The Haunting of Summerwind Wisconsin

Updated on April 15, 2016
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Kitty has had paranormal experiences her entire life. These experiences have fueled her passion to write about all things supernatural.

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Summerwind's Ruins
Summerwind's Ruins | Source

Summerwind Mansion Haunting

The very first time I ever heard the story of the haunting at Summerwind, feelings of fascination and terror crept over my entire body. Just listening to the eyewitness accounts of the haunting tale behind the once-gorgeous Summerwind mansion in Wisconsin sent shivers up my spine and summoned goosebumps to my arms.

Summerwind was once a stately mansion located on West Bay Lake in Wisconsin state. Unfortunately today it stands in utter ruin. The only parts left to the beautiful home once known as the Lamont Mansion are nothing but the stone foundation and chimneys. Summerwind sounds like such a serene and welcoming name for a home, doesn't it? Well, don't let the name fool you. When Summerwind Mansion was still standing, there was an extremely malevolent presence occupying the home. Possibly a ghost...possibly a demon.

So the story of the haunting of Summerwind starts in the early 1900s when two of the first owners of the gorgeous mansion experienced something so frightening that it made them leave forever. The husband and wife were sitting in their kitchen at Summerwind, enjoying dessert (so the stories go), when the door leading from the kitchen to the basement began to open slowly. From behind the basement door, a ghost or spirit moved up and towards them. The husband grabbed his gun and shot two bullets into the ghost's image, but the bullets just hit the basement door and did nothing to effect the spectral form moving towards the couple. In terror, they both fled the house and never returned afterwards.

This couple was the Lamonts and they had purchased the Summerwind Mansion from someone else, as the building was actually a fishing lodge before the Lamonts turned it into their home in 1916. During the fifteen years that the Lamonts lived at Summerwind, they never believed the claims that their maids had made that the mansion was indeed haunted...until the night they experienced the haunting firsthand.

The Lamonts sold Summerwind to the Keefers in the 1940s and the Keefers owned Summerwind until the 1960s. Interestingly enough, the Keefers never actually lived in Summerwind on a permanent basis. Many people who toured the haunted home claimed that Mrs. Keefer would barely ever go inside with them, that she would just hand them the keys and expect them to fend for themselves...for lack of a better phrase. In the 1960s, Mrs. Keefer sold the haunted Summerwind mansion a few times, but each time she sold the mansion, the buyers couldn't keep up the payments and Mrs. Keefer would take back over as the owner of Summerwind Mansion. No solid reports from the owners in the 1960s indicated that anything out of the ordinary occurred in Summerwind, though some reported that they felt strange or uncomfortable in the home.

In the 1970s, the true haunting of Summerwind began when a young married couple and their children moved into Summerwind Mansion and made plans to renovate the home themselves. Ginger Hinshaw claims that she and her husband Arnold were not able to find any workers to renovate the home so they figured they were on their own. In the midst of renovating their haunted Summerwind mansion, Ginger and the children experienced some very frightening things at Summerwind. They saw ghosts and shadowy figures in the hallways and one particular ghost of a woman in their dining room on several occasions. Ginger even claims that a couple of friends of hers saw the ghost in their dining room and never came back to the house following the incident.

The husband of Ginger's, Arnold Hinshaw, was reported to have suffered a mental breakdown and lost his job in the process. Ginger believes to this day that it was the house...that some spirit was tormenting Arnold while they lived at Summerwind. Among the scary acts of Arnold playing a creepy organ all night long, he also reportedly killed one of the children's pets to "prove a point" to the little girls. Basically...the man lost his mind. Was it because of Summerwind or was he already crazy? I couldn't tell you, but there seems to have been a pattern or a correlation at Summerwind.

Some accounts say that Ginger actually attempted suicide while living at Summerwind due to severe depression and terror of living in the house and of her husband. All of this happened in six months' time, believe it or not. Ginger and her children moved out of Summerwind and into her parents' home, leaving Arnold by himself at Summerwind. Eventually Arnold moved out of the haunted Summerwind Mansion as well, and once again Mrs. Keefer became the sole owner of Summerwind Mansion for the umpteenth time.

Even after all of the terrifying stories that Ginger Hinshaw and her children told her father, her father up and decided to purchase Summerwind Mansion and renovate the old building...eventually turning it into a beautiful restaurant. But of course, more frightening things happened while renovations were under way. Ginger's brother experienced a ghost on the second level of the home and when he ran down to the first, he witnessed a re-play of the Lamonts' experience with the ghost. He heard a scream and then two gun shots in the kitchen, noticed a smell of gunpowder, and then noticed the bulletholes in the basement door. Needless to say, he fled Summerwind immediately and told his father that he didn't want to go back to the haunted Summerwind Mansion.

Other accounts state that the renovators working on Summerwind Mansion during that time experienced paranormal activity in the form of misplaced and missing tools and when they were drawing up new blueprints of the Summerwind home, the dimensions of certain rooms would change on a constant basis. This puzzled them and frightened many of them so much that they didn't want to work at Summerwind any longer. They knew it was filled with something evil...whether it was a ghost or something else entirely.

Ginger's brother and father were said to have been hypnotized by Ginger herself during the renovations and after Ginger's brother claimed to have experienced a ghost at Summerwind. The hypnosis revealed an ominous voice coming from Ginger's brother claiming to be "very strong". Ginger believed her brother to be possessed during the hypnosis so she attempted to exorcise her brother, which reportedly worked. Once Ginger hypnotized her father, her father took a mental journey into the basement at Summerwind Mansion and found a box with a deed in it. The deed was for the land that the haunted Summerwind Mansion was sitting upon and had the name "Jonathon Carver" written on the bottom.

Ginger's father claims that Jonathon Carver was an explorer and was given a deed to one third of Wisconsin, and the deed had been placed into the house's foundation when it was built in 1916. Her father believed that Jonathon Carver was haunting Summerwind and merely wanted someone to find the land deed. The land deed was never found at Summerwind, despite Ginger's father's efforts to find it and the original investor in Summerwind from 1916 says that he never knew of any objects being placed in Summerwind's foundations during its construction.

In 1988, after Summerwind Mansion had fallen back into the ownership of Mrs. Keefer and then sold once more to some Canadian investors, the haunted Summerwind Mansion was struck by lighning and burned to the ground. The ruins remain to this day and are on private property, though people who visit the ruins claim that objects still fly around the site and that strange orbs have been photographed around Summerwind's foundation.

Is Summerwind Mansion haunted by Jonathon Carver's ghost? Is he so hell-bent on finding his land deed that he would do anything to get it back, even in death? Or is Summerwind Mansion haunted by something more sinister...something that's sole focus was to drive families apart and wreak havoc upon anyone who stepped foot into that house? Whatever haunted Summerwind Mansion or is still haunting Summerwind Mansion's remains is uncertain...but one thing is for is not friendly or welcoming.


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  • profile image

    Joshua Chaires 6 months ago

    There are three benefits this summer which will allow the public to come to the property legally. Call or text 920-428-1108 for all information on these benefits. All proceeds go to the Summerwind Restoration Society funds. We have the original blue prints and are seeking to restore the mansion to its original state.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 2 years ago from the Ether

    Snakesmum - Very true! And actually I believe the house burned down a while back. But there are people who are trying to rebuild it. Believe it or not.

  • Snakesmum profile image

    Jean DAndrea 2 years ago from Victoria, Australia

    Sounds like the kind of home that needs bulldozing to prevent further problems on the site! Not the place for a family picnic.

  • MonkeyShine75 profile image

    Mara Alexander 2 years ago from Los Angeles, California

    Great hub, very scary I voted it up, and awesome

  • profile image

    Josh Chaires 2 years ago

    I am close to the family and have no problem answering any questions anyone has about the property or the Haunting of Summerwind from the Hinshaw perspective. I know Melyssa, Ray, and April and very close friends with them. I purchased the blue prints to rebuild Summerwind and sent him to the lead investigator of the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters Craig Nehring who knows the owners of the property. Anyone interested in participating in the rebuilding efforts of our facebook group.

  • profile image

    Jane Ahn 4 years ago

    long brown hair,brown arm,one leg

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    Very true! Thanks.

  • manofmystery24 profile image

    manofmystery24 4 years ago

    Interesting story Kittythedreamer. That house must have had some really bad Feng Shui for it to have so many things go wrong in it! Voted up and shared!

  • gail641 profile image

    Gail Louise Stevenson 5 years ago from Mason City

    The house sure does sound creepy and scary! I sure wouldn't of wanted to live there! It would be awful if something evil was in that house--it doesn't sound friendly at all. Very interesting true story, too. Ghosts and spirits can be very frightening, especially the evil ones.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    gryphin - No problem...very creepy indeed.

  • gryphin423 profile image

    gryphin423 6 years ago from Florida

    Thanks for sharing this interesting ghost story, gives me the heebie jeebies!

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    Aww, thanks Eiddwen. :)

    Jamie - That's where I saw it, too. I don't understand why she stayed so long either...I'd have been outta there in no time. I especially didn't understand the part where she said that she would "take refuge in the woods" to get away from her crazy she left her kids in the house with him? Yikes.

  • Jamie Brock profile image

    Jamie Brock 6 years ago from Texas

    I saw this story on A Haunting that comes on TLC. It sounded like a super creepy place. I do not understand how that lady and her kids stayed as long as they did especially with the deranged husband. How weird is it that it was struck by lightening and burned to the ground?! Thanks for sharing! Def voting up and interesting :)

  • Eiddwen profile image

    Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

    Wow a great hub kitty,I loved it. What a natural story teller you are.

    Take care and have a wonderful day.


  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    lucy - Wow! That's scary. Do you know the name of the book? I would love to read it.

  • lucybell21 profile image

    Bonny OBrien 6 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

    I forgot to mention about the man that lived in our area killed himself, because an evil spirit overtook him. His wife wrote a book about it, and she is starting a 2nd book. The house has been torn down, and there is a Rite-Aid there now. The employees related stories about the site as well.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    lucybell - Thanks for the support. :)

    writer20 - I agree, I wouldn't have tried to renovate or set foot in that place after hearing the stories.

    Paradise7 - Me too...even while I was writing it.

  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

    Wow! What a story! Sends chills down my spine.

  • writer20 profile image

    Joyce Haragsim 6 years ago from Southern Nevada

    this is so very creepy no wonder it's stand empty. Voted up and creepy awesome

  • lucybell21 profile image

    Bonny OBrien 6 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

    Awesome story. I do believe in ghosts.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    Thank you, cre8inglaughter!

  • cre8inglaughter profile image

    cre8inglaughter 6 years ago from Indiana

    creeepy.. nice job

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    cmhypno - I wondered that myself. As to your comment about how much is down to suggestion after someone mentions ghosts...I don't believe that Ginger knew the house had been haunted at all. She didn't find out about the Lamonts' incident in the home until after her brother experienced the gunshot incident...this was way after she and her children had moved out of the home.

    dahoglund - Thanks. I am most definitely a believer, but I understand skepticism.

    Frank - You rock!

    souvikm16 - I will definitely check out your hauntings hubs. :)

  • souvikm16 profile image

    Souvik Mukherjee 6 years ago from Bangalore, India

    This is indeed frightening! A superb hub. Please do read my hub on Indian hauntings as well and post in your comments:)

  • Frank Atanacio profile image

    Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

    What an amazing ( Not just for Halloween ) Share.. you just know Hubs Period!

  • dahoglund profile image

    Don A. Hoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

    These stories of hauntings are vary interesting. At one time I did a great deal of reading on aspects of ESP.It still leaves me as neither a believer of a disbeliever. a skeptic,maybe. A good read though.

  • CMHypno profile image

    CMHypno 6 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

    Interesting tale of paranormal activity. Strange that nobody called in a priest or a good medium to cleanse the place though. I sometimes wonder in such cases, how much is down to suggestion after people have heard stories about ghosts in a house.

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