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What Are These 3 Strange Scratches on my Body? (With Photos)

Updated on May 9, 2016
Team Wiseman profile image

Team Wiseman has noticed that strange scratches in certain formations have appeared around the world and were the first to expose it!

Do You Experience Unexplained Scratches?

Have you ever had unexplained scratches on your body? It is a subject often overlooked or dismissed. However, if you ask this same question to any group of people (as I did in the poll below), you will find that almost everybody has had the experience of finding mysterious scratches. When it happens, most of us blow it off, placing the blame on the kitchen counter or a door handle.

When this happened to me, my family and I noticed that the marks were always in a pattern. They would always form three straight lines, as if I had been lightly scratched by three perfectly straight claws. They are never deep, only a light tearing of the flesh. The red or black scratches varied in size, width, and length. I found them not only on my body, but also on many household surfaces, on metallic items with rust and decay and on malfunctioning water heaters.

What Do These Mysterious Scratches Mean?

These scratches signify destruction.

Take a look at the items in your house: pictures on the wall, wooden furniture, or metal objects such as your stove and sink. You will maybe notice large scratches, but those are mostly man made. However, some time when you're alone, look closer. Real close. Focus in on all the itty bitty scratches in the material. These are symbols. Here are what some of them mean:

  • Ξ means destruction or to destroy.
  • € has two meanings: incompletion and separation.
  • Also look for the letter "F" which means fall. This is commonly found on doors and even bodies.

These scratches will appear on your driver's license and credit or bank cards. Just take a few minutes to really look. I think you will find that I am speaking the Truth.

These scratches are demons' art, and they are trying to create loss in your life. The great news is that these demon scratches and "spells" being placed on us and things around us have no effect on a person who relies upon and trusts in Jesus Christ. Demons are always around looking for weak spots in your relationship with Jesus Christ in order to steal and destroy. That is why it is so important to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. With Him as our friend and our Savior, demons scatter at the mere calling out of His name. If you are ever attacked this way, call out "Jesus Christ...Help!" You don't even have to yell, but your mouth must speak it. This allows Jesus Christ to fully protect you. As soon as His name is said, the storm calms. So Be It! Talk about a God with benefits, right?

Demonic Afflictions in the Book of Job

He teareth me in his wrath, who hateth me: he gnasheth upon me with his teeth; mine enemy sharpeneth his eyes upon me. They have gaped upon me with their mouth; they have smitten me upon the cheek reproachfully; they have gathered themselves together against me. God hath delivered me to the ungodly, and turned me over into the hands of the wicked. I was at ease, but he hath broken me asunder: he hath also taken me by my neck, and shaken me to pieces, and set me up for his mark. His archers compass me round about, he cleaveth my reins asunder, and doth not spare; he poureth out my gall upon the ground. He breaketh me with breach upon breach, he runneth upon me like a giant. I have sewed sackcloth upon my skin, and defiled my horn in the dust. My face is foul with weeping, and on my eyelids is the shadow of death.

--The Book of Job, Chapter 16

This is a true encounter with demons from the book of Job in the Bible. I have had these types of encounters, and know of many other people who have also.

An unseen battle is taking place between demons and mortals, and here the demon forces attack Job, and he is left with marks and battle scars. The Bible says they tore at him! Fairy tale, I think not.

"Because the Bible Tells Us So!"

Look folks, I wouldn't dare lead you into believing something that wasn't true. It would be a waste of time for both of us. In fact, you don't even have to believe it. We know what we know as Truth, because the Bible told us so. I strongly believe in the Word of God and have relied upon it as a living resource. The personal battle with demons is a spiritual battle.

I know without a doubt that this page will bring many of the afflicted together to share their stories. What has happened to many of us is far too common not to talk about it openly. Even though these minor scratch wounds caused by demons are seemingly harmless, they are an ominous sign. If you get scratches frequently, then seek Jesus. Also, take pictures of the scratches for your own purposes. They will help you share your strange happenings with others without feeling "crazy."

Using Drugs Increases Demon Attacks!

Below is a video of alleged crystal meth users. It is common to see what we call "battle scars" on the faces and bodies of users. Crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, and even alcohol increase the risk of violent episodes and demon attack. Although demons are not picky in who they attack, it seems that drugs open a portal. I have heard many people claim that they were attacked while high on drugs. Remember, picking up a pipe or needle and using drugs is an act of Devil worship. When the drug is flowing through your veins, your soul is Satan's for the taking. He is looking for the weak in order to consume our souls. Don't dance with the Devil if you don't have to. Remember, if you ever feel overwhelmed by the demons of your life, call on your only worthy and capable helper: Jesus Christ.

The After-Effects of Crystal Meth and Demon Attacks

Unexplained Scratches?

Have you ever had this situation stated above happen to you?(unexplained scratches, bruises or bite marks)

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    • profile image

      April 4 days ago

      I don't know if I am being cursed. A number of deaths of people that meant more to me than anything in the world. I woke up the other morning with scratches all over my abdomen. They were quite deep, and one was in the shape of an arrow. I have never believed in the supernatural, but it freaked me out. I know it sounds insane, and maybe there is a plausible reason for this. It has happened on my legs, but I dismissed it. I looked it up and came to this sight. I haven't told anyone in case they would think I was mad.

    • profile image

      Monisa Cole 10 days ago

      Stop trying to justify Satan. It's one of his attacks. He is very mean, I have seen some of his work, trust me this is him and his demons

    • profile image

      Teamwiseman 12 days ago

      Bed bugs leave round, red welps on this skin. Red bumps. So, bed bugs not likely. Look up some pics of bed bug bites.

    • profile image

      BeccaB 13 days ago

      Could be bed bugs

    • profile image

      Fr. John 4 weeks ago

      I have experienced this within the last few days and it is not the first time. Three scratches are a mockery of the Most Holy Trinity. Remember that Satan is the father of lies and the counterfeit. It can happen if you dabble with the occult, drug abuse, or open yourself up to other demonic influences. It also can occur when you are in spiritual battle, in my case performing a church sanctioned exorcism. The victory is in Jesus Christ and His most precious blood. We have no power of our own but the victory is through Our Lord. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mine. (2nd Timothy 1:7) If you are involved in these things ask the Lord to help you to stop, repent of your sins and receive or recommit to Him as your Lord and Savior. Talk to your minister or a priest and ask for help. Ask for prayers on your behalf by your brothers and sisters in the faith. Do not be afraid but trust Our Lord. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn.

      This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,”Says the Lord.

      Isaiah 54:17

    • profile image

      Lou, Bay Area650 6 weeks ago

      Three odd scratches on right rear shoulder. I knew they weren't from my girl at the time nor my dog because she made me sleep in the garage one night because i snore horribly and she made me leave my dog inside with her.

      3 scratches that felt more like burns when i awoke. My glasses that i set folded, every night, no matter where i crash, were missing in the morning. I found them under the bed, temple pieces open, and the lenses pointing due east. That was weird!!!???!!! As the day went on the 3 scratches started burning more and blistered. Nothing crazy painful but noticeable. The next day i was out in the yard with my dog havin a smoke, my neigjbor was walking past and we had just met. 'How is it there??' She asked. 'Anything....abnormal?' 'Its cool' as i turned and looked at my bedroom window. 'Not in there' as she looked behind me and to my left and said 'In there'

      SHIVERS WENT UP AND DOWN MY SPINE and the burning intensified on the three scratches. I learned the whole story of that property that night and continued having occurances even my dog was taken into interest by this/these spirits.

      3 scratches!!!!!! I am a believer and a recipient of this 'touch'

    • profile image

      Malak destroying angel himself the real one 8 weeks ago

      That red eyed freak super condensed black shadow with red/white light gleaming out cracks in his skin and all the heat riding off his head Satan himself is a bastard to deal with he is going around putting marks on you and biting you to try to kill you so he can eat you seek the Lord Jesus Christ the evil freak is at my house every night I am the one that threw him out of heaven he has been here for 3500 years I am here to destroy him all religion belongs to him he brands you in the forehead Catholicism is his religion and it's in everything do not eat apples he uses them to turn you and your mind so you belong to him they are evil they look harmless do not be fooled Satan is really ramping up attacking people because his time is running out and he said he wants the energy from eating people to go against Jesus Christ when he comes it is going to take him another 4 years to turn everyone stick to your guns and arm yourselves on the holy spirit don't be fooled by any man for they are of the devil seek God yell out his name and he will deliver you tell demons in the name of the holy spirit God Jehovah Jesus Christ name be gone as it is written in the bible the devil has all types of tricks he does to people to try to get them banging on walls scaring you biting burning in hands the mark that doesn't stick because you belong to God already you don't need to give yourself to a man because he will turn you to the devil talking about preachers of you need gods help tell out his name and all that stuff of scratches and numbers those are spells and demonic marks meaning to kill when you get to the other side you will see a road with no beginning or end and no other side the road is concaved everything is pitch black there is a white glowing line down the left side there is billions of footprints going down it feels like soft mud under your feet there is a path to the left it will appear out of nowhere wait for it there is only 3 sets of footprints going down it me Jesus Christ and the devil when he came back to heaven after eating Adam and eve and then turned a third of the angels and that's when i kicked his but he eats everyone don't get fooled walkbdpwn the path and follow God

    • profile image

      Daniel Virgil 2 months ago

      I have a question. Why do we ghosts scratch someone?

    • profile image

      Hannah 2 months ago

      I fell asleep last night & everything was normal. i was wearing my grandmothers engagement rings on a necklace just as i have every day since she passed (9/15/16). I woke up this morning (8/19/17), everything was fine. i felt great & somewhat well rested from the 9 hours of sleep i had gotten that night. i have been sleeping a lot lately, like a really odd amount of a lot. anywhere from 11-16 hours a day. some days, i don't even do anything but i feel absolutely drained of all energy. i have always been fascinated with the paranormal, but never had i had experiences. anyways, i went to get in the shower. i got undressed & as i was taking my shirt off, i noticed 3 welts on my stomach. it kinda scared me, so i took a picture of them & sent it to my friend & jokingly said "i'm not going to see the new annebelle movie when you get back, i already have 1 ghost.", i don't know for sure what any of this means, but i am scared.

    • profile image

      Helen lisa nowell 2 months ago

      I just got scratches on my arm an knocking kides laughter stomping threw the house an nothing is there

    • profile image

      Emile 2 months ago

      I just noticed one now. 3 marks...

      But it won't happen again!

    • profile image

      Jshdbdb 2 months ago

      I have 3 scratches on my leg still there been a week and some thing happen lots if paranormal stuff never did feel strong around s god and I still do get scratches and I golled around at a grave yard I wish I haven't

    • profile image

      Snehakant 2 months ago

      I don't get scratches but I do get rashes on various parts body at different times.

      Don't know what it means in this spiritual realm.

    • profile image

      Jezebel 2 months ago

      I sometimes wake up with scratches all over different parts of my body in the shape of the 3 lines and it really gives me chills .. ;-; Please help ?^.^'

    • profile image

      aagsx 2 months ago

      I woke up with the number 11 on my back what does that mean it's so red and deep

    • profile image

      Tyler 2 months ago

      i just got 3 scratches watching netflix it's is shaped like a 1 and half of a k does anyone know what it's means?

    • profile image

      Josue 2 months ago

      When I got to the car I got three scratches in my finger

    • profile image

      Anna 3 months ago

      I was awake when it happened . My mind was zoned out though , I got a 11 on my thigh and it's purple all around .... scary enough ?

    • profile image

      Meghan 3 months ago

      Just woke up again with scratch marks that burn, especially now that I'm writing about them. They wrote Fvlll or Fvll something along this line. Not sure if I need to be concerned or not.

    • profile image

      Tony 3 months ago

      I've been scratched for several years. It started with 3 parallel scratches. Now it is in the form of Aramaic letters and strange symbols. It is very disturbing. I don't know anyone with this problem.

    • profile image

      EKKLESIA MISSION 3 months ago

      A long scratch just appear on my leg i never felt when it happen it just appear I have this strange an uneasy feeling about this my husband said I might of scrape it unknown but the position an length of the scratch I don't think so an i have no memory of feeling this scratch am a believer an minister with not much knowledge of this help Me.

    • profile image

      Synia 3 months ago

      I just got back from a camp because I could not sleep that night i slept really good when I woke up and was playing on my phone I suddenly felt a sting and looked down to 5 strange marks on my leg but my dog and cat could not have done them even I couldn't the way they were shaped it did not even go away and the same thing happened the next day on the back of my leg but this one was only two and skidded across

    • profile image

      Lillian 3 months ago

      Well i saw several scratch marks on me but a lot though little and big ones

    • profile image

      Taliyah 3 months ago

      It was around 3 AM and I started hearing strange noises. I heard banging coming from the room next to me which was the bathroom. I was the only one awake. Then I started to hear footsteps and laughter so I got up to look. When I came out of my room, they stopped. I went back in my room, and they started again. I waited until 7 AM to go to sleep because I was scared. When I woke up around 11 AM, I had three bite marks on my stomach. It's 2 PM now and I was sitting in bed listening to music and I felt my arm burning. I looked at it and I have a giant red scratch across my arm. I tried to tell my mom but she said that I probably scratched myself and didn't notice. I also tried to tell a few friends but they all think I'm crazy.

    • profile image

      Maddie squire 3 months ago

      This is happened before but on my leg, I was fully awake doing my half up, I felt a pain in my leg didn't know what it was. It looked like a scrach mark.

      It happened again last night, laying on my hands and on my belly. I felt like someone got me again but nobody was there, i only relised how big it was starting from my shoder to the bottom on my arm bit.. I think there something in my room but nobody believe me, i keep hearing people say 'Maddie' and 'ahah' i would like to know what it is and see if happeded to anyone else?

    • profile image

      Rebecca 3 months ago

      I have unexplained marks that will start on my shoulder and slowly move down my arm

      I can see it when it happens

      I can feel it like a vein or vine inside my arm

      It's upraised and lifted

      Then after about an hour or two it's gone

      My boyfriend took a picture of it

      He never believed me when it happened and he was actually sitting next to me and looked over and said my arm was showing marks and moving

      I told him to touch it and he says he could feel it!

    • profile image

      4 months ago

      I was wide awake sister died and her son began arguing me I got scratched they just appeared out of no where ever got scratched again after that!

    • profile image

      you know me 4 months ago

      holy bible said ghost is real, my son, also demon is real

    • profile image

      Unknow female 4 months ago

      Im just curiouse, GHOSTS ARE NOT REAL. You may to get scratches on ur head or legs or hands but it doesnt mean they are ghosts. U can scratch urself at night and did not remmember or scratch urself in the morning. If u keep getting scratched go to the doctor and he or she will deal with everything. And if u keep getting scratched and u saw the doctor already then u can belive you have a ghost in your house. Just remmember ghost can excist but never exsist again, THEY CAN BE REAL.

    • profile image

      Unknown 4 months ago

      This morning I woke up with4 bunches of scratches on both of my leg. I told my dad and he told me to put claiming oil on, I told my mom and she just put on coconut oil. After I went to my room, it he scratches were burning for a continuous 10 minutes. Finally I turned on my can to let my legs cool. My parents are missionaries to go tell the lost people of this world about the Jesus Christ. I am a Christian, and my mother has encountered Satan once in a dream. But I know how much God loves me, and I know that he will protect not only me and my family, but all you other Christians out there dealing with the same problem. Satan or one of his demons may be after me or my family, but I will not be afraid, because i have Jesus on my side. To all you other Christians out there I encourage you to put your trust in God. Make him first in your life.

    • profile image

      Ha 4 months ago

      Im a man who believes in the religion of Islam, So last night I was sleeping when I saw a devil looking thing in the dark, his face was very ugly scary looking , and next thing you know I feel all this burning feeling around my back and my shoulders. At that moment I read a part from the Quran (Muslim holy book) , and I didn't see him again , when I woke I saw all these scratches over my back , hips and my shoulders , if anyone knows anything about this , please help

    • profile image

      Johnny 4 months ago

      Yes, after noticing these strange scratches, I turned and saw the devil himself! He was carrying the demonic tools that create the scratchings, made up of the hands of the damned, with their finger nails longer than my finger. I only saw him for about 2 seconds as the power went out in my house and I could not see. I called the police, but after making a visit to the police station to report my sightings, I was arrested for Drug Usage.

    • profile image

      Dakota 4 months ago

      Last night I was watching a movie on Netflix, all of the sudden if feel this burning sensation on my back, I run the the bathroom to see what was on my back and I seen 3 scratches on the upper middle part of my back. I have pictures to prove this. This isn't the first time I've found strange scratches. But it's the first time whee I felt myself becoming obsessed with figuring out what's going on. I can't explain the scratches nor how they happened and to be completely honest I am scared and want to know what I need to do to prevent this from happening again.

    • profile image

      vince 4 months ago

      I was attacked twice whilst at so called Church. I suffered 6" scratches to my lower groin and on my back. When I first met my wife, each morning she would wake up covered in bruises. We prayed and they all stop occurring.

    • profile image

      Amber 4 months ago

      i recently have been doing better in my life and found a great relationship not only with my boyfriend but my parents. i use to have a bad relationship with them but as soon as it got good i ended up with deep scratches on my back. when my friends tried summoning a deamon i got bruises all over my back and arms there still there

    • profile image

      Kari 4 months ago

      Hello, I found this article in search of an answer for strange things that have happens to me recently. You see I'm doing well in life now and I know the devil doesn't like that. I have not been scratched but I have had unexplained bruising and small little circular bruises in a line on the inside of my arm. Then the other day I woke up and one of my fingernails had been cut and I know for a fact that the other person in the home didn't do it and neither did I. One more thing is I came home one day and My daughters bed was moved slightly away from the wall and you have to actually lift the bed to move it so yeah. I'm not scared but I don't like it either. I believe in telling the evil to depart from my home in the name of Jesus. I will also be burning some sage as I also believe in the Native American culture.

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 5 months ago

      The awesome thing about all this is, since we've seen the evil in this world we know that there is good. Do not fear. Search for Him (Jesus Christ) with ALL your heart and you will truly find Him. Search for Jesus Christ :)

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 5 months ago

      Just for awareness: Ghost hunting, or anything that causes one to communicate with the spiritual realm is very dangerous. In any way communicating with the dead, or spirits can bring dangerous portals, attachments, and soul ties of evil into a persons life. All these "ghost hunting" tools are just as dangerous as a Ouijaboard. They all have the same purpose, to "communicate". Really these are just tools that are being sold to deceive people into opening portals up in their lives to evil. Curiosity of the spiritual realm is normal for all of us. Through these tools that have been created, the demonic realm has used to put a foot in the door. Saying (which is praying, meditation) scripture from the Bible, especially the book of Ephesians is very effective. So is The Armour of God. This may seem silly to some, but try it and see. Put on the Armor of God found in the book of Ephesians by saying what each piece is and enacting it physically. Which is basically putting on the characteristics of Jesus Christ. The legal authority of Jesus Christ that He so strongly bought for us is the only way that truly works to get rid of them. The power is in the Word of God. We know personally. Also look into our article on meditation, prayer, and fasting. Here is also a video of prayer that will help understand legal rights in the spiritual realm https://youtu.be/4Xk2UChVsB0.

      May God bless you ALL and may you come to know The True Jesus Christ. Beware there are false ones out there. The Word of God, The Bible is the Map to the right one. May God bless you all and your families adventure to Life.

    • profile image

      Jeylan 5 months ago

      I've recevied three perfect scratches on my arm a few years ago or so. I'm into ghost hunting and the paranormal. So I tried contacting spirits, almost every night with a voice recorder and flashlight. I have had crazy activity happen with the flashlight, I unscrewed the flashlight just enough to where if anything would tap it, it would go off. I let the spirit know to use one flash for no two for yes. The flash light went off intelligently, which was quite exciting to me. I've caught deep black anomalies on a digital camera around me. My girlfriend, has felt scared beside me while I sleep. Senses something maleviolent in our room from time to time. I use to suffer from awful nightmares, and really odd ones of a young woman with black hair. Whom I felt was connected to this entity. Although my girlfriend feels this spirit isn't human. Can anyone tell me what may be around me? All I really have done for protection is sage the room, and I meditate on positive thoughts..

    • profile image

      Noah 5 months ago

      on my stomach I found three scratches going in each other and directly next to It there was two scratches that also fell into each other. What should I do?

    • profile image

      Isra 5 months ago

      Hello I know this is weird but one morning I woke up and sow my hand, I sow my name writen back work, I thought that was one member of my family, I ask them but they say no one enter to my room, I was scared, everyday I think about it. Does anyone has experience this? Or does anyone know it happens?

    • profile image

      jesuschristsaves 5 months ago

      Well my story is long. Satan is attacking my face. I would get these red marks appear on my forehead. I didn't have a single wrinkle on my forehead before that now I do lots of them. When I look at my drivers license there are lines going to certain parts of my face. I have had cuts appear on me. In the last three weeks my hair has thinned out. Basically disappearing because there are no hairs on my clothes, brush, shower.

    • profile image

      Kitty 5 months ago

      The battle is real.pray people ask God for help and he god will .no matter what you have done.

    • profile image

      Shamani67 5 months ago

      Love this stuff

    • profile image

      Lila 5 months ago

      When I was 14, I woke up one morning and noticed what was the letter A on outer part of my left bicep. The strange part was, that it wasn't so much a scratch but was underneath the skin like a a very defined hickey. A few days later my father woke up with the same exact hickey like marking, but was of a defined X on the left part of his chest. Weird. But it's never happened to me after. At least not that I'm aware of...

    • profile image

      Partha 5 months ago

      I am suffering from 3 line scratched from last 7 years in an irregular period- need help

    • profile image

      Lakisha 5 months ago

      I have 3 parallel marks on my body when l wake up. Red like blood but not deep enough to draw blood. For years now

    • profile image

      Steph 5 months ago

      I was at my friends house and I we were bouncing on the trampoline and she said that she saw a Demon behind me and I saw that l had Ni scratched on my arm

    • profile image

      ethan 5 months ago

      my bed was making weird sounds last night

    • profile image

      nicole 5 months ago

      About 2 days ago, Theres been this nasty smell outside my house that kind of is in my school too, It smells like a dead rat or crap. And about months ago people were playing charlie charlie ... Today earlier in my class people were playing it again... About a few mins ago I felt a burning sensation on my arm so I checked my arm and saw what looked to be an immflamated scratch. After a while it kind of went away but the area where the line was at is a bit rosy. I'm kind of paranoid but it might not be some freaky demon stuff but who knows lol.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 months ago

      It's not just a religious matter... Demonic forces are a spiritual thing in general.

    • profile image

      D.M 6 months ago

      Can't have my name on here but I have got scratches from last night

    • profile image

      Angel roland 6 months ago

      I don't know if it is a ghost scratch on my leg it happen when I was in a really old house my aunt's house she leved there when she was little I think here sister died it happen. When I was In a Attic

    • profile image

      Shane 6 months ago

      I've got 4 scratches like claw on my left shoulder since I was born.....maybe there just some blood line marks...i mean my father has it too

    • profile image

      Steve 6 months ago

      I saw a twig in the shape of incompletion and separation! Please help!!

    • profile image

      Unknown 6 months ago

      HELP!!! This happened twice!! First I had 3 scratches on my arm and since then a nasty smell has been going in my house(that means demonic) and Koenig today a HORRIBLE nasty smell has been in my sisters room and she me and my brother all smelled it and none of us farted!!! And at that same moment I got a cut on my arm, just one cut!!! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?!? And I am a Christian and I put my faith in God and I will always love him... please what's does one scratch mean? Not a scratch a CUT!!!

    • profile image

      6 months ago

      I am not of Christian faith. I am Aboriginal Australian.. and although I do not follow the word of God.. I do believe in the power of our ancestors when it comes to protection.

      I moved in with my now ex boyfriend in my mid twenties. I have always been very aware of spirits, since a child. He was not as aware.

      When we moved in together we both saw a shadow person in our home multiple times. We had objects slide across our coffee table and kitchen counter, this happened whether we were home alone or with company.. once a chair moved out as one of our friends went to sit down. Then his coke can slid across the coffee table when he went to grab it. We were all perplexed.. we tried to make the can slide the same way again but it wouldn't. We had weird, clear slime around the house.. I was constantly cleaning to get rid of it... I told it to go away. Normally a simple enough ask, but this spirit did not budge.

      One day I was laying on our lounge.. my partners dog was next to me.. he started shaking and whimpering.. I started feeling an intense burning on the underside of my arm. It burnt for hours.. I showed my partner when he got home.. and my mother the next day. There was a skinny, red hand print with long fingers under my arm. About a week later I was sitting next to my partner when I felt the same burning. I told him it was happening again. This time we both watched the hand print appear around my wrist.

      He dragged me and his dog out of there. I went to collect what I needed to smoke out the house. I did so and it stopped.

      Later on.. I found out that the man I was with was hiding a very serious meth addiction from me. I left him.. but it all made sense to me. Negative attachments find those who are weak spiritually to attach to.

      After I left I found out through mutual friends that the same experiences continued after I moved out.

      Don't take anything that dulls your senses that much. Methamphetamine is soul killing.. it causes spiritual and emotional emergencies.

      Cleansing your home and yourself can be done in many ways... Whether through your faith or your culture.. or finding your own ways and strengths. calling on your past loved ones for help crosses cultural and religious boundaries. Don't be affraid if you are a genuine soul.

    • profile image

      Geraldo 6 months ago

      I was looking for an actual cause for scratches on my neck, but instead found this goldmine of insanity. Instead of sifting through this nonsense I'm going to assume I had something on my bed that was slightly sharp, or that I was scratching it in my sleep.

    • profile image

      Nick 6 months ago

      I had a scratch on my neck with a x with aline through it wat is it

    • profile image

      Dayna 6 months ago

      So every Wednesday I go to a youth group that is held at my boyfriends church. I dont believe in God and Jesus though. Every Wednesday when I go to take a bath/shower, after the youth group is over, I always find 3 bright red scratches under my breasts. It never happened before I started trying to believe in God and Jesus. I want to stop going to the youth group, but I would never leave my boyfriend like that or any of my friends at the youth group. Its been getting worse and worse every week. Oh yeah, Evey day except for Wednesday I get this huge red spot on my arms that burns. Has this ever happened to you?

    • profile image

      Green Mint 7 months ago

      Is that you CeCe?

    • profile image

      CeCe 7 months ago

      I have a scratch on my right chest my right hip and my left bottom what should I do I never seen this before

    • profile image

      Firstname 7 months ago

      when i was younger i saw these bruises and/or these scars. i never thought much of it until now i rarely get them anymore tho and when i was younger i was more aware of ghosts. it makes some sense now.

    • profile image

      Angi 7 months ago

      I've felt with a short opiod addiction and alcoholism for a few weeks walked away from both in my early 20s. Alcoholism is horrible

    • profile image

      I would like to stay anonymous 7 months ago

      When I was about 9 in the 4th grade I woke up with 6 different scratches on my left leg they surrounded this scare that was shaped of a sun i showed it to my father he said it was the cats?! It's happened way to much so I decided to now look it up and finally see what it means when I read the article I was speechless I'm still terrified for my life.

    • profile image

      Mathew 7 months ago

      im getting these weird cuts on my wrist for no reason they started off small but there getting bigger can someone tell what the hells going on?!

    • profile image

      Shoma 8 months ago


      i got a black scratches on my down stomach,I ll not get periods regularly ,and also a digestion problem.Can you please suggest me the reason and solution for this.

    • profile image

      Stacey 8 months ago

      OK in 2012 my mom passed away we'll like a dummy I tried to do an evp well I got a good one it over takes my voice and say I love you so I thought now a couple of MO later we move in to an apartment and I always sleep with the lights off well one night I'm laying there it's Dark OK but I see something in my room that darker than the darkness in my room it crawled to the side of my bed and got up in my face I will never for get the smell of this thing breath it was awful but the crazy thing was it's breath was cold it's eyes was yellow as could be so I would cover up my head and pray to god and it would go away but I could still fill like it was in my room watching me so this when on for a couple weeks but I found out if I sleep with the light on I could not see it so I did this with the light on for a little bit than I thought it was gone so when I went to bed that night I turned the light off and it was sitting there waiting on me so I got really mad and started yelling at it sayingprayers to god and saying I'm a child of god this thing mad a loud noise and left never seen it again then we moved and the new house tidy was stuff fling across the room so we moved from there an seen much until we moved to another state now stuff is happening again last night me and my husband was laying in bed and I felt this burning on my back and it's just keep getting worse so my husband looked at my back and I have 3 scratches on my back since we have moved into this new house there has been some strange stuff happen can some one tell me what I need to do please help

    • profile image

      Anonomys 8 months ago

      I've been getting Scratch marks that are in shape of a star each year while I sleep, I don't know what this mean or what it could be. Someone please tell me, Please! I don't know why it keeps happening to me!!!!

    • profile image

      Debra 8 months ago

      Moved in to a place last April and ever since have woken up to kitten like scratches on my forhead..I have 3 right now..i am an agnogist but was raised Anglican..I have started talking to Christ again..I am very afraid here and am moving out

    • profile image

      Madison 8 months ago

      I was on the phone with my man and I turned out the lamp for bed as I did and when I layed down I felt a burning like pain on my arm so I turned on the light and saw three marks on my arm I told my boyfriend who prays a lot and he said that its demonic and to be careful

    • profile image

      LExie 8 months ago

      I keep finding scratches on my body& I usually think nothing of them but these weren't self inflicted this time and I want to know why I have them

    • profile image

      Austin 9 months ago

      I felt a cut on my right leg last night and it was so painful even after waking up I could feel the pains but when I looked into the leg I saw no scratches or bruises! What does that signifies?

    • profile image

      Dave 9 months ago

      I just fell asleep for like 15 minutes while watching supernatural and wake up with 3 scratches shaped like an n, but they look dry

    • profile image

      Derek brown 9 months ago

      This is not the first time I've had this happen to me. I've had this happen to me before, actually many times before and I've always thought that something horribly amiss was going on.

    • profile image

      Dan 9 months ago

      Yesterday I was walking toward our bedroom and felt a burning sensation on chest 'and' lower left back. Took my shirt off to step into shower and on my left upper chest there was a series of 3 long scratches and i showed my wife. Then she told me to look in the big mirror in the bathroom and I had the same 3 long scratches on my lower left back just above my waist. Never had anything like this happen before. Our house was built in 98 by an older couple. The man died of natural causes in the house. The 2nd owners were. In their 30's the husband died of some drug problem also in the house. The house then sat vacant for a year and i bought it on a short sale in 2009 but never knew any of that info until we moved in and our neighbors told us. But never experienced anything weird until this happened yesterday. Pretty damn freaky!! And the red scratches/welts were clearly like a 3 fingered hand or claw made them and were 5--6 inches long!


    • profile image

      Krissy 9 months ago

      I lost my dad in 2015 I wonder is he trying to tell me something with these scratches

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 9 months ago

      When we realize the evil around, we also know that Jesus Christ is real and present. Unlike demons and the devil who are intrusive, Jesus Christ knocks on the door of our hearts and waits to be invited in. He knows these evils that attack us or come upon us through ignorance ( not knowing). We can pray or talk to Him openly about these things. Only a real relationship with Jesus Christ can cast them out of our lives. Speak to Him just as you would anyone else about your story. He, at our true desire for His help, will rescue us. Pray that He will help us with unbelief and to show us how to trust Him and hear His voice alone. May your knowledge of Who Jesus Christ is grow. And may we realize the height, width, and depth of His love. And may He flood your heart with His light as you become closer to Him, the demons will flee, and all evil.

    • profile image

      Lorna Garrett 9 months ago

      If. there is anyone who will hear my true living nightmare. I need help I have opened door that I never new about

    • profile image

      Vironica 9 months ago

      Nice work

    • profile image

      Xedric Valdez 9 months ago

      When I woke up I had 3 scratches a letter X on my chest and a straight line on my arm

    • profile image

      amy faith 10 months ago

      i have just undressed in order to shower all of this in front of the mirror where i also checked a possible cancer spot on my chest. i then entered the shower and then upon exit in front of the mirror i saw as plain as the day itself., 3 scratches travelling diagonally down my left breast above the nipple. it was not a heavy bloody scratching but 3 in a perfect line. the 3rd has slightly faded. i took a picture although it is not so easy to depict. i am in the process of packing and moving from our home with our 2 children and husband. i have been feeling very depressive lately and have had a hard time shaking this feeling.

      after the scratching that was definately not there before the shower and not even felt in the shower. i have no idea what to think other than to try and piece together any logic. i could not have done the scratches myself without contorting my arms and even then it would not be so exactly straight. surely?.

      any thoughts would be appreciated. i have been told before that there could be something in our home but never have i seen or felt anything other than the usual unease of being left alone in the night and general crime fears.

      sorry for the long winded message but im still very confused

    • profile image

      Coolcat021 10 months ago

      My two best friend had woke up with scratches and marks on them the first one had a backward c and a b and capital F on her and the second one had a h and i and a upside down cross on her I am worried about them

    • profile image

      slothster 11 months ago

      somtimes i just have scratches on my arm but i think it is because of my jacket when i sweat

    • profile image

      Sarah 11 months ago

      Last night I randomly had a massive scratch go all the way down my leg, yes I have cats but none were near me at the time

    • profile image

      Pineapple 13 months ago

      Today I realised that I had a scratch mark on my back and it was a star

    • profile image

      Paige 13 months ago

      Since last Halloween, I've been noticing scratch marks on my bottom. More and more have accumulated every couple of nights. There isn't a specific shape or letter. They started on my lower bottom, but now they have reached my hip. Can anybody explain this phenomenon?

    • profile image

      Carla 13 months ago

      Need answers - 3 weeks ago. I noticed. I have a letter X on my left shoulder blade it has dark dots total of 5. Two at each corner top and bottom and one in center has anyone had the experience? In 4/2013 I discovered witchcraft had been placed on me and several family members. I discovered the doll in my home. We saw huge black cloud with grayish balls inside and tall dark image with blazing red eyes. I wrote a book about my family experience Deception, Envy, and Defeat it's now worldwide. I believe the enemy is upset I exposed the truth and supplied the remedy in order to get people out of bondage and make them aware of this so they can move forward but this X is something new any answers greatly appreciated.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 13 months ago

      I've had this from 1983 up to beginning of this year. It stopped after I denounced Christianity.

    • profile image

      Kim 14 months ago

      The thing is, I've got scratches but they look nothing like this video. They have larger and they had those bubbles you get on a burn, except very small ones, and they havent healed in over a week. It's really bothering me that it just popped up one morning. they burned too.

    • profile image

      Gracie, 13 14 months ago

      Many times when I was young I would wake up with bruises on my legs and not know where they came from. I am quite accident prone but I would know every bruise or scratch I got that day. I scratch myself very intensely when I am itchy. It leaves red marks that stay for the most of the day. I scratch along my ribs a lot but sometimes when I wake up I already have them there and on my back. I don't know if I am scratching myself in my sleep or what. Sometimes I still wake up with strange scratches but they aren't that bad usually, also I have a cat so she could be doing anything to me while I sleep. Another thing I am confused about is a new birthmark. I've never had it before but just a little while ago I noticed it on my back, it kind of got me nervous thinking maybe it's not a birthmarks maybe it's something medical I need to watch out for. I don't know what to think, I mean I believe in the whole mythical creatures thing and demons and such, but honestly evololution. I don't believe in God.

    • profile image

      Danielle Hurtado 15 months ago

      I have been getting these scratches for years!! I was born in the church and grew up as a follower of Christ. In college, I experimented with smoking marijuana and that totally deterred my motivation to want to go to school, and I slipped into addiction and lost myself throughout my twenties. Now, I am found again and realize that the enemy was attacking me for years using the marijuana to distract me because I am blessed, washed, covered in his blood and protected! So he could no steal my soul and that's why the scratches appear! At night when you are asleep and most vulnerable, those demons try to attack your soul and spirit and get INTO you, but because they cannot, because my spirit is that strong due to my faith and trust in Jesus, they hold on to our bodies as they have no choice but to leave since they are unable to penetrate our soul/ spirit!

      This is why we get the scratches continuously, he's going to keep trying, and trying again!

      I had to die yesterday, Daniela had to die and become a whole new person for me to realize what was going on, I had an epiphany , that I was going to die, if I did not get right with Christ. Such as the woman's story above about her boyfriend commuting suicide. I had an epiphany, that he was going to find a way to kill me. While I was driving. Yesterday 7/7/16. But I am still here. My weakness/ problem was smoking weed. And that's what the enemy was using to steal my soul slowly.

      Just as the gentleman above said, I am not giving in! I have tons of battle wounds scars and now I am proud! I was dancing with the devil but I did not become a victim of his game.

      I will MISS the pot. I will miss masterbating and porn, haha, but not really because it's time to live righteously. He IS COMING! Enough is enough! Smoking weed is not worth opening the door for these demonic spirits! I hate that fact that satan used me and manipulated me to thinking I need to have marijuana at ALL times I was really a junkie smoker. Didn't care anything but smoking . All day and night. No other hard core drugs, just weed. Sometimes popping pills and drinking. But no weapon no spirit of addiction no demon and no negative energy against me shall prosper! In the name of Jesus!

    • profile image

      boise Idahoan 15 months ago

      great forum by the way!! So many comments!! I woke up this morning with a long thin scratch on right arm by elbow...perplexed at such precision i told everybody that would listen...after getting home i showed my lady and our 11 year old daughter said" so your the one scratching m in my sleep..." yeah as you can assume i quickly examined her scratches and she had the same exact scratch on outer right thy. my lady spoke up and said she too has scratches on right hand and finger, they are the same skinny scratches...this is just way too coincidental. i am adamantly looking for the best place to upload some pictures! thanks to everybody for sharing and the individuals responsible for developing this forum!!

    • profile image

      random person 16 months ago

      BTW, that thing scratching the driver's license means it wants you to die in a car crash? Is it? Its just a hypothesis anyway

    • profile image

      Msant 16 months ago

      I've had three scratch marks on my back for atleast 2 years and they don't seem to have faded away. I still have them and im wondering why. I've haven't gotten any marks or bites since then just those three scratch marks on my back.

    • profile image

      Iaskedtobejudgedformysins 17 months ago

      Heya,I have some random scratches like many others. I have about 2 or 5 scratches,2 on my left arm 2 on my neck and 1 on my side.

      I uh..don't mind it much, but it isn't normal. I mean,do children like me get these too? 'Cause if they do,i'm not alone.

    • profile image

      Ambersky92 18 months ago

      Hi im Amber I'm 23 I have a very crazy story and it shows just how dangerous it is and to the 12 year old on here please read this it's not a joke I had a boy friend and things got rough for me so had moved in with him the second night I slept there I woke up with three scratches on my back this accured about 3 4 times before me and a few other people got locked in the bathroom after you close the door the screws would unscrew so that you could not move the handle or push the door open . Over the course of 3 months I woke up with bruises scratches and a weird imprint on my back it was kinda a circle made out of a pattern then i woke up with 2 sets of 3 dots on my arm they kinda looked like little burns when I looked it up it said it was a warning from a Demond there where also multiple glasses that fell and broke out of no where things out of place and just felt anger in the air we decided to move to a new place we had a little wait after we moved out so we went to stay with family until then during those 2 weeks my boy friend was very very sick and just a different person finally we got our new place and everything seemed good but after 3 days he wasn't him again my boy friend committed suicide while I was sleeping I found him in the morning since then the scratches are back worse then before they usually bleed now i know this Demond did this and I know it's still following me and my son who had seen this Demond multiple times if anyone can help please let me know and please take the unknown seriously they are not joking

    • profile image

      RAS 18 months ago

      I Am Experincing This Now. I Smoke Pot From Time To Time. But I Didn't Smoke Any At All Last Night. What Makes My Situation So Much Different Is Instead Of Doing Things I Normally Do To Go To Sleep When Im Restless. Such As Smoke, Drink, Masterbate ETC.. I Decided To Pray Since Last Night We Had A Super Moon. The Spirits Whom Have Had Control Over Me Since 15 Are Angry That I Chose To Pray Than Sin. This Isn't The First Time I Done This. But This Time I Whole Heartily Submitted To Prayer. After Falling Asleep I Had A Vivid Dream Which Was Me Running Away From A Robbery And Towards My Grandmothers House. (She Is Deceased But Very Devoted To The Word Of God. Then I Woke Up With Straches On My Arm, And Cuts On My Chest. Confused I Turned To The Internet Because I Found No Signs Of Anything That Could Have done This. I don't plan on giving in and as much as I'm gonna miss smoking pot. I must continue to fight these demons because if they are real. God is Too. I Hope My Story Helped Someone. And I Thank You Guys For Sharing Yours Through This I Found An Explanation And Prove This To Be True.

    • profile image

      ALLIE 19 months ago

      this can happen if someone wants attention and uses lead from their pencils for to make these awful scraches and marks,this is what happened with my friend. :( lies

    • profile image

      Julia 19 months ago

      Sometimes when I walk out of my room there are scratches left on my arms. I don't feel them. A couple times before I have left my room with up to 10 scratches on my arm. A few years ago I was scratched on my leg. There always light scratches. Nothing extreme.