and telling them I’m exorcising a demon, right now, please pray. Mom asks me if I want help. I say no, just pray…she’s never been around THIS stuff…

The girl slaps me, doesn’t hurt, she scratches me but I’m not scratched (really weird, I know), I say you’re leaving, you’re not welcome here. Laughing in a voice a girl like her can’t make, same voice “ Everyone you love is going to hurt”, I say I know, “everyone you love is going to die, I know, “YOU’RE going to hurt and die”, I know, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that Jesus died for me and He Loves me. Then I hug the girl and sing “Jesus Loves Me” and it leaves as I pray while singing.

She later tells me it’s gone and how it controlled her and how she could see, feel and hear everything that happened. She’s sorry, she’s scared, she tells me what it looked like because she could see it too. She doesn’t like to talk about this event because it was so scary to her, but she says it is still gone.

This girl’s grandmother (Eastern Indian) cursed her parents and firstborn when her parents got married…

dario edwardXVII on October 07, 2018:

get out of the apartmant without any item from that place untill u buy or rent new place

brad on October 06, 2018:

okay we have an old womans spirit and haveseen heer twice and have a picture in a mirror of her stanfing there and there is no one there and also a picrure with four deamons in her hair and i beleive she is eithee tryingto protect my girlfriend or is going to try to possess her and i need help

Daysen_south on October 04, 2018:

2nd comment. Usually ppl use possession or mental illness as excuses for their behavior or others. Only story that seemed real in the video was the last one. No priest can remove a demon once it's attached, that's something you must overcome spiritually. Sure they can give you a boost like how eating healthy and exercise will help your depression but it's only a little help. Even Jesus said that no one can save you except yourself In the book of Thomas. A girl burned alive in the house I live in. She haunted it for a bit but gave up the scare tactics once it realized were not leaving. The past owners thought it was haunted as well. I worked at a hotel with many evil people once. There was this nice old lady who always offered me food and nice conversation but I do not eat anything from random people. It can easily be cursed and when ingested you give the curse pe

Daysen_south on October 04, 2018:

Tough topic cause 70% of information people spread about spirits are false, 20% half truths and 10% truth. It's about weeding out the fakes. Most of these church people don't like to talk about the spirit world and have no knowledge.That and there's many devil worshipers running most churches leading people away from the true word of Jesus. In fact most of his teachings are left out of the Bible. If you think you're actually being haunted 90% of the time burning and eating sage will help. There's many methods. Yes physical and spirit are basically the same thing but different. It's much harder to be possessed from physical abuse opposed to mental abuse. Not all demons just want to kill people or want bad things either. I hear there's also no difference between angels and demons because our side of the universe has a plague sucking all spirit energy from it. they will come as light or dark but either way will try to get you to worship them as being above you some way. Outside of this cursed realm is beings that are all knowing, infinite and everything is one. They cannot contact to us thO through the plague so they send some to be born here to teach spirituality like Buddha or jesus. Now I'm no psychic so I cannot say any of this is 100% true but I've been researching my whole life on the supernatural occult. This stuff is so hard to understand it's impossible tbh. Trying to mix Quantum physics with the spirit realm to get the slightest understanding of how things work. One day I hope to astral project and be able to get better first hand experience. Message me on Instagram if you have any questions, I may be of help. @daysen_south

Suue neww on October 02, 2018:

To all crying out for help: Be Blessed!!

Ashton on September 28, 2018:

There was a girl that went to my school, I was close friends with her and tried to make contact with this now deceased person, and at first I thought it was her I was talking to, and this thing had all the right answers only she would have known. And then I asked what happened and how she died because it was determined unknown cause of death and I asked this and it said something really strange. My friend would've never said the reason she died is she paid someone to kill her. I knew something was wrong with the answer given to me but I played along to find out what this was. It kept saying it was Laura. My friend. It lied. Things have just kept getting worse from there. Laura's parents sold her house she grew up in. It was a nice house they just couldn't stay in it because of what happened so they up and left. I think I made contact with something other than my friend. I need help and don't know who I should call. I really appreciate any good advice. The reason I tried to talk to her, it was right after her death... A month. And I was depressed and just wanted a chance to say goodbye to my friend. I really appreciate advice that would possibly be useful.