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Rebobs: The Flying Monkeys of Napa Valley

Darcie spends her free time going down research rabbit holes and occasionally writing down what she finds.

Cover of an album called Partricks Road by a band called The Rebobs

Cover of an album called Partricks Road by a band called The Rebobs

What Are Rebobs?

Rebobs are creatures of which little is known, and conflicting accounts have been told about them. A small town in Napa Valley was once home to the Partrick family. Partrick Road, which is named for them, is supposedly the home of the mysterious Rebobs. Rumors of the Rebobs have been spread for decades, though there is no real consensus on the characteristics of the creatures.

Art by Theresa Comstock depicting what a Rebob might look like

Art by Theresa Comstock depicting what a Rebob might look like

Varying Descriptions

The one feature of the Rebobs that most people appear to agree on—though not everyone—is that they are monkey-like in appearance. But from there, accounts can vary wildly.

One legend says that they are half-monkey, half-robot, and have wings. Another tells of a scientist combining monkeys and humans, which resulted in the Rebobs. Yet another version says they are part bat. And still, another adds that the Rebobs have long fangs and claws in addition to wings.

One account described the Rebobs as being covered in branches and looking like walking plants, which is, of course, a complete departure from most other descriptions.

Many sources also describe them as basically being the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz.

I doubt Rebobs are this colorful!

I doubt Rebobs are this colorful!

The Scientist

To me personally, the more interesting part of the Rebob myth is that the origin story has just as many variations, if not more, and seems to be more important to the myth than the Rebobs themselves. Pretty much every version attributes the origin of the Rebobs to a mad scientist.

Possible Experiments That Led to the Rebobs

  • Monkey-Human Hybrids: One version claims the scientist was attempting to combine monkeys and humans for combat purposes when one of his experiments escaped and killed him.
  • Monkeys With Sewed-On Wings: Another tells of the scientist merely attempting to sew wings to the backs of monkeys. In this version, things went well until his death, after which the Rebobs continued to breed and grow their population, somehow passing on the sewed-on wings to their offspring.
  • Monkey-Bat Hybrids: There is another version that tells of the scientist experimenting for military purposes, but in this version, he was fusing bats and monkeys together.
  • Supersoldiers: And yet still another version claims the scientist was working for the military to create a better soldier during World War II and would use Partrick Cemetery to obtain new bodies for his research. I'm not sure how the flying monkeys came into play to relate this particular story to the Rebob legend.
Partrick Road, right before the area known to be Rebob territory

Partrick Road, right before the area known to be Rebob territory

Beware the Rebobs

As with every aspect of the Rebob myth, what the creatures actually do should someone come across them varies from story to story. The Napa Valley Marketplace website claims that there are two most popular versions of the story.

  • The first is that if you wait in your car at the end of Partrick Road, they will eventually come out of the trees to attack and jump on it.
  • The second is that they will hide in the trees on the same road, and you must search for them in order to see them.

Other Variations: Attacking Couples, Kids, and Cats

Other variations suggest they like couples specifically, lying in wait at the Partrick Cemetery—where some versions claim they live—for young lovers, then attacking them to satisfy "their craving for young, passion-filled flesh and blood," according to the Napa Valley Register.

Yet another variation states that Rebobs will come through windows at night and snatch sleeping children from their beds. They would then eat and dismember the children or force them into slavery. This variation also blames them for stealing and skinning cats. It is by far the most violent portrayal of the Rebobs.

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Legacy of the Legend

The Rebob legend is thought to have started in the '50s and '60s, coinciding with the rise of B-movies. One of the relatively early versions of the myth claims that a motorist saw a nine-foot-tall half-man, half-monkey, and word of it continued to spread, helped along by other supposed sightings.

In the modern day, the legend is prominent enough to be featured on shows like Monsters and Mysteries in America and inspire videos on YouTube.

Whether you believe in the Rebobs or not, if you ever find yourself driving down Partrick Road in Napa Valley, be careful, and keep an eye on the trees.


Robert on September 09, 2019:

The first sighting of the creature was approximately in the 1960’s. This discription fits a similar one describing a creature of same stature and presence at approximately the same time but in a different location. Mothman.

Marlene on September 06, 2019:

My husband told me that young guys made up the story about Rebobs to scare the girls so they would sit closer to them.

J.C on January 14, 2019:

The story and legend became all to real one warm summer night for me and 2 friends as we parked up at the top of partricks rd. My friends which one who was driving was much older then us as well as myselve and my best friend decided to go for a drive and ended up by the cemetary even though I expressed I was extremely uncomfortable going up there from earlier experiences as a child but nothing would come close to as scarey as this night. At first all was fine but I kept feeling this sense of being watched that I could not shake for the life of me and for good reason. I was trying to relax and tell myself everything was fine and then I saw these red glowing eyes in the distance, up high in the trees in the cemetery. They seemed to move through several branches quickly and then just stopped and became more in tense like it could see right though me. I usually have a six sense if when things are wrong before they happen and became severely over whelmed with this feeling like something was telling me it was time to go before something bad happened..... And then we heard this loud band on the back of the car as if someone had jumped on the truck making the whole car shake. I said its time to go. My friend said it was probably something that fell out of the tree as it was windy that night. I rolled my eyes and trying to remain calm but something i cant explain was telling me to leave immediately. I looked back at the trees and could not see the eyes I saw in the distance. I said i think its time to go and I dont know why you just need to trust me!!! Please!!! My friend told me to calm down and said ok we'll go. He began to start the car and it wouldn't start which as he stated was weird since he had never had teouble with his vehicle before and kept it well maintained. After trying to turn over the car several times it starts. At that exact time another loud bang on the roof of that car happeneds shaking me to the core and my friend throws the car in drive and starts to drive yelling wtf was that. We start hearing as we are driving these loud scratching noises and i just keep yelling go go go. F*cking Faster! We get to the bottem of the grate and the noises stop. We drive a few blocks away to my house. Get out and there are two large indents on his truck and the rook of his car.... he takes out his flash light and shines it on his car only to also discover there are also large claw marks down the sides of his car on both side. We all just look at each other and decided its best to just go inside for the night. After going inside and locking all the doors we try to wrap our head around what just happened but can't. They kept asking me why I started freaking out and what I saw and felt. I couldn't explain it exactly. I have never felt that way before. It was nothing short of something out of a horror movie. I felt like we were being stocked by something like prey. The glowing red eyes in the distance seem to follow mine as it moved quickly through the trees and I knew the first thump on the truck was nothing natural. After getting home and seeing my friends car, it was so clear I was right. My friends have learned to trust me when I say something is wrong or doesn't feel right because I am never wrong which they both learned that night. We all have never been so scared and definitely have never gone back up to the top of partricks rd in 20 years. I have to go near the road to take my kids to school and every time I pass by the bottom of the road all I can think of is how scare I was that night and the look on my friends face once we got out of the car and saw the major damage. I will never forget those red eyes as long as I live! You will never believe until you experience it frist hand! Trust me you dont want to!

Greg Forbyn on January 07, 2019:

How did you take our name off of our album cover? Why?

ira hartman on December 17, 2018:

i was in napa county years ago,and i heard rustling sounds in the trees.the trees were near a big building.there could have been rebobs in those trees.

Jzun on October 04, 2018:

Has anybody ever heard of a tall owl man up there.

Drenegade on March 31, 2018:

I would go and smoke i never seen any thing happening my friend has a picture of a red object on a lice clear night it appered next to his window when he was with his girlfriend

Jim Norris on October 16, 2017:

Don't worry, all of the rebobs were safely evacuated from the Partrick Fire. I'm sure they will be returned soon once the area is safe.

Kris Danielski on June 26, 2017:

You have to go to the right side of the compound towards a cyclone fence. There was a hole in the fence when I was up there but the gate has a pressure pad that activates the cameras. You should go up there on a warm summer night where the sky is clear. Just hang out in the compound and all sorts of stuff will happen. Things that have happened to me years ago there still have a very fresh feeling as if it happened yesterday.

Larissa on June 17, 2017:

tried going up there and at the top of Patrick road it turned into a large fenced compound and the road said private property do not trespass and there were cameras. I did not see any old doomsday Facilities. Any advice? I drove to the very top.

Ralph McClennan on May 09, 2017:

The Napa High Rebobs! What a great mascot!

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