The Law of One and Ra, a Humble Messenger

Updated on October 7, 2016
Ra. The Law of One. An Humble Messenger. Ever heard of it? No? Read on. Yes? Read on ...
Ra. The Law of One. An Humble Messenger. Ever heard of it? No? Read on. Yes? Read on ...

Preface: Why I Wrote This Article

By most standards, including my own, channeling isn't just dubious, it's ridiculous. I certainly don't literally believe this material or how it was obtained, nor do I have faith in it, but that doesn't change the fact that I came across the material at a time when some of the messages resonated with me and helped me through a particularly challenging situation. It is remarkably fascinating, and interesting, and if you are dubious—like me—perhaps you could be intellectually stimulated by the material. Enjoy the article!

If you're here, reading this article, then you fall into one of two categories.

  1. Category One: What the %@#$ is the Law of One, or the Ra Material?
  2. Or Category Two: You know exactly what the Law of One is, and are interested in absorbing as much information, opinions, and thoughts about it as you can ... including articles like this one.

This article will naturally appeal to those in each category.

The Law of One, also known as the Ra Material, is a series of books that were allegedly channeled by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty between 1981 and 1984. The entity in which they claimed to have channeled refers to itself by name, as Ra, and eventually explains that it is not one entity like you might imagine, but a concept known as a Social Memory Complex.

The scope of this article is not to validate or endorse the authenticity of this material, or the practice/claims of channeling. It is to discuss the material in a basic form, and provide information about how to learn more or find the Ra Material in book or PDF form.

Most will live their entire lives without knowing what Ra, or the Law of One is.

Let's Take a Minute and Talk About Channeling

The word channeling generally conjures up some mixed emotions. Some people think the concept is utterly ridiculous (rightfully so), while others will devote much, if not all, of their spiritual growth and identity to the information ascertained from channeled sources (all religions, arguably). Then there are those who have never heard of such a thing, and may have never realized how much of our daily life is affected by alleged channeled sources.

The concept of channeling is believed to be that a human's consciousness can be tuned in such a way to act as a receiver, or conduit, for another entity to communicate through. The human used for this is generally referred to as an instrument, from the channeled entities' perspective. The Channeled entity can then use the instrument to communicate to those who will listen. The entity that is channeled is generally believed to be one of an ascended realm of consciousness, some other realm of the supernatural, or in some cases a technologically superior race of far-away beings.

Sound familiar? It should:

Hint: every major religious figure from antiquity has claimed to hear the voice of God, feel his divine inspiration, act on his behalf autonomously, or in other-words, has claimed to channel an alien entity (God?) and shared the knowledge with man.

The Teachings of Ra: Various Densities, Social Memory Complexes, and More

A typical session ivolves the conjuring of Ra, a greeting, and then a series of questions and answers. Quite often many of the questions in any given session are asking Ra to clarify something he has said previously, like definitions, or concepts.

The questions posed to Ra by the team are fairly comprehensive, and calculated, but not nearly as complex or interweaving as the responses they get from Ra. The way in which Ra speaks his answers, and interacts with the team is one of the most interesting aspects of these books! The language, syntax, and metaphorical concepts are often times as bewildering as they are illuminating, and will sometimes have you pondering them for days.

Here is an example of a question and answer:

Questioner: Thank you. And thank you for that explanation of the
mathematics too. Could you define spiritual mass?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full question of this session.

Spiritual mass is that which begins to attract the out-moving and on-going
vibratory oscillations of being-ness into the gravity, speaking in a spiritual
sense, well of the great central sun, core, or Creator of the infinite universes.

Interestingly, Ra precedes every statement he makes with "I am Ra". I believe he uses this protocol to indicate that it is him speaking through the channel, and not the instrument, or any other entity that may be trying to manipulate the instrument (corrupt the signal).

As you can see, his answer is rather difficult to comprehend. In all fairness though, taking one question an answer out of context like this is not a good example. You really need to be reading the whole chapter (session), and should really start from the beginning of the book series. Many words, phrases, and concepts are defined in a linear fashion and are generally not re-explained throughout the rest of the book.

I've Heard Some People Talk About the Law of One and Densities, or True Colors, or Chakras? What Is All This About?

At the core of the Law of One teachings is the concept of densities, or true colors. These can be likened to the chakras of some belief structures. Admittedly, it is an incredibly confusing concept to grasp, and the more you learn about it, the more interesting and confusing it can be.

The true colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet represent various stages in the development of consciousness, and universal energy (what does that even mean though?), but they also represent distinct concepts involved with spiritual progression, and self-realization. For instance ...

  • Red, or the First Density, is the vibratory state that represents the pure essence of raw survival. It encompasses things like the will to survive, sexual reproduction, and the building blocks of an entity; minerals, energy, nutrients, forces, etc ...
  • Green, or the Fourth Density, is the vibratory state of realizing true and unconditional love. In this state love is in the extreme and outweighs the Blue energy, which is wisdom.

Note: This article is not a lesson in the Law of One. I'm not qualified to teach such a thing, nor would I care to.

So, I will not go any further into this topic, but one of the primary focal points, laid on the teachings of Densities and the True Colors, is the concept of honesty to yourself, and balance. It is also interesting to note that some believe, according to Ra, that our planet, as a whole, is currently in the True Color Yellow, or third density - which is the density of realizing that you are one among many, part of a society, and is generally fraught with difficulties and friction.

Ra also claims that Earth, as a whole, is going through the process of ascending from Yellow into Green. And at the pinnacle of this process, something called The Harvest takes place. This also seems to be a theme in channeled/religious material.

Ra Is a Social Memory Complex? Any Relation to the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh?

Ra tells a captivating story about how they (Ra) made a mistake a few thousand years ago and attempted to aid the humans known to us as Ancient Egyptians. They "appeared in the skies, and disseminated advanced knowledge to certain individuals". (I'm not saying it's aliens ... but it's aliens!) Now, the reason why they communicated with this team, in the 80's, is because they are attempting to atone for the mistake they made few thousand years ago.

Ra claims his society is millions of years older than our society on Earth. They had long ago ascended through the ranks of the true colors and now vibrate on the six level, which is Indigo, and exist as a Social Memory Complex where their entire society is one. They are now performing the duties of an entity in the Sixth Density, which includes answering the calls of those in need, like Earth. Their next phase, the seventh Density, is a mystery even to them, and is apparently the reintegration with the Infinite One Creator (again, sounds pretty familiar).

So the Law of One Speaks of Ascension, Reincarnation, and the Harvest

Most people on Earth right now, in all walks of life, in all disciplines, believe in reincarnation in some way shape or form, and just refer to it as something else.

The Law of One has an interesting take on the process of ascension, and reincarnation. Instead of reincarnation being an arbitrary manifestation, it is a much more personal choice. Ra speaks of how each entity, while in between incarnations, assumes a form that allows them to review the previous life and make a choice on which new life to incarnate into. It is always a choice.

So, in other words, when you die, the Law of One says you'll get to choose - from an ascended consciousness's perspective - the most opportunistic life in which to reincarnate with. You would think the choice an easy one ... but look around. Look at all the lives that were chosen. Each experience is precious - no matter how horrific it may seem.

But there's a catch ...

In order to reincarnate in another third Density experience, which Ra claims is much more rich in the potential for learning and spiritual growth, you have to willingly choose let go all of which you've gained up an to that point. In other words, you will start the new life/incarnation as a baby - with no conscious memory of your previous life. The Law of One refers to this concept as the Veil of Forgetfulness, or the Law of Confusion (I found this such an interesting intellectual concept that I wrote a song about it!).

Think about that choice. Return, as a human, repeat another third density life, and willingly forgo any recollection of your past life. And when you're in this ascended state, you are reviewing and experiencing every life you've ever lived. Seems like it would be a tough thing to give up, but then again, I suppose you're expected to easily make it back to this seemingly omniscient state, so *shrugs*. Maybe it's not that bad.

Ascension: Rising Through the Ranks of the True Colors, and Leaving This Meat Computer Behind

According to Ra, life in the third Density is rich with experience. The potential for spiritual growth is said to be much greater in this density than in some of the densities (Green and above). So the purpose here is for us to move through these experiences and imbalances, and gradually work towards balance. However, the Law of One also seems to realize that nothing can exist in true balance and must lean one way or another.

At the core of ascension and the true colors are the polar opposites

  • Service to self (-)
  • Service to others (+)

The difference appears obvious at first. But during the process of spiritual evolution, and ascension, people tend to walk a pretty determined path. The Law of One gets pretty deep into this concept of service to self and service to others, and it gets rather complex. The philosophy is fascinating and will likely cause introspection, doubt, and reflection.

Ra also goes as far as to use percentages to describe the difference between the two paths. While I think Ra offers this rather ridiculous suggestion grudgingly, they offer it nonetheless. When harvest comes around if 51% of your summed decisions are made in true service to others (+ positive) then you have finished the third density and will be harvested with Earth as it makes its transformation into the fourth density, in which case a new life with new challenges and goals will begin. Any less, and you'll need to repeat another third density experience ...

Find the Law of One books, From L/L Research on Amazon, Below

Much More Can Be Said About the Law of One, Ra, L/L Research, Et Al ...

But at this point I'm going to wrap it up. If you're interested, read the books. They are fascinating, will make you think, and will inspire some pretty deep philosophical and introspective thoughts.

Like I said before, I'm not here to gauge or determine the authenticity, because I really don't think it is that important. Even if it is all completely fabricated (which is very well might be), or the ramblings of a madwomen; the efficacy of teaching, and learning, and experience is not necessarily connected to the authenticity of its source in relation to the expected result - it is what you make of it for yourself and other selves.

As you can see I've posted the books from Amazon on the right if you wish to purchase them. And on that note, the first one hundred pages or so of the first book is talking about L/L Research, the group, and everything they did that leads up to the contact with Ra. It is pretty interesting, and should be read, but can really drag. If you want to hear an alien entity, who claims to be a Social Memory Complex, representing an achievable ascended level of consciousness answer questions from a group of humans in the 80s about religion, spiritual maters, and physics ... skip ahead until Ra starts talking.

Be peaceful on your way,


Questions & Answers


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      • Alladream74 profile image

        Victor Mavedzenge 

        7 years ago from Oakland, California

        I have no idea of it,but it seems to echo a lot of eastern teachings

      • profile image

        Maria V. 

        7 years ago

        Good article, thanks. One have to be be open minded when reading about these kind of books. I'm planning to buy these Law of One books(1-5)because I want to know if this is similar to the teachings of the prophets and by the Essenes long before Adam and Moses. And the way I read it from your article it have similarities with others books concerning reincarnations, chakras and reaching our perfections. Which is the true purpose of our reincarnations. When we reach our perfection or higher density or whatever others will call it, the end of it is to be one with God or to be one with Our Creator. In every books I've read about these channeling, receiving message, Higher self, Mediumship or whatever you call it, the main lesson or important lesson is to LOVE, as in brotherly love as in Love your fellowmen/brothers as you love yourself, as in Love your enemies, which is in truth quite difficult to do. It's easy to love the lovable and nice people but to love even the people we don't like or hate, that is very challenging. It's thru Love and self sacrifice and service to others that we would reach our perfection or higher density.

        I kind of believe in the Law of One book because like what I have said it's lessages have similarities and in some the same like the other books I read. Try to read Edgar Cayce's readings, the lightworkers and other spiritual and channelling books and you will know what I'm talking about. Just be open minded when reading these kinds of books.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Thanks for the well-written article. I can't seem to get enough of the Ra material. I came across it a couple of months ago and some nights I spend several hours reading it. The more that someone becomes familiar with the terminolgy involved, the more interesting and compelling it gets.

      • double_frick profile image


        8 years ago

        i think, as with all channeling, it is wise to only keep what resonates. i will say that there is quite a lot of the Ra material that resonates with me.

        great hub! seems there is not much out there on the law of one, atm, maybe i'll write one too. :)

        hey, another channeled entity that resonates with me and has a good, positive message is Bashar! check him out on youtube!

      • rebekahELLE profile image


        8 years ago from Tampa Bay

        this is an interesting article and one I have no knowledge of.

        it kind of makes you wonder about all the different beliefs out there. thanks for sharing. now I know a little about RA.

      • Green Lotus profile image


        8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

        Very interesting material TS. I believe channeled entities like RA and Ramtha (a real mind blower of the late 70's - offer some very enlightening often life altering information - whether you believe in such beings or not! Great food for thought. Thanks


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