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What Happens to the Soul Between Lives?

I have studied many religions, but can't find one that feels true. My main areas of knowledge are in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Paganism.

Soul leaving the body at death.

Soul leaving the body at death.

People Specialize in Researching Where the Soul Goes in Between Lives

Over the past decade or so, more people are becoming believers when it comes to reincarnation. Many hypnotherapists have regressed patients to past lives with interesting results. These doctors are hearing very consistent facts regarding activities of the soul in between incarnations. Edgar Cayce was one of the first to remark to a friend that he was a monk in a previous incarnation. This conflicted with his Christian faith until he was able to reconcile both his belief in reincarnation with Christian doctrine.

Jane Roberts wrote a series called "the Seth books" in the 1970s. She was able to channel a spirit named Seth, who came to her to describe the activities of the soul in between incarnations. Seth spoke through Jane, while her husband, Robert Butts, took notes. This may seem unbelievable, but many guests were invited to watch and listen as this was happening. Jane passed on in 1984.

Some Can Channel Souls

Michael Newton is a counselor, hypnotherapist, and specialist in treatment of psychological disorders, and also the author of Journey of Souls. He had a young male patient who suffered from extreme pain in his side, which no medical advice could help. Dr. Newton finally hypnotized this patient, and discovered that he fought in WWI, and was killed in France, from a bayonet wound. Once the patient knew this, the pain disappeared.

Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Plan, became fascinated with reading about spirituality and metaphysics. He met a woman who could channel her soul, and it spoke about pre-birth planning. Any advanced astrology student knows that we plan the time we are born by the planetary positions we need to carry out our life’s plans. Knowing that life’s challenges had a clear purpose, and were not just arbitrary, random, and meaningless suffering, totally changed Schwartz’s life.

Now he understood all his challenges had a planned purpose. He discusses reincarnation in his book. He had cases of children who insisted they were from another country and had another name, and named prior parents. When researched, the couples were found in the town the child said, and usually said they had a child who died years before, with the name the child told Robert Schwartz. This is becoming more common.

We All Belong to Soul Groups

Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls, works with clients to help them connect their thoughts and emotions to promote healthy behavior. He began using hypnosis and age regression techniques to discover the origins of disturbing memories his patients could not get past. His interest in reincarnation and metaphysics was only intellectual curiosity, until he worked with that young man with the incarnation from WWI in France.

Newton stumbled on the discovery that it is possible to see into the spirit world through the mind’s eye of a hypnotized subject, who could report back to him of life between lives on earth. He had a patient who was a middle aged woman and very receptive as a hypnosis subject.

She had feelings of loneliness and isolation which came to her in the periods when she recalled the events of her most recent past life. She was able to go into the highest state of altered consciousness herself. He then asked her if she missed anyone in particular. She cried and said, “I miss some friends in my group and get lonely on earth.” Newton could not find much written material about our lives as souls, so decided to research, and practiced skills in entering the spirit world. He found that the spirit world was more meaningful to people than some of their former lives on earth.

So how did he work on this? Our minds are like 3 concentric circles. We have the outer layer of conscious mind, our critical, analytic, reasoning source. The second layer is the subconscious, and we go into hypnosis to tap into this area, which stores all our memories, both in this life and former ones. Layer 3 is the super conscious mind, which exposes our highest self. This is our real identity. This level contains memories of all the alter egos assumed by us in our former bodies. All of Michael Newton’s information about life and death come from this source of intelligent energy.

A soul entering a light tunnel.

A soul entering a light tunnel.

Departed Souls Find Ways to Communicate With Loved Ones on Earth

How valid is hypnosis in uncovering the truth? People are not dreaming or hallucinating then. They are placed in a trance, and their brain waves change from a beta wake state and keep changing vibration, past the meditative alpha state into the theta range. In the theta range the conscious mind is not unconscious, so we can receive as well as send messages, with all memory channels open. Some well practiced meditation practitioners can get into a theta stage without being hypnotized, I know several myself. Clairvoyants can do this as well.

Some people can see likenesses of departed loved ones, and often have dreams which are messages from those loved ones. They see pictures and hear voices of souls they knew in other lives, from souls of their family members, or from their soulmate or guide who travels with them through all of their lifetimes.

Michael Newton has volumes of information about soul lives where too many people are repeating the same experiences for this to be false. But we, as everyday people, have much proof that our loved ones are watching over us and helping us after they die, while they are in between incarnations.

Just as in a near death experience, a soul can see their dead body as they float above it, newly separated from the physical body. My husband died four years ago, very quickly and unexpectedly, although we were in a doctor's office. We thought he threw out a rib while suffering from a severe stomach/intestinal virus. But although he saw the doctor, he collapsed in the foyer of the office as we were making an appointment for the next day.

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At first we sat him in a chair, and he did speak a little bit. I was standing in front of him, holding him in my arms, as we waited for an ambulance. Suddenly I could feel that his pulse had stopped. The EMT's arrived and laid him out on a stretcher. As they got him in place, I saw a white light rise up from his body, and knew his soul was leaving his body. I didn't want to believe what I was seeing, but knew it was happening and sadly, knew it was true.

It is said by those whose experience is an out of body one that they feel sad about loved ones left behind, but want them to know they are not suffering. And of course, they come back. I have a clairvoyant friend who is also an interfaith minister, so I wrote and she delivered my husband's eulogy. We met at her office two days after his passing to plan the service, and had a very strange experience.

She had never met my husband before. She felt him touching her neck, as if to tell her he felt extreme neck pain when he died. She told him that he was hurting her, and that she would pass on his messages to our son and I, if he would try to be calmer. He accepted her terms. My son is very psychic and could feel his father's presence in the room. My husband told us that "Love was stronger than death." There had been an issue between us in the last year, and he apologized to me, explaining the issue very well through the clairvoyant.

I was lying in bed a few nights later, still upset and in shock, when I saw a ball of white light over my bed. I hate to say it was like a disco ball, as it wasn't spinning, but it was about that size. I knew it was him. The spirit of a departed loved one has trouble leaving a soulmate or other loved ones when the death is sudden. He was "checking" on me, as he knew I had trouble sleeping without him after 34 years. At his celebration of life service, our son wrote a song to play on his guitar for his father, and knew his spirit was in the corner of the room closest to where my son played. Both of us saw him peeking in the room to see who was there, not in his body form, but we could feel the energy, and as we compared feelings later, we both knew it was coming from the same place.

People in a deep trance state are capable of describing what life is like after permanent physical death. They float around their dead bodies, trying to touch solid objects, but cannot, nor can they speak with the living anymore. They feel a sensation pulling them away from the site of death, and feel relaxed and curious, rather than fearful. They experience a sense of freedom and bright light around them.

A soul who was in terrible pain before death is able to leave the body for short periods of time, but they tend to stay near it. This is what happened to my husband. He really hadn't intended to leave, but apparently his mission in this lifetime was finished. What they become then are radiating pinpoints of light as they leave the body. The soul begins to expand and can move more freely now.

They try to communicate their love of family once or twice more (like my experience in the clairvoyant's office, and in our bedroom) before they acknowledge the finality of physical death, and want to hurry into the spirit world. The only souls who want to stay are those who were murdered, in accidents, or pass really suddenly, because they are angry and confused, so tend to stay in the spot where the act happened for a longer time.

Physical death does not break our connection to the immortal. Souls of those we love are able to reach us if called upon, although they have no physical body. Dying people are undergoing a process of separation of their souls from the body. We associate death as losing our life force, but the opposite is true. We forfeit our body in death, but our eternal life energy unites us with older souls who help us to the next step.

Process of Reincarnation

The Soul Is Pulled Further Into the Spirit World

The soul is being summoned deeper into the tunnel of white light. Feelings and the power of thought are there, along with love, empathy, and anticipation, because others are waiting. The soul can no longer see the earth, yet feels a connection with it. Gentle adjustments to the bodiless state happen while the soul is being pulled further into the spirit world. Once they pass through the initial gateway of the spirit world, they realize they are not dead in the old sense of the word; they have just left the prison of an earth body. Highly developed souls get through this part of the journey faster.

The spirit world is reported as a huge tier with layers of shaded sections from top to bottom. All are shades of white. It gets lighter and brighter as it goes on. The soul is pulled to the proper level, and feels a relaxing force. He hears tingly music, like wind chimes, vibrating with his movements. He still has memories of physical senses, and continues to hear beautiful musical notes, bells, strings, some buzzing and humming, and has a feeling of tranquility.

So what is beyond the tunnel? It is described as sparkling, glittery, infinite, and majestic. Newer souls are met by a guide, usually made to look like someone the person loved from an earth life. The soul is told their life ran its intended course. The soul gets information by telepathy that their loved ones on earth are fine, and have accepted they are gone. They know they will all see each other again, because they are from the same soul group. It is time to move on.

If the soul sees images which relate to places known on earth, there is a reason. Our planetary memories never die. A soul who has suffered a traumatic death will be met by a guide right away, but mostly souls are happy to return to the marvels of the spirit world. All earthly cares and pain are left behind.

Unseen intelligent energy forces guide souls through the gate. Now they only appear to each other as pinpoints of light, or small masses of energy, but can display human characteristics of someone important to them in other lives. You have a personal guide who can also be a soul mate or a person loved very much. They comfort the soul and lead them further into the light. No matter how many times a soul has died, at first there is apprehension and fear, and they have to get used to the spirit world again.

Meeting Your Guide and Former Loved Ones

The guide delivers the soul to a group now, seen as orbs of light. The soul may see other souls they knew in prior lives. They envelop each other in light. The soul will see a whole group of people in order of how much they meant to each other in different lives. There is one guide who watches the same soul in all incarnations. Some can reach this guide through meditation and know the guide's name. This “reception committee” is planned in advance for us as we enter the spirit world. Our spiritual associates know when we will die and where to meet us when we arrive in the spirit world. After this emotional reunion, we are placed within a more specific group of entities at our own maturity level.

The soul is androgynous, but can assume male and female mental impressions. If you read the Seth books, it will be found that Jane usually reincarnated as a man. Souls see the mind behind what would be the eyes in a physical body. Did you ever meet someone and feel like you knew them for a long time? You did, in another life. It's like déjà vu. It’s happened to me, and probably to you too!

All the communication between souls is telepathic. Often they take features from the way they looked in a particular life. But we really only have one identity regardless of facial features. One soul learns all the lessons of life, to master them until they reach perfection and join the oversoul (or God, whatever you call it). We all have divinity in us.

Some older souls are not met by anyone; after a certain amount of reincarnatons, they are just pulled by unseen forces to their final destination. You and another guide will decide when you are ready for this. Souls can find each other because they each have their own frequencies, and are guided by a wave of light with specific vibration rates.

The Dalai Lama's Views


We Are Our Harshest Critics

As this writer always suspected, an old man on a throne doesn't immediately judge us and throw us into hell or bring us to heaven (our lives aren't done yet). We are the most severe critics at the ends of every life. Who beats us up the most when we make mistakes or do something stupid? We do it ourselves. So now we make corrections, with help from our spirit guides. Soon the soul will be met by a group of guides who will help sort through their experiences and actions in the last life incarnation. They engage in a direct study of a soul’s activities before they can return to their groups. The soul’s guide is present to act as an interpreter for the soul, and to provide support for explanations of conduct in the last life, sort of like a defense advocate. Everyone is honest and truthful in this state. The soul will be seen by this group once again before their return to earth.

Next up is the sorting out process for soul groups and how souls view themselves in their spiritual locations. Group placement is determined by soul maturity level. These are peers who have sensitivity to each other beyond what we can conceive of on earth. But they are often together in a different role in subsequent reincarnations, because it's they who wronged each other, or loved each other. They still have unfinished business.