Stories of Individuals Crossing Over to Parallel Dimensions or Worlds

Updated on April 12, 2019
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A Window to a Parallel World

Can we open up a window to a parallel world?
Can we open up a window to a parallel world?

Can We Cross Over to a Parallel Dimension?

The concept of crossing between dimensions began when quantum mechanics emerged early in the last century; it was later reinforced by the new exotic string theory. Both pointed to the possibility that other worlds—that other dimensions—exist. Even some of the ideas by physicists are both intriguing and frightening at the same time. Some physicists believe that there could be baby universes at the end of all the black holes that have formed in the universe. Some have even speculated that every time subatomic particles are smashed together a universe is born, bubbling off into a parallel world, since this very act is similar to what happened at the big bang. So, could our own universe have been created in some alien’s super collider?

Quantum mechanics itself is one of them that is dependent on the observer so it postulates that every decision that a person makes in their life, every path that they have chosen, there is the alternate path that exists in a virtual state. However, this virtual state or states could actually be parallel worlds.

Now if they do exist, how do we go to one? The answer could be the human mind itself. Yes, someday we may create a device that will allow us to cross over or even just give us a window to allow us to peak in at a parallel universe. Some scientists have even stated that the closest parallel world may only be one centimeter away from our very own. But it is not the creative ability of the human mind that may hold the key. It may be the human mind itself, that we may have a latent ability, that we can traverse the dimensions, by punching through that tiny distance, by sheer will or desire. Is there proof? There could be. The following are a number of individuals who possibly crossed over to our universe from another.

The Man From a Nonexistent Country

Sometime during the summer of 1954, a well dressed individual arrived in Tokyo on a flight from Europe. This would seem normal but when he went through customs, he was stopped by a customs official because his passport showed that he came from a country called Taured. What was even more interesting was that the passport had been stamped indicating that he had made previous trips to Japan. The problem is, the country that he came from does not exist. At first, the stranger became upset and the official, worried that he made a mistake, retrieved a map. The traveler was perplexed when he noticed that his country was not there, located between Spain and France. Instead, the only nation that was there, that was in place of his country, was Andorra.

When he was further interrogated they found that even his driver’s license was issued in Taured. Waiting further investigation, he was then put up in a hotel for the night, but by morning he was not there. He vanished, along with his belongings and the documentation even though two officers were placed outside the door and the room was on the 15th floor.

I Woke Up and Everything Was Somewhat Different

When Lerina Garcia got up out of bed one day in the summer of 2008 in her apartment in Madrid, little did she know life was about to change in a bizarre way and it began the very moment that she woke up. Her bedsheets were not the same ones that she remembered when she went to bed the night before. Initially she ignored it even though she was disturbed by the change, but this was only the beginning. More dramatic changes were yet to come. The drive to work was uneventful but when she arrived she found out that she now worked at a different department in a different location in the same building. Her manager, who she did not know and never met, somehow knew her. When she realized that she was no longer at the department, that she had worked at for the past 20 years, she had to look at the company directory to find out where she was supposed to be. This event was so unsettling that she went back home claiming illness.

If this wasn’t weird enough, Lerina was about to be hit by another change that would be more personal. She had broken off a relationship about a half a year earlier but now her boyfriend had no idea that this had happened, and it doesn’t end there. For the past few months she had begun dating again with a man that was a local in her neighborhood, but when she tried to find him, he didn’t exist. When she filed a report concerning his disappearance, the police told her there was no record of him.

Where Did the Building Come From?

Frederick Dodson, who is an expert on this very subject and who authored the book, Parallel Universes of Self, recounts in said book how one day when he went to a salon for a haircut he noticed a building next door. Since he had gone to the salon regularly every four weeks or so, he was surprised to see it there. Previously it was an empty lot with a lawn and a park bench. Now, after four weeks, a building was now standing at that spot. When he asked the employees that worked in the salon they said that it was built about five years before. The author did state that he applied one of his reality shifting techniques earlier, before the visit to the salon.

How Does the Brain Shift Into Another Parallel Universe?

All three of these cases are very interesting but how do we access the part of the mind that allows us to make the jump? Do we want to make the jump considering what Garcia went through? Dodson states that we can learn how to control it so we can transition into a reality that we desire. If this is true, then did Garcia somehow have a dream that night that allowed her to stumble into another existence?

Also, how does this change actually occur? In Dodson’s and Garcia’s situation it seems as if their consciousness made the trip while the man from the country Taured physically crossed over. A physical body trip to another parallel world is easy to understand, but the consciousness only method is tricky to comprehend. If there are many versions of each of us sprawled across an infinite number of parallel worlds, then why is our self awareness rooted in this reality? If you take one of the principles of quantum mechanics, which states that all of the other realities are in a virtual state, then they will only manifest as “real” when they are observed. However, when life changed for Lerina Garcia, she moved into our world. She is the one that came from a parallel dimension. So a possible conclusion is that her consciousness, that was originally here in this world switched places with the Lerina that is here now.

A bridge to another parallel world has been assumed and debated by science and even science fiction, but do they already exist?
A bridge to another parallel world has been assumed and debated by science and even science fiction, but do they already exist?

Does the Human Mind Have the Ability to Teleport the Human Body?

Hypnotherapist Bruce Goldberg has been studying human teleportation for some time. He states that teleportation incidents have occurred throughout history. Dr Goldberg has found that the sensations of teleportation is very close to the sensations of an out of body experience with but with one exception. It usually begins with a buzzing sound in the head or a tingling feeling, and the possible popping sound over the left ear and then the sense of spiraling upward. For teleportation there is an added feeling where all of the senses narrow or feel constricted. So, instead of the spirit leaving the body, the body goes with it and they vanish.

Dr Goldberg claims that there have been modern events where teleportation has occurred, where family members have seen loved ones disappear right in front of them. Also, teleportation is not uncontrollable, the person can control it and guide themselves to their destination, but transporting yourself through space is not the only thing that happens. If you think teleportation is crazy enough, it is even more extraordinary to find out that people that have claimed to teleport have also claimed that they have moved into parallel worlds.


The idea of the ability of the human mind to cross into parallel worlds is a crazy concept, but there are many books and videos that state that you can attract anything in your life, such as money, and love. Many people claim that it works. Frederick Dodson points out that if you are doing this then you are already slipping into parallel dimensions.

Author Interview

Bruce Goldberg interview on the television show "Weird or What" season 2, episode 5, year 2011

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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