The Emily Morgan Hotel and Other Real Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

If you've read many of my articles, you'll know that I have an appreciation for architecture, Texas travel, and haunted places. When you combine these interests, you'll understand why I find the topic of haunted hotels in Texas so fascinating. The picture shown here is of the beautiful Emily Morgan Hotel in downtown San Antonio that is positioned across from the Alamo. I have been drawn to this building each time I've been to San Antonio, but my schedule has never allowed me to be able to take the time to explore it. That is certainly one of the items on my "bucket list".

I have owned a copy of the book A Texas Guide to Haunted Restaurants, Taverns and Inns by Robert Wlodarski and Anne Powell Wlodarski for quite a few years. It contains a wealth of information about locations all over Texas. It's where I first learned of The Catfish Plantation, my favorite haunted restaurant found in Waxahachie, Texas.

For this piece, I chose to focus on San Antonio hotels and I have to admit that I have not included all of the haunted places listed for San Antonio. I have chosen to focus on some of the most popular and my personal favorites.

The information about ghost sightings listed below is primarily from this book and my research on the internet. I hope you enjoy it. If you have ever been to any of these hotels and have experiences to share with me, I'd love to hear about it! (Within days of the publication of this article, Mike from Houston posted his real life experience with the Emily Morgan Hotel. Be sure to read his story in the comments below. It may just make your hair stand on end!)

The Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas
The Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas

Emily Morgan Hotel

The Emily Morgan Hotel is located at 705 E. Houston Street in San Antonio, Texas.

The Emily Morgan Hotel was once the Medical Arts Building which was constructed in 1924. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in San Antonio. The tower is 13 stories tall and made of reinforced concrete and glazed terra cotta. The Gothic revival influence of the period is quite noticeable in this building. One of the most interesting features are the terra cotta gargoyles that depict various medical ailments such as toothaches, etc.

The 7th and 12th floors seem to be the most active. The 12th floor was where the operations took place when the building was a medical center. Reports of noises, smells of alcohol, and being touched are common on this floor. On the 7th floor witnesses claim to have seen human shapes walking around and then walking through walls or doors. One family staying on the 7th floor reported having everything blast on in their room at 2:30 a.m. Then they saw a shape move through the room and through the wall.

The basement had been used as a morgue and crematory. Voices, footsteps, and orbs are often seen in this area.

The front desk has reported receiving calls that could be traced to the phones in an empty elevator. The elevator has been known to keep going between the sixth and seventh floors with no one in it.

In 1984, the building was transformed into a AAA Four Diamond boutique hotel.

You May be Wondering "Who Is Emily Morgan"?

Legend has it that Emily, at the age of 20 detained General Santa Anna in his tent while the Texans won a decisive battle in only 18 minutes in a charge against a Mexican camp.

Emily is widely believed to be the inspiration for the well-known song, "The Yellow Rose of Texas."

The Crockett Hotel

The Crockett Hotel is located at 320 Bonham Street in San Antonio, Texas. It is located on part of the Alamo battlefield. Hundreds of soldiers once stood where the hotel pool and courtyard are now located. The property sold several times over the years, but the hotel was built in 1909 by the International Order of Odd Fellows as a fellowship lodge hall and hotel. A wing was added in 1927. The property has changed ownership several times since then and is currently owned by San Antonio native John Blocker. The hotel has seen several renovations with the last being in 2007.

The ghosts here seem to inhabit the lobby area, the bar, and a few of the guestrooms. The entrance doors seem to open and close on their own. There are faint whispers, cold spots and some unexplained happenings. Some report seeing a man in a dark blue jacket. The air conditioning and electricity seems to have a mind of their own, footsteps are heard in empty rooms and curtains move on their own.

The Royal Swan Bed & Breakfast

The Royal Swan Bed & Breakfast is located at 236 Madison in San Antonio, Texas. It is only 6 blocks from downtown San Antonio and only two blocks from the Riverwalk. It was built in 1892 and originally owned by Dr. Jabez Cain. The home has been beautifully restored and is furnished with antiques, wood-burning fireplaces, crystal chandeliers, claw-footed tubs, and beautiful stained glass windows.

They have five guestrooms:

  • Texas Rose Room
  • Crystal Room
  • Emerald Room
  • Veranda Suite
  • Garnet Room

The Royal Swan Bed & Breakfast has reported the presence of a female spirit believed to be the wife of Dr. Cain. Guests report lights being turned on in the middle of the night, footsteps in empty rooms, beds being shaken, cold spots and furniture being moved.

The Veranda Suite is the suite you want if you're into good haunting fun. This suite has reports of people feeling that someone was there, particularly in the bed. There are also reports of a woman who rocks in the rocker on the veranda. Sometimes, the rocker just rocks on its own. The ceiling fan will begin to turn even though the switch is off and then abruptly stop. Pictures fall from the wall without breaking. Closet doors open and close on their own. The room temperature has been known to drop 30 degrees without the assistance of air conditioning.

Cleaning staff reports having faucets and radios that turn on and off on their own and seeing a woman sitting in a room where guests have already checked out.

The Camberley Gunter Hotel

The Camberley Gunter Hotel is located at 205 East Houston Street in San Antonio, Texas. In 1909, at the time the Gunter Hotel was completed, it was the largest building in San Antonio. The hotel actually had its beginnings in 1837 as the Frontier Inn. It became the site of the US Military Headquarters in 1851. It served as the Confederate Headquarters from 1861-1865. In 1872 he became the Vance House, in 1886, the Mahncke Hotel and finally the Gunter Hotel in 1909.

The 9th floor was added in 1917 and the 10th-12th floors were added in 1926. The hotel was restored in the early 80s and is operated by the Sheraton chain.

Room 636 (now changed) became legendary as the location of one of San Antonio's greatest unsolved mysteries that took place in 1965. This mystery also involved Room 536 of the St. Anthony Hotel. Hotel staff found Room 636 of the Gunter Hotel covered in blood but the body of the tall blonde woman staying there was ever found. The only suspect was Albert Knox who was staying at the St. Anthony Hotel in Room 536. He was found in his room dead from an apparent suicide. There was no motive, no confession, no missing person report, no information to go on.

Photographs taken in the ballroom area show ghostly guests amongst the living. Voices are heard coming from empty rooms and hallways. Parties can be heard in unoccupied rooms. A man named Buck who resided at the hotel for a number of years and died there is sometimes seen picking up the newspaper and wondering around. A lady in blue and a lady in white have been seen floating through walls.

Gunter Hotel


The Menger Hotel

The Menger Hotel is located at 204 Alamo Plaza in San Antonio, Texas. The original two-story, 50 room hotel was built of limestone in 1859. Over the years many additions and changes have taken place with restoration being completed in 1992.

The oldest parts of the hotel report gusts of cold air, unexplained voices, knocking sounds, cigar smoke appears in a non-smoking bar, lights turn on and off, doors open and close, and sightings of ghostly figures.

A former security guard reports seeing a man in western attire and a black hat who walked through walls and the elevator would stop on the 3rd floor no matter what button he pushed. A hotel manager at the Menger insists that Teddy Roosevelt's spirit visits there. Maintenance men report doors that open after being locked, hearing musical noises and marching footsteps coming from unoccupied parts of the hotel. Housekeeping has reported seeing a blonde woman dressed in blue 30s or 40s attire sitting in one of the rooms.

The ghost of Sallie White, a chambermaid who worked at the hotel in 1876 and was shot there by her jealous husband is sometimes seen walking around the hotel wearing a floor-length skirt, a bandana around her neck, and a long strand of beads.

The famous ghost guest is Captain Richard King. He is the founder of the famous King Ranch south of San Antonio. Furnishings in the King Suite are the same from when he stayed there. He died at the hotel and his funeral was even held in the front parlor at the hotel.

Guests have reported seeing shot glasses levitate and relocate themselves, ghosts entering or leaving the elevators, televisions that turn off and on by themselves,

Menger Hotel


The St. Anthony-A Wydham Historic Hotel

The St. Anthony-A Wyndham Historic Hotel is located at 300 East Travis Street in San Antonio, Texas. It was built in 1909 by two prominent cattlemen, B.L. Naylor and A.H. Jones. During the 20s until 1941, the hotel's roof top nightclub was the host to the nation's top big bands. The concerts held there were broadcast live nationally each week.

The hotel has changed hands a number of times over the years and is now under the Wyndham group and has been the choice of many celebrities such as Eleanor Roosevelt, President Eisenhower, General Douglas McArthur. Prince Ranier and Princess Grace of Monaco, Prince Albert of Monaco, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Lucille Ball, Fred Astaire, Lyndon Johnson, John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Rock Hudson, Arnold Schwartzenegger and Maria Shriver, Patrick Swayze, George Clooney, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Matthew McConaughey.

The roof area is considered a hotbed of paranormal activity. Guests report hearing loud parties and children laughing coming from the roof only to find it completely vacant. The fourth floor, the men's locker area in the basement, and the kitchen corridor all report unexplained activity. Room 536, where Mr. Knox committed suicide (see the story in the Gunter Hotel segment) also reports a ghostly figure.


I can now proudly say that I have stayed at the Emily Morgan Hotel. Please continue reading the stories here and then click over and read about my personal experience at the Emily Morgan found here.

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landthatilove profile image

landthatilove 7 years ago from ohio


KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

I've had some ghostly experiences Landthatilove, but I'll have to let you know if I have any at any of these hotels. I'm working on another hub about another haunted hotel I'm anxious to stay in.

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Wow, KCC Big Country. I wonder how Hotel.Com rates these hotels? I have a total of 3 encounters with ghost during my life time. Once my dad saw one in my sister's basement that was a civil war soldier who was looking for his platoon! I told him not to share that with my sister who's deathly afraid of ghosts! Truth be told, had she known, she would probably have stayed in hotel until they moved to a different house (probably not one of your featured hotels here, may I add).

This is a really cool hub. Keep me posted if you ever do have an encounter, KCC Big Country! I'm interested!

OH! Did you know that there is seldom a fourth floor in Asia, as it's bad luck? The number four in chinese (its character) looks like the character for death! It also looks like Hades' symbol too! Pretty cool huh?

Ishavasyam profile image

Ishavasyam 7 years ago from Leeds,United Kingdom

hello KCC Big Country , what a passion you have developed for such a mysterious topic ? what I liked was your dedication to the details.. I liked the article due to its clarity and straight forward nature..great...

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

Hey Dohn! I noticed that most of the hotels do not speak of the hauntings in their marketing Thanks for sharing the story of the ghost in your sister's basement. That is very interesting about the 4th floor in Asian hotels. Similar to our 13th floor.

Ishavasyam: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my hub. It is a strange passion, isn't it? LOL

Thank you both for stopping by!

Wealthmadehealthy profile image

Wealthmadehealthy 7 years ago from Somewhere in the Lone Star State

I used to live in Floresville and would go to SA to shop, also down on the RiverWalk..Been to the Alamo and marveled at the architecture of these buildings. The gargoyles are astounding...but never knew they were haunted...Interesting how you can pass by and never really know what you are looking at....This was better than reading a ghost story! lol

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

Wealthmadehealthy: that's one of the things that I enjoy about writing on HubPages. I usually start with something that interests me, then after doing some additional research I wind up learning something I had no clue about. Just like the Emily Morgan building, I never knew it had formerly been a medical building with operating rooms and morgue. That's kinda creepy in itself.

I'm itching to stay there!

rsmallory profile image

rsmallory 7 years ago from Central Texas

Interesting KCC, I'd love to stay in one of these hotels. I love a good spook. I have a ghost story to tell from my stepfather. He was driving home one night late at night on old hwy. 41 in Florida. About a hundred yards in front of him he saw a figure of what appeared to be a young girl in a flowing white gown cross the road in front of him. Both sides of the road held a canal and heavily wooded area. He slowed down and looked to the side of the road where she had crossed into the woods, but saw nothing. He sped up and there she was again crossing the road from the same side she had crossed from before. This time he slammed on his breaks as she entered the woods on the side of the road. He got out and ran toward the side calling out to her thinking she may have been lost or hurt, but she was gone. He was not about to cross the canal to enter the woods as these canals were murky and dark and sometimes held the native, often aggressive, florida alligator. He turned to go back to his truck and noticed he had left footprints from the dew on the road. He went to the front of his truck and examined the ground where he thought the girl had walked across the road-no foot prints. My step dad got in and drove home. Several weeks later we read in the paper a young girl about 14 who had been missing for several years had been found dead in the woods just past the canal near the area my stepfather had seen his 'ghost'. The paper said she had disappeared one night while walking the family dog and had been wearing a long white night gown. Scary!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

Great story rsmallory! Thanks for sharing! I love a good ghost story too!

jaybojas profile image

jaybojas 7 years ago

wow...i wonder if those guest knew all about this before they book their rooms? interesting topic.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

I think some do and some don't Jaybojas. I've always loved the hotel you see in the photo above. I've not been inside yet, but I'm anxious to stay at it. I'll be sure to report back!

Mike from Houston 7 years ago

The Emily Morgan Hotel is absolutely haunted. We stayed there on the weekend of Saturday, Nov. 7, 2009 on the 11th floor, which overlooks the Alamo.

I've always been a ghost skeptic, but not after staying there Saturday night.

The hotel is beautiful, it's very clean and well-kept. The staff is very nice and accomodating.

We loved the hotel, the view, and the bedroom.

Before I begin to tell you our experience at the Emily Morgan hotel, you need to understand that the bathrooms in each room have two large glass hanging/sliding doors that slide together to close bathroom area. It's actually a very elegant and classy look to the bathroom area. The doors have frosted glass so it gives the person in the bathroom area some privacy.

Second, I need to tell you that I didn't even know the hotel was supposed to be haunted until after the fact, but I realized it once we were there in our room because my wife and I got what we consider "our first and hopefully ONLY" paranormal experience.

After checking into the hotel during the day, we left the hotel and had a nice evening on the riverwalk. We also went shopping, I bought a cheap nylon string Spanish guitar as well as some other Alamo and Texas-themed souveniers and then we went to have dinner.

We came back to the hotel, had a drink in the bar area, then we settled in for the night around 10:30-45pm. At around 11;40pm, my wife and I were awakened with the sound of something stirring or rustling in the room.

We turned on the light, but nothing was there. We figured that it might have been a sound coming from the hallway outside our room door.

We didn't think much of it and settled back to sleep.

I went to the bathroom before getting back into bed. When I came out of the bathroom, I slid the bathroom doors shut and then got into bed.

At a little after midnight (around 12:30am), my wife and I awoke again by a very loud sound of a cabinet door or maybe a drawer slamming shut. This time, the sound was much closer and distinct -- like it was RIGHT IN OUR ROOM!

We were both very startled, we turned on the light quickly -- and still nothing in the room.

However, this time, it freaked out my wife, because she thought someone was actually in our room. Like maybe a burgular or something. Of course, there was no one there.

But, then I got major chills as I looked over at the glass bathroom doors that I am 100% certain that I closed shut earlier -- yet they were open nearly all the way.

I didn't tell my wife that I had closed the doors earlier, because I didn't want to totally scare her.

Still, I got up -- checked all over the room. Checked the bathroom, checked the tub/shower area. Nothing. It was quiet again.

This time my wife saw me close the glass bathroom doors as I was coming back to the bed.

We settled back to sleep, and all was good until around 3am, when we got the most scared we've ever been.

We awoke to the sound of a guitar. However, the sound was coming from the guitar that I purchased earlier that evening. I had stood it in the corner of the room before we went to bed, but i was if something brushed across the strings, so that ALL SIX strings could be heard -- and rather loudly too. There's no way it could've been the air conditioner, these strings were brushed loudly.

But then, we got even more freaked out and scared when we both noticed that the glass bathroom doors were nearly all the way open again!!!!

Holy S@#$!, we were scared and freaked out.

After that, we went down to the lobby just to get out of the room. We pretty much stayed awake for the rest of the night, taking turns at sort of cat napping until morning. But nothing else happened.

We had a very tired day on Sunday due to lack of sleep following our stay at the very "Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel".

This story is 100% true. It happened just the way I'm describing it to you.

If you like haunted hotels, the Emily Morgan Hotel is defintely a place you need to stay. We were on the 11th floor, but they say that the most paranormal activity happens on the 7th floor and 9th floor.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

OMG...I got chills reading your post Mike! Thank you so much for sharing it! I have to stay there now! That is totally awesome. Would you stay there again? I know it scared you, but wouldn't it be fun to do it again, now knowing what you know?

Mike from Houston  7 years ago

The Emily Morgan hotel is beautiful, clean, and very close to alot of the attractions in San Antonio. But honestly, I'm not sure I'd stay there again. That whole experience last weekend sort of freaked us out. I'm sure for a lot of people, the idea of 'experiencing' paranormal activity sounds fun. But when it actually happens with no notice, and it really is a pretty scary experience. Like I said, I was a skeptic before, but not anymore. Something is definitely going on there that can't be explained.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

No, Mike, I totally understand the difference between "trickster fun, ha ha you got me" stuff versus "OMG, what the hell was that?" stuff. I do appreciate how scared you must have been. I guess for me, that would just make me want to know more. You know? I'm envious of you. Truly.

Mike in Houston  7 years ago

Well, I have to tell you that my whole interest in 'all things paranormal' went from ZERO to skyrocketing. For the last few days, when I have some downtime at work, I'm finding myself searching ghost and paranormal related internet searches. That's how I came across your webpage, which is very interesting, I might add. Normally, I don't post many comments on website, but this was a way for me to sort of document our experience. Thank you for your work on this webpage and topic. You're a very good writer, by the way.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

I can certainly see how it would change one's interest in the topic. You've certainly renewed my desired to know more too. As I stated in the beginning of this hub, I've always been drawn to the Emily Morgan Hotel more than any other. I am determined to stay there.

I am very glad you found my hub and took the time to share your experience. I am truly honored you chose here to do it. Thank you so much for your compliments on my writing.

Who knows, maybe you'll be writing a book soon? *wink*

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

By the way, Mike, there is a place to click at the top of this page just under my monkey avatar that says "Contact KCC Big Country" that allows you to email me through HubPages if you'd like to email me anytime.

MellasViews profile image

MellasViews 7 years ago from Earth

Awesome piece!!! I also enjoyed the personal story shared by Mike! Creepy as hell man!!! I hope he signs up for Hubpages if he hasn't already!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thanks Mellasviews! I agree, I think Mike's on to something.

MellasViews profile image

MellasViews 7 years ago from Earth

I love ghost stories. I want to go to this hotel now. Nothing will probably happen to me, but it would be neat to experince something... just not to the extremes. haha. Im a big wuss.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

I have stood in front of it in fascination everytime I've been to San Antonio. I will admit, I've only been a handful of times though. But, I've always been drawn to this hotel. I will go there, but after my husband and daughter read Mike's experience I may not get them to go with me. My husband might though. He's from the UK and is a huge fan of "Most Haunted". Not as a believer, but a skeptic. So, I think he'd enjoy going just to test the waters. But, I also think he might be wanting to check out in the middle of the night if something happened. I'd like to think I'd stay, but I guess it would depend on how scared I got.

athena2576 7 years ago

I like ghost stories, haunted hotels and castles. I am so much of a fan that I created a blog entitled haunted places on earth. It reminded me of a movie called 1408, which is over the top actually but was still scary. I think there are hauntings in the 12th floor because it was once a medical center. A lot of pain and anguish happened there and many too have died.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thanks Athena. I've seen the movie 1408 and you're right, it was pretty over the top, but still a good movie with some frightening aspects.

PAMark profile image

PAMark 6 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama

What great stories and a great HUB idea. I've always been fascinated by hauntings and ghosts having grown up in a home which had its; share of shall we say 'spiritual activity'. Now I live in Victoria, British Columbia. Since moving here I've been on a Ghost Walk Tour and heard plenty of great stories about our fairly haunted city. They say Victoria is one of the most haunted cities on the West Coast of North America. You may want to visit one day for some ghost hunting!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thanks PAMark! If you haven't already written some hubs about the ghost tours you should!

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia

Too cool! We went on a ghost tour in Savannah one night, and it was great!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Habee, I'm gonna tell you, like I did PAMark, if you haven't already, be sure to write a hub about your experience!

I really want to go on one of the Austin or San Antonio ghost tours. I think they would be a ton of fun!

vballkel profile image

vballkel 6 years ago from Michigan

Great hub! I was just in San Antonio and wish I had read this before. I lived in Austin and miss the hill country!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thank you vballkel. Would you have dared to stay at one of these had you read it beforehand?

vballkel profile image

vballkel 6 years ago from Michigan

No probably not! Our room did over look the Emily Morgan Hotel though and I spent a lot of time looking at the building speculating about it before the tourguide told us about the building. Very interesting story!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

LOL Vballkel! I am very fascinated by the Emily Morgan Hotel. Thanks for stopping by. Next time you're in San Antonio you have to at least walk into the hotel, right? :)

Hotel Travel 6 years ago

Nice collection of Hotels here, I also appreciate the architecture, but must admit the thought of bumps, creeks, and that may well keep me at bay, lol!

Austinstar profile image

Austinstar 6 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

Hi KCC, just found this hub. I stayed at the Menger Hotel in SA back in 1976 or so. I had no idea it was haunted, but found out later. This was before the big renovation and I found the hotel to be old and smelly then. But during the renovation, I heard they also cleaned all of the old antiques which are mostly still there and probably always will be.

Is the hotel in Austin that you want to stay at called the Driskill? I just did a hub about it myself. I'm planning to splurge and stay there in 2011 for my 20th wedding anniversary. I hope they have some Valentine's Day specials! And I hope to see a ghost or two as well. I will certainly do a hub about my stay.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Hey there AustinStar! I'll have to check out your hotel about the Driskill. I have also written a hub about the Driskill. Yes, I would love to stay there! Maybe we can backlink each other on that one!

hubpageswriter 6 years ago

Hi KCC, I just discovered this hub too. Amazing haunting discoveries and Mike's story is pretty wild. If that was me, I'd be requesting to get another room, like in that instant. I always believe demons imitate the surroundings of what have probably happened in the past. Great hub, I'll be reading your other hubs too most likely.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thank you HubPagesWriter! It's a fascinating hotel to put it mildly! Mike's story really impressed me. I'm not sure what I would have done in his situation.

DebH 6 years ago

We just spent a weekend in San Antonio and took a couple of ghost tours. We stayed at the Menger hotel, and while we didn't see anything that could count as a sighting a lot of odd things were happening in our room- flickering lights, odd sounds,etc. One of the ghost stories thatlocals tell is of Teddy Roosevelt sitting in the Menger Bar- still recruiting Rough Riders.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Debh, I have had a couple of people tell me, since writing this article, that the Menger is a real "hot spot" for activity. I really need to go visit it for myself! :) Thanks for sharing!

Linda 6 years ago

DebH, My sister and I are Menger Hotel groupies. We even have our own (read "same") room we stay in on the 2nd floor. We have been visiting regularly for 5 years and some visits we had some interesting things happen and some we had nothing happen. We have had knocking on our door in the middle of the night and no one there, pics of our rooms have shown shadows on the walls from no known light source, orbs, EFPs and the most fun was on Halloween 3 yrs ago. We were on the second floor sitting around a table with the PR man Mr. Malacara from the hotel and he was telling us local as well as Menger ghost stories, well all of the sudden the doors to the balcony blew wide open. We jumped and squealed with delight and watched as the doors slowly closed completely. You have to know these doors are double and quite heavy. Mr. Malacara said "it must be windy out" well I jumped up and ran to the doors and opened them again and looked into the garden. There was not a single leaf moving. Very quite! All we can guess was they were just saying hello!! Great time!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Linda: Thank you for sharing your experiences at the Menger Hotel. It makes me want to hop in the car and head to San Antonio right now!

Mimi 6 years ago

I was making reservations for the Emily Morgan off of Priceline and thought I'd Google the Hotel to compare pricing and I found your site. I'm a San Antonio native and have heard that this hotel was haunted. I'm scared of everything but thought...what are the chances of something like that happening to me? I got sucked in because of the contemporary look of the rooms. However after reading the other post I am definitely not going to be staying there. I would be scared to death and definitely wouldn't be able to enjoy my anniversary knowing that something paranormal could happen. :(

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Oh no, Mimi!!! You just gotta go! Don't let this hub be the reason you don't go!! Seriously, wondering what "might have been" will "haunt" you now more than ever. Please reconsider! I have been contemplating making a trip soon. It's about a 3 hr drive for me though.

KJ 6 years ago

I have 2 friends that just came back from San Antonio and had a very freaky, crazy experience at the Emily Morgan Hotel. Hopefully, they won't mind me sharing this, but it has really freaked me out too. Just to point this out, these are 2 ladies in their 30's, not some teenagers making something up. In their experience they actually went to the hotel knowing it was haunted and were hoping to come across something as a lot of people do. They went to the 14th (really 13th) floor. My one friend was somewhat taunting the spirits because they didn't really think anything would happen. All of a sudden her necklace that had a cross on it fell off, but didn't actually break. The cross came off the necklace and fell on the floor, but it was neither broken, nor was the necklace. The chain was still around her neck. At that point, she shut up. haha. They kept walking the halls to see if anything else might happen. Then my other friend saw the door at the end of the hall was open and saw that it led out to a really nice patio with a table and chairs. So, she suggested they go out there. They both walked out and were looking around and were saying how nice it was outside, etc. One of them was leaning over the balcony and then all of a sudden she realized they were not actually on a patio at all. They were on the FIRE ESCAPE! She turned around and the door was closed with no way to get back in and she had to get the other girl to realize they weren't really on a patio as she was leaning over the balcony as well. They ended up having to climb down all 13 flights of stairs outside!! My friend had bruises on the back of her ankles from hitting the metal stairs all the way down. They were both so freaked out that they ran to their car and started driving, once they gathered their composure, they called the hotel and asked about the fire escape doors and if they would have been left open. They said there is no way any of them would be open and that they haven't been opened in years and there is no way 2 girls could have even barely been able to open the big metal heavy door anyway. Also, I might add, there are NO patios outside or balconies! Obviously, the ghosts did not want these girls inside anymore. Anyway, I'm sure this would sound much more intense and exciting coming from them, but I just thought you might find it pretty interesting. I know I did!! My level of curiousity about this stuff definitely went up!!!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Oh, KJ! Thank you so much for sharing the story of your friends' recent visit. This is something I'm sure they will NEVER forget! I can't wait to stay there now!

Gibby 6 years ago

I've stayed so many times at the Emily Morgan and have never had anything happen. It officially became my favorite hotel in San Antonio when I stayed there fir the first time during the TEA party rally. I never even knew it was haunted until my husband looked it up. They say you have to be sensitive to that sort of thing. We've stayed on most of the upper floors with no activity. And we are going there again next month. I believe in ghosts but personally hope the Emily Morgan continues to be a fabulous place for us to stay. I really don't want a ghost ruining our anniversary but I'll let everyone know how it goes.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thanks, Gibby. I'm sure it helps to "be sensitive to that sort of thing" as you put it. I'm open-minded about it. I hope you have a great anniversary there! I wouldn't want it ruined either. It would be memorable though to at least have a little something happen though. :) Please report back!

AVickersHouston 6 years ago

My Husband(boyfriend at the time) went to stay in San Antonio just to get away for the day/night. Even though this was a while ago, i still remember it like it was yesterday. Anyways, My husband was trying to make it a romantic get a way so we got the room second from the top, in the very front corner of the building where it triangle faces forward(if that makes sense) i dont remember the floor number or the room number but none the less, i didn't know it was haunted. That day we checked in and it was a BEAUTIFUL hotel, i was impressed. We went to dinner and then drinks and a carraige ride. The carriage driver was the one who told me how haunted it was and i got scared but forgot about it.

Anyways, we get all settled in and fell asleep. I awoke to some noise by the window, i sat up and saw nothing, an hour or so goes by and i hear it again and i wake up and look at the window and see an asian man in a trench coat and bowler hat carrying a breifcase just staring out the window. It Freaked me out, i dont know if it was just a dream or if it was real. If this sounds familiar to anyone please let me know ive been wondering about it for over a year and it was freaky.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

AVickersHouston, thank you for sharing your story. I know what you mean about the triangle facing forward corner. It would be interesting to know if others have seen the figure you saw.

GmaGoldie profile image

GmaGoldie 6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Outstanding Hub! Thank you! You will be very popular this haunted season! Happy Halloween!

Miizmilli 6 years ago

I've stayed at the Emily Morgan several times. December 2008, my husband was along with me and I requested a room overlooking the Alamo. We were on the top floor with the small paned windows. Yes, the hotel is definitely haunted. We both sensed that we weren't alone in our room and asked the bartender what was formerly on the top floor and he said it had been the morgue. Whatever it was didn't slam doors or windows, but it felt like there was always someone hanging out in the room with us.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thank you Gma Goldie!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Miizmilli! Very interesting stuff!

DollySniper 6 years ago

This hub was very interesting. When I was young I lived in Vancouver Washington just a short walk away from the old fort Vancouver trading post. I have always been interested in the paranormal, and I constantly look for places to visit. "ghost hunting" was a common past time for my friends, brothers, and myself. After reading your hub, the Emily Morgan hotel will most likely be my next mark for paranormal research. I think I have my plans for spring break established now. My birthday falls on spring break, and hopefully I will get to experience the presence of the departed. It definitely would not be the first encounter for me, but I'm always looking to top the previous one.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 6 years ago from Central Texas Author

Sounds like a great idea, Dolly Sniper! Be sure to report back after your visit! I'd love to hear how it goes!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Glad you enjoyed it Bill. Thanks for stopping by!

PK 5 years ago

Yikes I have reservations for 3 nights later this month. I'm getting very nervous now. I'll be alone in my room.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Hi'll have to report back and let us know how it goes!

PK 5 years ago

I'm very nervous! I can't get out of it though so I'll let you know. Hopefully (for me!) it will be three quiet nights.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Hi PK, I'm sure you'll be fine. Perhaps you can ask to stay on a lower floor. It seems most people are reporting activity from the 7th floor and up. It's a beautiful building. Enjoy it for its other attributes.

PK 5 years ago

My thoughts exactly! Low floor and maybe an Advil PM. :)

alfonso martinez 5 years ago

As I was reading all these comments the whole entire time I've been hearing noises in the hall was my wall are making cracking noises. Noises coming from my sealing as if there was foot steps.the messed up part about it I'm on the 14th really 13th floor one door away from the fire escape KJ was talking about this is not cool. I like hunted places and the history of it and stuff cause I'm from Texas city TX Galveston county and there's plenty of ghost activities there but what I'm hearing right now as I type this is to much. Got me praying and stuff thank God I'm checking out in the morning.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

That is so cool, Alfonso! Definitely keep us posted. You'll be fine! Glad you found the testimonials here from others who have stayed there.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thank you, Alexloyal.

kcjewel 5 years ago

I stayed there last spring. Didn't see any ghosts, but it was a wretched stay... maybe now I know why. : /

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thanks for stopping by kcjewel. I'm sorry you didn't have a good visit there.

Nowabeliever 5 years ago

My husband and I, along with our 2 friends who are also husband & wife, spent the night at Emily Morgan a few years ago. Our rooms were next door to each other. I believe we were on the 11th floor ( remember we were close to the top floor if not on the top floor). The hotel is beautiful, and very romantic. Around 7:30pm that night, my friend & I went up to our rooms to get our sweaters, as we were about to go on a carriage ride. We both saw a woman, standing in the doorway of the stairwell (her back was to us). She was in an antique looking wedding dress (very pretty and well kept), and just standing there like she was heavy in thought or something. My friend and I both looked at each other as if to say "what is she doing", but never said anything (we'll get back to this later). After going to sleep that night I woke up to what sounded like someone opening the closet, but there was no one there. I laid back down, then heard what sounded like someone trying to get in or out of the door. My husband woke up and asked me to "turn the TV down" the TV was NOT on. I also heard what sounded like someone trying to take the knob off of the bathroom door. And there was just a very strange and uncomfortable feeling in the room. Honestly I spent the rest of the night with my head under the covers. I was scared & did not want to see whatever it was that I was hearing, and could not wait for the sun to come up.

The next morning my husband & I met our friends for breakfast. My friend asked my husband if he was playing at their door last night trying to scare them. WTH?! They experienced the same thing in their room as we did ours!!! We then asked the really nice manager about the floor the hotel and the floor we were staying on. He said the hotel used to be a hospital and the floor we were on served as a waiting room, a mental ward, and a morgue. WHAT?! While talking we happened to mention the bride in the stairwell, we joked saying she must have seen a ghost, turns out SHE WAS A GHOST. He said other guest have reported seeing her through the years. As beautiful as the hotel was and as friendly as the staff was, we were just too freaked out to stay another night.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Nowabeliever: What a great experience! Thank you so much for sharing. When you have multiple people experiencing the same thing (seeing the woman, having the doorknob noises in both rooms) it's hard to explain. I'd probably be freaked out too, but what an experience!

camlo profile image

camlo 5 years ago from Cologne, Germany


This is a great Hub. I think there's hardly anything more interesting than a haunted building if you're looking for adventure and a new experience.

Mike's comment above gave me the creeps - I wanna stay there too! Maybe you could turn his comment into a true story Hub, if he'd agree to it.

Liked this so much, I've linked it to my own Hub on a haunted hotel in Switzerland.

Great read!

All the best, Camlo

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thanks Camlo! Mike's comments about his experience at the Emily Morgan Hotel certainly make me want to stay there too! We have plans to visit there soon. In fact, I think I'll contact them today!

Thanks for linking my hub. I've got to go read yours on the Switzerland hotel. I'll happily link yours here too.

camlo profile image

camlo 5 years ago from Cologne, Germany

Okay - thanks, KCC!

Yes, be sure to get a room at the hotel on the 7th. or 11th. floor, and stay there so long until something happens (hopefully not too long) ... then you can write a Hub about your experience.

lucymo 5 years ago

A friend and I recently stayed at The St. Anthony Hotel and did not know that it or any other hotel in San Antonio was "haunted." I generally don't care about such things, but was surprised to find people (other guests) talking openly about it when we checked in. At about 2 am the first night, we were awoken by what sounded like a really lively cocktail party (or almost a recording of a party with voices and laughter) with old fashioned jazzy music outside of our door on the 4th floor. It lasted for 15-20 minutes and suddenly stopped. There was no one there- no one was across the hall from us and the next door down was a closet. Since we both heard it clearly, I know we weren't both "crazy," but it was definitely eerie. I probably would not stay on the 4th floor again. It took me a while to fall asleep after that.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Hi Lucymo! Thanks for sharing your experience at the St. Anthony Hotel. That's the kind of "scary" that is fun. :)

donna 5 years ago

Just stayed at the Emily Morgan, wow!! If you go up to the 13th (14th) floor, you can actually smell the hospital. None of the other floors smelled like that. Also, the basement was really creepy. Too quiet down there. But, i must say, we stayed in 510, i woke up to what felt like someone resting their hand on the side of my bed. Thought it was the friend that went with me, so i was going to scare her and grab her hand... she was sound asleep in the other bed. The light pushing on the side of the mattress happened several times throughout the night. There is definitely something going on there. I can't wait to go back, want to stay on the 7th or 9th floors.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thanks for posting your experience Donna! What a great experience! I love that you noticed a difference in the smell and can't wait to go back! I'm excited for you! Please report back when you visit again!

Scaredouttamymind 5 years ago

Ok so as I type this comment I am on the 7th floor of the Emily Morgan Hotel!! Were celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary , he thought this hotel would be nice ( thanks Priceline) lol .... Were from San Antonio but thought downtown would be a good get away... Last night nothing happened.. Thankfully... tonight hoping that it's the same , I'm scared of ghosts what can I say?? ... As i read about how haunted this place is I see im on one of the floors with activity Soooo Wish me luck lol

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Happy Anniversary and Good Luck, Scaredouttamymind! I don't want you to be scared, but wouldn't it be fun if a little something happened tonight? I'm envious!

Scaring myself 5 years ago

Love this site. I stayed at the St. Athony Hotel for a Conference. I was joking with a friend as we walked to our rooms on the 5th floor. As we turned the corner there was this musty smell you would correlate with something old like this hotel. I joked and said I bet there are ghost here. Of course I didn't know the history of the hotel when I made the comment. I stayed in room 562 and yes I kept the light on in the bathroom before going to bed. I scared myself with the ghost comment. The next day was the first day of our Conference and the Hotel director introduced herself and welcomed us all. She also mentioned the hotel had ghost. Nothing happenned during my stay but for some reason I was hoping to see something. Maybe if I didn't keep my bathroom light on as a nightlight, the atmostphere would be more inviting(lol).

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Hi Scaring Myself, it's a shame nothing happened during your stay. As I used to tell my kids "sometimes it's fun to be scared". :)

Birthday GIrl 5 years ago

My birthday was Friday and so my husband decided to take us to San Antonio to stay a few nights at the Emily Morgan. We stayed there Thursday May 19 and Friday May 20th. Nothing special happened on Thrusday, but Friday we were in the room and he had just given me my birthday present and I kinda did a running leap and landed on top of him and I heard a mans voice say "get off." The TV wasn't on. He didn't say anything. He said he didn't hear anything, but he is also deaf in one ear. I just kinda marked it down to me hearing things. During the night we kept hearing things that sounded like they were being dropped in the bathroom. We would go investigate and everything was as we left it. This happened several times.

It was nothing major that happened and nothing that would stop me from staying there again. The hotel was nice and the staff was nice. I actually wish I would have seen or heard more. Oh well! Maybe next time.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl! Sounds like you experienced just enough paranormal activity to make it sort of fun and interesting. Did you stay on one of the more active floors? Perhaps you could try that in the future in hopes of getting more action. :)

Birthday Girl 5 years ago

No, We stay on floor 5. We will be going back. It did make for an interesting night. I will ask for a different floor next time.

Ron 5 years ago

Wow! This is really a great hub, and the comments have been terrific. I came here from a link at Snipsly. Glad I did and will read the other stories you have linked there. Thanks for some great reading.

KBROCK 5 years ago

I stayed at The Emily Morgan Hotel last night (05/28/11) with my husband and another couple (our best friends) in the same room. My best friend and I went to the bar and had a drink and the bartender told us some stories guests had shared with him when staying there and of his own experience. I did not know it was haunted till I got there, however, my friend did.

Here are the two stories the bar tender shared.

story one:

An older lady was staying alone in the hotel and awoke in the middle of the night because she felt as if someone was in bed with her. She looked over and there was the form of a body pressed into the covers. She got scared and turned on the lights and the form lifted up so the covers looked normal again. She walked around for a little bit to calm down and went back to sleep. The next night it happened again and she just started crying because she was so scared and wanted it to leave. Apparently the spirit knew what she was thinking because it told her, "I'm sorry I will leave you alone."

Story two:

A business man stayed the night in the hotel, went to work and arrived for the second night of his stay around 11pm. He went straight to the front desk and asked if there were other rooms avaliable. The desk clerks asked if there was anything they could fix for him. He said if you can get the freaking ghost out of my room then I'll stay in it. I guess there weren't any more rooms avaliable because he stayed in the same room. Both nights he woke up around 4:30am to what felt like someone choking him. When he opened his eyes there was this misty figure in the room. When he would sit up in bed the head would turn to glare at him and then it floated thru the wall. When it happened the second time he checked out at 4:45am.

While my friend and I did not experience anything our non-believer husbands claim that they did. Me, my friend and her 3 kids were asleep when our husbands came in around midnight. They got in bed and a few minutes later they said it sounded like the door openned and creaked closed. Then, they heard footsteps. My husband claims they ran right up to the end of our bed. He sat up and looked over at his friend and he was sitting up in bed too and they said did you hear that!? They replyed yes to eacher other and questioned what it might be and decided to just try and sleep. They were kind of freaked out by it. We stayed on the 10th floor across from the the Alamo.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thanks Ron! Glad you enjoyed it.

Kbrock: Thank you so much for sharing the stories and your personal experience.

LRHouston 5 years ago

My girlfriend and I stayed at the Emily Morgan a few years back on a friday and saturday night. We checked in during the day and left to go to the Alamo and Riverwalk. When we returned it was around 10:30pm or so, we went up to the room to relax before going down to the bar for drinks, while my gf had gone to the bathroom in our room, I decided to pull the sheets back on the bed, once I got the sheets pulled back I noticed that there was, what looked like a huge blood stain on the sheets, my gf came running out of the bathroom telling me that there was blood splattered on the back of the bathroom door and walls! We immediately went to the front desk to complain and get another room, the staff said they would have someone clean our room, as there were no others available, in the meantime the hotel covered our tab in the bar. The manager had come to let us know that our room was ready for us to go back, but that the cleaning crew informed him that there was nothing wrong with the sheets or in the bathroom, so once we got back to our room all seemed to be fine. My gf did not sleep that night and refused to go back to the hotel. Seems a little weird, but we both know what we saw! I will be staying there this coming weekend too, so we will see what happens!!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

What a great story, LRHouston! Thanks for sharing your experience! I look forward to you reporting back what happens to you this weekend!

Copper's Fox 5 years ago

I stayed one night (all we could afford) at the Emily Morgan on my Honeymoon almost 9 years ago. We were on the top floor over looking the Alamo and had no paranormal experiences at all. I also stayed at the Menger as a pre-teen and have no rememberance of anything weird. I am staying at the St. Anthony Wyndham this week. I'm staying alone this time and after all these stories I'm thinking about trying to convince my husband to come with me after all!! I'll let you know if anything creepy happens.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thank you for sharing your personal experiences Copper's Fox. I look forward to you reporting the events of your upcoming visit!

LoveToScare 5 years ago

I just have to say how much I've enjoyed reading these comments! I am getting married on Oct.29 of this year.My soon to be husband and I are big fans of the paranormal. We are actually going to have a halloween themed wedding. He was the one that actually told me to look up haunted hotels so that we could stay in 1 for our honeymoon. That is how I found this hub. I am SO excited about all these stories. So I'm definiately going to tell him that we are going to have to stay at the Emily Morgan! Thanks you!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, LoveToScare! How fun to be having a Halloween-themed wedding! I think staying at the Emily Morgan is a fantastic honeymoon idea! You will have to report back and let us know how it goes! Glad you enjoyed the other comments. I love reading about everyones' experiences.

creepedout 5 years ago

i am staying on the 9th floor for this week! im very nervous about what i might encounter!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Creepedout, hope you have a great time! As I always told my kids...."it's FUN to be scared"! :)

Be sure to report back if you have a ghostly encounter!

Hmarie 5 years ago

I stayed at the Emily morgan this week and last night I definitely felt something paranormal I woke up every hour throughout the night and I kept hearing this noise like someone was pushing a rattling cart up and down the hallways I don't think it was the maid because the sound happened every few minutes. Also in the early afternoon today I could not get in my room the key card would work and make a beep but the door itself would not budge more than a half inch. The door was not locked from the inside either and my sister who was inside the room swears it wasn't her.

scared 5 years ago

Well. I'm going to be staying at the Emily Morgan hotel this weekend. I didn't even realize it was haunted before I booked. I'm kind of freaked out already. Wish me luck. I am always the first to know if something paranormal is going on. That's why I always try to stay away from known haunted places. Oh so scared but I can't cancel cuz of stupid priceline. :(

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

HMarie....thanks for sharing your experience at the Emily Morgan!

Scared, hope you have a spooky good time! Be sure to let us know how it goes!

Krissaaay 5 years ago

I just stayed in the Emily Morgan & had some experiences that made me search online for others who may have had something happen to them as well. I stayed from the 17th through the 21st of August in room 1107 which overlooks the Alamo & its courtyard. On our 1st night there, I was putting on my make up & getting ready for an evening out with my Family, my Husband & 7 year old daughter were done & ready to go, so I told them to go ahead & go down to the lobby & wait for the car & that I'd be right down. After they left, I was alone for about 3 minutes when the TV popped on all by itself. Well this just nearly startled me right out of my skin! So I went into the main room & found the controller & flipped it back off. I looked around quickly & I felt a presence, so I said out loud "I know you're here & I'm OK with that- just please don't scare us, especially my little girl." After that I hurried & finished my make up & rushed downstairs, where I whispered to my Husband what had happened- he had a snarky look on his face- kinda like "Yeah right".

That night I slept horribly, I was nervous & still a little freaked out by what had happened to me. The next night- I slept a little better, but woke up several times through the night- one time when I woke up I heard a voice gently but firmly say "HEY!" Just kinda pulled the covers up over me & snuggled close to my Husband. During our whole visit, things were misplaced & missing & not where we had left them, that was strange but we tried to explain it away by saying to ourselves, 'We're in a hotel- things aren't going to be where you left them after housekeeping comes through.' etc... etc... etc... Just trying to explain it away.

The last thing that happened was on the last night of our stay- I was soaking in the tub, I had the glass doors closed & out of the toilet room there came a sound that was only loud enough for me to hear, it sounded like snapping, crackling & crunching- like maybe someone was stepping in the trash can & crunching the garbage that was in there. I can't explain these things, but they really happened to me. I couldn't believe that I found this little page & all the other stories in it- I feel validated now, I'm not crazy! Thank you!

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Krisaaay, thank you so much for sharing your experience at the Emily Morgan Hotel! I'm glad you found my hub too so that you can see that you're certainly not alone in having something happen to you while staying there.

Stay tuned as others add their stories.

stevedan 5 years ago

Any info on a haunted inn by gunn Honda on I- 10?

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Stevedan, if you can get me the name of it, I'll do some digging on it.

vw 5 years ago

My mother and I spent this past weekend in San Antonio for a girls weekend. Had a blast - We went on the Ghost tour. It was entertaining. I really thought " what a bunch of hogwash" but liked the guy - he was very informative and interesting. Learned a lot. We were unable to get into the yard behind the Alamo due to 9/11 events for the next day. We did, however. peer through all the gates. We were told to "stare straight ahead, without conentrating, like when you ask your husband to do something stare".. we all laughed. Soo on we went staring and hoping to see somehting.... well the end of the night came and no one mentioned anything.

The next morning my mother and I were drinking coffe. I was trying to get the guts up to tell her what I thought I saw the previous night. So I just said.. "mom, i saw something last night".. She looked at me, and said "I did too, but was afraid to say anything - you might think Im loosing it" So we decided to write it down, not tell each other, then read each others incounter.. "THEY WERE THE SAME and the SAME SPOT.... " We both saw a very tall man with hat and trench coat behind a large Oak tree swishing from side to side... VERY CREEPY .. The next day we were able to go behind the Alamo - This was yesterday morning.... We went to the tree - there were areas around the tree that felt COLD.. we took some pics with us by the tree ( No Orbs).. anyway.. very creepy

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

VW....thanks so much for sharing your story! Writing down what you saw eliminates creating the suggestion to the other. That's a great idea! With both of you independently seeing the same thing and describing it the same way sure lends some validity to what you saw.

Sounds like a fun experience! Thanks again for sharing!

Alice in Wonder profile image

Alice in Wonder 5 years ago from South Texas

Just read every comment to my posting, I live in San Antonio and was impressed by this Hubpage and every commemt. We moved into a house with ghostly activity. We hear doors shutting and unexplainable noises. Very believable stuff in this thread of commemts. :)

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Alice in Wonder-Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of the comments here. I always get excited when I see I have a new comment added to this article (hub) because it's usually something spookily fun!

Maybe you can write a hub about your experiences in your house!

karen 5 years ago

I have also had an experience here that has left an indelible mark on my life. I always thought that it would be cool to see "something" but I don't think I'll ever be the same. It took me several weeks before I could even talk about it.

karen 5 years ago

I should note that I stayed at the emily morgan. Has anyone else out there seen the little girl in room 322 at the Emily Morgan?

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Hi Karen! I'd love to hear more about what you saw at The Emily Morgan and how it made you feel! I'm considering writing a book about the hotel.

karen 5 years ago

Ok. I will talk to you. I hope that by telling my story it will help me deal with it as I'm still pretty affected by it.

karen 5 years ago

My friend and I had planned to attend a murder mystery weekend at the Emily Morgan. We were really excited and had a great plan that we would show up a day before the other guests were supposed to check in...that way we could hang around as they arrived and try and spot the actors as opposed to the guests. I had heard this hotel was haunted and was excited to stay there...I thought it would add to the excitement of the murder mystery and I had always wanted to try and stay somewhere "haunted". We drove up and checked in early so we could get unpack and do a little shopping. As we got into the elevator, I pushed the third floor. The doors closed and we started up, only we didn't go to the third floor. We went up to the 5th floor. We just looked at eachother and I gave a nervous laugh and pushed the third floor again. They were pretty booked so we ended up on the third floor in a handicapped room which was actually pretty great because the shower was enormous. We went inside and unpacked. I noticed the room was super cold but I figured it was a hotel and that's usually the case. We spent the day shopping and walking around the alamo. Anyway, we came back to the hotel to shower and get ready for dinner and as we walked in the room something was different...I still can't put my finger on it but the room was just not "right" but I dismissed it as we were having a great time. So after a fabulous dinner on the river walk we walked back to the hotel and got ready for bed and a movie. (funny how after all these years i'm still having trouble telling this story without getting anxious or crying). I called my husband to say goodnight and fell asleep. I can't say what exactly woke me, but I woke up in the middle of the night. It was freezing and I could hear something. It took me a minute for my eyes to adjust and to make sense of what I saw but what comes next will forever be embedded in my soul. There was a little girl sitting at the foot of my bed. She was about 6? She had long dark hair that was half swept up and was wearing a white dress (the kind with elastic at the wrist and a ruffle). She was lightly swinging her feet back and forth and humming a song. When she realized I was awake she giggled and said, "Do you want to sing? Do you want to play with me?". I froze in horror and started crying at which point she disappered. I stayed in that frozen position the rest of the night as I couldn't move and there was no chance of going back to sleep. I didn't even wake up my friend because I was afraid to move or talk. The next morning I tried to pull myself together. I didn't tell Rachel or my husband because I was too scared to even talk about it. That day we made our way down to the front to check in for the murder mystery. It kind of helped take my mind off of things as we met with other guests for the mystery and had lunch together as it started. We all got these "dectective kits" with a mechanical pencil, notepad, gloves, and clues. Anyway, after lunch we were in the lobby following a couple of actors "in a fight" when I broke my mechanical pencil (the part that lets you attach it to something). I heard it drop and quickly found it. I put it back together and took some more notes, then tried to attach it to my notepad. It broke again and I heard it hit the floor. As I was looking for it one of the guests asked what I was looking for and when I told him he switched pencils with me and took my broken one. After a few hours we went back to our room (wrong floor again) and when we walked up to our door I noticed it was not shut. It was rested right on the latch. I know it shut when we left because it makes a loud noise. I sat there and tried to recreate it about 10 times to see if maybe it was possible but I couldn't do it. I wasn't thinking it was paranormal..just that maybe someone was sneaking in our room. We checked the room and nothing was missing but as my eyes drifted to the floor it was sitting right in the middle of the room. The broken piece to my pencil that I lost in the lobby. Chills rushed down my spine and I was pretty frazzled. I always wondered how I would react in scary situations and I'm a little ashamed to say that I used to be the first one to talk about how dumb those girls in the movies were for not running or yelling for help but there I was too afraid to say a thing. We showered and changed and went down for dinner and then we went out for a bit before we got back to the room to try and solve the crime. I drank two glasses of wine with dinner to try and help me relax. I was afraid to fall asleep but had nowhere else to go. I finally fell asleep at some point only to wake up freezing again. I remember my back being super cold and then opening my eyes and pulling the covers over me tighter. That's when I realized I could feel something. It was a feeling I recognized but not one that was familiar. Someone was laying next to me in bed. I adjusted my eyes to the room. I could see my friend, Rachel, in her bed...which left nobody else. I didn't dare turn around. I just cried and whispered to please go away. It did go away right after that and I stayed awake the rest of the night. I didn't tell anyone for several weeks because I just couldn't talk about it. When I finally did I had trouble getting through it without crying. I don't think I'll ever be the same. I'm not really sure why I had this experience but I will be fine never having to see anything like this again.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Karen, I must say that is a fantastic story! I can see why you were rattled. I'd love to get your email address. Email me by clicking on the "Contact KCC Big Country" link at top of this page, on the right, under the monkey avatar.

The Pool Guy 5 years ago

I stayed at a hotel once. I did not see a ghost but my friend and I that where sharing the room felt an eerie presence. We stayed up all night and left in the morning.

Great hub one in a million :)

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thanks, The Pool Guy!

Drew A Blanc profile image

Drew A Blanc 5 years ago from the Central California Coast

KCC enjoyed this very much! - Check out my hub about the Folsom Hotel Saloon in Folsom Cali -

Rokmelon 5 years ago

Just had to share our experience in the Emily Morgan hotel. We went down to San Antonio to celebrate our daughter graduating from basic military training. My husband had booked the tickets for the trip and this looked like a nice hotel. I had no prior knowledge of this hotel before going.

It is a very nice hotel, the staff are all extremely friendly and the food is good. We had asked for a queen bed but ended up getting two doubles on the 7th floor which was fine.

I am a fairly sensitive person and I felt a weird vibe when I walked into the hotel but nothing "frightening".

We went to sleep the first night and in the middle of the night about 3am I was awoken to a hideous blood curdling scream. It sounded like it was coming right in our room! I went hmmmm and went back to sleep.

The next night was the SAME thing...blood curdling scream at 3 am. I mentioned this to our travel mates and one of them said that they had heard it too and described it as "weird" as well.

I decided to get to the bottom of this thing. I walked down to the lobby with my MIL indicating that I was crazy behind me and I asked the front staff "This will probably sound weird this hotel haunted??" They both looked at each other like they knew something and asked "What floor are you on?" "The 7th" I responded.

They said "Oh yeah definitely. The staff experiences things all the time"

I felt vindicated even though my family doesn't believe in this kind of thing.

The next night was the same awful scream and then we left the day after that.

The paranormal activity did not feel threatening or frightening they were just there doing their thing.

In any case I would definitely stay there again. This was the first hotel I have ever been in that I experienced paranormal activity.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Thanks for stopping by Drew a Blanc.....I'll head over and check out your hub.

Rokmelon...thanks so much for sharing your 7th floor experience at the Emily Morgan Hotel. Sounds like a real scream.... :) A blood-curdling scream at 3 am that sounds like it's coming from your own room is a bit scary for sure.

Rokmelon 5 years ago

Hey KCC, I thought it was a real scream too at first, but it was the same scream three nights in a row at the same time. I joked that the hotel must have set up a tape recorder to play the same scream every night. In any case I couldn't explain it so I thought I would share it here :)

Lonestar 5 years ago

Great to find this hub. My girlfriend and I knew this was a haunted hotel when we planned our trip, that's why we booked it. We are on the 8th floor in the Plaza King Suite. Last night we heard some unexplained, almost singing. Also, I read where the most activity is on the 9th and 7th floors, that puts me right in the middle of the action, so to speak. So far that's all I have to report, but, this is our last night here tonight...we'll see what happens.

Amber Star 5 years ago

Oh man...we are headed for the Emily Morgan soon.

When we were in Jamaica we went on a tour of Rose Hall. We were in the basement area when I was so glad to feel a/c. I said so and was so happy to be cool for the first time in a day or so. The staff working there looked at each other and...well, there was no a/c. The evil owner of Roase Hall had tortured her slaves in that area.

It will be interesting to see how it goes. My daughter was at the Emily Morgan recently and didn't report anything odd. Maybe it will be the same for us and a much needed rest will be had by all.

Scary 5 years ago

I've stayed at the menger hotel in San Antonio I stayed in the king ranch suit I was asleep and when I woke up like at 3:00 am I saw my wifes perfume being organized by its self

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas Author

Sorry to get behind on the comments here. Thanks to all who have stopped by and shared your comments.

Scary....that would be something to see! Thanks for sharing your comments from your stay at the Menger Hotel.

adrienne2 profile image

adrienne2 5 years ago from Atlanta

KCC OMG!! I read Mike from Houston comment on the Emily Morgan Hotel. Oh that is one scary story. I was not familiar with the Emily Morgan Hotel until reading your hub KCC. That was a wild, and scary night for Mike and his family. Thanks for sharing your info on haunted hotels in Texas.

fbartlett 4 years ago

My husband and I stayed at the Menger last night. After our experience I started doing research and came across this page. We were on the 3rd floor in 3074. We came in really late (about 2:00 am) and my husband fell asleep quickly but I was having trouble falling asleep. I heard a few times these little tapping noises coming from our TV but I assumed it was the TV popping since it had recently been turned off and it was an older style tv. I also kept getting the feeling that someone else was in the room, but I tried to tell myself that it was my imagination because I already knew the history of the hotel! Well, the next morning we were getting ready to check out and my husband couldn't find his room card key. He very clearly remembered putting it on top of the TV cabinet the night before. We ended up finding it beside the TV (inside the TV cabinet) stuck halfway under the edge. It seemed very odd and my husband immediately started trying to debunk it. We thought maybe it fell off but couldn't figure out how it got inside the cabinet and halfway underneath the TV. As he was trying to debunk it, I realized that the sound the key card was making was the same tapping noise I had heard the night before. It was so creepy! I asked the front desk if anyone had ever experienced that before and he said yes but not in our part of the hotel!

Brittany 4 years ago

I stayed at the Emily Morgan some years ago. I was a skeptic in ghosts. After the incident that occurred I am interested in staying there again and visiting other haunted hotel on The Riverwalk. I'm glad I live here now.. Haha..

Anyways it's spooky what happened.. I'm 25 now and I was about 13 or 14 when it happened..

It was my mother, and I.. We were staying on the 3rd floor.. Well, we got into the elevator and pushed our button.. No!! It didn't take us to the floor we were on it took us up to 7th floor stopped open the doors.. I thought I felt a cold gush of air.. I was scared.. I grabbed the back rail of the elevator.. It stayed open for sometime.. My mom was creeped out too. However, after the doors shut it went down to the 3rd floor and I hauled butt!!! My dad didn't believe me..

I also woke up freezing cold multiple times through the night.. I felt uncomfortable the whole night and I was creeped out swimming.. My brother felt the same..

Overall, I'd definitely stay again!!

The ghost tour they do is pretty neat but not worth the amount.. So unless you want to get ripped off don't do it!!!

Kelly 4 years ago

I just got back from staying at the Crockett. The staff said it was not haunted, but I am not sure that I believe them. I took a picture of the front of the hotel from the outside and there is a person in front of the hotel. I did not think much of it because there are people everywhere in San Antonio. I showed/looked at these pics several times. Anyways, just noticed the person has no head!!! It's a body up to about the neck and then it just blurs away. Nothing else in the picture is blurred. It was taken with my iPod, but it is very new and takes very clear perfect pictures? I think if may have been something else!!!!

peppy 4 years ago

Stayed @ The Emily Morgan Hotel in SAn Antonio.

When we booked we had no idea that it has a haunted history. It was very clean but small lobby. We stayed in room # 1205 we did not feel comfortable and I began calling other hotels but being Spring Break/ St. Patricks day we had no luck finding a room needless to say my husband was irritated at me for considering changing hotels after we just got there and we were all very tired. The room depressing but great location. After a short rest period we decided to go eat on the River Walk on the elevator there was a couple and I stated isn't this place a little spooky. They told me it was haunted and we should pray. I took it like a grain of salt thinking they were just messing with us, however my 10 yr old did pray after she researched some history on this hotel with her i-phone! My husband and I sent my mother and my child back to the room after a nice meal on the River Walk, my husband and I wanted to stay at the River Walk for a few cocktails. We arrived exhausted around 11pm and went to sleep. Around 3 in the morning I felt someone tapping my leg I thought it was my daughter I shrugged and moaned like what do you want I am trying to sleep. I realized my child was still asleep in the other bed. I was to scared to look around the room what seems like 5 minutes later a vacumm cleaner was running I tried to awake my husband but he was asleep like a bear in the woods. I woke up my mother and she heard the vacumm noise also followed by a door slamming shut. 15 minutes later I felt the blanket being touched as if someone was trying to sit next to me on the bed. I was hot but was too scared to turn the a/c down. I hugged my husband and remember shaking for maybe 30 seconds or so I tried again to wake up my husband that's a JOKE! STRANGE!!! I BELIEVE I WAS VERY BRAVE BUT NOT BRAVE ENOUGH TO STAY THERE AGAIN!!! When we checked out I told the front desk about all of this and the lady told me there was another family on the 12th floor who checked out with her 2 small children crying in the middle of the night from some paranormal activity in her room. I sure hope she posts her story as it would be interesting to hear about her experience.

dixie ruth 4 years ago

I stayed here in room 811 Brought a tape player with me I asked questions on the tape like why do you haunt this room? later when I played it back I heard a mans voice saying he was a construction worker . He believed he was pushed to his death by someone. I asked hime do I need to give a message to anyone. he says They know the truth. The blankets do not stay on the bed. Cannot sleep without the light on. A shadow of a little girl runs through. when I do fall asleep I dream of emergency room doctors and nurses are trying to save someones life and I am told to leave there, I am in the way. I wake up in cold chills. Finally dawn arrives I go back to sleep I wake to see a nurse standing over my bed he is rubbing my ankles he gives me medical advice I worked too hard I explain they swell when I stand on them. He tells me get a cactus of the tuna variety You can buy a drink from the plant at a health store take one half dram once a day you will not have any more swelling. The nurse is foggy She forces me to drink down the tunic water Its so very real. I fall back to sleep. Wake up to a pounding on my door, no one is there almost mid day I grab my clothes. The front desk asks me how I slept. I tell them fine. You know that's the most haunted room in this castle I am told. Your the first to say fine! It was a wonderful experience for me I do buy the tonic water and no more swelling in my ankles!

Dixie Ruth 4 years ago

EMILY MORGAN HOTEL ROOM 811 Second Night The elevator skips and stops in an attempt to pick the unseen people sometimes its stops on all floors waiting to Pick up people unseen.

Footsteps just out side of our room banging on doors no one there. Maids tell us they are scared to enter the rooms to clean them, They leave the doors open while working in the rooms , also open the blinds for light to come in. We are told of another maid who refused to work on the 8th floor . she was supposivly locked in a room while cleaning it, for several hours before she was found. As for us We had a great exp here Dixies feet are no longer swollen she was given great medical advice from the past. I think these Doctors were truly dedicated. can anyone tell us how much is a dram she thinks it two tablespoonfuls of the liquod Tuna cactus plant. Its working!

Rusti Mccollum profile image

Rusti Mccollum 4 years ago from Lake Oswego, Oregon

I could read this stuff all night and day long.I lived in a very haunted house, so Ghosts, spirits are factual and intriging to me! loved this hub!!

curious 4 years ago

Iam listing all the haunted hotels for about an hour ask I can go visit them! I love a good scare but when it comes to sleeping I can not go to bed 0_0

Crystal 4 years ago

Is it true that the movie 1408 is based on a hotel from San Antonio?

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 4 years ago from Central Texas Author

I haven't heard that claim, Crystal.

Ladydauvis profile image

Ladydauvis 4 years ago from San Antonio, TX

Hi, I am happy I found this hub. A friend and I are going "ghost hunting" tomorrow here in SAn Antonio plan on visiting the Menger, Gunter, Emily Morgan and Crockett hotels. If anyone wants to join us it would be fun ( We went ghost hunting on 10/31/2009 and got photos of a little boy peaking around the corner in the ballroom at the Gunter, Many MANY faces in walls at the Menger and shadows, the menger gave us ouir best photo of a woman in a mirror, and we visited the St Anthony and thru a connect w the vallet got taken up to the top floor of the parking garage (closed due to creepyness) and we could hardly breathe, noone was brave enough to get out of the car so we took pics out of the window. We were so amazed that we saw a shadow figure of a woman with very distinct facil features giving us an evil glare we passed the camera around the car so excited that we saw her. That top floor was so actived that when you take piictures all you see is orbs no black space. Sadley enough that photo got deleted as soona s the camera was turned off. We also noticed that of all the photos taken only a few were recovered. I think its crazy how spirits can control electronics . CAnt wait till tomorrow, yall should join us :


KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 4 years ago from Central Texas Author

Ooooh that does sound fun! Hope you have a great time and catch some interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Ladydauvis profile image

Ladydauvis 4 years ago from San Antonio, TX

Hi our hunting went great and we are actually going back tonight for some follow up at the majestic. Our best EVP came from the majestic a bold woman probably an actress spoke very mater of factly about the theater. You hear me say this theaterhas beenhere for forever and she says "And its the oldest one" very clear. We also caught a man in the booth. We visited the Menger which didn't provide any evidence, Gunter which we are revisiting today as well since we caught some evidence and felt presence as well, the crockett where we heard men agreeing with us, and the alamo were we heard many sounds of boots marching and faint voices. We are going to have less personal convo and more spiritual convo tonight we hope. Will keep yall posted

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 4 years ago from Central Texas Author

Awesome! Be sure to let us know it goes!

SDB 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I live in SA and every year we have a ghost slumber party at Emily Morgan Hotel.... sooo much fun. 2 years ago we stayed on the "14th" floor and the first thing that happened was everyone except my sister and I went to the lobby to hang out. All the lights were off except the bathroom and the light at the bedside. the light has the little twisty knob on the bottom and we were no where near the light when it clicked off, we stopped and staired at each other then about 10 sec later clicked back on. Then when we were all getting settle for bed about 1:00 am we could not adjust the temp in the room it was nuts. Everyone went to sleep but I could not, I was just really uneasy and could not close my eyes. I did doze off several time but would wake up to slamming doors and was sounded like a gurney or aold heavy chair being dragged across a hardwood floor but it was on the ceiling and that is the roof... This went on from about 2-4 am and I did not sleep all night. 1.5 years later I was reviewing all the videos and pictures we had taken and captured something I wish everyone could hear. On our first night as we walked out of the elevater on the 14th floor although we did not hear this with our own ears it was caputred on the camcord. It was a very loud horrible scream of a woman.... I had my dad and husband listen to it they do not believe in any of this and think we are crazy.. But they agreed this is what they also heared.....So that's my paranormal story.. Wonder what we will get this year?????

Stephanie 3 years ago

My recent stay at the Emily Morgan left me feeling super uneasy! I stayed on the 9th floor. Odd things kept happening - my hair blow dryer would turn on randomly, but the switch was set to off. The jacuzzi jets would randomly turn on at all times of the day. The final night I was there I felt very nervous and uncomfortable. I slept with the lights and TV on. When I woke up, there was blood on the side of my bed, very noticeable. It was obvious that it was not there the day before - the sheets had not been changed during my stay. I'd go back to the hotel, but I would not stay alone!

Kevin 8 weeks ago

We stayed at the Crockett Hotel over 20 years ago. An incident happened then that sticks with me to this day. In fact, a recent conversation with a friend about "ghosts" led me to google the hotel, which brought me here. Upon returning to our room on the first afternoon of our stay, we could hear a TV set blasting all the way down the hall. As we reached our room, we realized that it was coming from our room. Puzzled, I quickly went in to turn off the TV. The remote would not work. The physical power button on the TV would not work. I had to unplug the unit from the wall to turn it off. Upon plugging the TV back in, everything worked normally ... remote, power button, etc. Finding it bizarre but not terribly concerning, we dismissed it as a glitch. In the wee hours of the morning, we were abruptly awakened by the same series of events, complete with the non-responsive remote & power button. We reported it to an unsurprised front desk clerk, who had maintenance check it out ... to find no issues with the TV set. For the remainder of our stay, we left the TV unplugged. That room had a strange feel to it ... so much so, that I'm googling it 20+ years later.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 8 weeks ago from Central Texas Author

Kevin, thanks for sharing your experience at The Crockett Hotel. I understand the feeling you experience. Looks like I need to book a room at The Crockett next. :)

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