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Between Lives Books: 10 Great Reads


Between Lives Books

What happens after death?

This has been a human fascination since the beginning of time. New insights come from people in very deep hypnosis, channelling and out-of-body experiences, whose stories and insights are timeless.

Having worked in this area for 20 years, I would like to give you my recommended selection of the 10 best between-lives books.

10 Great Reads About What Happens Between Lives

  1. Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, by Michael Newton
  2. Exploring the Eternal Soul: Insights from the Life Between Lives, by Andy Tomlinson
  3. How I Died and What I Did Next, by Peter Watson Jenkins and Tony Winninger
  4. Afterlife: A Modern Guide to the Unseen Realms, by Ian Lawton
  5. Talking to Leaders of the Past, by Peter Watson Jenkins and Tony Winninger
  6. Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, by Robert Schwartz
  7. Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives, by Michael Newton
  8. Between Death and Life: conversations with Spirit, by Dolores Cannon
  9. Shrouded Truth, by Reena Kumarasingham
  10. Memories of the Afterlife, edited by Michael Newton

1. Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton

Michael was originally an atheist and amazed at the therapeutic value of working with past lives. On one occasion, he used an imprecise command and found his client talking about soul memories between lives.

He spent twenty years working with hundreds of people’s soul memories to build a very detailed picture of the afterlife.

I had the opportunity of working with Michael while training therapists in this area and consider him a real pioneer. This is his first book and a must-read for anyone wanting to know more about the subject.


2. Exploring the Eternal Soul by Andy Tomlinson

I have included one of my books because it is the only book on life between lives that shows the consistency of the soul memories from all the pioneers' work.

It covers a group of fifteen people from different parts of the world who, in very deep hypnosis, went into their soul memories between lives in great detail. Included is feedback from them about the transformational effect the experience had on them.

It also has the answers to 70 universal questions of spiritual, historical and philosophical importance from groups of evolved spirits of light encountered during the between-life regression.


3. How I Died and What I Did Next, by Peter Watson Jenkins and Toni Winninger

Toni Winninger told me that she used to be a state prosecutor and as her intuition developed did something she was taught never to do. This was to ask a question in court without knowing the answer beforehand. She found trusting her intuition gave her information needed to win her case.

Eventually she stared channelling and was invited by evolved spirits of light to meet the souls of people from the past and write a book about it.

Twenty-five souls tell what happened to them at their moment of death. It includes; an office worker who died in the North Tower on 9/11, a little girl drowned in the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, a Vietnamese diplomat tortured and a Chinese woman who died having a back-street abortion.


4. Afterlife: A Modern Guide to the Unseen, by Ian Lawton

I worked with Ian Lawton and witnessed his amazing ability to gather and synthesise information from multiple sources.

In this book, Ian uses these skills with accounts of out-of-body experiences. The explorers involved learned to repeatedly and deliberately expand their consciousness to experience other planes of reality. Their reports give a deeper perspective of the life between lives.


5. Talking to Leaders of the Past, by Peter Watson Jenkins and Tony Winninger

Another book channelled by Tony Winninger and one of my favourites. Toni connected with the souls of fifteen famous leaders of the last century and asked questions about their former life.

They now talk from their spiritual perception rather than their earth personality. For example Pope John has concerns about the Catholic church teachings. Einstein links energy and the divine. Darwin would express his theory of evolution differently. And Adolf Hitler has a new view about the second world war.

What they have in common is the between lives experience.


6. Your Soul's Plan, by Robert Schwartz

Robert interviews twelve souls who have experienced loss, illness, accidents and addictions in a past life. He explores their soul contract made before incarnation.

It gives us a fascinating insight of soul planning sessions and understanding what awaits us all.


7. Destiny of Souls, by Michael Newton

This is a follow-on book from Journey of Souls where Newton draws on more case studies to address more unusual soul memories in depth, including soul mates, activities of spirit guides and soul travel between lives.


8. Between Death and Life, by Dolores Cannon

Dolores is the author of many spiritual books. In this one, she gives a good introduction to the death experience, spirit guides and guardian angels, ghosts and walk-ins.

The book examines different levels of existence in the spirit realms, the healing places for the damaged, the schools where you integrate lessons learned on Earth, and planning the next incarnation.


9. The Magdalene Lineage by Reena Kumarasingham

Apart from being a trainer of therapists with between lives regression, Reena is a pioneer in writing historical past life books supported by modern research.

This book covers the past life journey of Mary Magdalene from the age of six to sixty. It covers her life as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a spiritual teacher.

The reason for including this book is the depth of research that supports the details of the past life, which is an important part of establishing the reality of reincarnation.

It is also a great read.


10. Memories of the Afterlife, edited by Michael Newton

This delightful book contains chapters by different between lives therapists and I was delighted to be able to contribute a chapter and work with the other authors.

It also shows that that this type of regression is consistent not just for the pioneers but for the therapists trained by them.

Summary of Between-Lives Books

Between-lives regression has been progressively developed over the last 20 years, and thousands of people have now had their own experience and shows remarkable consistency.

But what is particularly important is that many of the people in deep trance between-lives regressions had no prior knowledge that any experience existed between lives. They also had beliefs ranging from atheism to all the world’s major religions. And the information is consistent with channelling and out-of-body experiences.

Many people think that this is the most profound source of spiritual wisdom about the afterlife that has ever been given to humanity.

© 2019 Andy Tomlinson