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Terrifying Yet Harmless Shadow People

Updated on April 15, 2016
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Kitty has had paranormal experiences her entire life. These experiences have fueled her passion to write about all things supernatural.

Shadow men...harmful or harmless?
Shadow men...harmful or harmless? | Source

Do you see shadow people?

You are lying in bed, comfortable and exhausted from a long day. Click reach over and turn out the lamp on your nightstand. The nightlight in the bathroom is shining dimly into the doorway of your bedroom, you begin to drift off to sleep...then you see it. A dark, pitch black shadow has flown into your room from the hallway...seemingly floating above the foot of your bed...staring down at you. You want to move and scream, but you can't. This frightening image has left you speechless, waiting for death to overcome your physical being...waiting for the life to be sucked from your body...

But nothing happens. The shadow person made a looming and frightening appearance for less than a minute and then disappeared...into thin air! Did you see red eyes glaring at you from within the mass of this dark creature? Michelle Belanger, the author of Haunting Experiences: Encounters with the Otherworldy, describes these occurrences as "Shadow People" hauntings. The odd thing about these shadow people is that they seem so evil when they appear, but all they seem to do is to observe...examine us.

creative commons
creative commons

Shadow People Experiences

Shadow people are said to usually appear in a person's peripheral vision, darting away upon being seen; however, there are rare circumstances when people have come face to face with the shadow people. They are also known as shadow men and shadow folk. Their main motive thus far recorded in history has been to simply how we act or how we function. No one is too sure just yet, though there are theories that we will discuss in this hub.

Michelle Belanger's book tells of a few of her psychic friends' experiences in which they were visited by the shadow people, and these observers did not hide in the corners of her friends' peripheral vision...but rather watched her friends out in the open! One thing I find particularly interesting about shadow people is that many people have reported seeing them with red or yellow eyes and always in the wee hours of the morning. Three AM seems to be a common pattern of time in which eye-sightings of shadow people frequently occur. These shadow beings have been known to haunt a particular person as opposed to a specific house or building, and even more intriguing is the fact that many of these "hauntings" last for a short period of time and then cease to recur.

Usually these people of the shadows have the silhouette of a person; however, on other occasions they have appeared as dark blobs or mists...ominously filling an otherwise somewhat-lit room or place. Some of the shadow people, when in human silhouette form, have been seen wearing a fedora hat (like the shadow man to the right) or even a hooded cloak, of sorts. The belief and recorded accounts of shadow people are not limited to one region or country...they seem to make their presence known all across the world. There are whole forums online dedicated to give witnesses the ability to share their supernatural experiences with others who have gone through the same terror.

Though these beings have been described by many paranormal investigators and witnesses as "evil", there has really been no direct contact of a shadow person with a human being, out of malice or anger. In fact, most of the time these beings do not physically touch their "victims" at all...if you could even call them "victims". I prefer to use the term "witnesses" since no harm has come to the shadow peoples' spotters.

I found one account of a young man who claims to have spoken to the shadow man at the top of his stairs, simply asking the shadowy figure what it wanted with him. The shadow figure replied that he wouldn't hurt him and that he just wanted to "watch." Michelle Belanger's account with the shadow people seem to back up this man's experience with the fact that these beings seem to be merely observing us in our daily lives...usually when we are not paying attention, during sleep or being occupied with the TV or computer.

But what are the shadow people and why do they want to "observe" us?

Are shadow men what cause sleep paralysis?
Are shadow men what cause sleep paralysis? | Source

Shadow People: Theories of Origin

Many theories circulate the Internet and paranormal world as to what shadow people actually are. Possibly the most logical and believable explanation is simply that they are a figment of our over-active and hyper-sensitive imaginations. Psychologists usually tie this paranormal experience into this category of logic...which would typically make the most sense. Pareidolia is a term that could be referenced when speaking of the sightings of shadow people. This is a term that describes the experience of seeing something that is not actually there. A typical example is seeing a face in the clouds, or a shadowy figure in the corner of one's vision.

Hypnogajah is another commonly-spoken theory of these supernatural sightings. This is the waking-dreaming state in which one is between wake and sleep, literally. Being that I am a frequent hypnogajah dreamer, I know how real these dreams can feel. It's sort of like when you are just falling asleep and you have a quick little dream that you are walking in a parking lot...and then your leg falls into a pothole. In reality, your leg jerks and you wake up...realizing that that very real experience was merely a dream. This is hypnogajah. In my hub, Personal Hauntings: The Stalker Spirit and Territorial Ghost in Florida (link below), I describe being "stalked" by a spirit...feeling psychically attacked for a period of about a month. At the time that I wrote this hub, I had never heard of shadow people...nor had I heard that these beings seem to appear to people while in a state of hypnogajah. My feelings of being "stalked" or "watched" and paralyzed upon waking seem to add up to the experiences that many others have had of these shadow people in a state of dreaming. Do I believe that shadow people are dreams? I don't know. This is also in direct relation to the phenomenon known as "sleep paralysis", which is tied to a whole myriad of supernatural legends on old hags, astral entities, and so much more. To read more about sleep paralysis, .

Other blase and predictable theories say that the shadow men are ghosts or demons. My problem with that theory is that these beings seem to be totally different in nature when compared to ghosts or even demons. Though many people who have seen shadow people claim that they are "evil", I think that this ignorance can be chalked up to the fact that what people don't understand they feel is bad. As far as I've read and seen, these beings are not innately malicious and really do seem to just "observe" us in our daily actions...usually while we are sleeping or during times when we wouldn't notice watching TV or writing on the computer.

What is shadow people are actually shadows of the undead? Are they sneaking into our homes at night and allowing only their shadows to be seen? Some might find this theory far-fetched, because even if you do believe in the undead they are thought to not even have a shadow (or reflection).

A more intriguing theory is shadow people are actually travelers from another dimension or a parallel universe and that they are here to gain knowledge and information about us and our dimension. This is an interesting theory to be further explored in the future by paranormal investigators and quantum physics.

So we've talked of different theories on the origins of these eerie dark figures...but that doesn't answer the question or provide us with a resolution...or peace of mind to this dark mystery. Perhaps we'll never find out what the shadow people are or even if they exist in reality. Perhaps we will never make contact with these shadowy beings...or maybe one of us will this very night!

Written and copyrighted © by Kitty the Dreamer (May Canfield), 2013. All Rights Reserved.

What do you think Shadow People are?

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Does your shadow man look like this?
Does your shadow man look like this? | Source


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  • JoeLdn 3 days ago

    One of my most vivid memories from childhood is my experience with a 'shadow person'. I remember it like it was yesterday and I have always known within myself that what I saw was 100% real and that I was not hallucinating or dreaming.

    I want to start with that I'm now 24 and this happened to me when I was about 11. Right up until today I had no idea that this was even a thing... or a widely experienced phenomena. I thought it was just my own experience and was something that was completely unique to me. It's something that I rarely speak about, although I do think about it regularly... I'm actually blown-away by the similarities between mine and others recounts!

    My story is similar to others that I have read. I woke up in the middle of the night at about 3am and it was dark but I could just see clear enough to see that my bedroom door was wide open. (I have no idea why it was open as I would always sleep with my door closed. This was something my parents respected, so if they ever entered my room whilst I was asleep, they would always close the door.)

    I was confused and I remember just staring at it wondering why it was open. Right then, a large, darker than dark, manly figure enters the room from behind the door. Once inside the room it made its way towards my bed. My bed is about 3 metres from the doorway and the terror I felt whilst this figure was approaching me was indescribable. Although the room was dark, his dark, silvery, shadowy presence was as clear as if the lights were on. The only features I could clearly work out was his long coat and 50/60's style hat.

    He slowly made his way towards my bed. I was watching and staring for every second of it, too scared to move or make a sound. He arrived at my bed side, and was about 2 feet away from me at this point. He continued to look down at me and I looked back. I then started to force my eyes closed and blinked frantically in the hope that he would disappear, but he was still there. I would turn my ahead away and look back, and he was still there. It was very clear to me that this was not my imagination. After about 30 seconds of him peering over me, I plucked up the courage and started shouting for my mum or dad to wake up. My dad eventually gets up and whilst he was walking along the hall and into my room the figure was still there, still staring. My dad then switches on the light, asking 'what is wrong?' and it was only then that it vanished. It was so real and so clear, I was convinced it would still be there when the lights came on.

    The main difference between my account and others is that I never remember feeling that what I could see would harm me. He didn't seem dangerous, or threatening. I certainly didn't feel this sense of 'evil' that others have mentioned. He was very still and in a way, very peaceful. I was just terrified because I'm 11 and there is a man in my room! Also, I don't remember seeing red or yellow eyes.

    Like I mentioned, I really had no idea that this was a widely experienced phenomena and now I just want to learn more.

  • JoeLdn 3 days ago

    One of my most vivid memories from childhood is my experience with a 'shadow person'. I remember it like it was yesterday and I have always known within myself that what I saw was 100% real and that I was not hallucinating or dreaming.

    I want to start with that I'm now 24 and this happened to me when I was about 11. Right up until today I had no idea that this was even a thing... or a widely experienced phenomena. I thought it was just my own experience and was something that was completely unique to me. It's something that I rarely speak about, although I do think about it regularly... I'm actually blown-away by the similarities between mine and others recounts!

    My story is similar to others that I have read. I woke up in the middle of the night at about 3am and it was dark but I could just see clear enough to see that my bedroom door was wide open. (I have no idea why it was open as I would always sleep with my door closed. This was something my parents respected, so if they ever entered my room whilst I was asleep, they would always close the door.)

    I was confused and I remember just staring at it wondering why it was open. Right then, a large, darker than dark, manly figure enters the room from behind the door. Once inside the room it made its way towards my bed. My bed is about 3 metres from the doorway and the terror I felt whilst this figure was approaching me was indescribable. Although the room was dark, his dark, silvery, shadowy presence was as clear as if the lights were on. The only features I could clearly work out was his long coat and 50/60's style hat.

    He slowly made his way towards my bed. I was watching and staring for every second of it, too scared to move or make a sound. He arrived at my bed side, and was about 2 feet away from me at this point. He continued to look down at me and I looked back. I then started to force my eyes closed and blinked frantically in the hope that he would disappear, but he was still there. I would turn my ahead away and look back, and he was still there. It was very clear to me that this was not my imagination. After about 30 seconds of him peering over me, I started plucked up the courage and started shouting for my mum or dad to wake up. My dad eventually gets up and whilst he was walking along the hall and into my room the figure was still there, still staring. My dad then switches on the light, asking 'what is wrong?' and it was only then that it vanished. It was so real and so clear, I was convinced it would still be there when the lights came on.

    The main difference between my account and others is that I never remember feeling that what I could see would harm me. He didn't seem dangerous, or threatening. I certainly didn't feel this sense of 'evil' that others have mentioned. He was very still and in a way, very peaceful. I was just terrified because I'm 11 and there is a man in my room! Also, I don't remember seeing red or yellow eyes.

    Like I mentioned, I really had no idea that this was a widely experienced phenomena and now I just want to learn more.

  • Kendra5612 profile image

    Kendra 7 days ago from Lee's Summit, MO

    When I was younger, about 17 I had a very interesting/scary night that I will never forget and cannot explain. I was not a happy teen, I was extremely depressed and not medicated. This particular night, I was crying hysterically and begging god to take me out of this world. I told him that I did not want to be here that I just wanted it all to stop. I did this for hours. I was laying down in bed when I heard the bedroom door open. It was night time and the lights in the room were off, everyone in the house (myself, my mother & my father) we're either in bed or asleep. I looked up and SAW the door opening. Behind the door there was a very tall (7 feet maybe) figure or shadow of a man. It looked like a normal besides being tall dark outline of a man. I waiting for second for the man to say something, he just stood there. I could not see a face, just him standing there in the doorway. after a few seconds of silence I physically said to the man "hello?" I did not receive an answer, he just stood there. I was scared to death, I ran as fast as I could to the light switch and when I flipped it on the figure or shadow or man or whatever was gone. I immediately ran to my parents room and hysterically woke them up and told my dad he had to search the house right then because someone was in the house. My dad did search the house but no one was there. This was not an illusion, I know what I saw and I don't know what to think about it. Any ideas?

    I wrote this about a month ago before I came across any information about "shadow people" I had not heard that term before I wrote this. The theory that these shadow figures come around to suck energy makes sense to me but as you can see in my story above, I did not have much energy to give when this figure showed up. I was in a very low energy state. Also, I have never experience sleep paralysis in any way. I was fully capable of moving as soon as I saw the figure. I sat up in bed immediately and looked directly at it.

  • Sela28 profile image

    Sela28 11 days ago

    I had this experience this morning while getting ready for work. In my bathroom I have a wardrobe mirror and the mirror above the sink, so I can see the back of my head. While I was drying my hair (facing away from the sink) I SAW the shadow of this person. Actually, it looked exactly like the photo at the top of this story: tall, thin, fedora...passed between me and the sink. I felt it pass me, almost like it brushed against me. Then I felt COLD, and quite confused. I was not really afraid; but I was just...really confused. All day today I have felt very strange, like something is looming. I don't know what to make of this and would really like some opinions on the matter. I also want to be sure this is not ominous.

  • Stephen Borst profile image

    Stephen Borst 12 days ago

    Mine was me and my brother this Shadow being or wat it was it had no eyes or hood but more like a real dark shadow dat stood out in the dark an in the shape of a human being dat was real anger at something u could sense it ...... It would come out of the loft at nite ,an often walk around are bedroom it would appear to me an my brother at different times never together would move us around the bed at nite an when I got scared at nite I would try to get to the bottom of the stairs only for the spirit to drag me bk up stairs with like a hand over my mouth an than couldn't shout or speak the more I shouted the less would cum from my mouth an than would wake next day like nothing happened ...this happened to me an my brother for a period of time when we were like 5/6 year olds I would take a lie detector on this than me an my brother set fire to the flat by mistake with a box matches I still see things an sense things an have dreams of things before they happen in my life its real strange believe would make for a great movie of real life an even till this day I feel like my mind won't let me remember more details

  • Stephen Borst profile image

    Stephen Borst 12 days ago

    Mine was me and my brother this Shadow being or wat it was it had no eyes or hood but more like a real dark shadow dat stood out in the dark an in the shape of a human being dat was real anger at something u could sense it ...... It would come out of the loft at nite ,an often walk around are bedroom it would appear to me an my brother at different times never together would move us around the bed at nite an when I got scared at nite I would try to get to the bottom of the stairs only for the spirit to drag me bk up stairs with like a hand over my mouth an than couldn't shout or speak the more I shouted the less would cum from my mouth an than would wake next day like nothing happened ...this happened to me an my brother for a period of time when we were like 5/6 year olds I would take a lie detector on this than me an my brother set fire to the flat by mistake with a box matches I still see things an sense things an have dreams of things before they happen in my life its real strange believe children with same story an as adults are stories have been the same they are real an some are mad an others fine but theirs different types

  • Bmarie23 13 days ago

    I seen a shadow in cloak my entire life. One night, I did not feel like praying on my knees, so I prayed in bed. That night the shadow in cloak came to my bed. I was paralized and tried calling for my parents but could not. The shadow bent down on its knees by my side and said, "This is the way to pray." Then it dissappeared. I got up and ran into my parents room. I was unable to sleep in the dark for years.

  • Bluesage62 6 weeks ago

    My experience was quite different. It was the night before I was to be married. I was pregnant with my first child. I had just gotten into bed when I saw this figure at the foot of my bed. At first I thought it was someone in the house . But it didn't move when spoken to....It stayed there a long time. About 15 minutes or more. I was not paralized, (as others claim). It finally just disappeared. I've often wondered if it was a portent of some kind. My husband would die 5 years later, and our daughter, just passed away recently. To this day I do not know what or who it was.

  • Very private 1030 7 weeks ago

    Shadowy figures do exist. They can be seen at night time or day time. Since I was a child they have been around me and our family had healers in the 1900's. Seeing into people's lives like big screens is something I keep secret because I don't even have to in front of them or talking to them. But the shadowy figures come around and observe. They don't communicate but are curious and have personalities. I can feel their emotions where there are three that come around regularly. One is anxious all the time and doesn't like to be in one place at a time. Another is curious about everything and likes to just linger. The last one is serious in a parental way and puts the others in place. The others that come around are going from one place to another. Since I have seen, sensed and felt them around me for so long I don't feel scared and they have never meant to harm me.Actually it has always been the opposite to watch over me or warn me to act like leaving a place or moving out of the way or making me go another route. The impression I have gotten is that it is their job. They are not defined by a name or a gender.

    Our family goes way back with whatever it is to be labeled but I keep it hidden because no one would understand it. The sad thing about this is I knew when approximately my sister would leave this earth. My father knew his time and I too know mine.

  • Julz19 7 weeks ago

    Shadow people are real! They aren't all bad like some people experience. They could be like how we are. You know how some people are bad and some are good. I have only ever seen one shadow person. I will say she as it felt female. I woke up not in a state of paralysis like most people say they do. I woke up to a black figure in a hooded Cape knelt down beside the bed. I was in my moms bed as I must of only been about 4. Now at that age you would of thought that I would of got scared but I didn't. I just watched it as it was knelt down. It was looking for something, you know like how we rummage through things when we are looking for something. Well it didn't notice that I had seen it at first. But when it actually did I then became paralysed like people talk about. The only thing I could move was my eyes. So I watch as it walks around the bed and it says telepathically "don't look at me" I do as it asked and watched how it walked out the room and as soon as it left the room I could move. Even at that age I wondered what it was, I wasnt frightened at any point during or after. I know it wasn't their to hurt me. I think it was just a thing that just goes about watching. I did feel that the cloak was like a coat that it had put on a bit like how we put a coat on but ours is to keep warm and there's is for another reason but am not sure what for.

  • Alexis Dupuis 8 weeks ago

    Do you think it's possible that these shadow people are actually guardians? They want to watch us to make sure we are safe and they leave once they are seen possibly because they don't want to intrude on your privacy (with you knowing) or scare you? I saw a shadow person out of the corner of my eye before and so had my father and brother but as soon as we saw it it left. I admit, I was kind of scared at first because I was young, but I haven't seen it since. Sometimes I feel watched though, and I feel like the shadow is still watching over me but I can be sure. Please tell me what you think, thanks!

  • Alexis Dupuis 8 weeks ago

    What is these shadow figures are guardians. That's why they watch, to keep us out of trouble. And if they are seen they might be seen again because they don't want to scare the person they're protecting. I saw one once and I was kind of spooked, so maybe he went away because he didn't want me to be scared. But maybe he's still watching, because I still feel like I'm being watched at times.

  • Holly Harbottle profile image

    Holly Harbottle 2 months ago

    The way it was described was exactly like the first time I've seen this figure a few details left out the next day I found out a close family friend was dead I was 13

  • Cindy Almanza profile image

    Cindy Almanza 3 months ago

    I'm always being watched by shadow-people they're either standing near doorways or in corners just watching me. I've seen one manifest itself as a tall slender human like figure about 7 ft tall wearing a cloak that shines like liquid metal I can never see into the cloak all that I can ever see is pitch black with a soft blue light surrounding him. I gave him the name Sky instead calling him an it he looked solid but he wasn't. I should know considering when he first showed himself I went to touch him to see if he was physically there my hand went right through even though I was right in front of him.

  • PinoyWitch profile image

    Jude Ian 3 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

    Hi Nicole,

    Yes I'm very fine now, thank you. Mostly I just read tarot cards at present but I still keep a journal of researched infos, some rituals and spells. I have learned to be thorough in my quest and developed a little healthy skepticism. I've read your hub about the demon Z ouija phenomena, it's absolutely interesting. I too have tried using the ouija when I was younger and you're right there is really something addictive about it. Like once you do it, you want to do it again..mostly alone to see if it really works. My experience with the ouija was uneventful, it was just me answering myself.

    I'd love to hear about your very own experience with shadowpeople sometime and how it's similar to mine. Thanks:)

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 months ago from the Ether

    Hi PinoyWitch!

    No you did not bore me at all. In fact, your story was very engaging and intriguing. I too have had similar experiences. It is definitely possible you invited something dark into your realm of existence at that time in your life. I too have used an ouija board when I was a pre-teen and invited something dark into my house at the time. I caution anyone to never mess around with the summoning of spirits, as it is indeed REAL from my experience. Now, what these beings actually are is up for debate...but they exist, nevertheless. Hope you are well now.

  • PinoyWitch profile image

    Jude Ian 3 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

    Hi Nicole,

    I have read a few of your hubs and I have to say I like how you present theories and evidence based on facts, coming from different perspectives in order to give your readers a wider scope of understanding.

    I had an encounter with a shadow person once, only that I never even knew they existed before. When I saw an article about shadow people on thoughtcatalog I was surprised to know a lot of people from all over the world have the same experience.

    I was in my teens, just lying in bed waiting for dinner to be ready with only my bedside lamp lit, singing to my favorite songs. When I glanced at my window to my right, I saw a shadow of a man, well more of a silhouette really, with spiky crew-cut hair just looking at me from outside. Thinking it's one of my cousins trying to prank me, I immediately got up and approached him so I can see him better and asked what he wants. No answer. I didn't feel scared or threatened by this entity, but when I was by my window I thought I would get a better view and make out a face but nothing, just dark. So I did what any logical person would do and tried to peek out so that we come face to face, literally inches apart but everytime I get closer he started ducking,slowly receding below the window frame outside. I said to myself, okay, you wanna play so I hurried up and got outside to catch him. My room was separated from the rest of our bungalow home, kinda like an outhouse so I can easily get outside. No one was there and it wasn't even that dark for there was a backyard light, and no place to hide either. That's when I started getting creeped out by this.

    I just wanna share that during my teens, I was dealing with my mother's passing really bad so I dabbled in spirit summoning and some poorly researched black magic(goth phase cliches I know). After I moved out, we rented that room and the rentor told me some really weird things happen while staying there like some pretty vivid dreams of a woman holding her down in bed. I too had experienced sleep paralysis in that room once, and chalked it up to stress and the hypnagogic state you talked about.

    Is it possible I might have invited something in during those dark times in my life? There are times even at present that I feel so negative all the time, like hate, envy, and depression and I try to fight it with prayers and positive thinking. I didn't bore you, did I? lol

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 months ago from the Ether

    Angel - Have you tried cleansing your home, spiritually? Look up how to smudge your home. Using white sage as a smudging ritual can absolutely help get rid of entities such as these. After you've cleansed your house, bless it with oil or holy water. Hope this helps.

  • graceclark2016 4 months ago

    Mine I don't think is an imagination. But i really see it where there is a light and there is no anything dark or black on that part only white towel so you will see the difference. I am about to open my door and I notice the curtain is sudden open and I look inside... I really see it tall and dark person for about 5- 10 seconds... I don't feel creepy. There is some mysterious thing happen like I had a fight with my partner then 1 day after an old woman told my partner in his dream that I have been crying and she is very angry at him... I remember I have office mate before who betray me and I left the apartment. After, a month I heard that an old woman is trying to hold her neck and want to kill her... I do not know if it has a connection. Today, I am pissed offf coz my partner drinking whisky, am hoping he stop it then his bottle of whisky explode and no one is touching it... My partner is very scare he came down the stare and he told me... When I went up and check on it- the bottle break its half part all whisky are spilled on the floor.

  • Maeve Baumhauer 4 months ago

    I enjoyed reading your article. Supernatural subjects are quite interesting to me. :)

    I noticed close to the end of your post, you mentioned a theory about the "undead." What do you mean by this?

  • lostsoul123 4 months ago

    I would like to get a response. I think this article has a lot of coincidence to what happened to me and my girlfriend. 2 nights ago I woke up at 3:40am because my girlfriend was making very weird noises in her sleep, there was a very small dim blue light in the room coming from the internet box and I could see she had Goose bumps and she was stiff like a rock at the same time she was trying to wake herself up at the same time I was also shaking her to wake up, this has never happened to her for five years we have been together never saw her having a nightmare. Thing doesn't stops there, as soon as she is able to wake up I ask her what were you dreaming and she said I was possessed by something (she aint from any religion) and I was gonna just turn around drink water I had in the side table and go back to sleep, when I turn around to grab my bottle of water outside the bedroom door I saw this Black Shadow STARING it happened for some seconds I couldn't believe it but then when I started saying to my girlfriend there is a man standing outside the door the shadow started walking to the other room and left us. After that I could only sleep with the light on and last night I turn all lights off to sleep because for me is difficult to sleep with light and so my girlfriend woke up at 3:30 am and then me at 4 like around that time it got difficult to have a deep sleep eventho I was sleeping before that time is weird I don't know how to explain is like an uncomfortable feeling.

    I played the Ouiji board many times when I was a teenager I never believed in those things but I stopped playing it one time my friend and I got really spooked out by what happened while we were playing it, and how the thing on the ouiji board was just like "ha, ha, ha, ha"and the fan and tv went off and on we cried for the thing to let us out the game.

    Should I move from apartment? What should I do?

  • Angel Hayward profile image

    Angel Hayward 4 months ago

    Hi. I've been seeing this shadow entity now for 3 weeks. It's a nuisance. I'm usually awake. It's about the same time every night. I'm usually not scared. Not trying to act like a hard butt. But I always see it out of the corner of my eye. Or I know when it's closer to me. I don't try to pay no mind. Cause once I realize this entity is there. It disappears quickly. My only issue with this entity is... I have tightening of my chest. Almost like winded. I just want it gone. Cause I do not like the feels of being suffocated. I can't tell anyone I know cause they look at me like I'm nuts. I've seen this entity (if it's even the same one) many times throughout the years. But not on a constant basis. Last time I saw it. I was playing games with me. Like whispering or the one that truly scared me is when it made a real loud kiss noise in my ear while I was bent over putting towels away. Please help... I'm exhausted in every way manageable.

  • stejedasa005 6 months ago

    So, this is my experience with the shadow people, particularly today:

    I had a dream in which I was outside I'm my balcony talking with some family I do not speak to that often. After certain comments were made, I started to get into a distasteful mood and started causing rain and thunder, and I revealed my ability to my family. I was also pilling books outside in the balcony despite the rain while i spoke to them. I got annoyed, so leaving the weather in that state, I went to bed. Then, a shadow person visited me. It was a hooded shadow, and it claimed to be my grandmother on my moms side, who passed away about a decade ago and I didn't know well. Ive had other experiences with shadows, they have never gotten close to me, but this one did. It was at the foot of my bed, kneeling, talking to me. The only thing that was said was that ''I was misusing my gift'' and that ''I would be judged for it'' The shade also had no face, I couldn't see it even if it was basically a foot away from me.

    I was not having sleep paralysis I was fully asleep when I was having this dream.

    I am a wicca and Id like to know what this means, but apparently no one online has had a similar experience

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 8 months ago from the Ether

    Has anyone played the ouija board in your house?

  • Killer413 8 months ago

    A couple of days ago i seen a humanoid figure sitting at the end of my bed staring at me occasionally i feel scratches on my leg sometimes i wake up with cuts on my fingers hands legs or my chest. The cuts don't seem to hurt but if i poke them they just start bleeding like it was fresh although the inside was a orangey brown, I know the history of my house no one has died inside of here but have died nearby the house it is also on top of a old mine, a proximately 110 years old. Every night i hear running outside my bedroom door which creeps me out i keep a knife under my pillow just in case i see it again, my friends have told me they hear things at night above them and underneath their bed they are sleeping on in the other room one friends started screaming and crying that something was touching him with a sharp object, he said that he had started to hear heavy breathing underneath the bed so he ignored it as he thought he was hearing things, he told me that he is never going in that room again unless it is day but ever since that night i have put around 10 locks on the door from the inside so if something is in there it can't get out, however my family have had a history of these encounters well when i was around 13 i would hear knocks on my bedroom window at around 12-3 am sometimes it was heavy knocking light and gentil knocking or furious knocking which was the main one i ever heard my girlfriend always refused to come to my house as she knew what was happening in my house and asked me if i wanted to go to hers instead.She never really told me why she wouldn't step foot in my house all i know is that she knew about all the freaky things that was going on in my house.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 12 months ago from the Ether

    Oh my goodness, Robinea. I can't even imagine living in a place with such craziness occurring all the time. I am a little intuitive, yes. It's not something I tend to advertise, but sometimes I get random thoughts in my head that seem to be just random...then they turn out to be happening at that moment or have happened. Anywho, it sounds to me like you need to get out of there...did you buy or are you renting? Aren't you able to move? Can you have a shaman or spiritual elder come and investigate to see if they could do the cleansing? Sometimes even when we think we can handle something, we can't and need help...extra manpower, so to speak. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. :) I'm great at researching too.

  • Robinea1 profile image

    Robinea1 12 months ago

    WOW! You must be very intuitive! I live in the area that goes directly over the "Trail of Tears", but also, I was able to capture a photograph in my dining room one night of a male soldier dressed in Civil War attire. I've not been able to find the history of this house OR this property. For some reason, the local city administrators aren't too good OR QUICK at releasing public information. The only sure thing I DO know is that the house that USE to sit here where my house is NOW, got leveled with one of the strongest tornadoes these parts had seen in years. That happened back in the late 70's. PART of this house was rebuilt from the original one that got leveled by the tornado, and then the other part of the house was moved here from another location that they've STILL not disclosed to us yet, and honestly, I wasn't that interested in even KNOWING about it UNTIL I realized we had spirit activity here. I'm also convinced there is a portal in my home at the top of the stairs. I didn't realize it until our house caught on fire in that very spot, and then when I was video recording the damage, I could literally see the energy in the form of a giant, wavy looking ball of energy, it was kind of clear but had a yellowish red color to it. At THAT particular time I didn't know what that was and after asking over a dozen people, someone referred me to a lady who could see energy - she's the one who suggested to me that that was a portal, well no actually, she INSISTED it was one - and when she did - EVERYTHING started making sense. I didn't really like it, nor was I comfortable with it, but at least it was starting to make a little more sense than me just being crazy! However, this house doesn't hold too much positive energy in it. I have seen THE NICEST people enter through my doorway, and immediately either become AGGRESSIVELY argumentative, or they will either puke or pass out. I've had one woman pass out TWO TIMES THE SECOND she walked through the door, and then another one started puking. BOTH of those women ended up leaving within minutes of coming over. Matter of fact, the air is SO THICK in here that MOST TIMES, people are uncomfortable here. I'm sick ALL THE TIME now. Not one day goes by that I"m not vomiting or having trouble breathing. I've been to the doctor about it, and there is nothing health wise causing it. It gets kind of hard to breathe sometimes when there is a LOT of spirit energy - like last night. I also begin to tremble with such a force that sometimes my legs get weak and give out. I was literally blown away by ALL THE different, yet negative, aggressive spirits that were here last night though. They were loud, kept banging in threes, banging so hard the walls would shake and the windows would rattle. Our dog AND the cats were even freaking out for about 4-5 hours, from around midnight til well after 4 am. But the thing that REALLY caught me off guard was at exactly 2:56 am, I heard a LOUD banging on what sounded like the door, then I got up to go see, just to look, and as I got up from my office chair, I was walking toward the door to go out into the living room to see if someone was outside - a pencil that I had been drawing with, aggressively flew FAST across the room from my desk to where I was walking out the door about 15 feet from it, and hit me in the back. It was like someone was mad and threw it at me AS HARD as they could. THAT freaked me out because everybody else was in bed, so I was alone downstairs, AND THEN when I looked down at the pencil, it began to roll across the floor. Lol... I TOOK OFF running, and then tripped trying to get up the stairs, but then something stopped me dead in my tracks! I could hear several muffled voices frantically saying, "GO BACK TO THE DESK, HURRY, HURRY, GO NOW!" At first I just stood there wondering if I were imagining that, but then I had an overwhelmingly persistent feeling of dread that MADE ME go back - So I went back down the stairs with my knees feeling like they were gonna give out on me any second and I got down to my desk, at which point I noticed one of my HUGE butcher knives sitting right on top of the desk. I don't know HOW that thing got there (it REALLY WASN'T there 2 minutes before that) as I had been working at my desk since the kids went to bed around 10 and there was AND NEVER IS any reason for ANY sort of kitchen knives, let alone the biggest one in the kitchen to be in my office. So anyway, when my eyes set on that knife, for like a few seconds, it felt like I was racing SOMETHING to that knife - I grabbed that thing up so quick and was just thankful that it was just a pencil and not that knife that came flying across the room, because believe me when I tell you - we've had WAY WORSE and painful things happen - ALL OF US who live here have.

    I could literally write a book on mine and my family and friends experiences in this house. I wake up every morning with dread, and I go to bed with dread, AND NO MATTER how many lights we install throughout this house - it is still WICKED DARK. I feel like we were lured here by some sort of paranormal force that made it feel like home THE SECOND we saw it - and then within days of moving in - we realized we messed up big. I'm not even kidding, the energy changed OVER NIGHT when we moved in. I cleanse it often, and things get chaotic and really loud while I'm cleansing it with sage, but all THAT does is seems to make em mad because whatever IS here is usually it's WORST when and right after I've cleansed it. We've lived here since December 1999.

  • moonlake profile image

    moonlake 12 months ago from America

    I see shadows in my old house all the time. I can never figure out where they are coming from. Is it the tv or a car going by I never know for sure. I ask my husband if he ever saw them and he said he did all the time. Oh well, they don't bother me. Who knows maybe they're protectors. Enjoyed your hub.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 12 months ago from the Ether

    Robinea1 - It sounds like your home is a hotspot for activity...perhaps some kind of portal is in your house or nearby? Have you looked into the history of your house or your property? Maybe some sort of big event occurred there or nearby that could cause all this activity. I'm thinking some sort of battle or explosion? I don't know why, just a thought that crossed my mind. Let me know what you know or what you find out! I'm intrigued. Also, have you tried cleansing your home with holy water/oil or sage?

  • Robinea1 profile image

    Robinea1 12 months ago

    One day, in the middle of the day, around 1 or 2 in the afternoon on a REALLY SUNNY day, I saw out of my peripheral vision, who I THOUGHT was my oldest son, wearing a black sweatsuit and hoodie run past my office window, then I heard the front door open and slam, someone ran up our stairs, AND THEN, it sounded like a herd of elephants running down the stairs - we ALL saw that shadow figure, and that time, it ran directly up to my oldest son (13 at the time), it was taller than he was but they were practically nose to nose and it scared the crap out of EVERYBODY. He even had 3 or 4 friends over here - one of em got so scared he called his mom to come get him. I'd NEVER seen something JUST OUT THERE, right there in front of all of us like that. This thing though had a really creepy, weird gliding sort of walk, and as it glided QUICKLY I might add, it's shoulders were slumped back, it was VERY tall, it was just creepy the way it moved. I really did scare ALL of us, and by then we were KIND OF use to seeing things out of our peripheral vision - JUST NOT RIGHT IN FRONT OF us. In my house though, the activity is not limited to JUST after midnight and 3 am - it is active ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT. But if I happen to stay awake until around 2 am, THAT IS THE MOST loud time, it's really REALLY active then.

  • Bartzel 2 years ago

    Nonnie Sanders, the person asked for my e-mail address but never send anything. Was kinda expecting that though.

    I'm skeptical about these things and, like you said, looking for real proof. No proof has come to me so far...

  • Nonnie Sanders profile image

    Nonnie Sanders 2 years ago

    for csap75 and Bartzel; did those videos ever get out to you or this hub? I would LOVE to see them. Am looking for 'proof' but not the kind you see on the 'reality' TV shows. My house is full of shadow people as well, like Mrs. JB. I have never feared the shadow world so don't bother God about it. I have asked them a number of times what they want, or how I can help them. I believe they are remnant personalities (also referred to as ghosts) still attached to this house or the people who used to live here. The house is not that old, but the land itself has been occupied by generations of slaves, slave holders and Natives. We are also visited by shadow cats nearly every day. So try to be friendly and welcoming if you can; if not, then kindly urge them to move on, as they are 'in your space.' I don't think they 'feed on' our emotions, but they are lonely, and do respond to us. If anyone has had any luck filming them, please post if you can.

  • medic4776 2 years ago

    Narcolepsy has 5 diagnostic symptoms and 2 can mimic paranormal experiences.

    1 is sleep paralysis and 2 is hypnogogic hallucinations.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 2 years ago from the Ether

    Linda - That's rather frightening. Is her mother or father aware of this? Perhaps there's more going on at home.

  • Linda 2 years ago

    I work at an elementary school and one of my 9 year old's told me that she is scared to use bathrooms because many times there is a black thing watching her. she asks God to help her and it comes more. She has nightmares that this thing will kill her. I don't know how to help her.

    Any thoughts?

  • Mark 2 years ago

    Hi there. When I was a young child, around the age of 4 or 5, I witnessed something that I believe to be shadow people. My father wasn't home at the time, and my mother was in the lounge room watching tv. I was asleep in my mothers bed alone, as I felt a little uncomfortable in my bed that night. I remember waking up during the night sometime to see 3 small shadow people standing at the foot of my bed just staring at me. They were aproximately 1 meter tall, and the 3 of them were standing shoulder to shoulder. It scared the hell out of me. I called out to my mother straight away and said, "mum, there are 3 small children in here staring at me". My mother jumped up straight away to see what I was talking about and to make sure I was ok. But just before she walked into the bedroom, I said to her,"mum, stay there! Don't come in. Everything will be ok. God is with me now, and he is here to help". I was completely awake when all this happened. The shadow people were there for aproximately 10 seconds.

    When my mother eventually opened the door to come in to see me, I glanced up at her and said, "their over there".

    But when I turned to look back towards the end of the bed, they were no longer there. I've never understood why I saw them or why they were there, even till this day. They just stood shoulder to shoulder looking and observing me. They never moved, nor made a sound.

    I'm glad I'm not the only person to have experienced or witnessed shadow people. Very strange experience, with no explanation for it.

  • Jonathan 2 years ago

    So I've had these experiences fairly often throughout my life. I often feel like there is a presence that is following me around. Maybe I'm not being followed, maybe I am just more adept at experiencing such things? I don't know, and I usually don't look into it. When such things have become "known" to me, I usually have a sense of fear over it. Sometimes it is an overwhelming sense of fear that just consumes my whole body and paralyzes me. Ive looked this up a few times in my life and sure enough soooo many other people have had similar encounters. This was reassuring but it also left me with more questions. At first I just dismissed it as a psychological anamoly, I went with the common "sleep paralysis" type of explanation and got on with my life. Through my life though there have been certain instances where it has made it hard to believe that is just simply a trick my mind is playing on me. I have these encounters mostly in my room, or when I am at home alone. But there have been times when I was sharing a room with someone else, (say a partner) and they have experienced the very same things I have as well.

    For me it hasn't been a humanoid looking figure, it's been more of a black amoeba that grows and starts to fill up the room, as this happens an overwhelming sense of fear grows within me. The first time this happened was a about a year or 2 back, in the room I am right now, with someone I was dating back then. We were lying in my bed in the dark, talking about something. And all of a sudden she stops, and stopped me, and told me that she felt something in the room, I felt it too, and I felt her fear of it, I felt attuned to her fear sooo much that I too felt this overwhleming sense of fear, and she told me "I dont know what's going on right now but I am really really scared. Can you please do something?"

    I mean...I have never seen her so afraid before. I felt frozen with fear as I felt the presence grow and grow, and I could see the room grow in darkness (it was already really dark). This darkness was kind of like a fog that looms over slowly, except it was growing in all directions and consuming the room. This was the first time I experienced it like that (at least that I know of) I have experienced this a few times since then, on my own, and just the other day while talking with a friend at night. This time I was the one who had to ask them to do something ( I asked them to turn on the light for me).

    Ive had experiences where I can very clearly seek a dark blob, in a certain part of the room, that moved in a blob like manner. Ive read about people seeing this darkness manifested in differen shapes and sizes. Some people see humanoid dark shadows, others just mist or blobs. This diversity in encounters is what is mostly confusing to me now. If such things are real and not just a product of our imaginations, why the difference in representations? Are these shadow figures more or less influenced by our mental capabilities (the way we perceive them at least)

    Iw ish I could know more about the people who have had such experiences. Where they feel they are in there level of awareness. I feel I am very high in my level of awareness, I feel like I have always been on a different level than most people. NOT BETTTER. Just different, and able to perceive more than most do. I mean this in terms of spiritual transcedence ( i practice buddhism, and have meditated and reached levels of awareness commonly referred to as Satori, or even Nirvana) I feel like I am more easily able to tune into these states of consciousness, since it has not taken me as long as I thought it would take someone (considering what the literature says) to reach.

    So I wonder if these presences make themselves known to people with such levels of awareness, or if people with those levels of awareness are just more capable of sensing presences that are already there.

    What if "shadow people" or whatever you want to call them, are always around, and what if we can sense them sometimes when are levels of awareness are on the same level of their state of being? What if its the same for "them"?

    Just things to consider.

    If anyone reads this, and has any information, or would like to share their stories with me. I would honestly love to hear from you. I think stories like this often get dismissed as paranormal hibberjabby and dont get the level of consideration they deserve.

    I hate how most of the times experiences with the paranormal (if you want to call it that) are often treated as thing to be scared and wary of. This fear that is perpetuated often puts up barriers for understanding what one is experiencing. I feel like often times, the way we talk about these experiences with others, is the very reason why others who may experience something similar will be afraid of it, and feel a sense of overwhelming fear (just as I have) come over them. Because the narrative has always been "these things are scary- because these things are bad- because these things may hurt you- so you should be scared" and it affects us all on a subconscious level. Which is why a lot of people would rather dismiss these experiences and try to explain them in terms of science.

    But having reach deeper/higher levels of awareness than I ever knew existed, I am in a position to consider other levels of being existing out there and in here too.

    I would wish that the cultural narratives over such phenomenon be switched around from an Us v.s. Them type of standpoint to a mutual understanding of what is being experience by millions of people all over the world. There is a connection here, we just have to try to understand it.

    If these beings are in fact observing us, why can't we observe them back?

    The only way we can do that, is by not be so afraid of them. Accepting them as a reality in the moment we are experiencing them, and acknowledging that out of alll the documented experiences with such beings there is none where any harm has come to the witness. At least not that I know of.

    If something scares you, do the research. Learn as much as you can about it. Then you will be in a position to better decide whether it should scare you or not.

    Please message me if you are sincere and genuine about such stories

  • Bartzel 2 years ago

    @csap75 - Could you share these vids? Can't say that i'd love to see the vids, but i'd be very interested in them.

  • csap75 2 years ago

    Hi Kitty. I'm glad I found this thread, I can relate to all these story's about these shadow beings.

    My encounter with them started about 3 years ago when I moved mymily into this rent house. I would start seeing dark objects move swiftly out of the corner of my eye so then I started using my camera on my phone and point it in the direction of where I would see it and play like I'm watching TV and then it happened. I caught it! When I played back the video I had to play it frame by frame and there it was. I was speechless, they are real.

    Now I am interested in the phenomenon and I have caught over a dozen of them on camera and video. I've never showed anyone but my family these pictures and videos afraid people may think I'm crazy, he'll I thought I was going crazy so I had to start carrying my phone on me at all times while I was at home because you never know when something was going to happen. After awhile I getting obsessed with it all and they where starting to show themselves more to me and started to interact with me as well. Now it's getting dangerous because they're telling me to get out, I've had an old hag follow me in the room right before bed and I had my video camera going and caught a black mass come out of my daughter's bedroom cling onto me and then formed into a woman figured black mass and tell me with an evil sounding old lady's voice I want to fu@$ you. When I played back the video my wife and I flipped out, that's it we are moving out!

    The following night I was in my daughter's room talking to her about her day, my wife yells out to me something and I turned around to answer her I looked over into my bedroom and I couldn't believe what I am seeing, it's a ghostly cat and of course I have my phone in my hand and started to film. It was amazing what I saw, it was cat looking around and when I started to move towards it disappeared. Unbelievable, I did not know what to say. Needless to say we moved out of that house and into a newer home and had not encountered any of this again.

    As long as I live I will never forget it.

    I feel a lot better that I got to express this to another. It's been bothering me for a long time and i would like to share these experiences with someone as well. I would like to send you a link if you're interested and you can take a look for yourself.

    Everybody out there, all of it is very real. I never believed in the supernatural but now....


  • okiring imagoro 2 years ago

    this doesn't quite describe my experience though its the closest i've come across, as a child i had these vivid experience with similar figures, but they were more human figures than shadows, dark like a void yet 3 dimensional like you and me, no eyes, no mouth, the they would surround my bed and just stand there, they seemed to converse among themselves but i couldn't even hear a whisper, I'd scream and try to wake up, but i never could wake up, so I'd close my eyes and just scream as loud as i could till my mum would come and switch on the lights and grab me , I'd open my eyes and it would feel like i wasn't dreaming, like i was awake along along , it happened every night for like 5 days, on the last night they came again, they always came through the bathroom door, never the bedroom door, but this time they reached out their hands towards me, i started screaming, close my eyes trying to wake up, i open them and they are still reaching out,i scream louder and the lights come on, my mum is standing next to me am awake and they are gone.... i tell myself to this day that it was just a dream, but i remember it like it actually happened. my most vivid memory to date.

  • blake4d profile image

    Blake Ford Hall 2 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

    It has been my experience, that they get really frustrated and really pissed off, if you refer to them as shadow puppets. LOL. Great hub KTD. I found myself paralyzed by it...Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

  • Vinny 2 years ago

    I had various experiences in a place my family lived when I was young. The one the screams out at me was as follows. I was laying in the bottom of a bunk bed and could not sleep (I was often scared in this house). I use to keep the covers up around my face and if I heard anything in the room I would throw myself completely under them. I'm not sure what time it was but I don't believe it was that late as people were still up. Well, I got that "I'm scared" feeling and tossed myself under the covers. After a couple of minutes I peeked out from under and saw a hooded figure walk right by me. Now, while I was petrified at the time, I can say now that it never even looked at me (much less menaced me). But I was sooooooo scared and I remember it so well even to this day.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 2 years ago from the Ether

    I don't know if images will help, but I know that if I cry out for god even in my mind they will leave.

  • freelancer 2 years ago

    It is really frustrating to see that even God has no effect on this shadowy figures because these eerie figures appear very near to the god's images kept near the doorway in my home. Oh my god!

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 2 years ago from the Ether

    Cameron - I believe you. I've had similar experiences...around the same time as you. Thank you for sharing.

  • Cameron 2 years ago

    This happened to me on two different occasions in different houses in different regions.

    It was around the dead hour.Both times I I checked my clock.The first time I was 15, and there was a black, gray, and brown humanoid cloud about 5 amd a half feet tall floating over my bed I immediately had shivers up my spine then it faded away.Time was 4:14am.

    The second occurrence was June 24, 2013 3:28am.I just fell asleep when I flipped over I opened my eyes, amd saw the same figure from the first sighting this time around 6 feet tall.I stared at it this time not afraid but rather irritated that it disturbed my sleep.It faded away.Five minutes passed, and I heard the sound of something trying to get through the doggie gate between the kitchen, and living room.

    All of the living occupants of the house were accounted for at that time either being asleep or behind closed doors in the house.

  • jen 2 years ago

    Thank you fr this post, it really somewhat enlighten my mind bou't shadow people. I had experienced it many times, I woke up in the middle of the night, out of a sound sleep and saw a silhouette of a man, standing beside me. 2nd woke up again and saw him at our door, at 1st I thought it was my mom just to give us a glance bfor she went back to bed, but it was quite long seeing him staring that got me to ask her mom, is that u? She did not respond and just walked away. Then on the morning I ask my mom bout it and told me she did not do it. starts me on thinking on who is that dark man I see but not giving much attention to it. Thn one night out of silence i woke up someone whispered in my ear saying "bumangon kana anak" on english translation it says "get up my child" comes from a fathers voice, it freaked me out, asking myself where did that came frm, there's no one in my room excluding me. It really got

    my attention, coz I realise that time the shadow shows consecutively for 3 nights. But i got used to it since the shadw did not do harm to me. Now since january, I always got woken up in the middle of the night twice, sensing someone is watching me but I didn't see the shadow anymore, the one disturbing me is when I got woken up my eyes took me to one spot of my room where I had a strong sense that the watcher is posting on that spot. Im not sure if this relates to some pranormal activity or just its me thnking of it.

  • JMCa 2 years ago

    I lost a very close friend to cancer 3 1/2 years ago. About 9 months after his death I went to a medium physic to ask questions about my job, daughter and marriage. He came to our meeting. There were several specific things said that I knew it was him. Very specific. I wasn't there about him or even had thought about him leading up to the meeting. Anyway after that meeting I spoke to my close friend/neighbor who consoled me shortly after his death and I told her about this visit and she told me she had to tell me something. During a visit in her backyard while I was emotional and crying about his passing she had seen a shadow figure in her garage while coming back from her kitchen . She told me she didn't want to tell me to scare or worry me at the moment. She said it did not scare her and she's never seen it since. I'd like to think that was my friend watching over me but I don't know. I guess it's not for me to know yet.

  • Livelaugheat 2 years ago


    I'm new to this but I guess I've been seeing these shadow ppl since I was in college. I recently had a visit by one with a hat on and I was frightened but they told me that I was safe and everything would be okay, but every time I get a visit I'm frightened. Sometimes I'd get visits and the shadow person would press against my chest so I don't know the visits can be terrifying.

  • CPG 2 years ago

    I actually had a Shadow person following me, at first 'he' was rather frightening and I couldn't talk to or about 'him' but after a while 'he' told me to call 'him' Friend and we began talking, 'he' told me 'he' was studying humans, then 'he'd leave in the morning, 'he'd only be around at night. But around Janurary 'he' left, I actually feel more comfortable without Friend, 'he' had a rather uncomfortable and frightening aura about 'him'...

  • Cindy 2 years ago

    I have had issues with these images/ghosts/beings for years. I am leaning toward a combined theory, based on my experience. When I was a child, 8-15, I suffered from what the doctor called "Waking Dreams." I would be in my room, and would see things- sometimes nice things like small angels hovering above me, or like large snakes in my bed. As I grew, it changed to shadow people. While going to college, I lived alone in a small house and would often awake to a dark figure watching me from the doorway, It would always startle me, but I never felt like it would hurt me, and when I would call out to it, it would disappear. Later when I had children, I would often wake to see a similar figure looking into the cradle at my child. This would scare me and I would scream and the figure would disappear. I often thought I was just a weird sleeper, but my teen age son has confessed similar experiences. Now that I am in my mid 40's, I feel it has changed again. Several times now, I have awakened to my own voice yelling at "nothing" to leave me alone. I have only seen a figure once, and it was right next to me, something that was never that physically close before. If you have any research to help me into this new phase, and to stay "same" wondering what is going on, I would be grateful.

    Thank you!

  • Jeff Meyer 2 years ago

    One more thing I would like to add a few years ago I got a cat and since then I havnt had any trouble.

  • Bartzel 2 years ago

    Very interesting article, and even more interesting replies. My wife seems to be experiencing the same thing. She wakes up at 3:30 and sees a bright light on her left, almost as if there's a sun inside our room. Strange thing is, this light only illuminates half the room. In the doorway on the right, there's a dark figure just watching her.

    I on the other hand haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes i think i see an odd shadow, but when i look closer it's something completely normal (like the hanger with a coat).

    So could this also be a shadow person, trying to observe? And what about the light? Perhaps her guardian angel? I've heard before that people have seen their guardian angel in the form of a glowing light.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 2 years ago from the Ether

    Thanks for sharing everyone. As long as your physically and mentally safe, don't fear them. I think they feed off of fear. If you see them again, tell them you are not afraid and that they are not welcome in your home or around you or your loved ones.

  • smiley 2 years ago

    this morning my niece said she saw a white human shadow looking n shaking my 13yr old daughter around 3 something in the morning n heard foot steps going in circles in my other daughters room.I myself always hear foot steps in that room n in the room were my niece claims to have seen that thing I would always feel as though I was being watched when it used to be my room wat could these be.

  • ThoughtIWasAlone 2 years ago

    I went into labor w/my first daughter at my grandma's house. It was about 3 am. I don't remember honestly why I looked out the window (it's been 26yrs), but I saw an extremely tall, dark figure with a fedora hat on standing in her neighbors back yard looking at me. I don't know how I knew it was looking at me because I didn't see eyes. It didn't speak or do anything. It just stood there. 7 years later when I went into labor w/ my second daughter, I saw it again. I didn't see it at all when I had my third.

    When my girls were 13, 6 and 3, my 6yr old told me she saw a shadow of a man walk through the hall. I prayed but didn't pay it much attention. Later when we moved, I was looking out the window my youngest 2 girls playing outside and they said something funny (as kids do) and just before I could laugh myself, I heard something laugh briefly beside me. I freaked out! The laugh wasn't sinister, it was a genuine laugh of amusement. I prayed again. About 2yrs later, I was in the kitchen and I called my girls down to dinner and next to me again I heard a voice mock me calling my girls. It didn't imitate me, it MOCKED me. You know how when you're mocking someone you kinda change your voice drive home the point. It did that! Then I started seeing the shadows. My youngest daughter is about to leave home for college now and I still see them. I can be sitting and watching tv and see them out of the corner of my eye. They are always moving fast. I don't see full bodies or anything. Sometimes I feel someone standing there and I'll turn thinking it's my daughter waiting to get my attention and see the shadow moving away quickly. I don't know if what I heard years ago is even the same thing as these "shadow figures" because they are present almost every evening and I never hear them say anything. I feel like they are watching. But I do notice that they seem to like discourse.

    Sorry this is kinda long, but I wanted to give you enough information to be able to give me your thoughts on this.

  • Delane Adendorff profile image

    Delane Adendorff 2 years ago

    That's scary! I know how you feel. After my experience I felt safe as I knew by telling it to leave and seeing the dark shadow figure run out of the room (like a flash) it was not going to come back! But nothing in life is certain. I would certainly cleanse my home before bed tonight, together. Whether you speak out loud or cleanse your home in the name of your creator? I did research and the power of the name is apparently quite intoxicating for anything demonic. Who knows...I am not religious myself. But I want to believe that I have angels watching over my home instead of demons....(yikes)! Good Luck, let us know if anything returns....xxxx

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 2 years ago from the Ether

    No, you're not alone. Perhaps they will only visit once and you'll never have to see them again. But if not, you might want to consider doing a thorough cleansing of your home.

  • whatwasthat 2 years ago

    Last night my fiancé and I both woke up screaming. We sat in the middle of the bed holding each other, absolutely terrified. My fiancé then turnes on the light and began to tell me he had seen 4 dark figures surrounding our bed...I was surprised and relieved to hear him say this because I had seen the exat same thing. Two figures stood closely near his side of the bed and the other two were standing at the foot of our bed. They weren't their for very long, even though it felt like an eternity. This wasn't the first time that i have seen a shadow person. I honestly thought i was going crazy and there must be something wrong with me, but after my fiancé finally seeing them and reading these comments I know I am not alone.

  • christina r. 2 years ago

    My 3yr old daughter this morning out of know where told me " the shadow boy was standing on our bed. He had pink eyes and no mouth he couldn't smile. He was turning colors purple and black and white. He only had one hand. He touched your nose." Then she went back about her business. I asked her if i was asleep she said yes, and i asked her if he was mean she said no. .. the way she told me was as if it was as normal as could be....

  • Delane Adendorff profile image

    Delane Adendorff 2 years ago

    About 4 years ago, I had a similar experience. I woke up with a dark force over me, I struggled for about a minute to move my body but I was completely paralysed and in total fear. I could feel this dark force moving up my legs...I could feel this pressure slowly almost reaching my knees. At that point I shot up and started 'Involuntarily' shouting "In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave this house".... I said over and over again. My partner woke up in complete shock! I couldn't believe the stuff that was coming out my mouth! I don't practice the bible and for someone who is not religious at all...where did these powerful words come from? I felt this entity RUN out of my room so almost ran for its life! It was a remarkable experience! I have had many other experiences with the paranormal. None of them have been as dark as this one! The experience I had when I was 16 was a little girl who tried to reach out to me with her arms while I was awake, she came with a million bells. That vision brought music - millions of chimes and bells. When the music stopped, her vision went with. That was the most incredible experience of all the visions I have had. I was wide awake and she just appeared.

  • Jessica R 2 years ago

    Not too soon before my sister was killed by a drunk driver, I awoke to a dark figure (barely materialized) standing by my bed (I left my lamp on in the night). I didn't feel threatened, rather that this shadowy buzz of particles was peering into my soul. The next couple nights, I awoke to that same appearance of dark fuzzy pieces above my bed, both times in swarms, not in the form of a single being. More like a swarm of bugs. All 3 of these occurrences, I had fallen asleep with my lamp on from reading. Then my little sister died. I always believed these nights to be a half conscious, half asleep hallucinations. Some type of sleep paralysis. But I really feel now as if those 'things' were real. I felt the curiosity. I felt…visited. I don't believe in ghosts or demons materializing in our world. If anything, I always felt there was a possibility of 'death' visiting me, knowing he was going to take my most favorite person away from the earth, from me. I never saw those things again after my little sister died, instantly.

  • amni jackson 2 years ago

    I literally felt someone close to me in my sleep and heard screams in my ears... something was controlling my whole body, and suddenly my leg got lifted by someone BTW i was alone in the house at that time .. and a couple of days back i was looking at myself in mirror and someone whistled at me . Im so scared :(

  • Linz 2 years ago

    So this answered a terrifying question for me. When I was a little girl I was having my first sleepover and I sat up to see a shadow of a young girl sitting at the end of me bed starring at me my friend say up and saw it too. I leaned forward to touch it and my hand slid through it and we yelled for my sister who looked down from the top bunk with a bright flash light and a moment before I watched it slide into the hallway. But I've seen them many times

  • Jackson 3 years ago

    Hello I had a experience early morning around probably 3am or 4am...I can use someone opinion on it...

  • Jacob Threadgill 3 years ago

    i have noticed the presence of shadow people increasing in recent years and i know that while the majority of them are generally dark(dark meaning leaning toward evil but not evil usually good or neutral) there are outwardly good shadow people around. i have experience because my family is an aristocratic one in the world of the "supernatural" as most people call it. i have also noticed that i have two shadows when near a single light source.

  • michael rod 3 years ago

    I'm not sure what I experienced but I was not trying to observe me, around 4 am I was laying in bed attempting to try and sleep when I heard whispers of my name all In different directions. I had the sensation that I was falling so I opened my eyes becoming face to face with the silhouette of a women. panicking I attempted to sit up and move away from her but I became temporarily paralyzed and when I would attempt to try and move my head a shooting pain would make its way down my spine and in my skull and a loud ringing would carry through my head. this only made me more terrified and caused me to try and move more. This lasted for a few minutes and within seconds the women vanished from sight, the pain stopped and everything was silent. I talked to a doctor and a councilor to see if things like this have happened before to either medical patients or people with mental disorders and neither of them could figure out what would have been happening to me, I searched the internet and found this article this seems to be the closest to what I experienced. The thing that scares me most is I used to live with a bipolar women who always claimed to see someone, some one she called Lucy, we thought that she only saw Lucy when she was off her meds but after what happened I'm starting to think this so called Lucy whatever she is, is very real and very dangerous.

  • spiritofaradia 3 years ago

    I had experiences a few years ago, a flat I was renting was haunted and I was hearing the word 'apparition' in my head one night and I just knew that the spirit world wanted to communicate with me. I was apprehensive about seeing them and didn't feel ready. In the mean time the spirits tried to get my attention other ways by turning up the volume on the tv when my mother phoned and also changing channels. One day my friend came over and was just chatting generally about family when there was a look of intense horror in her expression. Alarmed, I shot off from my seat and grabbed her leg. When we composed ourselves, she asked me for a pad and a pen. I fetched them for her and she began to do automatic writing. They told me how much they needed to contact me and it was a message about my future and that I would be playing a major role in a future event. Some time after that message, I would be sat watching tv. The first time I saw a shadow whooshing in and for 15 minutes it stood and watched tv with me. Other days I would see shadows whooshing in and just stand at the wall and watch me. I believe that they are my Guardian Angels.

  • Carlos 3 years ago

    I have a picture of my grandfather when he was alive. And suddenly when his son came to visit us in the picture a strange eye looking white thing appeared on his glasses. The picture ember had that. It only got that when he came to visit.

  • Lisa 3 years ago

    I have had two experiences in my house the last few weeks of seeing some type of dark shadow go by in my peripheral vision. Last night, around 2:30am, I woke suddenly to the feeling of someone holding my hand and then saw what looked to be a dark shadow lying next to me. I never flew out of my bed so fast! Turned on the light and there was nothing. There is no doubt, to me, that there was something there touching my hand.

  • Mike Kessler 3 years ago

    I've seen the black mist, hairy man (part man/part animal), and countless others. Last night, there were two shadow people in two places above me at the same time. One stared at me from above the foot of my bed and then vanished. I looked up at the ceiling above my head and there was a completely different shadow person there.

    I believe that they are either from a different dimension or time travelers who using a futuristic cloaking device to conceal their identities. They may appear as shadows in order to avoid altering history in the physical world. That would be a great way to avoid a paradox.

    They don't scare me. I'm more intrigued by the idea that time travel and/or multi-dimensional travel may exist.

    I will try to speak to them next time and find out what they want.

  • Mr.SeeEverything 3 years ago

    i used to encounter these 'shadow people' at my hostel for 3times. i couldn't move nor say anything. one is a figure of lady whose face was very near with mine. i could see her full figure and she had eyes with no pupils and she screamed to me. oh how i was scared. i just prayed to god in my heart hoping it will stop.

    Another encounter was a lady in white who just stood by my side. the third was also a lady who sat beside me

  • resa mao 3 years ago

    Last night I saw one. Thats why im on this sote reading up one them......he stood 2 -3 feet away from my bed around 5 am I woke up . Stood up sitting on my bed looking thinking it was my husband trying to browse through my phone. It moved or stoped. Then I laid down amd played as if I was still sleeping...with both eyes still open. I saw it lean against the wall like it was trying to hide....I saw this. Then I said you know I see you. I completely thought it was my husband. I got up and out of my bed and it just disappeared.......I darted out towards my husband sleeping in the living room with the tv on. And just watched tv till I fell asleep again.....should I be conserned. It listen to me and tried to hide. I was wide awake.

  • Kukata Kali profile image

    Kukata Kali 3 years ago

    Humans have a tendency based on how we've been conditioned to fear anything we don't fully understand. We have issues with just loving each other as common species. When we see/feel something that is not involved in our common experiences, it would do us well to meet it with wonderment and love instead of fear. Then these shadows may become our allies in understanding our own level of consciousnesses instead of keeping us trapped in fear. Great Hub! Thank you for your expression~

  • Sgt Raz 3 years ago

    While stationed in Okinawa Japan, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw 3 shadow figures standing over me. Perfect silhouettes, not blurry, but completely pitch black. For some odd reason I wasn't scared, didn't feel threatened. I just stared at them. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I knew they were having a conversation amongst themselves. I'm getting goosebumps as I'm writing this. I'm old enough and experienced enough to tell the difference between a dream and reality. And that night was a reality. after seeing those shadow figures I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep, I was really carefree and calm about it which is very strange because I would think that my initial reaction to something like that would be to panic. Anyway it's an experience ill never forget. If there's anyone that can help me understand what it who they were and what they wanted from me please let me know.

  • Ninety3Todd 3 years ago

    I've been opening up myself spiritually a lot lately and last night I actually seen what looked like an aura of nothing but the chest up with a fedora. It was floating above my bed not even a foot away. It did not scare me one bit. I was starring in awe actually,at first I was startled of seeing a man over me suddenly lol but I've been talking too The Lord a lot lately and I have even been speaking too my guides. And the night before I asked for him too enter my dreams, which I think he did, and now he makes himself known when he is with me. It is actually a very peaceful loving feeling I get when he is around. I use too be a skeptic until I opened my mind,and what I great thing that has been for me. Don't be afraid, they can't hurt you unless you allow them too, your fear only feeds those negative energies,allowing them too get stronger. If you feel scared or threatened,talk too god, or just remember, there powerless unless you feed them, tey will go on and find someone who will be afraid of them.

  • saglover 3 years ago

    I was taking a nap it was about 10 am and I hadn't opened any of my blinds. Then I suddenly opened my eyes because I felt someone staring at me woke up saw upper body and head all black vanish just like that.Creeped the hell out of me.I believe it was a shadow person.I do my own house cleansing white sage and go to the Catholic Church and get holy water.Ever since I did that haven't felt or seen anything.Did it the same day.I do believe they like to observe us while we sleep dunno why?But good or bad when I start seeing shadows it's time for a cleansing.Oh BTW he was about 6 feet tall.

  • Joni 3 years ago

    this insistent only happened once to me, I remember I bought a Ouija board off this woman for $30 nothing began happening until my friend touched the board. I remember one night doing laundry all the kitchen lights are on my friend is making some food for himself but I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye on the ceiling, I look up and there's a half shadow of what looks like a child size it was there for a maybe good 30 or 40 seconds before it disappeared towards the kitchen light, but after it disappeared my friend and I both heard a female whistle. Other things have happened and I'll never forget them.

  • Mary P 3 years ago

    Hi. I was wondering if it is possible for a shadowman could have a face but it not being memerable when you see it. Because my shadow man does. At first i saw him as a shadow from the corner of my eye then i would see him head on in front of me but he would have a face each time after that. Then, he began to be in my dreams. Is that possublr? And what does it mean?

  • Sean 3 years ago

    When I was a young child I had a terrifying experience with these shadow people formed a circle around me and they were all chanting and the room started to shake. Is this some kind of ritual or what? I really need some answers.

  • Deborah Sexton 3 years ago

    I've encountered a shadow person and he wasn't so harmless. I found him to be very malevolent, as he tried to do harm to me. Prayer made him leave. I have a hub on them.

  • Sezza84 3 years ago

    Hi there, I'm the mum of a 9yr old boy who is constantly speaking of shadows in his room and down the hallway. For the past 3months he has refused to sleep in his bedroom as he is to scared that something bad is going to happen to him or his sister from these 'shadow people'. At first I thought oh just an overactive imagination. But now I have been seeing these 'shadow people' and the fear I feel is so over whelming I wake both my children and place them in bed with me in fear that if we are not grouped together something bad will happen. I feel insane and don't know how to deal with it all, PLEASE tell me is there any way to make them leave us alone.? I'm at my wits end.!

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    Go to my homepage which is and click on the article at the top. That should help. :)

  • demasik 3 years ago

    How do you cleanse a house or bless it. I'm not very religious

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    Have you done a cleansing or blessing of your home? It sounds like this thing is being allowed to stay or thinks its okay that it need to tell it to leave somehow. If it's just his imagination, you should encourage him to pray or tell it to go away directly. Hope this helps.

  • demasik 3 years ago

    I have a question. My four year old son has been terrified of a shadow in the house. For a few months it seemed to go away. But the past 3 days he seems to be terrified to be alone. And been very skittish. Like this morning I was trying to get him dressed this morning I was turned towards the kitchen cause I had my 4 month old sitting on the couch. I told him to come stand in front of me so I could get him dressed. He freaked when I tried to pull him in front and he said that he was scared of the shadow in the kitchen. If I go into another room and runs and follows me in then hides behind me. Hard time going to bed saying the shadow is staring at him. Please help

  • castro551 3 years ago

    I had the same experience when i was 6 yrs old , i turned off the light and got into bed , wilst i was laying there i noticed a figure in the doorway of my bedroom ( i am looking to the end of my bed , door is about 5ft beyond that ) , at first i did a long stare at it because i couldn't believe what i was seeing , imagine a tall person in a dark black robe with hood (hood looked more of a tight fit than loose fit) , i couldn't make out the face was completely black . This figure just stood there looking at me , i immediately stuck my head deep into the pillow and covered my ears , after a minute or two i turned my head to look at the door , the figure wasn't there anymore but then i noticed it was stood at the end of my bed to the corner(right)...again looking at me , at this moment i was overwelmed with fear and turned my head and sunk it deep into the pillow , this time i didn't look back .

    moving on when i was about 7-8 yrs old i was having these experiences at night when i go to bed , often the bulb would blow when i switch the light on , i hate it when this happens because i have to run across the room to get in to bed in darkness . Wilst i'm laying in my bed i would hear a scratching sound from the floor from under the bed ( imagine scratching the carpet with your fingers , thats what it sounds like ) not sure if there was something climbing the side of the bed because the noise would get louder , as this is happenning i have a sense i need to rap my bed cover between my legs as if i'm protecting my privates . Eventually at some time the noise would stop , it got to a stage i was that frightened i would take a small axe to bed with me , after a number of times i found , if i breath really loud the noise would go away .

    when i was thirteen i told a friend about it who told my dad and thats when i got a shock because my dad said he knew about these experiences already as it happened to him before i was born , at the time he was living in spain (my experiences were in the uk ) , during his experiences there was one night he said he saw what looked like a ball of light fly around in his room and then suddenly it shot out the window....what ever it was it smashed the window in the process , i don't know how long it went on for but in the end my dad invited a priest ? round to his house , he would throw water around the house.....sorry there is a proper name for this what the priest? is doing but not sure what its called , anyway after doing his thing...nothing happened ever since .

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    Cassondra. I believe you 100%; however, I do not believe that these lower dimensional beings will mess with anyone who is of a higher vibrational energy. I also do not believe they can mess with anyone who knows how to properly cleanse and shield themselves and their homes. It is only in extreme circumstances where these spirits can take over a place and drive others away from it. I have had many experiences with spirits of many kinds and know that we as human beings have the ability to expel them and keep them away from us. I have been to many cemeteries and I also practice the craft and I do not have any lower dimensional beings haunting me or my family because I know how to protect myself. Also, they are not usually attracted to people who are on a higher vibrational wavelength. They feed off of lower vibrational energy, and therefore can attach themselves to people and places of this same kind. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you and your husband are better now that you have left that house.

  • Cassondra 3 years ago

    Hi, my husband (now 21) and I have just moved out of an old apartment of ours because we have had to deal with a demon. that is a long story that covers everyday over a 2month period so I will not go into details about that story but we definitely have a lifelong story about things like this. Whether they are shadow people or demons all I know is that they are real and if you see them you are not a crazy person. They have been seen by my father-in-law, brother-in-law, husband, mother-in-law, his grandparents, his aunt and myself and none of us our crazy so they are definitely real. Here are some examples:

    When my husband was a kid he saw a black figure outside with bright yellow eyes and a dog figure next to the black figure and the dog had bright blue eyes (at his parents house which they still live in to this day)...when he was 17 he saw a black figure with eyes that were sunk in and teeth saying it looked like a skeleton head passing him in the hallway and the figure stopped and smiled real big at my husband and then walked away. Not only that but my brother in law (now 23) has seen a black figure when he was younger walking down the same hallway with bright red eyes and the same black dog with bright blue eyes and these were at different times. (it was the same dog my husband described)

    Plus my father in law has seen a hooded black figure with the hallowed sunk in eyes as well that was at the foot of his bed one night. (the same figure my husband saw when he was 17)

    I don't know why they are all around my husbands family but I do know that they are very creepy and if you are messing with witchcraft, wigi boards or going around investigating the paranormal at grave yards and things like that then be prepared because you are calling them towards you...and the things that my husband and I have experienced these last few weeks at our old apartment trust me you do NOT want to mess with these "things" some will not mess with you but some will and I know that from personal experience. I am not making this up, I have my husband, grandmother and mother-in-law to back me up. Just be careful with what you do, don't say I didn't warn you though. :/

  • carol 3 years ago

    Hi i have had many incounters of the dark shadow also white ones ,ive always wondered why me .This seems to happen to me when ive been under alot of stress.

  • Tay 3 years ago

    When I was about three years old and learning how to communicate well I had many imaginary friends. I would tell my mom and all the grown ups all about these these imaginary friends and all my story's of what we did all day. One of these friend I call the Tall Man. We would talk to each other although i do not remember what about because i was so young and this was decades ago. At this point my stories of the Tall man were just another tale spun out of my young imagination. Then things got strange. As time went by and I got a little older and grow out of imaginary friends and telling my stories, my younger sister (who is three years younger that I am) began to talk and she had many stories of imaginary friend as well. One of which she called, you guessed it, the Tall Man. That's when the grown ups started to question who the tall man was. Then one day when my mom was watching tv she saw him. She says that she knew instantly who she had seen and was terrified because her young daughters had been friends with this gaunt towering top hat wearing figure for years. Now I don't remember much of the Tall Man now, only he was my friend and looked a lot like Abraham Lincoln. That is about all my sister remembers as well.

    That is my story. The thing that struck me as odd is that today I learned about "shadow people" and that one of these shadow people has been referred to as "the tall man". Any thoughts or comments on this? I have had many supernatural experience in my life but non so mysterious as the Tall Man.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    Jon - Yes, they can be seen in this way.

  • Jon 3 years ago

    I see them too. Only at night, though and for whatever reason, only when I stare at the darkness. It's hard to explain but I know how manually focus my eyes a certain way to make it happen. When I do stare the darkness down, an even darker darkness slowly starts to envelope my entire sight. After I focus long enough I can see them. Sometimes it's just one, sometimes it's two, but there's always at least one. For whatever reason I can see them anywhere I go, anywhere with enough darkness.

  • Mark 3 years ago

    Hey, I used to sleep in my own room but every time at night the floor boards started creacking as though it was going to break off and it freacked me out. so I stayed in my brothers room for like a year. My older brother moved to a different city so I thought I might as well move into his room. I always used to feel as though something was watching me at the corner of my eye. Anyway, last night I had this weird dream that I was in a big tescos store and I was in the check out part with only people that I know in the store. I was placing stuff as though I was being tested then I looked up at the ceiling and the lights were looking like those you see off spaceships off movies. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw this shadowy figure standing right in front of me. I was still in a dream like state, I turned my head then thought to myself was there someone standing there and looked back and there was no one there. I didn't think much off it but the back off my head was hurting as though it had been injected or something and my heart was racing for some reason, I couldn't sleep the whole night.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    Glad to hear, Luis. Thanks for sharing.

  • Luis 3 years ago

    Hello, I got to this post because I Googled shadow figure woke me up. Last night I was asleep and something woke me up to where I jumped up, as I did I saw a smoke dark figure fly away from me and vanish very quickly. I said to my self it must be something I saw in my dream. So I went back to sleep. I then again was woken up to where I jumped up and again I saw the figure do the same thing, I prayed and asked for my angel to come protect me, and right away I felt at peace all of the fear left me and I slept very well.

  • Paul 3 years ago

    I saw one when I was about 10, I woke up out of nowhere, probably because I felt a presence. I was sleeping on the top of a bunk bed, looked to my right, and I saw a black figure, it took a few steps, bent down, and disappeared.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    Clear figures are just some other type of spirit not in relation to shadow people. They could be ET beings or something else entirely. I do not know enough about these types of spirits to help you out any further than that, unfortunately. If he feels threatened by these figures, tell him he can do a cleansing of his home and of himself by using holy water and prayer, or a smudging ritual (depending on his beliefs).

  • Diallo B 3 years ago

    I used to see shadow people as a kid. I always got the feeling that they were ghosts. I would sometimes see forms but usually not up close. Once in my childhood and twice in adult(most recently last night). I felt someone holding my arm and I woke up with a gasp to a hooded lady with one eye grabbing my arm. I looked away and she was gone, but it was freezing for an hour afterwards in my room. Georgia is hot, even at night.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    Hi, Worried Mom.

    Sorry it took me a little while to answer your comment. It sounds like your daughter indeed has an open third eye and can see other realms of beings all around us. I would tell her that if she is afraid of this woman to ask the woman the next time she sees her what she wants. It sounds crazy but I think if this spirit is looking for help or is lost in some way, confronting her and asking her what she wants might help your daughter feel better. If the spirit doesn't answer or gets a little too close for comfort, that is when you should employ methods of ridding your home of this spirit. If she has a dark face, it sounds to me like she is either a spirit of a woman who died tragically or she is a spirit that has never incarnated as a human being. Hopefully it's the former, as they are usually easier to deal with. Let me know what happens. I am here for you both.

  • WorriedMom 3 years ago

    Hello, I have an 11 yr old daughter who I believe to have somewhat strong psychic senses(or something). I say this because at a young age she used to tell me someone was calling on the phone min's before it would happen, and when someone was about to show up at the house. So, for several years now she has told me of a woman she tends to see out of the corner of her eye randomly. She always called her dark. But more recently she sees the woman walk across a room or just stare at her. She says the womans face is dark, and she has dark hair, but wears a white dress. She is afraid of her. I don't know what to do for her or if this is even similar to these shadow people, but any advice or insights would be much appreciated. Thank You

  • justaguy 3 years ago

    I woke up randomly one night,stretching my arm out Nd i felt a chest of a man not an ordinary chest it had hair like fur.,i didn look to see wht it was for the fear tht overcame me.i just sunk under the covers but i honedtly know tht i felt him.which meant he had been standing over me watching as i sleeop

  • justaguy 3 years ago

    I have also experienced a figure of a man tht appeared to have the features of a black man tht played old style type of muscian with the circled type hats.,i have trouble falling asleep cause i feek someones watching me nd doesn let me sleep..i have always felt since i was youg tht i was meant to do something.,so i imagine tht it has somethin to do with them.,i always catch myself trying to tlk to them saying im ready or at times im sayin leave me alone cause im not ready.i just kno wht i feel nd im hoping you can help me come to an understanding

  • justaguy 3 years ago

    I woke up one night to a stretch of my arm out.,while stretching my arm stopped on wht felt to be a chest of a man.,not an ordinary chest itvwas hairy like fur like..too scared to see wht it was for fear of wht it might do i sank into bed and pulles over the covers

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    What bone are you talking about? Did you take a bone from the cemetery and trash it?

  • KC Lee 3 years ago

    ok.. after reading everybody's entry in here, i have decided to share my experiences with u all readers in here as well.

    First of all i am not making this up and again i am not faking this up! i decided to do some research on this and finally

    ended up in this site. It seems this could happen to anyone and anywhere. I am a Malaysian guy, intelligent, healthy, don't

    smoke and drink neither and when i go to bed, i can doze off in seconds, literally in seconds even when i am not tired or

    exhausted, but lately i have trouble and real difficulty in sleeping as i can feel this omnipotent presence watching over me

    from the corner of my head and from my ceiling too, almost every night now. I am getting more frightened right now as i am

    convinced this shadow being is truly evil and waiting for the right moment to strike at me. As i am trying to piece all this

    puzzles together, it seems they are all related to each other somehow. My family are experincing this too at the same time

    and i am even more convinced now that we are being attacked by these evil shadow men as my family shared their experiences.

    Thank god i am not insane and not the only one experiencing this as claimed by all who have posted on this site. But unlucky

    for me because i believe this shadow men experiences are increasing more frequent for me.

    I remembered it all begins when i was a little child, i used to have this huge backyard behind my old house. I share a room

    with my elder brother and one late night i was awoken in the middle of the night by a feeling that urge me to go to my room

    window overlooking this huge backyard. Of course i couldn't understand this feeling nor can i explain it, but it told me to

    "come to the window and see me" so i did and what i saw on those huge trees swaying gently in the night breeze still gives me

    the chills till today. Two very bright lit red eyes are staring back at me menacingly and i completely froze at where i

    stood, it gives me the creeps and i wanted to scream to my brother who is just sleeping next to me, but before i could do so,

    and then just like that, it was gone, it was like 10 seconds or more i stood frozen staring back at those eyes and those eyes

    look very angry indeed. I can never forget those evil eyes. Then few days later as i was playing in the backyard during the

    day, i came across this large bone, i knew it was from a human because it was so large, mind u i was only a very little boy

    at that time, so without thinking proper, i pickup the bone and flung it across a small stream at the edge of the hill. I

    watch the bone swirls in the stream and disappeared through the corner. Probably my biggest mistake indeed as a few years

    later this incident happened to me. I remembered vividly it was around 3am in the middle of the night and i woke up suddenly.

    The next thing i know was that i was shocked to find that i couldn't move a muscle at all from any part of my body and the

    strangest thing is i was lying completely straight as if you are lying in a straight position inside a coffin. I know at that

    time i was fully awake, my eyes were wide open and i couldn't even scream to my brother who is again just sleeping next to me,

    all that comes out from my mouth are empty breathes. At the same time, i felt like there was like someone sitting on top of

    me and in chinese, this is known as being suffocated by a ghost. True to it, i close my eyes and tried to chant my prayers in

    my mind, and after my third sentence that i chanted and then i saw it, a ghastly figure with squarrish jaw bones stared back

    at me with red eyes, the same bright red eyes i saw earlier as a child. He opened its mouth like tring to say something to

    me, but before it could do so, it just vanished and i can move completely again. I catch mouthful of breath as i was having

    difficulty breathing earlier throughout the ordeal. I can recall the whole thing lasted for about 30 minutes. 30 long

    minutes! crap! My brother woke up and ask me what happened, i was too frighten to relate to him what happened but I did so

    the next day. And to my surprise he told me that he experienced the same thing too before, just that his ordeal was far more

    gruesome, when it happened to him and he couldn't move nor screamed, he saw a face begins to materialize in front of him,

    very slowly with all the features of a man's face slowly forming right in front of your face and the worst thing is that you

    are powerless to do anything except just to stare at the face slowly materialising in front of you. That was frigthening like

    shit at that time, but the weirdest thing is my eldest sister also experience the same thing. Hers was far much worst, she

    saw a woman dressed in white with long white hairs that covers her face and worst of all, she was strangeling my sister while

    she lies powerless to move nor even scream. My whole parents was so freaked up when they heard about this that they have

    decided that we moved out. But that didn't stopped the shadow men from following us. Few years back, at my new house, i woke

    up suddenly in the middle of the night, it was 3am and always I notice at around 3am things like this starts to happen,

    suddenly i saw this black silhoutte of a woman floating over me, i am sure she is the shadow woman. Few nights later, i woke

    up abruptly again to feel her presence in my room and this time, i can feel my soul as if being pulled out from my body, i

    resisted somehow and thankfully i survived to write this to you all now. :) otherwise god knows what haapens to me.

    Then comes the recent part of my life. This started to happen a few months back as I could recall, I was working late almost

    every night from my own company and after finishing my work, i usually like to take this slow drive back to my home and in

    between, i will pass 2 large cemetary on my way back. Maybe this was my mistake, as I begin to experience shadows and black

    mist almost every freaking night! what the hell!! never played around a cemetary folks. I thought i was tired and maybe it

    was a fickle of my imagination. But i know what I saw and i know what i saw!!! Every time it happens, I can feel its eerie and

    dark presence, sometimes it feels threatening too, I was afraid to tell my mum again for fear of freaking her up, but the

    worst part is, my mum experience it too just recently! I came back late home 1 night and was puzzled to find her sleeping in

    the hall instead of her own room with all the lights brighly lighted in the hallway. I ask her "why sleep in the hall mum?"

    and to my horror she told me she was just attacked by shadows swirling around her and she was being suffocated the same way

    as in a paralysis sleep. Can you imagine? swirling shadows over your head. I told her the same ordeal I am facing and we have

    decided to go see a medium this weekend persuming we lasted that long because just last night i saw the shadowy mist

    appearing right in front of me again as if taunting me in some sort of way before vanishing into thin air as it usually does.

    Its again 3.13am now as I am about to finish writing this and I fear what I am about to face again later. Maybe this was all

    my mistake, maybe I shouldn't have thrown the bone away but to give it a proper burial instead. Can somebody in here help me?

  • Zoe 3 years ago

    Each shadow person is different. Mine chases me wherever I go and should i stay in one place long enough, it finds me and I slowly start to become weak and fatigued and depressed. I can't sleep and it feels like i'm slowly dying - though of course this could be summed up as anything.

    The reason i know my shadow being is evil, isn't because of the fact that is a dark mist with a demonic face - its the aura around it. And when you have felt true evil, you know what it is.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    Hello, Ai. No you're not the only one. Many people see these beings. I don't believe they will hurt/harm you. If they get a little too pushy though, be stern and tell them they aren't welcome in your home.

  • Ai 3 years ago

    I typed in google to se if it is possible that I could be seing shadows following me home at night, and omg I'm glad it's not me cracking up because last night in the corner of my eye wile walking home I seen a shadow behind me, I stopped and it carried on n I looked away to scared to look back at the ground it creeps me out its happened to me lots of times now always seems to be the shadow of a man but the shadows have always been different size I not long ago started having sleep paralysis were I would wake up but can't move and hear voices I then realised that the voices are actually in my dream and my body's actually asleep but my eyes are open, but I have a dream were a shadow is standing over me and I can't move at all I have had this dream since I were young but this year I have noticed somebody following me look back an it's just still walkin behind me my hairs are standing up writing this cus it freaks me out I just look up to the sky n don't look down I know it can't harm me but i just don't want to see it glad I'm not the only one tho

  • 3 years ago


  • Claire 3 years ago

    During the evening when I walk by my living room I'll see a tall man watching me or walking into the kitchen, but when I turn my head completely to get a good look at him, he either darts immediately into the kitchen or turns around and vanishes. The first couple of times this happened, I was simply terrified and ran into my Mother's room. The last few times however, I feel calm and indifferent since it happens so often and he never hurts me or follows me. When I was younger, I remember seeing a tall ghostly gray dog with white eyes out if the corner of my eyes all the time, but this only happened in my house. I would just like slightly see it in the corner of my eyes and whip around to face it, but when I would turn to it, it was gone.

  • W1totalk profile image

    W1totalk 3 years ago

    A friend of mine spoke about this. I thought it was an overactive imagination. Good article.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    Fay - It could very well have been...or they could have been negative entities that were following him around. It really all matters how you felt about the situation. Blessings, fay!

  • Fay webster 3 years ago

    When l was 29 l had just given birth to twins a boy and a girl l was not with the dad because he was violent . It was the day l came home from hospital and it was about 9pm and l was in bed with their dad next to me snoring when these 3 hooded figures came from the bottom of the bed I Judy stared and froze they grabbed my feet and l elevated of the bed by this time l started screaming and they let me go and l landed back on the bed their dad woke up and said l was dreaming but l know l was awake the very next day l left this man and raised my 4 beautiful children by myself so l have always thought it was them telling me to leave Wat do you think regards fay

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    It could have been a shadow person, given that you saw the shadow figure at your friends' house. Say a prayer before going to bed and imagine nothing but white light surrounding your in your bed and your entire home, and you will be fine. :)

  • Dr. D 3 years ago

    Hello there kitty i wanted to share with you what happened to me 2 years back it was around 8-9 in the morning i remember i woke up but then i went back to sleep and when i did i started having this realistic dream where i was at one of my friends house and we were in his living room and out of nowhere this really big dark shadow appeared and i became so afraid that i jumped on my friend and coverd Myself with the blankets and remember the shadow walking towards us and i started screaming but i kinda remember opening my eyes in reality alittle and remember really seeing a dark figure standing right next to me but i was like half asleep and i remember seeing the shadow touch me in my shoulder in my sleep and in reality i felt heat on my shoulder like really hot then i awoke very freightin kitty do you think this could have been a shadow person messing with me in my sleep or maybe a demon or do you think it was just a the dream and nobody was there in reality

  • Ryan 3 years ago

    I came across this post after thinking about experiences I had a few years back. After having a rough few personal months I began to focus on my spirituality. I have always been sort of a clairsentient and have felt things, but never seen things. For a few months I would wake up completely alert by something and see a black shadow type figure formless fly towards me in a semi lit room.

    One night I woke up to a shadow figure standing at the edge of my bed. At this point I was completely awake and it was a shape of a man. My heart was pounding and I thought someone was there watching me. I assumed some creep had broken in my house and I was quickly orienting to decide whether to jump up and go hands on with the guy or grab my handgun in the bedside drawer. The figure then walked past my bed to the left of me past the window and stared for a brief second. The "figure" then laid down next to me to the point where for a brief second I could feel the bed depress from the "weight". I then in an instant started punching the figure to no avail realizing I was punching my bed. I jumped out of bed turning the lights on in disbelief to what just happened. I was awake and experiencing a definite adrenaline dump for several seconds prior to the figure laying down next to me. Freaked me the hell out. I saw the figures for a little while after that, but haven't see them for a few years.

    Good post! A very real and freaky experience I don't wish anyone to experience.

  • darkmoon33 3 years ago

    I had an experience with a shadow person during the day when i was in elementary school. It was during lunch and i did not have anything paranormal on my mind. It wasn't exactly face to face though.

  • alex623 3 years ago

    Thank you very much! It's clear to me now. I knew it's not just a dream. I'm searching about spiritual guides now. More blessings! Thanks!

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    It sounds like you are having a vision of your spirit guide. She's coming to you as a little girl because perhaps she feels that that is a vision that you could most relate to. The black figures are not beings of light, they are shadow people. I wouldn't try to make contact with them at all. In fact, if I were you, I would cleanse my home with holy water or sage of some kind. Usually when I have sleep paralysis (as you've described above), and I see a shadow being, they are trying to feed off of my energy...they usually follow us when we've come back into our bodies after astrally projecting. Or perhaps they are there feeding off of our bodies' energy while our souls are gone flying about. Do not be scared. Just get rid of the dark beings...ask the light spirit how she can help.

  • alex623 3 years ago

    Hi, I'm just wondering and finding some answers to my questions and I got here. I also see dark human like images. They're like standing shadow. I saw a child that runs away from me like a wind. Standing shadow. At first I doubt it because it happens when I'm half awake. I was thinking maybe it was just a dream. But to my surprise that my Dad saw them. My dad saw a Man, Child and maybe a Mother walking together passing front of my Dad. I still have doubt though. I'm now on different country and I still saw a standing shadow beside me.That time, my body is sleeping but i know my mind is very awake. I can't move. I can only see a small amount of vision and I saw this shadow guy looking at me. I didn't see his eyes, only black figure. I know that this was normal because I know some people saw it and I searched on internet. But recently, I encountered very strange event. I was aware of OBE (out-of-body experience). I always try to wake up when I'm having this strong vibration in my whole body while sleeping because I'm afraid of what I might see there. But last time I give it a try because I want to play. I want to fly and see our living room. I forgot of my fears that time. It's just a playful feeling I have that time. I tried to relax and let my body float, then i floated. my vision that time is small, blurry gray and black, and some small amount of light at the center vision. I know that I have to open my eyes wider to see. When I'm opening my eyes, it felt like I'm opening one eye and felt like I'm opening center eye. while opening it very slowly, it's still dark and blurry and this white shining at my center. I continue opening slowly and I recognize this white shining to be a figure of little girl in front of me. I was floating that time and she is also floating in front of me. I felt her. I felt that she was real, alive, existing, and wanted to play with me. She didn't told me that she wanted to play, i just felt it. I immediately close my eye and tried to wake up because I'm scared when I recognize her. I recognize her when my vision is from her head to her belly. I'm wondering if it's just a dream or for real? I'm searching on internet of the same story like mine, or this white shining human figure.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    Mary W - Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like your house is haunted by not only one ghost but by multiple ghosts. By asking for Saint Michael's help, it sounds as though you indeed rid your house of whatever negative spirits or energies were inside. Many Blessings to you and your family.

  • mary w 3 years ago

    I was using rest room and something grabbed my pant leg and pulled one side down and then the other I heard a growl and I said in the name of Jesus devil get away from me and I went into the kitchen and you know how you feel something looking at you I turn real quick and it looked like smoke went into the ceiling well this scarred me so I looked up saint Michael prayer and I said it in every room and on the last room it felt like the holly ghost came thru me I was crying and I felt so free and re leaved it was over no more ghost no more dark shadows look it up Saint Michael is arch angel and he helps us get rid of evil.

  • mary 3 years ago

    I was a sleep and my grandson was sick beside me and my husband was asleep on couch I was awaked by someone touching my arm and I said what is it baby and opened my eyes and saw no one. I checked on Ashtyn he was asleep and I was getting up to check on my husband and an old woman transparent looking turned and stopped and look right at me and went on thru the hall to the other bedroom that was empty. I was scarred to death didn't want to leave my grandson alone I did and ran to check on James my husband he was not breathing right I woke him up and told him what happened and describe the old lady he said don't worry it was probably my grandmother she lived in this apartment. Well a few days later I found a plastic obituary with her picture on it. It was laying on dresser of the bedroom she went into I said yes this is her he ask where I got that he had never seen it before and he showed it to his mother and it was given to her from the funeral home years earlier and she had gave it to her sister that had past away 3 years earlier to weird but I feel that she touch me so I would go check on him. he had lung surgery and has problems breathing laying down.

  • Isaac 3 years ago

    One time when I was asleep I woke up to the noise of a growl. At that moment my eyes opened and I saw what seemed like an angry woman with sharp teeth staring at me in malice. At this moment and time I could not move because it felt as if a tremendous amount of weight was on me. I was forced to stay still and look at her until my brother in the next room woke and she disappeared. I was frightened for weeks and did not go back until I mustered enough courage to. This will be my 3rd time seeing a shadow person, with the two being in my childhood days, this one in my early 20's. I don't know why it happened. It crosses my mind now and then.

  • gloryb714 3 years ago

    I woke up and seen a dark man smiling at me. He was by my bedroom door on the side of my 25 inch floor model TV, which sits on a stand for height (I always sleep with the TV on). I said honey, he said nothing, I looked at the clock it was 3:10 am. Then I realized my husband was at work. I look back at the smiling figure of the dark man. He had no face but he had very white teeth, just smiling at me. He he disappeared into a mist. I wasn't afraid. What was that.

  • KL 3 years ago

    When i war about thirteen. i saw a group of shadowmen. I was sleeping in the back of a van with windows on both sides and behind my head. i voke up and could not move. and there they were.standing around the van. human figures, tall and with big all yellow eyes. one of them streched his neck and came 10 centimeters from my face and just stared at me. then i blacked out and awoke in the exact same position i was in when it happened. freaked me out later when i remebered it. told my dad. he credited me for my active "imagination". fun stuff

  • Rob 3 years ago

    It's probably a fairly common psychological phenomenon. There is no way that there are actual shadow people watching any of you.

  • Supernatural931 profile image

    Supernatural931 3 years ago

    Hello :) I myself have seen shadow people before, mainly around my Grandmother's, which I always believed to be haunted anyway. I only saw them out of the corner of my eye though, never full on at my Grandmother's. Although I did have an experience where I saw one running down the stairs at one of my old homes, which scared me alot since I was only young at the time. In my new home I'm not sure I've seen any, but I have felt that I am not alone at certain areas in the house, especially while on the stairs. Although I never feel anything or see anything in my bedroom, because I make it very clear it is for me and me only, I don't know if that's why or not. Great hub by the way :)

  • Beth 3 years ago

    I dont think shadow people are evil or bad.I had an experience with a Shadow Person (shadow being) last night. I was in bed and I woke up because I felt like I was being watched and that there was someone in the room with me. I sleep on my back so I casually turned to the right side and my eyes were open and there was a shadow figure of a man in the corner staring at me. I was scared at first thinking the house had been broken into. So my adrenaline peaked...then I said eff this chill out, pretend to be asleep in case it is a burglar (we live in a LOW crime area btw) unless the figure had a shadow dog with must have hunched down and it looked at me and its eyes glowed red.

    I had no fear and I realized this was no burglar.

    I mentally told it that I did not have time for this and I turned all the way around and basically told it to go away now.

    I was awake this whole time.

    I did NOT have sleep paralysis as I could move the whole time.

    I want to call it back to talk to it and apologize for being rude. But explain to it that it should not wake me up because that irritates me to no end.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether

    That's crazy! And yes, they are sneaky fellows.

  • Computer Services profile image

    Mark Brenner 3 years ago from Lee's Summit, Missouri, 64063

    I discount many things that are deemed supernatural, but something happened that I really can't explain. When I was in high school, my younger brother and I were sitting across the table from one another and out of the corner of our eyes, we see a black shadowy form of someone. We both turn our heads to see it fully and it just folded in on itself and disappeared. To this day I can't explain it.

  • tore 4 years ago

    goose bumps along my spine I think they come here half the time long blackness poured beside this plane fresh sage drying vandalized by rain night becomes an unfortunate curse blue orbs of light on the floors they burst but what if there're in the room right now in their invisible cloaks somehow glasses of water circling my bed wish they'd haunt someone else instead half empty seems to be my cup wonder how hard it'd be to beat one up arms spent from throwing stones at dreams each night colder and darker it seems inclined to believe the mad hatter was right seems only fools are afraid of the night with the intellect cheese melted over grits floors cold on my knees need yo pray a little bit so if they leave before I wake my nights back is all I wish to take

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    Char - If you are ever alone and feel like someone is watching you, just visualize a bubble or sphere of white light surrounding you...this white light bubble/circle will protect you and your spirit.

  • Char 4 years ago

    ive seen a shadow man twice in my life and always catch something out of the corner of my eye. my first experience was when i was in grade 7 and i was doing my math homework in the living room. i just got this feeling i was being watched and it came from the left. i turned to my left and saw a brown colored see through shadow of a man peeking around the corner at me. he seemed to be shy cause he went back behind the corner not even 5 seconds after. i wonder if he meant for me to see him. the 2nd time was when i was walking at night with my sister, we just turned around a corner when i quickly looked down the street we were just on and i seen a black shadow of a man running across the street. i quickly glanced back but this time he was gone. he didn't have that much time to make it all the way across the street when i took the 2nd look. never once felt threatened by these sightings although i have had some unnerving moments when you feel something "watching" you and nothings there.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    It doesn't sound like you're crazy, it sounds like you're experiencing something supernatural. Perhaps though you might want them to take a look at the dosages of medicines that you're on for your illness. Sometimes weird side effects will happen if your body is changing, etc. If not, have you tried praying to god or whoever it is that you pray to? Have you tried calling on your guardian angels or spirit guides to keep them away?

  • LeviShane 4 years ago

    I have been having these encounters for quite some time. It happens to me only when I take my ambien before bed. I take the lowest dose prescribed. However when it all started I had night lights in my room and they appeared hovering in corners of my room. I wasn't ever afraid of them. . This is going to sound bizarre but I didn't think by attempting to touch the shadow that it would be tangible ... But it was. It wasn't something I was able to grab a hold of but I could affect the flow of it by scooping it in a certain direction. I have switched bedrooms in the house that I stay in and have not put up my routine night light yet, and the past two nights I have just seen swarms of these shadow people. Some come sit beside me, some of them hover, some are just passing through. The shapes and sizes vary and I have These passed two nights seen the red eye and yellow eye. At first seeing the swarm did scare me because I was only use to seeing one or two.. But they are watching me. I have not gone as far as talking to them because I don't want my mother in the next room to think I'm fucking crazy. I was on the phone with my friend describing the situation while it was happening. I'd shine my phone light on them and they would disappear but would slowly pile back into the room. Maybe I did this to keep myself calm, maybe I did this to entertain them, but I started to sing the music that I write. They just watched me as i sang and scooped the moving ones along in the air. I get a sensation on my skin from time to time when touching them. Not a heavy one, nothing wet. Just as if air was blowing on me, I've gotten use to it so it doesn't make my hair stand up on end or give me goosebumps. I just wonder if anyone else has had this sensation. I just wish I had a deeper understanding of why i went from seeing just a couple to seeing so many. We'll see what happens in the days to come. I don't abuse my sleep medicine, as I have HIV and take other medication for that. I just feel like if I talk about my experience with a dr that they are going to think I'm crazy, and hey- maybe I am.

  • Kerry43 4 years ago

    Good morning, I have a shadow lady, who is actually not all shadow, but some face and color, although those details fade almost instantly I get to look at her. She is always wearing a floral dress and has a hairstyle reminiscent of the 1950s. She has a pleasant smile, and when I see her out the corner of my eye, she is always in the doorway, as if she is peering around the doorway just to look in on me, as a mother would do looking in on a sleeping child. The most interesting thing about my friend*, is that she was also in my home in Australia for 14 years before I moved to the U.S. I hope she never goes away.

    Thanks for the read...voted up +

    Kerry :)

  • Annetta1987 4 years ago

    My 7 year sister said recently that she sees someone, and the figure was tall thin and like a shadow. She said that he had little people shadows that were apart of him that follow her and just watch her now and then. She said he had grey flecks all over him and spoke to her in many different voices through his mind and she answered with her mind. He said he was here because he wanted to live again and wants her body. She said He cant and he got mad and walked through the wall. A 2 year old lives next door and a 6 year old a few doors down. We have givenn here some advice as to not let this get to her imagination or scare he so much and also to tell the spirits to go away and that they dont belong her. Is there any other advice we can give her for strength? She is only 7.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    CJ - It sounds like you've experienced what I've also experienced on occasion which is known as sleep paralysis. Usually it happens when you're spirit is returning to your body after astral travel. If you'd like to learn more about it, go to my video here:

  • cj 4 years ago

    ive had alot od experinces with these shadow pepole each time i felt as if they were trying to attack me i use to keep getting this werid sleeping thing where i would wake up paralyzed struggling for air and id look in the corner of my eyes to see a talk shadow figure standing there i kept fighting until i could move and breath agin i am now 15 and have had all sorts of other werid things happen i dont know what these things are but the ones ive encountered were evil.

  • Comforting 4 years ago

    People say its creepy , I actually think it is comforting. Knowing a loved one is watching over you !

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    Lilleyth - Sometimes that works. Glad it worked for her.

  • Lilleyth profile image

    Suzanne Sheffield 4 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

    Kitty, she did one better than that: she moved! Nothing to report in the new home so far thank goodness. I was afraid it would follow her.

  • boo! 4 years ago

    Yep, interdeminsional travelers they are. Watchers, from a parallel universe. Not spirits or ghosts or aliens really, just like advanced forms that are curious and elusive as Hell, the omega point has been reached by these wormhole traveling lightyear hippies. They know and eventually will show us things that will expand your consciousness or melt off your face. Its up to you, if you've seen them, its because they've let you. If they've let you, you're either really cool or a total tool. Our dna is incomplete, our minds barely even function at a fraction of a fraction of there design. Keep your soul clean, its nearly time... I've seen postcards from the end of conceived time...

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    Lilleyth - Has she done a cleansing or smudging of the home?

  • Lilleyth profile image

    Suzanne Sheffield 4 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

    I definitely saw a shadow person in my daughter's kitchen. It was just a tall, human-shaped blob, that I saw twice while she was at work. I didn't mention it to her as I didn't want to frighten her or make her afraid to live there, so I kept quiet until she called me after I returned home, and asked me if I had seen anything. That is when I told her what I had seen. She had seen the same thing as well as a bright ball that scurried away when she opened her door. It went through a wall and rattled her pots and pans in the cupboard on the other side of the wall.

  • jazzik 4 years ago

    I've had a variety of different experiences over the years .. some can be explained away and others have been downright terrifying. I'd like to blame them on an overactive imagination but since others have seen and evenwhat I have that's not really possible. At this point I'm just looking for some answers. .and because some of the things I've read here has seemed very familiar I thought maybe this might be the place ..

  • me again 4 years ago

    I certainly didn't mean to insult kitty or anyone else, was just reporting my findings. I don't believe that im bipolar either. Im pretty content and happy, im not like clinically reclusive or anything, I go out and stuff, just seem to enjoy alone time more than most. I do believe something weird is happening to me, and its purely a TWO dimensional vision. No wrinkles, robes, hair or eye sockets. I don't use drugs, a little pot back in college, years ago. I have read recently about bipolar hallucinations and among them most commonly shadow people. Maybe one causes the other or vice versa, maybe not. However a connection is somehow there. Mental illness doesn't account for me spinning around in my bed and barely catching my breath. Im not over weight, don't smoke, don't have sleeping disorders and don't take prescription or illegal drugs of any kind as other websites will suggest. I admit that I have become obsessed with this topic recently as I have found it so common. And its The only truly strange phenomenon that I have ever experienced first hand. I search the web often for accounts of them speaking to people, as I feel unique to this. Especially asking me to come with him. That's the scary part for me. My girlfriend (ex) who has a past studying the Wicca stuff even said during this period, without me saying a word about it "there's something here" . She said she felt like she was being watched and that it was there for me and just wanted her to go asleep. She stopped coming over. I made a bunch of those blair witch stick figure thingys out of small pine branches and hung them from trees just for a laugh last year. In retrospect, it all began around the same time. When my girlfriend noticed the presence here, I joked, I think I invited them here. Who knows, maybe we're all crazy, maybe we're the only sane ones. All I know is something watches me from time to time, and it "wants you to come with us" . Mentioned ex says "just don't go, it can't be good". I wonder if I haven't already been, and if that's why my attitude went a little south. Maybe they did suck a little soul from my chest. Maybe I should turn off the coffee pot, my thumbs hurt." ancient aliens in my bedroom, whispering in my ear"

  • eddieblue 4 years ago

    experienced shadow people - first women with long dark hair dressed in black hovering over my bed, then single tall, dark figures who would wear long robes. Robes touched my legs, I could feel the touch and hear the rustle of the garment.

    One night - early morning, that is - two of them showed up, one was the usual shadow person - tall and dark, the other was a three-dimensional figure , very small, dressed in what appeared to be hunting clothes , long white hair, terribly old looking, wrinkled face with empty eye sockets----

    I had woken up by one of them touching my wrist.

    I was terrified.

    Knew I had to do something, so I checked up on the meds I was taking & found out that Ambien and Oxycodon produce hallucinations in a lot of patients.

    Dropped both - been sleeping well ever since.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    Eric - I see shadow people from time to time and I am not bipolar...nor am I reclusive. Thank you for the insight though.

  • eric s 4 years ago

    Been hearing something that sounds like gunshots coming from inside the house. Nothing there of course. Goggled the experience and wound up at a bi-polar blog. You good folks should try it also. Apparently the shadow people are like the most common symptom among bipolar sufferers. I don't know any personally. And have never been to a doctor myself for anything other than broken bones and stitches. Prolly wont go now either. But, it does seem to be a connection . I wonder how many of you are reclusive like me. That's the only other bipolar trait besides the shadows and voices that I share with those folks. What a strange phenomenon. Especially for someone like me who doesn't really believe in anything supernatural. Sleep easy all.

  • eric s 4 years ago

    Its been a year since it happened, still not a day goes by that I don't wonder about it. He was to my left, beside the bed, kinda leaned over in my face. He whispered "we want you to come with us". In the days following I woke up with my head at the foot of the bed, gasping for air like nothing I've ever experienced before or after. I know my dreams. This was somehow very different. I was invited somewhere. WHERE????

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    Holy water do dreamcatchers. As long as you believe they'll work...they'll work. Call upon the power of the universe.

  • nicole 4 years ago

    Thanks! && its been happening the past two very recently! I'm not very religious (at all) I wouldn't even know what to say! I have holy water however? Maybe a dream catcher too?

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    Nicole - How long have these things been happening? I would suggest a cleansing of your home...either by your pastor/priest or a local shaman or witch. If you would rather do it yourself, you can do a simple smudging ritual of your home by burning sage and saying a prayer throughout each room to clear out all negative energy and spirits. I do this to my home when I start having such nightmares and it always works. Check out my hub on smudging:

    Good luck sweetie. Keep your head up, you can beat it.

  • nicole 4 years ago

    I dont know what I've encountered the past two days..but I literally am forcing myself not to sleep now.

    Two nights ago I woke up from my sleep for absolutely no reason (which never happens) and what I thought was my dad trying to scare my by hovering his face very close to mine in the dark...apparently was not because I threw my hands at the figure as to push it back and I lost my breath and panicked. I immediately turned on my light.

    Then last night I woke AGAIN to what it seemed to be something pulling my covers off me. I freaked and stayed awake until the sun rose. I then fell back asleep and dreamt that I was trying to get out of my room but something on the other side was holding the door shut. When I managed to pull my door open my mom came running out of the bathroom door saying the same thing happened and that someone else was living with us.

    I am so paranoid...and already deeply afraid of the dark, I don't know what to do :[

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    bac2basics - Sounds like a shadow person to me. I've had them in my house...usually if I do a smudging, they tend to not pop in for awhile. Thanks for sharing!

  • bac2basics profile image

    Anne 4 years ago from Spain

    Hi Kitty.

    In the last house I lived in , in the UK, something was always catching my attention from the corner of my eye as I watched TV. It got to the stage where it really got annoying and one night I said to my husband " what is that" He was quite psychic and said it was nothing..but the way he said it made me sure he had seen something. There was never a bad vibe or anything in the house, and I never actually saw anything I could identify, just a quick movement in my peripheral vision and always from the same place.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    kristopher - wow! It seems you've had quite some experiences with these shadow beings. You seem to think they are astral entities?

    Jay - You're right, there's too many similar experiences by too many people to believe that it's just a coincidence or a hallucination. Thanks for the comment!

  • Jay Rando profile image

    Jay Rando 4 years ago from England

    This time last year i had an experience with one of these shadow beings, I will be writing a hub on it at some point so people can see if they had a similar experience to me.

    My experience was weird because i saw both the shadow man with the fedora hat and long coat but i also saw a black orb with orange light coming off it. Looking back the two must be connected, for them both to turn up on the same night was odd to say the least.

    I too for a while thought that these shadown people are just beings that jump from dimension to dimension but i reckon they are actually spirt/demon beings. They do come off as observing us but the fact they turn up when we sleep is a strange time to observe. I also believe majority of people are not hallucinating, we are all definitely seeing the same things. I for one knew nothing of shadow being descriptions being on the web until i decided to look up what i witnessed, this can only show that this thing does exist.

    Great hub btw :)

  • kristopher 4 years ago

    i have always had very good dream recall, and have had lucid dreams since the 3rd grade. my first encounter with these intelligent entities was 3 years ago. in a half dream state, one of these beings was shaking my bed violently i did not like it. also, today during a nap one was hovering next to my face, and what almost looked like try to scream at me. i am not scared of them tho, while in astral form i swat at them and they seem to get the picture and fade away

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 4 years ago from the Ether

    Jess - What a creepy story! You should write a story about that. It definitely sounds like a shadow person. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jess 4 years ago

    Oh my godnow I know what it was! About six years ago my two friends and I were standing in an old abbey graveyard at night( silly I know!) I had my back right at an old headstone and we were chatting and my friend pointed and couldn't speak and when I turned I looked up and this man with a hat the exact same as that Image above! It was the perfect shape of a person but it was pitch black! Like a shadow standing erect! I screamed , picked up one of my friends and literally ran with her out the gate lol ( adrenaline lol) , there were lights every where and j could see my friends clearly so when I looked at this thing believe me it was not human plus my friends were looking in my direction the whole time and never saw any one actually approach but just " appear" plus there was gravel and pebbles and we heard nothing despite that it wa "dead" quiet , excuse the pun!

  • Frosty 5 years ago

    It was the only time I've seen one but that was enough

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Frosty - Very spooky! I've always just seen them as darting shadowy figures out of the corners of my eyes. I've never seen them face to face in such a manner before. Thanks for sharing.

  • Frosty 5 years ago

    I was on the Internet last night and came across a story about shadow people and took me back to my child hood I was about 7 at the time so 27 years ago I was in bed and the landing had a widow which a street lamp lit up I woke up and looked at the door and there was a dark figure there which took up most of the doorway It was the shape of a man arms legs but no features just pitch black with bright glowing red eyes it just stood there against lit landing I remember sitting there terrfied looking back at it I then closed my eyes counted to 5 and it was gone I told my mother and father about what had happened and they said I was dreaming or seeing things maybe a shadow from the street light but I now what I saw and can picture it like it was yesterday and will never forget it

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    aldrin h. - I agree, as the same thing has happened to me too! Very frightening experience. It's definitely not an illness, as millions of people have had experiences with this. I don't think you're crazy at all...cuz if you're crazy, that means I'm crazy too! :)

  • Aldrin H. 5 years ago

    The first part of this article exactly happened to me! I believe they are real, and doctors used them as illness. How can it be an illusion when you see a face in the clouds or figure and everyone else see's it. The theory that they are travelers from a different dimension, is plausible. Its not an illness Im pretty sure. Crazy as I sound, no one can call me crazy, because they haven't proven it 100% if they are real or not.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Lenore - you couldn't be more correct about that! :) Thanks!

  • Lenore Robinson profile image

    Lenore Robinson 5 years ago from Delaware

    I saw, what I saw, when I saw it! Amazing!

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Dolores - Yes, the fact that they observe us is totally creepy! It's like having a ghostly stalker! I have never heard of reptilian shapeshifters, but now I need to look it up. You've sparked my interest! Good point with the sleeping thing...I have no idea who would want to watch anyone sleep...maybe they're sucking our energy out of us? Thanks for stopping by, love.

  • Dolores Monet profile image

    Dolores Monet 5 years ago from East Coast, United States

    I've heard about these characters and find them to be pretty durn creepy. Even if they are just watching, well, that's creepy is it not? Have you ever heard of reptilian shape shifters? Some people think that's what they are...the watchers. Why would they want to watch us sleep? Sounds kinda boring for them.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    maggiem-may: thanks so much! glad you enjoyed it!

  • Maggie-May profile image

    Nadine M AuCoin 5 years ago from the Island of Cape Breton to the Eastern Shores near Halifax, NS

    Wow, creepy but interesting, I truly enjoyed this, thank you,


  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Hi, LeeLee! You are such a doll! Thanks so much for your kind words.

    Of course you could write me into a story, I would be so flattered! Let me know once it's written, love! Have a fantastic evening. :)


  • Mrs. J. B. profile image

    Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

    Kitty: I love this hub. I could read this a million times over. Votes straight again acroos the borad.

    OH one more thing SMILE.. thebluestar and I are co-writing a hub, with your permission of course I would love to add you to the list of characters. Yes you would be under this name. I know you are going to love love love it. Please let me know! Thanks

    Mrs. J. B. aka LeeLee

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Hi, truthfornow! Lovely to meet you, Miss! Yes they can be quite creepy...I think even creepier than ghosts! Thanks for commenting. :)

  • truthfornow profile image

    truthfornow 5 years ago from New Orleans, LA

    Creepy. I have seen these shadows out the corner of my eye ~ so brief that i can not even be sure it happened. IGlad to know more. Thanks.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    oh, geez...that's horrible! it's

  • kenziegreeneyes profile image

    Holly Mackenzie Cupp 5 years ago from United States

    if you have an email address I can contact you at I can describe a few of my experiences. They're pretty disturbing to say the least so I don't want to leave them here for everyone to see, I wouldn't want to be the cause of a nightmare.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Sylvia - What a wonderful take on it! Seriously, I don't know why I never thought of that. Of course these beings could be different things...thanks for bringing your insight to this hub. :) I'm a fan of yours forever.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    John Snow - what an interesting experience! I have heard a lot about shadow cats but not necessarily dogs...thanks so much for sharing your story with us.

    Kenzie - I am sorry that such a terrifying experience happened to you...especially during OBE work. These "attacks", do you mind sharing with me what happened during these attacks? I'm very curious as to the reason why they were attacking you.

    Jill Kostow - It is a very creepy feeling to feel as if someone is watching you but yet you see no one or nothing! Could possibly be shadow peoeple but you don't realize it!

  • Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

    Sylvia Van Peebles 5 years ago from Southern California

    I think the reason everyone has such different experiences is because we're not all experiencing the same thing. Some are ghosts, some are demons, and some are visitors who are just curious.

  • JillKostow profile image

    Jill Kostowskie 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

    Very interesting hub! I believe that there are shadow people although I have yet to see one. I know for me at times I get the sense of something being near me or sense someone "watching" me when nothing is around. For some reason I always had a deep curiosity with the supernatural and I really enjoyed this hub!

  • kenziegreeneyes profile image

    Holly Mackenzie Cupp 5 years ago from United States

    I used to get "attacked" by shadow people on a daily basis over a span of a few years during out of body experiences that happened to me accidentally. I also saw them occasionally as a young child. In my opinion they're evil. I don't understand why it happened to me and I never want to encounter them ever again.

  • John Snow 5 years ago

    I just say "hello"... but I've never gotten a response.

    one time i was driving on a desolate state highway when a black dog darted out in front me which i surely hit.... i stopped the car only to find no dent, no blood, no fur, and no corpse... i just assumed it was a "shadow dog" so i whistles and said "here boy"... but i got no response - dead silence.... so i got in my car and left... i dont know what people fear what they dont understand, you dont know if it can hurt you yet, so why be scared?

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Mrs. JB, no way, you have them in your house all of the time? I thought I met up with one in my house one night...more of a black cloud that seemed to stay in one spot...but that was only once in my new home. Very intriguing that you let them stay around...maybe they find you interesting! Do you see them in the graveyards that you wander around or do you see other spirits?

  • Mrs. J. B. profile image

    Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

    My house is loaded with shadow people all the time. I AM FULLY AWAKE when I see them. No it is not a figment of my over active imagination that Psychologists claim in your hub. I have many that are here every single night. New ones pop up too. They do not disappear when noticed. They stay. Usually they are in the same spot as well. I have seen the full black mist, the very large black spot, animals, people and yes I have watched them move up the hall and across the room. I just Hello yes you can stay but do not try to scare my dogs. I love it. I spend a great deal of my time wandering graveyards.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Yes, that is very true dahoglund. Especially as children we see things in the dark that scare the daylights out of us but might only be a coat hanger with a jacket on it that resembles the silhouette of a man! Thanks for commenting, again. It is always appreciated.

  • dahoglund profile image

    Don A. Hoglund 5 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

    This is interesting. When the lights are turned off it seems that extraneous light and shadows cause one to see things that may or may not be there.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Author Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    hello, cogerson! glad i'm able to educate you on the topic. :) thanks for reading!

  • Cogerson profile image

    Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

    Interesting....I am learning alot about subjects I was not even aware of...voted up

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