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What Are These 3 Strange Scratches on my Body? (With Photos)

Updated on May 9, 2016
Team Wiseman profile image

Team Wiseman has noticed that strange scratches in certain formations have appeared around the world and were the first to expose it!

Do You Experience Unexplained Scratches?

Have you ever had unexplained scratches on your body? It is a subject often overlooked or dismissed. However, if you ask this same question to any group of people (as I did in the poll below), you will find that almost everybody has had the experience of finding mysterious scratches. When it happens, most of us blow it off, placing the blame on the kitchen counter or a door handle.

When this happened to me, my family and I noticed that the marks were always in a pattern. They would always form three straight lines, as if I had been lightly scratched by three perfectly straight claws. They are never deep, only a light tearing of the flesh. The red or black scratches varied in size, width, and length. I found them not only on my body, but also on many household surfaces, on metallic items with rust and decay and on malfunctioning water heaters.

What Do These Mysterious Scratches Mean?

These scratches signify destruction.

Take a look at the items in your house: pictures on the wall, wooden furniture, or metal objects such as your stove and sink. You will maybe notice large scratches, but those are mostly man made. However, some time when you're alone, look closer. Real close. Focus in on all the itty bitty scratches in the material. These are symbols. Here are what some of them mean:

  • Ξ means destruction or to destroy.
  • € has two meanings: incompletion and separation.
  • Also look for the letter "F" which means fall. This is commonly found on doors and even bodies.

These scratches will appear on your driver's license and credit or bank cards. Just take a few minutes to really look. I think you will find that I am speaking the Truth.

These scratches are demons' art, and they are trying to create loss in your life. The great news is that these demon scratches and "spells" being placed on us and things around us have no effect on a person who relies upon and trusts in Jesus Christ. Demons are always around looking for weak spots in your relationship with Jesus Christ in order to steal and destroy. That is why it is so important to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. With Him as our friend and our Savior, demons scatter at the mere calling out of His name. If you are ever attacked this way, call out "Jesus Christ...Help!" You don't even have to yell, but your mouth must speak it. This allows Jesus Christ to fully protect you. As soon as His name is said, the storm calms. So Be It! Talk about a God with benefits, right?

Demonic Afflictions in the Book of Job

He teareth me in his wrath, who hateth me: he gnasheth upon me with his teeth; mine enemy sharpeneth his eyes upon me. They have gaped upon me with their mouth; they have smitten me upon the cheek reproachfully; they have gathered themselves together against me. God hath delivered me to the ungodly, and turned me over into the hands of the wicked. I was at ease, but he hath broken me asunder: he hath also taken me by my neck, and shaken me to pieces, and set me up for his mark. His archers compass me round about, he cleaveth my reins asunder, and doth not spare; he poureth out my gall upon the ground. He breaketh me with breach upon breach, he runneth upon me like a giant. I have sewed sackcloth upon my skin, and defiled my horn in the dust. My face is foul with weeping, and on my eyelids is the shadow of death.

--The Book of Job, Chapter 16

This is a true encounter with demons from the book of Job in the Bible. I have had these types of encounters, and know of many other people who have also.

An unseen battle is taking place between demons and mortals, and here the demon forces attack Job, and he is left with marks and battle scars. The Bible says they tore at him! Fairy tale, I think not.

"Because the Bible Tells Us So!"

Look folks, I wouldn't dare lead you into believing something that wasn't true. It would be a waste of time for both of us. In fact, you don't even have to believe it. We know what we know as Truth, because the Bible told us so. I strongly believe in the Word of God and have relied upon it as a living resource. The personal battle with demons is a spiritual battle.

I know without a doubt that this page will bring many of the afflicted together to share their stories. What has happened to many of us is far too common not to talk about it openly. Even though these minor scratch wounds caused by demons are seemingly harmless, they are an ominous sign. If you get scratches frequently, then seek Jesus. Also, take pictures of the scratches for your own purposes. They will help you share your strange happenings with others without feeling "crazy."

Using Drugs Increases Demon Attacks!

Below is a video of alleged crystal meth users. It is common to see what we call "battle scars" on the faces and bodies of users. Crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, and even alcohol increase the risk of violent episodes and demon attack. Although demons are not picky in who they attack, it seems that drugs open a portal. I have heard many people claim that they were attacked while high on drugs. Remember, picking up a pipe or needle and using drugs is an act of Devil worship. When the drug is flowing through your veins, your soul is Satan's for the taking. He is looking for the weak in order to consume our souls. Don't dance with the Devil if you don't have to. Remember, if you ever feel overwhelmed by the demons of your life, call on your only worthy and capable helper: Jesus Christ.

The After-Effects of Crystal Meth and Demon Attacks

Unexplained Scratches?

Have you ever had this situation stated above happen to you?(unexplained scratches, bruises or bite marks)

See results


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    • profile image

      Rebecca 3 days ago

      I have unexplained marks that will start on my shoulder and slowly move down my arm

      I can see it when it happens

      I can feel it like a vein or vine inside my arm

      It's upraised and lifted

      Then after about an hour or two it's gone

      My boyfriend took a picture of it

      He never believed me when it happened and he was actually sitting next to me and looked over and said my arm was showing marks and moving

      I told him to touch it and he says he could feel it!

    • profile image

      7 days ago

      I was wide awake sister died and her son began arguing me I got scratched they just appeared out of no where ever got scratched again after that!

    • profile image

      you know me 8 days ago

      holy bible said ghost is real, my son, also demon is real

    • profile image

      Unknow female 11 days ago

      Im just curiouse, GHOSTS ARE NOT REAL. You may to get scratches on ur head or legs or hands but it doesnt mean they are ghosts. U can scratch urself at night and did not remmember or scratch urself in the morning. If u keep getting scratched go to the doctor and he or she will deal with everything. And if u keep getting scratched and u saw the doctor already then u can belive you have a ghost in your house. Just remmember ghost can excist but never exsist again, THEY CAN BE REAL.

    • profile image

      Unknown 2 weeks ago

      This morning I woke up with4 bunches of scratches on both of my leg. I told my dad and he told me to put claiming oil on, I told my mom and she just put on coconut oil. After I went to my room, it he scratches were burning for a continuous 10 minutes. Finally I turned on my can to let my legs cool. My parents are missionaries to go tell the lost people of this world about the Jesus Christ. I am a Christian, and my mother has encountered Satan once in a dream. But I know how much God loves me, and I know that he will protect not only me and my family, but all you other Christians out there dealing with the same problem. Satan or one of his demons may be after me or my family, but I will not be afraid, because i have Jesus on my side. To all you other Christians out there I encourage you to put your trust in God. Make him first in your life.

    • profile image

      Ha 2 weeks ago

      Im a man who believes in the religion of Islam, So last night I was sleeping when I saw a devil looking thing in the dark, his face was very ugly scary looking , and next thing you know I feel all this burning feeling around my back and my shoulders. At that moment I read a part from the Quran (Muslim holy book) , and I didn't see him again , when I woke I saw all these scratches over my back , hips and my shoulders , if anyone knows anything about this , please help

    • profile image

      Johnny 2 weeks ago

      Yes, after noticing these strange scratches, I turned and saw the devil himself! He was carrying the demonic tools that create the scratchings, made up of the hands of the damned, with their finger nails longer than my finger. I only saw him for about 2 seconds as the power went out in my house and I could not see. I called the police, but after making a visit to the police station to report my sightings, I was arrested for Drug Usage.

    • profile image

      Dakota 2 weeks ago

      Last night I was watching a movie on Netflix, all of the sudden if feel this burning sensation on my back, I run the the bathroom to see what was on my back and I seen 3 scratches on the upper middle part of my back. I have pictures to prove this. This isn't the first time I've found strange scratches. But it's the first time whee I felt myself becoming obsessed with figuring out what's going on. I can't explain the scratches nor how they happened and to be completely honest I am scared and want to know what I need to do to prevent this from happening again.

    • profile image

      vince 3 weeks ago

      I was attacked twice whilst at so called Church. I suffered 6" scratches to my lower groin and on my back. When I first met my wife, each morning she would wake up covered in bruises. We prayed and they all stop occurring.

    • profile image

      Amber 3 weeks ago

      i recently have been doing better in my life and found a great relationship not only with my boyfriend but my parents. i use to have a bad relationship with them but as soon as it got good i ended up with deep scratches on my back. when my friends tried summoning a deamon i got bruises all over my back and arms there still there

    • profile image

      Kari 3 weeks ago

      Hello, I found this article in search of an answer for strange things that have happens to me recently. You see I'm doing well in life now and I know the devil doesn't like that. I have not been scratched but I have had unexplained bruising and small little circular bruises in a line on the inside of my arm. Then the other day I woke up and one of my fingernails had been cut and I know for a fact that the other person in the home didn't do it and neither did I. One more thing is I came home one day and My daughters bed was moved slightly away from the wall and you have to actually lift the bed to move it so yeah. I'm not scared but I don't like it either. I believe in telling the evil to depart from my home in the name of Jesus. I will also be burning some sage as I also believe in the Native American culture.

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 5 weeks ago

      The awesome thing about all this is, since we've seen the evil in this world we know that there is good. Do not fear. Search for Him (Jesus Christ) with ALL your heart and you will truly find Him. Search for Jesus Christ :)

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 5 weeks ago

      Just for awareness: Ghost hunting, or anything that causes one to communicate with the spiritual realm is very dangerous. In any way communicating with the dead, or spirits can bring dangerous portals, attachments, and soul ties of evil into a persons life. All these "ghost hunting" tools are just as dangerous as a Ouijaboard. They all have the same purpose, to "communicate". Really these are just tools that are being sold to deceive people into opening portals up in their lives to evil. Curiosity of the spiritual realm is normal for all of us. Through these tools that have been created, the demonic realm has used to put a foot in the door. Saying (which is praying, meditation) scripture from the Bible, especially the book of Ephesians is very effective. So is The Armour of God. This may seem silly to some, but try it and see. Put on the Armor of God found in the book of Ephesians by saying what each piece is and enacting it physically. Which is basically putting on the characteristics of Jesus Christ. The legal authority of Jesus Christ that He so strongly bought for us is the only way that truly works to get rid of them. The power is in the Word of God. We know personally. Also look into our article on meditation, prayer, and fasting. Here is also a video of prayer that will help understand legal rights in the spiritual realm

      May God bless you ALL and may you come to know The True Jesus Christ. Beware there are false ones out there. The Word of God, The Bible is the Map to the right one. May God bless you all and your families adventure to Life.

    • profile image

      Jeylan 5 weeks ago

      I've recevied three perfect scratches on my arm a few years ago or so. I'm into ghost hunting and the paranormal. So I tried contacting spirits, almost every night with a voice recorder and flashlight. I have had crazy activity happen with the flashlight, I unscrewed the flashlight just enough to where if anything would tap it, it would go off. I let the spirit know to use one flash for no two for yes. The flash light went off intelligently, which was quite exciting to me. I've caught deep black anomalies on a digital camera around me. My girlfriend, has felt scared beside me while I sleep. Senses something maleviolent in our room from time to time. I use to suffer from awful nightmares, and really odd ones of a young woman with black hair. Whom I felt was connected to this entity. Although my girlfriend feels this spirit isn't human. Can anyone tell me what may be around me? All I really have done for protection is sage the room, and I meditate on positive thoughts..

    • profile image

      Noah 5 weeks ago

      on my stomach I found three scratches going in each other and directly next to It there was two scratches that also fell into each other. What should I do?

    • profile image

      Isra 5 weeks ago

      Hello I know this is weird but one morning I woke up and sow my hand, I sow my name writen back work, I thought that was one member of my family, I ask them but they say no one enter to my room, I was scared, everyday I think about it. Does anyone has experience this? Or does anyone know it happens?

    • profile image

      jesuschristsaves 6 weeks ago

      Well my story is long. Satan is attacking my face. I would get these red marks appear on my forehead. I didn't have a single wrinkle on my forehead before that now I do lots of them. When I look at my drivers license there are lines going to certain parts of my face. I have had cuts appear on me. In the last three weeks my hair has thinned out. Basically disappearing because there are no hairs on my clothes, brush, shower.

    • profile image

      Kitty 6 weeks ago

      The battle is real.pray people ask God for help and he god will .no matter what you have done.

    • profile image

      Shamani67 7 weeks ago

      Love this stuff

    • profile image

      Lila 7 weeks ago

      When I was 14, I woke up one morning and noticed what was the letter A on outer part of my left bicep. The strange part was, that it wasn't so much a scratch but was underneath the skin like a a very defined hickey. A few days later my father woke up with the same exact hickey like marking, but was of a defined X on the left part of his chest. Weird. But it's never happened to me after. At least not that I'm aware of...

    • profile image

      Partha 7 weeks ago

      I am suffering from 3 line scratched from last 7 years in an irregular period- need help

    • profile image

      Lakisha 7 weeks ago

      I have 3 parallel marks on my body when l wake up. Red like blood but not deep enough to draw blood. For years now

    • profile image

      Steph 8 weeks ago

      I was at my friends house and I we were bouncing on the trampoline and she said that she saw a Demon behind me and I saw that l had Ni scratched on my arm

    • profile image

      ethan 8 weeks ago

      my bed was making weird sounds last night

    • profile image

      nicole 8 weeks ago

      About 2 days ago, Theres been this nasty smell outside my house that kind of is in my school too, It smells like a dead rat or crap. And about months ago people were playing charlie charlie ... Today earlier in my class people were playing it again... About a few mins ago I felt a burning sensation on my arm so I checked my arm and saw what looked to be an immflamated scratch. After a while it kind of went away but the area where the line was at is a bit rosy. I'm kind of paranoid but it might not be some freaky demon stuff but who knows lol.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 2 months ago

      It's not just a religious matter... Demonic forces are a spiritual thing in general.

    • profile image

      D.M 2 months ago

      Can't have my name on here but I have got scratches from last night

    • profile image

      Angel roland 2 months ago

      I don't know if it is a ghost scratch on my leg it happen when I was in a really old house my aunt's house she leved there when she was little I think here sister died it happen. When I was In a Attic

    • profile image

      Shane 2 months ago

      I've got 4 scratches like claw on my left shoulder since I was born.....maybe there just some blood line marks...i mean my father has it too

    • profile image

      Steve 2 months ago

      I saw a twig in the shape of incompletion and separation! Please help!!

    • profile image

      Unknown 2 months ago

      HELP!!! This happened twice!! First I had 3 scratches on my arm and since then a nasty smell has been going in my house(that means demonic) and Koenig today a HORRIBLE nasty smell has been in my sisters room and she me and my brother all smelled it and none of us farted!!! And at that same moment I got a cut on my arm, just one cut!!! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?!? And I am a Christian and I put my faith in God and I will always love him... please what's does one scratch mean? Not a scratch a CUT!!!

    • profile image

      2 months ago

      I am not of Christian faith. I am Aboriginal Australian.. and although I do not follow the word of God.. I do believe in the power of our ancestors when it comes to protection.

      I moved in with my now ex boyfriend in my mid twenties. I have always been very aware of spirits, since a child. He was not as aware.

      When we moved in together we both saw a shadow person in our home multiple times. We had objects slide across our coffee table and kitchen counter, this happened whether we were home alone or with company.. once a chair moved out as one of our friends went to sit down. Then his coke can slid across the coffee table when he went to grab it. We were all perplexed.. we tried to make the can slide the same way again but it wouldn't. We had weird, clear slime around the house.. I was constantly cleaning to get rid of it... I told it to go away. Normally a simple enough ask, but this spirit did not budge.

      One day I was laying on our lounge.. my partners dog was next to me.. he started shaking and whimpering.. I started feeling an intense burning on the underside of my arm. It burnt for hours.. I showed my partner when he got home.. and my mother the next day. There was a skinny, red hand print with long fingers under my arm. About a week later I was sitting next to my partner when I felt the same burning. I told him it was happening again. This time we both watched the hand print appear around my wrist.

      He dragged me and his dog out of there. I went to collect what I needed to smoke out the house. I did so and it stopped.

      Later on.. I found out that the man I was with was hiding a very serious meth addiction from me. I left him.. but it all made sense to me. Negative attachments find those who are weak spiritually to attach to.

      After I left I found out through mutual friends that the same experiences continued after I moved out.

      Don't take anything that dulls your senses that much. Methamphetamine is soul killing.. it causes spiritual and emotional emergencies.

      Cleansing your home and yourself can be done in many ways... Whether through your faith or your culture.. or finding your own ways and strengths. calling on your past loved ones for help crosses cultural and religious boundaries. Don't be affraid if you are a genuine soul.

    • profile image

      Geraldo 2 months ago

      I was looking for an actual cause for scratches on my neck, but instead found this goldmine of insanity. Instead of sifting through this nonsense I'm going to assume I had something on my bed that was slightly sharp, or that I was scratching it in my sleep.

    • profile image

      Nick 2 months ago

      I had a scratch on my neck with a x with aline through it wat is it

    • profile image

      Dayna 2 months ago

      So every Wednesday I go to a youth group that is held at my boyfriends church. I dont believe in God and Jesus though. Every Wednesday when I go to take a bath/shower, after the youth group is over, I always find 3 bright red scratches under my breasts. It never happened before I started trying to believe in God and Jesus. I want to stop going to the youth group, but I would never leave my boyfriend like that or any of my friends at the youth group. Its been getting worse and worse every week. Oh yeah, Evey day except for Wednesday I get this huge red spot on my arms that burns. Has this ever happened to you?

    • profile image

      Green Mint 3 months ago

      Is that you CeCe?

    • profile image

      CeCe 3 months ago

      I have a scratch on my right chest my right hip and my left bottom what should I do I never seen this before

    • profile image

      Firstname 3 months ago

      when i was younger i saw these bruises and/or these scars. i never thought much of it until now i rarely get them anymore tho and when i was younger i was more aware of ghosts. it makes some sense now.

    • profile image

      Angi 3 months ago

      I've felt with a short opiod addiction and alcoholism for a few weeks walked away from both in my early 20s. Alcoholism is horrible

    • profile image

      I would like to stay anonymous 4 months ago

      When I was about 9 in the 4th grade I woke up with 6 different scratches on my left leg they surrounded this scare that was shaped of a sun i showed it to my father he said it was the cats?! It's happened way to much so I decided to now look it up and finally see what it means when I read the article I was speechless I'm still terrified for my life.

    • profile image

      Mathew 4 months ago

      im getting these weird cuts on my wrist for no reason they started off small but there getting bigger can someone tell what the hells going on?!

    • profile image

      Shoma 4 months ago


      i got a black scratches on my down stomach,I ll not get periods regularly ,and also a digestion problem.Can you please suggest me the reason and solution for this.

    • profile image

      Stacey 4 months ago

      OK in 2012 my mom passed away we'll like a dummy I tried to do an evp well I got a good one it over takes my voice and say I love you so I thought now a couple of MO later we move in to an apartment and I always sleep with the lights off well one night I'm laying there it's Dark OK but I see something in my room that darker than the darkness in my room it crawled to the side of my bed and got up in my face I will never for get the smell of this thing breath it was awful but the crazy thing was it's breath was cold it's eyes was yellow as could be so I would cover up my head and pray to god and it would go away but I could still fill like it was in my room watching me so this when on for a couple weeks but I found out if I sleep with the light on I could not see it so I did this with the light on for a little bit than I thought it was gone so when I went to bed that night I turned the light off and it was sitting there waiting on me so I got really mad and started yelling at it sayingprayers to god and saying I'm a child of god this thing mad a loud noise and left never seen it again then we moved and the new house tidy was stuff fling across the room so we moved from there an seen much until we moved to another state now stuff is happening again last night me and my husband was laying in bed and I felt this burning on my back and it's just keep getting worse so my husband looked at my back and I have 3 scratches on my back since we have moved into this new house there has been some strange stuff happen can some one tell me what I need to do please help

    • profile image

      Anonomys 4 months ago

      I've been getting Scratch marks that are in shape of a star each year while I sleep, I don't know what this mean or what it could be. Someone please tell me, Please! I don't know why it keeps happening to me!!!!

    • profile image

      Debra 4 months ago

      Moved in to a place last April and ever since have woken up to kitten like scratches on my forhead..I have 3 right now..i am an agnogist but was raised Anglican..I have started talking to Christ again..I am very afraid here and am moving out

    • profile image

      Madison 4 months ago

      I was on the phone with my man and I turned out the lamp for bed as I did and when I layed down I felt a burning like pain on my arm so I turned on the light and saw three marks on my arm I told my boyfriend who prays a lot and he said that its demonic and to be careful

    • profile image

      LExie 4 months ago

      I keep finding scratches on my body& I usually think nothing of them but these weren't self inflicted this time and I want to know why I have them

    • profile image

      Austin 5 months ago

      I felt a cut on my right leg last night and it was so painful even after waking up I could feel the pains but when I looked into the leg I saw no scratches or bruises! What does that signifies?

    • profile image

      Dave 5 months ago

      I just fell asleep for like 15 minutes while watching supernatural and wake up with 3 scratches shaped like an n, but they look dry

    • profile image

      Derek brown 5 months ago

      This is not the first time I've had this happen to me. I've had this happen to me before, actually many times before and I've always thought that something horribly amiss was going on.

    • profile image

      Dan 5 months ago

      Yesterday I was walking toward our bedroom and felt a burning sensation on chest 'and' lower left back. Took my shirt off to step into shower and on my left upper chest there was a series of 3 long scratches and i showed my wife. Then she told me to look in the big mirror in the bathroom and I had the same 3 long scratches on my lower left back just above my waist. Never had anything like this happen before. Our house was built in 98 by an older couple. The man died of natural causes in the house. The 2nd owners were. In their 30's the husband died of some drug problem also in the house. The house then sat vacant for a year and i bought it on a short sale in 2009 but never knew any of that info until we moved in and our neighbors told us. But never experienced anything weird until this happened yesterday. Pretty damn freaky!! And the red scratches/welts were clearly like a 3 fingered hand or claw made them and were 5--6 inches long!


    • profile image

      Krissy 5 months ago

      I lost my dad in 2015 I wonder is he trying to tell me something with these scratches

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 5 months ago

      When we realize the evil around, we also know that Jesus Christ is real and present. Unlike demons and the devil who are intrusive, Jesus Christ knocks on the door of our hearts and waits to be invited in. He knows these evils that attack us or come upon us through ignorance ( not knowing). We can pray or talk to Him openly about these things. Only a real relationship with Jesus Christ can cast them out of our lives. Speak to Him just as you would anyone else about your story. He, at our true desire for His help, will rescue us. Pray that He will help us with unbelief and to show us how to trust Him and hear His voice alone. May your knowledge of Who Jesus Christ is grow. And may we realize the height, width, and depth of His love. And may He flood your heart with His light as you become closer to Him, the demons will flee, and all evil.

    • profile image

      Lorna Garrett 5 months ago

      If. there is anyone who will hear my true living nightmare. I need help I have opened door that I never new about

    • profile image

      Vironica 5 months ago

      Nice work

    • profile image

      Xedric Valdez 5 months ago

      When I woke up I had 3 scratches a letter X on my chest and a straight line on my arm

    • profile image

      amy faith 6 months ago

      i have just undressed in order to shower all of this in front of the mirror where i also checked a possible cancer spot on my chest. i then entered the shower and then upon exit in front of the mirror i saw as plain as the day itself., 3 scratches travelling diagonally down my left breast above the nipple. it was not a heavy bloody scratching but 3 in a perfect line. the 3rd has slightly faded. i took a picture although it is not so easy to depict. i am in the process of packing and moving from our home with our 2 children and husband. i have been feeling very depressive lately and have had a hard time shaking this feeling.

      after the scratching that was definately not there before the shower and not even felt in the shower. i have no idea what to think other than to try and piece together any logic. i could not have done the scratches myself without contorting my arms and even then it would not be so exactly straight. surely?.

      any thoughts would be appreciated. i have been told before that there could be something in our home but never have i seen or felt anything other than the usual unease of being left alone in the night and general crime fears.

      sorry for the long winded message but im still very confused

    • profile image

      Coolcat021 6 months ago

      My two best friend had woke up with scratches and marks on them the first one had a backward c and a b and capital F on her and the second one had a h and i and a upside down cross on her I am worried about them

    • profile image

      slothster 7 months ago

      somtimes i just have scratches on my arm but i think it is because of my jacket when i sweat

    • profile image

      Sarah 7 months ago

      Last night I randomly had a massive scratch go all the way down my leg, yes I have cats but none were near me at the time

    • profile image

      Pineapple 9 months ago

      Today I realised that I had a scratch mark on my back and it was a star

    • profile image

      Paige 9 months ago

      Since last Halloween, I've been noticing scratch marks on my bottom. More and more have accumulated every couple of nights. There isn't a specific shape or letter. They started on my lower bottom, but now they have reached my hip. Can anybody explain this phenomenon?

    • profile image

      Carla 9 months ago

      Need answers - 3 weeks ago. I noticed. I have a letter X on my left shoulder blade it has dark dots total of 5. Two at each corner top and bottom and one in center has anyone had the experience? In 4/2013 I discovered witchcraft had been placed on me and several family members. I discovered the doll in my home. We saw huge black cloud with grayish balls inside and tall dark image with blazing red eyes. I wrote a book about my family experience Deception, Envy, and Defeat it's now worldwide. I believe the enemy is upset I exposed the truth and supplied the remedy in order to get people out of bondage and make them aware of this so they can move forward but this X is something new any answers greatly appreciated.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 9 months ago

      I've had this from 1983 up to beginning of this year. It stopped after I denounced Christianity.

    • profile image

      Kim 10 months ago

      The thing is, I've got scratches but they look nothing like this video. They have larger and they had those bubbles you get on a burn, except very small ones, and they havent healed in over a week. It's really bothering me that it just popped up one morning. they burned too.

    • profile image

      Gracie, 13 10 months ago

      Many times when I was young I would wake up with bruises on my legs and not know where they came from. I am quite accident prone but I would know every bruise or scratch I got that day. I scratch myself very intensely when I am itchy. It leaves red marks that stay for the most of the day. I scratch along my ribs a lot but sometimes when I wake up I already have them there and on my back. I don't know if I am scratching myself in my sleep or what. Sometimes I still wake up with strange scratches but they aren't that bad usually, also I have a cat so she could be doing anything to me while I sleep. Another thing I am confused about is a new birthmark. I've never had it before but just a little while ago I noticed it on my back, it kind of got me nervous thinking maybe it's not a birthmarks maybe it's something medical I need to watch out for. I don't know what to think, I mean I believe in the whole mythical creatures thing and demons and such, but honestly evololution. I don't believe in God.

    • profile image

      Danielle Hurtado 11 months ago

      I have been getting these scratches for years!! I was born in the church and grew up as a follower of Christ. In college, I experimented with smoking marijuana and that totally deterred my motivation to want to go to school, and I slipped into addiction and lost myself throughout my twenties. Now, I am found again and realize that the enemy was attacking me for years using the marijuana to distract me because I am blessed, washed, covered in his blood and protected! So he could no steal my soul and that's why the scratches appear! At night when you are asleep and most vulnerable, those demons try to attack your soul and spirit and get INTO you, but because they cannot, because my spirit is that strong due to my faith and trust in Jesus, they hold on to our bodies as they have no choice but to leave since they are unable to penetrate our soul/ spirit!

      This is why we get the scratches continuously, he's going to keep trying, and trying again!

      I had to die yesterday, Daniela had to die and become a whole new person for me to realize what was going on, I had an epiphany , that I was going to die, if I did not get right with Christ. Such as the woman's story above about her boyfriend commuting suicide. I had an epiphany, that he was going to find a way to kill me. While I was driving. Yesterday 7/7/16. But I am still here. My weakness/ problem was smoking weed. And that's what the enemy was using to steal my soul slowly.

      Just as the gentleman above said, I am not giving in! I have tons of battle wounds scars and now I am proud! I was dancing with the devil but I did not become a victim of his game.

      I will MISS the pot. I will miss masterbating and porn, haha, but not really because it's time to live righteously. He IS COMING! Enough is enough! Smoking weed is not worth opening the door for these demonic spirits! I hate that fact that satan used me and manipulated me to thinking I need to have marijuana at ALL times I was really a junkie smoker. Didn't care anything but smoking . All day and night. No other hard core drugs, just weed. Sometimes popping pills and drinking. But no weapon no spirit of addiction no demon and no negative energy against me shall prosper! In the name of Jesus!

    • profile image

      boise Idahoan 11 months ago

      great forum by the way!! So many comments!! I woke up this morning with a long thin scratch on right arm by elbow...perplexed at such precision i told everybody that would listen...after getting home i showed my lady and our 11 year old daughter said" so your the one scratching m in my sleep..." yeah as you can assume i quickly examined her scratches and she had the same exact scratch on outer right thy. my lady spoke up and said she too has scratches on right hand and finger, they are the same skinny scratches...this is just way too coincidental. i am adamantly looking for the best place to upload some pictures! thanks to everybody for sharing and the individuals responsible for developing this forum!!

    • profile image

      random person 12 months ago

      BTW, that thing scratching the driver's license means it wants you to die in a car crash? Is it? Its just a hypothesis anyway

    • profile image

      Msant 12 months ago

      I've had three scratch marks on my back for atleast 2 years and they don't seem to have faded away. I still have them and im wondering why. I've haven't gotten any marks or bites since then just those three scratch marks on my back.

    • profile image

      Iaskedtobejudgedformysins 13 months ago

      Heya,I have some random scratches like many others. I have about 2 or 5 scratches,2 on my left arm 2 on my neck and 1 on my side.

      I uh..don't mind it much, but it isn't normal. I mean,do children like me get these too? 'Cause if they do,i'm not alone.

    • profile image

      Ambersky92 14 months ago

      Hi im Amber I'm 23 I have a very crazy story and it shows just how dangerous it is and to the 12 year old on here please read this it's not a joke I had a boy friend and things got rough for me so had moved in with him the second night I slept there I woke up with three scratches on my back this accured about 3 4 times before me and a few other people got locked in the bathroom after you close the door the screws would unscrew so that you could not move the handle or push the door open . Over the course of 3 months I woke up with bruises scratches and a weird imprint on my back it was kinda a circle made out of a pattern then i woke up with 2 sets of 3 dots on my arm they kinda looked like little burns when I looked it up it said it was a warning from a Demond there where also multiple glasses that fell and broke out of no where things out of place and just felt anger in the air we decided to move to a new place we had a little wait after we moved out so we went to stay with family until then during those 2 weeks my boy friend was very very sick and just a different person finally we got our new place and everything seemed good but after 3 days he wasn't him again my boy friend committed suicide while I was sleeping I found him in the morning since then the scratches are back worse then before they usually bleed now i know this Demond did this and I know it's still following me and my son who had seen this Demond multiple times if anyone can help please let me know and please take the unknown seriously they are not joking

    • profile image

      RAS 14 months ago

      I Am Experincing This Now. I Smoke Pot From Time To Time. But I Didn't Smoke Any At All Last Night. What Makes My Situation So Much Different Is Instead Of Doing Things I Normally Do To Go To Sleep When Im Restless. Such As Smoke, Drink, Masterbate ETC.. I Decided To Pray Since Last Night We Had A Super Moon. The Spirits Whom Have Had Control Over Me Since 15 Are Angry That I Chose To Pray Than Sin. This Isn't The First Time I Done This. But This Time I Whole Heartily Submitted To Prayer. After Falling Asleep I Had A Vivid Dream Which Was Me Running Away From A Robbery And Towards My Grandmothers House. (She Is Deceased But Very Devoted To The Word Of God. Then I Woke Up With Straches On My Arm, And Cuts On My Chest. Confused I Turned To The Internet Because I Found No Signs Of Anything That Could Have done This. I don't plan on giving in and as much as I'm gonna miss smoking pot. I must continue to fight these demons because if they are real. God is Too. I Hope My Story Helped Someone. And I Thank You Guys For Sharing Yours Through This I Found An Explanation And Prove This To Be True.

    • profile image

      ALLIE 15 months ago

      this can happen if someone wants attention and uses lead from their pencils for to make these awful scraches and marks,this is what happened with my friend. :( lies

    • profile image

      Julia 15 months ago

      Sometimes when I walk out of my room there are scratches left on my arms. I don't feel them. A couple times before I have left my room with up to 10 scratches on my arm. A few years ago I was scratched on my leg. There always light scratches. Nothing extreme.

    • profile image

      Alboari 15 months ago

      It happens when I do drugs

    • profile image

      Random Person 16 months ago

      for a couple years i have woken up to see bruises and scratches on my arms, i do not have any one or thing that might do this to me

    • profile image

      Cmc123 18 months ago

      I felt a weird burning sensation on my chest and I looked at it in the mirror and discovered that there is a star shaped scratch on my chest. I don't really know what this means but I am kind of scared I showed it to my sisters and they don't know what it could be from. I discovered it when I woke up from my nap today. If any one knows what this means please explain!

    • profile image

      hypicSoldier 18 months ago

      hi there, this morning i woke up with a burning sensation on my left butt cheek, idk no what it is to be honest, but i no i didnt cause it to myself physically. im only writing because i really like what u have to say about our Lord and savior, You my friend are a Jesus freak and i think of my self like that as well, we should create some sort of blog for ppl that really want to do Gods work and everone can discuss the actions they take to get closer to God.

    • profile image

      Kevin 19 months ago

      So what your trying to get to here is that if your Christian you should definitely believe this. And if your not Christian you can go away? Because really, why is this all related about 'demons' and all that stuff. Can't I get an actual reason?

    • profile image

      Your Name 19 months ago

      so can I have the non-Christian reason please.

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 20 months ago

      It's a FAITH FIGHT! Keep your faith and this is the "Good Fight" spoken of by Paul. #1 thing to remember! Have no fear!

    • profile image

      ?girl 2 years ago

      My friend had it all the same she thinks that something that lived in her house I believe her to because strange noise I hear them mostly at night

    • profile image

      Ebony 2 years ago

      I have 3 long red scratches on my right side of my back and one long one on the left side of my back. I have no nails cus I bite them consistently. The scratches they burn and its not the first time. It always comes in threes. My son and daughter are scared they say that the moon and sun is coming to get them. I asked if they had a bad dream they say no mommy We was wide awake. I believe in God and always will. Uve been baptized and holy ghost filled speaks in tounges. Ive been in some bad arguments with family friends and my partner. I had my partner take some photos and he cant even tell me cuz I cant reach my back even if I tried. I don't know what else to do im afraid for my children. When I was a little girl I knew I was different from everyone else cus I see things nobody sees I say what's going to happen before it happen and a lot of things comes to me in my dreams or when im up and alert. Ive been seeing a therapist for yrs don't take any legal or illegal drugs. So I don't know. I had a housewarming in September this yr and my hair brush disappeared me my partner and my kuds look high and low no brush. I was in my bedroom in my closet on the very top only an adult can reach. I don't know no more. But one thing I do know is that God is real, and the devil is a liar satan. Im going to continue believing in him, keep trusting him and most . Of all keep on praising and praying his name. My grandma told me when I was born the placenta was over my eyes she calls it a vail over my eyes. Now I see what she means. When I was a lil younger when I would do something I wasn't really supposed to do, I will go about my day until night comes I will be relaxed not sleep, and all of a sudden its like a magnet holding myvlegs and arms down. The room will be spinning so fast, its like something or someone is holding me down. I eill scream out for help as loud as I could but nobody willbhete me its like im hoarsed or whispering. But when I said the Blood of Jesus walks with me. No weapon against me shall never prosper and it will stop can someone please explain tobme what that is. It hasn't happened lately just the 3 scratches on my back. My grandma and mother used to say its the witch riding my back. Please can someone help me and my children thanku.

    • profile image

      darlingdove 2 years ago

      There not in threes , but scratches of the same size all over body

    • profile image

      erika 2 years ago

      help i need advice for this past month ive been waking up with weird black marks or lines on my arm there perfectly straight.ive woken up with 3 lines and a cross before ,ive also been waking up at 3 am for a week straight also horrible nightmares i have a gut feeling its a negative spirit of some sort does anyone know how to stop it?

    • profile image

      Johnd413 3 years ago

      Someone essentially help to make seriously posts I would state. This is the very first time I frequented your web page and thus far? I surprised with the research you made to make this particular publish incredible. Magnificent job! fkeefkakfkcf

    • profile image

      henry 3 years ago

      why are the scratches so pravelent to ungodly people and very rare to saints? because the ungodly people knew nothing about God or they had heard of him but never believe and to the few saints who are experiencing this is could be lack of prayer and reading the holy writ. saints cannot claim that they are christ followers therefore everything is gonna be fine to them but must live to christ standard. when i say 'christ standard', i believe saints know what i'm talking about. see, you cannot say, 'my welfare is gonna be protected as long as i had invited christ into my house and family' but must do more extra work. do not jst become a sunday/sabbath christian and listen to the pastor/preachers, or jst praying once every morning, or reading the bible jst two to three chapters and that's it. besides, do you know that the worse enemy for satan are the saints? therefore, if the saints of God truly wants to be liberated from demonic scratches then these are some of my advises: (1) take more time to pray may be 1 to 2 hrs in the day or evening through privacy. (2) give 3 to 4 hrs reading the holy writ. (3) hold evening or morning devotion with songs and praise with your family if married. (4) do not expose your self to any demonic materials like pornography, watching of dvds/cds, etc. (5) take extra precaution from the type of friend whom you are around with and the type of environment including your christian friends or pastors.(6) be careful of the type of food you purchase from the shop because some foods are associated with some kind of drugs that could be meant to destroy you (do you know that major food industries are owned by the occult group).(7) do away with social networks like facebook, twitter,etc... to my brothers and sisters on the other sides of the dark need a big project to accomplish. i advise that you are not protected spritually but open to the demonic entities. you need to go to a truly born again spritual leader so that he could pray over you...don't sale yourself to the satan...Yahwe bless you all.

    • Darcey Thundercat profile image

      Darcey 3 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      I was raised in a strict Christian religion and I used to get these scratches and bruises all the time growing up. What's funny is once i left the church and became pagan i haven't had it happen. Now that i'm familiar with demons and how to work with them i don't have any trouble with this.

    • profile image

      Tracy 3 years ago

      what's your opinion on this situation.

      you go to bed. you wake up, you go to the bathroom and you happen to notice a brown .. patch.. of skin on your arm so you look at it and it is a perfect geometrical triangle so you touch it and it falls off and underneath is a triangle shaped area of skin that is extremely painful and raw, that looks like it has a perfect circle scooped out of it, and underneath the whole width of the triangle, is a very small skinny rectangle, perfectly geometrical. so you put a bandaid over the raw skin and it is EXTREMELY painful, so much so it radiates pain down your arm, so you take the bandaid off.

      and you go to the doctor and he tells you its a burn and asks you how you got it, and you tell him your story, and he has no idea. says he has never heard of the like.

      you've searched your entire bed area to see if there is anything that could possibly leave that shape on your skin. of course there isn't

      how did you get it? keep in mind that it is VERY painful, and you're not on medication of any kind. you're not under the influence of any chemcials. You're not a light sleeper, so if you somehow managed to hurt yourself while sleeping, you'd more than likely wake up. You do not sleep walk, never have in your entire life. and there is nothing around your bed to make a PERFECTLY geometrical mark/burn. And the little .. patch.. of skin fell off as soon as you touched it, like it had been placed there to cover the raw/scooping. and you still have a scar from it.

      Don't forget, you're not one to easily believe in "aliens" or anything. All the research I've done points to abduction, especially due to the fact of the "circle" seems like it was scooped out.

      The only theories I can actually consider believing are maybe government abduction (for what I have no idea, just some poor white girl living in the cincinnati area) or possibly some sort of random geometric spontaneous combustion?

      Please tell me any thoughts you have on this.

    • profile image

      the one who walks in darkness but serves in the light 3 years ago

      I have strange whip-like blackend marks on my back, i am losing my motor-skills i feel a rush of adrenalin every time something bad happens to someone, and finally my blood turns black when i hear or see things that should not be seen with mortal eyes. i have never been involved in any form of magic or any form of the arts, but i cant remember much of my past only memories that make us switch roles further. someone explain what's happening to me. as a side note i have also been using "we" instead of "i" for some time now it is involuntary and when i get really mad my voice changes to another's , one thats more sinister and reptile-like. HELP

    • profile image

      brandon kinney 3 years ago

      i just had a buring feeling on my arm when i woke up and i looked at it and it looks like a X what do i do pliz help i don't know what to do

    • profile image

      2sunshinez 3 years ago

      I don't believe in the demon part of this, I'm only 12 years old and I get tiny scratches, I get them above my ankles, below my knees, under my ribs, and all over my hands. The ones on my hands heal fine but the ones on my ankle heal and turn white and the ones under my ribs turn a darker color of my skin. I have nails and scratch myself a lot but you can very much tell the difference between the 2 types of scratches. Yesterday I was sitting at my computer and my hand hadn't moved from the mouse in almost am hour and I started feeling a burning sensation, then it turned red and rose up like a bugbite, but it wasn't a bugbite and it wasn't really itchy, it just burned and I chose to ignore it. when I got off the computer there was a little red scratch not even an inch long, that's how all the ones on my hands are, the ones on my ribs are about an inch and a half long and there's been two of them, the ones on my ankles and knees are almost an inch long and they are thick and don't heal good, even on my olive complexion. I believe in supernatural occurrences but I'm an observer and have noticed that whenever someone gets going on ghosts and demons everyone else has something to say. The scratches are just a skin problem, not everyone has experience with demons, it's just logic.:-)

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 3 years ago

      Stay away from tarot cards, ouija boards and reading stars. These things are ultimately taught by demons. Your dream and the scratches on your back are simply demons claiming your life. Back away from these arts and find REAL powers with a stronger entity that holds truth highly. Demons lie.

    • profile image

      Jason Adam Brown 3 years ago

      Hello, my name is Jason I'm 15 years old and I'm really in to tarot card readings and learning about crystal powers last night I had a dream that I was being attacked and that I was getting a burning sensation on my back I woke up this morning and my back was covered in scratches can anyone help me?

    • profile image

      the hunter 4 years ago

      The other day, my fiancé who lives in another country sent me pictures of her arm. She has 2 sets of 3 scratches. Then, later when she went back to sleep, she woke up and had these chain like marking around her wrist like she had been tied down. (only her right arm/wrist.) then, she heard a voice telling her to look in her photos on her Ipad. There were 3 pictures of her SLEEPING! No one could have taken those pictures. Her son is not that kind of a kid who would do such a thing. (I can tell you a lot of things that have happened.) this is not the first time this has happened to her. It all started a few months ago when she became psychic. Now she can hear ‘spirits’ in which she calls ‘mind voices.’ She is very, very accurate and I have tested her many times. Somehow, it seems we are in a time when dark entities have greater access to the physical plane. we really need to find out what these 'signs' really mean. we need to put our heads and hearts together and really figure this thing out. Who, what and how are these things happening???!

    • profile image

      DemonsAreaReflectionOfourIgnorance 4 years ago

      I get the scratches and the triangle marks. Funny thing is, I noticed right away that it was from a demon. It was made obvious to me. I woke up with like 6 or 7 deep red scratches, one line going through the rest, like the werewolve sign or something. Since then it happens on and off. Usually the scratches are NOT deep (just that once it was) and usually I get them while awake. As others say, you feel the slight burning sensation, almost like a rash...then you see the scratches appear. Usually they come in 3. Just today I was walking outside and I received 2 of them. I felt them as it happened. This time it itched though, instead of the burning feeling. I thought it was a rash (And it kinda was, little bumps on my arms itch a lot) but then when the rash cleared up, there were 2 fresh little demon scratches that appeared underneath. This all happened within a matter of minutes. I guess the demon didn't have time to do the third scratch. I guess he probably got fired by Satan and is probably on the streets of hell somewhere bumming money off of other demons. I just wish someone knew what the fuck the scratches mean. I think we are onto a good theory. I also have the theory that they only scratch people who they "want". So if they are scratching you, then it's a good sign...cuz "Wanting" you means they don't have you. I notice also when I try to help others spiritually, including myself...I will get the scratches shortly after. Or also after extreme temper tantrums or fits of rage, or drug use. So everything is adding up here. Although the scratches are still not guaranteed to be demonic, it could be a skin condition or even a side effect from sweating or doing drugs. I know that little children get them too, but believe it or not, they are feeding our little ones dope. So anything is possible. I do believe in my heart though that it is from Demons. Ignorant demons who do the work of the devil, blindly. I don't think demons have souls. I look them as a reflection of our own selves. Seriously...I believe WE created the demons, but it was a plan from god for the better of our own evolution spiritually. This had to happen for us to become perfect. Pretty obvious really, simple stuff when you can see the picture clearly.

    • profile image

      charnaykka 4 years ago

      i can relate to everything that i have read here and to those who come in to joke and made cruel remarks have never experience what you or i have, i came in because a friend at work is a nite security guard and was attacked with scratches on his back, he was checking a building with a lot of history during the civil war and it locked him it, he cursed the space and the doors opened up, he saw the scratches when he got home amazed to his wife, he had a lot of explaning to do, i felt a cold breeze when i was in the same building one day and snapped pictures around me, i downloaded it, and out came a soldier, plain as day with the top portion of his head blown off, and three blood lines running down the side of his face, i showed the picture to the guard and he said thats him. so u see the unexplain will always be that un

    • profile image

      Shadow 5 years ago

      Last night my husband and I were in bed and he asked me to turn the light on in quite a panic which had me a little worried, I asked what was wrong and he just said anxiously for me to turn the light on and look at his back and tell him if I see anything because it is burning, at first I could not see anything and then his back began to get quite red and I could see five scratches appear in his back.

      He had not long come out of the shower and I asked if he scratched himself but he said no that he could not reach that part of his back even if he tried, there was nothing in the bed that could have done it and in all honesty I was laying next to him and I had not scratched him and he knew this too.

      The scratches were too fine to be finger scratches.

      I do believe in the paranormal and I also believe that malevolent spirits can either be set upon you or just attach themselves and cause mischief.

      What I do find strange is just before it happened I had just started to doze off quite unexpectedly too.

      Nothing thank God has happened to me but earlier in the day my husband also complained of sharp pains in his head and I jokingly said perhaps someone has a voodoo doll and pricking it and he actually laughed and said the way in which is just started and he could feel this poking in his head it made him wonder too.....

      I do not buy the whole dema whatever it is called and some could say this is because I believe in spirit etc.

      Personally, I do not feel that it is a joke at all and should be taken very seriously indeed especially if it is paranormal because the demonic spirit is actually doing physical things to harm you and you need to stop that from happening as it can get worse and also start to affect others in the household such as children as the last person has detailed.

      I would suggest firstly calling in a Priest to cleanse and bless the home environment but more importantly you need to cleanse yourself and protect yourself.

      My husband does not believe in this sort of thing but we have had much go on with us that is actually being done to us but the more that is happening the more I feel he is beginning to believe, now I am going to help my husband if he will allow me too and will help others on here too but you need to understand fully what is going on here and the seriousness of what is happening.

      I don't proclaim to be able to cure everyone and solve every problem but I sure as hell will try my best.

      I am very concerned about what has happened here and feel now that drastic measures need to be taken in order to protect me and my family.

      I would be interested to hear from anyone who has this problem.

      There is more to what is going on in the world than what people really know understand or could comprehend as our eyes are shut to the truth.

      Research, read and learn about other people's cultures especially African and Caribbean and even Asian and learn about what others do to other people etc

      Educate yourselves and don't take matters such as this lightly!

      You could end up losing your life

    • profile image

      frans luyt 5 years ago

      well I suppose we are all vulnrable to this and at times might seem a bit crazy to others, I seem to have gottin use to the marks on me, but could anybody kindly tell me if you see unexplainable things or have seen.

    • profile image

      B3CKVH 5 years ago

      I have dealt with several of these issues before but I found this page today because some time in the early morning hours I woke up to my own nail clawing at arm- strangely, it wasn't the nail ripping through my flesh that woke me up, it was that I felt like I ripped my nail off. Strangely there were two scratches not just the one and I distinctly remember it being one nail and one scratch- considering they are two different lengths, I assume this is enough proof that they did not happen simultaneously.

      Now here is the story: Last night I visited a male friend of mine for what was supposed to be watching a movie but instead I wound up defending my faith in what became, to him, a very frustrating debate. After getting home I read my bible and then prayed until I fell asleep. I woke up from the pain in my nail, felt my elbow (and the ONE welted scratch), then early EARLY that morning after only a couple hours of sleep I woke myself praying. I don't remember what I was praying about exactly but I know without a doubt I was and doing so fervently. I heard my roommate get up and so I woke up two find the two scratches.

      The fact that I woke so easily is a bit strange to me because I have had sleeping disorders since I was a child- bouts of insomnia and when I do sleep, it's like I'm dead- I can sleep 14 hrs straight, hear no alarms, and wake up completely unrested. So, to wake up so easily with only 3-4 hours sleep was HUGE for me.. Couple that with the fervent prayer (which seems to my mind has happened in the past) and it all just seems like a strange situation.

      I will note that I read the last half of Job, the last part of Daniel and the first 14 or so Psalms, and part of Hosea.

      I would really appreciate some insite since I firmly believe in Jesus and was raised a Christian yet have sways suffered demonic oppression. My mother would tell you that I have been "seeing dead people" since I was a small child. Although I have experienced many supernatural things in my lifetime, I have no memory of ever actually seeing dead people- just a dead dog. I would not have known this unless my grandmother's husband hadn't pointed out the discrepancy of when I last saw the dog and when the dog actually died. I guess to me, I never saw a dead dog, I saw a living one. I have had people accuse me of personally being haunted- saying I haven't lived in that many places with unexplained activity but that it's actually following ME. A very scientific and sound minded person SWEARS that they saw a spirit, in broad daylight standing in her yard, looking at the house after I moved out. The creepy part is that she said it looked like me- even creepier was that she called her new room mate to the window and she saw it too.

      I guess I just really want help because I am a life time beiever (although one who has strayed in the past) AND from a very young age felt called to ministry ex: when I was 4 I told my mother I wanted to be a nun but not a catholic one- couple this with my strange affinity/experience with the spiritual realm and any minister could clearly see my conscern.

      I don't usually share my email, but anyone who has any insite please email me immediately. Until then I will be praying and finding peace in my faith. Thank you!

      (that's letter number letter on the o0o)

    • profile image

      laylany 5 years ago

      well like 2 weeks ago i was fixing my webcam the time i had no idea that it had taken a video.. after a week or more i was looking at some of my photos....then i saw a video that i did not know it was i played it was me fixing my webcam and next to me was a women..i say it was a women because that's what it looked like...but the face was red and the rest of it was black was looking at every thing i did....its been 3 weeks when i saw this video ..all i know is that every thing in my life is going i woke up and i was fine than i felt a burning on my left shoulder and when i looked there were three scratches,they look like this ! ! . !

    • profile image

      chantel 5 years ago

      the other morning i woke up and had strange scratches on my hand that looked like a symbol and it was scabbed over. i don't have any nails or any animals.

    • profile image

      Eve 5 years ago

      I have been noticing scatches on my boyrfriends back. Catlike scratched about 2 inches long in the same area going different directions. I have been coming to his house alot and he says im bringing something with me. I remember my ex boyfriend said those exact words but my ex had no scratches. Can some one explain this to me.

    • profile image

      Chrys 5 years ago

      I have expierenced the same mysterious red scratches.... they burn and then i notice them forming right in front of my eyes

      please email me if you know what this is...

    • profile image

      Cassie Johnson 5 years ago

      Hi, my name is Cassie. Ever since i was about 6 years old i have had awful dreams about death, and getting pulled into hell. i never really paid any attention to it, but then about a week ago i had a dream that me, my nephew and my 2 nieces were walking and this huge wall of muddy water came and washed us away. my mom always told me that muddy water is a sign of death. Then the next day, i come home from school and get a call. My nephew and nieces other grandmother was killed. I was very very scared. I also have seen things that no one else can. I see people walking that arent there, i know this cause i have told my mom and she looks at me like im crazy. I am 15 years old, and I would like to get help. I wake up every night with scratches, either in a line, or in a weird 6 shape. They are always red or black. you can see them perfectly. so if anyone knows anyone near West Virginia that could help me please message me at i would appreciate it so much.

    • profile image

      carly evans 5 years ago

      iv also experienced scratches on my back three long slashes across my back i woke in the morning a couple of years ago and my back was burning i said to my husband to have a look and he couldn't believe what he seen they were very deep i had to put antiseptic on them for a few nights.a few nights later my 5 month year old daughter has the same type on her chest!

    • profile image

      igo frans 5 years ago

      how about this...

      some of my friend he god scar or mark triangel, its like born mark..just came 3 weeks a go..

      we not understand about this..

      mark triangel on left hand, about 2cm.

      hope that not meaning something bad.. thanks. Gbu

    • profile image

      foy 5 years ago

      What is the meaning of each individual scrach

    • profile image

      who cares 5 years ago

      why would you all be afraid of demons i have 3 scars on my back and same shits been happening to me but ive never felt better

    • profile image

      wallacefour 5 years ago

      My 19 yr old son has woken up twice with two sets of scratches on his body that we can not explain. They look to be like a cats scratch, they do break the skin but not severely. We do not have a cat. They have had 4 to 5 scratch marks with a total width of about an inch. I took several pictures of the latest ones. One was on his upper arm and the other was close to his mouth. Last time one was on his tummy and the other on his back. Our daughter is 22 and has seen glimpes of what she has described as 3 to 4 foot tall beings wearing dark cloaks. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?? I fear our home is under attack and have no idea who to turn too.

    • profile image

      chris 5 years ago

      ok so ive read over almost all these comments on here tonight, because i was conserned that the scratches i had a couple weeks ago might mean somehting. well im trying to find out what and nothing on here is related in the way im looking for... i am 22 years old, i have a one and a half year old son im a very sane and (as far as im told and led to believe, pretty inteligent).. but here's my delema ive been experiencing alot of weird things lately and when i woke up with the scratches i had they puzzled me.. in the sense of why with the location. there were three scratches on each of my shoulders they were exactly the same as one another.... and they were placed as though something was holding me down. i have never had this happen before and i ignored it as best i could but for almost three weeks i cannot stop thinking about it.. and i didn't even consider it really having any connection with spirits, demons etc... so there was no consern, until i realized its all ive been thinking about... tonight my fiencee brought my son out of his room,because he was hystarical, givin he is very young.. babies cry, but it was like he was tryingg to catch his breath. his mother put him down on the floor and he was pointing into his dark room at a level lower then his own height and kept saying CAT... we donnot have a cat nor ever had a cat we have a dog and he knows "dog" hes a very smart kid for his age hes incredible when it comes to association and memory, things like that.. which is why im so nervous about these things happening its like hes seeing a cat walk around him and around the house... i donnot see any cats....???? would this have any type of significant meaning?

    • profile image

      michelle 5 years ago

      hi.i have just found 2 black marks on my wall in my hallway.i touch the marks and it looks like burns.This is weird please help.

    • profile image

      farmplayer 5 years ago

      I have had weird experiences since I was a child.I was raised to believe that there are spirits and demons.Things seem to run in my family on both sides.I have been able to tell when going to someones house that something isn't right there.Later they would tell me that things had been happening there.Things moving, doors opening and closing on there own, knocking,....I do believe in God,Jesus and the holy Ghost (spirit). Was always told that if anything evil ever comes upon you that you tell it in the name of Jesus to leave you alone that it is not welcome.I have my house blessed.I have had people come up to me that I had never talked to except hi when passing.Asking me if they could talk to me about something important and something told them that I would understand & could help.Things did work out for these people.I have had a preacher tell me that visited my church that God wanted to use me for healing.I never understood what he meant because I thought he was talking about like in a doctor's office or something.But now I am not so sure.The past 3 or 4 years things seem to be getting more active and I have heard, seem and smelled things that I have never before.I think the worse was a young man that I know was staying with us for a while.Things were ok for a while and then he started changing.It started with scratches.Something told me to ask him if he had been in a circle.He said that he had not, but one was done while he was there.I told him that he lied to me and that something was with him.He wanted to know what I could tell him about it so I did.I went with the feelings that I was getting and later he told me I was right.You could feel something around him.At this time I had not had my home blessed because we had not been there long.So I think it came in with him.One night I was up late and got this very bad feeling come over me.I got up, got my anointing oil.I went to ever person in the house and ask them if I could put a cross of the anointing oil on their foreheads and pray over them They all say yes.(they knew if I woke them up there was a good reason for it).This has been the ONLY time I have ever done myself with the oil.Then I went and asked him.He said yes.So I did and prayed over him.I was called back in the room just a few minutes later.I was asked if the oil was supposed to burn.I asked him what he meant.He said is it suppose to burn in the shape off the cross.I told him NO!The only thing I could think was that something was trying to possess him.A day or to later he was talking to me and he started talking in another voice.So I asked question.He or it was telling my that it did not like me ,because it knew me from the past.So I asked when and were in the past.This boy told me things that he could have never known.And at the time and place I was having things happen.It said that it was the one moving things,making sounds ext.I advised him to get back into church and get re baptized because I knew I was not strong enough to help him out any farther.I don't know if the visiting preacher was right or not.(I always thought God would use me in the church to sing, because that is what I really liked to do).I just know that in my heart God has given me a gift to know these things that I can't explain.I know that it has helped comfort people and has helped my family.What do you think?Is this my calling from God?

    • profile image

      Melissa 5 years ago

      About 6 weeks ago I woke up and when I was getting dressed, noticed severe scratches that looked like claw marks on my abdomen. They were very red, and 2 of them were shaped like an X. The other 3 were in a straight line, almost forming the roman numeral "13". These scratches were about 7 or 8 inches long. I also had 2 on my chest, and 2 on my right arm, but they were not as severe.

      I went to the dr. 2 days later thinking it was some strange medical phenomenon, but he said there was no explanation for these scratches. They were obviously not from an animal, being that they were spaced too far apart. The Dr. said they were also not human scratches. He is a very spiritual person, and he said "I will pray for you". The office staff also had asked me if I ever had my house blessed. This started me looking for spiritual answers.

      I am Catholic, and do stay as close to God as I can. I work in the mental health field, and I talk about spirituality and God to clients if they are searching for answers, and I have been able to help some of them get back on a spiritual track. I also do evaluations at the prisons sometimes, and have talked to inmates about their spiritual needs.

      I went to talk to a priest who deals with demonic influence. I was asked if I had opened myself up to anything demonic, and the only thing I could think of was when I was young, my friends and I played with a Ouija board. I had also gone to a fortune teller a few times with friends. I have since confessed that to a priest, and have had no further involvement.

      The priest I spoke with told me he has seen this many times, and when I showed him the picture, he said he was sure that's what it was. He said that I must be doing something right, and that I was standing in the roadway of the Mack truck Satan is driving to try to bring down souls. He then prayed a prayer of "minor exorcism" over me. My first response when this happened was to be afraid, and I slept for 2 nights with the lights and TV on. Since then, I am not afraid. The scratches have left marks on my abdomen, but it is only a reminder that if I'm a threat to the devil, then I consider it an honor.

      I believe that God allowed this to happen to me so that I will tell people that this can happen. We can't think of the devil as a concept, or something that isn't real, because he is, and he will do anything to bring us away from God. That's why it's so important to stay close to Jesus, and call on his protection every day, and in every situation.

      I would never have believed that anything like this could happen to me, because I don't consider myself to be anyone special, and closer to God than anyone else. This has certainly made me put all of my trust in God, so if Satan's intention was to destroy my faith, it did just the opposite. I work extra hard now to talk to people who are open to it about Jesus, and help them find ways to let go of hurts that the devil wants them to hold onto.

      I would encourage anyone who has opened themselves up to anything evil or demonic, to turn to God immediately and ask for His help. He will honor that request!

    • profile image

      Olivia 5 years ago

      A couple of months ago i woke up with WHITE and RED scratch marks all across my stomoch and lower chest, i told my mum and she said that i must have scratched myself in my sleep but i had a tshirt on and my stomoch wasn't itching and i wasn't having a dream so can anyone answer????????????? Also, sometime when i look at things i sedd differet coulored spots ??

    • profile image

      Melissa 5 years ago

      I just woke up from a dream about a giant white wolf covered in blood mauling me and I now have scratches on my neck and face. I was terrified so I quickly got on the internet desperate for explainations. I guess what is stated in this article can prove in be true....

    • profile image

      lucy 5 years ago

      I'm a 16 year old teenage girl. Lately I have been waking up with these scratches on my arms and back. I'll have a nightmare and wake up with scars from them. There is this ghost who I believes followed me around named johnny. I hear humming commin from the corner of my room sometimes. I can bearly sleep and when I do sleep I have nightmares. I think something bad is not letting me sleep or even hang out in my room. My friends say my room has the most saddest vibe to it than any of the others. My friends have even been scratched on their backs. The pattern is different every time. I think something doesn't want me in my room. Please help!

    • profile image

      3rdiopen 5 years ago

      I woke up one morning many years ago with 3 perfectly straight scratches on my chest. It was a mystery to me. I was writing very religious songs at the time. I have since left my faith. When I read things like this it makes me want to believe again.

    • profile image

      Arhon 5 years ago

      what made me come to this site was A Keyword in google "Demons That Scratch" Its Because I had Those 2 Scratches on my neck Today around 3 with 5 after midnight I was siting on pc at this time and suddenly i felt a burning on my neck then i touched and i felt 2 scratches i had a creepy feeling at that time.Anyway What I wanted to ask is if you guys know what my scratch means cause there isn't any of the article one's 1 Scratch is straight Up and down and the other is diagonicaly looking left down and right up the second one is a lot smaller Its kinda like A 'T'and a few minutes ago i noticed i had 2 more scratches both diagonically a little further on my neck to the back both small ones one near the other pls if someone knows something reply.

      From A Child When I am Alone i hear sounds like things cracking in an instant sound with length of 1 or 2 seconds the most When I close the light i moved from my old house but everywhere i go there is this sound at my new house every night (because im siting until morning) i hear a strange sound like sand falling and then someone breathing heavy in a way like he whispers and loud and this is not only for a moment it lasts hours This Starts Around 02:00 with 03:00 after midnight

      Im 18 Years old soon 19 AND IM DEFINITELY KNOW WHAT I SEE Plz if someone knows anything about this reply to me in this site (This is NOT A Lie)And If you really know some way other than prayers and things to keep away such things as ghost demons or anything else plz tell me that to ><

    • profile image

      Power belongs to GOD!! 6 years ago

      i've had this scratches come and go since i was a little kid. I was raised in the church my grandfather was the pastor and i know that when your rollin with the devil the only that give you peace is Sin(Drugs,Beer,Pornographic images etc.) today I woke up with 3 scratches in a row on my back and i know that its because Iam trying to get my life together. So now its time to put on the whole amor of god and go to war.(On my knees in prayer) Oh yeah satan can you tell me who holds the keys to Heaven and Hell.......too late,its Jesus Christ forever and ever Amen.

    • profile image

      Sara 6 years ago

      Hanni, interesting what you write about extraterestrials.

      I have had scratches for 2 years now and I have had some other strange experiences. I have seen UFOs...

      So, I might be some kind of extraterestrials.

    • profile image

       6 years ago

      This is how the Salem Witch Trials were started.

    • profile image

      elaina lindsey 6 years ago

      can other people see things that we can't or do we see things that other people can't

    • profile image

      Tiffany 6 years ago

      These things are demonic, alimons are also demonic, (people thinking they are aliens but they are really demons. The fact is that just believing in the Messiah is not enough. You have to follow HIM. He many times states to people after He has healed them to "go and sin no more." In fact the NT tells you that if your eye causes you to sin pluck it out or if your hand causes you to sin cut it off. Now for a person to stop sinning you would have to know what the definiion of sin is. The definition of sin is transgression of the law. AW the law that most of the churches today say the Messiah did away with. However if you go read Matt ch 5, He says with His own words He didn't come to do away with it but to fullfill it. He even says not one mark of the law will pass away, heaven and earth may pass away but the law will not. Messiah also says if you love me you will follow my commandments. These demons have every right to torment someone who is not walking on the NARROW path. The wide path consists of sungod worship. The sungod was worshiped on sunday, his birthday is Dec 25th. The Messiah did not observe sungod worship, He observed the 7th day Sabbath and the Feasts. These things came straight from God. His 7th day Sabbath was established in the begining!! When you research the true origins of easter and xmas you will see traditions rooted in child sacrifice, imorality etc. It's only a google away. You must love the Lord God (YHWH) with all your heart, soul and mind, you must love your neighbor as yourself. How do we do that. The commandments all of them. I personally grew up in a Baptist home, I was baptised. I had a cross collection on my wall and went to church. I was attacked by a demon in my bed. I woke up to this thing holding me down. I tried to scream the name Jesus Christ but my mouth would not even open. What came out was the prayer to Our Father, when I said "thy kingdom come, thy will be done, the demon Screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOO. At that moment it was pulled off of me, leaving three scratch marks on my arms. They were red and still hot. Since that time I HAVE sought the Lord with all my heart, swallowing the truth wither I liked it or not. Peter says we are to be Holy as Messiah is Holy. These pagan holidays are not Holy they are based in evil pagan god/demon worship!! So you may get rid of the demons for a while but if you continue in the demon worship, why wouldn't they be able to keep doing what they are doing? Wake up people we have been lied to and the answers are all there in black and white.

    • profile image

      Hanni 6 years ago

      Have any of you had the thoght cross your mind that maybe it was extraterestrial and not paranormal in nature?

      Have any of you been hypnotized to determine what might be occurring during the night? My wife and I experience both scratches and bruising at least once a week or so.

      Just asking...

    • profile image

      kay 6 years ago

      I was directed here after searching for info on unexplained scratches on myself, actually.

      Despite (or maybe because of) being a devout Catholic, I would consider myself a skeptic in regard to most things. While of course it is Catholic doctrine to acknowledge the existence of Angels and Demons as actual beings, it is also beneficial to retain a healthy amount of skepticism regarding individual incidences.

      For example, in regard to bruises specifically, there are numerous medical conditions and vitamin deficiencies that could explain bruising that is not the result of any external injury. In regard to any other material evidence (scratches, etc.) it should always be taken into consideration with other evidence or lack thereof.

      For anyone concerned with issue of trying to determine possible Demonic Oppression or Demonic Possession (two different things), and more importantly how to heal or protect oneself from such an attack, I would recommend any works by Fr. Gabriel Amorth, a world-renowned exorcist. He has performed over 40,000 blessings over people believed to be oppressed by demons, as well as 97 full excorsims on possessed individuals. His works provide a lot of specific and useful information.

    • profile image

      Mae 6 years ago

      I am 13 and I live in England.

      Three mornings ago I woke up and while I was doing my make-up I noticed a scratch on the left of my face, near my hairline. It is a line, and a small dot (not very deep but I think I would have woken up when it was happening). I do believe in demons and have had strange experiences in my house before (heard someone walking around upstairs when no-one was there, had boxes moved on their own, bags constantly opening themselves), but I definitely don't believe in God, in any way shape or form. This morning I woke up with, yet another, scratch on my face. I couldn't have done them with my nails because the scratches look more like cat scratches and I don't have any pets and no one in my house would do it because they know it would freak me out too much. Everyone just thinks I'm crazy though, and one person said it looked like lots of little bites it a row. I have tried just joking about it, thinking that if 'it' thinks I'm not scared it will go away, but the truth is I really am scared that things might get worst, I know it wont be anything like what happens in scary films or anything, but still (and no, I don't take drugs/smoke cigarettes/drink caffeine).

    • profile image

      Jade 6 years ago

      I played the Ouija board and randomly got scratches across my face when the entity "Jack" got angry with us because my grandmother didn't beleive and was making fun of it. The next morning i woke up i had fresh scratches on my back,face,stomach, and some other places. My friends nose was bleeding and she had a black eye. We saw a figure at the door bekoning us. We were stupid kids and I was dumb enough to follow it. Thats all I remember but my friend said I was acting weird and tried to attack her! I don't remember it but the fear in her eyes meant she was truthfull. She said the figure dragged me down the stairs and i was screaming. The next day we played the Ouija board AGAIN (stupid right?) and asked if the figure last night was Jack he said yes. We found out it possesed me and was trying to show me its grave. He is 17 and died of lukemia. He said I had the life he wanted and if I stopped seeing him from the Ouija board and in person he would come and take me again but not let me return. It was a scary experience and I still talk to him on the Ouija board with the fear of him taking me. That is my story (COMPLETELY TRUE!) and I hope you understand.. i have many other scary experiances and if you want to hear them tell me..

    • profile image

      LEE 6 years ago


    • profile image

      StarSeed1947 6 years ago

      I was attacked last month with 13 cuts on my torso during my sleep. One is a huge X.

      It happened while I was visiting someone to help them get closer to Jesus because they had an evil presence there for a year and were in total despair.

      That unseen demon didn't like what I was trying to do and tried to scare me.

      I took pictures and started a thread about my experience. The deep cuts never bled and I was never in pain.

      I have not been bothered since I returned home and it was the first and only time something like this has ever happened to me.

      I know my faith in Jesus is what this demon didn't like and especially for trying to help someone they had control over.

      Here are pictures of the cuts, scroll down to see all of them.

      Here is the thread I started about it, feel free to post your own story there. We need to speak out about this spiritual war that we are in.

      It's a battle for our souls.

      I have a feeling these demons won't give up so easily unless we completely give ourselves to God.

      I refuse to give up and will continue to try and help my friend rid themselves of this evil entity by having more faith in our Saviour Jesus Christ.

      A priest is going to their house tomorrow and I hope he is powerful enough to chase that evil demon away.

      God help us all.


    • profile image

      Krystal 6 years ago

      My eleven month old woke with scratches on her hip. Keep in mind inside her diaper and nightclothes. These arent jjust any scratches they are perfectly aligned and all the same size they connect at the top they are a quarter of a centimeter in hight and look likke this /YXXX a little smaller. the / stops in the middle. ???????????????? anyone ever seen this

    • profile image

      shadowelite13 6 years ago

      i have a friend who goes through this and i have talked to these demons. i say demons because she warned me about this demon controlling her and i talked to it which was in a sense scary to me because it doesn't listen to her but to me it told me its name was legion. i use to serve god and am in a struggle to get back to it because i know that even prayer can help. if you have any stories you wanna share send them to me at and i will get back to you and try to help as much as i can but only god can truly help you

    • profile image

      gaurav 6 years ago

      dear friends . all ur experiences " may " be a result of some negative forces around you tryin to communicate with u . i have had similar experiences since the last 10 yrs with 3 scratch marks appearing on my arm without touching myself. i ignored it till now but now am taking strict action cause it has been affecting my mental well being . i would gladly like to share my knowledge on the topic n would also welcome any kinda inputs frmu guys . its

    • profile image

      Quinn 6 years ago

      Nick, midnight is the witching hour, and three am is the demonic hour. The two are very different, so please don't confuse them.

    • profile image

      danny 6 years ago

      i have recently had this problem and been seeking answers till i come across this today as i thought i was going crazy tbh, i'm new to these kind of blog sites so don't really know what to say but my experiences first started one day at college when i mysteriously got what i thought was a heat rash at first but when i got home i discovered 7 parallel scratches on my arm where you get you get injections from ect best way to explain lol anyway this continued a day after when i was lying down listening to music suddenly i felt like a burning itch sensation on my stomach when i looked down there was one scratch like as thought a cat had jst come up and done it again a let it go and continued so that night i couldn't get to sleep so a jst did normal stuff watched telly watched a few dvd's ect till about 5 in the morning i thought i would play on my ps3 out of bordum so i was on that for an hour till i felt the same burning/itching senstion on the right of my neck witch i had pressed against my pillow so i was really shocked because i knew what had happened so i got up to check in the mirror and there was a big heat rash again as the day went on and the rash went away the scratch became more noticeable and scabbed i still don't know what to think of it any help would be good jst so i know im nt crazy :P cheers

    • profile image

      em 6 years ago

      For the past few days I have been waking up to find my arms completely covered in red scratches. I know it couldn't have been me, my nails are non-existent. Most of them have since faded away, but you can still make them out a little. I have five scratches on my right thumb right now, they are burning and sore to touch. I have one scratch in the shape of a V, perfectly straight. I am also breaking out in lots and lots of red itchy spots, I counted 8 on one leg, they look terrible and itch like mad! I think I'm going crazy, at night last night I heard the unmistakable sounds of banging in my closet, just then I heard the same thing but when I go to check there is nothing there. At night I sometimes see flashes through the air and even in daylight I get visions of black shadows creeping down the walls, but when I really look there's nothing there. It's happened before to me too, usually when someone dies but sometimes it happens out of the blue. Just recently my dog passed away, and ever since stuff has been happening. It's creepy, I don't like it. Someone please help me!!!

    • profile image

      Nick 6 years ago

      3:00 am is known as the witching hour...this is when demonic forces are very active. I suggest asking the lord for guidance so he will give you the protection you need. Peace

    • profile image

      To Alexis... 6 years ago

      I think this site makes it clear, if you are experiencing any scratches by an unknown is most likely demonic...Talk to Jesus Christ for help.

    • profile image

      Alexis maldonado 6 years ago

      last night around 310am iwas'nt sleeping completely

      Instead i was like disey in my bed like facig the bed

      Suddenly i felt like like a claw rasping on my right leg

      It was so real that the feeling after was still there minutes after so scary that i had the light on all night

      What could this be can anyone explain

    • profile image

      Lindsay 6 years ago

      I had a dream a week ago that I got yanked out of bed and woke up on this random table. Upon waking the next morning I discovered HUGE scratches in my armpits. They hurt extremely bad and I had a hard time putting on a shirt. I compared my dogs paws and kitty paws to them and it was not a match. Something did this to me and I am going crazy trying to figure out what it is. I went to the doctor and they confirmed that they were in fact scratches. Help!

    • profile image

      christina 6 years ago

      Well I. Have something 2 share I started dreaming about. Babies recently for about a week now during that week I've also have been waking up at 3:20 every night wide awake for no reason its always exactly at that time not a minute early or later. Then today I woke up with cratches on my stomach 2 on each side of my stomach parallel 2 each other they are fine like staple cratches . They aren't stright scratches they are curvy in .. that really scared me so I took a pic of it and sent it 2 my husband he freakd out. No type of human nails can do a cratch so fine like it. When I touch them they hurt like burn almost. I'm really freaken out anyone with same stuff happening 2 them plz speak ou ur not alone. God bless..

    • profile image

      shy 6 years ago

      today i was sitting at my computer,,and out of nowhere my neck started burning it was so bad i started to cry,,then my daughter looked and there are 3 deep scratches on my neck,,,they r not even to be honest,,2 of them looks like a check mark with a line ao maybe the number 1 ,,,would some1 please help me,,,this is not the 1st time this has happened,,but it only happens during the day while i am wide awake

    • profile image

      Nick 6 years ago

      These are evil forces at work: A year and a half ago I turned my life around and wanted to go to church to be happier...then a week later I had three 4 to 6 inch scratch marks acroos my stomach...It goes to show that the adversary does not want you to be happy and have a relationship with God. I am working with the spiritual Freedom Church. Bob Larson is the lead pasture with this church and can help. Any questions:

    • profile image

      Hopefull 6 years ago

      I have had these scratches for more than two years, but I still hope that I one day shall meet someone who can help me.

      I mostly get attaced daytime and I get the scratches on my hands.

    • profile image

      Doug 6 years ago

      Sometimes prayer and thinking good thoughts don't work at 3:00am in the morning, if your being disturbed by demonic beings get a good bible believing church and have them come over and pray with you for protection and comfort...sometimes we need help.

    • profile image

      Uncle Bad Guy 6 years ago

      These things actually happen around the world.It has happened to me before,to my friends and some other people i know.I even had a friends little kid tell me once"uncle you want to see where the wizard ate me?"I was startled to hear a kid of about 7 say such words.I have tried to stay awake to figure out these thing but i never get to the end of it.I believe in God and the fact that the devil is unhappy about our relationship with God.I also believe we have different mysterious beings living on earth as well.I have discussed this with people whom i believe know better than i do and most of them are too scared to try to figure out the answer.I am seriously working on getting to the end of this by knowing exactly how it happens and what those marks mean because they come in different shapes and sizes found on different parts of the body where they choose to attack.If you are interested in working with me on this for knowledge sake,email me

      But one thing remain.... at the mention of Jesus,every knee shall bow.Let God rule in your life and he will take care of all our problems.Peace

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 6 years ago

      Want to talk further about your own situation privately, feel free to contact Team Wiseman at

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Yes, it is weird how this same thing is going on in the world, and I do believe it is demons exercising their right to destroy us the witchcraft techniques, however, we serve The Strong And Almighty God, and as long as we stay strong in Him, all the demons can do is dull their spiny nails on our flesh! May God Bless All!

    • profile image

      Cassie 6 years ago

      Hi my name is cassie and I am from south africa. i woke up this mormimg with a few scratches on the right side of my cheek. i don't have any explanation of how it got there. i tried to find out what it could be by typing woke up with scratches on face and came to this site. i didn't think it was demonic scratches or anything.

      I am Catholic and very religious so i do believe in God. Its just bizare at how many people all over world have experienced this. bed bugs...i think not...

      thanks for the article and commenst guys

    • profile image

      noelle 7 years ago

      dear Chrissy

      my name is noelle & im 16 years old. i know quite a bit about the paranormal & supernatural considering my age. ive never had experiences as extreme as those but i see orbs all the time. ive been touched. ive heard breathing right behind my left ear. ive felt cold breezes. im somewhat empathic (which means i take on the emotions of others like they are my own) & ive started crying my eyes out for no reason whatsoever. i feel presences. i understand what you're going through & i completely believe you. if you think you're crazy because no one else seems to believe you, you absolutely are not crazy. ive woken up with 3 scratches on my stomach before that absolutely could not have been from my own nails. i believe there is a demonic spirit following me around because i have new anger issues & a violent mind that ive never had before. like you, i know that Jesus Christ is my savior. i even go to a Lutheran school so just because you're a christian doesn't mean that this stuff wont happen. its most likely getting worse because demons go after believers to try to hurt your relationship with God & to hurt God because He cares about you so much. i suggest you have a blessing on you & your house before things get even worse. keep faith & God bless.


    • profile image

      Unknown. 7 years ago

      A while ago (during day) i was sitting outside watching my mom water the plants. Then all of a sudden it felt like someone was pressing fire against my back, at first i thought a bug bit me or something so i ignored it. But the pain increased and i ran into the bathroom and pulled up my shirt to see wtf happened and there was a red handprint.. It wasn't human, it only had 4 little stubby fingers, more like claws, and the palm of the hand wasn't like a human palm. Idk, its hard to explain. But it took the longest time to heal! Actully like 5 or 6 months. And i think i still have the scar..

    • profile image

      Unidentified 7 years ago

      Jesus Christ can help...Just ask! May God bless you!

    • profile image

      Mari 7 years ago

      I have also had unexplained scratches show up all over my body and face. Most times it becomes very embarrassing and uncomfortable to the point where I told my doctor and he at first thought I was doing it to myself with out realizing until it actually happened in front of him. He was very surprised to see it happen. I have been having this problem for 3 years now. Never had it before. I have been living in North Carolina and a lot of strange things have been happening to me here. I have also thought about moving but I really like it here. Doctors believe that I might be allergic to the environment here, which I dought because I lived here for a year before it started accuring. Can someone please help me with this problem.

    • profile image

      Nattt 7 years ago

      I always have continual scratches. and i know it is not me because i don't have ANY nails...i don't have any nails watsoever so i know it is not me....but everyone tends to think its the person scratching themselves but that is obviously not my case. i still don't know why these things happen

    • profile image

      ryan worthington 7 years ago

      i have them all the time

    • profile image

      Chris's mom 7 years ago

      His Dreams

      After all this experience Chris started having dreams, very bad dreams that have never stopped since he has been 5. (NOTE: his age of experiences and when i put him on meds for sleeping, because he wouldn't.) He has been seeing this "leader" for almost 6 yrs without telling me. He is very scary man he says and so i asked him to draw him. There is also another man the "co captain" and there are several minions. There is one man named Bill who helps him escape from these mean people who scrape and bite him and his other savior is mollie (our dog) who licks him til he wakes up so he doesn't get hurt too bad. (He says they want to hurt me and dylan so he has taken the pain all these years and marks that he could never explain to me where he got them, so we didn't get hurt. Brave little boy! Broke my heart.) The "leader" is always with him and follows him everywhere. This is not just subject to our house. This is again EVERYWHERE and during the day as well as in his dreams. They can and do talk to him, telling him things to do that are bad. The translator of these demons, as I call him not Chris, do not speak English. He is unsure of what they are saying, but Bill (Old man, grey beard, and a grin/smirk) help him translate what they are saying.

      When sleeping sometimes Dylan sleeps with him and when this happens

      Every time he falls alseep he is in a dungeon like atmosphere, place on a Red A on a cement wall with shackles that have his wrists and his ankles chained to this wall. The only light is two torches that are above his hands on the outside of this Red A painted on the wall. To the right of him there is a cage they put them (there are more children there also being tortured) He can only speak to them through the hole and all they say is help me. He cannot see them or who they are, but he can hear them.

      Every night since he was 5 they scratch and bite him. The co captain is the one who ties him up and does the biting, and the leader is the one who scratches him.

      On the night of 1-31-10 the following is his dream per his words:

      He was chained up to the A on the wall, and the minions and co captain and leader were trying to bite and scratch at him. The leader is the one who scratched his back and the co captain is the one who bit him* note the marks on him that night were different. Validating his story. He always uses same terms for their names too. It is consistent.*

      He described them as follows : "claws like a wolf, teeth like a sybertooth, other guys have small fangs, eyes like aligators, and fast as cheetahs."

      His defense against them is Mollie and Bill, also he can tell them to go away just takes a long time to get them to leave.

      As he is telling me this story he is in the tub and I am on the toilet writing all this down, after he told me the dream, he said "can we stop" I said sure what's wrong, he said "he is here." I said who and he said "the leader, hes listening." So i stopped and talked about his day and then a few minutes later he said " ok hes gone." I asked him where he was at looking at us and it was behind our tub in the corner.

      2-3-10 @ 249am

      Then he came into my room and had more marks this time on his chest in the shape of a couple of x's. I was startin to worry. I took more pics and sent them to Craig to see and kept him on the line with me. I asked Chris if he could draw me these people that he sees and the dungeon and the A. * see attached drawing with 2-3-10 date at 2:49am. *note: he is a very good drawing and these pictures are explicit and scary.*

      So told him to lay with me and Craig and I asked him more questions and so we decided to pray. I said an OUR FATHER with him as i held him close to me. After doing that, he said they are all here in your room. I said where he said everywhere... and as I was holding him in my arms and had his arms in mine, he says they are cutting my leg cutting my leg, i pulled the sheets over and sure enough they did. This is the monumental moment for me that this is real, its hurting my son and I need help. I have a very good friend lori who told me of her friend Lindsey Harms who I will meet with tonight at 730pm. She agrees after my phone call with her that he also needs a priest involved and I agree.

      I have pics just wondered if anyone else did and this happened more after lexipro was introduced to him. He is 10.

    • profile image

      Team Wiseman 7 years ago

      Someone or something is definitely possessed here. Whether it is your son or an item around your son. It seems to me to be the son. Somehow we can be possessed as a child easier at times. This demon will hide until adulthood or even death sometimes. Since the cross necklace has been a part of his life, this demon seems to be irritated by the symbol and becoming more visible and pushier. Our advice? Pray in the name of Jesus Christ over your son,and ask God to make the demon leave your son and to leave your family. You must really speak to God as if He is next to you and KNOW that He is. His son Jesus Christ is why the demon is angry,(cross necklace) so that is who you should seek in this matter. Whether or not you have ever prayed before, just know that He always shows up when we call out on His name. Give this a try and may God Bless you and your family in this strange time. We understand. We will pray for you and yours.

    • profile image

      charlie 7 years ago

      My son 2wks ago came to me scared to death , he said daddy look at this , he had over 50 scratches all over his body also i gave him a cross necklace for xmas , there was a cut in the shape of the cross around his neck !! The cuts were all in three's ! He is an artist and since he was a child has been into drawing demons etc , could he actually be possessed ? Please help im freakin out right now !! CHARLIE

    • profile image

      Jewls 7 years ago

      I have been meditating in a mirror..mirror gazing... It has helped me focus more than my adhd meds ever did.. But the faces I see and my daughter has seen is sometimes scary... I can only see my right eye and she said my left one will look at her and it appears to be bugging out and it looks old and baggy around it... I have woken up with scratches 3 close together on left arm on top close to my wrist.. I didn't notice them till they were healed over... I am a believer in JC and don't dabble in the dark side.. My only goal in life is to get to heaven...I have always had strange bruising and cuts..before mirror gazing..And no im not on meds or is it an attack? Are the numbers increasing? Woa to the inhabitiance of the earth for he knows his time is short and will try to increase his number..So True..

    • profile image

      Shinji Ikari 7 years ago

      I need help! I have this scratches upa nd down my legs and neck and face and chest I need help if anyone can help me please email me!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 7 years ago

      Thanks for the comment, Crissy, We believe you may need an exorcism. The name of Jesus Christ freed us from the same exact issues.

    • profile image

      Chrissy 7 years ago

      Its been getting worse, and im getting scared too. This is just another thing thats happened to me...I was going downstairs and something reeked of copper, it never smells like that in my basement. I looked in my bunnies cage, he was lying down in his cage, hundled in the corner. I picked him up and his spine was broken. He was suprisingly alive, and then he started to have a seisure. He died in my hands within the first 10 minutes, ever since then ive been waking up at exactly 3:00 evry morning, Iam sweating hot, and cant fall back asleep, as soon as i get tired my door starts to open. and shuts. nothing else happens, its been happening since last saturday. Its just weird! Its all true, and i don't like sharing this with people, because its very personal, and i need help with this. And im sorry for the spelling stuff..

    • profile image

      may 7 years ago

      I have scratches that apear on me on my legs and arms they start at a point and come down to three scratches they burn and leave scars this has been happening to me for about 3 years and i believe that there is something that has atached itself to me from when i was younger .. i have seen ghosts a lot sense my grandfather dead when i was 5 and i have never seen a demon till i moved into my new house i wont move back into my home because it has tearafied me ... i have never been scared of ghost until i moved into this house ... note it is not the same thing that scratches me ... i have never been scared of what scratches me ... i would just like to know if what i believe my scratches r coming from is true ... has anyone had the same type of scratches as me ... i will feel a burn on my arm or leg look down and watch them apear on my body .... they don't go away they leave scabs then scars...

    • profile image

      Chrissy Laprise 7 years ago

      Ive exepted Jesus Christ as my savior since then, ive still been getting the weird markings, once one of them bled. Things have been falling off my shelves and bookcases. I don't know why. I took some pictures and there was something in the picture. Why is this happening? Its all to don't have to believe me, but I just wanted to say.

    • profile image

      josh 7 years ago

      I recommend to stay away from all symbols of the occult, such as Oijia boards, fortune telling, druid worship, etc. People don't believe there is such thing as a spiritual realm, so they play with the Oijia board and end up getting posessed or afflicted. It is true that people of the occult can somewhat control demons through chants and rituals, and end up getting very wealthy and powerful, but they have it coming for them. Satan will do things for people in exchange for influence in the world. If they refuse to pay back the devil, he will torment them for the rest of their lives. Satan isn't into free gifts, only God does that.

      God loves mankind so much that he came to earth in human form (jesus), took all of the sins of the world upon him, and died as a sacrifice so that we can be saved from eternal damnation, if we choose to accept this free gift. A treasure that is beyond imagination is waiting for us after we die, and it requires ONLY for us to accept God's free gift, and trust in Jesus Christ! We can never be good enough to get to heaven on our own, because "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God", so the only way to be saved is through accepting the death of Jesus Christ to count for you.

      There is no reason for me to write this if it wasn't true, because it will not benefit me if you believe it or not. I just felt compelled to write it, because of how God's love has effected me.

      If you have questions or something email me at



    • profile image

      Chrissy Laprise 7 years ago

      My brother, Guy, My best friend Mindy, and I, Chrissy. We were in my room the other day. We sat in a circle in the dark, and held hands. Each of us said these words "On the first day of school I fell off my bike and got a scratch" and so on seven times. The first time mindy said it we turned the lights on and cheaked her back. SEVEN red scratches were lined up on her back. I had reapeted the same thing. One scratch on my neck, and two scratches on right and four on left arm. Next my brother tried. There was only small ones. We took pictures of mindys. Mindy and I have scratches all over our bodys. One of mindys scratches left a scab, and the one on my neck is very deep, deep enough to leave a rash. We don't have a very good relationship with jesus christ, so i don't know what to do...but I wear a cross. It helps me when im scared for some reason. I have a really bad feeling about this. Help. I have had weird experiances with these type of things before, such as screaming on my camera, when i was making a video, nobody was at my house but me. And ive seen weird things in Mindys room but i wont get into details because nobody believes me. I don't know what to do and im scared to be alone in my room, and im in the 8th grade.

    • profile image

      Eve 7 years ago

      I get these scratches when I'm awake...

    • profile image

      Barry 7 years ago

      I have had unexplained scratches, strange bruises and possible burn marks. I have also had very fine laser straight parallel scratches under my right eye which dissapeared within hours. I live in a clean house, no pets and shower every day, I'm not religious. All the marks clear up within a few days and do not hurt. I do dream about large demonic looking creatures (tall gladiator like human bodies but with vile dog like heads), but in the dreams I'm not afraid and find myself to be stronger and quicker and fend them off very easily. According to my partner I'm a heavy sleeper and a right git to wake up so I don't think the marks are self afflicted, and some are right in the middle of my back which I cant reach. Maybe there psychosamatic.

    • profile image

      sid 7 years ago

      all rubbish..

      folks don't trust this..this is bullshit..

      scratches occur due to lack of personal hyegiene..instead of blaming satan..go and have a bath...

      bed bugs also cause scratches..i've had scratches fr da past 10 goes then da other comes..i'm currently applyin lacto calemaine and wud suggest u do da same...

      lol at satans marks...

      hail the lord..:)

    • profile image

      Bobby 7 years ago

      I was awaken around 2:24 AM When my 3 yr old son came running into my room screaming, get it away from me, get it away from me! I opened my eyes as he climbed between me and my wife. It was still dark in the room I looked towards the foot of the bed. As GOD as my wittness, I seen as clear as day A Green Face. I seen his eyes nose and mouth. His head was at the foot of the bed as if he was resting his chin on the bed.. I screamed as loud as I could and reached for the light. By this time I was standing on my pillow against the head board... The face disapeared as I turned the light on. I turned every light on in my home and searched every closet under every bed every square inch. I found nothing!

      We live in a township called HURON and its believed we are living on Indian burial grounds. I have been in the garage under the car working on it.. I have heard someone come in the door and close it and nobody be there at all. We have had banging on the house from outside and loud and hard too.. Shook the house and not 1 or 2 bangs but 6 or 7 in a row. I called the police and they searched the outer grounds and at the time was 4 inches of snow on the ground w/ not a single footprint on the ground where the banging occurred. I have since moved out of the home and my father continues to live in the house. He had 3 scrathes on him last week. He also said he seen the green face in his room. I built a home on 3 acres on property right next door to my old home. Nothing has happened in my new home as we had it blessed. But my Father says he hears a man talking almost every night. He has woken to the water running to and had to shut it off. He was sick and had to go to the hospital for surgery and was gone for 7 days. I let his dogs out every day and fed them and spent time w/ them.. THEY BOTH DIED for no reason the night before my dad was released from the hospital. The vet has no clue what they died from.. They were both 4 human yrs old.. A belgium sheppard and an Austrailian cattel dog.. I believe the demonic eveil w/ in the home murded my dads dogs..

      Every thing I have said is true and not a publicity stunt.

      On the brighter side of things My mom who divorced my Father 30 yrs ago lives in Ariozna. She feeds these wild birds every day in her back yard by a stucco wal. The other day she noticed a face on the wall It looks to me like Jesus, If you would like to see the photos email me at you can see this as plain as day.. put my name bob in subject line so I don't delete your mail

      god bless


    • profile image

      sonogod 7 years ago

      I have had a scratch ,lite but fine red,and burning slightly,and only one on my shoulder,Iv noticed this about a year ago on my stomach 2 scratches,exactly like the one on my shoulder,Im a born again christian and I also go through deliverance that I do myself when ever Im sick,Like now I have the flu,and I was casting the virus demon out and the next day I woke with the scratch.Im trying to figure it all out and asking God to reveal to me why this is happening.

    • profile image

      jmac 7 years ago

      got cut off "MUDDY AURA"

      was her exact words as I was wrote this

      what does that mean exactly?

    • profile image

      jmac 7 years ago

      I am having these issues right now

      yesterday I awoke with a large bruise

      on the outer side of my forearm near the elbow

      in the shape of a toothless human bite "no teeth in prints"

      and the surrounding area is swollen I had 2 other people besides myself look for bug/spider bites(NONE)!

      Today I have 3 scratches on the other forearm "they are welted and burn" they are wider than say cat scratches and they run from an old scar 2 run strait out and down the forearm and the 3rd sort of curves towards the other 2 and strait down these are all about 2 to 2&1/2 inches long. I don't smoke dope(speed, meth whatever you want to call it) no crack no alcohol no over the counter pills and my girlfriend just told me I have a dark"MUDDY"

    • HOOWANTSTONO profile image

      HOOWANTSTONO 7 years ago

      The scratches if not self inflicted while asleep, or someone else, is definitely demonic, there have been thousands of these inflictions in the past and 90% have been demons.

      Biblical evidence of these things are mentioned, and can be overcome. But don't land up going to Catholic priest for prayer they will just tie you up in religious jargon, call a reputable evangelist.

    • profile image

      nice 8 years ago

      Okay I am sorry to say that the video above is not the work of demons but meth. It is time for everone to take responsibility for there own actions and stop putting the blame where it does not belong.

    • wittywriter profile image

      wittywriter 8 years ago from Concord New Hampshire

      On way too many occasions I have woken up with bad bruises on my body. I know that when I work I can bump my arms and legs, but these are on my torso. Unless someone pinched me or hit me, I can not figure out where I got them. On several occasions my husband has noticed bruising on my back and scratches on my back as if someone had just scratched me. They are not bleeding, but they are fresh. I have had dealings in the past of paranormal experiences where I have been pushed down a flight of stairs, or punched in the back. I call to the power of the Lord, Jesus Christ to rid me of these attacks. It usually works. But, the Devil just does not like to let go.

    • profile image

      LAmatadora 8 years ago

      I agree with AE that GOD protects his people ( I am sure Jesus is watching) but I know from eye witnessing accounts that if you put "God to the test" and meddle in spiritism after the fact the bible says to stay away from it and expect him to protect you then you will be sadly mistaken..

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Interesting as I haven't had an unexplained bruising or scratches as I believe that Jesus protects us from demons, this is an interesting article. :)

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 8 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      I actually have had unexplained bruises but I won't be so quick to jump to the conclusion of it being demonic. Maybe I forgot how I got it, but I'm not gonna rule out either.

      Very truthful and inspirational information in this hub. I like how you all focus on your topic and provide the most valuable information that can be provided on this topic.


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      • profile image

        Delilah 2 weeks ago

        About a week ago, I was putting lotion on my arms like I do every morning and I noticed a bump in the crease of my elbow like I had gotten my blood drawn along with a scratch on the top layer of my skin, but it didn't seem to bother me. Then the next day. I noticed a bump appear on my ear lobe and the day after that, I noticed a bump appear just below my ear lobe and none of it seems to bother me. I don't know what to think about any of this. I've never heard of this happening to anyone. Is it just a coincidence or could it be something more?

      • profile image

        Unknown 2 weeks ago

        Around 2 to 3 years ago.. I walked over to a friends house with my little sister to drop something off. I kneeled down to pet their dog after giving it to them. The dogs name was Lucifet.. I thought it was cute because the other dogs name was Angel. I don't exactly know how to explain what happened be so I will say this.. I turned around only to see mysister's friends all screem. I wondered why but then touched my face.. i looked at my fingers and they were bloody. The next thing I know I rush over to my house.. not crying not even scared.. but I had a wait feeling. Next thing I know I am at the hospital laying there and I feel something tugging at my face i opened my eyes and the same dog was licking my face sitting on the bed next to me. i wash scared I it because I truly knew itwash the dog thatdid this. I feel a wetness wash over my side.. it was the dogs blood slowly oozing out of the woundon the pour dogs chest. I sat up screeming as a doctor walked in worriedly. I looked where the dog was just sitting but instead saw a little wolf plushie. My hip was still bloody. That same day, as had to get stitches. But when i looked into the mirror, I saw the scar was a large 6 in my right cheek, another 6 right next to my eye, and another I my upper lip. Three 6's. The funny thing I that i wan back to the house and the 3 sisters smiled at me as I remembered, they were triplets.. at the age of 6. They shot the dog the day i got the scars, on his chest. The poor dog.. I hope they didnt hurt him.. even as I write this I feel like i see him staring at me, gaurding me..

      • profile image

        People Who are Afraid 2 months ago

        Peeps who get scratches should be calm and not Fear. For the one you should fear is God and God only. Once your calm or see sign of demoniac call and exorcist use your brain and contact others.

      • profile image

        Linda 3 months ago

        got a 3 inch half circkle on leg do not know how any one out there get this too I have pic but no place to put it

      • profile image

        Sup 7 months ago

        Hi a couple months ago I got 3 weird arc shaped Scratches on my back and my cat wasn't near me but I dreamed I whent sooo fast a landed on a Big claw and saw these exact same Scratches and I am super fast maybe it's a way of gaining a super power?

      • profile image

        Joe Day 7 months ago

        Its been happening ever sense i was little i would get big marks on my neck but recently its been happening on my stomach there decently deep marks all straight an in a line i've been ignoring them for my life saying random things for these marks but today i've looked up if anyone else has been having the same problem as me and its good to know i'm not alone

      • profile image

        Darken kissel 7 months ago

        I woke up Friday morning with a perfect cross whelped on the right side of my face and it's still there someone plz help

      • profile image

        Couldn'tdecipher123 8 months ago

        -_-" It cant be. Am I delusional?! since I was young I had this urge to kill. Then I realized it wasn't mine---to begin with.

      • profile image

        xxxx 8 months ago

        I just noticed that i have small scratch on my neck

      • profile image 10 months ago

        every morning when I wake up I got scratches. IDK what are I got one in my arm and it's the letter A or v but its upside my name its Miguel what should i do?

      • profile image

        Josefumi 10 months ago

        I used to wake up with my butt all sore and 3 scratch marks on each butt cheek.

        Never understood why tho...I felt like evil had taken advantage of me while I evil..

      • profile image

        Timtam1974 11 months ago

        So I am sitting in my lounge room the house is completely empty I have my 2 cats snuggled into me and we are watching tv when I am startled by a cough .. Just 1 cough that sounds like it has come from the guest bedroom where my grandmother stayed in the night before. Both cats sat up and looked in that direction as we all heard it together. I put it down to just strange and continued to be seated. A couple of minutes passed and then something spat in my face! I pulled back and felt the wetness and didn't move for a couple of seconds then got up and went to the bathroom and could see spit on my forehead. What the hell just happened. Checked the house .. Everything is locked up I am the only one here so got down on my hands and knees and prayed aloud. Anyone experience anything similar.. Am I going crazy?

      • profile image

        Sharay 12 months ago

        About a week ago, I woke up with three long scratches on my left lower leg. And within two days they whelped up and then blistered and now look like burns. I can't seem to get them to heal. I am a believer of God and Jesus! I pray every night and go to church all the time! I don't think as myself for being weak, especially when it comes to my faith! I believe that whatever did this to my leg is trying to take down the strongest, which is me, so that the others may fall. God has saved me once before from demons and I know he will send me help again!

      • profile image

        ScratchedWeekly 12 months ago

        I get the scratches all the time. Same ones as you. Except mine are always the 3 line destruction symbol. Can I ask why would a demon want to destroy a driver's licence or ID card or a door? (You said they scratch these too) That doesn't make any sense as the door is not living and the demon knows this. So what pleasure does he get out of cursing a door? lol

      • profile image

        lina 14 months ago

        guys don't be scared cause you have somebody with you all the times his name is GOD i love him i don't care if you say omg she is christion i don't care if you talk about me cause i have a GOD with me

      • profile image

        Jon 14 months ago

        I came here to check my skin condition. But I ended up reading a novel of fiction. Good work, very creative.

      • profile image

        Idk 14 months ago

        I noticed three scratches on the back of my leg today when I was in the dressing room at a store. It's exactly how you described it. Well shit

      • profile image

        zoe 14 months ago

        hi its me again i know what is going on with my friend but i only trust one person who is going help her and you it is my dad. And when i mean my dad GOD cause GOD is my dad and yours he can help you and do a lot of stuff you just have to belive in him.

      • profile image

        zoey 15 months ago

        thank you but it is true

      • profile image

        Alboari 15 months ago

        I have not gotten a clear explanation from anyone on the web. I see other pages and it seems to be a real phenomenon, I have an MBS at a USA university, I get these strange scars, there is no way I can reproduce even on paper. !!!!!

      • profile image

        zoe 15 months ago

        my friend she said when she go's outside she heirs stuff come to her. And she said that she looks back and nothing is there so she has to wait for the bus in her house now.

      • profile image

        zoe 15 months ago

        thank you for the people that are looking for what i asked

      • profile image

        zoe 15 months ago

        this is a true story

      • profile image

        zoe 15 months ago

        thanks so mush but can you tell me what it means my friend is scared pleases tell me what it means

        pleases help me she is my friend

      • profile image

        zoe 15 months ago

        My friend Rachel when she wakes up sometimes she sees scratches on her arms. Also she sees weird things going on her house she she took a picture with my other friend her name is Lilly. They took a picture on Lilly tablet the next day they where looking at the pictures on Lilly tablet and my friends face was not on there only Lilly face not Rachel. It took the picture but it looked like Rachel was invisible. Could see through Rachel one day they took another picture Rachel had sharp teeth please tell me what it mean i am 11 years old i don't want nothing to happen to my friend

      • profile image

        Stitches 15 months ago

        once I had to get stitches because I woke up with 3 deep gashes that lined up with my spine

      • profile image

        anon 16 months ago

        this is a comment to team wiseman/ David718 above. sorry its years late a lot of members of my family had recurring dreams about a child in our family drowning. what was in fact happening is they were being sexually abused by a priest which has now cut them off from God.

      • profile image

        Savannah 16 months ago

        My back neck/upper back started hurting out of nowhere. I had my friend look at it. At first it was red and swollen. An hour later we looked at it again. It is a scratch that shows the roman numeral 4. I am freaking out. I don't know what it means

      • profile image

        rossonyer 18 months ago

        i found red scratches on floor,table of the house .... what is it????????((((

      • profile image

        " The Lonely GIRL " 18 months ago

        it was happen to me Sometime ..

        i didn't know where the scratch came from..

        but when i feel it somewhere like on a quiet place a toilet , Like now.. i heard a noise coming from the inside the toilet and i was alone ..

        my heart beats fast and getting to scared , quickly and hurry go outside.

        after a minute .. my long scratches appeard on my left arms like it was totally shocking.. why this happened to me..


        when i get drunk and tired.. the next day i woke up, it also appeard.

        like a 3 lines wolf scratches on my armss and Legss..


        when i was sleeping..

        I believe that when you sometimes forgot to Pray and talk to god or just going to the Church everytime .. you need to think Jesus Christ ,God , Lord is there always there for us .. No matter what happens.. Dont ever Forget him.. or just to say thank you for everything what he's done to you.. for everyday... no matter what your problem is.. just talk to jesus christ , god.. and he will listen to you...

        God is Our Only One Saviour in our Life Amen. He's always Protecting us wherever we go.



        Please..PROTECT and heal me..


      • profile image

        kellerbeal 20 months ago

        When you experiment with Ouija board, fortune tellers or any type of witch craft, false cults, or open the door for demonic oppression. The Bible says that stuborness and rebellion are as "witchcraft." Sam. 15:23. Victimization or generational curses can also open the door to demonic, as well as unforgiveness. Look up the 7 Steps to Freedom by Neal Anderson....find a minister that believes in "deliverance." Only the Lord can set you free. Demons are real and you can't just rebuke them if you aren't living right. When the disciples tried to rebuke demons, they were told, "this kind cometh not out but by prayer and fasting." Matt. 17:21. In Acts 19:14, when one of the Jewish priests tried to cast out the demons...the demons said that they knew Jesus and John, but they didn't know him. The devil will just laugh, if you aren't living for the Lord! The first step to freedom is to repent and

        turn from your on the name of the Lord. He is willing to save you. Rom 10: 9, 10.

      • Team Wiseman profile image

        Team Wiseman 20 months ago

        It's a FAITH FIGHT! Keep your faith and this is the "Good Fight" spoken of by Paul. #1 thing to remember! Have no fear!

      • profile image

        Ben 20 months ago

        I have a cut in the shape of a H then a A on the right part of my stomach. Ehat does it mean. Please if anyone could help. I'm really religious and this really scares me plus my dad is a pastor so it makes me even more scared since it makes me wonder what a demon is doing in a house blessed by the Lord. Pleade help

      • profile image

        jitendra Singh 2 years ago

        I have being experiencing the same since 3 years and i have experienced soul abduction and presence of some energy .

        No one have confirmed answer to it

        if any one does have answer email at

      • profile image

        Carriegirl123 2 years ago

        To Ebony & all dealing with demonic oppression, among the items that are doorways to the dark side, I left out music! Eek, my bad! It is a HUGE doorway to the occult and cannot be ignored. Let me state up front, I am not a legalistic believer. I am one that has learned over the years, and often through hard lessons, that obedience pleases the Lord. Not just putting on the mask to the world but Walking the walk, not just talking the talk. I had a favorite singer for almost three decades: we all know her, she is talented and has a lovely voice. At first, I reluctantly quit listening but once in a while I would still listen...but, I felt God's spirit nudging me (I want to be obedient to Him rather than dishonor The Lord. My temporary pleasure isn't important compared to pleasing The Lord). So, with this musical artist's recent performance at a huge awards show where she is surrounded by satanic bulls, (the whole performance, with the colors of the satanic, the bulls' was a ritual and nothing less) was soo creepy it was a blatant confirmation of the darkness behind it. I got the message, loud & clear.

      • profile image

        Carriegirl123 2 years ago

        This is for Ebony (she wrote several months ago looking for answers). I feel compelled to send this reply as you sound scared and your children are more at risk than you. I send this in love, compassion and have been in your shoes!! So please know I offer the following to clarify and to offer help with your issues as I have dealt with open doors since my youtuh and you have some encounters that are far more serious. Let's start with when you mentioned 'your partner': if you are living with and/or dating someone outside of marriage and it isn't just a platonic friendship, you are leaving yourself wide open! Sexual sin is an OPEN door to the occult. Period. No wavering on this as Scripture makes this crystal clear. "Rebellion is as witchcraft"...many more verses to support this. You mentioned "speaking in tongues". Satan can imitate the Gifts of the Spirit (as in The Holy Spirit - only - not demonic counterfeits) and just because someone appears to speak in tongues, that is NOT proof of being under the Lord's protection nor true proof of being filled with the Spirit. I sense you have one foot in each type of water: the world and as a Biblical believer. You have to choose one and stand strong on God's Word. You cannot have your cake and eat it, too, as the saying goes. It's like believers who read their horoscopes or consult psychics...or read palms...or are steeped in New Age teachings, ideas and follow teachings of "Christian" pastors - sadly, the list of misguided and/or intentionally heretical pastors is a long one. Any & all that teach and lead in manners and topics that contradict God's Word should be avoided. None of this "Contemplative Prayer" nonsense as they don't advise their congregants to 'test the spirits' as in I John 4:1. Instead, it's "Believers, just listen - it's Jesus Calling or God is speaking to you"...IF it is the Lord, then all things revealed to you better line up with Scripture and if not, rebuke those "voices" and spirits because they are not of The Lord. When you mentioned you were held down, paralyzed as a child, that is referred to as "Sleep Paralysis". It is not. It is demonic. Again, if/when it happens you call on Jesus and even if you say it in your mind, as often you cannot be heard audibly, call out "In the Name, Power and Blood of Jesus, you are commanded by His authority to leave! His blood covers and protects me and my children and my house and everything in it" words to that effect. It isn't an exact quote that has "the power": it is the power of Jesus' blood and His authority that the demonic realm has to submit to when commanded to do so. Your home and you, your children all need to be anointed and prayed over, Now, if not sooner!! I say all this in love. And while your protecting yourself you need to go through your home and remove occultic items such as books and movies - even toys - that emphasize occultic things: yes, Harry Potter, witches, spells, slasher movies. Pray while you're doing this, ask The Lord to open your eyes as pop culture is steeped in the dark realm and it is so commonplace, that most just blindly accept it. These books, movies, games, toys are doorways, openings. Your "sleep paralysis" is a really intense sign you were under attack and the events that keep happening indicate you still are as these things are generational, following family members for years, decades even. From what you said about your mother and grandmother, I sense they have 'dabbled' but not knowingly. This is very common. Are you familiar with generational curses? You need Deliverance. And you need it via good, Solid believers that are knowledgeable in God's word. Ebony, I will keep you and yours in prayer as you sound desperate and in need of true deliverance and protection. Love to you all!!

      • profile image

        Debbie S. 2 years ago

        I woke up this morning with three scratches on my butt and neck. I have no pets and not a hard sleeper. I have this ringing in my ears as if someone is blowing in my ear. It's always in my left ear. This happens when I am at work and at home. I have three dark spots on m left leg and I ask my doctor about it but he is sending me to a dermatologist to see what is going on. But I don't understand why these marks are appearing where I can't reach myself. Please let me know what is going on.

      • profile image

        Papa Bear 2 years ago

        For close to 6 years I was experiencing unexplained scratches that came in 3's on my stomach, chest, side, none on the back, face or neck. As noted above, they would appear from nowhere, I could be sitting in my chair, or in bed and all of a sudden I would feel a burning pain and look and there would be 3 scratches, they would come in various lengths.

        I really didn't pay that much to them thinking it could have come from one of our dogs but they didn't. We moved to the other side of town several years ago and the scratches followed me to our new address.

        One instance which I am going to explain caused me to seek help. I woke up one morning with only one scratch but it was deeper than the others had been. My wife treated it with antibiotic cream and put a bandage on it. The next day when I went to remove the bandage to clean and redress the scratch, as I took the bandage off there were now 3 scratch marks, the one in the center that was deep and two on each side where the edges of the bandage were.

        I spoke to a neighbor about this he is a retired military Chaplin and a good friend, Tim really did not have an answer for it. I then searched on line and found the link to the information about the scratches, this was about 2 years ago (when I had the severe scratch mark that multiplied).

        I read up on it and as noted above made mention of demon scratch marks, paranormal activity etc., and this made me think that there was more to this than I knew.

        I made an appt. with my family doctor and a very good friend, a retired Army Colonel and. I told Bob what was happening, I had never mentioned it to him before. He looked at the scratches and asked me questions to insure that I was not inflicting them to myself unconsciously and told me he was going to contact his Priest, (I am not Catholic but I was willing to speak with anyone who could help), I met with Bob's Priest at Bob's Office and I told him the story on how long this had been going on and what I thought was causing it, He told me No, that what I thought was causing it was not the reason. He said that this was an evil spirit that was following me and that it could have to do with someone I had wronged in my life. We talked a while longer and he said that he would be getting with Bob on this.

        I left and the next day Bob called me to his office, he had two crucifixes a large one about 7 inches long and a smaller one about 3 to 4 inches long and a bottle of Holy Water. Bob told me that the Priest had told him to have me take and place a crucifix over the front door of our house and to put the smaller one in my bedroom and use the Holy Water and sprinkle it throughout the house and on the furniture and beds and to pray. I did as instructed with the exception I kept both crucifixes with me in my room along with the Holy Water.

        Since then to this day I have not been afflicted by any other scratches, I keep the two Crucifixes next to me on my computer desk along with the Holy Water. I DO BELIEVE THAT IT WAS AN EVIL SPRIRT and that bringing the Crucifixes and the Holy Water in the house and doing as I was instructed removed it from our house and my life. I believe in God and Jesus, I always have but I am not a devote Christian meaning going to Church and reading the Bible, my wife is, I am not, but I do believe that there is a God and that Jesus did die for us on the Cross. I believe and always have that there is a Heaven and Hell and the way that this Nation is heading and the World, I do believe that the End of Times is Near, how near, have no idea, that is in God's Hands a year to us is a second to God so I have no idea but most of the prophecies have been fulfilled and look what is happening now HERE and AROUND THE WORLD. I just pray that I am worthy and when the time comes I will ascend to Heaven to meet my Lord and God and be judged and I pray that I have been forgiven for my sins and allowed to enter Heavens Gates. Amen.

      • profile image

        curiously intrigued 2 years ago

        I always havr notice the bruises. But just very recently in the last 4 days of my life have been getting scratches. The first time i don't rember how many scratches but yesterday afternoon at 5 45 pm. I sat on my bed and look down at my leg and had 5 long very red scrat hes. mine fobnot ever last for long it seems as soon ad i notice them. Within min they are gone.

      • profile image

        Francois 2 years ago

        I have had a similar story to EBONY that has posted on the page and would like to speak to you further if you don't mind mailing me. I have received scratches on my body for the last couple of years. I never took them seriously and didn't think too much of it. I always thought that I must be very clumsy and have found some weird way to scratch myself. Actually this past week after the new years. First week of 2015 I found a deep scratch on my neck. It didn't make sense to me and it burned in the shower and I didn't think anything of it. But now that I am thinking hard about is it that something sharp can scratch me so deep and I not remember? Its wintertime, I always have clothes on unless i'm in the shower. There is nothing I can think of that can do this. Lets say its my washcloth right?!? No way because I didn't use my wash cloth the night before i'm writing this and I woke up with scratches on the inside of my thighs and on my hip. Many small and long scratches that are not deep. They Burn and criss cross in weird patterns, I don't have nails to cause these marks and if I did how could my nails come so close together. It doesn't make sense. I don't understand where this came from. Just like ebony I have a way of knowing when certain things are going to happen before they do. It usually happens with running into people. I will randomly think about someone in a deep thought in the back of my mind and then casually run into them a day or two later. It doesn't surprise me anymore when it happens because it has been happening for years. Certain events I can predict but not most of the time. Its undescribeable but from what EBONY wrote I feel like I would be understood. I was wondering if you were ever able to control or understand this gift/curse? What is it? IS it a gift or curse? What the hell are these marks?! Ebony and I are similar in this sense and I am only singling her out because of her experience of premonitions like mines, no offense to anyone. I just want some help, guidance, and understanding.I also have pictures from my scratches I woke up with on 1/12/2015. Please anyone, including the author feel free to email me with help.

      • profile image

        wyatt wolfe 2 years ago

        i am sitting in class and about 5 minnuits ago i felt a burning sencation in my leg so i puled my pant leg up and there were 3 parelle scrathes on my leg by my ankel

      • profile image

        Sydney 3 years ago

        I woke up and I had this scratch on my leg and it alarmed me. It looks kind of like a question mark without a dot. It starts of straight and then goes down and comes back up. I know I didn't hit my leg on anything to cause this. Help?

      • profile image

        The_American 3 years ago

        I sleep in a big bed with my little brother and Dad and I keep getting these long but thin scratches on my neck and on my arms and on the back of my neck. I heard footsteps in my house one time. I was even touched one time and i had a very horrible nightmare one time

        My mom was in my room because my mom and Dad had a yelling fight so she slept in my room and the lamp was going crazy so my mom went to go turn it off but when she did. She could not breath anymore so i jumped out of bed and helped her out but as soon as i touched her i lost my breath too but i jerked my arm up and i could breath again and when i woke up it was like 2 or 3 in the morning

        Also I also wake up at like 1 in the morning like at least 1 or 2 times a month

        I do believe in god and i keep a picture of him right by my bed.

        Can You help me out

        Please i want to put a stop to this

      • profile image

        jamie allen stone 3 years ago

        ive been having scratchese constanlly on my back for awhile now i want too know what going on i feel the same but i don't no?

      • profile image

        mega 3 years ago

        I keep finding 2 scrapes always in a lline not touching each other. There always on my breasts. They draw blood. Can someone explain?

      • profile image

        Anon. 3 years ago

        I was sitting in bed, completely awake, and there was a stinging sensation that appeared out of no where. Besides me think "wth?" I looked at my leg and there two shallow , bright red scratches on my leg. I have nothing on my bed that can cause this ( seeing as my legs weren't covered by ANYTHING ) and my fingernails are extremely short, so I couldn't have schratched an itch. I have tried to recreate this on my other leg, and I can't get it to look as bright red/shallow. It's driving me crazy!

        Tl;Dr; Demon sh*t going on on meh bod

      • profile image

        Anonymous 3 years ago

        Hi, I'm 15 years old and i keep getting like this scratch on my arm, it goes away after a while but a few months after I get another scratch in the SAME spot. I do study the Wiccan religion, I have studied the Ouija board but what is this some type of demon scratching me

      • profile image

        Marie 3 years ago

        Today is the first and I have just noticed massive red scratch marks all over my back and they are in areas that I cannot reach. HELP

      • profile image

        Me. . 3 years ago

        My boyfriend been having the same problem for the last 5 years the scratches come && go I've been noticing && he was fine for about 4 months && now there back again I told him he should set up a camera in his room && see but I don't want it to be like any paranormal activity for him but if it helps then maybe we can see but his scratches come in 3 or crossed like an X. I do believe in supernatural thinga because there is always that unexplainable question or thought. The scratches appare on him at night && they look like a cat gave him those marks but he has no cat only a dog && his dog is never aloud in the rooms so it can't be his dog. I just hope whatever it is doesn't want to harm him because he says they burn all the time even in the shower && they look nasty too I have pictures of them. When I spend the night at his house in his room nothing seems to happen to me I'm just trying to help him out anyone know what I should do ?

      • profile image

        J Sedona 3 years ago

        I REALLY need any of your help because I have no idea what to do. I go to a private school that has a lot of wildlife surrounding it. I was just hanging out with a guy on a mountain behind campus from 5:30-6:40 PM. When it started getting dark we decided to head down the mountain and I was with him the entire time.

        When we were on level ground we were walking together and out of nowhere he said " I want to run, and listen to the coyotes." I didn't really understand but I NEVER heard him run into anything or fall, I just heard the sounds of contact his shoes make with the ground. When he had stoppped running he said "Come here" so I caught up with him. He said he wanted to go back to campus so we were going there but we had to go underneath a barbed-wire fence to get back on campus. I watched him go underneath the fence and it NEVER touched him. He carefully lifted up the fence for me and I crawled underneath to the other side. Not even 10 seconds later he said "ahhhh ahhh" and holding his side in pain. I asked what happened and he lifted up part of his shirt, revealing these fresh new cuts. I asked him "What did you do?! Did you fall? What happened?" And he said he didn't know, I was with him the entire time and that I would've heard him fall or get injured. He lifted up the rest of his shirt and revealed more scratches; in a line of 3, parallel across his stomach.

        At that time, I hadn't researched any of this. He was freaking out and all I wanted was to hurry and get back to campus. He started saying that he was burning and it was really hot, but that didn't make sense to me because I was really cold and wearing a jacket since the weather here is cold. We got back to campus and we went to a classroom and turned on the light to look at the cuts. In total he had three across his stomach, two diagonally on his hip, two on his upper thigh, and one on his knee. The ones in the line of three were very thin as if someone took a needle and dragged it across his stomach. One on his hip was different; it wasn't open skin but it was the darkest and thickest of them all- it looked like the cut was underneath the skin. The one on his thigh was similar and the one on his knee was bleeding. We started walking back to the dorms and he told me before he started to run that he saw something.

        He said he saw a woman twirling in a circle, but her feet were backwards. I didn't see her at that time but he said that's what he saw and he swore on his family that's what he saw ... he's very religious and I take him for his word. He was still burning but we headed to the other side of campus into a little hut; he wanted to smoke to calm down. We were there for about 10-15 minutes total and towards the end he looked out the doorway and said "Look! Do you see it?" And I looked into the doorway and saw nothing. I went back to sit down and he turned to the doorway again and said "Hello! Hello!" at whatever was there. So I went back to the doorway and stared right were he told me to but I saw nothing, I only heard something. What I heard what "YOU COME FIND ME." It was clear as day. I HIGHLY doubt it was another student because we left not even a minute afterwords and I looked everywhere and saw no one. I asked him if he heard it too because he was right next to me at the time and would've heard it too, but he said he heard nothing.

        He talked to some of the faculty/teachers about what happened and I had to explain to them how I had NO IDEA how he got his cuts. This all happened last night, and the faculty doesn't think it's anything to worry about and definitely not ghosts. I don't know what to do or where I can find any information but PLEASE PLEASE email me and tell me if you can relate or have anything that can help me understand. I'm so confused and I don't know what to believe. I'm just a high school student, so please I just want any kind of information. My email is

        I SWEAR that NOTHING of this is a lie.

      • profile image

        carel 3 years ago

        hi I am 15 years old I moved in my new house about 5 months ago the first few months were fine. I started with seeing black shadows. I would here my sister ---------- in the middle of the night. One day that she was home alone, she said that she heard noises in the kitchen, so she went to go see what was going on. Nothing was there, when she got back into the room the door slammed on her. She would also have dreams that a black shadow would chock her she said she felt the clause grabbing the neck. A few day later my cousin slept over and had the same dream but with two black shadows. A few days later my mom woke up with 3 scratches on here left arm and 2 on her right.

      • profile image

        Annomous 3 years ago

        I have a Question for any of you who want to respond. Has anybody ever experienced markings similar to scratches in the shape of some sort of picture?

      • profile image

        Michelle 3 years ago

        My daughter was doing the dishes this morning and screamed out in pain she ask me to look at her back because she felt very cold and then something scratching her , no one else was in the room, when I lifted her shirt , she had two cress cross scratches going form her neck to her waist she also received a scratch around her right wrist in the middle of the night.. I was locked out the house and waiting on her to open the front door and I prayed for God to help us and a women's voice yelled for me to shut up and get off the porch, but I don't have any close neighbors, and no one could see me. I any one knows anything about this please contact me..

      • profile image

        Brent 4 years ago

        Back about 15yrs ago, I was sitting in my basement office doing some computer work.. all of a sudden, I felt a deep intense buring right across my throat, I put my hand up to feel, and the sweat/salt from my fingers caused the 'wounds' to burn.. I jumped up and ran into the bathroom to look into the mirror, as I looked in the mirror, I could see these three lines appear brightly across my neck/throat.. they didn't bleed as a cut normally would, but they were definitely raised and 'open'.. they remained for a couple of days, but healed rather fast with no scar remaining.. i would normally keep such an event quiet for fear of ridicule, but my wife was right there and witnessed the entire thing! It happened again a couple times later... I didn't know what to think, but instantly turned to the 'spiritual realm' At the time I collected original ww2 material; with a lot of focus on third reich german artifacts.. I associated the 'spirit' as being something attached to one or more of these items.. I sold the collection, and have not been bothered since!? erie hey!!??

      • profile image

        BriBRi** 4 years ago

        i was just sitting on the cmoputer until i noticed my arm was hurting. when i look i saw exactly three scratches on my arm.

      • profile image

        Emily 4 years ago

        The other day my mum, her boyfriend, my boyfriend and me decide to go to a graveyard at night and video, take pictures and use voice recorders to hunt ghosts. We were in the one graveyard we had been to before to try and see if anything else creepy happens. We sit down on a bench and hold hands and close our eyes, then I feel like a finger drag down my back. I freaked out and we checked my back to revel THREE scratch marks down my back.... Creepy stuff.

      • profile image 4 years ago

        I have been scratched while I was awake. Last night i felt something jump up on my leg, it was extremely heavy. Then, I felt it scratch me. My leg burned for 3 hours and I had 3 long scartches on my ankle that appeared out of no where. When I sat up to look at my leg, something jumped off my bed and I heard a thud. These same lll scratched are scared onto my right arm. I also noticed them on my doorway, my wall and my window. I made the mistake of messing with things that I shouldn't have when I was a child and have been "attacked" for over 12 years of insidences. I know I sound crazy, but what can I do about it. It's been getting worse. These scratches are showing up on my fiancé too.

      • profile image

        Syed 4 years ago

        I get these scratches all the times... they are from evil genies(evil genies) it is a very common situation alot of people get these...

      • profile image

        Raeanne1997 4 years ago

        First, I'd like to reply to Dylan who said he had cross-shaped marks on his ankles.

        I may be wrong, but I think they might be stigmata. Stigmata (singular stigma) are bodily marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ, such as the hands and feet. In some cases, rope marks on the wrists have accompanied the wounds on the hands. Are you Roman Catholic? Because the large percentage of stigmata reports are made by people of the Roman Catholic faith. I don't think they're dangerous.

        Also, ever since I was young, I've had a strange scar on my knee. My parents don't know where it's from, but they say it wasn't there when I was born. It may not mean anything, but I still think it's strange.

      • profile image

        Jasmine 4 years ago

        I was taking a shower one day and I noticed three scratches on my arm and I have seen this before on my body and I decided to look it up because I always watched "Ghost Adventures" and they say demons can scratch, when I saw this I was freaked out so i asked Jesus Christ for help I told him to get rid of these demonic demons and I got goosebumps and i started to cry I and I felt like a weight was lifted off of me I know that it was Jesus Christ. I am so happy for this I finally have an answer.

      • profile image

        LD 5 years ago

        The end of my comment got cut off...

        I just wanted to say that Satan has limited resources to do his work. He can only be one place at a time and has a limited amount of help through his demons and evil spirits. Jesus is infinite, can be anywhere and everywhere all the time! He has unlimited resources. Jesus will be the ultimate winner. He has his own timing and is giving all the people who will come to salvation time to do so. Satan wants to kill steal and destroy everyone but has to pick his battles since he has limited resources. He works on the unsaved to keep them that way, he exploits Christians who through sin or some kind of weakness give him entrance to use them to harm the kingdom of God and to be ineffective in advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He sends his demons to deceive and harm and make us afraid so we will take our eyes off Jesus. That is the worst thing we can do! We need to be running to Jesus who will sanctify us, heal us, protect us and transform us to be used to advance God's kingdom on this earth. It says in the bible: "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." (2 Tim. 1:7) amen and amen

      • profile image

        LD 5 years ago

        I can attest that a born again Christian can be a target for these demonic attacks. Especially Christians who are being active in spiritual warfare. I have had a horrible few years with so many problems in my family and teen children. We are a Christian family and we have tried to raise our children in faith. We have taught them that they need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to give their lives to Him. Then, as an act of worship and praise to God for their salvation they need to be reading God's word to renew their mind and transform their lives. Through prayer, worship, and reading Gods word and fellowshipping with other believers in a gospel preaching church. We don't earn our salvation through what we do, but it is a free gift of God. But people who are trusting in Jesus and have given their lives to him will be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a process of sanctification as we become more like Jesus. All that said, here is some of what I have experienced...

        I have been a christian for over 30 years. It has only been recently that I have been plagued by demons. Through all the trials with my teen children and husband I got way more serious about doing spiritual warfare for my family. I spend more time reading God's word and listening to the His voice. I am much more spiritually aware and can hear (not audibly) His voice in my heart. He is always loving, encouraging, and even when pointing out my sin he lovingly corrects. I began to see just how afflicted my family was by many demons that were lying to us and causing all kinds of trouble and anguish. I prayed for first FORGIVENESS for any and all things I knew of that I had done wrong and was doing that was sin. Through all this I have realized that the consequences of sin just aren't worth it at all! When we sin we give the enemy power and the RIGHT to harm us. He cannot take our salvation but can give us a heap of trouble. He wants to destroy us and make us ineffective for Gods Kingdom. He wants to make us a mockery of Christ and use us against our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! When we get wise and start to combat that with prayer and casting demons away he retaliates. He wants to scare us or destroy us because we are starting to finally realize just how powerful we really are. It is by the power of the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit that God has given us the power to cast out demons, raise people from the dead and minister as he did while on the earth. He told his disciples that, and it still is true for us today. We have the final victory over satan and his entourage- only through the name and the blood of Jesus. Since I have been focusing on warfare and personal sanctification I can hear the Holy Spirit tell me what spirits are afflicting others and myself. I pray for forgiveness of any sins I may have committed (all the while repenting and turning away from them so my sinning is less and less). I listen quietly as the Holy Spirit speaks to me, then I say something like this... "In the name of Jesus Christ, son of the living God, I rebuke, confuse, weaken and break the power of (name the demon if I know it) in Jesus name. Demon, you have no authority over (name of person if they are a Christian) because they are a child of the living God and Jesus died to save them from their sin and to cleanse them from all unrighteousness and heal them from all their diseases. His blood therefore is applied to their lives. You will not win over them. Then I either ask that Jesus destroy the demon or I send it as far away from them as the east is from the west never to return. Then I pray that the gateway that was open (the weakness or sin that attracted the demon in the first place) be closed. I pray that the Holy Spirit would show them their weakness and they would repent of it and do what they need to keep it closed.

        I have seen the miraculous happen in my family and friends and people I have prayed for and with. True repentance, salvations, healing of relationships, spiritual revival, complete lifestyle turnarounds. Total peace and NO FEAR! All this has made satan and his helpers mad! Here are some of the manifestations I have had of demons coming against me since I have been on the offensive in tearing down hell in peoples lives-only through the power of JESUS CHRIST.

        I have felt something cold brush against the back of my legs, I will be praying for someone and a rank smell will appear out of no where, I have been finding very fine scratches on my back in lines and an X that itch terrible that I know I didn't injure myself at all (that is what led me to this sight to see if others were scratched by demons). I have had poke marks too. When I prayed the Holy Spirit told me that they were demon claw marks.They were trying to poison me so I would fall asleep while driving and have an accident and die. I smelled a horrible smell in my car when I got in it. I never felt anything. I knew that a demon was in the car because I smelled him. So I rebuked him and told him to leave,he will not win with me because Jesus is my protector and I trust him with my life. I will never be robbed of a single day that God has given me. Jesus will keep me alive until it is his choice to bring me home. I asked Jesus to send angels to protect me while I drove, I asked the Holy Spirit to so fill my van that no demon could stand to stay there! I drove home with no fear and no problems. I have had gripping headaches that moved around in my head for months. I went to a global awakening meeting and someone prayed for me. He said he saw a band around my head that seemed like it was metal and being tightened. He prayed for it to be broken. I haven't had a headache since. That was the night that satan wanted to kill me and I smelled the stink in my car and had the poke marks in the back of my shoulder. All it takes is taking authority over these demons in the name of Jesus and they have to flee! Unless we have secret sins or they are attached to a weakness that we are allowing in our lives. When we give them the authority to be there they can stay. Only stay until we TAKE BACK the authority by repentance (true turning from our sin) and using the POWER of JESUS NAME. If I didn't have Jesus I would be very afraid, but Jesus is my protector and He is the ultimate victor. I have no fear. I do get tired of all this battle sometimes, but am so thankful I have been given the priviledge to be a part of advancing the kingdom of God on this earth. I am humbled and awed by my savior Jesus and am so thankful for his sacrifice for me and all the world. Like my pastor said, "Jesus is exclusive in the sense that there is only one way to the Father and that is through Him. But Jesus is all inclusive to the whole world by offering to ANYONE and EVERYONE the free gift of salvation if they would only believe in him!" THis is a real battle and there are scars from all this, but praise be to God, we will be victorious by putting all our trust in Jesus and exercising the power of His name and the Holy Spirit.

        If a person isn't a Christian (if I know) I first pray for the Holy Spirit to break down their pride and humble them. No one can hear the voice of God when they are full of pride. I also pray that the Holy Spirit would quicken them unto salvation. Then I tell their demons to be silent, weaken them and confuse them. I do this so they can hear from the Holy Spirit. I pray that the blinders would be taken from their eyes so they can see/hear the truth. I continue to pray for them. It is hard to know whether to cast away demons on an unbeliever since it warns in the bible that if you do worse and more can come back since the "house" that was just cleaned isn't occupied (like by the Holy Spirit) and much more and much worse can come.

        I know I have been rattling on, but wanted to make the point that people who call themselves Christians and just go about their lives not really doing much to advance the kingdom of God, and hold on to their pet sins really aren't much of a threat to satan. He is more inclined to leave them alone

      • profile image

        denise 5 years ago

        i cannot explain in detail everything going on because it seems my computer will delete the text before im done or go back to the previous page so i lose the text so i ask of you all to please pray for myself and my loved ones a dear friend of mine david has been battling a demon who has tried to take is life for years please pray for him as he fights to take his life back because of my involvement in showing him the way back to god and supporting him through the grace of god these demons have targeted my daughter brianna she is only 3 and has told me about these scary things telling her what to do and things a child should not have to deal with please pray for her. i myself was just at david's house yesterday and i got this burning on my back to find i had just been scratched 3 scratches and then 3 more appeared lower on my back. his cousin stephen may also need prays as he helps us in our fight to cast the devil and his demons out of our lives. please pray for us with the prays of many and our faith and love in god and his son jesus christ we will win this battle and thus be one more step closer to winning the war against evil. in return for your prays you have mine for you all as well and my most grateful appreciation for all the belivers and children of god. thank you all. and god bless.

      • profile image

        Paradigm 5 years ago

        Lords Light, Thank you so much for addressing so many specific issues that hit the nail on the head regarding the simliar experiences that we all share, and additionally providing sensible and accurate advice as to what everyones best protection will be. This can also be said for our Father and other religious figures who play a role in all this too. I have witenessed God Jesus and other religious figures have the ultimate power over all demons, period. Demons are afraid of God, they know their time is short and they will be defeated in the end. They are winning many battles, but they will not win the war. The truth is, is that love is the one thing that destroys the devil. It is the lack of love that causes so many problems for all of us,in the world today. The devil is harder at work than ever. He may have more help than ever. And he can get in through "a crack in the wall". Please seal every crack you can, because if you give him an inch, unknowingly or otherwise, he'll try to take you miles, all the way to hell. So please just be careful, and heed the exellent advice from alot of concerned citizens on this site. Thank all of you so very much for sharing your stories and advice, in search of the truth, and for the benefit of giving and receiving help for us all.

      • profile image

        Lordslight 5 years ago

        Hello everyone. I'm on here today because as you might guess, I have scratches that absolutely can't be explained by normal means. In NO WAY , shape or form did I or anything I brushed against scratch me. I went to bed last night with a deep yearning and heart for Jesus Christ to come into my life and heart and change everything about me for the better. I prayed earnestly for Jesus to take my heart body and soul. I am going through a hard time right now with things, and I just really feel I need Him right now.So I notice in the shower this morning I have scratches on my right arm, right leg, and on mt back. They resemble, the two longer ones on each side and shorter in the middle, like in an early post on here shows. I KNOW what they are. I do not have any doubt about it at all. They are demons who want me dead and destroyed. They also want you all dead and destroyed too. You all are part of special plans God has for your lives. You are a threat to the devils kingdom and have become(at no fault of your own), an enemy of hell. Even the apostles have been scratched by demons and have felt them attacking them. Don't be scared because I know EXACTLY what you need to do to be safe. Ask Jesus with all your heart to protect you from the attacks of the evil one. Ask him for constant protection.And you will have it. If you call upon the name of Jesus you WILL be protected. It will work 100% of the time. If you DON'T know Jesus and are not a Christian, I urge you to call out to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to you so that you may believe. I do not post this carelessly. Trust me, you are under demonic attack. The good news is God that is in you is MUCH stronger than he that is in the world. God has amazing plans for you to prosper you and give you a special future. Don't despair!

        I would also not be surprised if you are hearing noised at night or even in the day in your home that can't be explained. Seeing movement or shadows out of the corners of your eye, and feeling like your being watched sometimes. Maybe even a tugging on your clothes, or a bumping of your bed or couch. Remember! Do not be afraid, YOU are the one with the REAL power, not them. They can't hold a candle to the power in you! They scratch and clunk like little cowardly children.

      • Team Wiseman profile image

        Team Wiseman 5 years ago

        Sure, these scratches and marks mean something but compared to Christ, these marks & the demons who secretly inflict them on humanity are NOTHING! Praise be to our Saviour, Jesus Christ! Worship to Him is your hiding place! Go there.

      • Team Wiseman profile image

        Team Wiseman 5 years ago

        Do not fear! Fear is from the enemy, May 1000 Angels surround you & your family Right Now in Jesus Christ name!

      • profile image

        James 5 years ago

        My sister just called me and woke up with deep scratches that sort of form a triangle im really scared :(

      • profile image

        mike 5 years ago

        Im the one above that posted the comment on speaking with zozo and would really like some information or someone familiar that would like to talk about it, just to see what's going on, can these scratches be anywhere? not just on the body? and responses would be appreciated...

      • profile image

        Bob 5 years ago

        I left a comment on here two yrs ago about the green face i seen that chased my 3 yr old son at the time.. Has anybody seen that? I see it inmy mind just as clear as I seen it that night! I will take a polygraph test as I have no reason to lie of such a thing, It bbothers me to this day and still cant figure it out.. I still live next door to the house I grew up in. My Dad still lives in it. I placed a recorder in his house set to record at any sound. well guess what I hear my Dad talking in his sleep saying get away from me and other weird things. I also hear a woman saying very dirty things and my Dad is 72 yrs of age and has no girlfriend.. When I play it back for him to hear he gets really upset and dont want to hear it.. WTF was the green face I seen..

      • profile image

        Monica 5 years ago

        I have had scratches like that for almost 5 years. Still don't know where they come from.

      • profile image

        scaredshitlessnow 5 years ago

        thanks gonna have nightmares tonight from the video. sometimes i hate having a window with crooked blinds in my room /:

      • profile image

        Jessica 5 years ago

        i realized a foot long scratch on my back never thought much of it and showe ,my fiance then i decided to look it up , kinda scary stuff , hope im not being attacked by anything lol , now that would be a litle more scary , thanks for the info

      • profile image

        5 years ago

        I am speaking from personal experience and I am not trying to prove or disprove anyone. I do believe that demonic attacks are when a human being has an extremely lucid episode that is strong enough to make whatever they imagine a 'reality'. Only you can make it happen, let it continue to happen, stop it or control it. That is easier said than done, but if you take the responsibility, it will be solved. Demons cannot do anything to you that you don't invite on yourself, because you are the one creating that energy. If you find yourself in this situation, it is because you are needing to learn something about yourself, and there is an imbalance. You can take whatever measures you may based on any religion you believe in, but remember that you are in control. This doesn't mean a demon answers to you necessarily, but if you close off the need, they will bother someone else.

      • profile image

        diana 5 years ago


      • profile image

        Misa 5 years ago

        I was really sick 1 day, I was so out of it ! I started 2hear this snorting noise,& I thought it was my German Shepard Salem! I was talking & begging her 2 help me.... then I realized, Salem as outside!! This thng was sniff'n me like the thing from Jeepers Creepers!! Something inside my head said, fight it or u r dead!! I felt like I was thrashing around, going crazy ... but I wasn't "physically" moving even though I was! Snapped back into reality & cried for hrs! I don't normally get feaked out but this was awhole nother level!!

        PLS someone help me!!! Cause that the only fk'd s**t i'm getting!!!

      • profile image

        Ron Onelifeuc 5 years ago

        I wanted to share with everyone who is looking for answers about these strange scratches that appear in any part of the body, this was happening to my wife she is 52 yrs young and was having scratch marks on both of her arms and all over her body for about 15-20 minus then will disappear the same way it showed up. These scratches looked weird as if a small kitten has scratched her, by the way we don’t have pet s in the house also this happen during morning work hours it turns out that she is lactose intolerance and I rejoice to report that it’s not cause by supernatural forces.

      • profile image

        Ana 5 years ago

        I have been attacked by what is known as Incubus on and off for 3 years now.(I live alone, BTW). 3 nights ago, I suddenly felt sedated at 6 p.m. and I just had to go to bed which is weird because I have a hard time falling to sleep. I felt something pull the covers away from my arms and then they were pinned down. I could feel it slithering under the covers and then a heavy weight laid over me. At first, it was gentle and put its hand on my private area and began rubbing me. But it began to push my legs apart. I resisted and it became forceful as it pushed my legs open and I couldn't move. I still wanted to resist but when I did, it pushed its 'pelvis' aggressively into mine. I knew something was wrong but a few seconds later, a human man came to me in my dreams and it was him that was pushing his hips into mine. After this happened, for the nexy 2-3 days, I'm exhausted and sick and when I went to shower later on that day, I noticed weird red scratches on my inner thighs. Like where its hands were when my legs were forced apart. My inner thighs were sore and there is absolutely no reason for the scratches or soreness.

      • profile image

        eva 5 years ago

        well i woke just two days ago and i have three scratch marks that are horizontal and parallel to each other. they are on my forehead.

      • profile image

        mike army68 5 years ago

        okay like an idoit ive never really played with the ouija board, one day my family was gone and i decided to make one, I should also mention that I was raised strict pentecostal christian and my faith and belief in god is very strong. zozo appeared on the board, telling me he wants me to die, hates me more than anything, and he told me angels were surrounding me protecting me from him..I asked what the angels name was he said michael. I told him that i was not scared and he told me he saw no fear in me, at the beginning of the session i said i have no intention to harm anyone, at the end of the session he said he wanted to harm me, i asked if i prayed to jesus to cast him out would he be in pain? and he said yes very much pain, and i asked him didnt i give my word that i will not cause harm? and he said yes, so i told him i wasnt going to do it and i was going to keep my word, he wasnt happy but took it for what it was..well i never had any strange hauntings but 2 days later my back door, is wooden, had scratch marks all over the bottom part of the door, a small Z, and your standard demonic scratches in a pattern of 3, i guess he couldnt scratch my body for jesus protects me, praise his holy name, also remember dont just call on the name of jesus, you have to have faith, you have to KNOW that these demons cannot harm you, they work on fear, if you show no fear and have faith and call upon the name of the lord he will protect the same time and i cant say anything because i did it, we as christians shouldnt practice with the ouija board and things of that nature, just thought id share my story sorry for the punctuation :\

      • profile image

        Carlos 5 years ago

        Umm I woke up whit this scratches on my back and shoulder their rilly big and deep and they on my back two on the shoulders two and I haven't been feeling good and now a days I been dreaming about the devil and I been seaing this tall big shawdow or demon or shadow or w.e it is and it it like paralises me or sum and I rilly haven't been me lately so if ya sum that ya think migth be wrong whit me can ya please reply

      • profile image

        Dylan 5 years ago

        I've woken up with two small cross shaped marks on both my ankles... They each have what looks like a stab-like mark at each point, its only small and doesn't hurt, I'm just wondering if anyone here has experienced something similar? its been about 3 weeks and they haven't healed at all... Anyone got any Ideas?

      • profile image

        Don 5 years ago

        I believe everyone who has posted on here. I've awaken with three scratches on my leg and it burned. Couldn't explain it, I wore socks so it wasn't from me, and I know it was from me scratching myself. I have also woken up with several scratches on the base of my back, middle of my back, and upper back. When I sit next to a speaker, I hear the white noise (as if sound is trying to come through it, but it's not on). My wife can't hear this. My phone turns on and off on its own. I get cold chills. I'm just wondering if this is Demonic or is it possibly a spirit trying to communicate? I believe in Jesus Christ and HIS Father. I know that HE sacrificed HIS life for our eternal lives. I don't know why this is happening. It's seems to be getting worse as I get more depressed because of being out of work and trying to make it.. Any advice would be appreciated...

      • profile image

        5 years ago

        I get these scratches often in the day and at night, I lived in Africa for a while and had waged war with satan, ever since that day I have had the most strange events happen to me. Email me if you have any info on fighting this war,

      • profile image

        noname 5 years ago

        Hi um I've had a lot of weird experiences and I thought I could handle it. I believe in God and all but I'm not the closest with him. Nonetheless I still have faith and him and know that's where i need to get help from. Anyways, my most recent "experience" happened last night. I had so many people in my head it felt like. It was people that were past and that were in hell. I don't really like to talk about htis because I think what if i'm crazy? So people please don't judge me alright. I'm telling the truth and I just need help. Well I could feel everything all those people were feeling all at once together. I felt all the things they'd done in their lives I felt their guilt all their feelings of suffering. I could barely take it. My whole body ached physically because of how much it hurt me emotionally and my soul. A few minutes after that my nose started to bleed and my gums were bleeding too. So i went to the bathroom to clean up my blood and then I felt something or someone push me down. I looked but nobody was there. I was feeling weak and not well during that time so it really didnt take me too much to fall. Then my back started to hurt really bad it stung and burned over and over. I felt something on my back wet and warm. I freaked out because of everything else that was happening. well i looked at my back in the mirror and i had scratches and I was bleeding. the scratches arent so bad but i was bleeding a lot as if they were huge gashes. I now have scratches on my back. some are just red scratches but others are wounds you could say. I dont know what all this means. It really scares me a lot. I dont know why this has been happening I just would like some help is all. I took a picture of my back and all the scratches so i knew it wasnt just me seeing things or something. Im not sure what to do. Help would be nice. thank you so very much in advance!

      • profile image

        Paradigm 5 years ago


        I am going to tell you what your very very very best protection of all is... I am not sure if you believe in God or not, however, in my experience with external intelligent entities of all sorts, God and other religious figures have had the most power ultimately, in the link between our world and the spirit world when they come together.

        Everything we do and say does matter. I suggest that you pray to our "Father", no matter what religion you are. Though people may have different religions, no man made religion is perfect. Alot of religions portray many truths, yet none relay all of truth in it's entirety, and there is no one who completely understands a hundred percent what every bit of it means. Though there are many religions, most of them are trying to find the same one true God in their own ways.

        You could hang wooden crosses in any rooms in the house that may be troubling you. I hope that you have no more problems, but if you do, you may want a priest to come bless the houses where you and your nephew live, and your friend, and anyone who you are worried about this affecting, if they are willing.

        I have said a little prayer for you, your nephew and your friend.

        Wishing you the best,


        Please give God a try... You can pray for these things stop happening before they get worse. YOu can pray for your nephew, and all that you love and are close to. Perhaps a house blessing is in order, woul'nt hurt. But your ultimate protection is through your personal relationship with GOd, if you seek him earnestly. To find him is also to know yourself better, as he created us in his image.

        But, this is not a sermon, it is just my way of trying to help a young girl in need, who may see all the people trying to help people on these types of issues, get closer to God, without being preachy or forceful.

      • profile image

        Alyshia Buchholz 5 years ago

        I am 14 and the other day my friends and I were walking and we went to the Medicine Wheel in my town to get to the trails, well this one girl walked on the sun dial (and this whole area is a Indian barriel ground)(sorry for the mispelling) and she walked on it and said 'F**k it who cares if I walk on the dials!' and it angered the spirits and I made sure she stayed by my side and didnt go out of sight. To make sure she stayed safe. She is fine, but since I got in the way of the angered spirits target I became the target. But the spirit can't get into my mind of control me 'cause of my spiritual power, but he scatched my little 3 year old nephew, they look like cat scratches but the cat was in the other room when we woke up balling his eyes out saying he had a bad dream. He stood up and I saw the scratches and bruises that were fresh. Someone please respond to this.

        I have defeated the spirit once and weakend it, but I know that there'll be more battles to come and he may get stronger. How do I pertect my nephew. He got the ones on his back when I was holding him, and the ones one his leg when he was laying down.

        I know why the spirit went after my oldest nephew, it's because he is my whole world. I also broke up with my boyfriend to pertect him. This spirit is smart, I can tell you that.

      • profile image

        Team Wiseman 5 years ago

        When we are moving closer in our relationship to Our Father, we seem to upset the otherside. It is we are not being tested on our faith that usually means something in our relationship to Our Father is stagnant. You are not crazy.Spiritual battles are increasing very rapid these days. Satan knows He has a short time. Alot of times the first thing we do is fear and focus on the these thing. We just have to remember to focus on Our Father and fear not. Just remember Who wins the war. We have a Great Father Whom will never leave us.He also never gives us more than we can bare. What we go through here, makes us spiritually stronger, as we realize the spiritual is reality. there is good and evil. Once we can see all this true reality and still know and trust that Our Father is strong,loves us, and that we trust Him we are truly really going to fall in love with who He is, and the bond become stronger.

      • profile image

        Susan 5 years ago

        Could hindsight be 20/20. What's going on here? I sense a spiritual warfare; I wear a cross in my pocket.

        Took a 1 hour nap on Monday afternoon. Oddly, I had a nightmare (something I haven't had in years). There was something in the doorway moving closer to my bed and it was so oppressive I couldn't breath, talk, or move and yet it was coming right up to the left side of me. The presence was a demon; I prayed and then it was like I could open my eyes and breathe and all was okay. I shrugged it off and went to work.

        Next day, I'm in a meeting sitting next to a coworker who leans to me and says, "Oh my gosh, my shoulder hurts. Will you tell me what you see?" I look and I see 4-6 parallel slash marks on her shoulder swiping sideways, fresh, inflamed superficial cuts - like paper cuts. She had no idea what it was from and we brainstormed and came up with nothing. My gut was demonic scratches and so I asked her if she plays with anything that would bring that spiritual realm to the surface. She listens to hard rock music she dubbed "demonic music."

        Now this morning, totally not tying anything together, I'm in the shower and feel a pain on the left shoulder. It was an ouch, stinging pain, enough for me to say "What the hell?" I looked in the mirror and there were 3 parallel slash marks, only 1-2 inches long versus the 4 inch slashes on my coworker. It freaked me out and has got me to thinking, "why?"

        My relationship with God is increasing and my spiritual foundation is vibrating at higher levels and yet, it seems like there is this counter-pressure of evil. I feel slightly crazy; yet, my gut says as I become closer to my Higher Power, the retaliation becomes greater???

        What do you think?

      • profile image

        Paradigm 5 years ago

        That is not the case with me either. All but one of the "scratch marks" were of equal depth.

        Besides, I have witnessed full blown demonic possesion, and it is not a pretty sight... People can do things under the influence of "demonic posession",that are supposed to be humanly impossible, basically.

        Also, the strangest things can and do happen in the world of the paranormal, affecting more than one person at a time, the same ways.

        I know for a fact that God and the devil are real.

      • profile image

        Jimmy 5 years ago

        dermatographia. Very doubtful since I've never,ever had such a thing ever happen to me before.

        I don't have sensetive skin. I've scratched my skin from mosquitos and never had welts. ever.

        dermatographia not likely.

      • profile image

        kelly 5 years ago

        the marks on the body are due to Dermatographia is a condition in which lightly scratching your skin causes raised, red lines where you've scratched. It's not serious, but it can be uncomfortable. In dermatographia, your skin cells are overly sensitive to minor injury, such as scratching or pressing on your skin.

        for more info please go to sir i have pasted below.

      • profile image

        Jimmy 5 years ago

        2008 I was sitting at my computer talking to a friend online while all of a sudden I felt an irritation under my arm. I lightly brush over my arm with my have and found three welts. I went to the bathroom and saw in the mirror as I raised my arm to see three pin like scratches. With in that hour the three welts swelled and burned as if they were on fire. I told my friend online and she revealled she recently got three mysterious scratches just blow her neck. It was all very strange.

        Though this may have been a foreshadowing of things to come, because some months down the road we joked about ghosts and Halloween was days away.Because I lived in an almost empty old apartment she suggested that I try and experiment. That I set up my Computer to record while I was out at work. Ok,just for Halloween fun I did. When I came back I found hours of unusaul blurbs of sound. I ran them through a sound program to boost them and found hours of these what ever they were speaking. One spoke of a being that hated me. I played these recordings to others which spooked the stuffing out of them.

        all I can say is Don't fool with EVPs. After these recordings, things happened in my appartment.

        I fear that these what ever they are, are ever present and mean me great harm.

      • profile image

        Anonymouse 5 years ago

        I woke up today with 3 burning scratches on my but, this morning i was also cleaning the house a found something i left downstairs happened to be upstairs and i live by myself and don't use drugs!

      • Paradigmshifted profile image

        Paradigmshifted 5 years ago

        I am a haunted person. I have been haunted for most of my life. I am fighting a huge battle with demons. I have so much to offer to other people, knowledge wise... Very very very important knowledge that can prove the existence of God and the devil basically. Most people do not believe one, much less the many many many experiences I have had with the paranormal.

        The people who do not believe in God are more likely it seems to be used by the devil to harm and destroy me. It is people who have made my life a living hell, not the devil. However, I know full well that the devil has alot to do with it. But where do you draw the line? Where is it the devils fault, and where is it peoples fault in these times, I wonder. I cannot fully blame the devil, yet I cannot entirely blame people.

        As far as claw marks go, yes, I get them. Just this morning I awoke to find claw marks starting at the bottom of my breasts and inbetween my breasts that were not present when I went to sleep last night. I have had "claw marks" before. I took pictures this morning of these marks. But, I don't know if I can post any photographs of these marks on this site.

        I did not sleep in a feather bed. I don't think I could have done this to myself, the lines are very thin and sharp, but I don't think they match my nails, my thumbs are slanted, they just don't match fingernail scratches, they are not aligned with how my fingernails could have done this. There was nothing sharp in my bed that could have caused this.

      • profile image

        Colin Burnett 5 years ago

        A demon or demons are on my head and neck.

        I can feel it, hear it, and sometimes see it.

        Demons travel in and out of our ears, nose, they rest on our bodies as creatures who are trying to suck the very life out of us. Demons will try to sodomize you, and hurt you by trying to make your body weak. It takes more than the mention of Jesus Christ to rid oneself of some demons. In the Bible it states that you can only get rid of some demons by fasting and praying.

      • profile image

        Follower 5 years ago


      • profile image

        Eric 5 years ago

        My gf gets 3 Straight cuts on her neck all the time. She sees beings that she said look like strange dog creatures. She has bruises everywhere with a constant headache and nassau. What do we do.

      • profile image

        Nick 5 years ago

        Dear Nikki

        I have battle scratches and physical problems for a while and over the years things have gotten better thru prayer and guidance. I learned quite a bit about this spiritual realm. I believe God has given me some spiritual tools to battle these unseen forces and maybe these strateges will help out your situation and health.

      • profile image

        nikki 5 years ago

        I get welt, burning sensations, skin crawling, etc. My health has gone down hill with constant aches and pains. I never had these symptoms before. If you get a visit by a spirit, tell it to go to the light, if they refuse, then they are a demon.

      • profile image

        nikki 5 years ago

        When you get these symptoms, you need to turn to Jesus Christ. Demons go after Christians that are religious and clean from drugs etc. It's a great feat for them. They will assault you rape you, sodomize you. (I have it done to me and still going through it.) They prey on the weak and innocent as much as drug users. They cause nightmares, try to make you think you're crazy, and purposely confuse you. They'll use the "Angel of Light" game to get into your life. Once their in it's hard to get them out. Whether they be earthbound spirits or biblical demons, what does it matter? I have always been Christian and faithful, never used drugs, and live a clean lifestyle. I've been being physically assaulted for 8 months now. My once healthy cat died a few months after this started with unexplained colon destruction. Demons will try to rape and sodomize even animals. I have never become so prayerful as now, although I always believed and prayed to Jesus. Any spirits come around, say "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ" Call out to Archangel Michael too. I feel I'm in the fight of my life. But, I am going to win!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Cheryl 5 years ago

        I remain close to Jesus...I am more than halpy to profess my love for Him to anyone n everyone..fa ebook twitter i try to help people, not on drugs..socially drink sometimes..

        I have noticed these scratches just this past year. i am a sensible person..and considered it may be the cat...or clutter near my bed..or perhaps myself.

        but it has happened on our vacation..on my forehead, several scratches welled up and burning..i actually felt the lain in middle of night ..bht too tired to get up..we are in cat clutter..i tried to nails are very smooth..tbey resemble a claw..deep in parts not afraid because of my trust in God and Jesus..but i would like to know for sure what it is..if anyone believes in God...they should Also believe in the dark side...i think some peep are too afraid to admit to themselves they believe. i will start to document and photograph these incidents...

        one other time was a pecular scratch deep..along the back of my neck..from one side to was One continous s scratch ..very hard to self inflict.

      • profile image

        Jodi 5 years ago

        We are having a lot of paranormal activities in my home, and this last one has my mind spinning. My daughter had her friend / cousin over to spend the night. They were watching TV in her room and all of a sudden the cousin screamed owwww!!! and my daughter said whats wrong and she said did you just scratch me, and my daughter said no I am texting. The cousin got up and looked in the long mirror and there was three scratches in a row starting in the middle of the back and it came down and to the left. My daughter took a pic and when I saw it I was speech less. The cousin was crying and so scared and wanted to go home and my daughter talked her out of it saying it would wake us up so she just talked about something else and got her mind off of it. She does not want to stay all night anymore.

      • profile image

        Aldo Rosado 6 years ago

        I just had a burning sensation on my arm and when I looked there were five red scratches in tiny lines symetrical. This has happened before and I truly believe the devil has lost with me and is angry, but God is my savior.

      • profile image

        marisa ramic 6 years ago

        has anybody seen scratches on there back that looks like a number

      • profile image

        buttercup76 6 years ago

        I am 34 years old. Since i can remember i have always had dreams about things that will or have happened. I remember once dreaming of my Uncle Going to Hell and screaming help me and falling in this firey pit. He dies two days later. When i was about 7 I remember seeing 2 glowing red eyes in my room and they took up the whole room the room was dark like space and i did not think i was even in my room any more.

        When i was a teenager i started to get these weird scrathes usually in threes, but sometimes circular in motion. These scratches have never scared me and still do not. However now they burn and are slow to surface. My skin will burn for 2 to 3 hours like it is on fire. Then scratch marks appear from no where. I have had them on my back and legs mostly. Long and light surfaced, however the pain goes away after the scracthes appear. The other day i had circular scratches really light surfaced but they were on both sides of my face.

        I have had razors come flying out my bathroom at me. Pictures come flying off the walls. Banging noises. My daughter use to complain about seeing snakes. (that were not there.) Now that my daughter is 7 that has stopped but my 2 year old son claims to see people or (monsters).

        I have been woke up to the sound of a man talking and Loud heavy foot steps in my room. I have also seen Black shadows walking around.

        No matter where i move i still experience this. It does not frighten me so to say. I believe in God and have a good walk with him. Pray without ceasing. Yet I do not understand this.

      • profile image

        Mid 6 years ago

        I happened to come across this page completely at random and it sort of creeps me out, but not that much (probably cause i'm trying specifically NOT to be creeped out).

        I have had scratches appear on my back sporadically and, over time, have concluded the details and patterns, only to read them exactly here; usually 3-fingered claw marks like wolverine, light enough to just leave marks, no pain. They were never severe, several years apart, but i had a severe case of it just 3 weeks ago, looked like the 3-claw mark went down my back about 4 or 5 times, was quite a sight.. but i felt nothing and didnt think much of it.

      • BrownT profile image

        BrownT 6 years ago from Edgewater Park, Nj

        My Girlfriend keeps waking up with strange scratches on her lower back and abdamon area, she constantly feels as if something is watching her and is acting really weird as of late, i dont know what the cause could be, but im not over looking the fact that these "Demons" Actually Exist, Because although i may be Wiccan, that dont mean we can "Drag Souls" To the depths of hell and bring them back. That Much Is A Proven Fact.

      • profile image

        lemas 6 years ago

        I've been experiencing such scratches for years and can never figure out the reason and cause. Having read all those comments, I am more anxious to find the answer and will continue to pursue such more than ever. These scratches are occurring more often so my curious nature

        has now increased. Please folks we can all continue to

        investigate this and find the answer.


      • profile image

        shadowelite13 6 years ago

        in my friends situation she is being attacked because one of her family member made a pack with the devil and now she is suffering i understand more than some of you think because i know demons are no joke and those that dont believe its cuz god has mercy on them

      • profile image

        heather 6 years ago

        my daughter woke up screaming and crying saying someone was punching her in the back but there was no one there.. i look at her back and she had a red mark the size of someones fist. after i took her out of her room the pain started to go away and the red mark was fading also.. it worries me not sure what it could be or what happen.if anyone as any idea please let me know.

      • profile image

        jumbo 6 years ago

        somthing happen to me it was pretty dark and i saw like a animal i kind o look like a monkey and i was eaiting somthing but it started to make strange noise and kept saying words and i true a rock at it i hit it i the face and it came runing at me i went to open the door of my house and i got in bu the wierd creture starting scratching on my steel or metal wall and it left a lot of deep scrstch marks li this llll it was four but long scratches i somebody knows what might of done it please let me know

      • profile image

        Frank 6 years ago

        These are not demonic. I've woken up with scratches and burn marks, in places that I cannot reach without waking up, ie the middle of my back, my ankles & I have had two faint razor straight parallel lines under my right eye. I have had burn marks on my right side & right calf.

        These marks appeared after I witnessed a 'TR-3B', & started to remember childhood encounters with angelic beings (not earth humans). Any body waking up with strange marks has most likely had a 'MILAB' military abduction. I've also had dreams of an encroaching darkness, in the dreams I spontaneously sing 'Hare Krishna' (I'm Hindu, but have'nt sang that since I was a child) and the darkness retreats as I start laughing as I sing. A Christian friend who was with me when we saw the 'TR-3B' say's he has had similar dreams but recites the Lords prayer which has the same affect. Neither of us practice our religion but you cant forget your childhood, and faith regardless of religion (We all pray to the same being/creator)is whats important.

        PS Does any body hear a high pitched tone every so often? Or dream of a welding mask right in your face, like it's looking at/through you?

        The rest that happen during waking moments a possibly psychosomatic ie your mind creates the burns/scratches. I've witnessed people who can drop thier heart rate by thinking about it, I'm talking about almost stopped! Our minds are more capable then we think. I dont do drugs or drink heavily (two large whiskeys & I'm on the floor,)& I was born and raised in the UK so not particulary superstitous, & attended a C of E primary school complete with Friday morning assembly in the church, I dont have issues with Christianity (before someone has a kneejerk reaction)but I do think the Bible is full of "other worldly" encounters, (not as much as the Hindu scriptures, loads of flying triangular craft there, also blatent mention of other worlds and their visitors.) I'm on about the 'apocryphal book of enoch', any body read it?

      • profile image

        Tony 6 years ago

        I have 1 long scratch on my shoulder i don't kno how it got there but its deep and it hurts.

      • profile image

        shilo 6 years ago

        this is for the person listed as""me"""i as well get these during the day,,today sitting at my computer doing notthen but playing a game ,,i feel very bad burning then my 14 year old daugter starts screaming cause these uneven 4 scratches just start to appare,,this is very scary and i dont know what to do,,if someone reads this and thinks they can help please let me know

      • profile image

        Parnellio 6 years ago

        I am not writi ng for advice as to how to halt my scratches. Ive had only a few instances o this happening. Twice a single scratch has occured whilst both my hands were on my guitar playing away.

        The other time is harder to put to demonic activity.

        I had over night sctratches appear and i was lucky cause my girlfriend was with me at the time, or she would have never believed the scratches. I had some what looked like lashes, or claw marks, i think 4 lines like a hand, [i do have photos somewhere lol] To big for my girlfriends hand and i had no nails.

        The wierdest was a perfectly formed arrow on my left side. i would say pointing downwards at my kidney. It was perfectly symetrical, and i measured the sides and they were the same lenght and twice the length of the shaft of the arrow. There also seemed to be a dot on the tip of the arrow as if it was pointing to that exact spot.

        Now the wierd thing is it was holy week, something as a non religious person of the time had no knowledge of. But i was told it might be stigmata.

        Erm cause like i got the lash marks on the right just where you see em in the pictures and an arrow in the left side again were yu see em in the picture.

        Has anyone else experienced similiar? Cause the scratches were exactly the same as everyone describes. And i have since met one other guy it happens to the scratches while playing guitar and ive witnessed it on him too. Now while these maybe demonic the ones during hol week only helped strengthen my beliefs in God.

        The wiedest fact is that Jesus was not on a cross, he was on a stake, we know that romans of that time did not use crosses, that was the basterdisation of the celtic cross, this is very well documented. SO why did i get catholic immagery in my scratches. Btw i was never a catholic, i was brought up againts religion.

      • profile image

        AngelofApocalypse 6 years ago

        If you suspect that you may be getting scratched by useen forces which are lower frequency entities here is what you need to do: The injuries which look like a scratch but in many cases are actual bites, will burn. To clear and clean the bite you must apply salt! I would even recommend to take a salt bath or a salt shower on a regular basis, put salt all over your body... they cannot stand salt, it is like snails and salt it burns them, they will not come near you...maybe even have some salt on you at all times... you should also get some sage or palo santo and smudge yourself and smudge your entire room and house. If your bedroom has any mirrors or any monitors, laptops you gotta take them down, and if you cant take em down, put salt by them as mirrors and monitors act like portals. Stop drinking alcohol, when a person drinks their energy body collapses... it is like opening all your windows and doors of your home, anything can and may come in... be careful. Dont let the Jinss Bite!!! They are jealous... get over it

      • profile image

        Shigi 6 years ago

        I finally thought I would look up unexplained scratches that appear in patterns since today I woke up with some on both my legs. It seems as if the demonic explanation makes sense because of my failing relationship I have with God. I'm not religious and do not intend to babble about the subject but my actions this last night were of someone or something else such as a possible possesion. I do go in and out of spells which I try to record and am relieved I am some what normal in this case. -Shigi

      • Team Wiseman profile image

        Team Wiseman 7 years ago

        Pray for Jesus Christ to protect you with the power of the Holy Spirit and His warrior angels to fight this battle for you. That is what is going on a spiritual battle. Also demonic spirits cannot stick around in the presence of praise to Jesus Christ. This is our hiding place and HE is our STRONG TOWER. Jesus Christ is the only answer, anything else will just make it worse. We know from experiences.

      • profile image

        paige 7 years ago

        So i came across this because a week ago i woke up with strange bruising on both sides of my neck, I brushed it off thinking there are numerous things that could have caused this. Two nights ago I woke up with a deep gash on the back of my hand, it wasn't there when I went to bed, but there was no blood or anything on my sheets which was odd because it had already scabbed over. Last night I went to bed late, but I know there was nothing like this on me...but I woke up and when I was changing for work I saw two parallel scratches on my ankle. They hurt and bleed when I walk. I have no animals in the house, no sharp or even objects with corners in my bed. I have no idea what is causing this, but it seems to be progressively getting worse and I don't know what to do about it.

      • profile image

        Rambo 7 years ago

        Believe it or not the scratches everyone has experienced are caused by a high level demon, which was led in through ur circle of protection by u your scout. The scout is a low level demon that is assigned to a person from birth, just like a guardian angel... If u want more information on this or if you do not believe contact me.

      • profile image

        anna 7 years ago

        I went ghost hunting about 4 years ago, with my fiancee, and his friends. We went to a old field about an hour outside our area.. there is a folk tale about a ghost story, so i wanted to go and check it out. We did, so, after that i had weird scratches for about 5 months, and they were consistant with being 3 scratches every time. I had these happen for no reason, middle of the day, at night when i would be at work.. when we were leaving the area, i saw a damon face in the back window of the mini van. thses are very much real!

      • profile image

        bunglebear69 7 years ago

        I also suffer from this problem, hence the reason I found this thread. Having looked at about a dozen similar forums online today there seem to be a few major similarities between the symptoms reported :

        1. The scratches are typically in rows of 3 parrallel lines, 2-6 inches long. It shocked me to read other people mentioning this, as mine are 70-80% of the time in groups of three parrallel lines, although occasionally it’s only one or two.

        2. The sufferer is usually afflicted by stress and/or depression, also evidenced by the fact many sufferers point out that they bite their nails so are dubious about the whole ‘scratching yourself in your sleep’ explanation. This is certainly true for myself at the moment, but as I’ve never contemplated this potential link before, I can’t say that I don’t get the scratches when everything in my life is going well. I will take note of this in future.

        3. They can also appear whilst the sufferer is awake (also ruins the scratching whilst asleep theory)

        I would be intrigued to know how many people who have posted on this thread seem to always have a group of 3 parrallel lines too, or who tend to get these scratches whilst depressed or under severe stress.

        Interestingly, the majority of comments written by non-sufferers tend to put the blame on :

        - Poltergeists/demons

        - Being physically scratched whist asleep, either by the person themselves, or an animal (for some reason mice seem to be the prime suspect)

        - Poor personal hygeine

        - Sub-conscious self-harm (ie the person cuts themselves, but isn’t aware that they did so)

        - The medical condition Dermatographic Urticaria ( although according to the Wiki article the affected area of skin has to be stroked or rubbed with a dull object to bring on the condition.

        Personally I don’t believe my scratches can be attributed to any of those 5 reasons. My personal hygiene is fine. I do have two dogs but they can’t get into my room at night (and even if they found a way to open my door, I doubt they’d remove my duvet, turn me over and start scratching my back!). Also, I have lived in 3 different continents in the last 5 years, so it can’t be related to my house, bed, or put down to local conditions, unless every place I’ve lived in has been infested with mice! I don’ tend to rub my skin with a dull object, especially in areas I can’t physically reach. I also don’t believe that it’s being caused by poltergeists or demons.

        A group appeared today on my right forearm whilst I was awake, although for years I have woken up to find them, mainly on my legs, arms and neck. I had some on my back recently, in a position that would have been impossible to “self-scratch” (I know this because I tried to put lotion on them, but couldnt reach!) Even then I convinced myself that there must have been something in my bed (feather, stale breadcrumb, mattress spring) that caused it, and all the others were caused by simply scratching myself whilst asleep.

        It truly is a strange phenonomen, and I have been shocked today to realise just how many other people suffer from this.

      • profile image

        Stan 7 years ago

        One morning I woke, getting out of bed, my shirt was stuck to my back. 2 capitol letter Y's side by side and a 3rd blotch same distance appeared like as if branded, scratched into on right shoulder blade. My shirt was uncut. I took pictures with my camera phone and mirror. They resembled feet print of a bird with a dripping effect. They tingled from time to time. Scar's visible today. I was having a hard time quitting using meth. but shortly after these markings appeared, I quit. not on my own, but through Christ's help. Two weeks after marks, I was being choked by some negative force. I got down on my knees and knew right away to call on God..."not like this God" and he answered. Honest to God!

      • profile image

        Baiiley 7 years ago

        This is a very interesting topic to me b/c I used to wake up and find these three scratches on my neck/collar bone. They were always about an inch or two long, and scabbed over like they had been there awhile...even tho when i went to bed the night before they werent there. I thought maybe I had done it or my I slept for amonth with no rigns on and wouldnt let my dog sleep with me either....they still would show up on me. I noticed too that they were alway in the same spot and same length and almost like someone had barely scratched me witha fine needle. Im not sure what made me feel like it was something bad but After about 6 months of it i was home one day alone and Ifound 3 more on my neck on the left I just said God, Im not sure what this is about but please make whatever it is doin stop. then I yelled out down the hall way and into my room, WHATEVER IS SCRATCHIN ME NEEDS TO LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK! IM NOT SCRARED OF YOU AND GOD IS HERE TO PROTECT ME. ever since then the scratches have stopped. I am still interested in waht i experienced and I really know in my heart that God made it stop for me and is protecting me.

      • Team Wiseman profile image

        Team Wiseman 7 years ago

        David718, Your comment moved us. This is a generational battle. The dream of your son drowning was almost prophetic,the great news, you save him.

        We can tell you love him greatly, and willing to do anything for him. It wouldn't hurt to get the house blessed, but the house is not what the issue is here. You may have a habit, a bad habit. Maybe it is a habit you wouldn't want your son to take up and do one day. But he's gonna be just like daddy. The good news is God is speaking to you, you can save him. You can pull him out of that destructive path. Our prayers are with you and for you. May God Bless all of you who have shared their experiences. Team Wiseman Thanks You!

      • Team Wiseman profile image

        Team Wiseman 7 years ago

        We usually don't comment, but here goes. We have no religion either, religion has no answer. It is a relationship that is important, and yes, it is a relationship with Christ that will get these demonic activities away and over. Jesus Christ and the Bible was the only things that held answers and solutions to these scratching problems. You and your husband have had the marks of destruction placed in your life, and from now on you will have problems, anything from infidelity to loss of job or vehicle. A run of bad luck. Fear will rise in your life and uncertainty will increase. One way out... Jesus Christ. What have you got to lose? Oh yeah, demonic affliction! Give everything else a try, then try Jesus. He is the only answer. I know from experience. This is to Kayk.

      • profile image

        kayk 7 years ago

        My boyfriend and I realized we both have a bunch of scratches on our backs. We dont have pets and we know we didnt scratched each other because these scratches are super thin and in lines of 2 or 3s. Its really creepy because i have about 5 to 10 lines and he has about 20 all over his back. We dont have a religion but I'd like to think that we are kind hearted people. We both are profesionals in the health field. I hope there is a scientific explaination for this or tell me something that I can do other than praying to jesus...

      • profile image

        David718 7 years ago

        3 days ago I had a nightmare about my baby boy almost drowning in the bathtub. I've saved him. That morning I've discovered 3 scratches coming down from my back to my side. Reading this article has me aware now. I've seen things in my house from the corner of my eyes but I guess this gives confirmation that their is something here, and It's a negative presence. I'm in the military living in housing with my family. I guess I'm going to have to call a priest to bless the house.

      • profile image

        matthew 7 years ago

        I had this happen to me last night! I woke up with 4cratches all over my back.. (25) and thwy were where I couldn't reach.

        I sleep with a dog but its only a puppy

        And the spaces in the scratches are to wide for his paws,,

        I woke up at 625 to him licking my face and I noticed the scratches when I took a shower..

        I'm acrually scared and domt know what to think,$

        No lie before I fell asleep it felt like someone was in my room.. I just ignored it

        I have a picture of my back mu email it

      • profile image

        EVANGELINE (A) 7 years ago


      • profile image

        me 7 years ago

        I have looked at a lot of sights, and I see all of these sites that talk about people waking up with scratches. I am someone with scratches that appear during the day - with people watching - scratches that appear - welt - and then disappear within an hour. I know I have strong guides, I've been told in fact that I have MANY guides next to me... however, the latest scratches scared me as they were the most raised welted ones to date - which appeared in front of another, continued to welt and raise, and then disappeared completely withing an hour. Almost all of my welts appear/disappear within an hour and always during the day - never during sleep. And yet when I google, all I find is people who say their scratches appear during the night. I wish I knew what this was. It's happened all my life but my welts today were the worst ever. And after they left, one hour later, suddenly these red marks appeared for approx 30 minutes before they were gone as well. I would love to hear from someone else who experienced these activities during the day.

      • The Lost Dutchman profile image

        Patrick Bernauw 8 years ago from Flanders (Belgium)


      • Joseph2307 profile image

        Joseph2307 8 years ago

        Very nice article.....

        The only thing that makes me think.. If satan come trought peoples veins when they are high, he should do it with caffeine too, and niccotine, because this will get you hi and addicted. I do not drink that much coffe and the reason # 1 is because I see people that they can not do it without. Now, coffe comes from the hand of the Almighty. If we are sealed by the Holy Spirit We may be protected always.. I think,

        Is just an opinion im not triying to start a debate I really like your hub.......... I respect your point of view and I believe that you are smart......

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