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The Mysterious Case of the Enfield Poltergeist: Fact, Fiction, or Hoax?

Michael loves nothing better than a good conspiracy served with a side of paranormal investigation.

Location of the haunting

Location of the haunting

Evidence of Life After Death, or Something More Sinister?

It was 1977 in a normal council estate in North London. Peggy Hodgson was a single mother with four children. Until this point, life had thrown few surprises at them—but their peace was about to be shattered in a most unnatural and inexplicable way: a haunting with severe poltergeist activity that would last for over a year and cause a media sensation. This case became infamously known as the Enfield Poltergeist. But was it a ghost or something else entirely?

What Is a Poltergeist?

The term "poltergeist" comes from 19th century German, created from two separate words: poltern, 'to create a disturbance' and geist, meaning 'ghost.' The Oxford Dictionary describes a poltergeist as:

"Noun. A ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as making loud noises and throwing objects about."

There has been a lot of debate as to what exactly a poltergeist is amongst paranormal circles. Is it just a noisy spirit, the trapped soul of a deceased person who cannot move on to the afterlife because of fear and anger? Or is it, as some people say, a manifestation of the anger and frustration teenagers feel in the early stages of puberty?

Perhaps it is neither, or both. Let us begin to look at the surreal events of this besieged family, and maybe then you can make an informed decision as to what and who you believe.


The Year From Hell

It all began on the 30th of August—a year of torment that would be forever burnt into the memory of the Hodgson family and indeed an entire nation as they followed every word in the national press. It started small; Janet and her younger brother Pete complained that their beds were moving in a peculiar manner. Peggy dismissed this first sign as just the kids playing at bedtime and thought no more of it.

The following night, however, marked a rapid descent into the unknown and surreal for them all. Janet had complained of shuffling noises in the bedroom, saying it sounded like the chair being dragged along. Peggy promptly removed the chair, but as she turned out the light, she too heard the noise. She immediately turned the lights on, expecting to catch the prankster out, but both kids were under the blankets.

Upon turning off the lights again, the noise resumed once more. Then the first of what was to become many knocks on the wall began. Peggy once again turned on the light, this time to see a chest of drawers moving 18 inches across the floor. She immediately moved it to its original location, only for it to once again move away from the wall. Scared but undeterred, she once more tried to move it but found it stuck fast, like someone—or something—was holding it in place.

Terrified she gathered all the children downstairs and knocked on the next-door neighbors to ask for help. The knocks continued and were also heard by the neighbors. The decision was made to call the police, who promptly attended at 11 pm and began investigating the possibility of intruders in the property. Once again the knocks continued and were witnessed by the police officers in attendance. The investigators have a statement from one of the officers in attendance, and I think it is better for her words to speak for themselves:

"There were four distinct taps on the wall and then silence. About two minutes later I heard more tapping, but this time it was coming from a different wall, again it was a distinct peal of four taps ~ I looked at the chair and noticed that it was wobbling slightly from side to side, I then saw the chair slide across the floor towards the kitchen wall. It moved approximately 3–4 feet and then came to a rest ~ I checked the chair but could find nothing to explain how it had moved." — Carolyn Heeps, Policewoman. Statement on the Enfield Poltergeist.

The Terror Intensifies

Things continued to deteriorate for the family. Lego bricks and marbles were thrown by some unseen hand and seemed hot to the touch. After a local vicar and medium failed to help, Peggy took a controversial but desperate decision: she contacted the press.

Reporter Douglas Bence and photographer Graham Morris worked for the Daily Mirror at the time. They arranged to visit and, much to their disappointment, found nothing out of the ordinary. As they were leaving, however, things started up again. They raced back inside just in time for Morris to be hit on the head by a flying piece of Lego, leaving a welt.

It was at this time that a senior reporter suggested that the family contact the Society for Psychical Research (S.P.R). Maurice Grosse became involved on their behalf and had a couple of quiet days getting to know the family until the 8th of September 1977, when at around 2 am, he heard a crash coming from Janet's bedroom. Another chair had gone for a ride. At 3 am, Graham captured the chair moving again on film while Grosse saw doors opening and closing without human intervention.

All manner of phenomena were manifesting now. Books had taken to flying off shelves, chairs were still being thrown, and the family was no closer to a peaceful night. Furthermore, electrical faults were commonplace; Morris had three terribly expensive and reliable flashbulbs drain themselves of all life immediately after charging, infra-red cameras failed regularly, and BBC reporters' tapes were damaged, and their recordings were wiped. Even metal components inside some recorders are bent out of shape. The Enfield Poltergeist seemed to be gaining in confidence, power, and violence.


Communicating With the Entity

Mr. Grosse was joined by fellow SPR investigator Guy, author of the definitive book of hauntings, This House is Haunted (ISBN-13: 978-1907661785).

Over the course of the following weeks and months, the phenomena continued to intensify. The knocking became a nightly occurrence, and furniture movement more commonplace. Drawers were removed forcibly from units, toys thrown, and, perhaps more sinister, bedclothes pulled off from the children while they were sleeping.

Inexplicable puddles of water appeared spontaneously on the floor in perfect circles, and small fires would flare and extinguish themselves. The children's uncle was wrenched out of his chair and spun 180 degrees, Janet was thrown from chairs and her bed, a table lamp lent over 45 degrees before returning to its normal position, and in front of 9 witnesses, the settee (sofa) rose up from the floor and was turned upside down.

It was at this point that perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the case emerged. A harsh male voice came from Janet, who appeared to be in a trance-like state at the time. The voice at first claimed to be several people and displayed both anger, frustration, an uncanny knack for bad language, and strangely enough, humour. One character kept returning, however, that of "Bill."

Attempts to communicate with Bill seemed to be successful, initially through a serious of knocks, one for yes, three for no, but then direct voice communication became possible. Bill claimed to be 53 at one point, then 64. He claimed to have died in the house, sat in his favourite chair after going blind and having a haemorrhage. Strangely, the facts of Bill were not previously known to the family or neighbours, but were confirmed later by his son coming forwards to corroborate the events surrounding his life and death in the house, including the position of the chair he died in. Had the investigators finally found the answer to who the Enfield Poltergeist actually was?


Below is an extract from the documentary Interview With a Poltergeist, from UK Channel 4. This clip contains the actual voices heard; please listen and make up your own mind.

This clip is not for people of a nervous disposition, contains some bad language, and is not suitable for children under ANY circumstances.

Alleged levitation

Alleged levitation

Was the Case a Hoax?

Some people who attended saw no evidence whatsoever of paranormal occurrences. There are also well-documented cases of Janet being caught out creating hoaxes. She freely admitted occasional hoaxing, as did the two main investigators. The thing one must remember is that when the girls did try it on for the cameras, they were caught every time.

There must have been tremendous pressure every time the press arrived for something to happen, and Janet must have felt this pressure more than anyone else. Was it not inevitable that some hoaxing or bending of the truth would take place? That does not, however, allow one to dismiss the vast quantity of valid phenomena that was witnessed by the press, police officers, investigators, members of the local church, neighbours, and others. On top of that, we have the physical evidence, the photos, and the recordings of the voice to further add to the stack of undeniable evidence.

To me, the thing that really cements this, though, is that Janet was approached at the time by two competing newspapers, offering by 70s standards quite huge sums of money if she spilled the beans on how she was faking it all. She adamantly refused, and we must remember that this was not a wealthy family by any stretch of the imagination. It also was not a trick to try to get moved by the local authorities into a nicer house, as Peggy stayed for another 25 years after the activity ceased until her death in 2003.

So, how did the Enfield Poltergeist activity stop? As suddenly as it started. Janet was placed in The Maudsley Hospital for psychiatric evaluation in July 1978. She was tested thoroughly for two months and found to be perfectly healthy and normal. In the time Janet was away, the activity in the house died down completely. On her return, she always felt there was something there right up until her mum, Peggy, died. Afterward, there were no further major disturbances.

After this terrible ordeal, the family was able to resume a normal life, and it's interesting to note that after all this time, no one has taken up any of the offers to "come out" as a prankster, and not one witness has changed their story.

This may well still be the best-documented case in the world today, but please, read and watch, and draw your own conclusions.


As recently as June 2016, Janet and Margaret returned to the house in Enfield that caused so much terror and uncertainty in 1977. There has been a resurgence of interest in the case due to a fantastic mini-series shown on SKY TV in the UK and of course, the great movie based loosely on the occurrences released in 2016, The Conjuring 2. Of the two, I can heartily recommend the mini-series if you can obtain it; As a researcher, I feel it takes the least liberties with an already engaging and terrifying story.

Whilst writing this article, my computer crashed twice; I lost three pictures and an entire section of text I had prepared earlier that needed to be written from scratch again. Perhaps some stories just don't want to be told?

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© 2011 Michael Murchie


brian from uk on August 05, 2019:

Yee i beleave this stuff can happen i can sort of relate to it i think the house we lived in must have had an earth bond spirit in the previous tenant had lost a son in a motorbike accident just fifty yards from the house but nothing as bad as what i read here. Well the the one year i woke in the morning and my wifes face hovering over me looking panicked i said what the matter she said what was the the matter with you last night i tried to wake but i could get no response from you i said i must have been really tired i what was up, she said i still think it was a bad nightmare but i woke and the bedroom curtains were blowing up to the ceiling and swirling madley. I said you should have shut the windows she said they were not open, oh i said i dont know the last think i remember was closing my eyes then waking to the morning i dont event remember having any dreams. So im not sure what happened, my wife at the time did tell once i sat up in bed looking confused and started talking in a forign lanuge and flopped back down on the bed again i had no recollection of that

Johann Ziska from USA on September 28, 2018:

I've always been interested in this case, but one thing must be noted:

"The thing one must remember is that when the girls did try it on for the cameras, they were caught every time."

Just because they were caught frequently, there's no reason to think they were caught every time. After all, that is an impossible thing to prove.

That said, even if some hoaxes weren't found out, there is far too much evidence to say it was all a hoax. Many of the more extraordinary things were witnessed by too many credible witnesses to be flat out fake.

Andrew Dexter on February 06, 2017:

This case has fascinated me for many years. I believe it started off genuine but the girls obviously faked some of it, if not most. I think as things died down the girls played up to it to keep it going. I think they copied what was real. My family and I lived at a property called Gladstone villa, in the town of Bargoed, a former mining town in the Caerphilly county borough of the South Wales valleys. We experienced things that defied rational explanation, similar to the Enfield case, though I didn't levitate or speak in a gruff voice. We heard footsteps in the main bedroom every evening when we'd all be down stairs watching Television, one of us would turn the TV down to hear it more clearly. We also had miner poltergeist activity, I still remember the electrical cables being pulled and the lights going off and on, it got so bad we slept down stairs, with the lights on !! We had it from 1969 to the Summer of 1978 when we moved from there. I challenge any skeptic to stay there, they will most certainly question their belief system.

Adri on January 10, 2015:

The film version of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House, Vincent Price in The House of Wax. For sheer ngirtmahe power, however, it was the final scene in Carrie, when Carrie's hand shoots out of the ground. I had just relaxed at that point and was so rattled, I just wanted to get home and lock all the doors. The Shining as a movie didn't have the impact the book did, but still scary enough all around.

Brahime on December 28, 2014:

I'm gutted that I mesisd the timing of this post. The Exorcist' didn't scare me when I was a kid and again, a teen. Same with The Shining'. Weird. The Thing' on the other hand? A real nail-biter. I still can't watch the kennel scene. I have to fast-forward this bit. I had seen The Entity, but I was far too young to remember anything than the invisible fingers in boobs bit. Hm, I should get a DVD. It's hard to choose top 10 scariest films. I'll have a ponder. Until then, here's my list of top 10 plain good eerie ghost films (no gore / all in English language / in no particular order) 1. The Changeling a haunted house + George C. Scott? Fantastic.2. Dead of Night (1945) one of my favourite horror/ghost anthology films (Tricks r Treats (2009) is good as well)3. The Watcher in the Woods cheesy, but it had my attention good when I was a kid. The downside is the blonde skater actress. She was utterly crap. Thankfully the story and Bette Davis are the film's saving grace.4. Whistle, And I'll Come To You BBC's 1968 one-off drama adaptation of M. R. James's short story. There's a remake, broadcast on BBC last Christmas, with John Hurt, but I haven't seen it yet.5. The Signalman another BBC adaptation, but based on Charles Dickens's story, featuring Denholm Elliott this time. Train tracks + dark tunnel + signalman + ghost? Behind a sofa is the best place.6. The Stone Tape (1972) it won't work for some, but it worked for me.7. The Uninvited (1944) Ray Millard and Ruth Hussey are meh, but it's still worth seeing because it's widely regarded as the first haunted-house film.8. Night of the Demon (1957) I expected a cheesy monster film, but it turned out to be a creepy supernatural thriller. An exceptional film.9. Carnival of Souls (1962) a classic. No more, no less.10. Session 9 I'm still not sure whether to include this as it's basically a psychological horror film, but I think it should go on the list anyway. Slow, but still don't watch this alone in the dark.

Michael Murchie (author) from Parts Unknown on November 09, 2013:

You have my thanks one and all for taking the time to read, share and comment ! I have to agree with Au fait in reagard to the demon aspect, it is worrying but I say a Discovery Channel documentary saying that the Catholic Church has seen a dramatic increase in people requiring house blessings and even Exorcisms.

C E Clark from North Texas on November 08, 2013:

Never heard about this particular situation before. Interesting. Personally, I don't believe in ghosts or lost spirits, etc. I think all of this is a result of demons which the Bible speaks of. People invited demons into their lives all of the time without even realizing it or intending to do so. Demons do not require any urging or second invitations . . .

Pinned to my "The Paranormal" board and planning to follow you as you have a variety of interesting looking articles.

I rather liked being the nerd in my class in school, but once a female in our society reaches adulthood she is no longer considered a nerd no matter what. As an adult she is just weird for caring more about interesting things than being a decoration and attending to and pleasing a man.

TheFranko on February 18, 2013:

I love all those stories about ghosts, poltergeists and so on and I must admit I believe in this one. Your article was definitely worth reading! From now on I'm the one of your followers. Keep up the good work! :)

Mogheh on May 12, 2012:

Interesting article. There's too many witness reports by reliable people for it all to be hoaxed, and as you mentioned, she was always caught out pranking by the cameras. I do believe they're real things as I used to live in an old pub and experienced doors wrenched out of my hands, slammed shut on me, hearing doors open and close all night. I even had a window close by itself one night in the 10 seconds I was away from it which needed a stool to stand on to reach it and forcefully close it shut with 2 catches and chains to secure it. Several other people claimed to see an apparition of an old woman in victorian clothing although I never did.