The Liverpool Time Slips and Mysterious Occurances in Bold Street

The Bold Street Timeslips Liverpool
The Bold Street Timeslips Liverpool

Time Travel

The subject of time has always intrigued us. Is it as set as we have always believed? Or does time loop back on itself, giving us a glimpse of a shadowy past out of the corner of our eye. Was is just imagination that made us, just for a second, believe we have seen an object or building change before our very eyes into something that looked medieval or maybe not even there?

When this happens we usually shake our heads and put it down to imagination. But over the last few decades, something strange has been happening in or near Bold Street, Liverpool England. Not just a glimpse of the past, but full immersion into the strange and mysterious world of English History, if only for a few moments at a time.

Step Back To The 1950s And 60s

The strange thing about the Bold street time slips, is the actual time and place they are set. In the following cases, the people involved do not go back far in time, but seem to visit a particular decade or decades. So far, most of the sightings have centred around the 1950’s and 60s. This is strange in itself. Most time travel experiences seem to take the recipient back, for example, to the 18th or 19th century . But not in this case.

Are these people simply copying each other in their experiences, or are they genuinely taking a step back in time? The answer to that, has to take into account whether they are doing it deliberately to get noticed, mass hallucination, or are they really experiencing this strange phenomena? And of course the most important point is, the first person that had this experience, obviously totally believed in what he saw, heard and felt.

So, does time flow like a river? Or does it twist and turn, going forward then sweeping back, picking up historic events and placing them down in front of you, if only for a few moments?

A Step Back In Time To The 1950s
A Step Back In Time To The 1950s
 Bold Street Liverpool Then And Now
Bold Street Liverpool Then And Now

Frank and Carol

In this first tale, Frank set off with his wife to go shopping in Liverpool back in 1996. His wife decided that she wanted to go and buy a book at Waterstones the large book store, and they started to walk towards the area of the shop. As they approached Bold street, Frank decided to go to another shop first, but bumped into a friend, and stopped to chat in the street. His wife went ahead without him.

A few moments later, Frank said goodbye, visited his shop and turned to go back to meet his wife. After reaching Bold Street, he headed on towards the bookstore. As he approached, he glanced up and was surprised to see the name, Cripps above the door. As he was about to cross over to see what was going on, a van swept past him with the name Cardin’s on the side. The van drive honked his old fashioned horn and drove past.

Looking around, Frank suddenly realised that things were not quite what they should be. He looked at the cars driving past and realised that they were all old fashioned vehicles such as people would drive back in the 50s and 60s. And then he noticed the people. Men were wearing hats and macs, and the women were dressed in head scarves, full skirts and had old fashioned hair styles such as women wore just after the war.

By this time, Frank was beginning to feel slightly freaked out. He carried on crossing the road and headed towards the store. As he got closer he noticed through the window, handbags, shoes and umbrellas. Suddenly he saw a young woman standing looking totally bemused, up at the shop sign. She was wearing modern clothes and as she saw him approaching, smiled at him.

Frank went into the shop, closely followed by the young women. When they entered he was surprised and pleased to see that it had indeed turned back into a bookshop. The young women smiled, shook her head and said, 'that was strange, I thought it was a new clothes shop!' then she walked away looking extremely puzzled.

This may sound an unlikely tale, but the odd thing about it is that Frank was in fact a former Police officer who was used to dealing in facts, and definitely wasn't the type of person who would believe in the paranormal.

Frank never stopped talking about it. Was this a time slip? Evidently Cripps was a women’s shop that sold clothes and other goods, and Cardin’s was also a well known Liverpool firm that owned vans around the time Frank found himself in.

Imogen And The MotherCare Store

The second story concerns a young girl by the name of Imogen. She had decided to go into Liverpool to buy her sister Abigail, a few things for her new baby. Upon arriving she was happy to see a new MotherCare store that had opened up on the corner of Lord Street and Whitechapel.

She wandered around the store, and picked up a few baby items such as cardigans, baby bibs, and gloves. She was surprised to see how cheap the items were, but thought they were on offer as the store had just opened. Taking them to the counter, she tried to pay with her credit card. The staff member looked at her suspiciously, and went off to get the manager.

When she came back, she looked at the card and told Imogen that they didn't take cards. So, disappointed, Imogen went and put the items back as she hadn't any money with her.

When she got home, she told her mother what had happened. Her mother was surprised and really puzzled. ‘That store closed years ago,’ she said. 'There is a bank there now, in fact that’s where I have my account'. Not believing her, Imogen took her mother back to the same place the next day. Sure enough the store wasn’t there. It was a bank, just as her mother had told her.

In this tale, Imogen couldn't have gone back to the 60s. The reason being that she would have noticed the money was different. In England we changed from Sterling to Decimal Currency in the 70s. What time did she go back too? Good question.

 Thief Running
Thief Running

A Thief Goes Back To 1967

The third tale is of a young man named Sean, who, while shop lifting in Liverpool back in 2006, ran away from a Security Guard and headed down Hanover Street. Trying to shake of the Guard, Sean, 19, turned into a dead end street called Brookes Alley. By this time he was out of breath and started to get a tight sensation in his chest. He soon realised that actually it wasn't a problem with him, but the atmosphere around him.

He waited for the Guard to come around the corner after him, but he never appeared. So, thinking he had given him the slip, he sauntered back out and started to walk down Hanover street again. But he soon realised that something was wrong.

The road looked different, and so did the pavement. He noticed cars driving by that looked very old fashioned, and the road works that he knew were there, were now gone. Soon he saw that the people around him were wearing strange clothes. Crossing over to Bold Street, he noticed that there were traffic lights where there weren't before, and bushes growing around the Lyceum, near a bar that he recognised.

He carried on walking, realising that actually something was really odd. Then he began to panic. He realised that somehow he had stepped back in Time. And the timeslip was not going away.

Then he remember his Cell phone. Taking it out of his pocket, he tried to get a signal, but of course it didn't work. Eventually he began to really panic, but spotted a kiosk selling newspapers and headed over.

Leaning over the Stand, he took a look at the front page of the Daily Post. There in bold lettering was the date. 18th May 1967.

He wondered what to do. What happens if he can't get back to his own time? What about family and friends?

So, speeding up his pace, he reached H. Samuel the Jewelers, and tried his phone once again. This time it worked. Sighing with relief he looked around and realised that he had returned to the present. But the strange thing was, he could still see, down the end of the road, people still walking around in 1967.

By this time Sean had seen enough, and dived onto a bus to go home. When he was interviewed by the local newspaper later, he stated over four times, the exact account.

Now, you may think that Sean was making the story up to escape from the guard. But the strange tale didn't end there. When the Security Guard was interviewed, he stated that when he ran after Sean, and turned down the dead end Alley after him, he said that Sean had completely disappeared!

When the newspaper checked out the facts of Seans story, they found that everything he said was historically accurate.

Timeslip Mystery

These three stories are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many tales from around Liverpool that tell of Timeslips, ghosts and other strange phenomenon. The stories keep coming thick and fast, and of course the more tales, the more likely people will start to believe that they are all being made up, or as the saying goes, Urban Tales. So, what do you think? Real life timeslips, imagination, mass hallucination or purely tales that have started out as fun but have turned into the greatest Urban Legends of all time.

My opinion is that, yes, something did happen. Probably to the first guy, Frank who was just out shopping with his wife. The others? Maybe it was a case of mistaken roads, taking a wrong turning or just a glitch in the persons memory. By the time they get home they totally believe what happened.

Or is it true? There are so many cases concerning Bold Street, and just about anywhere else in Liverpool, that maybe, just maybe they are all living on top of the biggest Timeslip Phenomena in the World.

Do You Believe That Bold Street Liverpool Is Timeslip Central?

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  • Yes, totally. I believe in Timeslips
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Comments 205 comments

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 3 weeks ago from England Author

Wow! thanks M Lane! that is amazing! I love to hear more stories! as for the one when you arrived early I do believe time does these funny things. and o f course I do believe in other dimensions too, so it could have been either one, you never know! thanks for reading, nell

M Lane 3 weeks ago

I think that time slips happen more often than we think and that we should pay attention to our surroundings for anomolies. For example people dressed in a manner which is out of the time, it could be just a little bit out but could be significant. The same with watching someone seemingly doing something over again. We saw a man who was dressed in seventies clothes but didn't think much about it because retro is in, but we sat there and we saw the same man with long sandy hair walk past again in exaclty the same way. I supposed he could have doubled back and then walked down again but I think we woulod have noticed him if he had doubled back and then walked the exact same way again.

I am a nurse and i remember a night staff member saying to me that I had been early this morning, had gone for a coffee in the rest room until it was time to start. I said I thought I had arrived the same time as usual. She was adamant that she had seen me through the window arriving early and that she had even waved to me. The odd thing was I had dreamed of arriving early before I woke up.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 2 months ago from England Author

HIya JG exactly! I totally agree with your ideas, yes can you imagine a few years ago? a mobile/cell phone doing all those things, and speaking to people just by text let alone talking! there is so much out there we don't know, and it drives me nuts when we see someone, usually a man on tv with that look on his face saying 'No, there is no such thing as psychic phenomena! poor guy, LOL! thanks again, and have a great weekend. :)

JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 2 months ago from Central Oklahoma

Good point. I've had a few "paranormal" experiences - which seemed perfectly NORMAL to me! - that I still won't reveal on the net, for the very reasons you mention. As for science's attempts to find a "logical" explanation for such events, I have to throw in that communicating electronically with others half way round the world using a small handheld device we now call a Smartphone was deemed "impossible" and in the realm of voo-doo. In another hundred years or so, I therefore predict that telepathic communication and things like time slips will be considered "normal". It's all a matter of understanding the clues right in front of our noses. For instance, it was discovered recently that time "bends" in space, i.e. in those "galaxies far, far away", so why not here on Earth too??? Just sayin'...

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 2 months ago from England Author

Hiya, and of course if people don't write about their experience on the internet we may never know about it. it could be an older man or woman who are to embarrassed to mention it or not know how to use the computer. its like Deja Vu, maybe we have been there before. science always tries to find an explanation but sooner or later quantum physics will show us the truth, nell

JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 2 months ago from Central Oklahoma

After what I said in my previous comment, it occurs that perhaps Liverpool isn't the only English town with a recurring time slip. Other places, things don't change as dramatically as they do in LP, so no one notices a shift. Except *I* did that time on a deserted side street in London, when the asphalted street surface briefly became cobble-stoned. Who knows what era I was transported back to for a few moments!

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 2 months ago from England Author

HIya JG, lol! never thought of that! maybe you are right our town is looking a little...old, new? and Wow! the Duke of Cumberland stayed there? seems that history does tend to get involved with our ancestors! lol! how fascinating! hope you are well too, thanks

JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 2 months ago from Central Oklahoma

Hi yourself, Nell! Yes, wouldn't it be lovely to experience a time slip in your own neighborhood! But then, you DO live in a place where not much (if any) has changed in some parts of it for hundreds of years, so maybe you have experienced a slip and didn't realize it. (There. That ought to keep you awake for a couple of nights wondering...or generate a new hub. tee hee)

Alas, my mind has been stuck in the far north of England since last fall, compiling a coherent account of ancestors from Cumberland and Westmorland. One of which, I learned recently, was Thomas Savage, in whose home the Duke of Cumberland spent the night after the Battle of Clifton Moor, which occurred a few months before Culloden.

Hope all is well with you and yours! ;D

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 2 months ago from England Author

Hiya JG! long time since you were here? And thanks for letting me do the ooh and ah! lol! yes it was a fascinating experience! I would love to hear more, and also would like to have the time travel happen to me in my town so I can record it, great to see you!

JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 2 months ago from Central Oklahoma

Nell, I saw Grace's incredible account of her experience on Bond street before you did, but chose not to comment until after you'd had a chance to "ooh" and "ah". Your reaction was roughly the same as mine, with the same OMG questions. One thing I would add is that Grace's experience indicates, in her case at least, that there was a definite boundary between the present and the past, whereas other reports don't because the fact that there was a switch didn't register immediately. Veddy interesting! ;D

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 2 months ago from England Author

Oh my goodness Grace! how amazing! have you been back to see if it happened again? what happened when you turned away? was it there when you looked back? thanks so much for reading and commenting, nell

Grace 2 months ago

This happened to me in Bold Street around the late 90's in exactly the same place as shown on the photo above ... I stepped out of Central Station next to the Lyceum and put my foot on the road to head across to Waterstones. In a split second the scene changed ... and a hansom cab went past me heading towards the cathedrals ... followed by lots of people in what I can only describe as being like the people on the Quality Street tins ... I'm hopeless at history so I don't have a clue what era they were. It was the hats I noticed most as I tried to take in what I was seeing. The ladies wore bonnets with brims and the gents wore top hats and dark suits. Several couples walked straight past me as if they didn't see me. I immediately thought I must have walked into a film set but there were no cameras about ... and anyway I couldn't have because when I stood on the pavement everyone was in the present time ... yet as soon as I stepped onto the road ... everything went into a different dimension. At first I was confused and scared ... and then just really scared as I thought about what would have happened to me had I been unable to step back into the present time again.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 10 months ago from England Author

That is amazing boilymoon! and proves a very good point, yes it probably is you or us that go back in time for a second, not the other way round! as you said, if only you were older, knew more about it and knew how to take it all in then how amazing that would have been! but like all of us its a split second, then afterwards we say, damn, why didn't I...? thanks so much for adding to this amazing phenomenon, if it happens again next time see if you can speak to them, how amazing would that be? nell

boilymooncan 10 months ago

Slight edit - the ramp I walked down was the Ranelagh Street one, not the one from Bold street.

boilymooncan 10 months ago

Hi people,

Interesting article and I thought i'd share this with you as its relevant.

I've seen one of these Time Slips and can give a first hand account.

When I was 20 (so about 24 years ago) I was making my way through Liverpool to see my girlfriend. I needed to catch a train from Central Station which as you may know is right in the area of Bold street.

So as usual I walked down the large ramp that led from Bold Street (you can see it on google street view) into the station and towards the entrance at the far end. Causally glancing around I wasn't really paying much attention - man on a mission, my lady was waiting!

I shot a look to the right and registered something odd straight away - my pace slowed though I kept walking. There on the right, was a cafe/coffee shop - it had sprung up out of nowhere. At the time I thought it was odd as my girlfriend and I often went to places around there and only the other day had walked down the same ramp and that cafe was definitely NOT there then, and neither had anyone been working on any such shop either.

To make the situation even stranger, everyone in the shop and the few that were sat outside were all dressed in very old clothes (i'm guessing now looking back on it around the 1900's). The women that I saw were wearing large hats and looked very "out of place" - my first thoughts were "is something being filmed" and maybe it was a "special" day the cafe was doing and everyone was getting dressed up. So I just put down my lack of noticing it there before as being one of down to age and not really paying attention - I've changed... :)

I glanced ahead to make sure I wasn't going to walk into someone and when I immediately looked back, the cafe was gone.

At the time I just put it down to me being weird but it was only recently that I heard about Time Slips and made the connection and it bugs me to this day that I didn't just walk over to the cafe and talk to the people there. However, I was really freaked out and whilst others have said "I'd ask someone to look me up" I can assure you that the actual event is so disconcerting that you don't think along those lines - the first emotion you experience is fear and an overriding sense that something is VERY wrong.

It is odd that others don't seem to witness the event at the time and I'd have thought that such activity would be recorded on the CCTV in the area (of which there is LOADS).

My theory is that it is YOU that is transported in time - hence the story of Sean the thief in 1967 where the guard reported that he just vanished.... This would explain why the event it limited to just the one person but also explains why nothing would be found on any CCTV footage.

I'm certainly convinced they exist. Had I not seen one with my own eyes I, like probably so many others would just put it down to various other factors and chalk it up against "odd stuff that people believe in".

Silva Hayes profile image

Silva Hayes 11 months ago from Spicewood, Texas

Another interesting article from you, Nell Rose!

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 13 months ago from England Author

Thanks so much Dolores, lol! yes very zen with a bit of star trek added! I do think a lot of ghost stories are in fact time slips but I doubt if we will ever know, but thanks so much for reading, nell

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 13 months ago from England Author

lol! thnks Brian! not sure about the fireplace but its certainly been chucked down peoples throat in the family over the last few days! LOLOLO!

Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 13 months ago from East Coast, United States

Hi Nell - congratulations on winning 2 hubbie awards! Wow! And you get 2 prizes! So exciting! I loved this tale of time slips. It's all so Twilight Zone and Star Trek. While I don't really follow these types of stories, it has certainly made me think. Perhaps a time slip explains ghost sightings. Maybe ghosts are not the dead wandering around, but us somehow able to see something of the past.

Brian Langston profile image

Brian Langston 13 months ago from Languedoc Roussillon

Hi Nell- Great Hub and very deserving of your accolade. I hope you keep it well polished and in pride of place on your mantlepiece....and if it goes missing one day don't worry you'll find it again in the future!

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