The Stages of Demonic Possession

Updated on April 19, 2018
Standing on the Shoulders of Demons
Standing on the Shoulders of Demons | Source

Demonic Cases Increasing

Since seeing The Exorcist back in the 80s, I have been fascinated by all aspects of the occult. None more so than Demonic Possession, but what is it, why are the number of cases increasing, and can it be avoided?

First things first. This is written from a spiritual point of view, not a psychological one. This is not a scientific reasoning. I fully accept that some suspected cases of possession are nothing more than mental illness.

That being said, there are some cases that stand out, such as those with professional witnesses that cannot be so easily discounted.

Be Warned: This is a dark and dangerous subject, and the pictures and videos are scary if not outright horrifying. Continue at your own risk.

If you are affected in any way by what you believe to be demonic influence, consult a psychologist and your local church.


The First Stages of Demonic Possession

There are there generally accepted stages to Demonic possession. This is the first.

Manifestation and Infestation: This can affect houses, forests, cars, even a doll. Don't dismiss it, an upcoming article will deal with Annabel, a chilling true story about a possessed doll. You name it, infestation can take place within it.

Think of it as a form of haunting with the express idea of the demon introducing itself to the intended target through surreptitious means. That could mean pretending to be the ghost of a lost little girl or a dead relative, or even coming through a Ouija board session or seance with the express purpose of breaking down your resistance.

The demon is seeking approval at this stage, approval to stay. It almost needs permission to begin to reveal it's true self. It will slowly increase in tempo as the demon gains strength as the chosen individual looses his or hers.

The Devil is often portrayed as a goat's head
The Devil is often portrayed as a goat's head

Stage Two: Oppression

Now we move onto stage two: Oppression.

This is where the entity makes its true identity known and moves into full attack mode. This can be physical, mental, and psychical in nature and is designed to break the affected person's will to live. Sleep deprivation, increased paranormal activity, bites, scratches, and even sexual assaults may take place.

At this point the victim may call in a psychic or paranormal investigation group. This can be dangerous if they do not know what they are dealing with and will often make things worse.

Depression is often a symptom at this stage, and as the will and faith of the individual is reaching breaking point, the demonic entity will move onto the third and final stage. Possession.

Full Possession

In this final and most dangerous stage, the Demon now has sufficient power and hold over the individual to "close the deal" so to speak. Typically the person affected will have little to no self worth, will or faith left.

The evil entity will be in control more often than not, and the influenced may well be hearing voices telling them to do harm to others or themselves. Manipulation is at an all time high, and the very soul of the individual it at stake.

In the worst of cases the demon may even have control of the host body like a parasite, which is really at the base level what a demon is.

The demon's goal at this point is to drive the affected to suicide, and to take as many people with them on the way, thus condemning their soul to eternity in hell.

Why are Cases of Exorcism Increasing ?

Worldwide, the Catholic Church seems to be increasing the number of Exorcists in its army of holy warriors. The real question in all of this is why?

Reading several sources, including and the Telegraph (a UK based newspaper), it appears that in May of 2013 Father Gabriele Amorth, a priest from Italy, said that he had helped perform over 160,000 exorcisms. He even asked Pope Francis to give all priests the right to perform exorcisms to deal with the increase in demonic possession. In Father Amorth's view, the escalation of possessions could be due to the proliferation of paranormal shows on the internet and TV, and the rise of occult practices. The sheer volume of information available on this topic is astonishing, and makes it easier for people to dabble with things they simply don't understand.

Do You Belive in Demonic Possession

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I Would Love to Hear Your Stories

If you or anyone else you know have been affected by the paranormal, I would love to hear from you down in the comments section below.

Stay safe and God Bless

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      • profile image

        Jessica Kincaid-Smith 3 days ago

        James can u tell me a bit more about your story how it ended up catapulting into a level of favour and joy? Tragically I'm in stage 4

      • profile image

        Jessica Kincaid-Smith 5 days ago

        I was a strong Christian supposedly but satan quickly led me down a path of anxiety depression and sleeplessness oppression and eventually heard voices to run away, which tragically I did and on the way in the car hectic demons overtook me to the point where they were trying to make my car go off the road. I was running to a spiritual retreat, when I got there I immediately was in another realm, satans realm locked I'm where I have no free will choice to get out, no peace only torment, and the Holy Spirit has Tragically left me. I'm desperately repentant and desperately want him back, I'm so scared.

      • profile image

        my 2 weeks ago

        I think i,m in a mix for a verry long Time (11 years) when i was 15, i was in class, and something said ypur gonna bounce your head against the table, i thought no, but my muskels did yes. I already was depressed, but it get worse... I started to growl to my husband and he learns me how to fight it. 2 days ago I said apperrently 3 times yes when I was asleep, now I,m a little bit scared, because I thought that I answered my husband, but I don,t know the questions

      • profile image

        James 2 weeks ago

        I was in the final stages last yr and it all ended up catapulting into a level of favor and joy. I know it was Christ with me the hole time as he has revealed solidly to me.

      • profile image

        Kristy 4 weeks ago

        It did happen to me but it was 22 years ago and but it’s there like a scar that at the time was awful when you got it but over time it heals and sometimes it bothers you and you look at the scar and rember how and why you got only it gets foggier over time, here’s my story 22 years later Iam laying awake thinking about that shitty scar..we thought it would be fun, cool etc to have about 6/7 of us sit around a candle (made sure we had the light of circle aka tea candles) around one candle In the middle of us and the goal I guess (this was the 90s) was to ask a guestion and if the anwser was yes the flame jumped if it was no it got low....needless to say after about 3 days and being 16 I became bored of this shit) and decided it was stupid and stood up and said whatever Iam playing cards on the bed this is dumb and there was no ghost shows or that stuff at the time anyway once agin it dawned on me what happend to me was so ridiculous that it was done on purpose..(sidetracked sorry) they said your not supposed to get out of the circle of light, which to me was even dumber by this time long story short(if iam lying trust me this is what made it 22 years for me to really say this but if I was faking I would have said a lot cooler shit than what Iam about to tell you) I can’t rember what came I decided to play some stupid one person card game while they sat and stared at that candle, out of no where..this on my dying day happend to me I felt this slow heavy weight come on my head and slowly move down,it’s weird to explain this and how it happens but I know I knew this is bad..and I can say this I could think, which prob in the end makes this story more screwed but anyway by the time it reached my shoulders(never went further) I turned my head and looked at my friends (and not by choice) said “this is not my voice” in the meantime I could think to myself no no no no no no please god why why am I saying this?? Stop no no get the point and I said it 2 more times and each time my voice became deeper and meaner then just like that it was gone amazes me to this day I still find myself looking up is there life after death blah blah here and there..idk if there is but I can say this there is something and I don’t know if we are pawns or whatever it wouldn’t surprise me to find for us there is nothing but I can say from what I know there is on my soul and whatever else there’s real evil becuse that day whatever that was for the few seconds and I mean few it wasn’t good that’s why sometimes I think of it and wonder wtf was that and why me?? And how dumb I would look to stand and say oh yes it’s real I got possessed for a whole 30 seconds and it feels real bad and it mad me day of all things “this is not my voice” I suppose it won i never said nothing nor did the people in that room and some are military people but we never spoke about it..but idk

      • profile image

        5 weeks ago

        Well i just looked up stabbing of 2017 in my city. A man was stabbed on the same day at night around the same time she was saying someones going to get stabbed. This was a body out of experience and at the time i was really freaked out. This wasnt her and i wanted to call an exorcist. I also caught a rare moment in her sleep growling for 30 minutes. Noises that ive never heard her do. I videod it and told her to watch it because she needs to know. She didnt want to see it and wanted to disbelieve it. She also thinks i was the crazy one making it all up. Wth

      • profile image

        5 weeks ago

        Is this a possession? We d hear creaks and stepping in the house while we were in the basement. She said she feels like theres a ghost or something there before hand and have been saging rhe place. Her grandma died a few years ago. And had her necklace i believe but 100% she also would say that she was just like her grandma out of the whole family. She constantly drank herself to oblivious and was always saying im better off not here anymore. What do you guys think?

      • profile image

        5 weeks ago

        I had an ex do this.

        She talked about her death and her absence. What would i do if she died - who do i call.

        Bad feeling feeling sick thinking somethings going to happen to someone

        Someones going to die (repeatedly)

        She thinks shes going to get stabbed

        Said she took 15 la advanced pills (ADHD) but found out afterwards she didnt

        then tries tongueing me and then starts tongueing the air randomly

        Went into a really hysterical laugh like a witch and snurting like a pig then for 5 to 10 minutes , i shake her no response shes not snapping out of it. Really really creepy laughing. she staring at me with wide opened eyes pitch red

        . all the sudden she says im hungry gets up, comes back. She continues eating even after a big dinner an hour prior.

        She began dry heaving for 10 minutes Gasping for air

        I asked her if she had any memory of doing that. She replied what are you talking about and confused( my left side of my head really hurts) All she remembers is watching tv then got up to get her food.

        After 10 minutes she turns to me looks me in the eye with these big full eyes and asked why do you love her? I asked love who? She then replied what are you talking about. I kept asking who? She kept denying she said anything. And she has no memory of any of this. Eventually after pounding her with what has happened she said it was a joke. But i kept going and going and she said she cant remember

        Even the next morning she said i was dreaming or hallucinating

        . she tried having sex with me even after i said no 10x pushed her away cause she wasnt taking the situation seriously

        Cat was gone which is never

      • profile image

        Christian Woman 2 months ago

        @Drew You should not have been playing with a Ouija board, I know that it's hard to hear but you can not converse with your deceased relatives outside of dreams. When you play with a Ouija board what you're really doing is opening up your mind to possession. I completely believe what you've said about seeing things in your peripheral vision and I'd like to let you know that what you see is real. The reason why you don't see it when you look at it fully is because out mind filters what we see. You mind knows that it's not in your best interest to see what's really there.

        I'd like to make a suggestion and that is that you find a church where the people really believe in God and the bible. Unfortunately there are many churches who use Christianity as a business opportunity and don't really believe. Find yourself a real bible believing Christian and ask them to bless your house and command the entities to get out.

        Then get them to break up your ouija board in Jesus name and burn it. That's it.

        Leave the dead to their slumber. Only when living people are in the spiritual realm themselves during sleep can they communicate with the dead. If you see them in your dreams and you wake up feeling comforted or uplifted then it was really them who came to you. You can't contact them.

      • profile image

        No name 3 months ago

        My friend did worshiped (and scarified) to satan in the woods behind his house. The wood are possessed and I think its moving into him as a form of a tulpa. Is 24 voices in one head a usual number? Is it bad that I've met almost all of them?

      • profile image

        Drew 3 months ago

        I have recently started using a Ouija board trying to contact loved ones that have past.... have been hearing and sometimes seeing things that when I FULLY STOP MYSELF AREN'T HERE,,, I know how it sounds that's why I cant tell anyone... they would think I seen one too many movies..... or read into this too much. not sure what to do, I have played by myself, but I do follow the other rules as indicated in the instructions.... I say goodbye, I don't leave it open, I don't invite anyone in and pose questions directly to recent family who have past. no answers yet nothing paranormal that I am aware of. I guess really concerned after all I read about on the net. seems like many stories of contact going bad...... think I need some help...

      • profile image

        a scared man 3 months ago

        it all happened when i went to a friends house and he told me about a MONTOYA i thought it was joke so i let it pass ...but the next night i was walking home from school i stayed late because of a game but you wouldn't believe what it is i saw that night swooping through the park yelling hermosa as he pases by every tree... i was scared and didn't know what a hermosa was and i started running as fast as i could but i kept feeling like i was slowing down after i heard huge wings flapping i really wish i was joking but i made it home and my phone was blowing up from an anonymous person and he said oh he said you're fucking stupid nigga so i freaked out and tried to call him but rt nothing besides a voicemail saying the sun goes in at 5 please help every since i went to my friends house this strange smell follows me and i cant get rid of it please i beg you whoever reads this lease hep

      • Zakmoonbeam profile image

        Michael Murchie 4 months ago from Parts Unknown

        Deb, firstly it's not a "Catholic" website, we are a collaboration of writers with different interests and religious beliefs.

        Secondly, we don't choose the adverts, Google does based on your browsing history and interests. When I visit I tend to get video game ads because that's what the Google algorithm thinks I am interested in.

        One more thing, feel free not to visit advertisers that offend you. Seriously? You are not required to click on every advert that pops up on the internet!

      • profile image

        T Easter 4 months ago

        My daughter texted me saying she wishes she could drain all the blood out of her so I wouldn’t be part of her anymore. I found a little porcelain doll in her things with one of the legs broken, and head trusted off. She told me all she needs to do is have a piece of my hair to get a spell cast on me.

        I am so scared.

      • profile image

        sean 4 months ago

        it is starting to throw stuff at me its getting violent who can I talk to about this everyday action from it

      • profile image

        Caitlin Furry 4 months ago

        Last month, my wife and I moved into a two story house on a street we've lived on twice prior.

        By the third night, we were hearing unexplainable knocking from upstairs, but didn't think anything of it at the time.

        Then fast forward to this month, there's been unexplained hair pulling, shirt collars being pulled on from behind, low growling in the bedroom downstairs, a dark shadow passing through the upstairs between the bedroom and the top of the stairs, bathroom light upstairs randomly coming on between 2-3a, three knocks in the walls upstairs, and a sulphur smell in only two rooms of the house downstairs between 4 and 5 in the morning.

        And then there's severe bouts of depression, having turned violent twice, punching walls until bones break, cutting all up an arm and the stomach, and throwing things and breaking them. Waking up with random scratches and bruises.

        Come to find out a 14 year old was murdered 8 years ago in the downstairs where a bedroom was before a remodel of the house. The step dad covered it up to make it look like a hanging suicide.

        After talking to some close friends who have lived on this street most of their lives and that were friends of the boy, there have been multiple attacks on themselves and others from people who weren't normally violent inside this house, and that other houses on this street have had to have a pagan shaman come into their homes after similar experiences and have it cleansed and blessed.

        After telling our story to several people looking for answers, we keep getting the same question, "So when are you moving?" Problem is, once a demon attached itself, it'll follow it's new host....

      • profile image

        Woman 5 months ago

        I know a man who is possessed and it has been 10 years since he played the ouija board and later a performed demonic ritual that ended up in hearing voices. He later was in the hospital and diagnosed with Schizophrenia. The dioceses knows that he is possessed but do not how to proceed. Alos, It does not allow to refer the case or go somewhere else. The man is getting worse and losing his faith and hope. Please pray for him

      • profile image

        Jana Lynne 5 months ago

        My story is a long one. It has been going on for almost twenty years. I had been doing coaching and drinking for a long time. It was definitely a habit. Then twenty years ago my habit changed overnight. I tried to stop. I went into countless rehabs, over and over to no avail. Every time I came out my drinking became more aggressive. I split from my husband and moved out. That is whenI started hearing three voices. I was very weak, suicidal, I was committed to inststutions three times. I started praying

      • profile image

        Brandi R 5 months ago

        I have a crazy story still going on very strong, could you possibly e mail me...I have a lot of questions I would like to ask you if possible, I thinki may be in stage"2 possibly, please e mail me at Brandi.rose0175@gmail com

        Thank u so much

      • profile image

        Elias Weber 6 months ago

        I myself went through severe demonic possession that manifested primarily in voices that oppressed me for about 9 months (partially in full control at times due to my obey them) was saved by God from suicide twice. Whole thing changed my life and i stopped using hard drugs altogether as meth was a primary factor that led to this and i had been a heroin addict for a few years prior. This happend oct 2016-april 2017 and started when I was 24. If anyone is suffering this problem just know that it often takes time and liberation not always immediate. It took me time to get the armor of God and change my life around in such a short time. Went from an agnostic to full believer after this. The spiritual realm is real and i can attest to this as ive had countless signs. Overall faith in God took me time so if anyone is being affected seek a church for help.

      • profile image

        Kiera 6 months ago

        I have recently moved into an old farm house where my Aunty has been living for two years. She has only noticed her bed “shakes” and someone sometimes sits on her chest. Although she is not very spiritual. I am however extremely “in tune” although I have never experienced anything to this extent before. When I first moved in the house felt fine and a few days later I saw a lady dressed in a white dress walking into my aunts room. I was not scared just worried at this point. I have been scared of the dark since that sighting and extremely emotional. Last night I was laying in bed and felt as if I was being watched. I moved into my aunts bed as I was so scared even though I didn’t want to go into that room I didn’t want to be alone even more. I went to sleep against my will and felt someone walking around/sitting on the bed. I felt my aunt get up and go to the bathroom only to realise she never left the bed. At the stage I tired to call upon angles to watch over me. I woke up with a guitar in my hands and said “what the hell is this” I then heard a voice say “play me a song” to which I replied with “no” and threw it on the floor. I then woke up Aunty and she kind of wrapped her arms around chest and layed her face over the top of mine. I then realised it wasn’t her and I tired to move but couldn’t. Whatever was on me was holding me down with one hand bybmy collar bone and shaking due to my push against it. I pulled together enough energy to move and woke yon my aunt and we both left the room and had a cup of tea. I went back to bed and herd a Dark figure tell me to get out of its bed and had a vision us both meaning my aunt and i laying in the bed while it was on fire. I’m so scared for the night to come and don’t know what’s to do I feel Insain but I can still feel the fear I Felton

      • profile image

        Dan 6 months ago

        I recently began seeing a dark object flanking me daily, occasionally running in front of me or behind me. This object was black smoke looking and tall. Day or night it has followed me and been in my life. My actions in my life have become not myself. I have been doing things very out of character. I recently married and she has left me due to my actions of recent. I have stopped what I think was allowing it in but my life is in ruin. I just want my wife back home. I have been praying every day since she left and the object has been gone from direct view. My wife will not talk to me or communicate with me at this point but she has the object that I believe is allowing this thing in our life. Any suggestions? Any advice?

      • profile image

        Casey 7 months ago

        I am afraid my own mother is demonic possessed.. I am older now almost 40 & on my own & with a child of my own. My mother is in her mid 60s now. However she has battled rheumatoid arthritis for years now along with a few other issues to the point where she has expressed the desire the "give up" if you know what I mean. I'm concerned that with her weekend physical state of her body that the demon has almost completely taken over. She literly goes into fits of pure rage & anger almost daily now over little things or even nothing at all. It's to the point where she at times can't even comprehend what I'm saying or doesn't make any sense what so ever when she is talking. Her words are clear but are alot of times completely out of context with the conversation. I recently had a friend over my house & my mother was also happen to drop by to see my daughter. My friend started telling my mother about how I had just helped him through a rough time after his divorce & what a great Dad I had turned out to be & so on. The more things he said the more angry & louder she became to the point where she had to literly get out of my house as fast as she could. Needless to say this didn't go unnoticed. She also at these moment has very dark colored eyes.. like special effects from a horror movie (very creepy) & the funny thing is she quite often finds faults with others & accuses them of being demonic possessed. I know from reading the Bible & going to church that Satan is referred to at times as the accuser. I believe this is a way for the demon to deflect attention from it & try to point the finger elsewhere. The odd thing is also she calls herself a Christian, sometimes goes to church but not often & sits in the very back. Also listens to Gospel/Christian music so I really believe there is a battle between light & dark - good & evil going on within her soul. It's just so sad to see & very hard to deal with. I really don't know how to reach her in fact I'm pretty much convinced that I can't believe me.. I've tried. If anyone could shed any light on this or comments or advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks & God bless.

      • profile image

        Commodore 7 months ago

        Roughly 2 weeks ago when I was talking to an individual about pacts, It sounded like I made one when I was younger since there was a lot of paranormal and supernatural activity around, but it sounded like I disrespected that pact when I got older and it fell through, meaning only bad luck would assume from it. I spoke to the person about the steps necessary to confirm that, I did not plan on doing it that night, but after I did more research.

        Later that night, I was laying in bed and I closed my eyes. I had controlled breathing to do some meditating or self-thought. Moreover, all of a sudden I took this profound Inhale of air and I continued to hold it for what it seemed to be a minute of inhaling, I couldn't stop inhaling or breathe out. I couldn't move or talk. All I could do was lay there and after the minute has passed, I was able to open my eyes. Although, after I opened my eyes, I felt like I was no longer in authority of my body. My breathing was calm, but I also had an undertone of grunting. I could not speak or move for myself.

        Oddly enough, I began to get out of my bed and walk to my father's bedroom, not of my own will, I looked at my father while he slept, and I continued to grunt. As I looked at my father a tear ran down my eye, not because of fear or terror. My body then walked to the bathroom mirror and looked at myself. I tried to speak but no words would come out. My body then walked to my bedroom where I laid down. While all of this occurred I did not feel terror nor fear, I did feel a warm sensation on my chest/Torso, where my heart would be. It really did feel like a warm almost parental hug from behind.

        I then had this urge to urinate, I couldn't move but the authority over my body walked me to the bathroom, at this moment. My father was awake and asked was I okay? I cannot answer this question, but whatever was in control said "yes.. I'm fine" In a very rough manner. Almost like it was not adjusted to my voice

        After the bathroom, it laid me back down. As I was laying unable to do anything, it began to say "hi..hi..hello...hi. Everything is going to get better". At that moment I had an epiphany. What if I monologue my head? maybe it could answer me. I then asked "am I going to be safe? Whatever happens is fine as long as I'm safe". It then smiled my lips and replied "your safe" using my voice a little bit better than before. I noticed when I monologue and said stuff in my mind like "I am great I am my own ruler and I am greatness myself" and "I am going to do great things in this world', it smiled my lips as agreeing with me.

        Ever since that two weeks ago, it feels like I have entered a pact like I did when I was a child and teenager, my family had great luck and many great things happened to me including my learning disability going away after I agreed to the pact when I was younger, but in my teenage years I disrespected the pact I made and that's when my luck and assistance disappeared my mother and father got sick and we lost everything. Just last year my mother and grandmother passed away. For the longest time, I thought I was just hallucinating about making the pact when I was younger and that there is no way that kid my age was real. Now I truly believe I have reentered the pact that I once made. If I felt fear or anxiety. I would be worried about what transpired, but since it seems to be a pact of equal binding it is a mutually beneficial agreement.

      • profile image

        MM 7 months ago

        I woke up to go to the toilet at around 2:40 in the morning then at 3:00ish I was having a dream and this girl/Demon appeared and it was saying a name it wanted me to say it but I wouldn’t then it pulled me in and grabbed my throat and yelled the name at me with so much hatred I then woke up repeating the name like an uncontrolled spasm I wanted to yell it out so bad to snap out of it but I had no control over what I was saying, I started praying and my whole body felt strange like how your body reacts to cold but 100time more intense and without the cold. Then I stayed away for 2 hours after that experience then I went back to sleep about 20 minuets latter I feel it enter my body now when this happened I’m totally aware and it would do things like when I want to speak it wouldn’t allow me to.

        It has full control over my voice I even tried something as simple as humming and could not. Then it would move my arm at this point I’m praying to God being the only thing I could do and during the prayers I would have to take brakes because the intense feeling all throughout my body would be to much to handle. What ever it was it didn’t like being told to leave.

        I have never experienced this before.

        I have experienced sleep paralysis, so I know that what feels like and random paralysis during the day.

        This is something very different and I hope never happens again.

      • profile image

        Ashley 8 months ago

        So- I’m typically a bright shiny happy young lady, but something happened to me over the course of two years that dramatically changed my personality. I was living alone in a small historic cottage in my downtown area. The home was built in 1926. The place was adorable, but very dark and could become very damp too. My life, that I was overjoyed to be living, became a huge and negative burden. I began not going out as much, staying home alone, barely eating barely sleeping. I was also in a tremendous amount of physical pain during this time. I didn’t care what I looked like and stopped letting anyone come over and see me. My boyfriend at the time describes me as insane, combative, angry, insecure, needy, and depressed. He said I wouldn’t make sense a lot of times and would purposely try to pick fights and argue. My physical health was rapidly deteriorating.

        And then one night, I couldn’t sleep. I was beyond tired. On trying to fall asleep, I could feel smething watching me. Something was almost hovering around me, giving me anxiety, and very little motor skills. And then I saw it. In my mirror across the cottage, staring at me, grinning. The next night my boyfriend came over, and we argued like usual. We broke up actually. He tucked me into my bed and said I was hysterical crying. That he hadn’t seen fear in that way since he served in the army and was sent to war. He sat down on my bed, and I noticed him locking eyes with the same place, in my vanity mirror, as I had done the night before. I’ll never forget his words. “Somethings I’m here” he said, San. He went on the describe what I had seen the night prior. Long dark face with a mouth, large and grinning back. Out of fear, now knowing someone could validate what I thought I had seen, I decided to move out. Within 3 months my health care issues resolved. So did my finances. The feelings of darkness and hopelessness drifted further and further away. I am still rebuilding from that experience. However, the spirt is no longer with me. Recognize a dark vibe from a mile away. And if I do? I run. I suggest you do the same!

      • profile image

        Unknown 8 months ago

        I am not possessed but was close one day I was minding my own business and out of nowhere I lost all of my strength but I knew if I fell on that ground it was over because that's what it was trying to do. It tried to take possession of me. My legs was shaking, trying so hard not to collapse. It took 10 hours for all my strength and energy to return. I got mad at it and called it a bitch, I am a tough cookie and can usually withstand a spirit, just not overpowered or multiple ones at once. I mean it felt like I was rammed by a football player! You thought!

      • profile image

        Archangel. 8 months ago

        Natam: You need an exorcism, because all of what you described was originated from the open doors that yourself opened when you did incursion in the occult, black magic, sorcery, etc. Everything that you explained here are signs of demoniac presences attacking you in your life. Please, never ever say your dob and your hour, because that is an information that only the witches use for black magic.

      • profile image

        Natam 9 months ago

        I am 14 years old, and I feel like I have a demonic attachment. So for as long as i can remember, I have had an interest in the darker side of life ( the occult, paranormal, black magic, sorcery, etc.) And this year I have unfortunately began my cutting habit, and when ever I suffer from extreme emotions or rage, I feel compulsed to cut myself. Also, when I was 13, I dabbled in black magic and put roots on people. Luckly, I no longer do this, I use Wicca to heal others now, but I still feel like the darkness has control over my life. I often suffer from mental breakdowns and alot of bad luck. I am a basket case of mental disorders, such OCD, Boderline Personality Disorder, and Bipolar depression ( most of which I inherited from my mother ). And now, I feel as though I have a bad luck streak of constant break ups, friends living my life, family dying off ( my father, Cousin, and great grandma ). I hope there is an explanation to all this. I was Born on January 28 2003 at 5:32 pm and with a life path number of 7 and I am an Empath. I would like to know if there is an astrological explanation to this.

      • profile image

        Charmaine 9 months ago

        I live in scotland and about 4 years after the death of my partner and was in a new relationship i started to have horrendous dreams and ny partner would wake me up because i'd be screaming. In the dreams i would see what looked like my late partner and then he'd disappear and something that i couldn't see would be attacking me in my bed and dragging me out of bed and all over the bedroom. Then it would stop and just when i thought it was over it would start all over again. My partner would wake me up because i would be screaming for help, but as soon as i would fall back asleep it would go straight back into the same dream. Then after a couple of months of having this dream 5 nights of 7, my partner started seeing scratches and bruises on the back of my body where i couldn't reach. Even though these dreams would start off with me seeing my dead late partner, never did i believe it was him that was doing this to me. I still have the same thing happening but now im not only seeing him but im now seeing othet dead relations and are waking up with bruises and scratches and i still believe my dead family wouldn't hurt me. So what do you think is going on?

      • profile image

        Sydney H. 9 months ago

        I may be almost 15 but I want to try to be a demonologist and help others seek gods help for the hell angels as I called then when I was a toddler. I watch a ton of scary movies with demons in them and this makes me want to try to help others by doing this I have been reading out of my pocket bible and doing research on demons. After I saw The Congering (not sure how to spell it) 2 "i am given and I am taken I was there at your first breath you didn't ask for me I will follow you until death" if knowing the name gives you power then I must follow the path of a demonologist and help others in need.

      • profile image

        Helen lisa nowell 10 months ago

        Where do I start I live in a small town where I grew up some of the homes date back to the 1800s just saying anyway my mom past this year and an things have been hard my family has been fighting a lot an things have been happening no matter where ever I move like knocking late at night and during the day mostly around 2 or 3 am an me my kides an boyfriend hear this an can never find where it is comeing from things go missing an then reapear then footsteps or ppl talking an no one is there seeing shadows of someone but then go look an no one is there or wakeup from my sleep finding scratches that look like burn marks or sometimes Strang smells I don't know what to do

      • profile image

        Baa'l 10 months ago

        I see so much online and TV, about Possession, but no where can I find evidence of a partnership with one of these fallen angles, is it so inconceivable that a demon may be seeking redemption for an action it took part in over 5,000 years ago, do not presume to know for certain that they are all evil, they were all angles long ago. And a handful seek redemption to this day, no priest could exercise one of these entities, and I have seen with my own eyes a partnership with human and demon and the human has survived for six years so far and maintained controll of their body, a group made a deal to come back and killing the host would only hinder that endevor

      • profile image

        Shabeer 13 months ago

        I often hear my parents calling from inside my room when they have gone i know that its not them so i didnt respond. In these cases you must not reply because it is the sound give by a dark entity to get permission to get into your house . Even if your parents or anybody calls dont answer the call immediatly but go bear them and ask if they called.

      • profile image

        Richard 13 months ago

        Ive been experincing demonic activity . Ive been feeling of being watched at times mostley at night, expecially alone. I also smell perfume often whn i go into my bedroom . It has also played the game of turning off light and whn i gk to turn it on it goes on itself then off again . Nothing wrong with bulb or lights .

      • profile image

        Max 13 months ago

        You speakith the truth

      • profile image

        Vignesh 13 months ago

        Dust thou art to dust returned.

        There is no big demon than your sins

        .God will never allow you to do aistake which is unforgivable by him.but if at all it becomes one,im sorry the disgrace of not being loved by God itself will haunt you for the rest of your life.

      • profile image

        Toya 14 months ago

        Remember ,only the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit of the living God saves.

      • profile image

        Toya 14 months ago

        To all you ppl who are dealing with demonic oppression there is a self deliverance video on YouTube that will chase the demons away, its call evil spirit eviction, it's a 6 hour video and I recommend you play it everyday and pray also , God Bless!

      • profile image

        Carly 14 months ago

        Im a mess 16 years of hell help me

      • profile image

        krysta 14 months ago

        my mom and dad took me to his work one time with a bunch of friends it was night we were sitting at the table then out of nowhere i heard footsteps

      • profile image

        Camille 15 months ago

        I was hanging out with my ex at his home. He was happy and normal the night before. By morning he woke up angry, surprised me out of my sleep, and told me to leave. He said he had work but he did not tell me this at all at any time during the night. I was so exhausted I asked him to stay a few more hours and I'll lock the door behind me. He kept commanding me to leave. I began to cry, he got more angry. His face looked muscular and different- doglike. I was terrified, the air thinned. He then tackles me to the bed, flips me facedown by twisting my ankles, and proceeded to drag me from his bedroom to out the front door. He went back to normal after he did this. I pressed charges. In all the years I knew him, I have never encountered this insane aggressive spirit. I have never been in a domestic violence incident. Was this an experience with a covert sociopath or a possessed man? I've never seen or felt a spiritual interaction ever before that interaction.

      • profile image

        Mommyof4girls 15 months ago

        My daughter just told me tonight about a ghost with an upside down face that tried to hold her hand and now she has a mark on her.... I'm not sure what to do.

      • profile image

        Markeia 16 months ago

        I'm having these weird episodes were i go off on every body and i cant control myself....and the morning after...i'll wonder where the bruises came from....i don't remember nothing afterwards...i have to ask people....i'm scared....i've been through a lot...and i don't know whats going on...i mean..i did have alot of trauma happen to me as a mom overdosed when i was aunt comited suicide in front of grandma's ex husband tried to rape me....but ofcoarse my grandma didnt believe me...she beat me half to death.....and had dcs called on her...and they sent me with my dad...whom went to prison for 12 years.....he abused me sexually....and physically....i'm just keep having the same night keep moaninng in my sleep (people say)...and im just out of control and i dont know why...can you please help me...

      • profile image

        Somone 18 months ago

        When I was sleeping in my basement I kept on heating tapping noises on a pipe somewhere where there was no metal pipe well kept on ignoring it well suddenly every week I would have dreams where I was a priest doing exorcists well it all ways end with u are the most sinner of all priest then it got me and all wake up well 3 weeks later I woke up about 230 maybe 3 am and I turned over and saw a black figure with white eyes staring at me and it was crouched down well we have a while in wall and a lot of pipes do in there well it stared at me four five seconds making I contact with me I was petrified I was sitting up in bed I couldn't move like I was stuck in that position then the thing leaped six feet towards that hole never saw it well after that I got the courage to go up stairs an sleep so I grabbed blanket and slept upstairs well dad yelled at me to sleep down stairs so I went back down there never saw it again well I always felt something staring at me from that hole it was weird well I kept Ignoring it and every time I searched up signs of dominos I would feel this total dreed over me so I could do it out of house well two weeks went by and one night I woke up with a strange feeling to look at my leg when I did it looked like I had a scar of the omega symbol well I never knew what it was until I looked it up nothing about it well then I started freaking out I wouldn't go to sleep anymore I would stay awake I only could sleep in day time till one night I was laying in bed looking at my phone and all of a sudden I heard a whisper call my name and it touched my leg I literally felt something touch my leg where that omega symbol was so I grabbed my covers ran upstairs and looked to see where the scar was and it was gone I've been sleeping on couch ever since never went down there unless have to every so often I can feel something stare at my from a crack in door to basement and my cats avoid the door and stare at it all the time then the dreams stoped but I still feel stare

      • profile image

        Willingtolive 18 months ago

        Hello. Spirit possession is a very serious, but deeply misunderstood taboo subject matter. I am under such an attack and have read many accounts of similar cases. As a scholar, I have taken a scientific approach to the investigation of the phenomenon that has seized hold of my being.

        The entities that take possession of the living are not demons, they are disembodied humans who have lost their minds. These are people who have died but not transitioned all the way into the other dimension, i.e. The heavenly spheres. They have remained amongst the living in a world they no longer belong to. In Jungian terms, they have been seized by an autonomous psychological complex that makes them behave like demonic entities. One might be forgiven for mistaking them for metaphysical entities of the dark, for their psyche has become inundated with subconscious urges that are deeply destructive. In spirit, people are a great deal more powerful than in body, and as they have no bodies, there is no way of containing them. They will be ruled by singularly simplistic ideas that can target a person's mind, body, or both. In my case, the interference with my mind sizzled out, but my body is being played with in ways that are truly horrendous. Carrying on with normal life demands huge efforts and it is no wonder that many people succumb to the threats and kill themselves.

        While I am still live, I will do my utmost to raise awareness of a problem that is human in nature, and should be dealt with accordingly. It is very upsetting that people think dabbling with the spirit world is just a bit of good fun and that there is something glamorous about paranormal events. These deluded humans should go and settle in a closed ward for a while and see how it feels to be surrounded by maniacs. THAT is what they are dabbling with. If they are unfortunate enough to be getting responses to their attempts at spirit communications and EVP, they will attract a lost soul who no longer knows who they are and who will not be responsible for their destructive actions. It should also be known, that many of these wandering ghosts aka earthbound spirits start off alluring the victims of their choice into spirit communications. The best protection is not to give in to such urges, but that being said, once you're stuck with an invisible crazy person, you could be stuck for life and have your entire life ruined. It's a horrendous prospect.

        I'm writing a book with the hope that it will help people deal with this kind of situation once it occurs. Having dealt with six psychotic spirits initially, I know some of them can be persuaded to leave and go where they are supposed to go after death. However, I am stuck with the worst of them all. She has settled inside my body and refuses to leave. As weird and crazy as it sounds, I am not the one who is insane. Unfortunately, many people are being written off as insane when they are in effect stuck with an insane spirit. And no - exorcism doesn't work. We are dealing with real people, many of whom are not even religiously inclined at all.

      • Zakmoonbeam profile image

        Michael Murchie 19 months ago from Parts Unknown

        Kerry, there is very little we can do here apart from lend a listening ear and give some general advice. As I said to a previous poster, contacting your local church is a great first step. In this case I assume you have already tried talking to a counsellor as you mentioned thinking it might have been a mental issue?

      • profile image

        Kerry Craft 19 months ago

        I'm desperately trying to find expert advice regarding my 16 year old daughter and to be honest this is the last resort although all of her issues began a few years ago with an experience she began to have after experimenting with a quigi board. I'm not sure about the correct spelling here. Although I grew up in a very religious and spiritual family, I honestly believed this was strictly a mental issue. I would like to talk to someone if at all possible as soon as I can.

      • Zakmoonbeam profile image

        Michael Murchie 20 months ago from Parts Unknown

        Speak to your lokal Church or priest for help and advice. Good luck and please keep us posted on developments.

      • profile image

        Marina Pilson 20 months ago

        My boyfriend is being oppressed at the moment,things move and disappear. I don't know what to do or how to help

      • profile image

        Yvette 20 months ago

        my boyfriend said he saw a spirit that look like me while i was in the living room praying

      • SpiritusShepherd profile image

        Kris 2 years ago

        Claire, I would recommend speaking to a priest, pastor or religious deomonolgist (make sure the demonolgist is connected to a Catholic church, do not choose someone who only uses the title)

        They will perform and exorcism or house cleansing to remove the entity

      • profile image

        Claire 2 years ago

        I was in bed asleep on my left side and woke up suddenly with a sharp pain in my back near my spine that felt like a pin being shoved in2 my skin really hard,i jumped and wen i rolled over on2 my back i froze as there was a dark shadow man with white glowing eyes kneeling on bed over the top of me looking at me.i only saw him wen the light from my partners phone that was chargeing flashed.i saw it twice n on the 3 flash he was gone but then my daughter woke up in her bedroom screaming that there was a shadow man in her room.shes sed be4 that he comes at nite and he has tried dragging her under her duvet.

      • SpiritusShepherd profile image

        Kris 2 years ago

        In my 23 years of living I have seen a total of 8 demons. Most of them were hooded figures that stood at the edge of my bed. All of them disappeared when I thought the name of Jesus. (I would try to speak, but my jaws were locked up, I was also unable to move.) I have also been plagued by nightmares since I was very young, many of which involved fighting demons or other dark creatures.

        I believe we are seeing an increase in demonic activity, because many people are returning to pagan practices. They are tired of the rigid rules of the church and are seeking a way to make their religion more personal. Instead some of the rituals they perform as part of their new belief could be opening "spiritual doors" giving the demonic access to their lives.

        I highly recommend the book "I am not afraid" by Robert H. Bennett. He writes from a Lutheran standpoint, detailing the time he spent with the Malagsy tribes in Madagascar, but I think you will find his work insightful.

      • Michaela Osiecki profile image

        Michaela 2 years ago from USA

        As a practitioner of what some might call the "occult" (paganism and eclectic witchcraft) I have had lots of conversations with fellow witches on the nature of demonic possession and who seems to be most at risk for such activity. Astonishingly enough, none of us who dabble in so called "dark arts" have ever had any such dealings that we weren't able to banish on our own, and those most susceptible tend to be slightly religious in a Christian sense or have religious artifacts on display in their homes.


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