Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

Updated on April 15, 2016

According to my beliefs, a loved one who has just passed away will be quite anxious to let us know that they're okay and aware of what's happening in our lives. If we aren't able to feel them around us, they'll often give us a "sign" that we can't ignore. The person who has been given a "sign" often knows the message is coming from the other side. Even if we dismiss it, that little voice inside will make us wonder.

Here are the ten most common "signs of spirit," or signs from the deceased, that people receive from loved ones who have passed away.

Top Ten Signs from the Deceased

Flickering lights or appliances that switch on and off
Spirit is present
Familiar to deceased, including perfume or cigar
Spirit is present
Insect or bird, including ladybug, butterfly, or bird.
Loved one is not alone
Object in path
Feather, coin, rock, or clothing
Possible symbolic message
Repeated on clocks or billboards
Contact through anniversary or special number
Vivid, logical dream
Words, objects, or telepathy
Spontaneous thought
Personal, meaningful words
Feeling of being watched
Ongoing love and protection
Music playing in visited places
Lyrics that convey a significant message
High-frequency sound in ears
A signal to look at surroundings for message

1. They Love to Play with Electricy


Playing with electricity seems to be one of the most common "signs of spirit." It is an easy way to grab our attention. Spirits like to flicker lights, turn the television or radio on and off, or make appliances beep for no apparent reason. Our loved ones have the ability to interfere with light and electricity because they're now pure energy. They can manipulate appliances, TV, microwaves, etc. Most of the time they just want to make us aware that they're with us.

If your television turns off or on for no apparent reason, start investigating the reason behind it:

  • What show or channel is on? Is it a favorite show of your loved one? Is the radio playing their favorite song?
  • When the lights flickered, what were you thinking about? Were you thinking about your loved one? Sometimes that thought can be an acknowledgment or even confirmation that your loved one is near.

2. They Give Off Fragrances


We can often tell our deceased loved ones are around us when we smell their scent: perfume, flowers, cigar or cigarette smoke, or any other smell associated with them. There may be no logical explanation of why the smell is there. This "sign" can sometimes seem confusing. As humans, we remember how our loved ones smell. We remember a distinctive cologne or perfume they enjoyed, or even the scent of an activity they performed. If your loved one used to work with cars and, out of the blue, you smell motor oil, try not to be scared. Instead, say "Hi!"

3. They Visit Through the Energy of an Animal


Our loved one is able to use their energy to go inside an insect or animal—such as a butterfly, ladybug, bird, or dragonfly—for a brief period of time. The animal will do something it usually wouldn't do, such as land on us, peck at our window, look at us, or scream at us. Unfortunately, this is a sign some people ignore. Our loved ones may try to communicate with us in every unimaginable manner. By using these symbols, they're sending us a message without trying to scare us. They're letting us know, "I'm with you. You're not alone!"

4. They Place an Object in Our Path


Our loved ones like to place objects in our path that are significant to just them—perhaps over and over again. Coins, feathers, keys, and rocks are a few of the most common objects they might leave for us. How can we find the meaning in these small gifts?

  • If you find a coin in your path, look at its year and see if that year is important between you and your deceased loved one.
  • If you find a rock lying in the middle of your bed, or you find your loved one's shirt in an odd place (that's not where you placed it before), this could be a sign from the other side.
  • Try not to be scared and instead, say "Hi!"

5. They Show Us Numbers


Our loved ones might show us numbers that are relevant to them or to you. It could be a birthday, an anniversary, the date of their passing, the time of their passing, or even repeating numbers such as 111, 222, 333, etc. These numbers may appear on clocks, billboards, or any other familiar place. They can also come from family, friends, or even strangers.

  • When driving, pay attention to license plates in front of you and billboards you pass by. Some of the best signs of numbers can come from bumper stickers sitting right in front of you. If you detect a pattern and believe your loved one is communicating with you, take comfort in knowing that they are with you.

6. They Visit in Dreams


One of the easiest ways for our loved ones to communicate with us is through our dreams. A dream that is a true visitation will be very vivid, peaceful, and detailed. We will remember this type of dream many years later. There are a few characteristics you can analyze after having a spiritual visitation dream.

  • It will be very vivid.
  • It will be in color. Sometimes it can be in black and white with color being in the form of your loved one's clothing or something they are holding for you to see.
  • It will be logical and have some sort of message, either in the form of words, physical objects, or even telepathy.
  • You may feel confused upon waking up. You will feel happy, peaceful, or even fearful about what you experienced. (Fearful maybe from never experiencing such a dream before.)

All we need to do is to ask our love ones to come, and they will. We can also ask them to wake us after they visit and to help us remember the dream.

7. They Place Thoughts in Our Minds


Our loved ones don't have an audible voice because they are in spirit form. Therefore, they give us messages telepathically. Pay attention to thoughts that just “pop” into your head. If something your loved one would say just comes to you for no apparent reason, it's probably him or her speaking directly to you. This form of communication is a true blessing! Sometimes it doesn't have to be a particular thought, it can come when the lyric to a song "pops" into your thoughts. Songs and music, like dreams, are universal methods of communication. Listen for the thoughts or songs. You'll know when they're not yours.

8. They Watch Over Us


Many of us have felt this one! It is possible to pick up on spiritual energy, especially when we're relaxed. When we're in the beginning stages of grief, we have a keener ability to "feel" our loved one around us. There's good reason for this. It simply isn't true that death is final. We may continue to feel our loved one's presence after their passing because they are still very much around us. In the deepest grief, they will try to find a way to let us know they're with us. When we feel like we're being watched, we're being protected and watched over. Above all else, we're still being loved. We're never alone!

Have you received "Signs" from your Loved One on the Other Side?

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9. They Make Songs Play at the Perfect Time


We know our loved one is around when their favorite songs come on at just the right time with the exact words we need to hear. Often the same song plays in many different places.

  • Train yourself to listen to the music overhead in department stores, grocery stores, or even when you're walking into a restaurant.
  • When you're driving and turn on the radio, what song is playing?
  • When you're watching TV, what song comes on at the beginning or ending of a movie you're watching?
  • When you're cleaning, turn on the music and see if a message is being delivered.

If your loved one loved music, this too can be an easy form of communication.

10. They Buzz in Our Ears


Because our loved ones speak to us using a different, higher frequency, we may hear ringing in our ears when they're trying to get our attention. This is a signal to look for a message.

  • Look at your surroundings—is there something significant to notice? A sign on the side of the road? A bird flying by? A particular cloud in the sky?
  • Are you reading a book, newspaper, or searching on the internet for something? Did you get the ringing in your ear(s) as you read a particular sentence? Re-read that sentence and look for a message.
  • Maybe the ringing in your ear is after a particular thought—this could be a sign of validation from your loved one.

Some Final Thoughts

This list could certainly go on, but these tend to be the more common ways our loved ones let us know they're around us.

If you haven't received any of these signs, you can ask your loved one to come and let you know they're okay. Ask them to come to you in a dream or visit you in the form of butterfly. Ask them to come to you in the form of an animal. Then be aware of the message when it's given to you. Remember though, your loved one may appear in many different ways: books, newspapers, Internet sites, etc.

The more we're aware of the messages and acknowledge them when they arrive, the more our loved ones will continue to communicate with us. Be patient and persistent. As much as we want to communicate with our loved ones, they too want to communicate with us!

Blessings of Peace & Love!


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    • profile image

      Rose 16 hours ago

      The day l found out my friend for years had passed away l saw a black bird right in front of me where l was parking the car. What does it mean?

    • profile image

      Diane 22 hours ago

      It's been three months three weeks since my Mother passed away. The lights on my track lights started flickering again so I spoke with her. I'm moving so I told her my plans. After every point the light would blink twice. The second night I was in the kitchen and told her I would be five minutes. The dish towel fell off the countertop a few feet from where I put it and I was aware of it in the air like it was thrown.

    • profile image

      Lynda Harrison-Gammons 3 days ago

      I have seen signs from my husband, who died 5 months ago, that he is there for me. I have many examples, the latest visual example was two days ago. I photographed it, and love looking at him..

    • profile image

      Nanette Kelley 7 days ago

      I've been seeing deceased spirits at my boyfriend house. His wife committed suicide in the house whereby my ex boyfriend also committed suicide. I do clear haunted houses. I just started clearing said house yesterday, it takes a lot of energy out of me especially when I haven't done it in a while.

      I was not done clearing the house when the next day I was doing Pilates I saw a male reaching his hand to help me get up. Then I saw a women leaning against the wall wearing as blonde wig laughing. I was very fatigued that day. THEN upstairs I was watching tv, my boyfriend was not their. AGAIN A MALE SAT DOWN NEXT TO ME AS IF HE WAS HANDING ME THE WATER BOTTLE WHICH WAS BELOW ME I HEARD EARTH BOUND. I'm not sure if it was my ex and him mucking his wife. Because I cannot forgive him....can you give me advise.

    • profile image

      Marian M. McNabb 7 days ago

      I receive signs from my husband all the time, finding a perfect Heart Seabean down at mile 60 on the beach after I asked him to show me he was with me. A blown glass heart found at St. Joe Island when I was with two of our friends, the four of us always went to the beach together, he showed me, that he was still with us. Our anniversary, I wished him a Happy Anniversary, the next morning a Bird was on our enclosed back porch, and a four leaf clover was by the bird feeder outside. My birthday, I found a piece of candy from the candy dish in the dining room on the rug in front of the chair I sit in. A Granddaughter called to say Grandpa is still with us, she was at work thinking about her and her Grandpa when he fiance sent her a picture of her and her Grandpa, she asked how he would know to send the picture to her at that time if her Grandpa didn't tell him. A daughter has felt his hand on her shoulder, and a picture of a Sailor appeared on her wall, he was retired U.S.Navy. All three of us know he's still with us. I got a message the other day to check the oil in his pickup, found out the dip stick and the tube it went in was broken because it melted sitting next to the moter, the way Chevy put it together, then I got a sign to call one of his friends to check it out. His friend fixed it for me. He's still with us, he always will be, we look for signs all the time.

    • profile image

      Jonathan C. 7 days ago

      My grandmother passed away from a lung disease a few months ago mainly because the company trying to “help” her actually neglected her. I had a dream last night of her being in bed and she said to me “hello baby” (notice that I’m 13) and I could finally walk in and hug her. She said “can you do me a favor, can you light this candle for me” and I said yes. After I lit it she said “look at the flame” I looked and the flame turned black. Can someone tell me what this means?

    • profile image

      maraa7 9 days ago

      my grandma passed away last year because of diabetes i loved her soo much she treats me like im her own daughter but im her granddaughter but their was this moth flying around my house and it went on my face and it felt as if the moth was kissing me but then today it was on my dogs pee pad and my dog saw it and ate it but i dont know if it was actually my grandma i was thinking it was her and i started crying and my siblings saw the moth laying on the floor and started crying :(

    • profile image

      Brigitte Eve Andrea 3 weeks ago

      To Roseanna...

      How are you doing today? Do you have someone in your life now, besides family members, who loves you or cares for you? I felt your pain when I read your post here. I was a victim of child abuse too, and sadly many children are, yet the fact that you are still alive is a testament to your individual spirit which is beautiful and strong ... And the one whom God has always loved.

    • profile image 4 weeks ago

      My husband came to me early this morning...He asked if i was ready or did he have to read an article again...I stood looking out the window at the falling rain...i told him..i was ready now...he came and stood behind me.put his hands under my arms and lifted me up.....i thought how easily he had lifted me and felt happy....he put me down and laughed and said...he should be careful or he would have another heart attack....we laughed......and i woke up...

    • profile image

      lisa Cooper 6 weeks ago

      Can you get big static electic shock

      I was pushing a resident in a wheel chair as soon as i pasted the room where one of my elderly died that week i got about 5 really strong static electricity shocks to the point it made me jump and after the 2nd on i was a bit nervey about touching the wheel chair i was only thinking of this when i was laying in bex at 3am this morning

    • profile image

      Gerry 7 weeks ago

      my Daughter past away 11 years ego and now 9 months ego my wife past away I have found feathers and i have a crosses from paper above the mantel for my wife a other for my Daughter Each have the names on it .its now that the crosses have been turned facing the the names towards the wall .i believe that my wife saying that she is with daughter are together

    • profile image

      michelle4620 8 weeks ago

      After my Mom Passed, I was always finding Dimes.....for a long time. I Believed and still do it was my Mom. Now My Fiance' has Passed.......I do not see them as much as I once did.

    • profile image

      Tina Bruce 2 months ago

      After my husband passed I asked to plZ someway let me no that he was at peace I have been devastated and in shock . A cardinal came in our yard , shortly after day after day my daughter noticed it too and took pic posted story and pic on Facebook and a Facebook friend noticed s very clear face image in the background so we zoomed in on it and it is a very very clear picture of a face image with eyes nose mouth even a beard made from the reflection of the leaves in the tree from the sun . The pic is so real that I am in shock . This was captured in the picture of the cardinal . It is amazing , scary , contraversial , touching all st the same time I am not a believer in supernatural so I have looked for any and every logical explanation and can not come up with one other than , a sign from my husband that he is now at peace and he sent me a signal just like I ask for him to . I would love to share my picture

    • profile image

      Gypsy23 2 months ago

      Exactly when Mom passed, I found a dime near where Dad died. Then another dime near where Mom always sat in her favorite chair. Their message to me: Dad came and got mom and they were together once more. It was beautiful the way it was presented to me. More recently, my 14-year old, female labrador retriever passed. I buried her with her favorite tennis ball. Four days later while on vacation to the beach, I started thinking about her and all the good times we had throwing the ball together into the water. Within five seconds of this thought, I looked down at my feet where a small waved lapped. At my toes, was a water-logged tennis ball.

    • profile image

      Annabella 2 months ago

      When my mother passed I was on the ambulance taken her home, I felt something warm in my solar plexus, my mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and she was refusing to eat, I got home only 1 week before she died, she would miss me very much & I remember her telling on the phone that I left without saying goodbye, she obviously didn’t remember, when I come back she remembered me, maybe because I was the last born and been slim never really changed, we had a private nurse coming home every day, she always wanted to die at her home that night we hired a private ambulance.

      That was a terrible time for me, I went back abroad after her death and the strangest dream started, she would come at my door silent & sad & she would go away, sometimes in my dream I would wake up and she would be sleeping on top of the wardrobe, at times she would look inside houses and it was like she didn’t know where to go in all dreams the sadness was immense, it was a goodbye & she would leave very sad!

      Then years later I went back for my nephew wedding & I knew she was not longer with me she found the way back & she knew I was still in touch with my family. During the years I had many signs all chargers for my mobiles phone would break down probably she didn’t like the man I was seeing. Lights always flickering my niece was very ill, she died 2 days ago & she was my best friend the very moment she was leaving this world I was in the car and all of sudden I felt free & happy and I said I don’t know what is going to happen later or tomorrow morning, I was expecting that phone call, I felt happy & free.

      One hour later there was the call, I believe that I felt her spirit with no pain, only freedom.

      Today I had a strange sensation as somebody was touching my head and there was an incredible feeling of peace!

    • profile image

      2 months ago

      I have had so many of these experiences lately, i believe they're trying to say they're with me & my Lord in all my distress and everything is going to be ok. Thank you for this, God Bless

    • profile image

      Amberdp1982 2 months ago

      i get these done to me all the time because most of my family has passed on. The main 2 would be my dad and my grandfather. i was really close to my grandpa. i wished i recorded the stories he told me about the war. its been 7 yrs now.

    • profile image

      Debra lott-madrigal 3 months ago

      Oh my god my husband has done everyone of those + my mother and deceased family and hes only been gone a week! Helps w/the grief + makes me belive.

    • profile image

      Diane Stuart 3 months ago

      When I got home after my Mothers recent passing a light blinked twice. I began talking to her and every time I asked a question the light immediately blinked twice and only after a question. Do you understand why you died and are the funeral arrangements ok? The light immediately blinked twice. It was one bulb on a trek lighting fixture of six light and in the middle. I kept the lights on for the last three weeks after and it never blinked again. Then on the third day after she passed a canvas painting over a fuse box fell off the wall. I also felt a foggy presence envelope me when I was sleeping the first night on her side of her bed.

    • profile image

      Mike 3 months ago

      Its real ...... My brother died 10 years ago ( suicide unexpected ) within a day and before he was cremated he was at my house because I had all his things from his apartment here . my wife and daughter had gone to bed and i sat in the living room awhile to think about things and get him cremated ... My daughter had a 2 day visit to the hospital a week before from a burn from spilling hot water and some got on her and she was admitted for treatment and skin patch . long story short ... She bought balloons home from hospital from her grandma and they hung at the ceiling for a few days ( helium balloons) they lost helium after a few days but one Mylar heart shaped balloon was still at the ceiling floating . I stood up , turned to leave the living room to go outside for a smoke and I heard a noise behind me , t I turned and the balloon was coming right towards me across the ceiling. Im totally alert and immediately think I " drafted " it as I moved in the room ? Not so ! I backed into the dining room through a large opening between the rooms with about a foot of wallspace above the doorway / opening. The balloon will hit the wall and that will stop it ! It did ! Then down came the balloon right in front of my eyes , through the doorway and popped right back up in the dining room where I stood , as if someone pulled down on the string on the balloon ! I backed up into the kitchen never taking my eyes off it and was starting to freak out a bit as it crossed the dining room and hit the wall above doorway into the kitchen and immediately was pulled down again and coming right at me ! The defining moment was this time the string was pointed right at me as the balloon followed me through the kitchen , like it was being pulled and now I could feel a draft in the room and it had a cold spot in the draft as I grabbed the string of the balloon and immediately opened the back door at the kitchen and fast walked it out of my house and let it go and watched it float up into the night sky . my brother came back , it was real , it happened and its all true .... When we die its not the end ! He never visited again because I think he knew it scared me but it seemed as though he was given one chance to tell me. " life goes on after death , im ok don't worry or be sad for me " ..... Most weird but also amazing experience I ever had and I was alert enough to see it and experience it happening. I learned from it and im not as afraid to die , just sad for the kids I leave behind and I hope I get to come back for a moment as my brother did and let them know im ok and in a good place ... I hope they are as alert as I was with an open mind to realize my experience with after life and that they know dad is not dead but just on another level of life and ill see them again one day .............. Awesome experience ! A bit scary I admit but im glad I saw it and know more about life and death ...... Amazing beings we are ......

    • profile image

      Jon Luis 3 months ago

      It has happened many times where a person comes to my mind for no reason, and then I discover they have just passed away.

      It has come to the point I fear giving thought to anyone.

    • profile image

      Elba Rosa 3 months ago

      Today I saw in the street a person that look like my beloved son that died recently , for seconds I thought he was still alive. I don't want to interfere in his process but I hope he is in peace

    • profile image

      Kimberly C. 3 months ago

      I love this article so much! I find it very comforting since losing my mom almost 18 yrs. ago and my dear niece of such a young age. I believe in all the signs...and have exp. a lot of the signs specifically in dreams, the flickering lights during a happy time, or when I am sad. The sgns are all around us, we just need to be in tune to them!

    • profile image

      SHEENA MANNNING 3 months ago

      i lost my baby brother over a year ago he was hit my a car in fornt of our home by car while being pulled acrodd the highway on an atv i have been thinking i was crazy becasue i feel that hes with me and tryna tell me some thing i have seen lots of butterflys and had a dream of a movie that is about a girl getting hit by a car i think i havent saw it yet but i keep dreaming of it over and over and last night my jump box was in the truck and turned off and i went to see what this ringing noise was and it was the jump box it did this all night long now today it is doing nothing is this a sign from him i think im loosing my mind

    • profile image

      Bianca 3 months ago

      Hi, I need some advise as my dad is a little worried at the moment. My grandfather has stayed behind spiritually in their home after his death. My dad and stepmom have both seen/sensed him numerous times, but he has only really become "visible" when something is about to happen or has happened.

      The last time he made his presence known was when my uncle passed away. My grandfathers spirit went haywire in the house, if you can put it like that. He switched lights on and off, cupboard doors were slamming and thudding noises were coming from rooms in the house, this all just before my uncle passed.

      My dad called me today, worried, as him and my stepmom have seen a figure (which they assume is my grandfather) and every time he is moving to the front door from the back of the house and just stands there.

      We don't know what this could mean as nothing is being switched on or off. My dad heard a noise which woke him last night and had him go look and that was when he saw the figure moving from the back of the house to the front door. My stepmom heard walking down the wooden stairs and then the going to the front door.

      Please could someone advise as to what this could mean as we getting a little worried as to what to expect.

    • profile image

      Jeremy 4 months ago

      Okay so I'm not a huge believer in the whole Spirit thing but my father-in-law recently passed away and ever since that happened my daughter has woken up every night screaming crying he died two condos over from me in a tragic house fire things have been really weird since then I don't know what to think about these things

    • profile image

      Freya 4 months ago

      I recently lost my best friend last month . I've dedicated a few songs to him and was woke up out of a sleep hearing pieces of the songs why is that? Or what is he trying to tell me

    • profile image

      Alice 4 months ago

      Love all you've written,

      I had a visit from a white moth 3 a m , also my neighbors cat sleeps at my front door and walks in the house , this has happened since my loved one died.

      I believe that he is with me .

    • profile image

      Debbie may 4 months ago

      I was in my kitchen and a flashlight with a magnet flew off the top of the fridge I would wake up with x’s scratched in my right arm than I found out my exhusband had passed after contacting the family it stopped confusion for me why me

    • profile image

      Becca 4 months ago

      444 - Angels ... 2017 was tough year at the office for me. One coworker made false claims about me to HR. Early in the year my Prius kept showing 44.4 avg. mpg. I always thought of 4 as an unlucky number. So... I learn of this 444/angel correlation. After one HR meeting - and after not seeing the 44.4 mpg reading in a while - I get on the highway and there it is. It said to me my angel is with me. Also, I put a yellow post-it on my cubicle wall "As you sow, you shall you reap." During this struggling year I listened to Susie on Faith Radio during my ride home from work. Her interviews with book authors gave me immense strength.

      After another morning HR meeting I get in my car. Faith Radio was on from the evening's ride home. The first words from the radio were from a preacher, in a powerful voice, (not verbatim) ...and as you sow so shall you reap. There's the law of what can go wrong will go wrong, the law of gravity, and God's Law ... as you sow so shall you reap...

      This past Thurs. night was tough for me. I had trouble sleeping due to thoughts. I asked for help. Early in my drive to work Fri. morning a very small ball of light passed from my left to my right. Could be a vitamin deficiency :) On my drive home I noticed that the state vehicle's lic. plate nb. was 4.44 ... Then I looked at the time on my phone - 4:44 I think my angel(s) were with me throughout my day.

      I came to this site because: I saw a very distinct 4" x 6" rainbow on the back of my sister's wedding dress as she took her vows. Our dad died the previous year. Colleen was an aspiring executive. She had the least amount of time to spare out of the 9 of us "kids." She took Dad to all of his chemo appts. I know Dad made it to the wedding.

    • profile image

      Sara 5 months ago

      The other day while I was driving, I noticed that the car in front had MAR END on its number plates. My mums name was Marilyn.

      I also wake up in the morning and find objects have been moved in my room. This morning my hairbrush was on the floor in the middle of the room. I'd left it on the cupboard. Freaked me out, hence why I found this website !

    • profile image

      Candase 5 months ago

      My husband passed away few weeks ago and I’ve been seeing hearts in very odd places. Like where I walk or park. They just show up. It’s been tough

    • profile image

      no other username 5 months ago is only name and e-mailcontact. I already submitted my comments and awaiting your review and acceptance......I may not fully understand why you can't use my e-mail address and name??? Peter Timber. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Johnnie Gonzales 5 months ago

      My mom passed away 2 months ago. I went to my sister's house at 2:30pm.; the time I would go keep my mom company while my sister went to work. My mom was mostly in bed because a terrible car accident of no fault of her own. when I got off the car I saw the most unusual beautiful butterfly. on my Hood of car. I tried in vain to take a pic with my cell. But she fluttered away to my sister's back yard. I just told my Mom. " I guess you came the exact time I would come visit you." And I told her" why didn't you let me take pic mom?"I miss her so much. she was the best mom.

    • profile image

      Jackie 6 months ago

      My husband died April of this year. Since he has been gone, I feel his presence and it is so comforting! I was sitting here working on my computer and all of a sudden I smelled cigarette smoke. It was so strong and distinctive, so I picked up my phone and began snapping pictures. My husband's picture showed up in three of them. You can see his face very clearly, and it's his way of letting me know he is still with me.

    • profile image

      Pat 6 months ago

      My sister has been having a hard lately with depression and feeling unloved. She tends to cling to people even though they haven't given her a reason to. This morning she was upset and told me that her mirror was moving back and forth and then up and down and then she saw butterflies and flowers on the walls. Anybody have any ideas as to what could be going on?

    • profile image

      Amy hill 6 months ago

      there's a green dot on my beloved grandmas picture that I posted to fb she's been gone 32 yes!

    • profile image

      Al 7 months ago

      It took nine years, but my deceased mother has made her presence felt somewhat frequently after that. I have felt her presence in my home shortly after wakening from either a nap or a night's sleep. I am beginning to notice that it is happening more often than not, during periods of stress.

    • profile image

      Ann Flanagan 7 months ago

      i lost my uncle yesterday he was more than that he was the dad i never had, i had not rang his home number for 3 weeks as he had been in hospital so i was calling there and going up every day, after i kissed him goodbye and thanked him for being in my life i went to my car feeling heart broken, i opened my phone and instead of being on the front page it had gone to a beautiful coloured screen which just said Ray's Home i would love to think he was saying he was okay

    • profile image

      Joy Williams 7 months ago

      My boyfriend past a way the night it happened I was at a Walmart in my son's truck the Window was down the black Crow sat on the window and screams at me I falt like a Haze was on me my boyfriend I felt him he past about a little be for it happened we found him the next day we found him had past with a blood clot in his heart

    • profile image

      Sean 7 months ago

      My daughter is feeling her grandmothers presents but the strains thing is she never met her grandmmother the presents is very strong.What can that be?

    • profile image

      Sam m 7 months ago

      My girlfriend Rhonda George passed on July 22,2017. Since then I have daily noticed signs from her, all of the above! I know that she is in heaven with Jesus but I'm a full believer that souls in heaven can communicate with their loved ones on Earth:)

    • profile image

      Rich 7 months ago

      I was with my dad in the hospice when he passed away ..all of a sudden me and my family noticed a huge brown butterfly circling around my dad's hospital bed ...then it flew out of the window ..when I got home from the hospital ..i was stood on my drive thinking and smoking a cigarette when a peace of paper blew against my leg ..normally I would've left it to blow on down the road ..but I picked it up and there was a child's drawing of a butterfly ...latter that evening I was at my mum's house having a drink with my brother in law and was telling him about the butterfly picture when he said to me ..turn around look up there ....a couple of houses over was big beautiful butter fly stencil on some lids window ...there have been other signs and they have been a great comfort since my dad passed

    • profile image

      Lynle 8 months ago

      My mom recently passed on January 30th. Since then I have been finding tiny rhinestones on the floor at the foot of my bed, on my med, 2 we're on the floor in the bathroom, and 4 in the living room on the floor by the couch where I sit. Found one just now. So far 40 in all. No one else has found them but me. None of my siblings have expierenced anything like this. Are the rhinestones from heaven? What could my mom be telling me?

    • profile image

      Skip P. 8 months ago

      My passed away almost 2 years ago. Iin my dream I saw her and felt very sad. I half awoke and I was crying and sad. Im still sad. Tonite I will ask her to please come and talk to me in my dreams. I miss her. I don't know what else to do. Nothing beats a miss but a try. I hope this helps someone.

    • profile image

      Tony Brant 8 months ago

      My Pops died on 10/10/2017 as a result of an horrific head-on collision on his way home from an American Legion Meeting in Hampton, SC. He was 89 y.o. would have been 90 on 11/18/2017. He was being carried to the hospital and passed away. This is one week later and I sat here alone and suddenly got an overwhelming smell of his cologne that he used way too much off as he had lost his sense of smell. Then I realized it was his cologne and had to be a sign from him. I had never heard of such a thing until I did a search and found this webpage. #2 is the thing that convinced me that it was him letting me know he is okay.

    • profile image

      Connie stevens 8 months ago

      I was with my oldest son an he wanted to show me pics of my other son who has passed a few months ago. I said no not now i can't handle that rt now an a lady bug bite me on the leg. I know lady bugs are a sign i am very grateful he is not alone. This has been a very hard time for me.. Thank u

    • profile image

      Simona 8 months ago

      It's been 35 yrs today my mom has passed I didn't realize it till today but the radio In my car would change station and this just happen this past week a few times. As I was going to my grad daughters soccer game it happen again and it finally hit me that this was the day she passed and I believe she was making sure I would go visit her with a dozen rose. Which I did after work. I also will look at the clock at work and see the time 12:06. Which my mom was born Dec 06. Also A few years ago it was Agusust 6. A gentleman wanted me to write on a cake. Saying Hapoy Birthday Maria. I sad oh wow my mom is name Maria and her birthday is on the 6 of Dec. I went on with my day and went school shopping with my boys after work. Well as we go off the bus Keep in mind I spent about 100.00 on clothes. As we got off the bus there were lottery scratcher tickets on the ground the last tickect I picked up I realized it was a winning ticket H winning # was 14 and the amount won was a hundred dollars. I believe it was my mom giving me money. Even tho it was Agust 6. 6 is the day my mom was born but in December. 14 was the day she passed and 100.00 was the amount I spent on school clothes. I truly believe my mom is with me and my family watching over u. Thank you for letting me share my stories

    • profile image

      Angela 8 months ago

      My 21 year old niece died suddenly a month ago..I thought I would do some work in the garden .I felt very sad at the time, she was a beautiful kind girl..A little robin kept coming very close to me, it gave me some comfort..Could this have been a sign from her?

    • profile image

      Casy 8 months ago

      I was at work one day and i hang up clothes at the Goodwill and i came across a Texas Longhorns shirt thats said "Never give up". And my brother loved The Texas Longhorns. I believe it was a sign from him.

    • profile image

      Patricia 8 months ago

      I heard my father say my name when I was in the shower and got out of the shower when I was cleaning up my room to and I got scared and I didn't know what to do or nothing I had my roommate to come in and talk to me and keep me claim because I could not do it

    • profile image

      Jen 8 months ago

      My friend and coworker Bobby just passed away on the 25th at work at 530 AM since the I have been seeing alot of butterflys and have started founding dines again. My cuz sends dragonflys and plays the song they plaid at him wake.

    • profile image

      Kris 8 months ago

      The day my father died I prayed in my bedroom that he'd give me a sign about him, few minutes later hudge balloon flew over our roof having hudge sign of heart and writing "love." I immediately knew it was from daddy.

      Also my mother sends me birthday gifts on my birthdays that remind me about her, some painting from her I will find only on my birthday day a.s.o.

      Also ive been helping other people out in this matter cause I feel when their passed loved ones want to connect with them. Once it was even a cat reaching to his former owner through me, I talked to owner not to be sad anymore and he got over it, but boy this was a jealous female cat, the moment his owner turned his eyes more on me, cat was so angry :-)

    • profile image

      Shon 9 months ago

      I lost my son some years ago when he was a baby . I've had a few of what I thought were " for sure" signs throughout the years although not too many now ( that I know of). Is it possible that after awhile they just stop? I sometimes still need that confirmation that they are alive and well. I miss him so much it hurts me deeply :(. I've used my experience to help other mothers who are going through what I have because I truly feel it takes someone who knows what it's like, but also because I feel it's what God wants me to do. Thank you for this article.... it helps more than you will ever know.

    • profile image

      Chris T 9 months ago

      My husband died in January I love and miss him so much .He was my strength.A kind gentle man who always had my back. He was such a hard working man and because he was exposed to asbestos ,he got a cancer mesothelomia you can only get if this happens.He was taken from me within 2 months of diagnosis.He never stood a chance of fighting it because by the time it shows itself it is to late there is no cure.My lovely Jim died in my arms at home he was so brave .I want to believe there is afterlife and that we might be together one day.

      The Reason I came on here to see if anyone had heard of this.Not long before he died my husband sort of woke up and told me that children

    • profile image

      Classy 9 months ago

      My daughter passed away at 3 months. It rained during the week of her passing but I actually heard that a lot of people have experienced this losing their loved one. During her funeral her dad (my significant other) sang you are so beautiful. He told me that he has heard that song play at work a few times and during one of those times I actually heard the song play over the intercom while we were talking on his break. The you are so beautiful song is a classic and hardly ever played on the radio so it is strange that it would play in the place he works at. The thing that intrigues me about this article is the part that your loved one can communicate with you telepathically. A few months after she passed away I randomly mention to my boyfriend that she is probably being watched by our grandparents who passed away. So I strongly believe that one of the grandparents sent us that song letting us know that she is being taking care of and she is ok. I also had a rainbow baby after losing her. The baby was born the next year after her. Now, I have to really become more aware of the signs that I get from her. Hopefully, I did not miss any other signs from her.

      Thanks to the author you wrote this article.

    • profile image

      Juan 9 months ago

      My dog for 17 years my beloved Yorkie just passed away on memorial die he died like a soldier.were he slept twice I saw a blue light sparkling for 3 second but it was a peaceful light n warm I felt him.I love u sparkie I miss u sparkie.

    • profile image

      Ruth Taofitau 9 months ago

      I haven't seen it, but my partner was driving home it was dark and as he looked in the rear view mirror he saw a silhouette which looked like my mother who passed away 31/03/17......what kind of a sign would that be?

    • profile image

      Jessie 9 months ago

      I lost my husband 8 weeks ago very suddenly from a heart attack. I walk my dog very early every morning and though I never seek them out ... there in my path at my feet most mornings is a feather...I pick it up hold it to my cheek and say " stay with me please.". I have a collection of 20 feathers they bring me enormous comfort.

    • profile image

      Savanna 9 months ago

      Hi there! I am 17 I live with my three older sisters and one older brother and my dad. My mum passed away sevene years ago. I miss her so much every time something new comes up for me I hear my name being called. when no one is actually callingg my name I think it might be my mum coz the voice sounds like her

    • profile image

      charlene macdowell dussault 9 months ago

      My husband was a Colonel in The Artillery in Canada. He died so suddenly from a biopsy that went wrong and he got SEPSIS and died within 24 hrs. We had our military ball 2 weeks before and he was fine. I have been with him since age 17,We were married 54 years.I miss him and cry 24/7 He was so good to me and so handsome. He called me every day at 11am

      singing"I just called to say I love you" as that is the time we wed.I have no closure. Cannot live without him. He died Oct 22,2016 and today is his birthday. I cry 24/7 He asked me to marry him on 2nd date. A romantic Frenchman fell for his

      red headed Scottish girl. I miss him and love him.

    • profile image

      Susan 10 months ago

      Friday they thought I had a stroke. My family is always by my side during my heart cath's. This time they were unable to be there so I was going solo for the first time ever. My sister Pam has passed couple years back. The nurse that took me innto surgery was Pam. The music they played was Bob Seger something we always layered and the song let it be came on right before doctor asked if I wanted to continue with the stent that could damage my heart or just take meds for the continued chest pain. I said let it be! My sister was with me holding my hand all day. I felt smelled and listened to her.

    • profile image

      leontie aigara 10 months ago

      Hi, I just lost my hubby two months ago and am experience smell from his body since he was sick and down with chronic alcer and worstnt to cancer after all and he died. Before dying he ask for his children all the time

      Now his smell of funeral home is always with me.. Will the smell leave me or is it some of his sign?

    • profile image

      Lori 10 months ago

      I had a vision in my sleep of blue sky white clouds and a cross which appeared in a form of stairs . Which radiated towards me

    • profile image

      Brandy 10 months ago

      About six years ago, my uncle's ex wife passed away. Together they had two boys very close in age with me so naturally we were all very close growing up. A couple weeks after her passing, she came to me in a dream asking me to send the boys her love but to especially make sure Shannon, the oldest (who was only 20 at the time) knew she was okay and that she loved him.

      Just a few days ago, the mother of my late aunt (no relation to me) passed away. I was unable to attend the funeral but both of my cousins were there. Two days after the services while I was at work, I saw two beautiful butterflies fluttering by and it just seemed uncharacteristic as I was operating a track crawler truck. It is not important to know exactly what this is but to understand that it is a very jerky and bumpy ride. Before I could give much thought to any of it, what popped into my head was 'take care of Stephen for me.' Stephen is the youngest of the two, who I currently live with. I thought to myself I had to have made that up and went on doing what I was doing. If that wasn't strange enough, the next time I passed that area, the butterfly landed on my knee and rode for a solid minute on the bumpiest ride with me. I thought hmm, this is odd but I wonder if I place my hand there if it will land on my hand. Sure enough, the butterfly climbed onto my finger and just stayed there slowly fluttering. I watched it for minutes and then slowly brought my hand into my body watching it, asking questions and it seemed to flap it's wings as if to answer yes or no. This one butterfly stayed on my finger for 3 minutes or more until I hit a crazy bump and it eventually flew off.

      Thirty minutes or so more pass and as I am tracking back through the same area, I swear, this same butterfly flew by the truck less than a foot away from me. Again, I thought I was crazy but maybe if I were to reach my hand out toward the butterfly, it will land on me again. It did! It landed on my hand hand and I again brought it close to my body and just watched it as I drove. This time I felt a peaceful and calming sensation rush throughout my body.

      I know my aunt was speaking to me. Those boys were her world and she would do anything for them. With her mother having passed on now, they have very few strong female influences in their lives. Just like the dream I had after her passing, I know she was reaching out to me because of the strong relationship the three of us have. She also really loved butterflies, blue butterflies, like the one that landed on me two separate times in the span of an hour.

    • profile image

      Pat Stoltenberg 10 months ago

      Many years ago, not too long after his death, he came to me when I least expected it. I had asked him numerous times, if he could, would he come back and let me know there was life after death. He came in through the garage which was always the way we entered the house when we had been away. I felt his presence as he entered and then he entered the room where I and my dog were watching television. It scared me as he entered from the back of me. The dog jumped to his feet, from a deep sleep and turned and started barking at the door behind me. I thought it might be someone who had broken into the house. I jumped up turned around and then telepathically he spoke to me. He said, "I'm here, right over here". I reached out to touch him and he then said, "You can't touch me."After a few more words, he turned and left through the closed and locked front door. Afterward, I felt as if I was one with the universe, complete peace made my body feel as if it was floating. I felt as if someone had given me the strongest tranquilizer man had ever made. I shall never forget that he was there that night. I know that he is waiting for me.

    • profile image

      peter timber 10 months ago

      A life long friend who was always civil but did not like me was not seen or heard from for 50 years+ .Friends never mentioned the person yet I recently woke up and this person's name came on strongly in print with nothing but his name. I looked him up in google and found that he had recently died 5 months ago. I spoke withhis wife and she had nothing meaningful to say. why was I contacted??

    • profile image

      Ana 10 months ago

      Thank you, after reading ur page & really reading everything a 2nd time I believe my LOVED 1's are with my Family & I.

    • profile image

      Donna Lewis 10 months ago

      My dad passed on the morning of Father's Day of this year and a couple day's later I could hear my phone its a native ring tone I could hear it but no one else could it did that for about a week, and I felt like that was him

    • profile image

      Vickie 11 months ago

      My mum died when I was 15 but every time I light a candle it flickers what does it mean does it mean she visiting me

    • profile image

      Teri Golden 11 months ago

      I'm glad I came across your web page. I lost my husband 3 years ago. I live each day as if he is still with me I can't let my Love for him pass. I'm glad to have read signs of deceased loved ones because I'll sit still at home after a day at work and I'll smell a faint cigarette smell and I don't smoke but he did, I'll be watching tv and to the right of the tv I'll catch a silhouette movement for a brief second or I'll look at the clock and 911 will appear (he was obsessed with the devastation off 911 attacks. My husband had a gift when he was alive (I should say a curse) he knew when a terrible event was going to happen. On our 23rd anniversary I said "on our 25th wedding anniversary let's renew our vows in Vegas"! Very seriously he looked in my eyes and said "I'm sorry I'm not going to make it to our 25th Anniversary, I'm not going to even make it to the age of 50 and he didn't he died at the age of 48. The day before his accident that took his life 3 days later was our son's birthday. We took a group picture, our son and I picture was clear, but around my husband was a haze. Am I crazy, delusional because I loved him so much and miss him tremendously? Please let me know.

    • profile image

      aris molina 11 months ago

      My son communicates thru the car making a beeping sound sometimes just to say "Hi Momma" in the mornings and afternoons or when I make an abrupt change lane he lets me know. Thru dreams I have felt him and smelled him. He has started the radio really loud on my husband's birthday a year ago! I pray for his spirit daily sometimes more than twice!

    • profile image

      Lilly 11 months ago

      when I was 19, I lost two friends in a fatal car accident. One of them I was closer to. They were best friends who promoted at a club I would go to. One Saturday night I got a text from Josh, the one I was closest to, about a house party. I texted back that I was working and it would probably be too late for me to go when I got out. Later that night I realized my phone lost service and never sent the text :(. Next morning my grandmother was ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. so I told my family I wanted to ride in the ambulance and meet them there. While in the ambulance I kept getting calls and texts that Josh (my friend) and Juan (his best friend) had died last night, early that morning. I was so confused because Josh had texted me and it was pretty late already. When I got to the hospital, I got the call that Josh, Juan and a friend of there's was driving home and because Josh was drunk he told his friend to drive his car home. The friend drove, Juan took passenger, and Josh took back seat. While at the hospital hearing this news I dropped to the floor crying, calling my best friend to tell her what happen and to please come to the hospital to be with me. When she got there, we spoke and as I was crying a paramedic asked her if I was okay, that she can assure me that my grandmother was going to be okay, assuming that's why I was crying. But my friend told him what happen. He told her when I calm down that he'd like to tell me what happen to my friends because he was at the site that early morning. He told me Josh's friend that he allowed to drive hit a curb and lost control, hit a pole and the car had split. Juan got ejected and Josh was half way ejected to the street, His friend survived with a scratch on his head. I was devastated. Long story short, I started experiencing my bathroom lights flicker, but it wouldn't scare me, it's like I knew it was him :), I've seen his shoes once in my dining room, very fast glimpse of them, his favorite song play from time to time. But the one visit from him I will never forget is this one. Maybe two years after he passed I wanted to go to his site and light a candle and put some flowers for him and Juan. I live in florida and around the time they passed ( June ), it rains a lot. That day was looking ugly but I was so determined to go because it was on there Day. I went to Juans spot first and then to Josh's. I had a Roman candle that I stuck in the ground and wanted to light it and say a prayer. It started to drizzle and my friend that came with me told me to stop trying to light the candle because any minute it was going to pour. I started crying and kept trying anyway. After about two minutes I gave up ,got up and went to glance down to see if the candle was deep enough standing up in the ground and when I looked the candle lit up ;) but not just a little, the flame was so tall and I was shocked and I looked at my friend and we both shocked started to cry. I just knew Josh was there, right there with me and lit the candle. I know it sounds crazy but with the rain and as many failed attempts I made trying to lite it, I just knew he did it for what lasted about ten seconds and then it started raining really hard. :) I miss him. He was a beautiful soul. And I'm sure every time I randomly have him pop up in my head, he's around.

    • profile image

      Irene Garcia 11 months ago

      I see spots moving around in my videos. I talk to them. Sometimes there is more than one. I have been followed for years. You kind of get use to it. I wouldn't be alive if they were harmful.

    • profile image

      Isabella 11 months ago

      Actually, just yesterday something happened. Yesterday, my chameleon suddenly fell very, very ill. Just the day before, we had taken him to the vet, and they said he was doing very well. It can be scary how fast things can go wrong.

      I tried force feeding him food and water, but whatever I did, he wouldn't accept the food. He wouldn't grip onto my hand or open his eyes for that long, and his cells were dying. I was going through a hard conflict in my head, since this little lizard has basically become a son to me, to where I felt a strong urge and love for caring for them. They meant the world to me, and it hurt so, so much to watch them go through all the things they went to. I took him out one last time to try and feed him, but when I placed him down and saw how limp he fell, I finally just accepted that today was my last day with him. I kissed his head and gently placed him in his cage, where he died right before my father came home. My mother, my father and I all went and buried him in the backyard under one of the many trees. My mother spotted the first hummingbird of the season, and I made nothing of it. They also said they saw a butterfly..and I made nothing of it, since I couldn't see it due to not having my glasses on, and it being on a bush that was higher than I was. After my father buried him, we started heading back, where that butterfly from earlier fluttered around us above our heads. I caught a glimpse of blue and brown. It landed in a leaf and unfolded it's wings and sat there for around 15 seconds, and my father told me what type of butterfly it was. It was a blue morpho. My grandfather wrote a book about those butterflies, and he passed away from an incurable cancer back around 2011. He lived for 8 years with that cancer.

      The thing morphos do not live in Georgia. Let alone the part of Georgia we live in. There had been huge storms throughout the day, and the only things that were really out, insect wise, were mosquitos.

      The timing and unlikliness of that butterfly being there at that time made it clear that it was something more. Either a message from my grandfather or heaven's reminder that it'll be alright, I've got a sure sign that there is something more in life, something we don't understand.

    • profile image

      Maxine 12 months ago

      In the past 2 days I have been pooped on by a bird, found a blur Jay bird feather, and had a lady bug crawling on my cup. My mom has passed on 3 years. As of right now I'm living with my dad where she passed away. Life is hard and struggling to find my own place. Are these signs from her. If so I wonder if she's warning me of something

    • profile image

      Lerida Southern 12 months ago

      My brother lost his life partner recently and today he messaged me and asked . Sis! What does it mean when you find white feathers that weren't there before. I've showed him this page and he's now reading it. I know he will find comfort in what he sees. I myself know it's his partner showing him signs.

    • profile image

      Cecile 12 months ago

      I was cleaning up and noticed a ladybird sitting on left hand top corner of picture of my mother who has recently passed away. What is the meaning of this

    • profile image

      K. 12 months ago

      My great aunt spoke to me in audible form, through a recording. I am blessed.

    • profile image

      Jewel 12 months ago

      I wanted to say that I too have been noticing these things happening around me. The loved one's I have lost are my two children. My boys passed away tragically in a auto accident. They have came to me in my dreams, i hear their songs i dedicated to them all the time, and at their grave sight when I was visiting them on their 3ed anniversary of the accident as i was walking up to the grave i heard a song coming from what I thought was an owl but as i got closer their was actually two doves that flew from the tree above their graves that came in my direction and flew over me and went and perched into the next closest tree and the entire time i was there those doves say their peaceful song for me. As i turned to leave the doves flew back to the original tree they were in and when i got next to my car the music stopped.

    • profile image

      Maryann Bellantonio 12 months ago

      I am deeply grieving for my best friend who was like a sister to me. I loved her with all my heart. Never grieved like this before for anyone. Please tell me if she is with me and loves me and knows how much i love her and am hurting.

    • profile image

      Jena 12 months ago

      Sometimes I wake from my sleep because I feel like ive been touched. My Daddy died in 1992 and I still think of him every day. Could this be my Dad letting me know he is here?

    • profile image

      Jayla 13 months ago

      My fiance passed away about 10 months now and the past couple of days I've had dream of him and my little boys with him remembering every moment that happen when I woke up..I've also been hearing this particular song he told me about all over the place and even in my dreams. I've been wondering what was going on so I had to look it up and now I'm one this page.. thank you so much for posting the signs from the other side, it's a huge comfort knowing it's our loved one.

    • profile image

      Susan 13 months ago

      My mother passed away on March 10th. She loved birds...and birds were chirping on the tv speaker when she passed. Now I hear more birds chirping than ever every day outside my home. Two bazaar incidents happened after she died. A pile of pictures were tossed off a shelf to reveal her photograph from 1949 in my great grandmothers antique armoire. I wanted it for her funeral service. Then a missing painting, that my mother did in the 1990's of my daughter, mysteriously appeared at my Dad's assisted living facility. It is a painting of my 26 year old daughter, when she was 3 or 4, but my mother added a toddler boy to the picture. Now my daughter has a 3 year old daughter and 9 month old baby boy. I never had any boys. How did that painting get there? No one has been able to find it since March, 2017. Then last night I had a dream that my mother and aunt were sitting on the end of my bed. I asked them what they were here, I wasn't ready to go with them. Then they left. It was mysterious.

    • profile image

      Sherrie Kennedy 13 months ago

      I have had all of the signs and still have experiences with my soul brother who suddenly passed 3 months ago. Reading this gave me such clarity. Thank you

    • profile image

      Sue 13 months ago

      My eyes were green to hazel. The day my dad died my eyes turned gray and have stayed that way ever since

    • profile image

      Janet Colburn 13 months ago

      When my aunt was being cremated I tasted smoke in my mouth, I had found out later that was the time she was cremated

    • profile image

      Susan 14 months ago

      My brother died last January. He was my mum's carer. My Mum is missing him dreadfully. My mum is Terminaly I'll. And my daughter stayed over at the weekend she tells me that she seen a figure standing over my mum's bed looking down at her. Could this be my Brother watching over her ?

    • profile image

      Jennifer Rose 14 months ago

      I just had a slight buzzing noise in my living room but for the past two days I had my fire alarm go off for no apparent reason I'm wondering if this means my dad is with me and letting me know that he has crossed over and is ok .... If he has and is no longer suffering then yes I am happy he is doing well and is able to breathe much better my dad just passed away in January of 2017 and trust me I miss him every day I also was the lucky one to recover his remains after he was cremated... I have him with me in my home and every time my alarm goes off my 8 year old child is not home do you think there is a reason for that? Cause I think he does it only to me to let me know he says hi and I love you ... Can you confirm that for me at all????

    • profile image

      JanellyW 14 months ago

      4 hours and 38 minutes ago I was alone in the house making my bed. Suddenly I was startled when the television turned on by itself. I thought maybe I had accidently touched the remote. I immediately walked over to the television and turned it off. When the television turned on, a program was playing and I heard a quick snippet of audio before I turned off the set. It said "I know it sucks, grandma dieing...." My grandmother lived with me for 17 years and we were very close. She has been in the hospital for a month with heart failure. As soon as the words on the television sank into my mind, I knew she was gone. An hour later I received a call from my aunt. My grandmother slipped into a coma. One hour afterwards, a butterfly appeared on my screened-in back porch. I have no idea how it got there, but I set it free. I believe it was my grandmother telling me she is still here with me. I love you grandma, I know you are free now.

    • profile image

      Alice 14 months ago

      44 weeks after my fiance was killed in a car accident he received an email from Dropbox about closing his acct because of no activity. I was having a bad day and had actually told him that I was beginning to forget what his voice sounded like. I logged into his Dropbox acct to see if I wanted to save anything. I found a video from the first time he took me to meet his dad. His dad had just gotten a karaoke machine and Larry decided to try it out and sang "You were Always on my mind". What's the odds???

    • profile image

      roger frerk 15 months ago

      My Grandmother passed away two weeks ago woke up the other night with sweat but felt someone's hand in mine then it went

    • profile image

      Jessica 15 months ago

      My husband passed away suddenly recently. We had a family cat who was never fond of lap time. Always layer near you but never on you. After my husband passed away the car now wants on my lap.. is this the car sensing my sadness or is it my husband letting me know he's there??

      I have seen many other signs flickering lights burnt out bulbs. A song coming on 2 times in the same day at random times of my grief (lyrics " I never needed you like I do right now") finding our picture on the floor when it was on our wall and today I got my favorite coffee free cause of they made too many???? That's not a coincidence... But is the cats strange behavior his doing?? I have googled this but found nothing. Not sure if u can email me the reply don't know if I'll be notified of ur reply. teetsj11@gmail

    • profile image

      Anonymous 15 months ago

      Sometimes I walk in the room and the tv is always talking about death or something about dying , is that a sign ?

    • profile image

      Ian S. Richardson 15 months ago

      In my dream I was in this room, it appeared white, there was one chair in the middle nothing else, on this I could see the jumper that my soul companion wore hanging over it, I just new it was her.

      I said her name forcefully, the jumper moved and transformed itself into a beautiful Butterfly which flew about the room, then the dream contact ended.

      The next day while out shopping I was in a large store, from the ceiling there were many umbrellas hanging and many had lovely butterfly's printed all over them, some just like the one I saw in this visitation from my Soul mate.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 15 months ago

      Hi Lyn, Today as I was pulling my car carpet I saw a cigarette that my mother used to smoke. There was no way that cigarette will get inside my car, and I don't smoke because my mother died of complications, she's got asthma bronchitis and she's a smoker . Do you think that's a sign for me to know that she is around? Her birthday is in a few days from now.

    • profile image

      Wendy 15 months ago

      My sister passed away a year and half ago and I have not received any sign from her. It makes me sad. I just want to know she is ok. What can I do to encourage something from her. We were like best friends and I always feel it from others close to me who have passed, why not her?

    • profile image

      cjk 15 months ago

      I lost my 3 sisters pendant and an article about our low life mortgage company appeared in a inbox message that said it was sent from me. The only one that knew we were having a difficult time with the mortgage was my sister who died a month ago I feel she is trying to tell me something.

    • profile image

      Suzan e Sales 15 months ago

      Awesome read It makes things clearer now

    • profile image

      cathy 16 months ago

      My son passed away may 2016. We were on vacation last week. A young man sat next to me at a little Tiki Bar were we stayed. I was instantly aware that he had the same eyes and facial expressions as my son . It was just like he was there with me. I mentioned the connection to my husband and he said I was just going to say that. I didn't get his name, so the next time I saw him I asked. His name is Chris, the same as my son. I was such a real feeling to me that my son sent me a sign that he was with me. I was so overwhelmed by emotion. Is this common? It seemed so very real to me.


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