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The Original 7 Signs You're An Empath

Updated on April 15, 2016

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Just to update this article a bit: When I wrote this information about Empaths, it was pretty much the only internet site that had anything written on the topic at all. It's now become a commonly discussed subject, and I'm glad for that. Before I get into the nitty gritty, let me first say that the term Empath is not simply another name for a Clairsentient, though many Clairsentients are indeed Empaths. I’ll get into this more later. That said, if you feel that you’re a clairsentient and are looking for similar information, most of these signs will apply to you as well, but be aware those born into clairsentience (as opposed to those born as Empaths, who later harness it and become clairsentient) can often discern what others are feeling, but do not actually suffer – which is a good way of telling which you are. Once you've figured out that this is what you are, you can then learn how to deal with, and eventually prevent, this kind of thing from overwhelming you.

1. When in public, do you constantly feel overwhelmed with inexplicable emotions for which you can’t determine the reason?

Example. You drop by the mall one Saturday morning. You feel great. You get into the mall, walk past a crowd of people -- and start feeling a bit strangely. It can be anything; you can feel very down, very angry, very sad, very excitable. (The key word here is very.) And you won’t have any explanation for it, you'll just feel it. In other words, you’ve suddenly gone Bi-Polar without actually having the biological deficiency that causes it. And what’s worse, you can’t turn it off. You can carry on, trying to ignore it, but eventually it will be so overwhelming to the point you just want to go home and be alone. This is the reality of an Empath – one who hasn’t yet learned how to block other people’s emotions out. Being around other people is such a harrowing experience that most of them prefer to keep their own company, living the life of a hermit. And they usually find it very much worth it.

2. Do you experience other people's physical ailments?

This is most common with those you have an emotional connection with, but can occur with anyone. A very good example of this would be suddenly feeling very lethargic and fatigued for no reason, and having to remain in bed for a day or two. You’re not sick – not really. You’re not ill. Yet, you feel that you are. Profoundly. You later find out that your “illness” coincided with a lover or family member’s sudden fatigue (resulting from legitimate illness) even though they were in another country at the time and you had no idea until after the fact. Symptoms can also manifest in the form of chest pains, cramps, migraines, etc. You basically experience it all, without contracting the actual illness.

3. Do you feel overwhelmed when watching something horrible in real life or even on television?

This one sounds silly, but viewing the news or depressing commercials designed to induce sympathy and open wallets can debilitate an Empath for several hours. While most people get upset over homeless dogs and cats, an Empath will often feel like their hearts have been lanced. That’s a literal definition, by the way. It’s not something as shallow as sympathy or even ordinary empathy. It’s a feeling of guilt and moral empathy that cannot be easily assuaged. Crying is very common, and not just during that time of month when all the emotions are out of whack!

4. Do you ALWAYS know what someone really means?

In other words, can you always, always, always tell what it is someone meant to say to you? More importantly, can you tell why they didn’t? If an Empath is face to face with someone and has just been lied to -- they will know. And they will know why. They will know if the other person is trying to spare feelings; they will know if malice was involved. In other words, they will know the intent. You cannot lie in the face of an Empath and not be caught out. While they will not often be able to suss the specifics of what you’re hiding, they will know if you mean them well or not. No exceptions. This is more than good intuition and this isn’t a hunch; this is knowing.

5. Do you feel compelled to care for anyone in pain, no matter who they are and what they’ve done to you?

A true Empath cannot walk past someone suffering and not feel a need to stop and help that person. Homeless people can be particularly difficult, as they are everywhere and little can be done to help them unless the Empath has an occupation related to this. A true Empath feels compelled to go to anyone they feel pain from, be it angst or something physical. And a true Empath's compassion will usually be accepted on the spot: People in pain, regardless of how they might normally react to strangers, will receive an Empath with open arms. They know instinctively that their pain matters to them.

6. Do people open up to you – even if you don’t want them to?

Some Empaths are the new-agey peace-loving types who want to hold hands with everyone, but many just want to be alone because they have difficulty processing everything they absorb from other people. (This is usually because they have yet to realize their abilities and haven’t learned to deal with it yet.) For an Empath, however, putting on a grumpy face doesn't keep people they barely know from drawing near and seeking compassion and empathy from them. The ill, the suffering, the weak; they are all drawn to the unconditional understanding and compassion an Empath emits. And Empaths emit it whether they want to or not.That’s not to say Empaths can’t be mean and nasty people -- they surely can be. But those particular Empaths tend to be those with profound sensitivity who've broken down inside and have no other way of keeping other’s emotions at bay. Again, these are Empaths who don’t know of their abilities.

7. Can you heal?

Most Empaths have the ability to heal. Yes, that means physically. This isn’t about Reiki or any other alternative modality, though they may seem similar in concept. An Empath heals instinctively, usually by drawing the pain or ailment out and accepting it into their own bodies. For obvious reasons, this is not recommended for anyone who doesn’t know how to keep from becoming ill in the process. In today’s day and age, everyone seems to want to be psychic to some degree. That’s probably due our evolution of consciousness as human beings. Therefore, many people reading this will likely think themselves Empathic. I cannot stress the following enough: There is nothing fun about being an Empath. It’s often a very draining and miserable existence in which you feel like you have to be entirely alone in order to survive. It is not glamorous, it is not exciting and it is painful more often than not.

You're not crazy!

Being an Empath doesn't have to be so overwhelming, but this is not something most would aspire to so don't get upset if none of this rings true for you. Everyone's got "otherworldly talents" and you needn't be an Empath to excel in the realm of conscious endeavors. If you *are* an Empath, you will know this is you, you will not be saying “Hmm.. maybe… hmm…” If you feel (without hesitation!) these apply to you as I’ve just described, then also know there are ways of coping, and I’ll get into them in future articles. With a little self-awareness you can turn your curse into gift, especially when it comes to being able to ease the emotional and physical pain of others. For now, take consolation in the knowledge that you are not crazy!

To learn more about being an Empath, read some of my other articles (you can find the links above) or try some of the resources available from other Empaths who have written books on the subject. Also, when I first wrote this article, there weren't any online support groups available, but now there are several which you can find with a quick Googling. Keep your chin up, and don't let being an Empath become an emotional burden!


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  • crippknottick 5 years ago

    I woke up today physically exhausted but mentally focused. My boss whom is 70 years old and has had 2 strokes and skin cancer on his scalp is usually a miserable person. Today I feel different, and my boss is full of energy and hope which is strange considering he is usually miserable. I still feel different.

    I'm usually a nice person, though I have had my moments in life where I have been mean to others that don't deserve it.

    I don't know what to feel or make of this. I just googled "when I woke up today i felt like different different person, felt a purpose, ressolve", and found this and a couple of other sites that pointed out to empathy and clairsentience. I didn't know what to think of it and I still don't.

    Just like what I googled in the quotes above, I felt like I have a purpose, a resolve, I don't know. I feel physically exhausted but my mind has never been so focused before in my life.

  • Moonmaiden profile image

    Fayme Zelena Harper 5 years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA

    Isabella, I'm sorry you have to put up with vulgarity on a topic like this. It always amazes me that writing about metaphysical topics makes some people irate.

  • Isabella Snow profile image

    Isabella Snow 5 years ago

    ZOHARSTRIUS - Comments that don't meet HubPages ToS won't be approved, so re-post it without the vulgarity if you really want to comment.

  • carolinemd21 profile image

    Caroline Marie 5 years ago from Close to Heaven

    This is a great article Isabella. I have always been really sensitive. I don't know if I am really an empath to the extreme sense of the word. I always thought I was just emotional. This article teaches a lot. You are helping a lot of people.

  • sprtybigred13 5 years ago

    I'm 25 and all my life I have felt weird. I have bouts of insomnia and it can go on for days and I have always been trying to figure it out. One time I had a severe stomachache, didn't eat anything bad or wasn't sick. I felt like this for the whole day and I get a message from my sister whom I never met that my brother, whom I have never met either, was in the hospital for appendicitis. After I found that out my stomachache went away. at that time I was in Vermont and he was in florida. Days before my mother died I was very lethargic, tired, and pretty much felt dead to the world, like I was going through the motions of life but was not living it until I found out that my mother was in the ICU on her deathbed, and all of a sudden I felt like I was woken up by the news. Again at that time I was in Vermont and she was in South Carolina. recently there is this gentleman whom I work with and every time I am around him I get violently ill I feel hatred towards him I scowl at him and he has done nothing to me not even with words. He doesn't seem himself and it feels as though he is fighting a demon that is attacking him on the inside and I can feel it. I just want to know am I crazy or is what I feel on a constant basis something that could be honestly natural and is there a way that I can figure out how to handle these things?

  • From one to another 5 years ago

    Three years ago was the first time someone said to me "You are highly empathic." Since then, through experimentation with "feelings" that came over me suddenly (in parking lots or public spaces), I have learned that in fact, after 46 years, I do feel other people's "stuff." I've learned that I experience headaches that are not mine, a burning chest sensation that is not mine, stomach discomfort that is not mine and probably more. It is so weird, I cannot expect anyone else to believe it. I have developed a saying that works to "test" whether what I'm feeling is mine or not. I say, "Let the feelings I'm feeling now be 100% mine and 0% anyone elses." Within 20 seconds, if the pain is gone, I know it was not mine. Just think of how many Tylenol and Antacids I've taken over the years for pain that was not mine! In the last 3 years, I've felt about 24 headaches. Only 2 have been mine! Another test is that I ask a person near me, "Excuse me, do you have a headache?" and the answer is always "Yes." Same with indigestion. When I know I haven't eaten anything to cause indigestion but have it, I ask the nearest person (typically there is only one or two people around when it happens) and they always answer, "Yes." And one time when picking up my brother's jacket, I felt a pain in my lower back on the right side. When I returned his jacket, I asked him if he has pain there. He said he's had it for years!! So it's not just when around people. Evidently, I feel their pain just from the energy they leave behind on an object. That's when I knew this is REAL. My question is: Can I learn to be Empathic on purpose? The reason I ask is because so far, the "discovery" has been accidental and random. When I'm around a skeptic who has a problem, it would be nice to be able to say, "Do you have a _____ right now?" In other words, I've gotten good at turning it off when it is on, but how can I control (my awareness of and sensitivity to) when it's on?

  • April 5 years ago

    I don't know if you can help me but I see things and hear things. I once told a friend who her spritulal giued is and it was her great aunt who died. I don't understand what is happening please help. thx I am not looking for money just tryting to understand.

  • Mr. get'er done! 5 years ago

    Sounds like its more of a mood disorder or anxiety disorcer then a supper natuarl gift. but i can honsetly say i can relate to a lot of that stuff on that page. I am very influenced by peoples diccisions or actions. But its just anxiety messing with your head. think to yourself "what would I do in this sittuation" do it and don't let anyone tell you different. I know your all "empathetic" but theres a point in your life when you got to balls up and take responsibilitie for your own actions. :) hope the smiley face helped with your empathy.

  • Moe Antaki 5 years ago

    I have pain in the back of my head and my vision sometime blurs and i hear a ringing in my right ear,why does this happen to me?

  • lost everything 5 years ago

    im 36 and have always known that this was apart of me. It ebbs and flows but recently i have gone through events that someone with this particular set of abilities should never go through. i found out/confirmed that my gf of 14 years was having an affair the entire son is not mine, pictures altered, she was bisexual, the endless things i knew that she denied. She was gifted in a different way. My question is, why has it left me with no sense of identity....beyond the obvious.

  • Tree-hugger 5 years ago

    To RockwoodON: you would not understand if you yourself are not an empath, it is impossible. You don't get what it truly means. There is a difference between being empathetic and an empath. True, people naturally do have instincts to read each other but to be a true empath is much more than that. And it's not a "power", it's a gift from God given for a purpose to help others. I've had someone telling me all my life that is just mumbo-jumbo and I don't listen to him and your no different. You don't know that "nobody has ever demonstrated any metaphysical or parapsychological ability" because this gift is not for flaunting. And I KNOW I am an empath, but I can't control it so how would I "prove it" on the spot? And how would empaths feel things from people who are not even around? Or feel the emotions of thing that haven't been proven to even HAVE emotions? There is a reason that people all over the world know this gift exists because we'er not crazy either.


  • eightup 5 years ago

    i don't know how to explain it but I take on peoples and places emotions. I feel myself being pulled apart by their grief. I am a thirty eight year old male and I feel like I get drawn into peoples thoughts and feelings. They consume me and I know things and feel things as if I lived them for myself. When left alone everything gets better and I can focus and accomplish things. But when I am around other people I feel there pain and know there beliefs and even the things they would never share with another person. I feel when men or women attracted to me and know there every desire. You might think thats cool, but trust me when I say its not cool. Some thoughts are best left unknown. Its not just that part of it. I find myself taking on there persona without knowing it and its terrifying and draining. Constantly feeling ill and space myself from them until the feeling passes. I even wonder if the things I ca do and things I know are really my own. Does anyone know how or can point me in the right direction on how to control this. I work construction and had to work on a house that was built back around 1901. I had this uncontrollable sexual desires. Don't laugh and don't ask me stupid sexual question please. I was unable too focus or work on task for any amount of time. Come to find out until the mid to late 1930s it was the oldest and most promanient Brothel in the town. Please if anyone can help me learn to control this I would be greatfull. I love helping people and find myself helping total strangers, but cant function in my own existence.

  • RockwoodON 5 years ago

    Our brains have "mirror nerones" that fire in response to our watching other people's actions. It is part of our capacity to learn motor skills, and it is speculated that mirror neurones also play a part in empathy. There are clear arguments why the development of empathetic behaviour is good for the survival of our socialised ancstors, and so reasonable to assume evolutionary pressure for empathy.

    But to assume there is anything metaphysical going on is complete nonsense. No one, including the author, has ever been able to demonstrate any metaphysical or parapsychological ability whatsoever.

    So please don't fool yourself into thinking you have a power. The web is full of this sort of hokum. We all have an ability to read someone else's mood - it has been useful for eons - and some are better than others. But it is just neurobology doing its stuff.

    And no one - ever - has demonstrated any metaphysical healing ability. If someone says they can, ask them proove it! They would be world-famous and a marvel if they could. Otherwise you are being a mug.

    Don't give in to the mumbo-jumbo.

  • RockwoodON 5 years ago

    I have an empath friend and one day she looked terrible. I said to her "not feeling yourself today"?

  • stacy 5 years ago

    oops, this page is backwards from the last time. disregard my last one. what was 1st is now last

  • stacy 5 years ago

    wow,u guys i haven't visited this site in awhile. Judgement on each other is a stone in our own path, please keep our hearts open do not grow cold beautiful people. I was goin to post a prayer to help heal, but its not time yet. Not allowed to miss lead anyone, but to show how we are all one. We can choose angel or demon, and if we harden our hearts pointing fingers, well you are becoming a pooper. In time all things will be clear and restored if you don't believe then swim in your choosen suffering by yourselves. Free will its wild hah... build up, not knock down each other.

  • Tree-hugger 5 years ago

    I am 14 and I have been an empath for as long as I can remember, but only figured it out about 6 months ago. It feels so good to finally have an explanation for so many things about me!!! Is a relief to at least know I'm not just an emotional freak, but is all still really overwheming for me. I was so happy that I cried after reading this because this is the first thing that really explained what is going on for me. There are other people like me! I knew I was different when I realized other kids don't care about the tree's feelings or feel other people's emotions- or animals. But now stuff like that makes sense. I think it can be a gift and a curse. For example It can be a gift for me when an enemy into a friend, because a girl and I were constantly clashing-always getting into argument because she would pick on my friends, and NOBODY picks on my friends. But one day in the hallway I could feel stress and grief from her and was compelled to comfort her even though I really didn't like her. I asked her what was wrong and she told me everything as if we were best friends. I told her that I knew what she was going through( because I could feel her emotions) and she suddenly felt better and we have been friends ever sense. It's a curse too because it is very stressful and I often feel misunderstood. Like how I can't tell my dad because he doesn't believe in that kind of stuff and any time I try to drop hints he tries to come up with a "logical" explanation. As for my mom she believes that there are people out there but she would never believe that I'm one of them.

    One thing I don't know if it has anything to do with being an empath is I constantly feel the overwhelming urge to press my eye to things: people I love(their hands usually, close family or my best friend), my dogs, trees, objects with sentimental value, or objects that used to belong to passed loved ones. And when I do I keep my eye pressed to them/it until I am satisfied- and I don't understand it!!! Please give me advice about why this might be or what it means!

    P.S. Sorry if I misspelled stuff: )


  • My Minds Eye53 profile image

    My Minds Eye53 5 years ago from Tennessee

    I once knew a co-worker was ill. I came to work, saw her and immediately went up to her and asked what was wrong. She smile and said "Nothing" Within 15 minutes later she had a heart attack. She didn't die, thank God. I don't know how I knew something was wrong, I just knew.

    voted up, good hub

  • Lee 5 years ago

    OMG.. Thank you soooo much.. I have told my friends many I have met through this gift when they were in pain.. That I felt that I was cursed.. Many of them have mistaken their attraction to think that it was supposed to be a relationship/sexual.. but I sometimes knew different.. "You are supposed to be in my life for a reason ... I don't know what that is yet, but believe me there is a reason..".. I feel that I have a two pronged sword.. My mom was an empath.. and we were warned or shown at a very young age of her capabilities.. she suffered.. clairvoyant and an empath.. it was good and bad.. She stayed home with us... and tried to protect us from everything... I am also clairvoyant, an empath, and I am able to spiritually connect to almost everyone.. I have a reputation as a person who abandons in the social circles.. My ex's calling to warn others that I will abandon them.. The connection is sooo strong.. that this is truly how they feel.. One of my mutual acquaintences.. said she saw a conversation about my abandoning people on facebook.. Really?... I just get so drained.. that I have to let go .. Or I continue to feel their thoughts, pains, wants and needs.. sometimes at my dismay and emotional distress.. I am soooo excited.. I'm not alone... I just thought I was cursed. I have a arranged for myself to work from home.. I stay at home.. and am very comfortable her.. People are always walking up to me.. Some people ask me if I am God, The Messiah, or they simply say "Who are You".. and why are you here?.. I am thankful now.. I know .. Thank You I would like to know more.. Please call me if you would like to talk .. anyone interested in talking.. 3234816554...Text me first.. So that I can answer.. "Empath" will do the trick. Thank You.. Thank You

  • Butterfly85 profile image

    Butterfly85 5 years ago

    I would say I am a newly discovered Empath. I have had conversations with close friends before; where I have specifically stated "I can feel the emotions of others around me" A friend told me to look up empath she said I would get a lot of answers. she was right. I know in my heart after reading this article and a few others that came up on google. a lot of things make sense now. I have. gone out into public feeling pretty great and excited to be out and about and then for no reason after just a little while all I want is; to be at home and have a nap and be alone. I have always blamed that on low self esteem. not very comfortable around groups of people and the idea of subjecting my self to the public does get me anxious and flustered. There have been times where I think I have been OK around people I don't know if I have subconsciously blocked every one else out and have focused on my own feelings. or if I was just having too much fun. I do find that when I get home no matter where I have been it's a great release just to walk in my door lock it and curl up on my couch with a blanket and just rest. because I always come home just drained. I did a student placement at a woman's shelter for a social service worker course and I suffered burnout before I was done my placement. it was terrible I was having nightmares all the time I wasn't eating or sleeping properly and my interest in the work start to dissipate. That feeling of burn out is the feeling I come home with almost every single day. There is an upside to this tho when I find myself around a happy energetic bunch of people I latch on to those feelings. and its great. I Would very much like to find a way for this to be controlled instead of living a life that seems to be an emotional roller coaster that I cant get off of.

  • itsme 5 years ago

    Very happy to find this. I'm still not sure If I am truly this. I have always been a very emotional/sensitive person. I feel other peoples emotions very intensely when I'm speaking to someone in pain , in those cases I know it is their emotions ,not my own. Other times I cry ,feel so many emotions , normally they ball up into anxiety because I don't know where they are coming from. This would explain that. I have a very hard time watching the news or other shows where people are in extreme emotional pain. I have had several insistence's where I have felt physical pain , which couldn't be explained by a medical condition. One day I had very bad pain in my stomach.. I woke up and learned that my tenant , who was pregnant at the time was rushed to the hospital and had to have her appendix out. Another time my arm was tingly and painful. The next day my mom called , I told her about it and she told me my dad had that feeling , he thought he was having a heart attack and took an aspirin. My husband has problems in his neck and back and I feel the pain of it , since before I even knew he was in pain , before he told me I told him where his pain was. Those are few of the ones I have identified as possibly not my own pain. seems like it happens to often to be coincidental. I have always had a suspicion of this ,but I thought maybe I'm crazy. It's nice to see others have had some of the same experiences.

  • Anton 5 years ago

    I had no idea there are so many of us. I am 48y old and always felt alone, I don't see it as a gift for me it is a curse and I am living like a merit for over 15 years now. I can not even read the news it just makes me desperate. I am not suicidal at all and never was but I did lost fate in humanity. Btw I found out I was “different” at the age of 23.

  • steph 5 years ago

    I've been this way since I can remember, and I'm almost 36 years old.

    It's puzzled me - why I have been able to see the underlying meaning behind people's comments. The ones no one else sees. I've mentioned things to people and they say things like, "What are you talking about?" And then later, once the truth DOES come out from the first person... I am often approached by the skeptics saying "Wow.. how did you...?"

    Not only that but I feel pain for people. Not like I've been stabbed, but a deep, intense feeling of sadness.. almost overwhelming at times.

    And to top it off, people tell me their life stories.. all the time. My boss laughed when I told her that, until we were both sitting in the airport at a layover and a random lady just sat down next to me and started talking and telling me everything going on in her life. It went so far that she (within 3 minutes of meeting me) got up to use the restroom and asked me to watch her bag. This was in April of 2011. I told her "heyyyy... you should be careful who you ask to watch your things in airport.. there are bad people out there." She said "I trust your face" and left. My boss looked at me puzzled.. "I.. I see now what you mean." People I work with come and sit in my office for 10, 15, 20 minutes telling me of their grief in life - divorces, infidelity, children, etc.. it's sometimes too hard to deal with. I want to help everyone, but I've found at this age I have to "deflect" it.. as I cannot carry everyone's burden. I'm so glad to know there's a name for it and I'm not alone. Now.. what to do with it.. :) *sigh*

  • freakalweek profile image

    freakalweek 5 years ago from Rochester, Indiana

    I want to thank you for this certain Hub by Isabella Snow, so far this has been the best to learn from. I always knew I cried easy and had Empathy, but it got to the point that I said maybe Im an Empath, even after watching shows like Charmed. Well finally I looked it up and was surprised by what I read, that being an Empath is a real gift. Well finally I talked with a Pastor in Uganda he is a very smart man and has over 2,000 followers and is there for everyone of them. Well I asked him does God give us gifts and explained to him what I was going through and this is what he said "I think thus a special gift you have and I guess you feel what one goes through that you may intervene in helping them or protecting others who may face such pain in the future." I said next to him that I feel deeply what people feel especially the pain and its like I know exactly what to say it just pours out of me that I feel there pain first and don't take care of my pain. He then said "Wait when you see people who don't care about other peoples pain thus when you will thank God for that gift but I should warn you that its psychologically torturing though you have to pray for Gods strength but its a feeling that only exists in good people" I then said to him that I needed to learn ways to control it so I can enjoy life but also help heal others. He said "Thus why I said it happens with good people I just pray that people don't take advantage of you, when they notice you have such a gift they pretend and attract your help" I said next I was afraid to tell people cause I don't want them to think Im crazy and because like he said it is torturing cause I cry when I feel others pain and have a hard time explaining it to people why Im crying. He said "sorry dear lets pray over it that the mighty God may empower you" I told him of a few deaths recently of young teenagers with their whole life ahead of them that I said why God Im 44 and sick take me not them they have their whole lives ahead of them take me he said to me "Oh My God, when you say why not me you are like saying u would take his or her place and die, that is just like CHRIST then he said your special, he felt our pain and died for us, then please keep it up. He had to go after that but Monday we are going to talk again. So those of us that are Empaths yes it is a gift from God its not an easy gift, but he chose us because we are special, but we are taken advantage of, I was this weekend a so called friend stole my purse all my money for the whole month and all my medicine. If you would like his name please let me know he is worth listening and you wont regret it sorry so long this may end up in two posts since its so long so Blessed be fellow Empaths looking forward to knowing you all Tracey Stevens

  • none10 5 years ago

    I don't know if I'am an empath, I do know that there are like voices or things that occur that is - well, odd.

    Year prior, I would drive by a particular apartment and a voice would tell me that I'am going to live there. It appeared peaceful, quaint and not a gated apartmtent.

    Today, I'am living in that apartment.

    Then there is the profound effect on those that have died. I do not watch tv but the news appears when I log out after checking email. When Amy Winehouse pasted away, a person to which I did not know, reading about the troubles and struggles of abuse, it hit me so hard. Particularly when I googled and saw a picture of her before she succumbed to drugs, her eyes, like an angel, I just broke out and cried, a beautiful child. The comments about her was so ugly and to see her, it still effects me. I find that I must close myself off the news. to things, such an effect.

  • Danny 5 years ago

    4 YEARS!!! this is the first time i have found a description which answers what's happening! Somebody come back to me please, i cant shy away from the world because of my job and the number of family and friends and they are all slowly killing me! i give and give and and they take and take, i cant watch tv because it hurts! anything horrific sticks in my brain! and the homeless look happier than me! i dotn know hwat is happening to me, but i turn to talk to someone for me and there is no-one there, but all expect me to be there for them. Why do people think i dont need help, jeez i have paid every Child support and travelled 200 miles every other week for my son, and he ignores me! his mum treats me like some sort of criminal and i return it with smiles and bottled up politeness! ive called my son everyday for 10 years and he fobs me off if hes watching friends or simpsons! do i matter........ i don't think i do, which is funny because im so well known up and down the country!!

  • Angel 5 years ago

    This is exactly what I am! (except for #7) I've been looking for something like this for a very long time.thank you very much! ^_^

  • mjplaster 5 years ago

    I am an empath, thank you for this page. But, my comment is for Sapphira2409, it is wonderful that you have found what you are looking for in the religion of your choice. I was raised in a christian faith as well. BUT, you mentioned the 1st commandment "Thou shalt not have any other Gods before me", God isn't saying anything about other "gods" being evil it just says that "He" should come first. I don't claim to know anything about your funeral rituals, but I can't imagine why it would be held in a place where you are being watched by "demons". Isn't it more likely that the carved faces are the protectors of souls, Angels, or Arch Angels? Since you are an Empath, maybe you aren't feeling evil, maybe what you are feeling is the emotional state of your passed away loved one not to mention all the emotions of everyone else in that room. As I said, I am no expert but it is what I believe to be true. I hope this can help, and I do not mean to offend anyone.

  • anon 5 years ago

    I don't think I'm this, I can literally feel how people are feeling, and I do fit the not being able to lie to them part, iv noticed I ALWAYS know when someone is lying to me, and I'm blunt so I point it out. But I can't seem to find anything on it, and this does not fit, at least I don't think so unless iv gotten very good at blocking it out on my own. But I have a hunch this isn't me and it's kinda agrivating because I want to know if anyone else is like me so I know I'm not crazy.

  • empath vampire 5 years ago

    The worse part I find with being an empath, is people get dependant on the feeling on being around me, and when I have to much negative energy in me, I need to unload it. I'v been able to do it, and transmit it into others (took practice) but half the time, I find I'm escentially a vampire having to take in others positive energy. otherwise i'm miserable. hugs are good for that. getting intimate basically is making the ultimate bond

  • sandiegomandi 5 years ago

    All of these are ME! I had a Tarot reading this past weekend, and one thing that stood out is that I need to distinguish my own emotions from those of others..

  • ScaredButSecure 5 years ago

    i didn't start feeling these abilities until after the birth of my two boys the first not so strong, but i knew something was there. with the second i felt it more and more, he was a miracle child born after my body had been rejecting him for 4 months he was born over two months early. i don't know if i can accept it yet, i feel almost like an outsider when i let my abilities through. i feel almost like i will be thought of as crazy. i can feel the before and after emotions of a conversation or meeting with some one or just a get together before it happens. i know the feelings that will occure and i almost hate it specially when i know it will be bad and i cant do anything about it. i can feel when someone does not take me seriously and it makes me mad that i know what they think and the feelings they wont show me, but they don't know and i cant say much or do much over it. the people i draw in close to me i can tell what the outcome of their decisions will be good or bad and what they will be feeliong when it does occure even tho i cant tell when it will occure i just know its coming and i cant stop it or say anything about it i know i have to let things happen on their own. i do give warnings and i do let someone know if things turn out bad to prepare them for what's coming if i get that feeling of its ok to let them know, maybe god letting me know i can tell them and if i don't get that ok feeling after getting that knowing ability i wont say anything. im mostly scared and worried about letting these abilities free with myself, im scared to attract any other abilities since i am now just understanding im not crazy and there is a name to what i can do. can you be an empath and clairsentient, im not even sure if i want these abilities but i cant let them go im not sure what i want to do yet. i know its almost a struggle to live it with it knowing things others don't knowing what's real on tv with peoples emotions, its with everything its uncontrollable i almost hate it.

  • kim 5 years ago


    thank you for your aticle! i am defo an empath and as iv discovered with more human intereaction comes more pain. I feel the pain and happiness of every look, glance or action aimed or not aimed at all people. so im constantly in a place of judgment, pain and disgust at how mankind is soo self centerd and unaware of there actions at all times. It does completely break me every time. I wish I could be cold like everyone else and turn of my feelings and empathy, because i cant seem to understand how others are not like me and how we treat and think of others. even if people have done me wrong or someone i love wrong, to find out they are in great pain still hurts me and i want to help them! what's wrong with me. its a hard lonely exsistance being this way and have only ever met one other near to me in this way in all my years on earth. and it hard for her too. I would love to meet others like me. or even know theer are others and that im not just an over sensative freak! that should toughen up

  • Ibarukab 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for this post.

  • acceptance is grand 5 years ago

    It is so nice to see that there are so many out there. I just had a psychic reading 3 days ago and was told I was a healer. I figured out a few years ago that I am an empath, but didn't realize how the two went together. I used to call my home "the house of misfits" because it seemed all the kids that were "misfits" would flock to our home and felt safe here. When I enter a room of children, like my kids classrooms, virtually every child will come and hug me. At first I was uncomfortable with it and thought they were needy; now I don't think its the case. I have always had complete strangers tell me their life stories and what they having problems with. My friends and I would joke about it. Obvious that if you have this gift people are drawn to you. I believe that an innocence factor with children says a lot. acceptance is a lot easier than trying to justify or worry about it. The older I get the easier it is and the happier I am. I used to get horrible migraines, they have stopped since I have accepted the fact that this is a gift and here to stay. stay positive fellow empaths!

  • sapphira2409 5 years ago

    I was doing an online bible study when I by chance came across all your comments. I don't really read much other than The Bible ( I am a christian and proud to be one)and think I am an Empath (wheew, what a relief)! I never for a moment felt I was mad, nuts, a pyscho but I always felt other people thought that of me and still think that today. Its the best ever feeling to know I am not alone because other people have experienced the same things as myself (thats positive thought number 1).I've been this way since I was about 4years old and always just thought I just liked to stay home and be in the company of my family. As a teen I went through depression, anxiety, etc and still have it today I'm 47 don't socialise much, maybe twice a year if they're lucky! I can't work or go to church or go to a mall for that matter because if I do I feel other peoples emotions and it ends up sapping my energy levels to the point where I can't even think straight, in other words the only thing I can do is lie down and rest up. I'm a maori from New Zealand and when someone close to us dies, we have what's called a tangi (funeral) that lasts for three days and we sit on the marae (meeting house) where all the relatives meet, celebrate the persons life who passed on and so forth and anyway there is a heck of a lot of emotion going on and I can feel everyones emotions and I just feel drained from it all but in saying that I stay there and I persevere with it until the end of the third day. After that I sleep for days to get my energy back again. Another thing is our ancestors say they believe in one God but in the meeting house there are carved wooden images of faces and my opinion is that they are different gods and as the first commandment and God clearly says "Thou shalt not have any other gods before me", the demonic evil forces are running rampant on these maraes and I can feel them too and it makes me ill all the time and as a result God has punnished and cursed our ancestors past and present by way of illness (diabetes, kidney and heart disease, stroke). Now, I will only go to a funeral on a marae if it is an immediate family member and make sure I have Gods Word tucked away in my bag somewhere. Today, even though I go through what I go through, I'm just so blessed to know that I have my saviour Jesus Christ walking with me and that is how I get through (he gets me through everything) so no, I don't feel so alone now because I cast all my cares to him.

    God is Love.

  • Alicia 5 years ago

    Is it possible to gain these abilities later in life, or must one have these abilities from birth? I've always been a little different from everyone else. Ever since i was little, i've seen things: shaddows that no one else can see, links between people, that sort of thing. I've never really thought much about it. I've always had strange and often frightening dreams, much like night terrors that have always been there and never went away. I wake up from them, and i can't move. Like my mind has woken up before my body has. Again, I've never really given to much thought to it. But lately, i've been having some really weird things happening to me. This year, i started at a different uni, made new friends. The other day i started crying for no reason, and just wouldn't stop for at least an hour. I found out recently that one of my friends broke up with his girlfriend at that time and was crying at exactly the same time as I was. for about an hour. I can tell when somethings wrong with people, even before they show any signs. I know what my friends are doing, even before they tell me, even when i'm nowhere near them. Lately, i can tell when someones lying to me. When people argue, the shadows i see become thicker and darker. I have dreams, and then elements of the dream happen in real life, things people say, clothes people wear, situations. The weirdest thing is, I actually start feeling peoples physical pains. I can't take them away (although i have been told that for some reason beging around me makes them feel better), but often i'll get a stomach ache in exactly the same spot as someone, or i'll get a head ache when around someone with a head ache.

    The weirdest thing by far is the feeling of connection. I feel connected to people, not just in a social sense, but in a physical sense as if a string were binding me to people. With some people, it's as if the string is pulled tight, about to snap off. I feel rejected by these people, like they're trying to get away from me. Some people it's like the string is tangled and loose, for others it's just right. It's hard to explain. These connections can be with pretty much anyone i meet, even peole i don't like. I know people, I know their true intentions, their secret desires, their deepest fears, just by talking to them. I've proved this over and over again by actually telling them, and they're amazed. Am I crazy? Does everyone feel like this? Or is this something else? Is this a ninteen year old's subconcious plea to be different, or is this something real?

  • Diane 5 years ago

    Hi, well it's nice to know were not alone. I live in a smaller town and I think that helps, I have been in places and just got mad for no reason, especially Walley world. I think it's the anger and resentment of the employees I pick up on. Late at night. I am completely disabled for the last 3 years but It has made me highly aproachable to people who need a shoulder. I have always loved helping people, I am always being placed somewhere for a reason, sometimes I don't understand at first but in hindsite I figure it out. I have even been known to read between the words of people and figure out how they are feeling. I have always been able to embrace this gift and have never seen the world as a place I didn't want to help. I have been put in situations as a young child that would have crushed most but I just saw them as challenges and another opportunity for a hug. So many hugs so many people who just want to be loved in a world that dosnt show love easily, Ya know what i mean? Im lucky this gift has always been with me and I have been able to embrace it. The Holy Spirit truly gifted me and I have used my ability to put Bibles in the hands of people reaching out in such pain, they are drawn to me and being disabled helps them not be afraid to talk to me.The Holy Spirit gives gifts we just have to choose how to use them. Deamons don't give gifts of love

  • melou love 5 years ago

    your too intelligent fretbuzz

    I agree with that

  • jettskymama 5 years ago

    This article has helped me immensely! I started researching Indigo Children after a woman I know suggested that my son, who was diagnosed with ADHD, might actually be an Indigo. I believe she is right and I also believe I am one as well. This led me to Empaths. Suddenly everything makes sense. I have always been so strongly affected by other people's moods. I can be happy and smiling one minute, then in a complete funk that I don't even understand. In fact, this just happened the other day at work. It probably doesn't help that I am a hairstylist and I am touching other people and absorbing their energy all day. At times its exhausting, other times its rewarding. I have been told its like I can read people's minds. People also open up to me sometimes without even meaning to do so. By the end of a haircut I have learned their whole life story, usually the first time we've met. I also strongly feel like I must solve their problems and occasionally I do. I have a hard time walking by anyone in need without my heart feeling wrenched out of my chest. I also have "sympathy pains", especially if someone that is close to me is in pain. The most troubling things to me are the fact that I have dreams that come true and they usually are my bad dreams. I also do not know how to control this or block other people's negative energy. There's so much more but I don't do too well with translating my thoughts into words. Thank you for the information. Now I finally understand myself.

  • Cat, Colorado Springs, CO 5 years ago

    My grandmother has had the gift of healing and seeing things other people can't since she was young. She has done a lot of good with it, she learned from and embraced her abilities. She has passed this gift on to her daughters, and granchildren, but only the girls. In some of us it is stronger than others, and what I find funny is that the ones who really want it, have not so strong abilities. There are 7 women in my family (not including my granma). Three of which are her daughters, and the rest granchildren. I am her second oldest granchild. And to be quite honest although I am able to see the good my granma has done and appreciate her abilities, I am the only one who does not wish to have it. But, it so happens that I am as strong if not stronger than my granma (which she tells me all the time). And I do not know how to deal with it. I've known for a long time that I am an empath. But I do not know how to control the enormous feelings i get from other peoples which are extremely draining. At this point in my life it is even more difficult to handle. I recently got married and am living with my in-laws until we can get our own home. They are very nice, but have some issues within their own relationship. Which I feel constantly and at times it is so strong that I missinterpret them, which is causing a lot of arguments with me and my husband. And no, I have not told my husband about this because I am afraid he will think i'm nuts.I hate going anywhere anymore because I hate constantly knowing what people are thinking and feeling. In particular I despise when people are being fake, and lying. And I can't tell them that I know how they really feel, because again, they will think I'm nuts. My granma says the sooner I accept my abilities, the easier it will be to manage them. But i'm afraid that it will do the opposite and be even stroger than they are now. It has gotten to the point that if I am too overwhelmed with others energies, and I happen to be around an electronic (commputer, video game, dishwaasher, etc.) I brake it without even touching it!!! I feel other peoples illnesses as well, in particular my granma's. She is ill with cancer, and whenever she feels sick I feel sick, but I don't usually find she's sick until after she gets better, for example I had major migraines that came unexpectadly for a whole week. They would just pop up and leave me floored, and as quick as they came they would go away. Later on that week, my granma was hospitalized and we found out that she had a tumor in her brain. I also have that strong conection with my husband, which sucks for him because he can't lie to me or hide anything from me. And when he does try to hide anything from me, I already know it, but I also know he is just waiting for the right time to tell me. Which means that I have to wait until he decides to tell me, even though I already know what he is going to say verbatim. It is so annoying. If you are one of the people who wih they had some kind of ability, then all I have to say to you is, be careful what you wish for.I'm glad I found this article. It makes feel like less of a nut. And although i'm afraid, I see no other choice but to learn about being an empath and how to deal with it. Otherwise I WILL go crazy.

  • Tina Louise 5 years ago

    I have always wondered why I had all these other emotions and feelings that did not make any since to me at the time. Out of the 7 signs I read I have all of those! I get so upset when someone stands right in front of me and lies to me! I know they are lying and most every time I know if they are tring to deceve me or they are sparing my feelings. I also feel animal emotions.

    Thank you for writing this because now I can do my research on this and learn how to stop or control the emotions I get!

    I love being able to first meet someone and know usually right away what they are up too and what there true intintions are. What I usually do to someone who is lying to me and they are not doing it to spare my feelings and are out to do harm or be decetful I tend to argue with them until I get so mad I have to walk away! Its like I feel it all through me that what they are saying is a lie and they are not good caring people!

    Thank you again you have help me so much!

    Tina Louise!

  • Rachel 5 years ago

    I have the opposite of what most say here. I have the overwhelming need to help people and to be around people. When I try to remove myself from it it makes me feel physically sick and my mind spin and feelings overwhelm me. I think that maybe my way of dealing with it that I learned is to help people to listen to them and help after I have done that it gives me a break from the empathy for them and their situation until another comes along. The thing that exhausts me is the people that are bad people the ones that are ok with how they are are actually feed on their misery and that of others. When I am around someone that that it is exhausting to me and overwhelming. I need to find a way to block that out which I have not found yet. The other is that when something is going on in my family or friends lives even though they are far away I get an uneasy feeling and can not sleep or focus on anything but that feeling. What makes it worse is sometimes some of them think that it is better to keep what is going on to themselves. When that happens I feel like I am searching for what is wrong and where that my intuition and my feelings are misguiding me when in reality they are not.

  • Amy 5 years ago

    I learned I was an empath at a Christian prayer seminar. During group prayer I felt prompted to repent of all involvement with mediums and psychics. After that the Holy Spirit started to help me decern when emotions are mine or someone elses. I also became aware of physical sensations that we not mine as well. If you think your an empath try going to a prayer training at a mega-church and see what happens. It has been very usesful as a prayer team member. The easiet emotion to decern is grief. I believe that's because our Father wants the greiving to be comforted. Great article. Thanks!!!

  • godschild1 5 years ago

    Hi Fretbuzz

    TRUE CHRISTIAN’s, are aware of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. However In case some have forgotten here is a reminder. Hope it helps you to no longer “Be conformed to the things of the world, but be transformed through the renewing of your mind”. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of GOD.

    What the bible says about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

    But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills.” (1 Corinthians 12:7-11)

    Not only does the Bible tell us that these 9 gifts are available to all believers, but then it takes it one step further and tells us that we can actually try and stir these 9 gifts up with the Lord. Here are 5 very good verses telling us to not only desire spiritual gifts, but to also not be afraid to try and stir these gifts up with the Lord:

    1. “Therefore, brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy.” (1 Corinthians 14:39)

    2. “… and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.” (1 Corinthians 14:1)

    3. “Do not quench the Spirit, do not despise prophecies.” (1 Thessalonians 5:19)

    4. “Do not neglect the gift that is in you … Meditate on these things, give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all.” (1 Timothy 4:14)

    5. “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.” (2 Timothy 1:6)

    These 9 gifts are a tremendous help and aid to not only you in your own personal walk with the Lord, but many of them can be also used to help other people out as special needs and circumstances arise in their lives. Notice the very first line in this verse says that these 9 gifts are given to each one for the “profit of all.”

    1. The Word of Knowledge

    How exactly does the Holy Spirit transmit an actual Word of Knowledge to us? The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will bear “witness” with our human spirits. It can come in the form of a thought or an impression on your mind, or possibly come in the form of a vision or a picture in your mind’s eye.

    2. The Word of Wisdom

    A word of wisdom will give you the ability to be able to properly apply the knowledge that you may already have on a particular situation

    3. The Gift of Prophecy

    The gift of prophecy is when you get a direct Word from the Lord to usually give to someone else. And when I say a direct word, I mean the message from the Lord that will be given to you will literally be word for word. When you get one of these, you need to try and either write or type all of it out if you are in a place to be able to do so.

    4. The Gift of Faith

    The Bible tells us that we all have a certain measure of faith that has already been given to us by the Lord. If God is asking you to go into a burning building to rescue a child, there will be a very good chance that the Holy Spirit will immediately manifest His faith and courage right up in you so you can take on this dangerous assignment.

    5. The Gifts of Healing

    Not only can the Holy Spirit directly heal you with your own personal prayers to the Lord, but He can also use you as an anointed vessel to manifest His healing power through to help heal someone else – if you will only have the courage to speak out what He wants you to say to that person, and then lay hands on that person for the healing power to be transmitted into their body to the affected body part that will need the healing.

    6. The Working of Miracles

    An intervention in the natural universe by God = A phenomena that transcends natural laws = A divine act by which God reveals Himself to people. If you study the Bible very carefully from start to finish, it is literally one miracle after another with both God the Father and Jesus Christ. The Bible says that God does not change, and if both Him and Jesus were constantly doing miracles in both the OT and NT, then God will do miracles in our day and age.

    7. The Discerning of “spirits”

    The first thing to notice about this gift is that the “s” in the word “spirits” is with a small “s.” This means that it is not referring to the Holy Spirit. The only other spirits that are out there that this gift is referring to are the following three kinds of spirits:

    1. Demonic spirits = One way that the Holy Spirit will help you discern and sense demons in someone is through either a sense of smell or a sense of feeling. Some people will get a real sick feeling in their stomach, like they want to vomit when they either see or get around someone who has a demon on the inside of them.

    2. God’s angels = The Bible tells us that God’s angels are also spirit beings. They are ministering spirits.

    3. Human spirits = in addition to angels and demonic spirits, the third kind of spirit this gift is referring to is just our own human spirits. For instance, someone could have a bad spirit of pride on them. It will not be a demonic spirit giving this person this kind of bad pride, it will just be his own natural spirit,

    8. The Gift of Tongues

    The gift of tongues is simply the Holy Spirit giving you the supernatural ability to speak in a foreign tongue that you have no knowledge or ability to speak out on your own. “Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.” (Romans 8:26)

    9. The Interpretation of Tongues = Like the interpretation of an Empath

    “If anyone speaks in a tongue, let there be two or at the most three, each in turn, and let one interpret. But if there is no interpreter, let him keep silent in church, and let him speak to himself and to God.” (1 Corinthians 14: 27-28)

    “Therefore let him who speaks in a tongue pray that he may interpret. For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my understanding is unfruitful.” (1 Corinthians 14:13-14)

  • amy berry 5 years ago

    I had a very bad life and i used to think that my emotions i was having that changed dramatically through the day was by a personality disorder. I looked personality disorders up, took online tests nd self-diagnosed myself. Recently i have found my mum nd dad who me nd my brother were split up from when i was 4 nd he was 7. We had not seen our true family for 11 years nd decided it was time to search. As he lived in our birth place, he had easier access to finding them, while i waited for the result. when we did find nd meet up with them every weekend, we found out a lot nd just yesterday i experienced my dad’s healing powers, only as we were talking about how i tried it out a few times and as I baby, my dad had a very bad shoulder and I used to lie on his left shoulder but for some reason, I crawled to the right one nd just laid there. My body heat soothed his shoulder nd helped it recover. He said he thought it was as if I knew. Also he told me how at their wedding I wouldn’t leave my dad’s side as they were doing their vows. He said it was as if I knew there was something going wrong or a negative feeling from someone in the room. I was two at the time nd he didn’t think I had empathy or healing powers like him. Anyway, his hands hovered over mine nd almost suddenly I had the heat from them. Then he switched to empathy healing nd the heat swapped from a hot wave to a cold breeze. I done the same to him but he only felt the coldness. Then he explained in full detail how he heals. I knew i didn’t have healing powers but i felt almost certain i was an empath through many times of concentrating when my two dogs or cat are injured. Every time i do it, their heads turn to look at me. There was one time when my dog caught an injured bird. I picked it up nd slid under a gap between a fence. As i was holding it, even though i knew i couldn’t help it, the bird was looking at me all the time until i left it hidden in the bushes away from further harm. At school, i am also the only person my friends can talk to. They feel as though they’re going mad with all their problems or they need to go home through feeling too ill nd every time they have a problem they always come to me for help. i thought it was weird how i could help other people whether I’m giving advice or just standing/sitting there nd letting them pour their emotions out onto me nd i could actually feel all that hurt, anger and sometimes even excitement. Then when i went back to my carers, I would sit in my room alone, away from the other foster kids, away from the carers, away from the dogs nd sit in my room reflecting on the events of the day. So, this morning as my parents weren’t awake, i decided to go on my laptop nd research more into empathy. My dad gave me a rough explanation from a book he has but i felt like i wanted more. Reading through this website i now know that there is nothing to be afraid of anymore, that i am not mad nd i have no personality disorder whatsoever. As i was reading through i was nodding nd smiling with the knowing in my gut that i have inherited yet another amazing thing from my dad. My dad has a lot of things that are different to everyone else nd i also know that i do belong with a family nd not someone's foster child. Thank you so much for this information nd i will come back from school, town, even the park feeling much better than i used to after experiencing everyone’s emotions. My empathy healing has only been used on my pet’s nd unconsciously the bird so i will wait until someone is physically hurt so i get that last 1% doubt of if i am or not an empath. Thank you so much for helping me :)

  • Justina 5 years ago

    I just wanted to say thanks-something I already knew-but just needed the reminder-being a loner sometimes gets very lonely-atleast there is understanding for myself as well as other Empaths even when most of modern society just thinks "we are out there". Thank you again, peace and love in your journeys

  • Melinda 5 years ago

    Great articles!. I absolutely love this one it helped me a lot.

    Little background. I am a Christian but not one of those in your face kind. I let people be who the want and if asked I will explain what I believe. I am certainly not the devil or the antichrist. Just a person with an extra sense of what I thought was just good intuition; I assume it is God given since it has always brought me and others around me good. I can’t say for sure when I noticed it but I have know since maybe 3 or 4 I was able to sense things others couldn’t.(now I’m 35)

    This article is like looking into my self a bit. I would assume I’m not an empath, not because I don’t feel everything mentioned in this article, but instead because when I leave a place full of people like a mall or church I am not drained but quite the opposite. I am energized with positive engergy and want to stay longer. It is very often hard for me to get to bed because of it..

    I can’t watch sad things however that does bring me down so I try not to listen to the news or watch movies with sad endings if I can help it ~ that always gets me in a bad state of being.

    People can’t lie to me with out me knowing. Sometimes I just let the lie go because it is not worth explaining how I know. Without trying I can fill in people’s sentences or know the next line of a movie with out seeing it previously. I can feel the pain of others if I let myself. I don’t try to do that though. I can’t control it really, it happens when it chooses. Meaning I can’t read a persons mind on request but I can get the feelings of others.

    Oh yes, I am constantly bombarded with people telling me their problems. It is not just friends and family but coworkers, acquaintances and completely random strangers off the street as well. ~So much so that my friends make fun of me for it because if some weirdo off the street is going to talk to one of us it is 99% of the time me. I don’t mind it though actually I enjoy listening and when I can trying to help them.

    It was overwhelming in school but now that I am an adult I guess I learned to block things out better. (Day late and a dollar short but hey I survived it) Now instead of feeling sorry for the person’s problem and focusing on it; I try to help them find a solution that helps keep my sprits up. Obviously that is not plausible in all situations. So now when needed I tune others out or focus on their positive engery.

    I haven’t tried healing others physically so I don’t know if I can. I am afraid to ask due to the stigma behind it all.

    I have tried the detox bath to cleanse my body and mind. That helps when I do get overwhelmed.

    I would love to learn to for lack of better words harness the power I have. If someone could give me some more websites or books or something I would greatly appreciate it.

    The sad part for me is I can’t ask my family for advice because most of them would think I was the devil for believing such things…


  • ladyart 5 years ago

    What? why didn't my post get posted? i was a nice post.

  • ladyart 5 years ago

    you are right, des. it does feel that way. i spend 4 hours around people and i find myself, home and not wanting to even answer my door for days. but tell me, what good is a gift if you can't use it for it's purpose? it's draining, yes, but it's also rewarding.

  • chadguy 5 years ago

    this is amazing...this is exactly how i feel...i feel like i am more emotionally evolved than others, like people don't understand my feelings or anyone elses. I am always constantly helping people that look like hey need help. its like an addiction, i start feeling really guilty if i try to ignore it....also i can sense peoples emotions around me. but the habbit is not to think about there feelings to much, or u start doubting what you already know.

  • Kimberly 5 years ago

    Hi there,

    I just want to say thank you for sharing this..

    I am 21 and i am an empath, i am one of the ones who you could say are overwhemlmed i have recently spent 7 months as homeless and had a pretty ruff time the past couple of years, and between my own feelings and dealing with them n then trying to deal with others i kind of lost myself for a period of time and then turned to cannabis as it seemed to block it out, n then i came off it and it made everything worse.

    I do not have a clue how to control it or block it out so i tend not to go anywhere much anymore, i used to get migraines all the time as well but i have moved away from everything and every one i know and since i have had maybe 1 or 2.

    I just want to have a normal life and be happy, is there any advice that you can give that might help?


  • Jeanna 5 years ago

    Thankyou so much for this article. I've always been highly sensitive, but recently my ability went nuts on me DX Its overwhelming, how strong it can get. Now I know why I always preferred staying at home lol. But yes, very well written.

  • des 5 years ago

    aaaahhh. so frustrating. so many people here have no clue what an empath is and their comments are plain ridiculous. Empaths don't feel very social!! I f^%$$#$ hate social life because it feels like you're a doctor on call 24/7 being around people.

  • ladyart 5 years ago

    i am not saying to build any emotional blocks. please don't even learn to do that. it's damaging to your character. you are a compassionate person, hold on to that. that is a quality, not a debilitating trait.

    feed them positive and encouraging words. perhaps do something that you know will pump their moral. like have a party and make 1 rule. nothing sad or bad is to talked about during the party. have some activities lined up that are fun and distracting to reality. a few suggestions, singing w/ helium, memory games like (when you all first met, silly things you remember about those days) who's got the weirdest stories that are funny. even a sports game or something that requires physical exercise. that builds a persons adrenalin and helps them to get out aggressions or stress. you get my point.

    as for whatever the problems are they are dealing with; allow them to vent and communicate to them what you are feeling about that. let them know that you have an insight that makes you sensitive to their emotions and because you are their friend you can feel their pain. being on the outside-looking in also gives you better perspective. you don't have to say you have empathic abilities. that would freak them out. just that you are sensitive to others feelings. then give them suggestions to how to handle those things or just give them comfort showing you care. sometimes being there helps a lot. giving a hug can be important too. when you hug someone, fill yourself with ALL the good you can and believe you are transferring that into them. they don't have to know, that's between you and God.

    it took me years to get it down how to be there, but to be there and have it not affect me. every situation is different. so not knowing your friends in particular is hard to say. maybe you could give me some examples (without mentioning names, of coarse). here are some from me:

    i have a friend (age 67)who has a heart as big as the world. she is there for everyone but her. animals included. lol when i am around her, my senses are stronger, but my bond with her is over 20 yrs old. i can feel her even when she isn't here. she is worried about how she is going to make it financially and its consuming her. she shouldn't be having this problem, but she gives her money towards her grand-kids for sports activities. yes, that's honorable, but she is sinking and they don't know that. i pray for her, talk to her about what she is doing, even nag her a little about taking care of home first. but she is stubborn, (as am i). so i look around for ways she can win both worlds. ways she can possibly refinance, payoff all debts and lower her payments which will help her and her gkids. her husband died a few years back, so i go with her to care for his grave site, i ask her questions about him that i know are going to get me a positive feeling from her. i show up at her house unexpected, (knowing she isn't busy that day, and ask her to go with me to fun places) i compliment her life on anything i see positive. i attend all her grandkids games with her. but i don't bug her to death. lol that's what that was sounding like, so wanted to clear that up. ;)get the idea?

    i have another friend (age 27) who found out she has a multitude of serious health issues, got fired, and found out she was pregnant all on the same day. her in-laws think she is faking it, but her family and husband are supportive. i took her to the emergency room the other day. we were there 5 hours. she is going to be ok in the long run, but it's kicking her behind right now. that one was tough on me, but i hung in there. i could feel everything she was feeling and man oh man she wasn't doing well. i kept her mind on positive things, but still allowed her to vent the negative. i reminded her that God may be pointing her in a specific direction and i would help her all i can to get there. (Remember; when a window closes, He will open a door.) so for every negative, i acknowledge it and returned a positive, a word of support, an option of hope. and a reminder, that she wasn't alone. after i got her home that night, i told her that she needed to get to bed and so did i because i felt her pains and it wasn't a nice feeling. we laughed and she felt better that someone totally got her. i went home a slept for 18 hours. keep in mind, she is married, so i will talk to her over the phone, but i will not get in the middle of her marriage over it. i will encourage her to talk to her hubby and doctors and will let her vent or help her find the right avenues to get straighten out. yes, being a em path can drain you sooooooo much. but i see it as a gift.

    then again, there are those situations where the first thing i ask myself before getting involved is: what would the Lord want of me here? sometimes it's just to be there and comfort as much as i can, then step away. i leave those situations with one encouraging statement. 'if you need anything, call me or come by, i will do my best to help out'. i never say 'to help you' because that makes them feel like they can't take care of their own things. then a week or so later, i will check on them. that shows them i cared enough to keep them in my thoughts. that, in and of itself, can mean more than you know.

    but if someone is whollering in there own self pitty, i will not participate. i will give them something encouraging to think about and walk away from it. they need to stand up on their own and put forth the effort first.

    (pick you battles, win the war)

    i give what i can, when i can. but i always let God lead my path. Sometimes He is working in their lives and doesn't need you to interfere. sometimes He is working in your life and presenting you with a situation that requires you support. you have to learn how to listen to what He is asking and you will know what to do. I read some things in here where some don't believe in the Lord. I don't know if you do or not. but if it weren't for His guidance, i would be totally confused. I researched the Word and found most all I answers there. I love to share them, but i am not going to smack anyone over the head with His word. I will, however, always confess He is my guide in life.

    i get accused of being a psychologist a lot. But i am not. I am just another person, nothing special. I have been through things that i can't even say, but i use that and HIM to help others get it right. hopefully. lol

  • Christie. S 5 years ago

    Ladyart thank you very much for your kind words, what you wrote makes a lot of sense and im deeply grateful. Would building a emotional block work to block out the feelings of my friends? they mean a lot to me and i would hate to leave just to feel myself again and it would kill them in the process too, they have lost a bit over the years and its not fair to do that to them and i wish to be there to help them through this. Again i thank you, it was very kind of you to go in depth about how to handle this. :) Your friends sound lovely and that is amazing that you could do that and still do i believe, would it be possible that i could have a few tips on how you were able to step back and help but not be totally tied to the situation?

    Also do you happen to be a psyhcologist by any chance?

    Thanks again.

  • ALilly 5 years ago

    Wow. It's all starting to make sense. I knew something was different in an amazing and sometimes tragic way. My doctor gave me the analogy that some women (people) are carnations, pretty, strong and sturdy, and others are orchids, beautiful, exotic, and also fragile. It was such positive imagery and so true.

    I recognize now I was taking on the pain of the (highly functioning) addict/alcoholics in my life. It was not MY pain. I am well. That differentiation set me free. My tendency to be a vacuum for others pain needs to be harnessed. The analogy of allowing the bees to swarm 'around' and not 'through' you is powerful. Then it is a gift. Thanks to everyone who's shared and helped us learn. Life is good.

  • Richie 5 years ago

    alright i agree with you on the most part but there is one thing your wrong on... empaths don't always know when they are being lied to... if the empath is in love with the person who is lying to he/she then he/she wont be able to tell... love is an overriding emotion it clouds judgments and tells us what we want to hear, which isn't always the truth

  • ladyart 5 years ago

    christie S.

    I owe you an apology. i was writing you and addressed it to the wrong person. I am sorry for that. I hope you read what i wrote, if not, it was 15 hours ago and should have been you, not danasha.

  • 999merc 5 years ago

    don't forget about yourselves. we can do a lot to help and understand others but at the same time we need others to help us as well. i think a lot of empaths trouble doing this, if you cant help yourself or ask for help your emotions will build up and create serious problems in your life. i thank god im still alive and well

    its good to know there are a lot of empaths out there..the world needs them.

  • ladyart 5 years ago

    doofus, it sounds like you are crying out for attention. what has been going on for three years?

    in the end, Satin kills everything, Jesus saves those who believe in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

    you are right that nothing, no one, escapes it. But the Bible is a book that was interpreted by man and inspired by God. it is THE BOOK to be a guideline for how we should live our lives. HE also gave us all the right to decide for ourselves, which path we choose to take.

    I will pray you are ok. you can talk to me. i care.

  • ladyart 5 years ago

    danisha, have you tried to just be alone and meditate on YOUR feelings? you can't save everyone. you're not crazy, you're sensitive. negativity will drag you down. stay away from it. if you have friends and family who are depressed, feed them positive words and a supportive attitude, but let them handle their own monkeys. remember, you have to choose what monkeys you will allow on your back. pick your battles, win the war. if you are having emotions that you know are not yours around your mom. question her. ask her why she feels the way you are seeing her feel. perhaps your imagination is drawing the wrong picture. talking to her will help you and her. not to mention build a stronger bond between you both.

    as for studying; make sure you are not disturbed while you study. set your mind on what you are learning. sometimes it doesn't seem important enough at the time, but it is in the long run. as you learn to control your feelings about others and you, and you soak up everything you can in school. you will know more how to handle your sensitivity. that's great that you are catching onto these feelings while you are still young enough to get them down. you sound like an extremely intelligent young lady. the darkness you are feeling is not you, it's the friends that are negative. you need to stay away from that, refuse it. don't let that in. when i was younger, i would make it a game. at parties i could tell people what was about to happen, what someone was like in depth, how a football game would end, etc. etc. it freaked them out, but they did not treat me as if i were weird, they laughed with me and thought it was cool. then they began coming to me for counseling on their personal issues. i didn't mind, but i had to learn how to step away. you can do it, you will be fine. just catch your mojo. ;-)

  • danisha 5 years ago

    i mean can you tell me a french site, im having difficulty to understand the video. Thank you for the information

  • danisha 5 years ago

    how to control it, i can't study because of it.

  • Christie. S. 5 years ago

    Please to heaven and back help me out here! Im barely 16 and every time im surounded by people i feel so much that it becomes a point of numbness, its been like this my whole life, i can just look at my mum these days and feel exactly what shes feeling. Most of my close friends are facing depression adn its tearing me apart as well i need to be there for them and help but i don't know how to feeling like this and to add to it when it started to appear my feeling where growing dark too, please someone explain to what's happening am i an empath or just some freak of nature that understands way to much beyond my comphreison?

    Or am i just normal and as my friends dub me retarded.

  • ladyart 5 years ago

    yes, xena, i hear you. i don't really even tell my family about it, but i find quiet ways to relate things. i think that's what pulled me here. i just really wanted to get that out there. you can't tell people, they look at you like your nuts. lol

  • Xena C. 5 years ago

    I have been an empath since I was eight and your right it is quite hard. Though its not only a bad thing, unless around a lot of people. But i couldn't imagine this life without.

  • ladyart 5 years ago

    I am an em path as well as a Christian. I don't see how anyone who is can deal with personal relationships. Hats off who can!! I have learned how to live alone and I don't date. Dating is too stressful for me. The drama involved seems to be too much. I try to live every moment in what God would want me to do and He gives me peace with that.

    I am writing here because I can just tell what is going to happening over time frames, what people are truly feeling, and when someone close to me is in need. Going for a walk is draining and i don't even need to see anyone on my walk. each home throws emotions that effect my walk. So i try to focus on our Lord and pray to myself. I can't attend church, go to events or anywhere there are more than one or two people, without coming home and feeling like i have to sleep or rest. i am drained of ALL my energy. it's disheartening sometimes, but ya just learn to live with it. two yrs ago, i told my family that the earth has shifted and the weather was going to go bonkers over the next 3-5 years. they just smiled and changed the subject. now look at the weather. hmmmm. i told my children, who are married and on their own, that over the yrs 2010-2012 there would be a great deal of financial stress and to save food, med supplies, camping gear, etc. they will be glad they did. again, they shrugged me. Now? My son and his family moved in here and are struggling. My daughter and her family are seeing the crunch and getting worried, my parents, I don't think they will make it through 2012. Many others around me are dropping like flies financially. all the chaos i have been saying is happening. my way of handling the knowledge and seeing it all coming has been my faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. I don't worry, but take heed and prepare not just for me, but for anyone i can.

    hey, cm devoid, i know what you mean. also, i never understood why those paranormal shows act so freaked out when they experience something. there is nothing to be afraid of. i think they are just acting though. i have had paranormal encounters and i think they are either funny or cool. but scary?? really?? not even.

    God Bless

  • chris, 25 5 years ago

    That's what they call it... Well, I can certainly feel other people's feelings or what they're feeling and my left hand would usually hurt. I can tell when people are hiding something from me again my left hand will hurt. Then, yes people always open up their problems with me. Then I can't breathe when I see animals or people are hurting. I feel like it's my responsibility to heal those who are hurting emotionally. I know empath can heal people but in my experience I can choose to feel and when not to well as correct the negative energy that people have. Before I was told by someone that I'm the kind of person that people would talk to. I can control my "energy" to the path that I wanted. Also, sometimes I wanted to be alone because I can feel my heart smiling. Empath's can make a room feel light and happy. Empath's can make you feel better emotionally and physically.

  • Ticky 5 years ago

    I just discovered I was an Empath today, and I ended up here trying to figure out why my emotions were always out of whack but I KNOW this explains why... I don't ever get out of the house much because I live in a rather bad neighborhood and whenever I leave the house I just feel really overwhelmed, but I managed to link up my depression with one of my close friends that's suffering from depression and I'm probably just feeling her depression! This helped so much and I'm going to start looking into being able to control this more.

    Thank you. C':

  • aiki 5 years ago

    I forgot to add... being an empath is like having to scrape dog shit off your shoe. Just have to find the right stick.

  • C.M. Devoid 5 years ago

    I am so very grateful for those that profess to make Empathy a known and real thing. I have recently discovered that I am Empathic at a level that other Empaths around me have called "Tactile Empathy"... I am still in shock. It is utterly frightening, and sometimes soul-crushingly frustrating for me, especially when the pain and sorrow you feel is being expressed by those no longer with us.

    Truth be told I hesitate even now to push the post comment button for fear that even here I might look crazy... but this is very real and those who experience it for themselves understand clearly. In order to make me feel like this incredible, upsetting gift isn't wasted, and that I'm not wasted by it, I have been working on trying to volunteer my time to paranormal researchers. I can almost hear the proselytizers stampeding now...

  • Sulora 5 years ago

    All I know is that I was fine and doing well. Then after leaving my friends my jaw is hurting and my stomach is hurting. As what was going on with her.

    But this has happened a lot with her and I.

  • Clint 5 years ago

    I am most definitely an Empath/Clairsentient. I have known this for many years and to fundamentalist Christians who call it demonic possession, well I am a case in point of that being utter nonsense! I grew up in a very religious Church going way, I was baptized etc etc and I must say I even have quite a firm grasp of Christian Scriptures. I understood things as a Christian at 6 years old that most adults only get to in their 40's. At a very young age I understood what the Pastor was trying to convey, I prayed earnestly to Jesus and was truly a model Christian (which kind of freaked a lot of people out that a 6 year old was like a little Pastor). Anyway, by time I was 14 I just didn't see how the Protestant Christian faith correlated with the Bible and I converted to Catholicism, which still up to this day makes the most sense, even Biblical and it is the truest Christian faith in my opinion/closest to what Jesus actually taught. I regard myself now as a Universalist, I am no longer interested in Organized religion of any kind. I find great solace in the teachings of all the great Masters from Jesus to Buddha, Krishna etc. I practice Buddhist meditation which I must say is an excellent way of keeping the negative side of being an Empath at bay, in fact Buddhism has helped me become a highly productive Empath with all it's techniques of strengthening the Mind with various Meditations, Mantra's etc. So yes being an Empath can be devastating but I was borne this way, so it's certainly no demonic/satanic possession. It is a gift from the ultimate Divinity and can be used in the most extraordinary ways to help others. I do not let myself be guided by human made dogma. The Truth is what it is and it is my firm belief/sense that ALL faiths lead to the same result eventually. Like all Rivers eventually reach the Ocean. I suggest investigating Buddhism and Christian Mysticism for all those Empaths struggling to gain control. The Mahayana Buddhist schools are especially good, especially Nichiren Buddhism and Zen and for those with a flare for the more in-depth, highly detailed and extremely esoteric I would suggest the Vajrayana Schools in Tibetan Buddhism, which is just basically an advanced form of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism but highly intricate and advanced. Find the Truth within yourselves! Only you can Save yourself by embracing and engaging the teachings of the Masters, whether it's Jesus or whoever it's all the same at the end. Unity! Only LOVE is!

  • God Gal 5 years ago

    A little late to the party, so it seems here. Found your outstanding explanation on Google. As a Christian, and an empath...I hope Flex finally came to realize Jesus Christ Himself..yep, that would be our Lord, and God Almighty, the Alpha, the Omega is, was, always will be EMPATHIC as one of the written about miracles He did. Since only 20% of those professing to be Christian ever read their Bibles, the statement didn't surprise me. So here's a hint. 1Cor12. Holy Spirit given gifts. Go from there. Please? As for your definitions, were you following me around? lol! Thankfully, I AM protected by the same love and blood of our Lord in helping others as they're lead to me, or I'm lead to them. I have learned how to 'bubble' myself in the mall. But you are correct. I have with a couple different people in my life our own built in XM stations, as I've nicknamed them. It's like Muizak...they're always on. I can not turn them off. I CAN turn down the frequency. For living, this is necessary. But if it's a 911, the signal goes off so loud and clear, if I can't (or shouldn't) reach them, until THEY settle down, or I find out what's up, I'm a walking zombie. My first recourse being aware of anyone in distress..and here's the wonderful gift of our I pray about the person/situation and immediately give them over to God. HIS love and healing energy is far more effective (omnipresent, etc.). Back to Matt7:7 and John14:14 to name a few,'anything you ask of Me in my name and believe, I will do for you.' Most Christians focus this on themselves only, forgetting we're truly here to love others as much as ourselves. So, ask away for those who need the assistance, usually more than the asker. What better gift to give? Each one of the points you wrote about describes me to a tee. I HAVE come to appreciate the "airwave" gift God gave me, and use it as a tool for His glory and good. Thanks for this post! God's blessings to all! ~j~'s

  • Jimmy 5 years ago

    I just wanted to know why I absorbed everbodys emotions it hurts my head!

  • Behemoth 5 years ago

    Hi guys ^___^ I would like to ask if lighting up a miserable room full of people by filling them with happiness simply by being there would be a great example. Once you leave the room, you would feel all of their sorrows. To the person that said such people are of evil, I would like to point you to Galatians 5:14 "For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." It seems to me that once you are able to truly see through the eyes of another then you can understand why such a law is important. I do not want you guys to twist God's word into words of hate any longer. You should read more of the bible if you wish to live by it. It is in God's hands alone to judge and not yours. It is also important that you look at Behemoth who is chief of the ways of God and would also show extremely strong Empath characteristics. I am the happiest around the noble people of God, because I bring them joy and they bring me the same in return. It is truly a great exchange. I also want to know from the poster if it is possible to leave a path of permanent spiritual energy behind you so that people are happy even after you leave. Your topic has gained my interest very much. I have honestly dealt with problems when I was within a large crowd of people who's hearts were filled with evil. If you do what you can to attract friendly people into your life it can become a gift instead of a curse. It is what you make of it. It also seems that I pick up characteristics from people if I spend a large amount of time with them. My face even seems to change a bit. I speak in many voices that it seems I have learned from others during my journey though life. I am very unusual... I have always known it. Seeing this post really made my day better. Seeing that person say that such people are "Possessed by the devil" made me laugh, and they have completely misunderstood the word. Jesus himself showed characteristics of an Empath. I can not believe this person would pose as one of faith and then say such a thing. Please do proper research before you say such things in the future... Thank you. The following is to the poster. There is no other with this ability as strong as me. Feel free to add me.

  • Amanda 5 years ago

    I will say I am pleased with this article and pleased with how many people have commented. Lets start with the fact I am an empath. I was born this way and even my elementary school realized how unique I was. I would spend recess helping a younger kid stop crying, or I would stand up for anyone who was being bullied. These are not the traits of a "demon". God would never allow a pure child to be possesed! These are the qualities of LOVE, NOT POSSESION!!!! A child who puts others needs and feelings before their own is a rare selfless act. It is one that a true empath can not help. Being selfish is just not an option for a real empath because we put everyone else first. We would spend our last ounce of energy helping someone who needs it, and that Mr. Frett, is not the signs of an evil person or the "devil's work".

    I was "jumped" and put into the hospital a few years ago by a group of ghetto girls who lived in the building next to me. Three months ago I risked my life to stop the SAME girl who jumped me, from being stabbed to death. I risked my life for someone who put me in the hospital and left me 10,000 dollars in debt. Where is the devil in that?

    Being an empath is both a gift and a curse. It allows you to see the world in a very unique way, but it can also make you physically ill and even emotionally ill. For a very long time I did not understand that I was empathic and that I absorbed energy. I worked in nightclubs and night after night I picked up all that dark energy. I got so ill I ended up with a brain tumor and many many other health issues. It has taken me many years to learn how to filter energy. I will ALWAYS struggle with it, but even though I can block it out, I am not supposed to. Nobody is empathic by a fluke. We are all special people here to help others. Choosing to accept your abilities for what they are can be frustrating, but it is necessary to fufill our purpose. I can block it out if I want, but I am here to use my gift or I would not have been given this ability. Do not let energy overwhelm you empath's, embrace energy and make it work FOR you!

  • Beliveinyourself 5 years ago

    Thank you, for you posting this. This has helped me a lot. People though out me life has asked me how do you know that, or how do you know were it hurts,or how do you know, you always know. Even you don't know could you, you have no proof!.....AND lets not forget all kinds of names. That have been named on this page and more. I have looked a EMT, before. I think it is good. It helps you to nurture the inter child. In my line of work I have see a lot of want a be. This is not easy road. You were right, when you said that some look at it as a curse. I did.Going to massage college helped me a lot. I found others like me :-) Now I am at peace with who I am.(others may not be);-) Not every one wants help. Please keep that in mind, on your new road. For those of you just finding yourself. Some want to hold on to their pain, just remember that is their choice. You can only help as much as they will allow. It's always good to respect boundaries. Good luck to all of you. For those of you that are struggling with your Christianity, Jesus was an outcast. He healed and was also called the devil. When that happened to me I would tell myself I'm in good company. I believe love God with all your heart, mind, soul and body. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. That will take a lifetime. Isn't that all Jesus was saying? He also said grater things will you do. So all I am saying is Believe, and trust in yourself.

  • collective-concious 5 years ago

    love love love this article!

    there is definitely not enough information out there on people like us.

    i never knew i was different until i got to be about 15 and saw the different ways the people around me were grasping (or WEREN'T grasping, more like) what i like to call, "the fabric of reality".

    and it's because we are indeed "fine tuning forks".

    im mainly writing this post to help those who have asked how to "turn it off".

    well, you don't.

    sorry kids.

    but you can "fine tune" it.

    a tuning fork is a great example.

    not sure if anyone else has experianceed this, but when you are listening to a tuning fork, you can hear the collective "hum" of all the notes at once, and it slowly dies off to a single note.

    fine tuning my empathy has been much the same as that.

    when being bombarded with vibrations that arent mine, especially when i am in a group or opening my mind to the world around me (usually this happens unconciously), you listen for that single "note" you are trying to focus on. if you direct enough energy into searching for a certain vibration in particular, the others seem to fade out.

    it's kind of like background noise; your brain learns to filter that out when you are listening/doing something important.

    if you are wanting to block out everything but your own vibrations, just concentrate on the energy YOU are sending out. being aware of your own body greatly helps in this situation. i like to do what i call "internal mini meditations", which means though i may not be quiet, or still, or anything normally conductive to "normal" meditation, i am aware of every single cell in my body, and the physical energy of life it gives off as it is doing it's job. becoming aware of my own body and energy helps me find an anchor in that collective "hum" of the universe. once i have found my "anchor" its easier to throw out small "feelers" into the world around me. which makes it A LOT easier to protect myself from being overwhelmed.

    its more like a single conversation on a teleephone wire versus a wave.

    i would never, never recommend trying to turn it off though.

    our empathy is what connects us to the world around us in a totally different way than anyone else.

    if everyone was an empath, there would be world peace.

    because we, of all people, know what you do to a single human, you do to humanity as a whole.

    and we know that not by what we have read in books, or online, or by what someone has told us; but because we literally FEEL it. and you cant deny that; to do so would be to abhoration to nature.

    not sure if this makes sense to anyone but myslef, but just thoguht i would try (:

    and if anyone is interested in talking further, or has any knowledge AT ALL pertaining to this subject, i would be very delighted to learn and share things with you.

    my email is

  • senisley1LOVE 5 years ago

    well all i have to say is thanx lol i got all teary eye. before i read this i thought i was crazy that there was something wrong with me that i wasn't mentaly stable but everything you just posted sounded as if you where talking about me ....tho this did help soooo much i now have more questions i had never herd of this i don't know much about it theres other things i do that u dirnt say so i don't know if its just me or everyone that is empath so if some can anser my questions at my name is senisley thanx

  • jennyjellybean 5 years ago

    i am a empath an im 14 and she is right it can be painful sometimes to be an empath all those emotions flying around in your head it dosent mean you have a demon in your head

  • wolfshades 5 years ago

    Hi Isabella. I've just had such a vivid example of my empathic abilities sort of hit me in the face. It's been obvious for years, only I never saw it. Just mostly suffered. I developed habits designed to keep me away from people and in particular away from horribly sick or injured people without realizing why. I now know that it's because their pain bleeds into me. It's ok when I can help out, but when there is a medical condition I can't resolve it is too overwhelming to be in the same place. mentioned that one of the signs of someone being an empath is that they can't walk past the homeless without helping out. Not sure this is true (at least, for me). I think one of the abilities involves understanding real versus fake need. Many - most - of the homeless in Toronto aren't truly in a place of need. There are obvious exceptions, and I believe the empath can identify them easily. Anyway - just a thought. So glad I stumbled on your article - three years after you posted it! Cheers!

    Oh and P.S.: other articles on empaths indicate that it's difficult for the empath to form intimate relationships. Wonder what your thoughts are on this? (Frankly, I agree.)

  • Vides7 5 years ago

    I am a empath to, but my life is so complex and beautiful at the same time i want to reach other empaths to share experiences.

    You can always leave me a message if interested

    Wish you all a colourful & powerful day !


  • K8 5 years ago

    This is not something to debate. I have it and have no choice about it. I suffer depression and anxiety because of it. I have had suicide attempts. I live alone simply because life is too painful. I can't socialize. It's too difficult. Others think I don't like them, but it's not that. Family is all that I can handle, and when they are ill, many times I am too. It really has NOTHING to do with religion.

  • Ruby 5 years ago

    I'm a christian as well. Being telepathic and empathic worried me. I thought God was against it. But i love him and pray every morning. I don't believe it's evil, we are all made differently by God. As it says in the Bible;


    So i have concluded that i'm meant to help those who need love and compassion. Being telepathic is a bonus, just means i'm more spiritual, after all we are spirits, living in a body.

    talk soon x

  • raven 5 years ago

    since I was a kid I could feel other peoples emotions and they loved being around me, but it would drain me whatever they felt I felt. After a while I thought I was just weird, and resented others for putting me in moods then leaving as if a weight was lifted from them. I even went so far as to enroll in independent study to avoid people. I started wearing dark clothes, and listening to different music trying to scare others away... and slowly I stopped talking, smiling, and having fun because that could invite others near. I'm 20 now, and still cant stand big crowds, and being around others still makes me feel weak, but something changed. My boyfriend left church because he felt it was all about the money, and learned a lot about auras. One day he was explaining all the things he learned so far to me, and I just knew. I said babe I can read auras. I really don't have an explanation for how I knew, but everything finally made sense.I understood why I loved being near my boyfriend everything I felt near him made me happy, and energized yet calm not weak. My entire life until about two days ago made sense. I look forward to learning how to control this, and really appreciate articles like yours so thank you very much.

  • stacy 5 years ago

    You know if we all sat back and looked around. we are gods children just beaten up our back yard still. some break it up some clean it up, like a bunch of 3yr olds.

  • imageofbeauty 5 years ago

    Wow. I learned that I am an Empath. I was raised as a Christian and have recently decided that there is more to this life that just Christianity. I respect everyone's beliefs and just chose to open my mind and spirit to receive as much wisdom and knowledge that God allows.

  • larry 5 years ago

    I've lived my life as a empath, and just found all the answers to why I lived in the ways I did. But, one of my hobbies was looking for lost mines in Utah. So many have looked for them. I found almost all, Does anyone sense things that have happened in places? I can't explain it to people, but if you have you'll know what I am talking about. Battles, or suffering comes to mind.

  • ItIsSomethingReal 5 years ago

    Fret if I may.

    I have been a christian since I was a boy. But that being said. I was born an empath, so yes this is very real. And that also means that not all empaths are demonic, but could possibly be a gift from God himself, sent here to help the people who need it.

  • Ruby 5 years ago

    hi to everyone on this hub. I enjoyed reading this, thank you.

    I'm a mixture of a lot of things. I was told many a times, that what i have is rare. I know i'm an empath, i'm also telepathic and very intuitive. I was told i'm a healer.

    They said i have evolved in spirit. that makes me want to learn more about my abilities. Don't know how to go further in this and a bit frightened. I can feel a much more stronger power within me, but i don,t know what i'm supposed to do with it. i have smothered it, because the power is very strong and i don't know what it wants me to do. I'm in my late 40's . Can any one help me?



  • Marleen 5 years ago

    hey isabela i have a friend that i feel is an empath. at first i thought it was random things but as i read more and more of this article it makes me more certain. there has been many times in her life that she has expierenced her phone ring before anyone actually calls or even more recent when her swimming coachs passing. she was in new york with visiting her grandmother while he was in new jersey coaching and she was expierenceing sever chest pain to the point where she was crying and that same day he died of a stroke and this isn't the first time she has had moments like this. she has been experiencing emotions and "feelings" that she gets and cant explain since she was very little.she feels sick and says things are not right something bad is going to happen or good and it does accurately and almost instantly. even in her dreams she cant fully rest she would dream thing buh pays more attention to her emotions in her dreams later on they come true.she has told 5 different people that they were pregnant months before they ever found out.she sees you and she knows it's super freaky . i keep telling her she has an ability of some sort and she should really enhance this ability so please get back to me with some excersises or something to help her hone her abilty or even to give your opinion on whether or not you think she might be an empath.

    p.s.- and not to mention she is really into peoples auras and energies. please help me and help her!

    thank you

  • juslar 5 years ago

    I'm a empath, it was pointed out by another. I was glad to find out. I had been using it for a long time, but did not know that I was different, just more feeling than others in some areas. Now I understand it more, I realized how much I depended on it. Its natural, and not weird to have the gift. I am thankful for it

  • stacy 5 years ago

    Ok, have an idea. Stay tuned in here in a few weeks. I'll post a prayer and watch around you for the answer. I have to be careful when i pull up words, so give me alittle time to ask for help in the spirit.

  • Stacy 5 years ago

    I like this last one,the realm of arc angels. Every time i pray for clarity for all his children we get earthquakes. GOD as my witness. The only thing i can see is a strom in a year and 3 months, not sure of details. Speak truth always even if it hurts. I was told to ware the sword but I hurt like hell learning how to use it. Now i wait. No i am not crazy, time tells all.

  • Lilangelcakes 5 years ago

    I also am an empath, a christian empath, and no it is not fun. I have learned to block off emotions from individuals but have a hard time within a group of people. I just had to come home from a family gathering, roughly 15 people because I was getting so overwhelmed with the mixture of emotions that it was beginning to make me feel sick, anxious, depressed, etc (the majority of the people have anxiety and depression disorder) I am a bit anti-social and would prefer to be alone. I've been like this all my life and this gift has been passed throughout generations, so has the gift of healing which my mom and I possess. I know I am not demon-possessed... I have seen people that are and have felt people that are and I CANNOT be around them... I begin getting very sick and feel like I'm being attacked when that happens. I've had that happen a few times and because of my faith, and the realm of arch angels I ask to be around me to help in battle, I have been fine. Most people would think I'm nuts and the only reason why the few that know this do not think this about me was because of my gifts working in their lives. So, we are not nuts, we are not possessed, and this gift is not fun and comes with some sacrifices from time to time but can be beneficial for others on the receiving end. Our gift is a great gift for helping people... I plan to help and continue to use my gift for good.

  • Zubaira 5 years ago

    i have migraines, and the cause/trigger seems to be a mystery. i get random pains in my chest when i think very deeply and emotionally about something. i HATE socialising because i feel as if it drains me and i often like to sit by myself and daydream. i am very Claustrophobic and when people chat a lot or ask me loads of questions, i panic. if i saw someone emotionally hurt, no matter who they were i would feel sad for them. i appear hard to everyone i know to avoid people thinking that im weak and hurting me emotionally as i am extremely afraid of that. i find it hard to trust people and sometimes i find that i cant laugh around people other then the people i've known for more then half of my life. (thats around 7 years). i always have to sit next to a window in a vehicle and i always care about what people think of me. (i spell checked this comment, and made sure that it made sense) bright lights and loud or constant noises freak me out. i always keep the curtains drawn in my room. when i read a book in a characters point of veiw, it takes me a while to 'step out of their shoes' as they say. Even with all of this...i am still confused as to whether i could be an empath.i find it hard to think of myself like that, i can't explain why. can someone help me by telling me if i am an empath, and also give me some tips on how to handle it?

    if so please email me:

  • Elaine 5 years ago

    "Most Empaths have the ability to heal. Yes, that means physically."

    With all these people declaring they are empaths, one might think we could cure a major disease/disorder or something...

    What I'm really getting at is that when you hear hoof beats in the forest, look for horses not zebras.

    I'm pretty sure, based on the sheer number of comments, the relative unknown number of empathic individuals, the lack of reports of miraculous healing (though most empaths can perform it), etc, most people posting on here are not actually empaths, but are more likely to have empathic qualities or traits.

    Going through your list:

    I also tend to feel overwhelmed in public, but I live in NYC and I really don't enjoy being touched by strangers.

    Sometimes, when people tell me about their illnesses or I read about an illness or medical disorder, I feel like I could have it. I chalk this up to mild hypochondria.

    I often feel overwhelmed when watching something bad on TV or in real life, but I feel that that's on the spectrum of human emotion. Some people are more emotional than others. I cry at the drop of a hat.

    I also know what the people around me are feeling and really saying. This works best with people I know, though, and children.

    You know, I have a soft spot for people in need. It could just be who I am as a person: a caring, (relatively) emotionally stable individual. Do I always give the homeless man some change? If I have change, yes. Do I stop to help someone who has fallen? Of course, who doesn't?

    Man, oh man, do my friends open up to me. It's always about them. It's something I talk to my therapist about. Even my therapist. Today's session was 20 minutes about my therapist and it didn't relate back to me! It's okay. I'm cool with it.

    I do not heal people.

    For the record, I am not an empath, though I have a very high EQ, especially in reading other people's emotions/body language/etc and empathizing with them. As a human, I can relate to the human condition. I've been through stuff, other people go through stuff. I get it. Does that make me a special snowflake? No. Good for you if you're an empath (

  • Aaron 5 years ago

    Ok, My name is Aaron and apparently I'm empathic lol I used to just call it really in tune with another person. But recently (and thanks to a friend who told me what it's called) I have been looking online for ways to control it more I used to just do deep breaths but stopped assuming that the worst was over my friend told me that meditating helps. Well anyway lol I'm seen by all of my friends as either "really nice" or "completely weirdly awesome" (gotta love my friends lol) and I guess it's because no matter what I always feel the need to help them (even at my own discomfort) and as a junior in high school I assumed I was just going crazy or something but now that I think back on my childhood I realize that no matter when I can always tell when something bad is going to happen (I usually feel it first in my not so much my head as my "being" but it escalates into a full body feeling mostly around my throat and chest as if there's a weight on me) and it's really weird because I can make friends with everyone based on my first meeting with them all I say is "Hi!" in a happy tone and when they respond I feel a "vibe" from them I sometimes have to change the way I act around them for the first few days but I eventually start to feel as if I'm losing myself within them emotionally so I have to start acting "normally" (XD I'm far from it!) and because I sense and act upon their feelings (which apparently I've been doing all my life) they like me no matter what (I've atually never been turned down for a friendship when I ask although some people's emotional habits bother me so much that I slowly disconnect from them so I don't hurt them and then eventually ignore them unless they notice me or need help) I feel like a sociopath but when reading about empths I feel all the things other people do I find comfort in solitude,I use music as an escape (but only certain songs at certain times), I sometimes will leave my house and sit on the small jungle gym in front if it late at night that way there are no people near, and other things like that (don't want to spend years on this list XD). I would say that if I focus a bit I can feel others emotions that aren't near me (like miles and miles away) but in school lately I've been feeling overloaded and it's driving me ragged with all this back to school crap and clubs and then other people's emotions on top of that I feel drained by the time I get into the class that I only like because I have friends in it (actual friends not the random ones I say hi to often lol like we are REALLY close and I'd help them no matter what :D) and I had to explain to him what I've been feeling lately and he understood and was like " oh if that was what it was I wouldn't have said anything in front of the class" (he knows I get embarrassed easily and thinks it funny to make me blush at times XD (gonna kick him for it one of these days) but when he does I feel everyone's emotions about it and it just bugs the crap out of me)….anyway XD I know this provably wasn't what most people wanted to read at some random point in time lol but you have and for that I thank you -^_^- if anyone wants to contact me for any reason (idk why you would though lol) my email is (my mom has called me Rene scence I was little so it's now my email name too lol) : P

  • godschild1 5 years ago

    Hi Leonard,

    It is my understanding that the goal of Orthodox Christians from baptism is to continually draw themselves nearer to God throughout their lives. The process is called theosis, or deification, and is a spiritual pilgrimage in which each person strives to both become more holy and more "Christ Like" within Jesus Christ.

    If my understanding is correct then would it not be a prerequisite that we discuss this gift within a religious context or with religious overtones? Just about everything comes with an owner’s manual, and in order to properly operate it most of us need to refer to that manual.

    I will agree that we can leave different religious views and philosophies out of the conversation (such as whose philosophy or religion is the best or the true one). But since some of us do believe in something greater than ourselves don’t you think that there will always be a religious overtone in our conversations about our empathy, such as where do you think it comes from, how do we use it properly, like any gift, idea, can it be used in a negative way just like any new idea or new invention, and etc. etc.

  • godschild1 5 years ago

    Hi Steven,

    I am not trying to save you I do not have to because my belief is that we are all saved by grace. (LOL)

    However I am interested in any and all philosophical, theoretical and religious views of others, so I would like to ask you where you suppose these energies come from?

    While I do profess Christianity and believe in Jesus Christ, I also believe in the Big Bang Theory, because who am I or anyone else to say how our world was created? The Big Bang works for me, but in order for something to bang, didn’t something have to exist to cause the bang? Or didn’t something have to exist to even begin banging? If not what are your views, I am genuinely interested. I have grown up believing so I cannot see any other way; it does not mean I am not open to learning new ways.

  • godschild1 5 years ago

    Hi James,

    I would like to believe that we all have the ability to be empathetic = the ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feelings or difficulties, on one level or another. Hence the word empath =

    You FEEL like a very sociable, friendly person, and you probably just don’t realize what an influence you have on people in your circle of friends, either positively or negatively.

    You FEEL happy and go lucky, from a middle class or better family and you don’t have a care in the world, other than trying to figure out who you are or who you want to be. How am I doing so far? (smile)

    This is who YOU are, and if your circle of friends are on the same level as you this may be a reason no one comes to you with his/her problems because it is just socially unacceptable to wash your clothes in public, so to speak. It also is likely that it is just not the time to use your gift, but the time to understand and prepare to use it. You not being or feeling compelled to help people in pain such as the homeless may be that you simply do not understand how and/or why they are homeless. Do some research on how and why people become homeless you will be surprised. If you are simply bipolar go to this website “BEING BIPOLAR SUCKS” at and learn to laugh about it, because it is still who YOU are! (smile)

  • godschild1 5 years ago

    Hi Anna,

    That is one of the greatest deceptions of not understanding or being able to talk about your gift!

    Traditional medicine and traditional therapies can’t help you simply because they do not believe in what they cannot see, diagnose, and give a pill to fix. (smile)

    I am sure some of us have all gone through the same disappointments and anxieties as you have, simply for lack of knowledge. It is written ‘My people die for lack of knowledge”

    Now that you have found your empathy family your life will be much easier. You must learn that you cannot discuss your gift with everyone and expect them to understand, the opposite will happen.

    I am so grateful for Isabella’s webpage, because I have never ever been able to discuss my gift as freely and as openly as I can with all of you. Friends have been polite and family seem to just put up with me, so I learned to keep my thoughts and feeling to myself, and then I had to learn who and what to be around. I have been called anti social and/or worse names, (LOL) because I had to make the choice to either hang out at the malls, Movie Theater and/or concerts or stay away because I know it is better for me mentally and physically.

    The trick is not learning how to control your gift; the trick is learning how to control you, your own space, time and environment. “Surround yourself with like minded people”.

    Do not go to the mall when there is a crowd, go first thing in the morning or be the last one in the evening. There are ways to enjoy your gift and your life; we just need to learn what works for us as individuals. While we all have the same gift, we do not all live in the same social structure all of our schedules are different, so we need to learn what works for us, and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY that it doesn’t work with our family and friends schedules. I even learned how to deal with the different personalities at work. I STAYED BUSY, I stayed completely immersed in my work and I let my co-workers know, that while I really appreciated the invitations to lunch, going out, or whatever, that because of my personal obligations I couldn’t. I even said I was in school and had to get home to do homework so not to seem rude and offensive. Being alone does not mean you have to be lonely; it’s a state of mind like anything else. I choose to SEE my being alone as my being set apart; “Many are called but few are chosen”. This keeps me from seeing myself as lonely. Actually I am more peaceful when I am by myself than when I am around other’s because I feel their negativity, I feel their sadness and sometimes it just isn’t anything that I am supposed to do for them. Seeing and feelings other’s pain is just a confirmation of your gift, it does not mean that particular person or situation was meant for you to do anything about.

    Hope this helps.

  • Leonard007 5 years ago

    I liked the topic and information. Is there more information out there regarding empaths? How do people with this gift/burden learn to develop and control it, or turn it off? I've been able to suppress premonitions, but not my sensitivity to people.

    I am Catholic Greek Orthodox, the first, the oldest and last word on Christianity. The three great faiths, are the only legitimate ones, the rest are cults.

    I like my Western European based way of life with the sensible 10 commandments and all the rest of that religious stuff that allow for the comfy ways of life we take for granted in Canada and the US. For all the atheists, remember that.

    GOD is a matter of personal faith, and interpretation. But for the purpose here, religion is not the issue, so stop bringing it into the discussion.

  • Forest 5 years ago

    ...i haven't read all the comments, so i don't know if anyone has asked this or not. i am clairsentiant, and i am wondering if my habit of strongly projecting my emotions on other people, and collecting the emotions of eveyone around this at all related to empathy?

  • Emily 5 years ago

    Reading this has brought comfort to me and I connect with all of it. Ive always been an Empath and have always felt a little different, overwhelmed, etc. etc. Now I am learning about it and am very happy to have such a gift. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of this subject with the rest of the world.

    I read some stuff in here from other users about demonic possession and I find that a little offensive. Just because you arent an empath doesn't make them demonic or posessed.

  • BRALEX  5 years ago

    I just read Isabellas comments and her words about what other people had said about her aura were very similar to mine. That it is bright white and my soul is very pure. At the time when those things were told to me I did not have an understanding properly of my empathy or auras etc. It is something I have developed, understood and controlled on my own. I also would take some ones suffering and suffer rather than them.

    For all the people that are talking about religion and saying this is a bad thing I feel quite sorry for you. Your minds are closed as I am absolutely positive I spread words and actions of love and peace more than you ever have, even just through you ignorant comments. As I said previously I am not 'religious' as such. Each to their own. But I have had a few encounters that I am not able to explain very well , mostly to do with energy , one when my uncle was dying of leukemia...and it was the most peaceful, calm, strongest energy passing through my chest...I know how it sounds believe me, but I can only tell you truthfully my experience...all my life I questioned the other side, questioned everything in fact...but that night when he was slowly passing away ( he was VERY religious catholic man for the record ), we was all in his home as he chose to die there rather than a hospice, and my heart was breaking watching my family fall apart with grief in front of my eyes, but then I experienced a very strong feeling of energy passing through my chest, in fact passing is a relaxed was more like a whooshing , it was very strong I have never felt energy that strong before, and i did not feel scared anymore, nor did I feel despair. I felt warm, relaxed, I felt love and calm...and all the years I spent questioning ''is there more''...were confirmed to me. With that feeling (i still find it difficult to explain in writing) , it confirmed to me that yes there is definitely something more than what we understand about this life here on earth.

    This is not the work of the devil, I feel so close to god. And I know he understand my reasons for not following a religion. I know he understand what I do with my life and my thoughts everyday. And I feel close to him from experiences I have had. But I am not ready to dedicate myself to a religion right now. I have an exceptional gift and thankyou god for giving it to me. Thankyou for my abilities to love and be loved, thankyou for me being unselfish, compassionate and caring.

  • bralex 5 years ago

    This is the first time I have ever commented on a blog post ( even though I work on the www 8-10hrs a day ). I have never discussed what I am about to write now with any one , ever. The reason why I am writing and I talk about myself/character is because I believe I am who I am, as I have listened, experienced and learnt from my empathy experiences. can not remember how old I was when I was researching and first started to understand I am an empathetic person. I am not sure whether I am fortunate, strongly ignorant or I am just very accepting of myself being an empathetic person...but at the same time (I know this sounds contradictory) I am not confused about my empathy. I do not think I was born empathetic..I believe life challenges have blessed me with strong empathy. I am a very warm person, and I attract many strangers who love talking with me. But at the same time I do not have any close friends. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I have very strong morals and values on all topics in life. I believe I am a fair person and accept my bad points and downfalls as well as my good points..always trying to improve myself morally. I do not read newspapers, magazines or watch the news as I find it overwhelming. Real life articles and stories are a no go as they reduce me to tears and there is nothing I can do about it. I live a very solitary life however I would never stand by and watch someone or something suffer, mentally, physically or emotionally. I always forgive (people take kindness for weakness), and I never respond to some ones bad actions with actions the same. I believe in karma and for me to respond the same would make me bad also and that I do not want. I wake up everyday and say thank you for the important things, 2 beautiful healthy children, food, a home. Animals are also a great weakness of mine for some reason? The only way I can describe my empathy is that I feel everything right to the core of my heart. I feel other peoples pain, even if it is not real ( a movie for example) my emotions would be that I just went through what I watched / read etc and you have to deal with that emotion as though it just happened to you in real life. I have learnt to deal with it by always thinking positive. I believe from every life experience and challenge there is a positive view and aspect. And I believe your life only goes the way you choose it go. When I speak with people the feedback I receive is that I make them feel better about their lives, I make them feel good about themselves and they walk away from me with HUGE smiles on their faces. I am open minded and I never judge people. I accept and respect other peoples religions, morals and beliefs and I treat people the way I like to be treated. I prefer to give rather than receive. When I walk away from a person, a group, a couple etc and know that I have inspired them, made them feel makes me feel fantastic. I have had 2 people (strangers) and different times in my life literally stop me , stare at me and tell me I have a huge white aura. One of whom happened to be a buddhist. I like to think they are correct. I wake up everyday and try to be good a person. I have learnt to turn my empathy, my very easy persona of connecting with people mentally and emotionally into a positive experience of inspiring words, of understanding, problem solving and showing people love in different ways. I would love to answer any questions if any of you have any? I am not religious although I do believe in god. The reason being and I am only speaking from myself no one else so please respect that in my generation I have grown up understanding about war, famine, global warming, terrorism, corrupt governments, different religions cults and sects. I know in my heart there is a god, there is something because I can feel it. But I am unsure exactly what I believe in. I am unsure what is the truth. So, I wake up everyday, say thank you , appreciate what I have, and try my best to behave and act in a way which stereotypically speaking is good. For those of you who want to get rid of it , I understand it is difficult but the older you get the easier it gets. The more life experiences you go through, the more you research, the more you understand yourself, the easier it gets. It is a very powerful trait to have, and once you have it under control it can also be very useful providing you use it in a fruitful way. It would be very easy for me to be deceiving, spiteful and conniving with my understandings of people mentally and emotionally. But I choose not be. As I said, your life only goes how YOU choose it go. Keep researching, speak with others like us, keep positive, try to learn to switch off and on when it is necessary or not. I also feel energies very easily...I was once told to learn how to control my 'openess' as I attract good as well as bad because I am so open..(he was talking spiritually at that point). I do believe that I could take myself further spiritually but have decided not to delve any further for the time being. When my children are older I will learn how to meditate, how to fine tune myself further. But for now I am happy being a happy and positive Mum, inspiring, calm and loving friend to all. X

  • Gymrat 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, I have this 'gift'. I don't want it at all because the emotional roller coaster it makes me go on is torture. I am also a Roman Catholic that goes to church and I don't believe this is the work of the devil. I just think that some people were born with the ability to sense the vibrations other people give out more than others. I feel this especially with family or ex-boyfriends--people I am very connected with...but I also feel people when I'm walking about in a mall or other area. I wish I could get rid of this :(

  • willie 5 years ago

    I don't agree with this having anything to do with a man made religion. There is some kind of god I'm sure, but there is no devil seeking to cause us harm. It is a difficult to manage gift. Demons, possession please save it for the ignorant and the parasitic priest who prey on the fear of the unknown. I am an empath. I had feelings of suicide since I was 6 years old. No reasons for it, but one of my parents was which I didn't know for many years later. The only thing that helped was drugs that turned me into a zombie, (that's big pharma for you) until I met some friends that changed my way of thinking and I quit the ssri's cold turkey. It is understanding your gift and not trying to diagnose and fix it. To seek medical attention is dismissal, which is, to quote spiritual suicide.

  • Jayme Helmick profile image

    Jayme Helmick 5 years ago from Virginia

    I'm not going to read through all the comments - there are too many! But I'm an empath too and this article was spot-on. For years, I was actually diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and took medication, because I couldn't handle a lot of what I was feeling. It was horrible and debilitating!

    And for the record, I was once a Christian and dealt with the same thing then that I do now. I did not feel that I was being possessed, and nobody in my church - who I talked to about all this stuff going on around me and inside me - felt that I was either. In fact, they thought it was a spiritual gift that I should try to control and use! Go figure.

  • Marcia 5 years ago

    Thank you for this article. Ive become far too tired.

  • Alex 5 years ago

    If Lily has written a book, I would buy it. The things she said is just amazing.

    Lately I felt like feeling symptoms of others. It's very hard to explain and prove, but I am beginning to believe this dimension.

  • Rabecca 5 years ago

    Just a memorandum to any Christians and non Christians out there who are still reading this... "The greatest cause of Atheism in this world are Christians who deny this with their lips and go on with their lifestyles. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable." DC Talk from their Jesus Freak Album... FYI I am a saved Christian. And I still feel the suffering of the world on most days. This is not a possession. This is a gift one of the Spiritual gifts that is given by God Himself to Christians, those who have a relationship with Him. Yes, there may be people who may not have a relationship with God but still have similar abilities... it just means they are special and unique that is it. They may be able to do more than the average person. There are those who were born with it. What empathy is... scientifically speaking is a neural sensitivity in the brain. Can tell you the scientific specifics. However from the religious perspective, it is not a possession it is not evil in fact we need more of this in the world. It gives me the ability to teach my children pure love, the way God would want us to love eachother, compassion, and true concern for society. So, if you say that this is a bad thing... you are not a Christian yourself and should stop using God's name to send your own personal views into the minds of our youth.

  • David  5 years ago

    Please Fretbuzz, After things like the earth is 7000 years old, and if you think Jesus was a Prophet/God or just a Prophet at the time your head goes under the water makes a difference weather you get heaven or hell. And that God only wanted us to try and love others as our selves. Or that God said don't eat Pig meat only because there wasn't refrigeration back then. Next Age I vote we have an unwritten law. Anyone that says I'm a christian And we Christian's believe.... Gets Crucified :-P

  • godschild1 5 years ago

    Hi Mac, all empaths are different just like all preachers and school teachers are different. Everyone has different gifts. Your gift may just be that of a listening and non judgemental ear, just knowing when someone needs you to ride somewhere with them even when they say they don't want you to,knowing whose on the phone when it rings, and or knowing how to get A's in class without studying or doing homework, when nobody else can. There are no big gifts or small gifts,they are all gifts that are needed to help someone at one time or the other, even if that someone is ourself.

  • Maca 5 years ago

    I have a question: I have some of this sympthoms but I can not heal and people rearly confide in me.

    Does that mean I am an empath?

  • christine 5 years ago

    i agree with your theories on this as i experience this every day

  • Francesca 5 years ago


    Hello, I am an empath. I've known this for a long time, ever since I was eight years old. I just want to share some thoughts for non-believers. You do not have to believe any of this but take things into consideration. I am saddened by comments from people who think that this ability is evil, the reason I do not like this is because I am not evil. If I was I would enjoy when people commented saying that this ability is derived from evil sources--it's not. I am not only an empath but I can see auras, does that make me evil? No. I am anything but evil and empaths feel what others do for a reason, so they can help, nurture and love. Every religious spokesperson that I have come across seem to say the same thing about me, "you're very spiritual and your soul is very pure." Now why would people say that if I was evil? Every empath I have came across seems to exhibit more white and purity in their auras then those who ridicule them. Think before you speak. Empathy is a gift not something that is chosen or taught so that it can inflict pain on others. People who believe empathy is for devil-worshippers obviously aren't educated properly. I CHOOSE to do what is right, and continue to dedicate my gift to help others. Does that make me evil? Nope.

  • godschild1 5 years ago

    Hi Scottyb4996!

    First thing, I'm glad your wife is okay with it1 (smile) Scottyb being an empath is just like everything else in our lives, it is our gift and as a gift, it is under constant attack, and it will sometimes get you off of your path. The way to tell is if you have given this person all the help and information and support that you can give, (and it sounds like you have) And if this person does not take your suggestions and get out of the situation, then it is just a distraction, that has come to vere you off your course. You do not want to hind, or stop your gift at anytime, because the one time you turn it off, just may be a life saving moment for someone. My suggest is to look at the individual and your role in this persons life. You can take the horse to the water but you can't make him drink it, so the only thing you can do at that point is leave them there with the water. It sounds like you have put too much of your own emotions, into this situation, because you are a caring person. You can care, and know that you did all you could do, and simply let that person go. Your wife loves you and respects you, do not confuse this with acceptance of you giving her time to another woman.

    Your friend also knows your heart, and it may just be they are taking advantage of your goodness. People can say anything, but action is louder than words. If your friend is truly in harms way, your shirt isn't going to help at all, and It's time to tell your friend to call a shelter and get out of there, and NO EXCUSES. Do that tell your friend if she doesn't get out the situation then she chooses to stay there, you respect her decision, but as your friend she has to now respect yours, and that is go to a shelter because it is causing too much of a strain on you worrying about her, and it is time you get focused back on your WIFE and your JOB. You will find that as soon as you give these instructions, you will feel better. The trick is Knowing when to hold em and knowing when to fold em, without the guilt. Guilt is not a gift, and if you feel guilty about telling your friend the truth, that is a clear sign you have veered off track, and on going down the wrong road. BUT it's so easy to get back on!

    May God, Brahma, Vishnu, Jehovah, Krishna, Ein Sof, Yahweh, The Tao, The Way, The One, The Universe, The Collective Consciousness, The Creator, The Dharmakaya, and all other labels; whatever force that makes us act morally instead of immorally, always be first and foremost in our lives.

    After all

    A Rose by any other name, is still a Rose

  • Sean Min 5 years ago

    Hey, My mom says shes an empath but its sort of hard to believe that this sort of thing can be true. So i googled it and I saw Isabella Swan article and I reconsidered the idea. I mean I'm not my mom so I don't know if she experiences any of the 7 signs. All I know is that know one can ever lie to her, she can always tell. Whenever someone describes some type of injury to them my mom asks them to stop because she can like feel it. Once my mom grabbed her leg and started tearing up cuz her friend told her about how her leg got broken and how much it hurt. She is always positive and when it's just us two in the house I feel good and the area surrounding me is udescribable. My mom also does not like watching t.v and whenever something gorey is about to happen she has to leave the room. Also when my mom was in labor she got a seasection and now the scar is gone and it's only been 13 years. Sometimes when my mom's friends aren't feeling good emotionally my mom always makes them feel better by giving them a motivating speech. Does this all mean shes an empath. If it does is it possible i could have too. If so that would be awesome, I've always wanted some type of special ability.

  • Scottyb4996 5 years ago from Michigan

    I'm an Empath and I really need help learning how to turn it on and off. It always seems to be on. This ability didn't come with instructions and I need help. I can feel people's emotions so strong that I can even sometimes "see" things. I can see details of their house or what kind of car they drive. Details of what they have in their house (pictures, nick-nacks, ect). I have a friend from high school that I just reconnected with after 15 years and I have been having the most intense Empath moments with her than I have ever had. It's affecting my work because I can "feel" and "see" everything she is doing and feeling. She is going through a scary divorce(he's psycho) so her emotions are on high. Whatever she feels I feel. I had such an intense "viewing" one day while I was at work of her that I felt like I wasn't at work. I felt myself sort of in between this world(reality) and another place. Everything around me kind of blurred or fogged out and I was 100% where she was. I saw every detail of where she was and I could even smell her surroundings. That is the first time I've ever had it that intense. I also gave her a shirt of mine because she wanted something to help calm her at night(my wife is fine with all this). I could tell one day that she didn't have my shirt by her because I could feel my shirts feelings! What the hell? I could tell the shirt felt neglected, as if it was sad it wasn't doing it's job of making her feel better. I texted her and asked if she had my shirt with her and she said that right before I asked she went and got it. Why can I feel the feelings of objects(only this one time)? Is that even possible? Am I just crazy?! I really need help on how to control this. I have my own feelings and emotions. I can't handle other peoples too. I feel drained at the end of the day and all I do is sit at a computer for hours a day. Someone help me control this please!

  • godschild1 5 years ago

    Ahhhh, so there is a name for how I feel and what I have been KNOWING since I was three years old! Thank you Isabella for sharing your KINOWLEDGE, which I believe (know) comes from our Creator. People often ask me how I know this or that, and I tell them I have KNOWN things since the age of 3, and I tell them our Creator KNOWS ALL THINGS and being made in His Image, I at least should Know 1/4 of what He knows.(smile)

    There is absolutely nothing satanic about helping people, there is nothing wrong about feeling another's pain, didn't Jesus do all these things?

    Being an Empath is a GIFT from God through the Holy Spirit. It is the GIFT called Discernment. It's nothing spooky and it certainly should not be considered a curse!

    (1 John 2:20) But you have an anointing from the Holy Spirit, and all of you know the truth.

    (John 14:26)The Comforter, even the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said unto you

    (Matthew 24:14)... Many are CALLED but few are chosen

    (Romans 8:28)We know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are CALLED, according to His purpose.

    It is the GIFT of DISCERNMENT from God. He/She who has ears let them hear!

  • Knight1 5 years ago

    So...all this suffering and mix of feelings that i get sometimes it can be from another people? interesting now i know that i'm not that insane, but how can I be so sure that I have that gift?

  • Scaredaboutthis 5 years ago

    Honestly I came here looking for an answer to my questions & I found it. I know after reading this that I am an Empath. I really thought I was crazy. What drove me to look for answers after years of feeling out of place was 2 nights ago when I ended up in the hospital because of excruciating pain in my abdomen.. The doctors ran test after test and said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, which made me feel insane because the pain was SO real. I found out today that my younger sister (who's on the other side of the country) was in bed with a virus that was attacking her stomach. She said at first she felt pain but then it went away and she just felt drained, I really believe that I felt her pain and took it from her, without even trying. This is a scary thing for me to accept but I'm trying to come to terms with it. Thank you for this article.


  • Stacy 5 years ago

    Not sure if i can help. I would love to truely, however i have seen my own death. Plus the x on my life line sorta confirms my site. I don't like computer crap, cause of it assurences.(there are none) There will be many world changes yet to come, population will be reduced naturally for the couple of years. If you seek truth you will find it, as i did the upper room. ask the heavens and you will receive. Stay away from things that steal your joy, even judgemental christans. Hope is the essence that unfolds miracles these are the days for them to be seen. I can send letters, if i have an address

  • lucy 5 years ago

    I have discover that I am an empath and for the last five yrs I have been wondering why I had so many emotions coming out off me here lately I have been very upset I have a 3 yr old and a 4 yr old and I feel like all of our emotions are clashing all I can do is cry I had to leave church bc my 3yr old was been bad and all I could feel was negative energy I could not handle it I am to the pt that I feel like I'm losing it ...please help!

  • Jenn 5 years ago

    just want to say I LOVED this article and so glad I stumbled upon your hub.

  • stacy 5 years ago

    Interesting, that last one was. Not worried, everyone has freewill. Yes I've thought about us in one room also, but why put such beauty in a box. The power can reign outside and cover all. Vision all of now with our mind body and soul holding hands say with this ring i thee wedd in the name of the son. I say that because even in the matrix have to have a point of orgin, plus i can't afford to renounce my throne. The upper room is real, been there, practically live there so i don't have to go through the things you all describe. I've had red eyes follow me around as a child, a metallic black thing with long fingers pin me down knocking jesus out of my mouth, and another pull me out of bed twice the same nite. Havoc and other peace stealing energies are attracted to people with light to fed, and i do understand the matrix, and much more. I am a tree. I've had repeated books from the bible before reading it, elders have brought to my attendion, which made me cry so hard. I've been broken down so many times to be reminded not to leave anyone behind. Sometimes thats all i know. HOLD on friends. I believe in yas

  • Steven B 5 years ago

    Interesting that your post draws so many comments from contributors who acknowledge themselves as belonging to a certain faith i.e. Christian, Buddist...I know I am an Empath and have since I was a very young child - and as an Empath I also know that I like anyone can use abilities to be good or cause havoc - I get the sense that many contibutors here relate their Empath ability as being a gift from God- whereas I absolutely know that my ability is selfdirected and managed, and I know through my infinite connection with everyone and I unfortunately mean everyone that their is absolutely no such entity as God. The Empathic connection that exists or collective universal tissue that is empathic energy matrix is in itself if you must absolutely put a name to it GOD - put the energy and focus of developed Empathics in a room and I can show you miracles - miraculous power.

    LOL - I feel the pull and necessity of the many already wanting to condemn these comments to protect their personal religious beliefs, please don't worry or look to try to save me - I already know

  • Coping (& Happy) Empath 5 years ago

    I didn't come from a good background or happy childhood, but I am coping now since I have made use of EFT. EFT really helps with coping with being an empath and all of the unpleasant energy that goes with it (whether it is coming from bad memories, the environment or someone else). It clears the bad feeling stuff. Brad Yates has a bunch of free EFT videos on YouTube in which he talks you through the process. Give it a try. It makes a big difference.

  • Aleksandra 5 years ago

    I always had this ability, but half a year ago it began to become much stronger. At some moments I really thought I was bipolar, but found out that I'm not) Now I'm trying to learn to handle it. I'm just happy to learn that I'm not alone) If there are other empaths, who need to talk about their ability, I'll be glad to share experience. You can mail me at I'm not native English speaker, but I can understand you well)) Thank you very much, Isabella!

  • Clint 5 years ago

    Oh my goodness! I am a high level empath and I can tell you it is NOT always fun, actually it's not fun most of the time unless you manage to control it. I have also turned to Buddhism because the Middle Way is best for Empaths, no extremes, otherwise it becomes too much. I have decided to practice emotional economy in order to conserve energy and also to do meditation before going to someone who I know has issues that I absorb.

  • mack 5 years ago

    I found me nrg being drained for years, i now tend to stear myself clear, otherwise it leaves me fkat, and then i question my own empathatic actions, me being selfish has sanity.

  • HARPFREAK 5 years ago

    My sister and I have recently realized that she is an empath. We are both thrilled and relieved. It explains everything about her, and we are recalling instances from our childhood faster than we can recount them to one another. We are excited to enter this journey together. She WILL be a healer. We knew this right away. Everything about being an empath matches: from people telling her their lives' stories in the supermarket, to her having an undeniable connection with animals, to why she flips out when she doesn't have her camera with her to take pictures of trees and sky and birds, to her hollering for us to pull over and help someone, to being physically sick during Waco, Oklahoma, Columbine, Katrina, etc. And for the first time in MY life, I have a sense of spirituality. We know now, we don't need to protect her, we need to teach her. Then we will allow her to help us. We can also stop dragging her out into crowds, stop saying NO when she wants to help a kitten, stop telling her to not be so sensitive, and not be so frightened when she cries a lot. For years she and I have been playing a game in the supermarket called "See How Many People We Can Make Smile" We knew all along, we just didn't know we knew. Sign me Gr8Fl and Encouraged!! WHEW, what a vent - a load off!

  • Krissi 5 years ago

    THANK YOU! This explained a lot! I thought I was just Bipolar! I was told I was Bipolar, but there is none. Oh, thank you!

  • Chanelle 5 years ago

    I know exactly what you mean, I sometimes embarrass myself by being so empathic, and these emotions are totally opposite to the cheerful person that I am, sometimes my nearest and dearest feels very confused about who I am, and in turn it confuses me also.

  • redtulip 999 5 years ago

    oook so yeah im preatty sure im an empath only i just started to come to this conclusion about a week ago and have been trying to figure our exactily wat do i do now?? i have been having very seriouse depression lately that i now relize is the feelings that are going through my familey and right now. at the moment there is a lot of fighting going on and lots and lots of negative emtions that i just DONT WANT. unfourtunatly i havent a clue how to filter them out. also ive discoved that i think (not entirely sure here) that i actually send emotions to other people. i dont try to do this and i dont no how but it only happens when i get really really overwhelmed and just cant controll it. please please please if anyone out there has any tips or tricks on how i need to handle all of this please say something because im beginnging to run out of options and this is probably my last hope

  • rhia 5 years ago

    i was doing my daily research like i've been doing for over 2 years, and found this article and read almost every comment (took a while but was very interesting). love the article.Is an empath myself and i do agree it isn't something that is that great but we live with it and filter and develop it to maybe make it a bit easier on us.

  • stacy 5 years ago

    Be careful with words, they make or break us all, being that we are one my friends. Words are prayers/ spells for those who don't understand there is a god. The mood swings come from those who refuse to carry their own wieght. Trust you are all worthy of HIS compassion, again i say trust. HE said HE'd pore his spirit on to the earth when it is time to call all nations. Hate the pain not people, ask to stop all things that take your peace away in the name of JESUS CHRIST and fill you up with something new and true for the greater good. Trust you are all heard please. Love u all...

  • ranjan 5 years ago

    interestingly me......!!! :)

  • James 5 years ago

    I was told by a psychic medium that I was an empath, but it doesn't sound at all like I meet the criteria based on this page. People rarely seem to want to share feelings with me or approach me for any reason (lol), I do get overwelmed when in groups and when around certain people as if I did walk into a mall or something I get a certain "flavor" for the types of people they are, and what their motives in live likely currently are, but I wouldn't say any feelings I feel completely overwelm me. I do need my time alone as I do get drained much easier in groups, but I think my feeling of other people's feelings might only be moderate. I don't always feel compelled to help people in pain such as the homeless, but I do tend to think on them. Perhaps because not enough of the time do I know who else's feelings I am feeling assuming at all that I have some empathic traits. I'm not sure what to think. Are there tests for this type of thing? I would certainly hate to think that as before I was simply bipolar. lol.

  • Anna 5 years ago

    I thought for years that I was bi-polar or suffering from some kind of mental illness because I have had all those feelings that were mentioned above and more. Trying various medications that would do absolutely no good,I decided that I would test myself to see if I was really going out of my mind or if I was an empath like which was suggested to me. End result I am not crazy at all! I have been an empath for years now, so many I can not remember when I wasn't. The reason for my post today is because although I know I am an empath and have learned to let the emotions of another person(s) when they are happy or mad radiate through me. However, when they are sad I have a serious problem after taking the bad emotion from them and getting rid of it. Sometimes I cry for hours and other times not only do I cry for hours the first thing I want to do is run away and find some place where I can be alone and I pray to god to help me through this horrible time I am having. It is so hard to get rid of the negative energy, does anyone know why!???????

  • Perks 5 years ago

    Its really too bad there isnt more information for empaths on the internet. This has been a most interesting read. The best part is the number of people who have commented about their abilities. I thought I'd share a tip for the empaths who are having difficulty managing all the feelings.

    Take the time to learn how to internally compartmentalize all the feelings. Basically its like putting them in a box. The first step is to identify and seperate your own feelings into their own box. The box isnt to turn off your feelings...its to give you a safe place to find them when you become overwhelmed. Many empaths never learn how to do this. It can take years to learn so the sooner you start the better. Keep in mind that it will not stop you from crying at a commercial or sad movie ;) but with practice you will be able to identify who's feelings are who's and will have a place for the "unknowns".

    I've practiced this method for nearly 40 years and can mentally move in and out of the "uknowns" box. Trying to figure out exactly who/where a feeling is coming from can be fun. (Though, I dont always like what I find.) I imagine all the feelings in that space are a photo of a crowd of people with no faces. The ones with the strongest feelings are in the front which allows me to focus on an individual to identify them. Sometimes I can and sometimes I cant. It sounds weird but it does help.

    Good luck!

  • vellocent 5 years ago

    Empathy is great. Well, yes it hurts the empath, but it really isn't so bad.

  • Meldy 5 years ago

    Seriously glad that I found this article. My life has been literally crazy since I was a child. I is really taxing to feel people on an emotional level. I HATE it. Really hate it. I suffer from depression, bipolar, panic and anxiety attacks, Geez you name it, I have it. But now Im wondering is it me or everyone around me. Its hard to say for sure. Being in a relationship is almost impossible, lets face it, all you other Empaths know what Im saying. Its not easy being in a relationship with one of us and most people cant handle it. Its sucks to know that you are being lied to, I mean know right down to the core of your soul, but you cant get the person to tell you the truth. Its enraging. Lost of few relationships this way. They always blame it on my being paranoid. But as always , I find out months later that what I thought to be true, was. Its really a sad ass existance. And Im really just learning that there is a name for what I am. Thats really good. I finally feeling like maybe I can deal with the mood swings, and the feelings in my stomach that sometimes just make me freakin crazy for days on end. If anyone out there wants to talk about it or just trade stories, catch me on facebook, (melody mccluskey) send me a friend invite, or just email me at Looking forward to sharing stories with someone else who isjust as "crazy" as I thought that I was lol

  • keria601 5 years ago

    hey i just read the article and i think i might b one....but im not sure. i always no wat the people around me are feeling even if i dont want to. also at random parts of the day i start to go through serieous mood swings specfically at school and i can ever figure out why and only make myself more irritaed because of it. im prone to depression, anixity, and servere headaches or migranes. when someone one lies to me i usually no but not always. i wanted to talk to my family about it but they think im just reading to far into i? or am i an empath cause if i am i really need to find a way to block people out becuase its just getting overwhelming. so it u think u can help please please please comment back. thanx :)

  • Hush-Jay 5 years ago

    Hi. Wow. I think there is a trend. The Highly Sensitive Person and the empath tends to be an artist. Or if they are an artist, they might just be empaths. And the gift of talent of art can be multiple. When you are one of the Highly sensitive people, you tend to have multiple artistic gifts, including creativity. That can be like 3-5 gifts, etc. Singing, the visual arts, playing instruments, and when you perform you know how to deliver emotions, you could act, you easily adapt artistic ideas. Well, just a thought. I could be wrong. But I've seen such pattern with people. And most of the time, the Highly Sensitive Person is misunderstood. I'm not sure if I'm an empath, or I just learned to block 'caring' for others since High School or College. I have always been depressed since childhood, or maybe I'm just a very fearful person. What's true is I know how people feels or when I look them or even knew that my College Classmate was lying right at my face, I know how my dog feels when I saw him, I know what people mean when they say things. I know somewhere within me I have a block or something, mentally and emotionally and I'm no longer the same as before. I don't know. Since I decided to "not feel" when I was either in High School or College becuase people find it ridiculous about what I say saying I'm overly sensitive, it's just how I look at it, blah blah blah... And I have always cried due to being very sensitive. and so in my teenage life, I hated being very sensitive. Nobody understands. I sing, I draw, etc, and yes, emotions seem to magnify everywhere, every learning, every picture has a lot in it than how people usually see it. There's a lot of meaning to almost everything than they are. How do I know if I'm really an empath? This may sound ridiculous and I didn't know about being an Empath til just last month but somehow ever since I know there's some block in me mentally or emotionally that's preventing me to be really just me (Somehow, I practiced not to care in College). Or to put in perspective my being Sensitive. And I feel like, I'm not functioning as I should.

    Anyways, yeah, Jesus Christ is an Empath, Himself. In my Opinion.

    Thanks for this Article Ms. Snow. =)

  • supergirl100 5 years ago

    Hi. I don't know if I'm an empath. I'm very sensitive to the world around me and I feel very sad and down and emotional if I see people in pain, whether it be emotional or physical. I also have times during a day where I'll feel sudden anxiety, fear or saddness, even if I'm in a great mood. It will hit me, and no matter what I do( I've tried deep breathing, positive thoughts, taking my mind off it and going to a therapist) it won't go away, until it subsides. I have extremly sensitive hearing and smell and I can understand and sense people's emotions, even if they don't tell me. I've been searching on google on empaths today and found your great article. Thank-you for this! But I have a question. Am I an empath or do I just have anxiety isshues> Please let me know. Thanks!

  • Moskivichka 5 years ago

    i really liked ur article and enjoyed reading each signs of it. thank you :)

  • Jackie Chin 5 years ago

    I enjoyed your article on empaths and appreciate the time you spent working on the details of what it is like to be empathic.

  • ebony 5 years ago

    I really appreciate this information being shared. what's a little strange is when i learned the word "empathy." after that i understood what i could do really well (this is without believing that i was an empath.) but when friends or people i just walked by i could 'feel' how they felt. but it wasn't that way for everyone, it seemed like i could feel that way for those who seemed to be feeling highly emotional i guess.

    years later, i still felt this way but i put it in the back of my mind.

    so i when i had a myspace, my own little quote or blog thing, i wrote down..."i see the world emotions at a time~" i meant that because i do, in colors, in words, in nature. i still find it a little curious when i linger on things that my friends have moved passed.

    i guess i've been slowly coming in to the thought more and more...on my facebook page i wrote that my supernatural ability is: I'm an empath by nature.

    i felt this rang true even as i wrote it. but i'm highly into x-men, comic books, anime..etc.

    But i've been called back to GOD. i can announce aloud that i am filled with the HOLY SPIRIT.

    I believe that JESUS is LORD, that HE is the Son of GOD and that HE died for our sins. I believe that GOD has given us each our own specific purposes in this world and that we should use them for HIS glory. to advance HIS kingdom. more importantly, i believe i am an empath. but i believe GOD is preparing me to fully deal with and use this gift for ministering to the broken hearted, and broken spirited, and even those who broken physically. i believe that the healing that happens is the work of GOD. YES, a person's hands might be the ones on the hurt individual, but the power is forever and always coming From the HOLY SPIRIT. whether you (anyone) recognizes it or not.

    i understand why i can't walk through a mall, why i don't like huge crowds at events, and why i truly truly feel pain that has been delivered to someone. even on tv, i actually feel the pain. i understand.

    i just thank GOD for this gift and for the understanding. i've always had a need to help those who really need help..when i passed them by i could feel it. but i've never acted on it unless i was by myself. just talking to them sometimes would be enough to lift their burden. I'm going to continue to pray about my empathic tendencies. the bible does call it DISCERNMENT. i'm going to pray about it and search more into this.

    thank you.

    oh, and any responses will certainly help me out. thanks for sharing everyone. this helps more than we can say, really.

  • feelincrazy 5 years ago

    I have been reading this and alot others all night long. finally I feel like I have some answers. I have always been extra sensetive to the point that just for one example when I lived in Washington I would call my mother and say to her that "dad's in the hospital isn't he?" and of course she would say yes. I HAVE gotten to the point that I rarely go out in public because I am over whelmed with others feelings and I get physically ill all of the time. I find that I am more angry as every day passes and I truly believe it is due to all of the anger and fighting around the world. I too am a christian and I know the Lord has a plan for me I just wish I knew what it is to be. But I guess we all ask ourselves that atleast one time in life. I wish I could just meet in person one other person in real life, not online that is like me. Ifeel so alone.

  • hjean 5 years ago

    Well, I have to say I am glad to have just found this word yesterday. I never had a name for what I was experiencing although I knew it wasn't "psychic". I am more comforted to find this information for my niece who experiences these feelings because I have been trying for a long time to explain them to her. It is very easy at times to mistake them for depression, since the deep sadness doesn't seem to have a "reason" at the time, and it is so very deep. Most of the time when I have felt it something has happened shortly after, and sadly, the minute the "bad" thing happens, the deep sadness is lifted. Even if the incident is incredibly sad for me, it's a different kind of sad. Not the same pain. I have had so many experiences with it that I've grown to recognize the feeling and know that it isn't me. I am also lucky to have people around me who have experienced my sadness and then an incident occurring, enough times to know that what I'm saying is true. So I have found that the feelings only get stronger and more frequent with age but I don't get as upset as I did when I was younger because I know what it is and I know who I am. I'm thankful to have websites, a name for it now, etc. to share with my niece. I was often fearful that she would mistake this for depression and medicate herself for no reason.

    I cannot watch any suffering on tv because I can't bear it. My husband has often found it annoying that I have to leave the room or change the channel. This information will also be useful to share with him.

    I also find it useful to discover a reason why people do trust that I want to help them and they don't shut down even if they don't know me. I do understand what they are going through and I don't always know why. I've always felt it a bit of a burden that I "have to" help people. That annoys my family as well b/c it's not "my job"....however, I have come to terms with that as well. If I CAN help then I need to. For me. It's what I need, I don't know why, so I just accept it.

    Bless all of you. And for the Christian, I too am Christian so if this is the way we are, I believe it comes from God just like everything else.

  • Dragostini 5 years ago

    Being an Empath is probably the most amazing, but most difficult thing in my life. I've known that I was able to 'feel' as I say, other people on a very deep level since I was a child. I find that the most difficult part of it, is when someones emotions are so potent, that when I am close to them, they take over my own emotions, and I lose rational thought of my own. I on numerous occaisions have actually got up, and RAN as fast as I could, as far as I could, then called the person and said , 'can we talk like this?' and even that doesn't fully help...I can read and feel people so powerfully over text, IM, Phone, Email, Even snail mail. I believe for myself personally it is more of a curse than a gift, however that is not to say it is not a gift either....I'd be dead if it wasn't for my empathic ability many times over...but I'd also be a lot farther in life if I wasn't affected by so many people all the time, confusing myself in more ways than I care to state....

    It's refreshing however, to see so many other empaths discussing what we are. It's nice to know I am not alone, and I am not insane...

    If any other empaths care to talk about the subject of our empathy, as I really think it could be beneficial for at least myself, to learn more about us, from others like myself...Email me,


  • stacy 5 years ago

    I find all this oddness comforting. i can't say i don't know why or what i am blessed with this shared burden, cause i believe i know. i've experienced many odd events along with visions. i must say the strangest, was when i was chatting with amanda about emotional pain when she was a child. both of ours stomachs were turning same time. i look at her said wow my stomach feels weird, she says me too. then i saw a five prong energy of light spin in her up through her heart, up through her head and connected with my hands. i went down. we both looked at each other saying what the f was that. her first comment was can u see the energy moe, i said cool beans u can see it also, woo thank god cause i thought i was crazy. she stated to me wow god is real. i said yes my father is. thank u beautiful people. love you all and please believe in the greater good for all of us even to cover the dum ones

  • brownin329 5 years ago

    Hi Isabella,

    I hope you are still commenting on the article responses. Thank you for writing it. I have been an empath/hsp since childhood but I didn't know what it was until a few years ago. Everyone just called me "sensitive" - not necessarily crying but I could pick up on things others can't and "see" things other can't see or "crazy". I also take on other's illness through touch that are not contagious. The doctors don't know what the cause is and I heal without explanation. This has happened several times in my life. I also pick up on good or bad things (vibes?) that are about to happen (especially bad) but I don't think that has anything to do with being an empath. My question is how can one learn how to thwart negative energies of people who send psychic attacks my way and build the positive energy that allows us help while using the ability? Although it is draining I'd like to really learn to use it to heal and help without "hurting" myself. Are there trustworthy people who have mastered the "gift" who can help others develop theirs? Thanks!

    **and yes having the ability while growing up in the "ghetto" was not fun.

  • Max 5 years ago

    I'm a decent empath who picks up on anything projected to me. Anyone I start to crush on I can empath physically or emotionally when they have extreme emotional reactions. My physical symptoms tend to be off but in the general vicinity...recently I had a friend I newly met project emotions and I took them in and read into them...they weren't easy to read. I described the place and had a hard time explaining the emotion. I have also heard, felt, and seen things before they happened. Sometimes abilities can mix. Just putting my personal experience/beliefs out there. And when I'm lied to by someone I love I trust them but I keep feeling and seeing the truth...doubting myself. I don't want to screw up an amazing thing if I somehow am wrong. That's why I doubt myself. Fear of loneliness if I'm wrong. If someone is shady or isn't willing to be fully honest and open with you then empaths will go depressive crazy if they are being lied to because they want to trust when they know they can't.

  • João Agria 5 years ago

    Hello Isa, I feel like i'm every word you've just said... Some of those abilities are strong and some are weaker but it describes me... I used to heal like you've said but i'd feel drained, exausted after doing it... I learned Reiki and it really helped me to control my energy flow, in order to be able to block the negative energy and at the same time not "exchange" the illness with other people. I always know when a person is lieing(i was only mistaken once), and i can tell a persons personality just by looking at them, and sometimes a mear picture is enought... i've leanded to "control" it a little bit but how can i develop the gift and at the same time control it better? By the way, i live in Portugal.

    Best regards, João

  • Rain Raven 5 years ago

    I was very amused at the entries, particularly by those who called themselves 'empaths'. :) THIS TERM OR DEFINITION IS ACTUALLY SELF-LIMITING. The reason is that all of you are finally discovering what Aboriginal First Nation people have known all along since ancient times. All people are born SPIRITUAL BEINGS. We are foremost created spiritual beings. We are all energy and this energy is pure and comes from the Creator, by Jesus Christ of Nazareth, born as flesh and made manifest upon our lost world. Jesus is the Son of God and he is the Light. Light is pure energy and streams from God who is the Source of all Light and Life. Life is animate Light. :) All human beings are spiritual beings but not all are HUMAN. Those who cannot and cannot care about other human beings have a spiritual condition called "being evil." These unfortunate people are spiritually deficient and lacking in God's indwelling Presence within them. They resist the Holy Spirit who indwells all human beings who acknowledge and have God within their hearts and souls. The very premise of the Bible to ask Jesus into your heart and be 'saved' is asking for spiritual rejuvenation - being 'born again' and being renewed more dynamically with the presence and power of GOD indwelling within you. It is a rapid and instantaneous 'evolution' of soul and God's Way to advance human beings to their original Eden unfallen state. It is by reconciliation to Himself through Jesus who made the sacrifice for us. I currently have all 7 traits listed and MORE. I did not ask for more but I was in a state of willingness for God to accomplish HIS WILL within me and my entire LIFE. This is what He requires from each of us. Then we receive "life and Life More Abundantly." This means more spiritual strength to the point of transmitting healing and miracles to the unfortunate and needy around us. We become like Jesus! Imagine if everyone in the world became spiritually like Jesus. This is what God wants! - this is His design and intention. We are spiritual beings encased in physical bodies. Those who are not 'empaths' or regenerated humans always act as if they are purely physical beings and that is the extent of it. Those who are enamored with the powers of God and using it for selfish objectives, want spiritual power but without God's direction. They can actually have this but to their own soul's hurt. They will invariably implode from within. There eyes will be pools of blackness - no Light. You can actually see it if you look into these disturbing pools of lifeless blackness. So you are becoming aware of something that you should have been aware of naturally LOL - you are human beings! Real human beings! more to come ---

  • Sadie 5 years ago

    I am an empath. I have been one my entire life. As a child, even before I knew what it was, it made me ill. I was always hospitalized. The doctors said "I was a nervous child". Nervous indeed! I hated being in crowds and walking into a place not knowing what may come.As I became older, I would go to the mall so my grandmother could shop. But I could never, never walk past crowds so I would go in the early mornings. Even in high school it was torture. I was very much a loner. I would go into the library. My mother used to tell people I was just "shy" and "reserved". When people were not on good terms I could feel their anxiety, anger, sadness and knew when they would want to fight. I was just a mess with conflicting emotions.

    I can always tell when someone is lying to me and why. I would confront them and they would lie more. I am married now. I have picked up my husbands ailments. I can tell when he isn't happy before he comes home. Just like my father or mother when they were on their way home from work and I was very young then. It's all of the above. The 7 signs. My daughter is also an empath. She is young and I am teaching her how to cope with it and we are learning together how protect ourselves. We can also walk into a place of history and pick up the emotions and feelings of the people who onced lived there. For her, she becomes ill at times. She comes down with headaches if it was a "bad place". It's like a curse. To explain further, it always (as a child) started in my stomach and my stomach would go in knots and hurt terrible and I would shiver and shake and my skin. I would have goose bumps and I would do one of two things run and hide or just sit and deal with it. It was exhausting and I was sick for days on end. Now I go into meditation and prayer.

  • Overwhemled1 5 years ago

    This helped a lot because for the longest time I couldn't fully understand why I would snap on my friends when I would go to the mall with them. But it was because I was so overwhelmed. That part made me laugh because of so many things that happened at the mall because of being overwhelmed. Everything on this list was a definite answer for me and telling me yup you're empathic.

  • amy m. 5 years ago

    wow, thank you so much for writing this article -- I've known about being "highly sensitive" for a while, but I think I'm starting to face the truth about being an empath, and being on the healing path. I think it's easy for me to feel like my feelings are not legit, but this really helps solidify the "realness" of being an empath.

  • Anna 5 years ago

    I am 65 years old. My father, his twin brother, my brother, my husband are all ordained ministers. I am an empath. I recall having experiences at an early young age. My father and mother would ask me questions that related to the church. When my Uncle's wife was seriously sick with cancer, I went through the final stages with her. I got relief when she passed over. Yes an Empath's gift is important to life. Empath's follow your heart/gift. No that higher consciousness is "leading you" and teaching you how to Love.

  • unexplainedmind 5 years ago

    wow knowing this now is really a releaving feelling, for 2 years i was actually thinking that i was going crazy. but i still need some help some times i explode and i can't controll my moods. i really would apreciate some tips at least on this matter. i really wish to go back and have a normal life.

  • Empath Faey 5 years ago

    Thanks for spreading the information to those who needs it.

    Good list of empath traits. Keep up the good work. :-D

  • Maggi 5 years ago

    I just found this blog and for the first time in my life I truly do not feel like I am nuts.. I feel I will never be in a ever lasting relationship, I know the instant someone lies to me. I have been learning to deal with it, and forcing myself to go out and socialize more. It take great concentration to shut out everyone..Thank you for writing this, things make so much more since..

  • Liz Liddell 5 years ago

    As an Empath, I have been one all my life, I am severely distressed at the amount of negativity towards others of the same spiritual those who profess to be followers of Christ. Jesus was an Empath, so was Mary Magdalene, as they were high priest and priestess of the Essenes. (Mary Magdalene was never a whore as has been promoted by the Catholic Church in their efforts to denigrate her status as a spiritual leader among women.) To deny who they were and what they could do is to deny the Talents given to them, and us, by the Heavenly Father. They are the 'Fruits of the Holy Spirit' that are made manifest in the True Sons and Daughters of the One True God. To deny this is to commit the greatest and only unpardonable sin of Blaspheme against the Holy spirit. Judge ye not lest ye also be judged!

  • exhausted 5 years ago

    I happened upon this article while looking for any kind of explanation as to why it feels like I take on other people's emotions and sometimes even traits. Like I'm an emotional mirror or something. In conversations with people I often feel like everything has been said before, at least the things regarding feelings. Lots of things come off as easy in life, but they don't exactly feel important. The only things that ever feel real and important are feelings. Lately when out in public, anger is constantly looming around me. It makes me feel really paranoid almost to the point of never wanting to leave home. Sometimes I think maybe someone out there is just playing a big joke on me, but I can't imagine anyone that would want to do that or even someone capable of it.

    it's in the url.

  • hope2heal 5 years ago

    I can remember from a very young age that I have always wanted to do something that helps heal people. I want to fix everyones problems.I have been depressed since I was a teen and now I'm 42. When I was yound I dreamed alot, more than I do now, lots of deja vu. I never realized until now that this may be why I get so overwhelmed at malls, supercenters, crowds. Can it be that my negativity that I draw from others comes out through me and thats why I can't make friends?? I feel so bad all the time physically and emotionally. Japan hit me hard too. I feel like over the last few years I have started distancing myself from people. I am a LMT and sometimes I have felt really bad after a session, even drained.Some clients want to tell me all their stuff but I thought it was because they were just complainers or hypocondriacs.Sometimes I think I'm paranoid because I pick up feelings from others that I can't prove that they are feeling and no one else sees it. I'm not sure on #4 & #7. This is something I am going to need to pursue and start paying more attention too. Thanks so much Isabella for this site.

  • Michael 5 years ago

    I have known i was different my whole life. I been able to control my empath abilities for so long it has become second nature to deal with it.When im in a crowded room is kinda hard sometimes but i just concentrate on me and i dont get lost in the background.But by all means dont take it was or is easy for me, I still have them hard days like what happened to Japan.I hope this maybe helps someone with understanding that it might take sometime but you can and will be able to be yourself,empathic,and be able to tell the two apart.

  • Stormy69 5 years ago

    I just fold out about month ago that I am empath. I am still learning how to deal with it. I can't find anyone to help me. I live in staley nc so I'm trying find someone to help me out

  • 5 years ago

    Thank you so much xxx

  • justin 5 years ago

    Hey melissa I know what your goin thru a little and it gets easier if you let it message me back if you are interested in help if I can give it

  • lannm 5 years ago

    I have always had a little voice in my head that said that I was an empath but never really KNEW much about what that actually meant. I thought that empaths were supposed to LOVE being around people and LOVE to help. Dont get me wrong, I love people, but find the most peace spending time alone at home with my dog. In the past I have also had a tendancy to have people in my lif who are sick and always wondered why. I understand and am so happy that I read this! Now, as far as the negative comments go from this post, just let them be. No need to feel anger or anything. They are just living their own reality and if that suits them, than fine. So be it. Its not for ANY of us to judge...just to be the best we know how to be and do what FEELS right.

  • Melissa 5 years ago

    I am soooo confused.

    I just looked at all of the signs, and I can relate to every one, except of course the last one I'm a little fuzzy on. I don't remember healing anyone... but everything else is pegged on me.

    I don't know if I'm just super sensitive and intuitive or an actual Empath. Maybe everything is in my head. Seeing as my family is super screwy and thinks I'm nuts, I'm not sure what to believe.

    I just watched a movie that I cried through the entire time. I felt like I was the protagonist herself. Everyone else, of course, was unmoved both physically and emotionally by the film. They were excited, but not as devastated as I was. Everything hit me straight on.

    Then I don't even know if this can be included but these super strange things keep happening! This is about the fifth encounter these past couple of weeks I've had with the situation but today while walking into one of my classes a girl was talking about an injury she had gotten. It was just a small cut. I wasn't even paying attention or looking, but before she finished the first sentence I cut my finger open on the metal part of my binder. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Also, I constantly seem to be experiencing the same pain and ailments of others constantly.

    Am I making this all up? Am I nuts? I used to think it was just because I secretly wanted to be an Empath, to be different, but I really don't feel that way. I just feel connected to everyone. A lot of comments I've read so far are from other Empaths who are completely aware of their place, and I was hoping maybe someone could give me some advice or help me figure this out? Replies would be absolutely fantastic...

  • Daniel Santos 5 years ago

    Nowadays every one wants to be a empath... how fun must be to feel love... to understand others... you think that been an Empath it's like Phoebe from charmed... WRONGGGG I'm an empah... sometimes you don't even know if the feelings are yours or somebody else... and can you be mad at people?? I would love to be able to be mad for a week to a friend who's being a jerk... but i can't... i allways understant and feel why they are doing... Even with some years of filtering... i can't even say good morning to a person without feeling their morning bad humor... And helping others it's a pain when you are exausted... and you can't even say NO, the dam emotions speak louder... you have to help... I came to accept my abilitie, my power, my gift or whatever... but i get really mad when someone says "I wish i were an empath so i can change the world" News flash... you don't need special powers to help... if you really want to... Sorry if i sounded a little harsh.. but this is the result of shearching several foruns... and some people don't have a clue of what their are saying.. dealing with our own emotions it's hard enough... imagine dealing with everyone else's... by the way nice article Isabella Snow, sorry about my english i'm portuguese =)

  • Shez 5 years ago

    I have always known I was something and 'clairsentient' was the only term I could find that seemed to somewhat fit what I have gone through my whole life. But reading through this article, 'empath' is a more accurate term.

    I certainly fill every one of the criteria in the article and more. In particular when there is intense emotion in someone nearby, such as raw grief, it slams me in the stomach and results in gut wrenching sobs and tears. However there is always an upside. For instance, intense joy is awesome!

    It is difficult as an empath. I find I cannot stay more then 10 minutes in a crowd of people before the crushing chaos of so many peoples feelings threatens to overwhelm me. A trip to the grocery store is extremely uncomfortable and I usually run in and out again as quick as possible.

    The strange thing is that I didn't realize what was going on with me until I reached my twenties. I didn't understand why I was able to understand and help people when no one else could. What I didn't realize was that I was utilizing this empath ability and reading their emotions, understanding exactly how they were feeling and responding so they knew they were being truley understood. I didn't realize what I was doing until I caught myself at it. Realizing that I was silencing my mind and 'reading them'.

    The thing with empaths is that when an empath says 'I understand how you feel' or 'I understand what you are going through', it isn't just commiserating words. A true empath understands inside and out EXACTLY what the person is feeling, because they feel it too. So it is a gift and one that can change other people's lives for the better. It is also of course one that can be used negatively, but I am not going there.

    I was rather glad to read one of the previous posts describing an empath's perception of the world and I think that was spot on. Certainly for me. Music is an emotional journey, each note felt exquisitely. Nature holds a more radiant glowing beauty. It is a whole different perception of the world and one that I felt a bit isolated in because no one around me seems to experience it in the same way.

    I really think empathic abilities are something to be explored and built on, not feared and despised. I am learning that with intent I can block out those intruding feelings. Something I have discovered only recently and am working on. With some practise you can easily recognise what feelings are not your own and maintain a certain distance from them. In other words observe them, rather then being sucked into the experience of them.

    Overall, my abilities have had a profound effect on my life, all the way through. To be honest I wouldn't be me without them, they are very much a part of me and I don't think I would be parted with them for the world.

  • Occulatum profile image

    Occulatum 5 years ago from West Wales

    Hello All

    Being a 40 yr old Empath i find this page a star shinning in the darkness! May i commend the author and all the comments! There are many of us out there aspiring to cope with the fact we feel and see everything. If recent events are anything to go by i know i have been greatly effected by the plight of Japan's people, the unrest in the Middle East and Africa and that big changes that are heading towards us all in the way we live our lives! Although i feel i see i know what ever is showing me does not show all and have begun indepth studies on the Em field, moon phases and siesmic activities. It seems that great changes are happening in these area's also! I have always wondered why some people see and feel these things and not others! Is there a purpose? And if so what is it? Is it linking to other Empaths? Maybe we should all join in a meeting and discuss this and find out what our roles are and be supported in the face of what we do?

    Anyway lol enough of my rambling!

    Again a very impressive page and again thank you for sharing Isabella Snow and commentors!!!

  • suziekee 5 years ago

    I am confused.. I have been researching highly sensitive persons, empaths, and the difference between the names given to different pshycic abilities and am confused about where i fall under..

    can anyone help me differentiate where/who i am?

    I am highly sensative emotionally, I cry all the time, about little things and big things. ads on television, atrocities, as well as other peoples emotional pain. i feel tired and bogged down emotionally all the time, which effects me physically. I am drawn to people going through emotional pain, I'm always the one at the party who is comforting the girl sitting in the curb cause shes had a fight with her boyfriend..

    and when people say "i feel like.. ugh i don't know i cant describe it" i can say "you feel like this.. because of this.. and it makes u feel like u should do that.. and u wanna do this.." and they say "EXACTLY".. i would be wealthy if i had a dollar for everytime someone told me, "I don't know why I'm telling you this, I never told anyone before", be it someone close or a perfect stranger. I make friends very easily but I am not always a good judge of character. Sometimes i feel like i KNOW when someone is not good. other times I have been very much unaware of a persons true character.

    I have had experiences where I havnt been able to sleep and dont know why, and then discover the next day my Brother was the same.. In Afghanistan.. I have days of sickness or the best way I can discribe the feeling is feeling 'Unsettled' and I don't know why. Sometimes i may find out that a friend has had a bad day, other times i never know where it came from.

    Can you be empathic without being a true Empath?

    or are there varying degrees in ability in Empaths?

    I don't feel the strong swing of emotion people have been talking about on here when walking through a shopping centre but I have had dreams that I have that ability. It is how I have described myself as feeling sometimes because I just feel so weighed down. But I havnt been conciously aware of doing it for real. As a child i was diagnosed with 'anxiety' as i would feel sick everytime my mother was about to take me out of the house for the day. As an adult (25) i only feel that same sick feeling in times of highly excitable or stressed events.

    I can't seem to tell when ppl are lying to me because I believe in the good in people. I do not lie, therefore I never expect someone to lie to me, and it always surprises me when I find if someone has. I feel pain very acutely, I get what I call 'random pains' that can occur any where in my body at any given time that I never know why, and they pass just as quickly as they come.

    I do feel a strong need to help anyone I can, no matter if they have not been particulary nice to me, or a perfect stranger. I ended up injured far worse than the original person involved at a car accident I attended a few years ago. But I don't regret stopping. If I hadnt been there she would have been killed, but I got cleaned up instead and only broke my back. But I am alive and walking. I believe I was there for a reason.

    It is a running joke in my family that the female line are 'witches'. Knowing the phone is going to ring, or who is on the other line before they speak. We have all had our fair share of experiences/encounters with those who are no longer with us whether it be a visitor in our homes or a more permanent presence. I asked my mentor if there was a presence in my house one time and she said yes, and she wants you to talk to her. So I tried, my first and only time, and I recieved images and feelings, one image of myself playing the piano as seen through her eyes. I felt as though she was making sure I was ok and helping me develop my gifts. I believe she was a friend of my mothers from her childhood and once she had helped me, she returned to my mothers side.

    I guess what I am trying say, although very long winded, is that sometimes I feel confident that I do have some abilities but most of the time I just feel vulnerable. I don't know where to put myself (why do I feel the need to catagorise myself?) and I don't know how far my abilities go or how to control them. I don't know how to protect from taking on everything around me, every sad story, every emotional event, weighs down on me, I feel helpless to stop it and I don't want to turn into a depressed sad sob who nobody wants to be around because I in turn bring other peoples energy down..

    Please help me. I am a happy person. I want to be happy. I care about people. A lot. I want to feel in control. I want to learn how to feel confident. I want to gaurd against internalising others emotions/pain and/or attacks.

    I want to be wonderful.

  • travis 5 years ago

    everything she said in this article is dead on. it's a constant stuggle for me to live life because on top of this. i am also a visual type learner. put me in a social setting and someone's words aren't matching up. i pick up on it right away and i hate it then when i do question them about it. they get defensive cause it seems like everyone goes through life wearing a mask and i hate always being able to see that mask. yes it can be a gift however for me it's a curse and constant stuggle to deal with. 26 years old and still trying to cope and live with it.

  • caitlin 5 years ago

    Thanks! Sometimes I just worry that we name things simply for the sake of giving them a name. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one! Good luck :)

  • clark w 5 years ago

    hey - I'm sorry I dont have time to read all the comments, so this question may have already been asked, and if so, then don't worry about answering it.

    Is it possible to have only partial empathic ability? That must sound ridiculous- empathic ability sounds ridiculous enough, though I think I believe in it. The thing is, I'm wondering if there is a spectrum of empathic ability, just as there is a spectrum of emotionality in individuals. For me, I think I have something going on in that realm - either empathic realated, or else I just have an emotional trait of being very sensitive. What do you think? To give an idea, often times, people overwhelm me with their emotions, and after a full day of working with people I almost always feel sick in more ways than one. And I have a stellar immune system. Maybe I'm just over reacting.

    Thanks for your help!

  • That person over there 5 years ago

    I agree with Caitlin. the same thing happened to me. I was always very adept at felling others feelings and other of the symptoms. The writer is right, it is NO fun. but there are some things you can do to make it better. Google it. In this day and age there are a lot of posers, but only a fool would pose as this.

  • Gracie 5 years ago

    Caitlin...if you believe it, it is real. If it makes you feel better then you are not wasting your time!

  • Caitlin 5 years ago

    From looking at the response of your article, I see that a lot of people are going through the same thing. However, I need to know… is it real? Is what you’re saying real? Or is it some sort of warped wishful thinking? Two years ago, I worked up the courage to go see a counsellor. I had moved schools due to a particularly rough year, and I was looking for a new start, and a way to repair myself. After a really hard year, I was emotionally spent, my self-esteem, and my general mental strength was depleted. After a couple of sessions, I mentioned that I felt like a ‘chameleon’ of sorts. I told her that I often felt what others were feeling. Like I took on their emotions. Whenever I was around someone if they were happy, I was happy. If they were sad, I was even sadder. And I didn’t even have a reason to be sad, I just was. She then told me that I sounded very much like empath. Now looking at your article, I see myself in the majority of your ‘signs’. Your comments about feeling completely overwhelmed watching the news or something sad, is so reminiscent of me it’s not even funny. Whenever I watch something that remotely tugs at the heart strings, I cry. And I don’t mean one or two tears, I mean full on sobbing, like it’s me in the situation. And I’m 95% sure I am not bipolar haha. Also your comments about knowing if someone is lying or whether or not they have good intentions. Do you know how many times I have been called a ‘bitch’ or ‘judgemental’ because I have met someone for a second and I just KNOW that they’re not genuine. I’m very good at picking up emotions in others. Look basically I identify with your article whole heartedly. I see myself in every one of your ‘signs’. And whilst it doesn’t affect me so much anymore, because I have learnt techniques to stop myself being a sponge and absorbing others pain, I just need to know, that I’m not being ridiculous. That this is real… and that I’m not wasting time thinking this is real when it’s not.

  • Holly 5 years ago

    Hello Isa,

    Thanks for being vulnerable enough to share your intuitive knowledge of being an empath.I hope that we all come together as one to save humanity on this earthly plane.I pray that God will give us the strength and courage.All,empaths and healers,channel the Universal Love to Mother Earth and all lost souls so we may live in peace and harmony with all beings in the galaxy.

    Love,Light & Peace,


  • Gracie 5 years ago

    Hi...I have never considered myself an empath and am still not sure. For over 20 years I have felt such a strong anger whenever this one person is around me. I keep trying to forgive (what I don't know since she is not "doing" anything to me)and to let go...through meditation skills etc. Nothing ever works. Then someone just mentioned that maybe it is NOT MY anger that I am feeling but hers. Boy if that could be true, I feel like I could really let it go and try to help her instead of wasting time trying to forgive. Has anyone got any experience with this or have suggestion as to other areas I may look at? I too, know that I have very strong feelings when watching even commercials, etc. Always prefer to be in smaller crowds or alone and feel peoples energies to some degree. People do tend to trust me very quickly and lean on me for advice.

  • hUr† 5 years ago

    "I understand too many people may just swell these things up and shrugged it off as something as demonic possession, maybe they're right. . .and maybe not. No one can really tell it all,.besides not everyone deserves the truth, even if i say something now it may just cloud you up even more,,as much as how clouded i have been for the past years trying to figure out the thing about this empathy. I too find it hard to believe about psychics, powers, magics because there is no living proof for people. so whether empathy is some sort of powers, psychological illness, state of mind or whatever, atleast i know its real atleast for me"

  • Almost-sure 5 years ago

    ....I forgot to mention. Making sure you get a full night's rest and not missing out on too much sleep during the week definitely helps me in many aspects of my life like At school, and work, and it helps me think clearly so I'm not so overwhelmed.

  • Almost-sure 5 years ago

    I swear I'm crazy. Last summer a new family friend, who is an empath, told me that I was.She sensed that I was going through hell, as I absolutely was. Normally I was good at hiding it, but she ..just.. KNEW!

    She could see spirits and I asked how I could do that as well. She told me to meditate/clear my mind. So I did. The result was that I ended up having an experience with a dead relative. So I stopped meditating. I decided if I wanted to pursue being an empath I was going to wait until I was in the right state of mind. i.e., NOT in a bad place like I was.

    To those looking to block out everyone else's emotions. It takes practice and time. How I personally do it is when I begin to feel anxiety ridden about anything, I close my eyes, and start thinking about my heart beating at a slow, steady rate. Then I put up like, an energy field/ wall around myself.

    I had to do this especially because the new house I moved into is haunted. I rent a room, and I once asked the owner if a child had died in the house. They said "no". But one day when walking into a certain room I had imagined in my mind a young child running through where I was walking. I just thought I was making a good guess. Days later I found out that infact, I waS right. A child had died in the house years ago. Also in the same house, I asked if anyone else had seen a man standing in the door way of the living room. The same person again said no. But everytime I would vaccuum, I would just stay away from that part of the room for some reason. I felt like I was being watched. And in my mind I imagined a guy standing in old time clothing: a white linen shirt, leaning agaisnt the doorway. When I told the person this, their jaw literally dropped.

    There is also a doll in the house whose head moves to the side. Everytime I ask someone to straighten it, the next morning its turned again. I hate dolls, I always have, even growing up. I always felt like I was being watched growing up.

    I have also had very vivid dreams.

    I stopped havig weird experiences when I started thinking logically. For some people who are much stronger than others in this field might not be able to do this, or might.. I have no idea. I just know what works for me. Like I said, I started say "ghosts aren't real" over and over. adn I put up the "wall" inside my mind and it helps control my feelings and any others I pick up.

    In people, I'm better at detecting sadness and anger.I can always tell when my best friend is sad or angry. I just say "what's wrong?" and they always look surprised that I know.

    And in school I was friends with many different people.

    I hope I'm not crazy, cause that would really suck. I always thought magic was cool when growing up, like harry potter magic, not regular card tricks. I always wanted to help people though. I feel like some people I am just drawn to, especially the weak, and the sad. I have one very close friend and it took me months to detatch myself from them. Every emotion they felt, I felt. There are probably many methods to getting rid of this attachment so that you are injuring yourself when they are in much distress, but I just mentally "cut the string" between us. Putting more distance physically also helped me. Sometimes I would have to leave the room if they were so upset. I would just get this sick feeling. And as soon as I had left the room I'd be fine. Now when that person's upset, I just focus on relaxing them, and sending good energy with my mind.

    But having this isn't all bad. Sometimes you have good feelings to share. Like, a family member asked me if her spouse was going to pass a major exam. She was unsure, and so were several other people. As soon as I was asked, I said "Yes. They will pas. I'm sure of it". And what do you know? They passed. I call it a lucky guess, but who knows what it was.

    Once again, I hope the empath was right about me. And I still really hope I'm not crazy.

    And I also hoe I helped someone. If anyone has questions I could maybe answer. Ask away. Yeah I'm new at this, but Its always good to know your not alone.

  • BJBenson profile image

    BJBenson 5 years ago from USA

    I have been ever since I can remember and now people do talk about it more often. I thank the Lord for the gift he has given me and my children.

  • Pamela N Red profile image

    Pamela N Red 5 years ago from Oklahoma

    I didn't know what it was called and have kept it secret for years but I am an empath. People are drawn to me and do not know why. Complete strangers will tell me their most deep dark secrets and tell me they do not know why they are telling me these things they have never told another soul.

    I have Fibromyalgia from healing people. I take their pain and then have to deal with it. I don't know how to release it once I take it from them.

  • Silverangel 5 years ago

    I 2oo am Clairsentience, and an empath, and these feelings r driving me crazy....such a huuge relief, when i ACTUALLY feel normal..i need 2control it, but don't have the time..what do i do?? Ur right when u say, it feels like a words exactly..but i also know its a gift

  • Nathan Khan 5 years ago

    Hi My name is Nathan khan and i read through your article and was quite happy with the answers that i got i am an empath but i dnt find it a bad thing and at times it can be fun i wouldn't have it any other way although i believe that also has to be with being having slight precognitive abilities i like being an empath i have helped so many of my friends with my ability and i use it to make sure those around me are ok and although in crowds or even around one other person i can suddenly have massive mood swings i guess you could call it i like being more aware of what those around me are feeling it lets help me determine how the people around me are goin at this point in there lives and if i sense sadness or depression i try and be a friend and if i can help them through it

  • simplicity 5 years ago

    Ive recently learned what an empath is and that I am an empath. although i agree its not always fun. I am glad that i am unique in this way and i am eager to become more in death with it all. It is not devilish in any way. If you have the abitlity to heal then heal. Yes it can become overwhelming but you need to figure away to work with it..this I know because again its new to me and i am trying to figure away to keep just the positive in!

  • Grace 5 years ago

    I am a full Christian, but I have realized that I am Clairsentient. I DO NOT believe in any way that you can't be Christian AND Clairsentient!! I know this is quite childish , but I believe in vampires also. No, not the kind that hiss at holy crosses, and melt in the sunlight, but the Christian kind. I believe that no matter what you are, you can mix Christianity with that unless you are a devil worshiper, or an anti-Christ.

  • Lyn 5 years ago

    First of all, great hub, and it helped me a lot. I think that I *am* an empath, but sometimes I think I'm not. Being a teenager sucks. whenever I get randomly happy or sad, I just think nothing of it, or that'll pass, or that i'm crazy, or its just one a moodswing (being a girl doesn't help at *all* when your an empath too .__.). but whenever I visit old historic places, for example: St. Augustine, I feel *strange*. I can sense other prescences, old energy. It makes me act strange too. When I visited the old Light House where two little girls died I think there and climbind back down the stairs, I felt really weird and hummed some tune that I didn't know. I didn't feel like *me*, and when I got back outside, it faded away. And sometimes I know when someone's angry sad or mad, and it affects me too. Whenever I feel old energy, my hands tingle and feel prickly. I'm not sure about the "healing" though. I have a friend that can see auras, and she said mines green on the outside and blue on the inside (which is awesome, my too favorite colors and the personality that describes the colors of the auras pretty much describe me too) So I dunno if i'm an Empath or not. I just think that their my emotions and forget about it.

  • Starr the 15 yr old Empath 5 years ago

    Hello Isa (if you dont mine me calling you that),

    I'm Starr(yeah thats my real name lolz), I'm 15, black, and I am an Empath. It makes life, school, friends, etc quite difficult, especially because I'm black and other black people at my school look at me and the fact that I try to stay away from most people and think there is something wrong with me. I've noticed that in my area, blacks usually hang out with blacks and have one type of drama, while whites usually hang out with whites and have another type of drama (not being racists, but this is the area I live in). I have been lucky enough to find other psychics at my school and we're best friends.

    So I've had this...."ability" as I call it, my entire life. Or at least as long as I can remember. It's how I've always navigated my life, keeping away from people I dont feel right around and place that make me feel like I might throw up... knowing about people, people always coming to me with their problems, always knowing which guys like me (as shallow as that one sounds..), etc...But recently, I feel as if my ability is weakening or something. I havent been getting feelings as strong or making good decisions based on my intuition. So I'm wondering if it is possible to stop being an Empath? Or maybe my heart is just too clouded? I dont know whats going on. Any help?

  • LesleyM71 5 years ago

    I'm not sure what to make of this whole thing. Im actually in the middle of an episode, a very long and brutal(for me anyway) episode. I have struggled for many years trying to find out what my episodes meant but could never put a finger on it till I heard this term on TV I then looked it up and it eventually landed me here.I'm 43 yrs old. Im a strong, independant business woman. Well... I was a strong independant business woman until this year July25th 2011. July 25th My husbands best friend of almost 20 yrs was killed in a terrible motorcycle accident. My sister-inlaw had just recently divorced and started dating our friend 4 weeks prior to his death. 3 days prior to his death I suddenly took ill at the flip of a switch. I had gone to work at noon and was totally fine, and in a great mood doing business as usual,by 1:00 an hour later my head was on the table I could not function, all the sudden I was struck with a terrible feeling of dread, depression, hopelessness, out of nowhere and could not understand what was going on. I did end up having to leave work and from then on in for the next 3 days I slept, I could not get up not to eat not for anything. The 3rd day my husband came to see what was wrong this was out of my character completley. I remember my husband saying what could possibly be depressed about and I told him I didnt understand my self. I have no reason to feel this way im stumped myself. My husband drew a bath for the both of us thought a calm surrounding a quiet talk maybe we could figure something out. Well during this peace full moment was happening the phone rang. It was my sister-inlaw Jen. She had been waiting for Mike (my husbands friend) to come to her house for dinner and the night. She says to my husband I hope mike didnt get in an accident or anything, well that scares me when someone says things like that I feel that its bad luck it jinxes them I told my husband please tell her to never say that again, and I need you right now. He hangs up and phone rings a few more times till my husband answers the phone as soon as he answered it I seen his face and I jumped from the tub and grabbed my clothes I just knew this was not good. My husband then said someone had called Jen and said there was a horrific motorcycle accident a few blocks away. From that day on Seeing my sis Jen in this state of finding her prince charming and making verbal wedding plans to burying her sould mate I automatically felt struck with dreadful emotion. As if I were her and more.I barley made it to the wake, I made a show but soon would have to retreat to home and the couch where I would remain for days, the funeral the same thing. this continued for months, I cried for my sister inlaw I think long after she stopped, I could not stop the feelings of dread, and loss, I know how I would feel If God forbid I was ever in her position, the love I have for my husband and the loss I would feel, was to much for me to bare. In this time I went from this strong independant woman to a weak, cant function kind of person. I lost my job , ruined my credit almost my house and my husband. But he was definitley depressed from the loss of his very dear friend. I slept for a month straight a few days in between I would be up and then Jen would stop over and we all would cry and back in bed I would end up. Crazy it seems, Im not on medication, Im normally the happy go lucky, I have a great husband, awesome home we have built together we have 2 businesses. I never wanted for anything,But this death crushed me, but i had told my husband many times I just felt as if I was channeling Jens feelings and was feeling her feelings as If they were my own, I feel that I felt the brunt of them it so overwhelmed me so much I couldnt function, I actually scared myself. I am actually shocked that I accidently found this name Empathic and it describes exactley what Ive been trying to explain to my husband, I think he thinks Im crazy, He's even told me he thinks just from this episode that im bi-polar, I assure anyone Im neither crazy or bi-polar, Im quite well in fact I feel this is my answer to understanding whats been happening to me. But this has been happening to me since my midteens, just not to this extent, feelings of dread hours before an accident, I would have attacks of sudden depression everytime they ended up with a freak accident of sort and there were 2 motorcycle accidents the same days of my attacks. I just never know who what where or when, I just know I have terrible dread feelings of doom and gloom and in hours before or by the end of the day someones dead. Scared me so much when I would get these feeling I wouldnt let my mother leave the house and she would just ignore my plea's for her to not leave and tell me to stop, but when the accident happened she would be a little shocked at how I acted and what transpired, I have had these feelings and it ended up with 2 boys drowning and I had smelled chlorine all day and complained about smelling water all day, then bad feelings of dread and a distant family member was killed in a freak accident in a junkyard, to my mothers boyfriend killed in a motor cycle accident, to my husbands friend. Who do I talk to about this, is there anyone to talk to? Or do I just keep it to my self as I always have but now being able to put somewhat of a name to it.

  • Jean 5 years ago

    I cannot thank you enough!! I am "normal" I'm not bi-polar or over emotional! After being forced to watch all the latest natural disasters I'm so drained I want to curl up and "re-group" myself. I now know what physic ability my mum passed onto me. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  • Airin 5 years ago

    I am an empath. Ever since I was a child, I've always had social problems as well as behavior problems too. The doctors always said that it was some sort of disability. First it was ADHD now it is Autism. But I've learned to accept that it's being an empath. I've noticed that when I listen to music, and if I am really tired at the time and have not slept in a while, and I listen to the music, it's as if I slept and I'm wide awake and ready for another day. It's really amazing! Another ability that I've noticed is the power to take in other people's sickness and feelings. It feels like I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders. When I watch a movie like Saving Private Ryan for example, It's as if I can feel Ryan's pain for his fallen brothers. As if they were my comrades. Or when I'm listening to a song I just don't hear the music. I feel the music, the composer's emotions as they wrote the lyrics and what they felt as they wrote them. Or when I read a book. I don't just read the book. I can visiulize the entire story. It seems that with my gift I can help those in need. I just wish that there was someone who could help me. I sometimes feel that there's no one I can talk to or open up to.

  • Mary 5 years ago

    I never heardor read the word empath, until now. I always wonder what was wrong with me or if I was going mental. I noticed that I started smelling things that I saw on TV or things I saw on pictures; it is not often but when it happens it freaks me out. I also noticed that when someone is sick, suddenly I start feeling the pain of the same area; I used to say something, but not anymore, cause I don't want people to think that I am a hypochondriac. Not long ago I started giving massages, and what that person feels at the moment I feel it.

    I wonder if I am a little of an empath.

  • patricia 5 years ago

    I wake in a cold sweat... cant breath stomach in knots... like someone is punching from the inside out.. Visioning my guys anxiety, send him a text to tell him to be careful today... he calls me and says he just got word that he has to go in front of the board at his job... ok well this is one of many times I feel things, has not happened for many years... I do feel everyone around me. Its sometimes nauseating sometimes its painful, I get overwhelmed right now because I am going through my own issues.. after a 10 year bad marriage, I met this person and scares the hell out of me because I fell so strongly he is my half. I feel him when he is gone half way around the world, I feel him when he is near ... I feel him when he is happy or upset... I cannot get him out of my head to concentrate on my own issues.. its crazy, I need help.

    I have strong senses for everyone , by a voice or a picture , I always knew when my husband was going to attack me hours before.. so i did what i could to diffuse it, sometimes worked sometimes did not... My daughter and I have an amazing connection as well... She is 16 and on that roller coaster.. So I have it coming at me 2 ways other than my own.. Its maddening, and I cant deal with my issues when all others are reeling in my head.

  • Laurelei 5 years ago

    I am an empath, and to me it is no laughing matter. To me it is just torture. Sometimes I just want to die. I live today because God allows for me to; he is literally about the only one that I enjoy talking to because it feels as if he is literally about the only one who can possibly understand what I am feeling. It is pretty bad when an empath feels so overwhelmed that she cannot handle living. Empathy is more than feeling the emotions of others. Empathy is not judgement, nor is it naivity. It is a true knowledge of what is really out there. Maybe the reason that I, as an empath, am somewhat confused about my abilities, is that I have not been here forever as God has and therefore am not free from confusion. People learn things for their entire lives. The same applies with empaths growing to understand more of their abilities. If we as empaths had already lived forever, then we would be in total understanding of ourselves right now. I am living proof that every rose has its thorn. I would like to see how other empaths think about what I have said. I am not used to talking to other empaths, so I am pretty nervous about the reponse that I am going to get. (:(:(:(: I am 17 years old, by the way, and I have been self-aware since birth; however, I came to some sort of spiritual revelation when I was 12. When I was 14, it just about drove me crazy, I guess you could say. Now that I am 17, I don't even know to think. When I was 12, I looked into a lady's eyes and I could tell beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was the same way. She winked at me and said something along the lines of "I know." Often I have felt so overwhelmed that it feels like hell and it also leaves me with the fear of being lost inside of my own mind. It seems as if empathy is having a knowledge of eternity itself. Do you think that this is perfectly rational for an empath or do you think that I am a psycho? I really would like to get a response to this, because it is very much troubling me.

  • Packlife 5 years ago

    I would like to try and understand more about my empathis abilities as they control me and cause me to have bad headaches as i have been told? I just want to choose who i want to help and to feel ok to go out in public and be able to switch off from what people are telling me through body language. My Friends call me a mentalist take that how you will but i just need some professional guidance! :(

  • Nina 5 years ago

    Finding Truth - Perhaps the vision you had was of a past life and not your future. The purpose for having that may be to help you understand your present life. People who are further advanced spiritually are given greater challenges in life. The reason for that could be that in future you will be able to heal others because of your understanding and empathy. It might not be hands on healing but could be through counselling or some other way. In the meantime, it would help you to get some healing yourself.

  • FindingTruth1981 5 years ago

    Thank you, Thank you, i have always felt alone in my mind. Being molested as a child and having the Gay beat out of me the way other kids do chores, always made me wonder if god hated me. not only was i physically and mentally abused i carry the emotional weight of the world. I cant go to bars without feeling sick and dizzy. I cant stand still in crowds. People are always hungry wherever i go. Then there is the Insomnia.

    I had a vision of my future it was like a memory that i never had. It came to me in a flash. I was living in a cave old and alone, wearing the skins of animals to keep covered. I had a sense of my life. I felt like i was expecting someone. As if people would visit me seeking advice. Part of me feels happy knowing i will find peace, yet i must sacrifice a life full of friends and family.

    I am learning to cope. I always thought i wasnt good enough to feel anything for myself, that i didn't deserve to have feelings of my own. I have always felt like a mirror reflecting peoples emotions.

    I always annoyed people growing up because i am like a Chameleon emulating you. I would change the way i talk, my body language would match you to all your imperfections. I never knew how to stop it, i still catch myself emulating others, even to the point where i find ghosts of my past popping up and taking over.

    Thank you, For using your voice, For i have been waiting to hear that others can feel the world the way i do. That i am not alone with my pain. That there are others helping me sift through a WORLD of pain, joy, and indifference.

  • MegamanJ 5 years ago

    Sometimes it's more like a Curse, but sometimes a gift. The real question for me is, what could I use it for?

  • wabash101859 5 years ago

    I too have only this week realized that I was an empath ! I'm 51 years old ! What a relief in so many ways is all I can say. I ALWAYS KNEW SOMETHING ! Now begins the rest of my life. I have to learn how to control this rather than it control me, but now I have hope. That is something that has been at the very least "fleeting", especially this last year. I will be checking regularly here. I have found all of this to be very "grounding" for me. Thank you all !

  • Tyliie Nicole 5 years ago

    I've always had a natural affinity with other people, but when I hit middle school, and everyones emotions we're out of whack, my empathy hit me, hard. I couldn't tell my grandmother (who I then lived with) because I didn't have a name to put with my 'illness'. Finally, around 8th grade, I made a friend in who I confided my ability with. She told me her mother had very similar abilities, and that's how I learned about what I had. After a little nudging from my friend's mother, she convinced me to tell my grandmother. Come to find out, this ability has been in our family for generations!

    Now nearing the end of my senior year in High school, I've learned to block out the majority of other people by using music in public places.

    While this ability has it's ups and downs, I enjoy having it to help those who are close to me, but my boyfriend has to pull me from abandoned animals more often then not or I would be the crazy cat lady down the street, lol.

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing this artical for those who haven't been able to put a name on this wonderful yet terrible gift.

    Emotionally yours,

    Tyliie Nicole

  • freedomrik 5 years ago

    Hello All, I just stumbled upon yall here and thought I'd drop a line or two. We have had a yahoo group for along time(about 5 or 6 years)We just started a webpage called Empathic Revelations and would like to Isabella and the rest of you to join us. We are a work in progress, but we have a forum and chat. We are a support group that supports empaths with their gifts that many didn't even know they had. I enjoyed reading the posts here.

  • zyllina 5 years ago

    I had someone the other day ask me if i was an empath. I just stared at him. Because i don't know. What I do know is that I have been fighting off depression for years. Docs run tests but never find anything. I get sick all the time, but not actually sick. Im tired no matter how much sleep I have had. I do not like going to the store, my kids school, public pools, etc. Anywhere there are tons of people, I feel like im going to implode, or pop like a water balloon. The only time I ever feel like a normal human being is when I do what i believe is my life calling. Massage Therapy. One on one with people, i find incredible flowing healing energies. I ignore people the rest of the time. I don't want to hear their problems because well.... i have 2 girls and a husband, plus pets in the house. I think i get a constant barrage that i feel i can never get away from. I have tried vitamins, excercise, sun exposure, etc, all the crap docs say, but the only time i feel is normal is when im alone. Completely alone. I don't know if i am an empath, but thank you for your comments here. It gives me some ideas for research ^_^

  • Poochie 5 years ago

    Finding someone I trust to vent to was a big problem for me over the last few years while I was living alone. Bad paranoia seems to set in if I don't have someone that I really trust to talk and cry it out with. Luckily, I have recently gotten that support from family and it is helping a lot.

    Has anyone ever encountered a lot of workplace mobbing as an empath? I have had quite a few bad expereinces which I may have some PTSD from. I'm now trying not to run away from everything since I know what is actually going on now. So far listening to happy music and talk radio have been a great coping technique when it seems people are trying to bring me down or a lot of negetive emotions are swiriling around me.

  • Katie 5 years ago

    i too, am like brandy owens....i am not an empath...but can relate to many of the things mentioned, for example, i can always tell when people are lying to me...not sure what that meens...can u help?

  • Autumn 5 years ago

    This really touched me. I am glad there are people out there that understand what empaths are goon through. I was born an empath and it is not the greatest thing to have. I use it to help people though and I am very happy when someone comes to me and tells me thank you for helping them. I do not trust a lot of people because I know there are so many who lie to me. Everything you have said fits like a completed puzzle. Not one piece out of place. I wish I could have the strength to tell my loved ones about my ability. My parents are Christian so they won't believe me and my friends already know but they do not understand. My boyfriend gas yet to find out but I believe the time will come eventually. I've lived with empathy for 17 years and it has done me more good than bad. All of you empaths out there stay strong. You can make it through the hard times just keep trying. Experiment with it find out your weaknesses and your strengths. You will accomplish great things if you don't give up.

  • Vikingatheart 5 years ago

    If you are an empath, don't be scared. Fret (the first post) is wrong. I am a Christian, and I see it as an ability that was given to me by God. Satan seeks destruction. Empathy is not destructive.

    At 56, I have known I was an empath a few years after I heard the word for the first time about 1968. I had knew I had an ability. I had no word for it. At first, I hated it. But, as the years went by, I learned to "turn it off" when I needed to be apart from everything. It's hard, but can be done for a short time period. For the last 10 years, the ability has grown in strength and size to the point that other things are possible if I tap into the power of empathy. But, I do not believe any human being should have that type of power. The ability to heal is terrifying, but it is just part of who an empath is.

    Musicluver123, first you need to are not alone - not nearly! There are tons of us out here, and many don't even know they have it. It's OK to be who you are with an ability that will serve you well as you age. First Lesson - A church should NEVER judge you - nor should anyone else. Second are 16. Now that you know your ability, don't hide from it, but learn when it is acceptable, and when it is not. You are in control, not the ability. It is good that you have such a wonderful friend who supports you. Third lesson...your ability will allow you to help others, but there is one thing you cannot do when you encounter those feelings like you did with the girls...leave it alone. You can only help people who want to be helped. It does no good to try and calm things over with those who LOVE those things.

    I am an older empath. Only time helps. In the meantime before you can cope well, find a focus - one that is specific that you like. When you find yourself in those situations, it's like everything else in life - TRAINING is the key. Practice makes perfect. Train yourself to use that focus. It will be hard at first. But, with practice, that focus will be your best defense. It cannot be unlearned, but you can learn to use it when YOU want to use it. Don't let the empathy control you; YOU control the empathy. It is hard, I know, but time really does help. When you know that you must go to a hyper emotional place (like a funeral), prepare yourself ahead of time with that focus. It doesn't prevent you from feeling, but it will help you get through it much easier.

    FYI, apparently I have the ultimate in empathic abilities, and 2 more have come out over the last 5 years. I won't tell you what they are, because you may never experience them, but I have a whole new struggle. I know I will succeed with time. My daughter also has the same ability, and she, like you, hates it. But, she must learn to deal with it on her own terms. Inherited or not? Who knows. I hope I have helped a little.

  • Phi 5 years ago

    @ Charles thats totally true! thanks for posting it...its truly a comfort to find so many people...

  • charles 5 years ago

    In all honesty I am truly tired of the religious nuts. I am a Christian. I am also empathetic. Religion is man made. Man interprets Gods message. There are really angels who walk among us. The 12 apostles were given the ability to heal. So many examples that being an empath or psychic is not the work of Satan. So for all the religious people here, I believe it says in the Bible that you shall not judge another man. Yet the most judgmental people are religious?

  • musicluver123 5 years ago

    My name Sara and I'm 16. I just found out that I'm an empath and it scares me. I hate war moves cause o feel the pain and emotion from the character so strongly and I can't stop it. Today at school I walked by a pack of girls and I was over come with anger and jealousy and two minutes later there was a fight down the hall. I told my best friend and she supports me. I want to use my gift to help others come to go but Idk how or if my church will judge me.... Idk what to do.

  • Phi 5 years ago

    its most painful when you cause pain to the one u love and wen they don't understand you. but though it is painful i cant regret it...because its part of the reason for our existence...this is a lovely forum. will help a lot of people i think

  • Audrey 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing. I believe I am an empath, but did not know that others were like this. I feel others pain so intensely and find it difficult. How do we ease the pain - theirs and ours? I feel sorrow, grief, fear, total sadness, physical pain throughout my body and horrible headache pains. When I am near someone anxious - I feel their anxiety. As a child I was very close to animals and helped many wild animals in need and returned them to the wild. I feel that I have been able to help many. I am sought out by complete strangers. I never understood why complete strangers would sit beside me on a park bench and share their personal stories and their pain. I try to leave others with hope and joy. But I am so exhausted at this point. If anyone has any answers for me please email me at

  • msindependant 5 years ago

    I am tired, and feel most of the time like the life has been sucked from me. I am 50 years old and have felt others emotions around me my whole life. I have had this gift I now know since I was a child. Although I did not know what it was until about 8 years ago when I walked into a small gift shop to inquire about a large sculped angel sitting on a bench outside the shop for a price. When the owner approached me to ask if I needed help as I told her I could not find the price on the angel outside. Through a very short conversation with this lady she said things to me that made me cry instantly and then said she was not psychic but was an Empath and then said to me so are you. Now how she could have known that is such a short period of time I didn't know. I did not know what it was so I went back to work (as I was on my lunch) and looked it up. I immediately began to cry and thought to myself, I have been THIS my whole life. Most of the time I am so exhausted, and have never been able to seperate myself from the outside pressure. When others are sad, in trouble, I have always tried to fix it. But as I get older it is totally sucking the life from me. I just wish I knew how to seperate myself from knowing whether its just worrying about someone to the point I make myself sick. I am just so overwhelmed.

  • margaret watson 5 years ago

    I found this to be so interesting. (pls excuse the font computer not co-operating.) I was told that I was an Empath and to google it.#5 and #6 were very applicable. I don't get ill, or feel uncomfortable. I feel as if I can "read" immediately whether someone is good to be around or not. When I was 7, I couldn't,t understand why my parents did not want to adopt a 2 year old orphan, with whom I had fallen in love. I have been "taken" sometimes in giving money or things to people, but am not so quick to jump. I started volunteering in hospitals when I was 13, volunteered at Bellevue, other hospitals, played Bridge with the criminally insane at St. Elizabeth's and was a fire and rescue volunteer.I use white light, spirit guides and the Holy Spirit to protect. People do tell me problems, some of which are very personal and you have to be careful to understand, but not encourage their depression. I have learned to 'Give Up" on people when I realize that I can be of no more help. I think supporting someone with alcohol problems can be draining, so if it seems the person doesn't want help, I quit early. I used to think that if I continued I could eventually help..but learned that is not true. I guess I am an Empath, but certainly at my age should have learned some discrimination

  • Acryllo 5 years ago

    And how would one know if they were the evil kind? :)

    I have a friend that does this a lot though. Does his best to help others, somehow knows everything it seems, and cries a lot. Me and him are very similar. He's just better than I. This does explain my unwillingness to go to very public places though. And why I feel so very horrid around this lady. She lost her 4 year old... I wouldn't go as far as calling myself an Empath though. Though many people have this odd comfort around me. They tend to tell me things they don't tell anyone else, the first time they meet me. I try and help others I see that are in a bad mood. And yes, I have been depressed. Or so the doctors tell me. Anyways, nice article. :)

  • JustMe 5 years ago

    haha a friend told me one day that i was an empath. i didnt know what it was so I looked it up. It turns out that i have 2+ friends that are empaths along with me. its an amazing yet annoying gift to have. If someone is really close to me then their emotions are a lot stronger then when someone isn't close to me. last year a person died that was close to most of my friends. the entire day people we're either crying or depressed. i was overwhelmed my sadness and depression. almost as if i lost a brother.

  • NeoGeneration 5 years ago

    I'm a Christian, but being one myself makes it kinda hard to not believe in it. Some of the things I can just ignore. However, ever since going to college and living in the dorms, I've found myself suffering from illnesses I don't have and acting on emotions that weren't my own for reasons that- until recently, I didn't understand.

  • Oronde 6 years ago

    ok here is the thing i dont think i'm an empath but i will be honest alot of these have happened to me and i do prefer staying at home and i dont like parties much. i used to have problems in crowds then one day i was somehow able to supress it but that led to headaches so i started taking pain killers for my headache and now i do it without realising it but by the night i'll have a headache but now i just go to bed so i can survive the whole day. at the christian gentleman i found that this was strongest while i was walking on the christian path which i did from age 6 until i was 18 thats when i fell off and actually since then it has lessend so i think empathy is a gift from GOD so that we can be his aids on earth i mean we no longer get miracles but do you think GOD would leave us totally when we are so easy to stray?

  • misty 6 years ago

    i am a big time empath, reading this article, i know that this thing is mostly scrutinized and judged and frowned upon by others.., it has been rough for me all along learning to deal with this sort of thing.. i have not had a very glamorous life, and it has been a rough go,, i often wonder just what is it that i am supposed to do with these talents, etc. or is it just human evolution (btw, mr. fret has some deep seated narrow minded brainwashed issues that, with people like this.. you cannot convince.. so people like this, you will have to let them think what they want to, i know i live in oklahoma lmao.. anyways..)i dont feel comfortable exposing such preminotions often because people are so quickly to pass and keep judgements.. i can also feel when the person is judging me.. go with that lol.. Life for an empath, as i am understanding is not as easy.. because other people say well i dont care, etc. etc. but for us,, we have no choice.. we can Feel.. so we have to care.. people in this situation, it is hard to let go, or walk away, or not speak.. but with trained self awareness and mindfullness through prayer and meditiation.. this is what i have been learning about myself for the past year.. it has been helpful.. i hope others like us can find a way to live with this through learning to separate the mind from the actions.. and learn to control what sort of thoughts appear in our mind.. this is not hooky pooky or demon possession, or whatever. This is Real Stuff,, this is not bad, not evil.. this is who and what we are.. we can go with it and learn to use it in a way that is helpful, and useful, etc. without any judgement coming from others.. i am feeling a lot these days people rush to judgement so quickly.. and people are becoming more and more confrontational and shallow all in one.. it is stressfull indeed..

  • Chrissy 6 years ago

    "brian 2 weeks ago

    so i went out for the first time in a long time. i became a healer because of these issues. i couldn't take it anymore. walking into an area and immediately feeling all the sadness(i really used to tune into this emotion more than others for some reason). unfortunately now its anger.

    i was in fact debilitated because of this for 6yrs or so and was in and out of the psych wards of hospitals.

    only recently within this last yr started noticing the physical pains as well.

    so i went to the movies today, and when i started getting the pains, i prayed as well as asking for the permisson of the people in the theatre and then started working on my pains. of course now i come here and find out that there are ways to turn these things off. but im quite glad that i went through what i did and learnt the lessons from it that i needed to.

    namaste to all of you,

    and blessings especially to any other empaths that are having a difficult time dealing with them and remember you have to ask for help before it comes and in order to receive it one has to meet the helper half-way,

    brian "

    Thanks for your post brian and isa it really resonates with me and i appreciate that im not totally alone as it always seems so isolated when you hide from others to get away from the emotions. namaste!

  • Debbie Parker 6 years ago

    Finally answers that I have been looking for Thank you very much for this truths now I know I am on the right path for my answers thank you very much Namaste!!

  • Michele 6 years ago

    Until yesterday I did not have a name for what I was. I have always felt cursed but knew I was blessed at the same time. My abilities have saved myself and many friends and family members from some perilous situations. Now I need to no more. I need to learn how to harness what I can do, to control it so that I don't feel like I am going insane. At times I feel so overwhelmed by others feelings and emotions that I cant tell if it is me or someone else that I am feeling. I am so grateful that I am not alone in this any longer. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

  • Ashley 6 years ago

    I agree. I'm an empath, and growing up in situations of abuse made it harder. It's a poisonous rose. The things I can do to help the people around me make it seem worth it to me; i can take pain if it means others will be free of it. Thank you for making this so beautifully clear.

  • M. 6 years ago

    Matthew: Your question is indeed hard. It; I think would happen with extreme emotional attachment. Not sure, if we will have ability to take pain like saints do. I like the eastern theories on this part as they explain that it takes births of times to practice accepting everyone like us and than participate in there physical pain and taking over eventually.

    Great blog. Thank you Isa!!!

  • cynthia 6 years ago

    Finally a web site help me better understand what Im going through,many times Ican tell by the knot in my stomache when someone is lying or feeling down or not well even though they say theyre fine. I dont know if Im an empath but the criteria fits. No Im not a nut job just a person looking for reasoning behind being overly sensitve to others feelings and wanting to save the world and everything else in it for that matter.

  • GayLynn 6 years ago

    1 Corinthians 12:4-6

    12:4 Now there are different gifts, but the same Spirit. 5 And there are different ministries, but the same Lord. 6 And there are different results, but the same God who produces all of them in

  • matthew c 6 years ago

    this was quite useful but i have one question if i am an empath would i know could i know how to block others emotions with out ever knowing how to actually do so because every article i read says an empath feels everyone's pain while other then the pain every article describes me i can't feel physical pain from other's like if it was my own? i would like your help with this question.

  • hampwner 6 years ago

    fret- amen, ive read thos all and follow god always. And I'm only fourteen. God has been good to me

  • metoo. 6 years ago

    learn reiki fellow empaths. You have to learn to block and always keep you're inner centre. Learn how to keep yourself separate. when something happens release it.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    I don't know if I am an Empath or not. Out of the things you describe I think I can strongly relate to someone when they are ill- no I don't feel their pain- but I can sense what they are feeling. When I am talking to someone I can tell when they are lying- I can tell what the situation is really about. It's funny because no matter how I try I always KNOW, maybe it's because I'm a Mom??. I don't know why. It always happens, I thought it was only me. I can also sense what people are going to say to me- especially when they are upset, sad or extremely happy- never FAILS. For example during our family Christmas party my sister pulled me aside and before she could open her mouth I knew she would tell me she thinks my other sister would never have children. Also when a coworker pulled me aside I knew exactly what her concern was about before she told me. It's almost like I could read their thoughts before they speak. Maybe I'm good at reading body language or something?? I don't know but I do know that it is interesting reading about these theories. Also people will come up to me and tell me all their problems. Even private things that are painful- it's almost like they are talking to themselves instead of me. As a Mom I try to be comforting and listen. I don't like to generalize. Who knows what other mysterious things are out there in the Universe?

  • *~tracy~* 6 years ago

    ive always been wondering if there was something wrong with me.. my best friend is pregnant, and i told her she was before she even knew, i have her aches pains and symptoms, and its the same way with my mom, i feel her pain, literally, but me being around her always makes her feel better, and with my kids.. if they are hurt, feverish, in xtreme pain i hold them and it doesnt matter if it was pain from a bad cut, surgery they had, fever that is making them shiver badly, it seems like within minutes they are feel almost 100% better,... am i crazy or am i possibly an empath? i have also been sensing strange things since i was a little girl, presences around me, like im being watched, like there is someone right there with me sometimes.. i used to dabble in candle magic when i was a teen, trying to contact these presences but i never could stay focused, and i now find myself wondering what this connection i have with the world around me is all about.. any ideas??? or am i nuts.. lol

  • brian  6 years ago

    so i went out for the first time in a long time. i became a healer because of these issues. i couldn't take it anymore. walking into an area and immediately feeling all the sadness(i really used to tune into this emotion more than others for some reason). unfortunately now its anger.

    i was in fact debilitated because of this for 6yrs or so and was in and out of the psych wards of hospitals.

    only recently within this last yr started noticing the physical pains as well.

    so i went to the movies today, and when i started getting the pains, i prayed as well as asking for the permisson of the people in the theatre and then started working on my pains. of course now i come here and find out that there are ways to turn these things off. but im quite glad that i went through what i did and learnt the lessons from it that i needed to.

    namaste to all of you,

    and blessings especially to any other empaths that are having a difficult time dealing with them and remember you have to ask for help before it comes and in order to receive it one has to meet the helper half-way,


  • megan 6 years ago

    thank you for writing this. thank you over and over. finally something makes sense.

  • barbara 6 years ago

    I am currently searching to find my place in all of this.... I am not christian but consider myself spiritual.

    What I am currently writing about is some type of contact that is typically made after a death or specifically at a funeral that I attend... the person who has died will "tell" me to tell someone something... Now I have never come forward and conveyed the message, probably thinking they will think me

    I typically try to keep myself open to the possibility of some type of message, not knowing what it could be... this has only ever happened a few times, as I do not attend funerals often. So, what does make me? I know that the empath fits in other areas, but am trying to be careful in deciding what my gift is...

  • ra_tilt 6 years ago

    some of us do not want this. is there something that maybe a doctor can give me that will cut it off? its a curse

  • Dazed And Confuzed 6 years ago

    I havent known I was empathic for very long, just a few weeks and Im really having a hard time with it. I'm 13, just recently turned, and I'm pracically tripping over myself to avoid that side of me. My house is always full of an underlying layer of tension, so I always thought that was what was making me fake a smile until bedtime then cry myself to sleep. I easily Identify with 100% of what you said Isabel and I'm so happy that so many other people understand what I have to go through, though I noticed that most of you commenters and serious Christian adults. Don't get me wrong, I believe that Jesus died on the cross for me and that he saved my soul, but I'm having a lot of trouble with blind faith in my religion, so how am I supposed to believe that my abilities aren't just me imagining things an hoping to God that I'm not normal. If you could answer me privately, Isabel, my email is an if you'd like to do the whole facebook thing, my username is Anne Taylor. To all you stalkers out here, that's a pseudonym. My real name is nothing close to that.

  • Kim 6 years ago

    I'm just now starting to come to terms with the fact that I am most likely an Empath. I have all the traits described here and in other articles I have found. I plan to do more research and further personal observation. I didn't even know the term Empath until it started to appear in novels I have been reading lately; I always thought I was just overly sensitive or perhaps there was something mentally or physically wrong with me. It's nice to know there are others out there who experience these things and what I have may actually be a 'gift' if that's how you may want to see it. It really is draining and overwhelming at times.

    This last weekend we had a death in the family, my step-father-in-law (someone who I wasn't particularly close to). As he was dying I was having vision of doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on him, which is exactly what my husband was actually doing at that time on my step-father-in-law to try to save him. I was probably about 100 feet away in a completely different building and didn’t even know that he was dying while having the vision. I even had a vision of my mother-in-law refusing to do CPR because he had just had major heart surgery, which is exactly what happened. It was like I was seeing what my husband was seeing while trying to save my step-father-in-law. I’m guessing this is because I am more emotionally connected to him than anyone else, and his emotions were incredibly heightened while he was trying to save his step father. Then after he died and I went to comfort the family and I was just so emotionally overwhelmed with grief. A week later I'm still so emotionally drained and the rest of the family is still in grief but are able to laugh and joke and tell stories of my step-father-in-law who passed.

    These kinds of occurrences are difficult to deal with, but it’s nice to know that my presence may be helping my family. I’m 25 and I’m still working on getting a handle on everything. Good luck to those who believe they may also be Empaths.

  • Paul 6 years ago

    Being an Empath has nothing to do with "God" or "Satan."

  • gtw27 6 years ago

    Hi my name is Rich and I am the least of The Lords servants. I can see that many have posted here as having this gift as do I.The problem I see here is that this gift was not given to you to walk alone with it but was intended for you to walk with the giver of the gift. Of all who have written here, how many are walking with the giver of the gift? How many are born from above? How many have truly surrendered their life and made Jesus their Lord and Saviour? For you see, Only He can read the hearts and minds of man. Satan can not as I experienced in a battle. He pretends he can but truly he can not.I believe that the common denominator in all who posted here with this gift is a water baptism long ago.The desire of the giver of the gift is not that you suffer and isolate yourself from the rest of creation but that you come to know Him the one true God. If you seek after Him you will find Him. If you knock, He will open unto you. Let Him wipe away the tears of your suffering. For those here that are truly in Christ Jesus a praying of The Lords Prayer will take away anything you have absorbed and a calm and peace will fall upon you. For those not in Christ Jesus He loves you and waits for you.

  • sissylove25 6 years ago


  • Angela Nayeli 6 years ago

    I'm an empath, but I don't know how to control it and ground myself or shield myself. I'm constintly getting sick from this and have recently refused to leave the house. Can someone please help me? Where do we sign up for a mentor? lol

  • Michael Telford 6 years ago

    Hello,you may not believe this but while many people are indeed empaths please consider this...I personally am not an empath. I dont think I am anyway while I can connect to people and feel thier inner emotions too a degree also having an even need to help people in need becuase I can feel it from them.I believe it more that it is my inquisitive nature as a Gemini that leads too this fact what i dont understand is why I have dreams of the future...thats besides the point.What you have to keep in mind is people need to remeber each person can feel someones feelings instinctivly.Im just posting this becuase I want people to remeber just becuase you can feel emotions from people and help them doesnt mean your an empath but that you emote empathy.Right now by using empathy i can understand how an empath feels and yet I cannot.Maybe looking at your signs can shed more light then jumping to a conclussion that you are more than the average person.Also you have to remember people have the instinctive need to become special and seperate them selves from the mass population.In this they also dont want to be alienated by this.I use intelect and emotion to convey my point which is a natural skill of the Gemini. All in all my point is dont be so quick to catagorize your self on the broad facts and not the smaller ones aswell

  • Lise 6 years ago

    Thank You

  • supernatural 6 years ago

    Hm... I currently attend a supernatural school and many of my friends are empaths. The founder of our school is an amazing empath (and I suspect telepath at one point although he managed to turn that off with help from God). They teach us all kinds of stuff here... things that can affect your gift, how to steward your give, activating gifts, maturing as an Empath, etc...

    Many of the teachers really struggled with stuff like this when they were younger and are teaching us how to tune out the bad stuff.

    For instance, it's possible to pick up good emotions more than bad ones, and even to totally tune out the bad emotions. I tried searching for uploaded podcasts of our school sessions but unfortunately there wasn't anything directly relevant to Empaths that was uploaded. (We call Empaths "feelers" in our school... but maybe Empaths is a better word.) So anyway, I'll try to summarise some of the stuff I've learned.

    Firstly, understanding who you are and your identity is of utmost importance. Once you know who you are, you'll know what's from you and what's not from you. It's a Christian school, so our identity as saints (which means we're clean and pure and have good natures and by NATURE love to do good and please God) and children of God is inculcated into us. Once I had my identity firmly established (and it's a constant choice of faith to believe I am who God says I am), I began to discern that a lot of emotions weren't mine and I was able to release them to God in prayer and change the situation. (For instance, I would get really irritated at a friend even when I was really trying to love him. Turns out he feels he's annoying, so that got projected on me... after that I was able to minister to him and pray for him and help him get over that lie.)

    Secondly, renewing your mind is extremely important. If you are believing a lot of lies, your perspective of the world is coloured, much like wearing blurred lenses. People tend to see what they are geared to see (or in this case, replace 'see' with 'feel'). For instance, if you experienced betrayal and were hurt in the past, and chose not to forgive the person who betrayed you and chose to believe that people are not to be trusted, you'll begin to see plenty of evil intentions in people's hearts, which makes you more likely not to trust them. As you treat them as such, (and our perceptions and behaviour has a huge impact on people), they often begin to behave as such, especially if they are themselves immature and insecure about who they are, thus reinforcing what you believed at first. On the contrary, after you've experienced God's unconditional, amazing love and power, and you've cut any bad soul ties (eg. through personal repentance and through forgiving those who sinned against you), and you begin to understand how amazing God is, you can't help but pick up on the positive emotions, the good will, the love and the hope in people.

    These principles work for any spiritual gift, whether feeling or seeing. I know seers who grew up seeing demons but as they matured in their relationship with God and knew Him better and trusted Him more, they start seeing only angels and Holy Spirit activity. Of course, all that I'm saying may sound extremely idealistic, but that's also why I would say that stewarding the gift properly and without any burden is only possible when you know Jesus and have an encounter with God's love and power and are transformed by Him. =)

  • Mike 6 years ago

    I don't know really. But all I know is that I was hanging out with a friend, and I was feeling something from him. When we got into the car driving he would talk sometimes, and what ever it was I could feel it even more. I told him please calm down or stop thinking it. He told me what am I talking about. I told him, you know what I'm talking about. So he told me what happen and stuff, and he couldn't believe his eye's. This was the only time it got on my nerves. I could feel the anger and hate so much. Other times, like in high school I could tell when people are telling the truth or is telling a lie for some. reason. It was strange then, but I just got used to it.

  • chris679 6 years ago

    Simplyx-I do the same thing!

  • chris679 6 years ago

    I'm an empath. I have just learned it recently even though looking back, I've had many signs. I read a few of the comments from a while ago and some people thought being empathic was being an anti-Christ?? That is something I will never believe. I believe God has chosen a few thousand and placed them where help is needed. I'm just learning how to do this, thanks for writing this! It really gave me verification and confidence!

  • takeflight 6 years ago

    thanks. to everyone.. im not crazy

  • sensitive child of god 6 years ago

    though i dont think i can feel other"s emotions< but i can sense the emotions of others but i dont know if this is a biological thing or spiritual< however i do believe it"s both because my body is doing something>so that is biology

  • SimplyxMe 6 years ago

    I'm an Empath for a while, just realized the name for it. I can't focus on anything at all unless I have music, and my mind now plays songs 24/7. I think that it helps concentrate it on a singular input, so to speak, and lets the rest of me focus. It doesn't help me at all with the need to help those who need.. But I'm working on it, so hopefully I find something that works soon! Thanks so much for posting all of this, it's really helping me understand empathy a lot more.

  • xMystx profile image

    xMystx 6 years ago

    It's natural to doubt the ability of Empathy. Especially considering I have grown up in a family of skeptics. My father read me science books before I went to bed instead of fairytales, my mother is a nurse, and my older sister is a phsychologist. It's especially hard to convince yourself this, although subconsciously you know it's true, when everything you used to know is suddenly being challenged. I am a girl in the middle of converting from Christianity and a great belief in science to what I know is the right path for me, and have known for quiet a while, Wicca. What I don't understand though is how I am still unsure of my power even after what happened just last week.

    I was at band rehearsal (concert band) after school only a day after I found out about Empathy. I was playing great, better than usual with great enthusiasm in the music. All of the sudden I felt my heart drop and an amazing dread enveloped me. I felt like I was being suffocated and my arms felt weak. I had to stop playing and breathe for a moment, although each breath took a lot out of me. I was pretending to play for about a half an hour until the feeling had slowly left me and I was able to relax again. I had felt complete devastation and sadness, and I had no idea why. After a while of feeling that I had looked around and found a girl had come in late to practice. Her face was almost expressionless but I could see a frown forming at the edge of her lips. I knew it had to be her feeling this, but over time the music comforted her and I felt better also. As much as describing this to myself over and over in my head only gives more proof as to the theory of Empathy, I still can't wrap my head around it. It's a fantastic though, but also to me, just that. Fantastic. A fantasy. It can't be true, but it has to be.

  • openeyefilms 6 years ago

    I'm not sure if I'm one either. Damn - I wish I knew. I have most of these symptoms. And yes, people open up to me but I doubt they are doing it because they feel drawn to me somehow. They do it because they trust me.

    All I know is I feel things deeply. To the point of having nightmares in the middle of the night. I feel happiness intensely as well.

    I there a difference between an empath and someone who is just very passionate about life, love and people?

  • Mournfulbird 6 years ago

    I am not sure of being an empath or not???? I have had sudden feelings e.g) to heal my cat when I felt a lump on his chest and it's still alive to this day.... but did I heal it? Who knows. I was isolated at birth in ICU for having umbellical cord wrapped around my neck. Spent a lot of my childhood alone.. I need to be alone! Especially around Christmas, it seems that the emotion around me is choking me at times?? Wish I knew!

  • Archangel21665 6 years ago

    I just realized I am a Empath.I am 45. I always knew I had a gift, wasn't sure until now. I would always joke with my husband, that I am a aquarius. What you do in a reflection of water comes back to you. I know your thoughts for I am the giver of I could stand in a room full of 100 people I don't know, and the ones that need help FIND me no matter what. You either believe or don't. For those of you who DON'T beleive...WHY are YOU here on this page? I know A LOT on the bible and my ONLY son is named Mathew. (I wasn't suppose to conceive, GOD blessed me.) I have also taken the pain for others, so they don't have to. My gift to them, with NO expectations back. Please Fretbuzz REREAD the BIBLE! I have know priests WHO were the devil...they molested children. I am no one but GOD's child.

  • Anku 6 years ago

    It's so bewildering. Sometimes I think it would be better if I weren't an empath, but at other times I can hardly imagine being unaware or completely self-involved. I wonder if there are any professional or career choices that could use this talent...

  • Myst 6 years ago

    Guest- Your story is almost just like mine. After reading this yesterday I was in denial all today. I can't feel everything everyone is feeling but all during school I felt nauseous and got headaches. My hand was hurting too, which is weird because my mom had hurt her hand badly and I had done nothing to injure mine. That's about it though. Besides that I can only feel strong emotions or group emotions. Everyone, even strangers, tend to talk to me about anything and everything. I also feel really weird during awkward and embarrassing moments that I watch on TV or read in books and tend to have to leave the room.

    All through the day I kept wondering, "I'm happy? Why am I happy? I'm sad? Why am I sad?" I don't even know how to tell what emotions are mine anymore and I'm not sure when I'm exaggerating it.

    I've also recently been seriously depressed. My family isn't exactly... understanding, and my mother is dealing with a lot with her already suicidal mother so I don't tell anyone when I'm contemplating.. you know... killing myself. I get extremely sad all of the time and burst out in tears last night when my sister just made one of her tiny insults.

    Now that I know, or think I know, what I am... I realize I can't tell ANYONE. My whole family would think that I'm crazy and I know that for sure. They'd think I'm just being weird and exaggerating. It's so much pressure to handle and I just can't take it. I feel tired all of the time and I just feel alone.

  • guest 6 years ago


    Ok, so first off, I'm a Christian, and I don't think empathy is from the devil. Just wanted to say that.

    It's very interesting. None of this really applied to me until I hit puberty, age 12 I guess, except for one thing: I hated watching moments on TV or movies where I knew someone was going to embarrass themselves--you know, where the big secret "comes out" or people are put in an awkward's always made me sick to my stomach, even when I was as young as 8.

    I don't know if I'm what you'd call a true Empath, or maybe I'm just not a strong one. I can feel emotions around me, but usually only the people closest to me--my family and friends. Unless, of course, it's a collective emotion from a bunch of people. Some examples:

    -I once felt my friend's panic attack--she was in the other room--and I also felt exactly when it stopped.

    -Another friend poured her heart out to me after her close family member died and her grief almost overwhelmed me the entire night.

    -A teacher at my school died, and at the assembly, I could feel the sadness almost in the air.

    -My classmates were in a fight, and I could feel the tension the entire class period.

    Other times it's just moods that I will pick up on; my parents have told me I'm moody, and now I understand why...I absorb other people's emotions, I guess.

    I've noticed, too, that the amount and type of emotion I feel is directly related to their personalities--whether they're uptight or private or warm or strong-willed...I feel it in their emotions, and all of them are unique.

    I'm also almost always good at "reading" people, whether they're upset or excited or whatever. This is a good thing in a lot of ways, but sometimes it can freak people out if they don't know me that well...and sometimes my friends still give me funny looks.

    So I guess for me, maybe I'm a weak empath? Because most of these things only apply to people I'm very close to..feeling pain, feeding off emotion, a pull to help people, people randomly wanting to open up to me....I don't feel it with just any person unless it's a REALLY strong emotion.

    I never understood why I felt so drained after helping a person talk through their problem...I would feel drained and also feel some of their pain too.

    That's actually the biggest problem for me...getting my own energy sucked out of me and picking up on other people's moods.

    Any thoughts?

  • Myst 6 years ago

    For a while now I have thought I was an empath, of course only jokingly. I was subconsciously scared at the idea. When I read this everything seemed to amaze me. I am very anti-social and tend to get nauseous at parties or public places. Whenever someone I know is sick I help out, especially when it is either of my bratty sisters who tend to point out my flaws whenever possible. Last year alone I was home a lot sick and got really bad migraines in school. Within the last two years I have been getting random sharp pains. Usually in my back or chest or stomach. Just today in class I suddenly got a terrible pain in my stomach that made my eyes water and I had to stop moving. This happens constantly. No matter how many times I go to the doctor though, nothing is wrong with me. I always know what someone feels, when they lie, what the mean by things, and today I even felt strange learning about all of the disappointment, hatred, and excitement of the Revolution. When I'm in a big city with my friends or family I see people who need help and are speaking insanely. My family or friends just laugh and hurry away, but I stop and want to help so badly. It's the same with animals and watching the news. Others just shrug it off but I feel my heart drop. Often when I'm in my bedroom I'll also randomly break out crying. Listing this all know I'm surprised I thought nothing of it earlier. Reading this now I became extremely scared and even started crying. I don't know why, but now I'm beyond nervous. I'm just glad to know I'm not crazy... but can someone please help me know how to control this?

  • Laura J H 6 years ago

    Hello there! I'am an empath. I'm only 16 and I don't know how to control it. Every time I go to crowded place I become ill. Its like all the negative emotions surround me and leave me feeling constantly smothered. I am a people person but I have to spend a lot of time on my own or I just become over-whelmed. I can heal people to, the only person I have told is my mother. She was very ill and she believes that I cured her. I don't know what to do next. I want to help people but am not sure how to control my powers to stop myself from becoming ill, is there a way around this. Help is appreciated, and I will answer nay questions anyone has! :)

  • Terri 6 years ago

    I have struggled, and suffered, all of my life because of my emotions. Sometimes all I can think about is ending it because I get so damn depressed & don't know why! The Jon Benet story for example had me bed ridden for a week! I avoid the news in anyway I can because I can't deal with it. I have other oddities but this has been my curse. When I get like this a name or a face comes to mind and I can't shake it. I finally call that person and, sure enough, they verify why I felt them. I feel healed after I talk to them and, surprisingly, they do to. There is more, so much more, like the physical manifestations. I was surfing the net today to find what I could. Sounds like I found my answer. Quick question for anyone who would know, can empaths feel people how have died? Without going in to too much detail and being hung for witchery, can that dead person contact that empath? I have been called weak and thin skinned because of this "gift". I haven't known why I was so damn pathetic. I can't believe the crap I put up with from people, why don't I have a back bone?? Can't seem to get respect from anyone, told by my husband and 18 year old son that I am just too nice and let people walk on me. True enough. I can't go to a shrink for this but I fear this is going to kill me (I have been hospitalized because of this and the doctors are at a complete loss for my physical pain & internal bleeding - spent thousands!! These miraculously healed with the death of my mother last June). Can someone help me with this?

  • Nancy 6 years ago

    Glad to know I'm not the only Anti-Christ out there. Seriously, though, I've known for years I was an empath and I was just doing a random INerent search to see if there was any new informaiton and came accross this. I can't believe how judgemental people can be, And that one person who is a minister and said that anything the church doesn't understand they call evil is right on. BTW- for anyone who wants scientific evidence on this, it IS out there. It is a central nervous system anomyly. Ihave researched the scientific basis of it and all you have to do is search teh Internet and find it. But this article was right-on! Thanks!

  • Sin 6 years ago

    Okay, reading Frets comments just pissed me off and I'd rather not comment on that subject, but if Fret does ever happen to read this: I'm a Wiccan. Shove it.

    But other than that, THANK YOU FOR THIS. I was looking at all the signs and going "Yep. Yes. Yeah. That's me."

  • Moonjuice 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for this article. I have felt at the mercy of these symptoms most of my life but after studying the fact about empaths, I know they are really a gift to work with. And am now looking into a career in this area, where I can help others.

    We are getting back to a time of source energy in the world and the shift is already in motion. We will be connected to a higher and more pure awareness very soon.

    As for being a satanic force. I doubt very much whether Satan could feel the absolute elation, peace, humility, and overwhelming joy and beauty in the world as I can in the right circumstances as a satanic force is not able. And coming from a religious backround also know that whatever I am, God made me. Love and light all X

  • Lee 6 years ago

    I am a empath. Have been my entire life. It is a curse not a gift even when you do have a grasp on your ability. At times things leach in that you don't want. I say this working in emergency medicine as a certified emergency medical technician. Although the gift as it's called has been useful in my field it does drain you horribly so. I deal with the sick both physically and mentally, the dieing, the hurt and in pain, and at times the dead's family and the emotions and pain when you tell them there nothing you can do to help their loved one. The article is correct, there are no maybes about being an empath. You are or your not. And for those who don't believe you don't have to. Those of us that have this "gift" know for certain it's real because we live with it every day. It's one of the wonderful things about being alive and with our own minds. We can believe or disbelieve what we choose.

  • robc 6 years ago

    As a person that is "saved", and also experiences emphathic abilities I believe that we need to remember that Jesus taught us that the way to the truth and to God is through him and that does not mean just his salvation but his teaching for his teachings are our salvation. Jesus used empathic abilities. It wasn't until the organizers of religion came along that we were told these abilities are of the devil. Why? because of profits. What is the root of all evil? Money. I suggest people use their words wisely when calling an empath (which is someone who feels anothers emotions and helps them) possessed. Many enter the counseling fields and help people. I don't feel this is "of the devil".

  • Amanda S 6 years ago

    Does it get better, or do empaths have to lead a lonely life ? sometimes knowing too much about others emotions can destroy your relationship with them. to be able to experience every emotion felt by others can be seen as a beautiful, yet sad ability. it is very overwhelming and can lead you to view the world in ways which others cant.

  • Rae07 6 years ago

    I know I am an empath. But I dont always become over emotional. I did during my teen years. But now its not so erratic. Now I just know how others feel,I understand them and sometimes I feel them, but more on a rational level. I think I have become more of a clairsetient now. I have other psychic abilities that are mild, but I dont practice any. I am not possessed like some people have stated on here in the begining of these comments. I have always had a good heart and always want to help others. My urge to help those in pain whether it be physical or emotional is very strong and always has been. I get great satisfaction when I can help and enormous guilt when I can not. To me there is nothing demonic about that. I am very nurturing and have 2 children. I am motherly to all the children in my family, and even to children I do not know. I am a positive person. However as a teen I struggled a lot with depression and confusion. So many emotions. I would sit in my closet to get away from everyone and be alone. But now its more peaceful. Not all the time, but now I feel like I can help more through talking to people, helping people with their problems. I have also been able to cure headaches and stomach aches and other minor pains. I believe this is a gift. Although when I was younger, even before my teen years, I wouldnt have said it was a gift. I always felt overwhelmed and stressed. But now that I can control it better, I believe its a gift. Never was a curse, just a misunderstanding and I felt alone and was confused with what was going on with me. And one thing I should say, God loves all his children. Those who believe that Clairsentients are posesed need to re evaluate their theory. God does not want you to judge. He loves me as he loves you. He has given me this gift to help others. I may not have understood it before, but I do now. There is nothing demonic in helping people. Just like a church helps people. If I didnt use my gift to heal and help, then I would not be doing what I was meant to do on this earth! Everyone has abilities. Some just dont want to believe them, others just dont know how to access them. Everyone has their purpose and everyone has gifts. Its how you use your gift that makes the difference.

  • Kiks 6 years ago

    This article has really helped to name and confirm some things I've been trying to figure out. I have always been told that I 'have an old soul', that I 'just get it' and constantly have people telling me very heavy life stories when I do not even know their names. Since being pregnant and losing my first child, and having my second I have very intense feelings that I do not know where they come from or why. I despise crowds and have stopped being around friends and family. I was always very bottled and kept my emotions tightly bound but lately cannot contain them especially around those who have suffered tragic losses. I have even stopped seeing my best friend because it is too hard to feel all the pain. Does this intensification have anything to do with the pregnancies? I also had very detailed dreams predicting the outcomes, both very complicated. I've just learned of the term empath and am hoping you can direct me to some resources to help me learn to deal with all the strong energy I feel, especially as I am about to graduate into the community work profession. I am also really relieved to know that I am not crazy and that others are dealing with similar stuggles. Thank you.

  • Dave 6 years ago

    Extremely help full info, thank you. Never having understood so many of the effects that this "gift" has had on me iv always thought i was nuts... a little. I know I am not now. How can I stop the illnesses of those to whom im deeply attached from affecting me?, and use this ability to heal them instead??

  • MrAnon 6 years ago

    You are right, there are not enough info out there about empaths, i thought i was one, but i was wrong.

    I have something different, i'm 28 and been having these feelings since i was very young, it got worse in puberty and then it started to fade, thankfully.

    I sense energies, and i often feel overwhelmed giving me anxiety attacks as if i was trapped in a very small space, my heart rate speeds and i feel without air. happens all the time if i go to a church, i sense this, but i can't see anyone, i hear people whisper in my ears when i'm asleep too. i have no idea what it is that i have. This also translates to real people, where i can sense their energies, i can tell if someone is stressed, agressive, happy, and not two are alike. What is this that i am? just crazy?

  • kittyran 6 years ago

    Yes, I'm an empath too. Unfortunately it's turning into a bit of an alcohol problem. I just can't tune others out without it, it seams.

  • karmakid45 6 years ago

    I've known since I was a very young child I was different, and over the last few years have come to realize this difference was due to my being an empath, and possibly more. I'm the one people open up to, even wild animals take to me easily. I am a very science-minded person, and I haven't been able to come up with a reasonable explanation for it. When I really turn it on, really allow my 'sense' to unfold into the space around me, it's almost as if I can 'sync' with someone else's emotions so well that I know what they're going to say or do, and even influence their psyche and actions as well. It's an ability that has spooked away one psychologist, and my current psychologist says with some frequency that I read her mind sometimes. I know it's not something to be used or taken lightly, but sometimes it's difficult to control. The real empath part of me, I can't turn off. Are there any resources anyone would recommend on learning more about being an empath, or any of the other things I mentioned? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • chi master 6 years ago

    can chi be a factor in it

  • Cat 6 years ago

    I really, really enjoyed reading all of these comments and such. I love all the opinions people put out; so unlike conversations sometimes! I recently read a book involving Empaths and decided to write my own. Imagine my surprise when i Googled 'Empath' and this site came up! It has been extremely haelpful; not just the article, but the discussion as well.

    While i am not an Empath, and do not wish the fate on anyone, i thank you all for your comments. This has helped a lot! :)

  • tiffany 6 years ago

    ive been searching on the internet to help me understand somethings that are happening to me. me, my brother and sister have different things we were born with, such as my sister can see spirits, my brother can feel them and read tarot cards and me, i see things before they happen, not like a car crash or someone dying, its hard to explain but i can also help people with decisions by feeling, like an empath. out of those 7 things of knowing if you are a empath or not, i believe ive got 6 of the 7. but my emotions are more touchy lately when i watch sad things, i cry easier and things have been happening.. i feel more then i used too now that im looking into actually opening a business with my siblings for the paranormal. i need to understand how to open my mind more, anything you can help me with or any information you can give me would be awesome!!!

  • tutustan 6 years ago

    Hmmm... I always thought that I just got bipolar around crowds. Doesn't help that I actually work in a mall... I get antsy around some people and feel very comfortable around others. My boyfriend invited a friend over not too long ago, and though he was nice, I really wanted him to leave. After he did, I told my bf that I didn't want him around when I was home anymore because I got such a bad vibe from him, although he looked like a good person. Likewise, I find myself drawn to certain people, but I don't exactly know why... It doesn't matter what clothing they wear, what other people say about them, etc. And the whole helping people thing... I recently had a strong urge to talk to a person I barely knew who turned out to be going through quite a hard time. Nobody else had talked to him about it, and he said he was feeling very alone. I felt very tired after I talked to him (even though it wasn't late and I had gotten plenty of sleep), but I helped him out, so the sleepiness and weak feeling were worth it. Nice to know there are other people who are like this, too!

  • rmywf 6 years ago

    Hi Isabella, I am a emapth and have been since I was a very small girl. Of course I didnt know it at the time, but through the years I learned to listen to my mind, & my body, even though most of the time its down right debilitating. For the record I am a Christian, & I know GOD does not judge me, because he is the one who made me.I go to church & have a family life too, I pray to God only, & believe in him completeley. Im just trying to make a point to some of the people on hear. Now I do believe that people have thier right to believe how ever they choose, But I also know that its only God who can judge, not people!! No it isn't fun at all being a empath at all, not at all, I spend more days in pain or in tears, than perky & happy, but im learning to controll it more & more, half the battle is understanding, once you understand the gift or "curse" what ever way you want to think of it, the better your going to be in learning to handle all of the emotions & pain. I chose to look at it as a gift, rather than a curse,if it means I suffer for other people & can offer some comfort to them to start healing, that ways more good than bad, but only once you can learn how to controll it. That has taken me years to do, even though I still take it one day at a time. Most of all I pray for God to get me through each day, minute to minute everyday. I just want to say that this was very interesting to me, and Thank you for writting about the Topic of Empaths. Hope to hear more from you. Sincerely rmywf

  • psp161 6 years ago

    wow. everything about that describes me. thank you for submitting that. I've sound something new about myself

  • Lance Mullholland 6 years ago

    St.Padre Pio was an empath, but if a person believes that this is "demon possession", they probably don't believe that Catholics are Christians, either. Also, "once saved, always saved" is probably one of the most stupid and destructive concepts anyone could have ever come up with! (re: the 1st comment on here by "Fretbuzz") It's a license to be a lazy & stagnant Christian...

  • anonymous 6 years ago

    does these things occur in stages or are they altogether? i'm linked with at least five of these... and i've nver tried to heal anyone and i can only tell when someone's lying a few times and i've been able to predict a lot lately... but when in public i do feel either very depressed or very happy or even so sleepy to the point where my eyes won't work with me and i get A LOT of headaches these days(i actually have one forming right now) and i get seriously mad when my friends don't let me help them....


  • pat smith 6 years ago

    I am an empath. I can meet someone new and sometimes I get this like a light bulb exploding with knowledge that this person is in need, is sad, has a loss, suffering, etc. Sometimes I know exactly what has happened to this person. It can be eye contact setting it off, or it just gets downloaded into my mind. I want to help, it consumes me because I take into myself and want healing for this person so that I too can feel better. I tend to be by myself--I prefer it that way, because when Im around a group of people, I feel overwhealmed by the feelings of everyone around me--like a radio tuned to too many channels at once. Im much better one on one and total strangers just tell me very deep things about themselves and tell me somehow they feel I understand. I do. I am a Christian and want to know how to use this gift with others and not be labeled something that I am not, like demon possessed or strange. Its a gift, Jesus had the gift of empathy to its ultimate level and he was crucified. Im nowhere like Jesus, but to know Him is wonderful because He understands empaths. I want to learn more how to make my empth abilities better tuned.

  • manda 6 years ago

    Lord ... this is me.

    All non believers...they dont get it!

  • UnLucky Reaper 6 years ago

    I have recently discovered how to throw the emotions and energy I have taken in, back at the person who gave it to me. Can I get an explanation as to wtf is going on and how to stop doing it?

  • Fiona Wilcock 6 years ago

    hello anyone who reads this...i'm an empath and it's terrfying me. I think im slowly beginning to get the handle on it but sometimes it drives me crazy. With regards to the physical ailments, thats getting me down the most, i was diagnosed with IBS about a year ago, as a last resort because they couldn't find anything specifically wrong with me, but i was suffering torturous cramps, sometimes like labour pains, they thought i had an appendacitis at one point it got that bad, i get migraines, an thought i should blame it on my eyes even though they're fine, and i'm starting to think that i dont have IBS, i'm just picking up things from someone who does, anyway im lost i dont know what to do, i do know that maybe i'd like to try a career based around this, i used to think that it would make me even crazier, but maybe it would help make me feel complete??? who knows.

  • audra spirit 6 years ago

    Hi Isa. Well a very thought provoking hub!!!! I found this to be very intersting and eye opening. In fact I could relate to a lot of it!! Some vey interesting responses too from others. I hav'nt heard of this before reading your hub. A lot of it seems to make sense to me and offer answers to questions in my mind. Thanks for that!! I look forward to reading more. Take care, Audra spirit. x

  • nikkita 6 years ago

    makes me cry

  • justme 6 years ago

    this isnt a gift. never in my life has this been a gift. how could you say that? this is a curse! who wants to know about every untruth, who wants to KNOW, when they are unloved? who wants to feel what other people feel when the shit you have to deal with on its own is overwhelming? would YOU ever want to be soo unlike everyone else? so strange that people know, some where deep down inside they sense the difference in you you cant have strong connections in life, you end up a shut in because its just easier,this is NOT a gift! you can return a gift.

  • Cori 6 years ago

    I have just read your article and it has helped me understand this torture I have been dealing with all my life. I've also read a term called Highly Sensitive people, but I am not shy or intoverted. I am great in small groups, but cannot stand crowds.

    I know when something is wrong with anyone. My co-worker has severe allergies- I have never had allergy problems and do not unless I am in the room with her.

    My family has made fun of me and put me down- saying that I am "overly emotional". I finally feel like I have some answers. Thank you.

  • MArtinez 6 years ago

    Thanx this really helped these triats that you listed indeed do show the signs that i myself am i empath cuz i do experience all the signs you listed and of course i knew long before i had this gift cuz i am always complelled to help others and feel what they feel and being a empath i know how to better help a person also that i talk to and such im ay not fully understand this ability just yet but i hope in time i do and can better learn to maintian it

  • Craig 6 years ago

    Hi, i found this hub on my first Google search of"Empath". dont know if i am an empath yet or not, but all paths and information and experiences that i have endured in my life as well as the specific journey I am on right now after a bitter marriage breakdown leads to me beleive that i have finally found who I am, what I am.

    I am going to continue visiting this forum and reading all the wonderful comments within. I will continue my research on this because at 46 years of age and a male, I am completely lost with my life, and am craving a purpose. Thanks everyone.

  • Damaris 6 years ago

    I read your article and think that is was very helpful in discovering this part of myself. I've always had these very intense feelings and cant really explain why i was having them. Its been years. now i can say that i can kind of put a name to what i have been experiencing. i'VE also gave many strangers and friends readings according my my feelings. sometimes my feelings are so intense that i can create a picture in mind of what is currently or will be happening in that persons life. I am currently trying to find out more info on how to enhance this gift. if you can give me anymore info then please feel free to email me and my URL. =)

  • Priten patel 6 years ago

    My sister is I think an empath she can literrally save someones life she can see spirits she can read text msgs without looking at the phone she can be in two places more than one time she can tel u who u were in ur past life how did u die at what age dud u die and she can tell u what is ur future. Me and my sister grew up togather and till this day we live togather she was born with this it's just happenned past few years she is strong believer of our female godess we r originally from India ( Bombay ) and we r Hindu I think so far my sister has shocked so many of my friends and family by telling them their past their future it is so strange she just saves life and like to heal people she is a very firm believerand worshipper of our god she is very amazing and gifted but she stays sick most of the time and we couldn't figure that out one day she be alright and next 3 days she will be sick with body pains heavy headaches idont know what we can do ??????

  • Ferrah 6 years ago

    Lily and Isabella,

    I read the first one and thought, "well, I'm not that one", on the second one, "I don't know because I've never had any proof as such". All the other ones matched me though. And, Lily, when you said this, I felt like you knew me personally. This is so me: "We feel the world around us in differently - we see nature sparkles and illuminates itself - green isn't just green, notice that glow around every leaf? We hear music with our hearts - they aren't just notes and tones - they carry the emotions of the composers. We look at art, not just seeing colors and forms - we gather concept, and possibly a glimpse of that artist's complex view of life. Around people, this gift is even more pronounced - you'd know when they are happy, sad, angry - no body language needed. Sometimes physical proximity isn't needed as well - you just know." I always just thought I was more artsy that other people. And, I always wondered if I were bi-polar. Yet, I never realized that the source of my moods could be other people. Thank you Isabella, for your original post. I'm a Christian by the way. I don't like how you attacked Fretbuzz. Aren't empaths supposed to be a bit more "open-minded" than that? Anyway, I believe being an empath and a Christian are not contradicting at all. It all depends on how you use that gift. I've never told anyone, but I've known where dead bodies were, before the news article would come out about them in the paper. I've never told anyone this. I feared that I would be a suspect. It's dangerous having information that you can't explain to law enforcement. Right now, I think I know where one is. But, there's no way I'd share that with anyone. They'd think I was crazy if they couldn't find it, or guilty if they did. Also, I feel so alone in this way. There's no one I would feel comfortable talking to about this. Anyway, thanks to both of you.

  • lillith  6 years ago

    I have nearly all those things and

    Just a moment ago I was on the phone to my friend and she was telling about how she has low blood pressure so she passes out a lot

    seconds after she said it I felt dizzy and light headed then the next thing I know im looking at the ceiling!

    thats not the first time its happened and its the same with emotion if someone is angry near me I suddenly feel angry too even if im not close to that person in any way!

    I have had this all my life and it drives me insane! I feel that I have to please everyone so they wont be sad and if they are I always feel guilty and sad too even if it had nothing to do with me!

    Im probably not an Empath but I still hate this and Im not a touchy feely kind of girl if someone starts going to me for sympathy about something which everyone seems to do! I sit and listen but all I really want to do is tell them to shut up and leave me alone!

    Im really confused am I an Empath or an I just weird?

  • CJ 6 years ago

    thanks for all the info from this article, my friends all think its weird that I call them a split second before them or am able to massage away stress, and I have been isolated from humanity until recently, even my first marriage was a sham of love and affection, I just couldn't let anyone come close. This is possibly because I was raised and still am a nondenominational Christian. my feelings were just brushed off as a kind heart, but when I attempted suicide it became a lot more serious to me. No this IS NOT fun, but it is what I have been dealt with. A double whammy since I am also a Taurus (these things coincide with biblical matters, just a different aspect of it) Thank you for putting out a relatively unmentioned topic and keep it up! Maybe one day I wont be looked at as a looney because I burst out crying the minute I go to comfort a grieving friend with a hug...

  • Somebody 6 years ago

    Fret...... I can assure I am an Empath and have had God on my side many times. I have this gift and am not and never have been possessed by anything evil. The bible was written by people, not God. And even if God told people what to write, the bible has been altered many many times. There is no longer truth to any bible.

    Great post Isabella! Thank you so much! I have dealt with being and empath since my teenage years and never knew what it was called or how to deal with it.

  • april 6 years ago

    Random Question: Do you believe smoking marijuana for ten years will cloud some empath traits? People are always drawn to me. And quite often I literally feel like people are sucking my energy out of me. I can feel the energy in trees and plants as well. But I cannot heal people.

  • Trifeck 6 years ago


    Dude, my sympathies. I don't agree with what you have to say at all, but I've often picked the wrong place to air a deeply held conviction; and it ain't pleasant. A few years too late perhaps, but here's hoping (although, yes, why the ironclad belief?)


    Thank you lady, for a very coherent read on a very difficult topic. And you're really pretty too. :-)

  • Meg 6 years ago

    For as long as I can remember, I have been able to feel people's emotions to the extreme.

    However, if I said 'no' to 3 and said 'somewhat' to 1-does that mean I'm not one? cause in answer to all the others were without a doubt 'yes.'

    I'm just honestly curious due to the fact that I've made myself a little anti-social to avoid going out in large crowds so that I don't come back home emotionally and psychically drained.

    Also, Mr. Fret made me smile too.

  • sureshot 6 years ago

    I dont care what anyone says..non-believers.They dont believe because they do not have the curse/gift. I would like to ask them if you are so close minded how do you know you love somebody? You cannot see it, touch it you only feel it.....same when you have this. I know because I have it I am ONE and a STRONG one. I even have flashes when I touch someone or an object. You can laugh at me all you want but I swear it to be true. I am not saying it happnens ALL the time when I touch an object. I can do not go out a lot due to the stress and when I do I plan it or try to plan it at times when I think a lot of people are not there. I have had to leave Walmart and other bigger stores before with cart full and everything left there. I am not mentally ill I am not being treated for any such thing as a matter a fact I am extremly strong mentally. I can take pain away from my members of my family and it will go into mine. I know I sound crazy....I know I do....but I swear it is true. You can ask my husband and my daughter. My problem is I cannot control it once I get it....then I have all the pain which I'd rather have then any of them to be in it. For anyone trying to debunk it you cannot. I also have had sleep pary. 6 times throughout my life and anyone trying to de-bunk that....well wait til it happens to is EVIL. I also have drams that happen before they happen sometimes I know things before they happen. I have many witness's to prove that and back it up. Good trustworthy people. All of this started when I was in around 5th grade. I had a light go through my right scapula area of my back and out the left side. Im 36 yrs old and guess what 17 years ago I was informed I have a tumor in "MY RIGHT SCAUPLA AREA OF MY BACK" doctors have no explanations and said I was way young and have no way to explain how or why....all of this is just a touch of my life. If you can go to bed at night and sleep in piece dont take it for granted. Im not trying to be hateful by any means and everyone is entitled to their thoughts. However, I am not a demon,practice wicka or anything else and I am christian-I am no Bible thumper and preach at people but have a wonderful relationship with GOD! God does give people certain gifts/talents. Some may see this all as a curse some see it as a gift while others see us as pure frauds/liers/or "it's just in our heads" could be your turn and you may end up posting on this site. Bye the way, I want to say thank you for whomever started this site I just happend to come across tonight - Thank you! This is a really good site. I think you should promote your site more so more people know its' out there. It could help somebody....Have a great night all. Surehot1973

  • Empy 6 years ago

    I am very empathic. I take on others' emotions, but not their physical maladies... this seems strange to me. Anyway, I feel great empathy for animals, I even project onto inanimate objects. Borderline personality disorder contains some elements of this "empath" label, namely "lack of psychic(mental) clarity between self and other".

    I know when people are lying to me. I know why they are lying. I know if they are lying to themselves but believe they are telling me the truth. I know what people are going to say before they say it, I know what they mean to say when they botch what they are saying, and I'll only correct them when I predict they are about to correct themselves. This saves many iterations which may be no clearer than the first attempt. They always seem surprised at my fluid apprehension of their intent... of course they don't say that, but feel them feeling it. Otherwise I don't correct becaue I know what they meant.

    One thing that has always bothered me is that ive always felt singled out by strange people who confide too much in me. its almost insulting, because I know they'd be afraid to confide in other people who's approval they more greatly desire. In other words, by confiding in me its like their saying that they don't value my approval as much as the next guy who is quite likely not to care about all the nuances of their emotional dilemnas.

    That said I'm not gonna swallow the new-agey explanation. I believe there is a rational explanation for it.

  • Ryan Morishige 6 years ago

    Are empaths more likely to possed by dead things? IE ghosts and other horrors of the night? Also is it possible for Empaths to shut off there mojo?

  • Alan 6 years ago

    I never knew i was a empath because i never knew what it was. I would always feel mood swings and I thought i was bipolar but, then what i felt disappears and i'm okay but, i would always see someone who acted like I did. I thought that was STRANGE but i ignored it most of the time. I always knew if someone lied to me because it was a feeling automatically i knew. I feel others emotions a lot more if I touch someone physically. Being an empath ain't fun because I know someone's emotion before they feel it & its stressful. Everything on this article describes me a lot but i wanna know how to turn it off once in a while. I don't dislike or like it much, its just me. haha that's why I don't like being around people much because they're like an open book to me. Most of the time I avoid people much to avoid their feelings but doesn't work. blah

  • erinalicia 6 years ago

    I have recently come to learn why I have been the way I am in learning about being an Empath. Though this article was written 3 yrs ago, it blew me away. In coming to this knowledge and most importantly acceptance - I am growing, the strength of it is growing and I am learning to use it for positive purposes. I am trying to accept it as a gift and not a curse, because OH MY has it been my greatest challenge in life.

    I shared this article with my mother because she and I are so alike and so incredibly psychically connected. She too is an Empath. We live in different states but have managed over the course of the past 10+ years to perfect the concept of how to hermit yourself. We run our businesses from home and shop once every 2 weeks at best and loathe every minute of it. Yes, we are women that HATE to shop. I turned my leased car of 3 years in this year with only 6000 miles on it. One friend title me the most introverted extrovert he's ever known.

    To my fellow Empaths and Lightworkers: Stay strong, chin-up and cherish your gift. Use it as it's meant to be used, in good and positive ways and our good Earth and Humankind WILL receive it and return it in kind.

    May God Bless you all, and all skeptics who read this should closely consider we (humankind) are the only ones responsible for creating labels. Never let a label limit or confine what you know in heart and soul to be true and good. This is especially true for religion and politics - ironically the very two things never to mention at a dinner table amongst friends. Hmmm, what messes we've made with labels!

  • Rheaper Moon 6 years ago

    I am an empath. I am also new to both native american shamanism and wicca. For reasons I don't quite understand I feel called to both. For many years I didn't understand why I could feel the stresses of others, even if they never told me. I'm happy to say I'm always the first or second my friends go to when they need an ear and my sister who's married often tells me that which she wouldn't tell anybody else.

    I know she'll never admit such or understand, she's the family pet I am just a piece of poopy so to say that barely exists in our messed up family. As much as it hurt me I've come to accept it as is.

    I working to discover and understand fully my own abilities and talents, there have on rare occassions been times where I've had a connection to certian others so strong that I've gone to buy an item and have seen them exactly where they were at that exact minute, I was unable to hear what was said and when I told that person about it. You know when I told that person whose place they were where in that house or apt. and at what time they were amazed and told me thats exactly where they were at that time. Now I've got to watch this and who I tell because people who mostly likely tried to put me in an asylum or get me doped up for being crazy etc.

  • Carrie 6 years ago

    Obviously I understand all of this, tears are running down my face, for whom I do not know yet.

    I've had this my entire life. Which makes relationships extremely difficult, b/c I have been bang on every time a boyfriend has cheated, lied etc.


    No one on the planet has a clue the pain I endured when I lost my soul mate, as he was able to understand, ground and energize me, keep me up. And loved me beyond words ... not 1 unresolved issue in our 16 years of unconditional love / life together. Thankfully he left me enough love and happiness to last me the rest of my life if need be.

    I do use my gift to help others all the time, and it is taking a toll on my body.

    I'm spiritually evolved enough to have learned to turn it into good - I often "toss good love energy" out the window of my car, to those in need, when I'm bubbling over with enormous amounts of happiness and energy.

    If you don't understand any of this ... I already forgive you and bless you.

    I drown in the ocean when I was 8, I died, stopped breathing, living etc., and it was a very spritual, enlightening experience, beautiful actually. This coming from a child who was raised agnostic. So I have several "gifts" no longer viewed as curses ...

    Just would be nice to share it with someone who cares and actually gets it, cause it's all part of the deal.

    Tired of hiding it. Not ashamed, how does that help?

    Thank you so much for putting this together. I found it right when I needed it.

  • Robin  6 years ago

    Thank you so much for this article. And yes, you are right... there is NOT enough information on this whole topic. I have empathic tendencies and I believe that I inherited them from my Grandfather. He was a bit of an empath himself. I have pushed this gift away for most of my adult life because I thought no one would believe me. It has only been recently that I have accepted that the things that I feel sometimes are real. Now I want to learn more.

  • Inclined 6 years ago

    Thank you for the article. It's the only one that didn't sound flaky to me. I know that's rude but I am tired of not saying what's true to avoid hurting other people's feelings. What do damaged empaths need to do? Part of me says stay off the damned internet asking strangers for help, but I have reached an impasse and haven't the pride to sustain a facade. I am tempted to delete some of this because it's becoming too personal and I surely must seem crazy or dramatic (I get that one a lot) but I'm really not. Tonight is a little different because my solitude has been ruptured lately. And I guess what's worse is that I don't trust my instincts right now and they're kind of ... well, I need them. Anyway, if this is dramatic and I'm a fluke like some of the other people I see, tell me. I am looking for relief, not coddling. If this isn't it and you know it in that way of knowing, I need to know so I can look elsewhere. Though I can't imagine where; this alone felt foolish. I've never left a message on a board before. Haha. God, it's so funny sometimes.

  • Aadam 6 years ago

    how do i develope this skill

  • Mike 6 years ago

    With all do respect, show me research and facts. As of now all I find is that it's science FICTION.

  • jm 6 years ago

    I stumbled upon this looking up the definition of empath after taking a personality test. Did i ever hit 7/7 on this. I starting breaking down into tears around point 5. It's nice to know about myself and others that are on the same wave length. The ones that hit me the most was feeling ill when watching t.v. and not knowing why but going 'bi-polar' without being one, and not know why you have a need to help people but you do.

    Thanks. I feel a little more at peace

  • Treena 6 years ago

    Hello. I too am an empath and have only recently found that out when I was 39. I have tried to heal and fix both physical and mental problems in animals and humans since I can remember. I didn't realize what it was until I started attending meeting with my local paranormal group and decided to work on my premonitional dreams that I used to have. The deeper I dove into spiritual pursuits, the more I learned. Then friends I made through the group who are psychic/mediums/etc. gave me readings and these readings were verified by other psychics/mediums/etc from outside the group. I then began to realize that I am an empath. The demise of most intimate relationships with a husband (ex), and several boyfriends taught me that the reason these dysfunctional people were drawn to me was because I am also a took almost 40 years for me to figure out why I haven't fit in with the 'normal' crowd as I have always been a 'fixer'. Now at 40 I am slowly learning to develop what I have because I want to help people and heal their mental and emotional pain. I have been draining myself my whole life trying to 'fix' animals and people. Now, for those who think I am possessed, evil, etc. I just want to ask: As a Christian woman who wants to give peace and love to animals and humans, how am I doing the devil's work? Jesus healed the sick and even raised the dead. I feel a calling to do God's work on earth and have done it since I was a child. I know I am not evil; I just am special. My life has been full of more difficulties than normal and I have suffered more because of my gift but each one of those difficulties has made me stronger and fortified my resolve to teach by example how to love and care for those around me. Thank you for the was a blessing for me and very timely!

  • Jean-Eric 6 years ago

    This article resonated with me greatly. I don't think I feel the pain etc... but I feel the reasons... I sense the truth and the lies. I don't judge but I know. I absolutely cannot walk past suffering. I am rescuer. I have learnt to not let it be to my detriment, however, I have given the shirt off my back. People open up to me in a big way then they say they don't know why they did. People come to me for emotional well being. Dysfunctional people want to be my best friend. That drives me nuts.

    So thanks for posting this information... I have just found out that there are actually people like this (even more so) and I do not feel so alone amongst the crowd.


  • William 6 years ago

    I have been a christian minister for over 18yrs and I have seen that anything that most churches don't understand they immediately call evil.

  • Will 6 years ago

    I experience all but 2 and 7, though some have tried to tell me that I have 7, but if so, I have not discovered how to use it yet. Also I don't have all of 1. I can usually tune people's feelings out, or focus on one person to the exclusion of others, though not always.

    I also have other attributes that are not listed here. One I call sending, which is creating a feeling in my imagination, and then causing another person to co-experience that feeling also. Another experience is use of the word 'find', which means feeling the essesence of the person in the world. Often I need only know that a person exists to be able to feel them if they are still among the living. Another experience is where a person feels intensely familiar when first encountering them. I have learned that this means that this person and I have much in common.

  • malcolm89 6 years ago

    If you are an empath and you are looking for ways to release negative energies from your body/energy system, try craniosacral therapy, I had several sessions of it and now, after many years I finally feel good. There are craniosacral therapists all over the world, just check it out on google and find a therapist near you. I think it is the fastest and most effective way of cleanaing out your energy system

  • Crash 6 years ago

    I often feel super stressed and overwhelmed in situations you've described...I'm gonna research this a bit..

  • ebrarian2020 6 years ago

    Do empaths ever project there feelings to others?

  • Vicky  6 years ago

    hey I dont really know how I got on this site but good think i did I am someone that weird things but really weird happend recently well they have been happening for a long time but this year is intense .. and I think you can answer some of my questions well I hope .. if u have msn or facebook please add me .. please it would be very apreciated thankyou

  • HeatherW123 6 years ago


    i have come to realize recently that i too am an empath.

    my family put me through therapy after therapy saying i couldnt control my emotions. i grew up in a home full of hatred. my parents were drug addicts in and out of prison and they hated eachother for it. it has been several years since it all happened but i still find the flood of feelings coming back to me. as a little girl it was difficult to feel so much hate and not understand why i hated everyone. im learning now to control it and luckily enough i turned 18 and moved away giving myself space to sort my emotions out. im always told that i am one of those people who leave an impression on others and after reading your sight im begining to understand so much more.

    Blessed Be,


  • inthenow2053 6 years ago

    things like these articles have always been a pleasure to read, though ive long since recognized it i find others experiences very enlightening. Learning to control it has been difficult as i am not the only empath in my family, and making my peace with God has been an issue for me as i was convinced for years that trying to find the answers was spiritually wrong. Physically i have suffered health wise, taking on the illness' of close family members and close friends emotions has been difficult but i find that it gives me a sense of peace to be able to help someone. Even if im only relieving their problems temporarily im glad to do it and wouldn't change it for anything. Continue to use your understandings for the good of everyone, and what you cant fix or sooth send to God. Faith is the answer, no matter how much pain you take in pray for it to be relieved and let it leave you. Empathy is suffering in its strongest sense but dont let it rule you. God bless

  • lost in pa 6 years ago

    if anybody reads this empathy is not a tool of the devil but in my own opinion it is a curse of one i cant be ten feet around another person with out being overwhelmed with thoughts of hate anger or suicide or utter joy its like ive stuffed fifty years of emotion in my head random ppl open up to me in public on busses or the ferry im lost email me if you think you can help

  • Diana 6 years ago

    I have been struggling with these emotions for most of my life, and the first experience was the night before my father was murdered. I had an overwelming feeling that something bad was going to happen to him at the exact time he had passed. My mother and father had been divorsed for 10 years at that point, and I remember crying prefusely feeling despair. Since then, I can feel despair, anxiety, frustration, and other emotions prior to events happening, ex: earth changes, massive death, and emotions of others' despair before they even tell me or I see it. I get angry when these things happen. I feel sick to my stomach and want to scream. Is there anything I can do to channel these so that I do not feel so much?

  • Natural Mystic 6 years ago

    The healing part is where I get off the train. As I do not believe that it is done by the empath as only the Almighty can heal a person in combination with ones belief that they can be healed and the persons belief may be and is aided by the others belief.

    This may have been covered in all the previous comments and if so I apologize for the repeat.

  • Ellen 6 years ago

    The older I get the worse this gets. I can be at the grocery store & simply pass someone & get a sudden headache. Some people have stronger negative energy & there negative symptoms...usually some sort of pain comes onto me. I am becoming more of a recluse, not a good thing at all!! No friends & can't be around some family members now. When I have to work with someone for my job, I get there negative feelings. Recently I've been working with a woman who I know is an now I have stomach & intestinal pain. Had a date a year ago then the next day I suddenly had sensitive teeth, I just sense & know that it came from the guy I dated. Plus the problem with me is that all of the pain\health problems stay with me, although they are not as intense. However, painful enough that it's just safer to try & stay at home alone. I've had many other random pains from other people throughout the years too. Any comments or suggestions please. Thank You. Ellen

  • Lilly 6 years ago

    This article helped me because now i know im a empath at first i thought i was going crazy. so i told my mom and she told me that i needed help and she sent me to a mental hospital but as soon as i walked in there i was feeling depressed, angry, happy, sad, hateful, lonely, and hyper all at once. i nearly fainted i wanted to be alone but i also wanted to help these people. though i was only in there for a week i helped a lot of people get over stuff. but soon i figured out that i could change moods too. i learned i could do this because one day my best friend was feeling sad because her boyfriend broke up with her i just wished she could be happy again and then she was happy! it freaked me out. then i told her about it and she said that i might be a Empath she told me to look it up. and i found this article and i now know im a Empath. oh and im only yeah i was really freaking out!

  • Roadangel65 profile image

    Roadangel65 6 years ago from La Crosse, WI

    Reading through the list, some of the items ring true, but not all. So am I an empath? Here is my me decide:

    I had the strangest thing happen to me yesterday. Sometimes in the past, I have felt sad or got an adrenalin rush when I saw an ambulance drive by....never really thought about it... just noticed the feelings. Well today, I was en-route to the South Side Quillens a little past 3:30pm. I heard a siren and felt a sudden sadness within me to a point it made me cry.. pardon me I was NOT sad when I got in the car....I saw a cop following the ambulance, another ambulance and cop and a first responder by the time I tot to Quillens. The closer I got to Quillens the sadder I got. I had to try really hard not to cry while bringing my package to Quillens (and pardon me again, I'm NOT someone that cries easily, especially not in front of people).. so I come out of Quillens and just burst out in tears... can't control it... and I felt this overwhelming sadness... I saw another firetruck come by as I was heading out of Quillens... and I went back home..told my husband (in tears) what was going on... he said he thinks I'm an empath and that possibly someone had an out of body experience in the crash and I felt their emotions. Just now I read someone died in this accident... and it's leaving me speechless. I'm not sad anymore... that quit about 30 minutes after the accident happened. ... so was that an experience of an empath? .. I always take other people's feelings on..when someone is upset I get upset.. I've always had a problem with that... I hate being around negative people because of that. Sometimes someone can walk through my door and I feel an immediate heaviness in my chest... WEIRD!!!

    So now..... if I AM an empath.. I wanna know how I can change that... or at least control that so I am not open to peoples emotions as much... I cannot believe what I experienced today. It was an awful feeling.. not something I want to ever experience again. It was just such a deep sadness... such a horrible lost feeling...

    it's still bugging me that I would feel something like that.

  • Nanu 6 years ago

    Someone told me to research this and I'm glad that they did. You said you were going to make another post on how to cope. I didn't see it show up in my google search. I would like to read it because I hate being around negative people. They make me feel so depressed and it takes me a while to recover. I feel like it affects my quality of life. If you have information that can help me please email me at

  • Catherine 6 years ago

    Thanks for the article. I'm all of the above and do not know how to control it.

    I feel other peoples physical pain. I either take the pain away from them and have it myself or I know when I have pain it maybe someone else's or is someone else's.

    I know when someone is lying to me and I have in the past told them they are lying. Not a good idea if you want friends. LOL

    I have also had something else happen and I'm going to put myself out on a limb here and expect a few scoffer's because people don't believe others or they think your insane.

    I also googled Stigmata and empath. I've had invisible stigmata for a few years, now that I'm aware of what it is. My husband had mentioned it to me shortly after we were married. I had been complaining about pains I have and he asked me if I had ever heard of stigmata and no I hadn't. Then I read about it and ordered a book. Yes that's me. 100%.

    Now I need to figure out how to handle it all. I've done this most of my life that I can remember and now I have a mission to find out how to deal with it and put it to good use. It's all coming together for me and hopefully one day I'll be able to help someone.

  • Tabitha 6 years ago

    I can't have friends because of this and it freaks them and me out! I want a normal life!

  • Kathleen 6 years ago

    I've been an empath my whole life. I realized I was one about a little over a year ago, so I've been trying to learn how to control myself. I actually met someone over the summer who is as well, we used to talk about it .. then yesturday we were talking about feeling this car coming, which came of course. so I asked him where it came from, the left side? and he agreed so i asked him where and he told me his upper arm (which is where i was feeling it too) so I was like where? and we both started rubbing the same part of our arms. that's the moment I knew that I really was.

    Because months before, (I'm not sure if you felt the crazy shift in the universe last December.. but it was completely overwhelming and everyone thought I was going legit insane because the I was acting. I could hear thoughts, and energy frequincies were so high I felt like I was above my body for almost 2 weeks, I became physically sick from the intensity- I wasnt ready for the shift.. lots happened. ) but i had a friend during the time and he could feel the energies too. so we would spend hours experimenting, trying to see if we could really feel it and such.. then tried telepathy.. which was a crazy experience (which i still am capable of, but in a different way than how we were practicing) but after that I knew what i was experiencing was real because someone else did too.i still wasnt 100% sure, i was 98%.. but yesturday and then again tonight, we both felt a discomforting engery right near or collar bones , almost in the increases where it meets your chest and shoulders. and thats when i knew that deffinatly, without a doubt this is real.

    people who don't believe don't have to, it's not something they need to understand because it's not consuming their everyday life. it really is a constant struggle. and it's so confusing and completely overwhelming.

    that is the best word to describe others' vibes, overwhellming. especially when they're negative vibes and you have no idea how to channel it or sheild yourself from them. it's so discusting and uncofortable.. sometimes even sickning.

    Just wanted to say thank you.

    I sent my friend this link, he's actually an empath who just learned what he is. and he's one of those who try to isloate themselves.. it took until me, to open him up and make him realize. he told me, like many others, im the first person he could talk to like this. I feel like I'm deffinatly here to help people understand and heal.

  • Miracle 6 years ago

    Hello, my name is David and I’m 18 years old. I don’t think I have to announce that I am an Empath to everyone here, mainly because other Empaths could probably tell just by reading the emotions from this message, as well as everyone else’s messages.

    First, the comment that someone made about how an Empath cannot be lied to. I think that is true, because I was already aware of that reason while being around liars and bullies all my life, but still I never can tell what they are truly thinking. I’m glad that other people came up with this idea, because it just proved that my speculation was correct this whole time.

    I am aware that each Empath has his/her own specific powers that they can use as well as each one having their own set of weaknesses. I am also aware that most people who are Empaths are struggling with these powers. Since everyone else is sharing their stories, I guess I can share mine too.

    My empathetic powers are much different than most Empaths have, the reason I am saying this is that I am proving that not all Empaths have the same powers equally. I only feel the emotions of people who are within 10 to 20 feet of me. Whenever I am injured, my injuries are fully healed within two to three days. If I am around multiple people with a high frequency of anger or sorrow, it does not affect me all that much because I have dealt with it most of my life. I do not usually feel physical pain from others. I try to distance myself from most people plus my own family. I have very few friends that I talk to (Mostly 5 to 10 online friends), but only one friend that I told about my power. My friend is a clairvoyant and doesn’t seem to be bothered by anyone with weird powers. I’m sort of glad that I choose the correct person to explain myself too; otherwise other people would have found out and would probably start more fights with me. Anyways, what I am worried about are the different weaknesses that each Empath has, because from reading every post on here I have not seen anyone write about this type of problem.

    About once or twice a month, my powers start to implode upon themselves. First, I don’t feel anymore emotions from people. Second, I feel extreme super depression from the collected emotions of the people I absorbed them from: basically all the emotions I absorbed just combined into depression. This is weird because at this time I don’t feel any anger or other emotions that I usually felt, just depression. This depression effect only lasts for a few hours, after that, its like I start a clean slate with no built up emotions. When I go through this problem, I stay away from everybody, the reason for that is that when I feel no emotions at all then I will know if it has passed; otherwise I would be picking up more emotions and become confused.

    I’m guessing that my powers implode like that due to a build-up of emotions, plus it probably does that so I can relieve myself from any unwanted stress.

    This problem happening every month makes me think it is like when a girl has her period every month, except I’m a guy. Oh, and to some of you reading this, STOP LAUGHING! Yeah it may be funny how I compared by problem to that, but it’s not funny, in fact it is extremely overwhelming. Lets see you guys absorbing constant negative emotion from everyone around you that hates you, and watch your powers implode. Cause I’ll be laughing my ass off at you. (Sorry to anybody else reading this, I kinda got worked up…but thank you for reading it through to the end, and sorry it was so long). I am grateful that this place can be used so that people like myself can express ourselves freely.

    Also, my personal questions to Isabella

    Question 1: While I was doing research, I heard that some people’s powers remain dormant until they either have a Near Death Experience (NDE), or awaken at a certain age. My question is: What is your opinion on these statements.

    Question 2: If an Empath has a specific dream about someone they know that is in pain or injured, is that a message that the Empath needs to heal that someone?

    Question 3: Have you ever heard of an Empath ever having a problem like mine, if so, any suggestions on how I can benefit from it?

  • Larisa 6 years ago

    Oh my gosh. Isa, thank you sooooo much. This article has helped explain everythin! Youre awesome! Thank you again!

  • Godsgirl89_RC 6 years ago

    Im just curious, I have certain ppl that i "PREFER" to be around because I feel almost no feed back from them emotionaly,is that a normal thing for empaths to feel? I mean they actualy have a bit of a soothing presence.

  • Atzi 6 years ago

    Ok i read the article and 2 or 4 comments,

    but my point is i was searching why sometimes i feel so many emotions and (sometimes) cry for no reason when in public,and it led my search to this article it basically describes me.Sometimes i feel i need to get away from everyone i eventually do and then i feel like a hermit.It gets annoying to feel so many emotions and i get frustrated.Ive had so many experiences with my friends that they describe me as emotional and that i understand them and make them feel understood and relieved.Its hard to explain other experiences that i have and had.I never thought their was such thing as an empath and what it meant but this explains everything and i just want help on how to control it or if their is more research on this on how to deal with this.

  • kat 6 years ago

    I've gone back and forth on this one. I've always felt it, but I don't want to believe in it because I don't wat to be different. Why others equate it to religion is beyond me. To me, it's like another 'sense' almost like hearing or smelling. I can "see" someone else's feelings...I feel for them when they cannot. But here's my question: what if I am just projecting on to them what I would be feeling if I was in their place? Is this just my own narcissism? Maybe they are not really feeling what I think they are feeling....maybe it's just me putting myself in their situation and feeling what I would feel.

    Whatever I am, whatever I am doing, it makes life very difficult; difficult to have close relationships because I am feeling my feelings and also yours. I know where your pain is, where it comes from, and what you need to do about it. I cannot shut it off - it's a part of who I am. Does this make me an empath? If so, I wish it would stop.

  • Lana 6 years ago

    my mum always told me i was an empath and didn't really believe her thought it was a load of crap to be honest.. but now that she's talked to me more about it i've come to realise i probablly am. i no what you mean by its definately not fun because it certainly isn't.. and i really want to learn how to control it because like i said it really isn't fun and im not quite sure how or what to do.

  • Erik 6 years ago

    I know im an empath, reality has proven that more often then i could count, but almost nothing in this artical checks out for me.

    This is why :

    I can sense emotions of others ( per individual, not groups ) and only when i focus on a person.

    Stuff doesnt just randomly pop into my head.

    When i do sense emotions of others, i can very easily differentiate between their and my own feelings.

    No mix ups.

    I cannot heal. Well, i can use a band-aid, but that's about it.

    I can VERY easily ignore people in pain, even though i can feel their emotional turmoil and upset.

    I simply block it out and walk on, if i choose to.

    Even though i can easily know when people are lying to me, i cannot determine the reasons. I can however feel wether it's motivated by anger, fear, love or other things.

    And nobody even mentioned it yet, but as a side effect, i find being able to read other people extremely usefull when trying to manipulate the world around me to my advantage.

  • CEM 6 years ago

    Thanks for the info.. What I'd like to know is how to protect yourself and get off the rollercoaster? Its no fun at all...

  • Erin 6 years ago

    Not quite sure how to start.. but here it goes. I dabble in tarot card readings, don't read others too much, just myself. At anyrate, after googling Tarot, I came across the "empath". I've always been sensitive to others, their feelings, their emotions, taking on their pain and hating every moment of it. I often wish I could be stone cold and heartless. Alas, that is not me and I know that if I even wished myself that way, bad karma would follow me around on a constant basis. I've been very depressed lately.. well, I found out last week that my close childhood friends' brother died. Im also finding out that my fiances friend may have lukemia. To say I have ups and downs is an understatement. I'm not bi-polar because I don't go from one extreem to the other. Im not unusually happy, then unusually sad...I'm more of a "wait, what is THIS feeling" about now and why all of a sudden am I feeling uneasy? It's hard to pinpoint sometimes and that's what irritates me. I'm sensitive to the core and am contantly 2nd guessing myself. Which, is not good. I sometimes feel as an outsider.. I have many friends and acquaintances and get along with people fine..but I am quiet and reserved more so lately than ever. I don't know if it's a special power or not but I need some outlet to it and need to know how to manage it. I mean, how can I say "Hey, my name is Erin, and I am an empath, let me help you" without sounding crazy. Especially to those who don't believe in the Supernatural. And, I don't even know if I would call it supernatural, more spiritual than anything. At anyrate, I needed to tell my story, so thank you.

  • Paris James 6 years ago

    I have not let learnt to accept it yet.....

  • Ana 6 years ago

    I have always known I was different, always. Deep down I knew it. I couldn't explain it until now. I guess I wasn't ready to know. But then last night I was really thinking about it, about myself and what I could do, and that is when 'Empath' came to me in my mind out of nowhere. When I was looking for somewhere to start looking. I'd never heard of an empath before and what an empath is, until I was ready to know. And I've been up all night looking into it, and I just know 100% that I am an empath. And it is a curse, and a blessing too. But I am happy that I know what it is and I can regonise things I never understood before. I always thought I was a freak and weird and different, and yes I am different but it explains a lot. Also I am a devoted christian, I 100% believe that it was god that gave me this gift (that is also a curse), and not satan. Having the power to heal someone is not an evil act, and it is not a distraction from god. You contradict yourself when you preach this babble about people who believe in spirtualistic stuff like psychic abilities or empathic abilities are all going to hell for being possessed by the devil. Because one of the things the bible teaches is 1. forgiveness and 2. grace. Grace to forgive people who are truly sorry for their sins whatever they are, who are truly good. Where do you draw the line at who should go to hell and who shouldn't? Where is that line placed? For example if an adult comits suicide thats a sin right? according to extreme christians that sin is punishable by going straight to hell right? So then what happens in a very young child does the same thing? Are they really going to hell? Because they felt they had no other option? Same with empaths or psychics. Is it so wrong to heal people, and help people with our abilities. Maybe it to exploit them like many people do, but to use them in a good way, to help people and show kindness, and then to say were going to hell for that. You are not a true christian if you can say that. If you can preach who is going to hell and who isn't. To say there's only one way to live and only one thing to believe in and if you don't comply then your possessed by satan. Absolute rubbish. As an empath I know I am not possessed by satan. And neither is anyone else who is an empath or psychic. I know that, completely. It's not a guess, I know.

  • Rene 6 years ago

    What if I think I am empathic as I have half of those seven things or more but not all? Am I blocking it or rejecting it in some way? I feel like I cant always tap into it and sometimes I feel like I dont want it but Ihave been really out of whack emotionally sometimes with no explanation. I have been searching for answers and I feel lost and confused. Can someone help? Please, email me as I am tired and may forget how I found this site.

  • Curious 6 years ago

    Hi, I stumbled upon your website while searching up Empath. I think your hub is very interesting. I hope you don't mind but I have a few questions I would like to ask. Are empaths born with this ability? Or can they develop it when they're an adult? Can empath predict what's going to happen, for example - future events? Lastly, would an empath enjoy watching horror movies? Thanks in advance! =)

  • Just Stuff 6 years ago

    Misty Richrads 8 months ago

    for a while now i have been experiencing mood swings feeling fatigued and even have serious headaches when my sister comes home from work, when my moms around i feel depressed and sad and when my stepdad's around i feel uncomfortable and uptight. i use to think it was just me going through my awkward moments but the other day i almost snapped on my mom for no reason... my mom and i were cooking and there was nothing wrong i felt calm but as soon as my sister stepped into the room i felt aggrivation and irritation towrds my mom i wanted to scream at her for no reason.. i had to dash out of the kitchen and i locked myself in my room for the rest of the evening afraid of what might happen if i came out.. i thought i was bipolar crazy even but then i remembered this episode of CHARMED were one of the sisters was picking up what people were feeling. I felt silly at first to even consider something supernatural but i thought anything would be better than crazy, and that how i stubbled on to here, which i'm so thankful for. Now i know that i'm not crazy and i'm not alone and more importantly i can learn how to control it...thanks Isa

    Kat 8 months ago

    Very interesting, indeed...I must say, the comments from 2 years ago threw me off a little. I do believe in God and I also believe He can use humans to priests for example. Yes, He does warn of the anti-Christ doing such things...BUT the anti-Christ will be one man...not many. This anti-Christ will fool many like a celebrity, so to speak...he will bedazzle people. And actually, correct me if I am wrong, but a man will clear the way for the anti-Christ. The anti-Christ will come in and "save" the least that is how it will appear.

    Anyway, in saying all that...I believe empaths are very real! I am looking more into the subject and I cannot say whether I am willing to accept the title of being one, but I do wish to be able to control what I feel from others so I can enjoy some peace of mind. Also, I was told that we all possess certain "gifts" and can pray for them. If these gifts were not part of Christ and religion, then what of the prophecies? Would that not include some sort of "psychic" connection?

    I do not understand why some are so close minded to the existence of both religion and psychic abilities. We are not to worship anyone above God but we can believe in His worldly servants...those who are anointed/gifted. Those who are...are specific in performing a task for God.

    I agree with not totally being "down" with the whole empath thing. I suffer and it is not fun, but I embrace the opportunity to work for God. God will grant us peace beyond anything possible in this world. He never said it would be easy...but He did say it would be worth it. I also agree with the gentleman who pointed out not to just go along with a "religious head"....(LoL)...ask God himself.

    NashiraJade 8 months ago

    I recently found out I was an Empath. This article also proves to be me. My boyfriend is into the spiritual realm and I've always had this knack for sensing people's emotions and the energy they emit is also a factor for me. I can feel the energy change when a spirit is in the area. I hang out with a couple of people who are into the spiritual things and me, being the only Empath, always seem to know how they feel or if a spirit is coming or already there because the energy surrounding the area changes and shifts.

    It wasn't until I got with my current boyfriend that I found out what my ability was. I just always knew I was different in that aspect but I never knew what it was until he told me that I was an Empath. All you say in this article is definatly pertaining to me. Thanks for posting it.

    paragon 8 months ago

    to be honest, ive spent a lot of my time shielding a lot of my empathic abilities. i draw in energy from people too easily, and it gets to be too much. people in general are uncertain or worse, pessimistic and fearful. Ive noticed that ive (over the years) only been around a select few people. they all have similar attributes of either being emotionally nullified (dont talk about emotions, but rather things they do) or very positive people.

    ive also had a few gf's where literally, when id touch them, id warm up. these were very happy relationships when i look back on it.

    human and mind are two things that we have not utilized fully. I am constantly looking for new ideas. While I do not have all 7 of the traits, when I am around the right people the best always happens.

    dEjA 8 months ago

    This article really helped me help my friend. Even though i am not an empath i can feel his pain and now since ive read this articla it has helped me change his perspective of himself. He used to think of himself of Weird and abnormal but now he has accepted it. And I have told him that he is not abnormal he is special and has a gift. Thank You for writing this article it has helped many people and I hope it helps many more!

    >>>>> I think I have finally found out what is wrong with me and my life.

    People cling to me. I have had so many perfect strangers walk up to me at bus stops, in the mall, down the street ect. ect. and start talking to me about their personal life, The pets they have had that have passed on, their children, health problems, financial problems. I cannot see people or animals suffer because it kills me inside. As well as watching any kind of movie that involves cruelty or extreme acts of bravery, I have to choke back my tears.

    People talk to me and I can see right through their words, I know how they are feeling and start feeling the same way. Also I always know the truth and if they are not telling me the complete story.

    Helping people is so important to me that I have sacrificed many many things and opportunities that I have had for myself. I always know the consequences of my actions and a lot of the time they result in me being on the bottom of the pile while those around me rise up.

    When someone needs my help and I cannot help them I start feeling unyielding guilt and shame and will go to severely extreme lengths to help what ever way that I can, It almost feels like it is a duty of being the soul that I am. If I cannot it will bother me until I make myself ill.

    I prefer to be left alone although I am not paranoid, I find peace in objects, not of dollar value, but of peace value. I love trees, my back yard is a forest that I planted myself when I was 8 years old many many years ago.

  • 1xlottiex1 utube 6 years ago

    Hi i agree with what you have descibed with the need to help perople and the emotional connection to people and the knowlage of aliments, when you said it comes with all the emotions of otters it seems that i have unconsiously adatpted to this or nearly blocked it out as i have always had a stong sense of what others where feeling witout knowing of sorts but reacently it seemed the emotions i was used to feeling had lowwwered alot and i felt lonely and for some reason deppressed. now it seems i can only connect with people i am talking to rarely but my strongest connectons are with my friends a good example would be me and my friend where out and i started to get really bad pains around my body when i told her what i was feeling she seemed to be surprised as she explained she had had this pain as well around the same time she had, i have a friend who i was having a conversation with and he said that i was the first person other than himself he had ever met to know and feel what otther people where thinking and feeling he also told me he knew what peoples likes and disslikes where as soon as he met them in a way and i understood what he was getting at. thank you for this artical as i now know the reason as to why i have always felt the need to help people when they where crying or upset. i hope this will continue to help people.

  • Pawnee 6 years ago

    Check out the work of Donna Eden. Beautiful, practical energy tools and skills that balance/protect energy inflows. I'm an old empath. Until I was 35 I had only a vague clue as to what was going on with me. Now, I'm 60 and I can, on most days, know if its me or them. If it is extreme I know I'm picking up something. It isn't always someone I know, but there is a remote connection like a thread in a conversation. When the information as to whom I'm actually connected to comes, the feeling immediately dissipates and I feel as light as a feather. The Eden exercises keep the normal, low level everyday interfering type stuff completely absent. In some ways I feel the heavier energies I take on are part of a group soul that endures in a loving way the pains too great for a single person; a sort of vent.

  • Ashley Fleming 6 years ago

    I am so glad you wrote this. I have been struggling with being an empath, and I didn't even really realize why I felt the way I felt for the longest time, but now it all makes sense. Its hard to talk about how you feel when you can't explain it for one, but also people don't understand because of how much more intensely you experience it. People will shrug it off as dramatic, and then I withdraw and retreat into myself. I feel like I can now move forward and learn to heal being more aware of my abilities, so I can separate myself and not internalize these things I feel and think that something is wrong with me. Thank you.

  • Aoi 6 years ago

    Yes, sometimes I do go to the mall and cross into the cafeteria, and sweep my eyes over the sheer amount of people eating... then I feel a sudden urge to turn back and march straight to the car. Like I want to run away and sulk in my house. I feel incredibly small when I see other people...

    Also I have sharp pains in my side when thinking about my grandpa (who is incredibly sick) and my brother (who has unknown pain in his abdominals and neither he or his doctor knows what it is).

    Thank you for the article. :D It was very helpful.

  • Albert 6 years ago

    Thanks for the article, Isabella.

    Now i know what I'm experiencing this entire time.

  • diane 6 years ago

    i am an empath and it hurts.

  • Anya 6 years ago

    I have always been so confused about myself, empathy, and what I am and am not. Very...your key word, I could never say that I ever was VERY affected by other people...but there are so many other things that sound like me. For me it's not about being phsycic or special, it's about understanding myself better. I'm always looking for myself. People open up to me all the time, and I have to help them. Sometimes I actually think that my purpose here on this earth is others...and not me. Then there is the way I use my energies. I like to concentrate them all into one place and then reach out into people...that way I feel them completely. I think anyone can do that, but idk if everyone feels emotions that way....

    I just can't understand hate...I just can't. It hurts me...alot to see things like that. Then there's what Lilly said in the first paragraph of her post so long ago. All the time...tree's aren't just tree's. Their the age on that tree, their a story of the age of our earth. Music isn't just music, the tones float into my ears and wrap around my thoughts. They infect them with their emotion and power...and then I'm just a house for it. Just a hollow for music's power. I know not everyone feels that...but I don't have a name.

  • miana 6 years ago

    i was worried to say the mother (who, to note, dosnt believe in anything spiritual, even heven) told me to reserch empathy cus she saw a german film with an empath and said he acted scaraly like i reserched a lot, and everything fit...but it was all circomstantial...untill i read this...where you mention people feeling compeled to share feelings with you...(id like to add i hate when people do this, it gives me a bloody headach...which i find out is BECAUSE of me empathy...its a bloody viscious cycle!) yes im complaining...but im glad i know that if i had to name why 'i can read people like a book and they seem to whant me to' then i can call it empathy...thanks!

  • Shade 6 years ago

    I so completely recognized myself in this. EVERY last one of those. I nearly cried reading this. I dont have to try and explain myself so desperately to people anymore if they ask why i am the way I am. Thank you so much for writing this up!

  • Kaity 6 years ago

    This article just adds to my confusion because there is a lot of debate. I have this feeling deeep inside that tells me i am, but also there is a spec of doubt that i am not. your article has given me much to think about and all i can say is thanks.

  • william 6 years ago

    this really helped me understand what im feeling as long as i can remember i would feel emostions out of now where for no reason i didnt understand why i can feel the emostion of music and it is a great feeling its hard to feel listen to a song that you like really load and just sit theree and listen the feeling is emostion and physical your outer body will feel it to

  • Hector 6 years ago

    I am grateful to have read this article. It was shared with me from a friend. I believe I am an empath. I am Christian and don't think this ability is against God's teachings. From all the other comments I've read, I see people who possess this gift are able to good with it. I'm not going to make myself sound like this almighty powerful empathic healer. I'm not. This article helped me to break down this ability and to better understand it. I'm pleased to see there are others who I can relate to. My thing is I've come to find that I can control this empathic gift when one on one with people. I'm learning to control it when dealing with the collective outside. I usually hide from the outside world and now I know why. Now I feel like I can heal myself from the fear of the outside world effecting me emotionally. Now I can embrace this gift. I guess my point is thanks- a BIG thanks - for sharing this article with us.

  • Jenn 6 years ago

    For all you's because you have never experienced this. It is not 'demonic posession' that's hilarious. It's a transfer of feelings, emotions, and energies and until you've had to experience crying for no reason because someone you are talking to is extremely upset you do NOT understand how horrible this can be. It is a great feeling to know that you can help other people relax and calm down but until you learn how to absorb their emotions without letting it affect you for a long period of time it can be very frustrating and exhausting. This is not a gift I asked for but now that I've learned how to use it I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It's very true about being lied to....I know's not fun to always know what's really going on...sometimes it would be nice to be ignorant and believe the lies. I have random strangers approach me at the supermarket, or Walmart, I haven't known these people for more than a minute or two and they are telling me things that most people wouldn't tell to their best friend. I am like a natural can be scary at times sometimes I just want to be left alone to my own emotions!!! Shielding is VERY important!!

  • Nightshade 6 years ago

    Hello, I have recently and without the help of this article come to the conclusion I am an empath. I instinctively do not like being around people, such as the mall situation, because of the chaos I feel. I suffer from VERY severe depression that I believe is a result of my abilities.I cannot go on sites such as sixbillionsecrets because of the pain I feel for those in question, not exactly the current pain they feel, but the pain they felt during the incident described. I also feel others happiness though that is usually less pronounced. If anyone can help with controlling my abilities, please feel free to e-mail me.

  • Rosecap 6 years ago

    I believe I am an Empath. I also know when someone else is too. I have sometimes even unknowingly heard peoples thoughts. Not realizing that what they had said was not out loud. Being an Empath is and can be very lonely.

    For instance, if you are in a meeting with some very angry people, sometimes it feels like little needles poking you all over. This is something that I have never mastered to control. I am just usually very uncomfortable and try to leave the room as soon as possible.

    And yes, as far as feeling the Pain of other people it is completely different than Sympathy. When you are an Empath, you can and sometimes do, actually feel what that person is feeling. I would like to learn how to take that pain away from the other person, that is not something that I have mastered. But, could only be done on an individual basis. Too many people around and it would not work. And as for the Satan thing. I say Hogwash!!! I know my gift comes from God. Just because you can't understand something does not make it wrong or not real.

    thats all I have to say about that right now.

    I would absolutely love to talk to Isabella Snow.

  • nyan nyan 6 years ago

    A lot of this is just generalities. Some people are good at reading other people because they can pick up on the physical ques that the other person is displaying. Some people get others to "open up to them" for no other reason than the other person needs to express something. People who can empathize with others are generally referred to as good people because they take the time to care about others as well as themselves. Those who are overwhelmed by real life or fictional images probably have coping issues and don't cope well.

  • samantha 6 years ago

    I'm an empath and my mother is too. So, I was taught how to use this at an early age. :] I'm currently seventeen and I haven't had a problem with any of it since primary school. I'm just lucky I guess, but I'm really, really thankful that my mother taught me how to control it all. Sadly, I now have trouble controlling my own emotions and may be hospitalized because of it, but it's better than not being able to control the influx of others emotions.

  • Victoria 6 years ago

    I just realize today that I'm empathic. I physically feel tired all of the time, I get migraines, A LOT! And everytime I go to the doctor and get a physical or blood work, they say I'm fine and I look at them like they must be missing something. I'm like, That can't be. There has to be a reason why I don't feel well all of the time. And of course no one understands why I'm tired all of the time and want to sleep or need time outs away from others. I love being alone. I've been like that since I was younger and all of this has been going on this I was a kid/teen. And the part you listed about getting over emotional when watching TV and such, I can't watch certain movies because I feel what the actor is feeling. It's really bad. I'll get panic attacks and feel really sick. I also read in another article that empaths usually feel depressed. That is something else I've been dealing with and would make sense because I feel depressed when I have no reason to. I try medication and it works sometimes, but for the most part I still don't feel well. I also get these weird mood swings and don't know why. Now that I'm aware of this, I need to learn to cleanse and protect myself from being drained of my energy.

  • jimmyg 6 years ago

    The positive side of an empath is not much acknowledge...there are lots of wonderful, uplifting living occurances to be in touch empath can enjoy existence...yes, I feel happiest when I am helping is the healing of the soul that is my greatest gift...finding comfort in the things one has...I sense the energy of my surroundings and am most uplifted when I am surrounded by children, (my students, I'm a teacher) or when I am out in nature...the lives I touch are many and yet I have learned not to overwhelm myself with trying to help those who are unwilling to be helped...empaths do not need to be the company that misery loves.

  • Daze 6 years ago

    I recently found this article I cannot thank you enough! I had NO IDEA what was "wrong with me" and it is not something I can explain to others because nobody understands. ESPECIALLY because I am a huge believer in God and believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins, etc. and there are so many believers who feel as frettbuzz do. I have always thought the same of things like this but I can tell you with most assurance that an empaths abilities have ZERO to do with works of Satan. I have come to discover that what an empath has or feels or does is all scientific. Humans by default only use 10% of their brains. Well what of the other 90%? Just as there are individuals with birth defects or those with super human brains, all people are not of the same genetic or chemical makeup. Empaths are as such. We are somehow linked into a part of our brain that 99% of others are not. So the next time someone refers to you as the anti-christ ask them not to make fun of you simply bc you were born different.

  • Biker Mike 6 years ago

    this is insane, my whole life i have always been the exception to the rule, but your words made me cry. i can't believe it, if you saw what i look like you would have no ides that i write poetry, and draw and love art. i have always had this thing with animals, i can catch birds with my bare hands, when i was around two i was at the beach and i was walking in the water with my mom and reached down and picked up a fish. i can't believe what i am reading it is blowing my mind. now my question to you, i always want to be alone to me in nature i love to just float, and to watch the stars it puts me at peace, but for some reason out of the thousands of people i know in just 24 years, i have 11 girls that i am drawn to i call them my unicorns and i don't know why. and thoughts on what they could be, i also know a unicorn in the first time i look into her eyes even before we speak.

  • Comefindout007 6 years ago

    I believe there are more things in this world than what we can see. As for religion yes I have faith, and I believe in God and Jesus Christ but was Jesus not a spiritual healer. Was Jesus not the son of God who raises from the dead a no one believed him??? The Bible was written by MAN. A Man was (in my own words) inspired by God to write the words in the bible which have been manipulated over centuries to control people, money, land, politics, and power. I love my God and Jesus Christ and yes I believe he died so I can repent for my sins; but that does not mean that there are not forces on this earth that we see and that don’t exist due to human ignorance.

    Furthermore I don’t know what I am; Empath, healer, ect. All I know is that I feel peoples pain, I never watch the news because it makes me decreased, I know when people are not honest with me from the GATE, I get pains in my stomach when I feel something bad is going to happen, and often never realize d that is could be a gift. I often get vibes from people and am not wrong about my vibes. I always thought that I was just an intuitive Aquarian until recent events and the realization of past experiences. I also notice that I always have a cat and a dog. All my life I have had a cat and a dog. Never bought one, I always found them on the street some where. Cleaned them up and took them home. I never realized that there is a possibility that they can be my protectors until today. I will give you some examples of how I came to the conclusion of what I think is going on:

    Ex1: As a child I was always talkative and loved to sing. I could sing before I could talk. My mother told me that I used to be visited by ghosts or spirits as a child and I would talk to myself and play alone a lot.

    I can remember always knowing when I will get in trouble or when something bad was going to happen by getting a pain or knot in my stomach. This would be the early warning sign for me. I would always watch cartoons because real TV freaked me out. My child hood is very vague due to traumatic events I have blocked a lot of my memories from my child hood. But I remember always feeling that I can feel people’s energy. I would often say “Go over there with that; don’t rub your attitude on me. “ Not realizing that this may have been my way of blocking people out. I have always been considered the lone ranger of my family. I’m the only one that comes around for special occasions only. I never realized how much I isolate myself from people and things. It was not until I because a social worker years later that I realized that I have a gift to understand people who can’t talk or walk, speak , hear etc. (Counselor for people who are mentally challenged , Intellectually disabled. I was such a great counselor that I was promoted to Asst Psy in less than a year and had no prior experience in the field.) Realizing this has opened so many doors that I wish I could close. Since working with my clients I believe that even spirits affect me. It has taken me a long time to control myself and learn about my personality, but I honestly feel like I am affected by people who are not even living. (Please tell me I’m not crazy)

    My family is big believers in spirituality and religion. There was always a bible in my house and church in our hearts and souls my family is African American and this was instilled in us for generations. My mom used to tell me that if I ever felt that someone or anything was trying to communicate with me to tell them to go away and she said to close your eyes and pray to god. She told me this as a child and to this day I have never forgotten this.

    Recent events

    EX: My god mother was telling me about a situation with my relative who is being abused by her spouse and during her telling me the situation I blurted out her new born sons Name (didn’t even know she had a baby, and have not spoken to this girl in years) Finished all of my god mothers sentences, and told her that the girls is not ready to leave her spouse and will not take the plane ride back to NYC. The part that freaked me out was I was right about everything.

    Ex2: A close friend of mines spouse was in a serious car accident and during a period of about three months I helped her take care of her two daughters. During this time I felt very compelled to help her. I don’t know why. It’s not like she really needed me but I really felt like I needed to be there. I would always tell her that he will be fine. . . I don’t know why but I really felt that he was going to be fine. I told her that his leg will heal and he will be okay (he was in a COMA but I was not worried) He awoke from the coma and went through a series of surgeries and was doing well. I felt a not in my stomach one day and she came to the house and told me that his leg won’t close, and the last surgery didn’t go well. I felt obligated to see her spouse (whom I really don’t like because he gave me bad vibes when I first met him years ago. I only met him once prior to this day) and gave him a mini pedicure. I cut the hairs off of his toes and everything. I don’t know if that help but he is home on crutches now. His leg is not fully healed but healed enough for him to come home.

    Ex 3: At the current moment my friend (who I described above) and I agreed to live together so we can help each other out, but since we moved in to this new apt ( which I love the apt and found it myself) I have not felt comfortable in the house. I can’t sleep there, or eat in this house. I always find a reason not to be there when she and her spouse are awake. I come home really late just to get sleep. I never noticed it until she asked me if I’m Bipolar because I never sleep and am often Cranky to the point where my attitude is very nasty. It’s not that I am nasty I just feel like she is lying to me about something and I have a feeling in my gut that something is not right. I can’t pin point what it is but something is going on between her and her spouse. I often find myself telling myself over and over I knew some this is going on, I just can’t figure out what it is. So I just leave and find other things to do that are away from the house.

    Ex: today was the breaking point. . . A friend of mine from high school who I have not seen physically since 2006 hit me on up on the internet and we began to chat. The last time I spoke to him was six months ago. As I looked at his pictures on his page I begin to feel a pain in my chest, and a knot in my throat. I asked my friend if he is still was dating the girl in the picture and he said no. I asked him if she broke up with him and he said yes. I asked him if he feels a pain in his chest and a knot in his throat and he said yes and described the same pain and in the same locations where I was feeling my pain. I started to feel weak in the arms and I told him not to be nervous I feel your arms shaking. My friend was in total shock. We held a lengthy conversation and he told me that I have a gift that’s beyond this world because I was able to tell him how he felt now and how he felt 6 months prior. Six months ago we held a conversation over the phone and even though it was a chipper conversation I felt that he was lonely and confused and he (today) agreed that this was true. This was the only reason I begin to research inner emotions, and this is how I found this page.

    I read some of the blog and felt the need to share my story. Like I said I’m not claiming to be anything or anyone but me, but there are things that occur everyday that you can’t just ignore because you don’t understand. If anyone is able to give me some insight I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks a mill

  • Angel 6 years ago

    re: #5

    "no matter who they are and what they’ve done to you?"

    Excellent summary, however- this statement may need to be "reworded" it is not quite accurate- as it leaves too much room for unhealthy assumption. An empath will not invite an abuser back into their life/seek out to care for... (ie: sexual abuse, physical/mental, child, etc...) Thank you so much-

  • someone 6 years ago

    It is just impossible ..

  • Adam 6 years ago

    Im not sure on this i whould say i can feel peoples pain but i whouldnt say it hurts me maybe i draw off the energy i can draw it out in others i mean there fears i feel them hell sometimes i can read them in people just catching there eye maybe im not a empath maybe im something bad becose who wants to see peoples fears ? or maybe im crazy. (ive never told anyone)

  • Empath Faey Szeuw 6 years ago

    Well written on some of the experiences of Empaths, Isabella.

    As a fellow Empath, I highly recommend staying away from malls. And crowded area if possible. Way too many energy and you get drained fast. And take good care of yourself...sometimes we have to be selfish and take care of our needs before we try to help others.

    There is SOLUTIONS for us empath out there...

  • Tyrone Mojikon 6 years ago

    Hi everyone, I'm from Malaysia and I'm 13 years old. I'm not exactly sure if I am an Empath, but I want to ask this question if this is related to empathy. Whenever I feel other people's happiness when they are in a group or something, I feel drained. Is this really empathy or it's just that I am jealous of them? (I do know the basics about empathy. Like feeling what other people feel, etc...)

  • Simon Burkhardt 6 years ago

    My name is simon.

    i am a devout christian. i have such a strong faith connection and relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

    I have been saved, and physically felt God's presence in my life.

    i go to confession at least every 3 months. i KNOW God loves me.

    i am also an empath. i can testify to the truth of being a saved christian, and having psychic abilities. i am not possessed.

    God gave his disciples special gifts. at the Pentecost the followers of Jesus were endowed with special abilities. tongues of fire and light were emitted from them. they were gifted with the ability of speaking in tongues.

    If i am damned because i have this gift.. then so must be every other God loving/fearing christian.

  • cory 6 years ago

    I have read a lot of comments pertaining to religion and empathic abilities! Remember all that we are every part of our being is a gift from god. Empathic or not! It's what we do with those Abilities, or decisions that we make, that determines what kind person we are. Seperating the two only causes conflict within yourself, And pleases the man downstairs. The thing is we are extremely aware of our surroundings and other people feelings and intentions! Who is the only person that your leaving out? YOU! That's right you ! I can only say this way, being completely aware is the combination of knowing how people feel and bein able to sift thru it immediately still being and seeming completely normal. It takes focus though, constant focus! When you first start to practice it will drain you psyhcologically, But the more you do it the easier it becomes.

  • Steph 6 years ago

    A few years ago I first heard the term empath and became curious since the word itself resonated very deeply within my being. I believe I fall within this blessed group of people and am grateful for the opportunity to feel some of the things that others are feeling. I use it in a helping way and do not let it overwhelm me because

    I believe it is my purpose on this earth. I try to "work" with one or only a few people at at time and keep the others on a back burner for future encounters. You see I believe that my gift is to be the eyes, ears and mouth of a loving "god", creator, being, or whatever one might perceive the original source of love to be. Sometimes I only listen. Sometimes I get physically involved(such as displaying affection or actually giving advice or tangible help, depending on what the problem is), and sometimes I defer to my higher power to intervene. It can be exhausting but that is when I ask for help from God and sometimes I am released from the burden when "He" takes over. Other times I am forced to see it through. But let me say that if I were to be taken from my earthly life today, I would feel satisfied in knowing that in some small way I made a difference.

  • bmil 6 years ago

    i have a question for isabella snow. if an empathic can heal and make people feel better does that mean they can also hurt and make people feel worse? i'm just asking bc i fear i may be an empathic and if so i do not wanna hurt anyone.

  • CuRsEd 6 years ago

    I need assistance. Any and all help would be appreciated. I am 23 yrs old. My entire life even as a child Id been someone people easily opened up to. My first several jobs were working with children/special needs children which i loved doing, i also spend time taking care of my elderly sick grandparents and my sick mother who has fibromyalgia and severe back problems. I am someone you could always talk to (and people always do). I feel an overwhelming need to help anyone who needs it. Growing up on numberous occasions (and still to this day) my friends/family have to force me to not stop and pick up every hitchiker, stray animal, or help every homeless person I see. (infact just yesterday my mother yelled at me cause she found out I picked up a hitchiker in our rural area and drove him like 5 miles down the road). Throughout my whole life this has gotten me hurt my need to help those who needed it and even when i know its someone who will hurt/betray my frienship i still am there for them. My friends have told me that when we are all together the whole room can feel what im feeling if its an overwhelming feeling (whether it be happy, sad, angry, or in pain). Like i controlled the mood. After being around people i feel exhausted. I would watch (or still watch) an intesely emotional movie, and cry for 2 hrs after and then any little thing could set me off for another few hours after that too. Around my junior year of high school i started getting really bad anxiety attacks (that i can best describe as it felt like my skind was crawling) in class (weird cause even then i was a very socialable person and involved in lots of extracirriculars including band, colorguard, and editor for the school paper) and would get intense bouts of deep depression for a night and then be fine again the next day (i have not seen a connection to a person but that isnt to say there wasnt one there, i did not consider this possibility until recently) although i did find out that my parents were going through the almost disolution of their marriage in the same house at the time. I have been told i suffered from depression and when the meds for that made me sick I was told i was misdiagnosed for bipolar 2 (as in type 2 bipolar, note bipolar also) i no longer take the meds for it they did not make me feel right even my mother often said she didnt think that was a right diagnosis. Starting around the same time as the anxiety attacks I started having trips to the hospital. I was later diagnosed with poly cystic ovarian syndrome (cysts on the ovaries) which does cause pain, but even with all their treatments and surgeries i always have pain, and not always just abdominal, also back, neck, headaches (intense headaches), knee pain (my sister has bad knees and has had surgery on both and is going to have to have one redone and my same knee is flaring up badly but i didnt find out about my sister till after the knee flared up. Any insight would be great. Im basically kinda getting my life back after being bedridden almost for 2 yrs from the pain but i still have lots of pain and i tend to self medicate to block a lot out i think

  • Ezzy 6 years ago

    I have a question.

    How do you become an Empath

    Im not asking coz i want to be one but coz i believe i am

    i feel what people feel i know what truely goes on in their heart. I dont know if i was born like this or whether it is a result of the death that i have experienced in my life.

    But i know that this life of mine is filled with pain and suffereing.

    Something no one other then other empaths will ever know.

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    I'm a empath also.

    I knew about this by my cosin who is a medium and things online etc. I am depressed cause of it, i dont even know whats going on half the time... everything you said in the posts is 100% me, without even doubting it for a second, that is me in everyway possile. And this cristian might as well say we are the devils children.

    Im no sure if god is real or not, but if he is.. then i love him for creating such a beautiful planet and everything else that comes with it.

    I dont know why people feel the need to be psychic or obtain empathy, its draining me.

    I am a hermit, and i think its cause im unable to shield myself from peoples emotions.

    I cant sleep!! i thought it was normal depression cause ive been crying etc but.. empathy can make you like that like you just said. Ive sensed things like ghosts, and heard them, sensed peoples emotions, including my mums and told her excactly how she is and she calls me "My gifted child" hahaha :) Nice mum! lol.

    Its so scarey cause, i dont have any other empath friends, and others may think im weird the second i mention myself being an empath and psychic.

    Im scared they will hate me. I dont leave the house that much, and this constant cough, stuffy nose and buzzing ears(which is die to me being blocked up and allergies) but i heard empathy can give you buzzing ears.

    I just dont know, but no matter how much sleep i do finally get, i still feel tired(maybe thats cause im slightly aneamic though.. i take iron tablets and allergy tablets lol)

    But i know for sure, that was i exsperianced twice, maybe more is no coinsadance. Something saved me from under them infaltable islands at the swimming baths, and someone i hadnt seen for 8years, shows up 5-10mins after i mentioned him to my sister.

    Its to weird to not be anything... no human can guess someones coming after 8years! thats rediculous.

    I can sense if someone is good, or bad! but, these have been past boyfriends, and i chose to ignore my empathy! and every single one ended badly! i knew it... everytime my stomach churns and i feel like i want to get up and shout or somethings like's telling me... this is good, or... this is really bad! if it's bad, i get a slight throbbing headache.. or just feel sick.. or, that there just something that isnt right. I'm getting the excited feeling now as im typing lol.. its like butteflies.

  • Misty Lake 6 years ago

    U could not be more right when u said about u imagine that many of depress people are just empath that dont know what they are.

    I was one for many years before knowing. From a very early age, I would cry for no reason. I was nicknamed Butter. Even in the most happiest festivities I found myself overwhelmed with sadness unexpectedly. When I grew older I was able to see how shortly after, someone I knew would call me or visit telling me of something that was causing them pain. Got so I would ask them was u going thru this or hurting more between this and this time? Yes, was often the answer. I was also accused more than once by my mom that I was the devil's child because I can sense people who were ill (terminally in many of the cases) and they didnt even know. My grandfather was my youngest experience. Being a strong farmer there were no signs to the naked eye that inside he was riddled with liver cancer. Being the strong silent type no one knew. The day I ran out in the middle of the night barely 6 years old screaming that grandpa was gonna die, my mother slapped me, shortly after when I reached his home to find him unconscious on the the bedroom floor I was told it was my fault. So, yes it was not a GOOD life at all. Depression lead to suicide attempts and so on. Yet, strangers of all ages and sex come to me and opening up for NO reason at all even seeing me not at all an appealing person at the time. Hair unkept, hand me downs too big and extremely boney with a real thug walk and I am a girl, never stopped them. The fact that I was a teenager didn't matter to them at all. I often heard people say, "I don't even know why i am telling u this" yet the went on. Often ending with "Wow! I don't know why but just being around u makes me feel so much better". They would go on their way and I would feel as though I been poisoned. Stomach always upset, bursted my 1st ulcer at 18. Heart always heavy. I truly felt as though they dumped all their trash on me. I have huge medical reports of how many ways being an empath can screw u up. Sleep disorders, ulcers, gastritis, migraines, endless mental disorders when u dont know how to deal with it or that u even are one.

    I can go on and on with stories that lead to my understanding that I am an empath, but what I really want to express is how learning about it helped me so much.

    For years I thought me a freak. A misfit who surely had to be possesed by evil. Specially those times when I would meet a person for the first time and speak before thinking saying things about them they preferred unknown.

    Most hated that they could not get away with lying to me, although I often brought out the truth so matter of factly, not judgemental at all. As I come to accept it as almost natural for most people to lie so easy. Let's just say I am the kind of person u either love or hate no in between.

    My whole life I always heard the world "intense" being used when describing me. I realized now that "VERY" is often the gauge to a sensitive. we simply feel everything VERY much. It become very difficult to be around many people at once. We can becomce very depress feeling so many things we cannot change.

    The good part about understanding what u are is knowing how to avoid being in situations u cant deal with. I learned I cant shut it off and on, so I can simply avoid mass quantities and I can work on perspective, trying to find the possitive in everything so that all the negativity does not overwhelm me.

    Sadly, being an empath all my life in a family with far too much sickness and chaos for even the average sensitivity person, I became D.I.D. I have no doubt that most D.I.D. people have an empath personality.

    In my case only 3 are, the other personalities are the ones that help me desensitize in order to survive this curse like gift.

    It's either that or snap permanently or become catatonic. I suppose like all things there are degrees of emapthy even for the sensitives. I feel that those that can deal with it without ever having ended in a looney bin or into drugs or become a hermit or anything of the sort at some point in their life are just less sensity than other empaths. I am practically a hermit. I leave my house less than a dozen times a year and that is mostly for appointments. It limits the confrontations therefore keeping me useful for those I can help. I rather deal with less people I can help than too many that I become useless to all. I wont even pretend that understanding what I am makes life normal. It doesn't. It just makes it easier to work with it.

    I can happilly say I have not attempted suicide since 1981, nor do drugs since and I have a pretty good life. In fact I love my life even though I have to limit my presence around lots of people. I feel like the most blessed person in the world cause another good thing about being an empath is that we can appreciate things more, feel them more, colors are not just colors, smells are not just smells everything heightens, so u can imagine what making love is like :)

    Yes, being an empath is very very challenging, but once accepted and understood, and u modify your life accordingly it can be Nirvana.

  • 6 years ago

    i have no idea what to do, i can just feel everything and it's ruining my life. i dont only feel what people are feeling , but i can see what people have gone through, past and present and it's getting worse. one second im happy and i decide to go and socialize. but then everything turns to sh*t. i have no idea what to do. i've tried accepting the gift that has been given to me and everytime i get a vision i try to control it. but whatever i try, i have no power over it. i have no idea how to control it. can you help?

  • Midnight Rose 6 years ago

    Hi thanks for the info but I think I am because I do feel those symtoms but I have never seen it as a curse not since I was a little girl who saw things no one else could but now as a teen I see that I like feeling what others do it makes me feel great even when I'm so tired and feel terrible with confusion of others I still love being an Empath.

  • tupapi777 6 years ago

    wow. i'm glad to see so many fellow empaths in the world. yes, being an empath sucks because the world is filled with lots of people that are depressed, sad, bitter, angry and if you rub elbows with these people well you get the same energy. so i guess it's very important to associate with people with positive energy. i just found out i was an empath like last week. this explains why i get scared easily watching horror movies, i am very sensitive to other people's feelings and yes i can tell wether someone is lying to me or not. wow, i'm really glad i've found this link and found bunch of empath's like me : )

  • Douglas 6 years ago

    I googled emapath and just read your fine article, thank you. It resonates with my experiences. I've learned instinctively how to tune things out to a degree but it's not easy. I used to drink heavily. After I regained my health - more than once - I started noticing the level of other peoples health and their characteristic energy like never before. All I have to do is have a conversation with someone, or just be in their presence, and I get a very real sense of their health and mental energy. When my mom was in respiratory ICU I had trouble breathing for days. When my Dad was having colon surgery I had an upset stomach and no appetite for days. Those are just two examples. When I was a kid, I used to wonder why grown ups were so dumb, actually numb compared to me.

    I re-balance myself by playing guitar, walking in the woods, taking pictures... I also spend a lot of time alone. I fit the anagram of what Gary Null identifies as a Creative Assertive. Creative Assertive people, like the Empath, are not on the same wavelength as most other people, just for starters. It's always good to remember that most other people don't see and feel the way we do.

  • Chris 6 years ago

    I practice mindfulness meditation to focus my empath abilities

  • Shannon925 6 years ago

    Thanks for posting the 7 signs! I am a empath and have had this ability all my life. And although some people think its fun all the time, it wasnt for me. I grew up in a house with a bunch of negative energy and a very ill mother. I was constantly in pain, constantly thinking something had to be wrong to be in so much pain. Until I learned I was an empath and I felt other peoples pain and energy too. And not only that but I can see and hear spirits, can get confusing, scary and painful. Still trying to figure it out!~

  • Andie 6 years ago

    I dont understand how other empaths deal with people as well as they say. I physically hurt whenever I am in large crowds. I have know what I am since I was a child. I am always "sick" and it's miserable. I have unwillingly become anti-social and only align myself with what i suppose you would call the "purest" of people. I simply am unable to block the emotions that are not my own. It's an awful existence.

  • leeanne 6 years ago

    Great article!!!! I'm 13 and recently ive been seeing auras. I got a book from the library about it and it started talking about empaths. So, i got curious and googled it and clicked on this site. After reading this, I now realize im an empath too. Im kinda scared and the fact that im VERY involved in my Catholic faith and wait Frettbuzz or whatever said is worrying me. =( so am i like evil now?????? Thanks 4 the AWESOME hub 2!!!

  • Ingrid 6 years ago

    This article was very casually written, but actually dead on. I'm an empath, and work professionally in the metaphysical field, as well as an author of a book on developing your natural psychic abilities of which I also teach classes. I am developing a website centered on psychic development, like you said, there's not much info out there. But this was very on the nose.

  • monj 6 years ago

    Like many of the commentators here, I've been trying to understand what's wrong with me and why I'm so sensitive.

    For the longest time I was resigned to thinking I was crazy and trying my best to not show it.

    Over the last couple of years, I've noticed a change. Either I'm somehow getting more control over it, or I'm getting stronger. Or heck, maybe both. However, I feel like I'm ready to see this as something other than an affliction.

    I have a real affinity towards animals, nature, and trees especially. However, I also seem to have a strong sensitivity towards what I think is residual feelings. I love history but have a real hard time going in museums or historical places. I get overloaded to the point where I can start describing things, people and places. It kind of scares me because I've also felt other things.

    Is there any other place or articles you would suggest where I can get more information? It's been hard to deal with this and I would like to learn more. Unfortunately, as you said at the beginning of your article, there isn't a lot of credible information on this kind of thing out there. So anything that you can suggest would be greatly appreciated.


  • phoenix 6 years ago

    i dont know exactly why im asking questions about these things i personally believe that anything is possible just not to me. i am at a loss though. i used to be able to control everything but ever since my first tour in iraq it all just shutdown and i became completely numb. i used to have to fake all of my emotions and it felt good not to feel anymore i was alot more sociable being numb. and then i got married and it blew way out and now i cant control it anymore. i never really tried to figure this out but now i cant stand it im so overwhelmed and now things are happening when i dont want them to. so since i never tried to learn about any of this im at a loss. my whole life wierd things always happened but they were meaningless things and i have always kept this my secret. but when i got deployed really really really i mean really wierd things started happening and all of the other deployments after that. i dont want to say what they are because im sort of embarrassed and shy about all of it but i started looking and i think i might be an empath only because alot of the stuff thats happened is it but im not sure because there is alot of other stuff that cant be possible that happened to me too and I know its me thats doing it because it happens too much almost defensively but now i am scared of the things i do and i just wanted to know what are all of the things that an empath can do because some of these things are completely not possible. i wont name them but please let me know.

    thank you

  • Kelly 6 years ago

    I'm so glad you wrote this and I happened to find it. For a few years now I've been thinking it was likely that I'm an empath but I thought it was maybe just my imagination. But after reading this, I'm sure I'm an empath. Except for the healing part... Well, I can take away the emotional pain of others for a period of time but I haven't physically healed.

    Although I can understand why you would see it as a curse, I can see how it's a gift as well. Just regarding that we know how to control it.

  • Taje247 6 years ago

    is there a way you can learn how to heal and im 14 i had no idea about what was going on uptil now some kids at school thought i was weird but i knew i wasn't i felt bad after this so now i hav an excuse and this is a gift it may not appear to be one but i belive it is... and im a strong christian. so people like mr fret who dont listen to other opionions, your a butt- head but i agree with many of you who say that this isn't anti-christ like. it CAME FROM GOD. God created all right? (Genesis 1:1 God created the heavens and the earth.) and i say everything in it... so be glad you have a gift personal from God :)

  • 6 years ago

    I have known that I am an empath for some time now and am experiencing something about which I haven't seen much written. There are a few people in my life who almost always tell me that I misunderstand how they feel. I don't mean once in awhile or even a majority of the time - I mean at least 90% of the time. Has any empath out there ever experienced this? My gut feeling is these people resent having their feelings known by me in such an intimate way. These are people with whom I have been remarkably close, who would say that they know me better than I know myself. However, our lifestyles and values are very different, and I have hidden significant parts of myself from them (such as the fact that I am an empath) because I don't want to experience their judgment. At least two of them would probably laugh if I told them I was an empath. They flat out would not believe me, as they perceive me to be insensitive. I believe this is because their energy literally paralyzes me: my thoughts, my reasoning and my ability to act on those. I avoid these people like the plague, and feel terrible about it, because like I said, I have been very close to them all at different times. There should be some kind of empath mentoring program. This is so difficult. My whole life I have known there is something different about the way I relate with other people. My relationships with the people I love the most are strained because of what I am. It is isolating and heart-wrenching.

  • Toni 6 years ago

    hi and thank you for opening up my eyes .

    I have been noticing changes in me and thought i was depressed or something just wasnt right.

    But i have come to the relization that its simply empath which now makes alot of sense to me.thankyou so much.

    How do you control this ? Is it a psycic ability??

  • daya 6 years ago

    I have been this way since I can remember...I have always had the innate power to "read" people, especially when words and energy collide. At those times, I can actually see pictures of the truth flashing by--in other words, when someone says to another "You are always so happy" and the energy I am recieving does not coincide with the remark or the emotion implied....then I can REALLY see into people.It is like no truth EVER escapes me, ever. I cannot be lied to, secrets cannot be kept from me, nor can emotions be feigned. I accept this--though, my children have taken to calling me "a hermit' because being in crowds is too bombarding at times...actually, every time I get into my car to venture to town, my stomach knots up...and it is not "anxiety" per se...just a dislike of what I know I will be feeling (or plethora of feelings) once I get where I am going. I embrace who I am, though I, at times am overrought by who I call "seekers"--those who migrate to me with their sorrow, disappointments, worry, guilt, etc... I am sorry Mr. "saved" but cluelessness and easily-led come to mind while reading your comments. You are completely entitled to believe what you will, but I am afraid you are one of the very many who "think" they know and are doomed to a life of waiting for miracles to "happen." My heart goes out you...when in death you realize the truth could have been LIVED...

  • Sami 6 years ago

    For me being an empath depends on my day. Some days I am in my room, in my bed pretty much hating life and the next I find it fun and interesting how easy it is to read people. As a child I was told I was very intuitive and had a mature understanding of the world around me, so it is safe to say that I was probably a very young beginner empath. In about 4th grade my parents remember me going through a huge depression and they took me to multiple therapist. I guess I completely suppressed my ability until I was taking classes to become a level 1 reiki about 3 years ago. After the introduction to the class my teachers did something called attuning, which is supposed to open up the spirit and mind. Like you are being reborn and your senses are in full swing. They told me after that I would probably become more intuitive over the next couple of weeks and that I should take care of myself by performing reiki every night on myself. Low and behold about a week later I went into full blown empath, so bad that I would walk into rooms screaming at my family for no reason, hysterically crying after walking by a girl in the hall of my high school and randomly feeling overwhelmed in a classroom of only 15 kids. Finally about 3 weeks later I figured it out by myself somehow. It just came to me almost as if someone spoke the words to me. I didn't have a name for it yet but I was able to feel the energies radiating off people, animals, the earth, everything! I was scared out of my mind and yet fascinated. I asked many for help but everyone including my reiki teacher had no clue what I was talking about until my father who is very close to me just dropped the "E" word. A couple of weeks after that I noticed an energy I could not for the life of me pin point and it turns out I can feel the non living too. That very well could be the reason why I completely started suppressing it as a child. I was known for night mars, night terrors, and irrational fears of rooms which were never consistent. Which freaks me out to no extent! But then about a month later my great aunt died and even though I had not seen her in 8 years I knew she loved me very much and was proud of me. About 2 days after she died a new positive energy full of love appeared and her name immediately popped in my head. I could even smell her and at some points I swear I herd her! I spent a good 3 days with her at my side and honestly I couldn't have been happier. I do love her very much and I know she is happy. Letting go of her was so easy and every now and again when I need her she pops up within minutes. That is a major positive about this gift! I have been told by many psychics that I can do much more than that but I am too afraid to. For example I have the tools to even see the non living and maybe talk to them but guess what... HELL YES THAT FREAKS ME OUT! and if it did happen I'd probably faint. Communicating with the after life is one of my biggest fears! I am 19 now and I just finished my freshman year at MICA in Baltimore. Possibly one of the worst years of my young life! It started off great and then in October my grandmother who I was extremely close to died, only a couple months after my great aunt, her sister. I drove home 3 hours to see her and by that point she was considered just a body in a vegetable state but being an empath, I knew she was there still, stuck inside that useless body, waiting. To see her like that was extremely hard but for her I was going to stay strong. She wasn't in pain and completely at peace, just waiting. I began to brush her hair the way I always had and I could feel her falling into a sleep. It was weird cause everyone in the room figured she had already moved on but I knew she was there saying her goodbyes, sleeping at the moment. I was truly happy just being with her brushing her hair until my mother quietly told me it was time to leave. This was my mom's mom. Immediately my grandmother woke up because her energy levels became more aware and I could begin to feel her slipping, leaving. I immediately started to cry because at that moment I realized she had been waiting for me to come home to say goodbye. My mother told me to say goodbye to her and I kissed her on her forehead. Then unable to hold back anymore I rain out of the room hysterical. We left and by the time we got home we received a phone call that my grandmother died shortly after I left. I now know what the energy leading to death feels like if that makes any sense. I can now tell when someone or something is going to die. Just today I drove by a baby raccoon crossing the road in broad daylight and I stopped and almost cried. later on that day while I was driving back the little raccoon was dead in the middle of the road. That time I did cry.

    Quick question for other empaths, have you been to a wake and realized how scary a dead body is? I can not get a single energy reading from them, like an empty hunk of flesh. Hopefully I won't defend anyone with that last statement but when I walked into my grandmothers wake I almost screamed. She wasn't there just her left overs, her main material item in this world and they dressed her up to look like she was sleeping but no reading, non what so ever. I was not able to go back into the room for the rest of both wakes. Happily though she did show up to her own funeral for the mass and was there and listened as I sang Ave Maria for her in the church. I love her so much and there is not a day I don't think about her.

    For a good week while I was with my family I was ok, everything went down hill when I returned to school about 5 days later after she died. Suddenly her death sunk in and she hadn't come to visit me yet to say goodbye or something which at the time was very selfish of me but I was going through a lot. I started to fear that I was going crazy and that my Aunt never came to say goodbye and that there was nothing after death or that my own Babci (polish for grandma) was mad at me for something. Also everything I had worked on over 2 years to try and protect myself from the random energies from other people attacking my life, was completely destroyed! Not only was I depressed out of my mind and hopelessly lonely, I FELT EVERYTHING. It was then I discovered how much one of my roommates hated me and the worst part was I could not figure out why. Thankfully I had my own room and there I stayed beating myself up emotionally. Once I was beginning to get over my grandmother's passing she came to my brother, mother and I in the same night in a dream. In each dream she had a different way of saying goodbye and telling us that she was more than happy and ok. I woke up feeling much better. Sadly the whole empath part of me was still worse than every and every day my roommate's hate towards me got worse and worse. I eventually figured out that she was envious of me go figure and for what I don't know, but she turned one of my best friends at the school who helped me through my grandmother's passing, against me. I guess the stress became too much for my body physically and I completely fell apart 3 weeks before school ended. My knee popped out of place really randomly and easily which hasn't happened since I was in 7th grade and then a week later my back was in so much pain I couldn't move. Turns out I have a herniated disk that was pinching a nerve that ran down my right leg. I was on bed rest for 3 weeks and my blood levels were so all over the place doctors thought I had 5 other thing wrong with me, like juvenile diabetes. 2 weeks later I was retested and I was totally and completely fine. A month and a half later and I am doing much better and trying to finish my finals. Also I have the empath thing under control for the most part but I keep very little people close to me. I only hang out with about 8 people 4 of which is my family. I am proud of who I am and what I can do but getting it under control is incredibly hard. It really can be such a beautiful gift when you begin to understand it you just have to be careful a lot. If any other more experienced empaths have some little bits of advice in which to take control of your emotions and your life

  • Destiny. 6 years ago

    Wow this kind of helped me out understanding what is wrong with me. I am a 14 year old girl. I took a quiz on Facebook and it was something about *What is your Supernatural Gift?* and I got an Empath. So I read the little description on it and I was just awe struck because it was exactly what I was experiencing. So I googled it and this was wht I found. The way you explained those things really stuck out out to me. And now I pretty much understand what ability I have. And no, it is not always fun. I just like the part where I can understand wht my friends are feeling and I can help them out with it. So really god bless you for posting something like this. I just want you to know how much this really helped me!! Thanks!!!

  • Meredith Kate 6 years ago

    This article is very well more ways than one. So many of us feel so alone in the world. I know I do. I was born August 16th, 1987, during the Harmonic Convergence. I don't know if you have done any research on the topic, but many of our Crystal and Indigo children were born on that day. My abilities seem to get stronger the older I get, and the harder it becomes to shield myself from unwanted energy. I have Crohn's Disease, and PCOD. Having these two diseases, and being an easy feat! Reading this article gave me a sense of comfort, and for that I thank you!!

  • valgfrit 6 years ago

    Reading this made me cry!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting such good words on a very difficult matter.

  • Someone, I guess 6 years ago

    I really do believe I am one, I match all of these things, other than the 'healing' thing, which I wouldn't have a damn idea on how to find out, would it consist of making everyone calm around you, that was just extremely sorrowful, but now you feel that?

  • Tom Coburn 6 years ago

    I too have been an empath all my life. I can sense the emotions of others around me, I can read other peoples hearts, as well as channel other peoples emotions. I too have all but the healing part, which i think is why I stay away from crowds or places where there are more then 2 or more people around, because the bombardment of emotions around me that I feel overwhelms me. I always thought I was weird too, this is wonderful to know I'm not the only one out there

  • Sarah Lynn 6 years ago

    I am an empath, and have known since I was 8. Well...I knew something was up. When my parents got divorced I could always feel my mothers pain. And, since I was only 8, I was, naturally, in pain too. I thought of my gift as a curse, but now think otherwise. I always couldn't sleep, and woke up at odd hours of the morning. I attempted to run away from home twice. I was always a loner, wallowing in self pity. I got good grades, read a lot, and didn't talk much. Then,when I was starting junior high I made my first 'real' friend because I saw her in the school counsellor because of depression. I thought we would be a perfect match. I was right

    Now, years later, we are still great friends. I have learned to turn this curse into a blessing. I hope this helps some empaths who just don't understand what's happening or feel all alone.

    Best wishes,


  • Trish 6 years ago

    I have all my life felt different. I have always been drawn to people that are in need. I have felt the pain of people, moods of people, and even the emotions of people that I would walk past. Never knew why I had an overwhelming need to be alone, I become overwelmed with clutter. Everyone called me moody, and I thought I was mentally ill. I have worked hard to not feel this way to the degree I have shut down emotionally. I don't which is worse. Help, how do I find balance and embrace my gift,

  • Malissa  6 years ago

    Hello, I really found this article very helpful...someone told me I was a Empath...and as I was reading this, many of these things applied to me! Many times I feel overwhelming emotions for no reason, I feel overwhelming emotions everyday...when I see a person in pain, when I watch the news...for everything. I see spirits and I sometimes...can feel them very strongly. This is all very weird...but I don't know...thanks for the article. I am very compassionate, and I do cry often, for every living creature...everything. Am I just overly sensetive...I don't know, It feels very strange at times...

  • Christine 6 years ago

    You are absolutely right about Knowing if this is you or not. I have never been so sure of anything before in my life. Thank you for being the first light after Uriella explained to me what has been happening for 35 years...I would like to comment on Fret at the very top...I stop reading after a few because I started to feel about him the way he was feeling about us and I was able to Knock it off. What a wonderful thing light is when you use it...He obviously does not realize that what he was describing as the Devil was exactly the way he was acting and it just never ceases to amaze but now it makes no more Crazy....YAY! MUAH to you all and Double MUAH to all EMPATHS!

  • Ashekitty 6 years ago

    I just read this again, and then again a few more times

    and Im speechless I mean this honestly relates to me completely..I cant even describe it, and if you think about it , it would explain why people think Im bipolar, since my moods would change depending on that of what Im picking up..I mean Im still edgy because Idk if this is real or not...but Idk..its weird

  • Ashekitty 6 years ago

    Hi a lot of this relates to me but people just tell me I know how to read emotions really well. Im seventeen and recently diagnosed with Bipolar, but its like when Im with people I can ...feel what they feel even if I dont agree or dont want to feel that way. Im a very very emotional person but it all depends on who Im with and how they are and idk its..strange. People do open up to me ALL the time Ive even thought about being a pyschologist but ...I wanna I really an that..possible..

  • Crystal S 6 years ago

    I'm a Christian... I can't "heal" but I have all those other signs/symptoms.. and i know I'm not demon possessed as "fretbuzz" said 3 yrs ago.

  • Melissa 6 years ago

    I am a believer because my friend is one and I think I might be starting to become one.

  • Gemini 6 years ago

    Thank you for writing this article. I am glad that I found it because it helps me to understand myself a little better. I have recently discovered that I too am an empath. I can feel the physical and emotional pain of people around me and at times people I don't even know. I have panic attacks when I take on the emotions and pain of others, but I would not change anything. I feel this is my calling and I would love to learn how I can use these abilities to help others. Nothing makes me feel better than to see someone heal. I am glad that there are others who understand and want to do good things with their gift. Thank you for sharing your story and advice.

  • BRIARFROST 6 years ago

    This post is very helpful, I have been told and have know i am an Empath for years now, i just needed a comfirmation of that... ever since i was a child i was wanting to help people, animals, and plants in anyway possible.i remember as a todler picking off dead leaves on a rose bush and my mom coming out of the house yelling, "what in the world are you doing?!?" i simply replied, "im trying to help the plant mommy, its hurting." i have always been called by all of my friends to get asailed by their problems. i enjoy being looked as a go-to guy, i get uncomfortable in crowds and cant stand pep rallies at my high school (way too much emotion) i go hide in a secluded place to get away from it. i am not just an Empath either i am a Seer, i have prophetic dreams and deep down feelings. i had it figured out when i met my witch friend and she is like me also.

    thank you again Isa

  • Leah 6 years ago

    Hi, thank you for posting this is was very helpful. I knew the minute I started reading yep, been there done that and have been looking for something that could be shown to others in difficult belief systems that could not grasp this. It's real and it's not fun. I will come forth and say I never asked for this, didn't want my eyes open to it and wanted to walk away and reject said gift. Both a blessing and a curse. I have been told through friends this terminology. For awhile time was told I was an energy user and at that time I was tied to my parent's faith and dismissed it. I know "energy users" who can tell exactly where I am and tell you when I am coming to visit. He knew when I was on the plane and no one had told him I was flying. I come from a long line of healers. Was told by my grandmother it did not make sense I had this ability because God had told Papa he must "transfer it out of our bloodline". Papa "taught" an in-law and Papa had the ability to stop heavy bleeding. Many in the family attribute their "gifts" to God which they are entitled to believe. The non-believers are divided between it's a mental illness or demon possession. Drugs do mute it or make me drowsy enough to just not pay attention. Still have not learned how to block would look forward to any advice that could be given on this subject. I have gotten to the point I won't leave the house unless one of my friends makes me. This is a combination of a physically abusive soon to be ex-husband, living in a foreign country, and right now because if I feel one more person's feelings I might set my hair on fire. It's overwhelming like drowning on land. Someone shows up at my door and I open in I guarantee you in ten seconds I know if it's going to be a bad day. Nonetheless it's nice to know I am not lying or "insane". I never use the term empath with nons I say I am an emotionalist. Thank you. -Le

  • jeffery m dozier 6 years ago

    I have been helping people with problems since i was a little kid.people like to talk to me about there problems.I didn't know what this was until i watched an episode of star trek.I was about 6or7,they had a lady who could take your painthey said she was empathic.I knew thats what I was instantly.there's 8 ways toknow your an empath,the only one i'm not sure about is healing.Oh and by the way I'm also a 100%disabled desert storm Marine. The gulf war is hell on me,Ifeel there pain.We should have finished it when we were there.Can't even watch anything on tv about iraq war.Guess I know why now,you would think that every joint in my body screaming in pain every second of every day would be enough.I guess not good thing god made me a Marine so I could take it.

  • sally 6 years ago

    I live my everyday life as an empath. It grows and grows. I do not like being misunderstood, I do not like feeling compelled to give those close to me warnings of things that are going to happen because when it does happen, I get negative comments.

    I do not like walking into a room having my whole mood change. I do not like it when being close to someone who is holding back anger and I feel that anger and show it.

    I do not like feeling the sorrow. I don't always get why I suddenly change like this until the other person reveals they felt that way before my mood suddenly went downhill.

    I do not like it when people approach me treating me as though I am someone to exploit for their own personal gain. I understand who those people are and will just go along with it but never complete their idea of exploitation.

    It's all a learning lesson, this thing called life. On top of that I have a mild form of autism. This world is overwhelming and staying balanced everyday is difficult.

    I have to deal with this but it is also a gift. I can spot a person up to no good way before anyone else can. How I react to it isn't always pleasant and I'm often asked to leave in favor of this sly con artist but time reveals the feeling was correct.

    This isn't demonic possession. It's a gift but can be a curse if you allow others energies to drain you or affect your own space and mood.

  • darwin 6 years ago

    i have a question i have been doingmy research about empath and what i have been finding i have some of the signs i dont have all the signs but i do have some so i am not one hundred percent sure i am an empath but recently about a feweeks ago me and my friend noticed that whenever she was not feeling well i would always txt her without even knowing that she needed help after i realised what i was doing i started noticing that i was picking up on peoples emotions and i hadnt realised till i started feeling angry and sad without having reason to be can someone message me please my yahoo is i just need some help and more information thank you ahead of time

  • jen 6 years ago

    I am 30 years old, and I had no idea what's going on with me till today. What a relief! What a relief!

    I still need to work on how to deal with it better, since I have the tendency to withdraw to not get drained.

  • Inutition 6 years ago

    All my life I have wondered what was wrong with me, as a child I placed in Charter for 2 months for "emotional" issues. Over the last 5 years or so I have questioned my "psychic" ability and then let it go a passing thought. Today at 28 years old I KNOW I am an Empath (possibly more). My life has been filled with unexplainable emotions and "feelings" once I could swear I could hear the thoughts of everyone around me (actually haven't been in public much since then). Anyways I am hoping that by accepting and beginning to understand who I am allows me to ignore all the negative energies that this world is filled with. How to not let the true things I see behind the "masks" everybody wheres affect me so. Or actually if I could just turn it off....perhaps I could go more places and talk to more people. Anyways Thanks for this thread and for describing me to a T. I now begin the journey of understanding how to control me ability and use it for the betterment of those around me.

  • Taylor 6 years ago

    I am tired now. I am a healer of pain and have actually diagnosed to the point that I have told people what I want their doctors to test for, blood disorders, internal organs, the exact areas that need to be X-rayed and know when surgery is necessary and know when someone is going to die if they do not get proper treatment and know when it's too late for them.

    Where ever there is a problem within the body I can feel it it in a way that I cannot explain. The problem is that if there is anyone that is within a close proximity to me I can feel it and I am drawn to them compulsively without hesitation to try to help them.

    Though the people I approach are highly receptive, it's the people around them and me that are not understanding and think I'm a nut.

    I know when the illness is physical or mental and can tell the difference. But I have a problem and need help with it because when I am drawn to a person it is a very strong compulsion and I need help with this.

    Any Advice?

    please email me at Thank you

  • sbuxgirl 6 years ago

    i'm an empath, its kinda weird but i'm learning to master it... i kinda figured it out recently cause i would have all these strange feelings and able to figure out how someone is without even knowing them, but my friend is an empath too so he's helping me

  • MiClay 6 years ago

    This is strange because I've actually experienced these things. Like the healing. I've actually tried healing like that and I have no idea why I did it. It confused me. Thank you :)

  • Rose 6 years ago

    i am really confused because i am like a human empath but at the same time i am a clairsentient. i do not sow my feelings much because i am very closed. some of these sympthoms the author explained has happened to me and i like being alone except when there people in the room who are also hyped up. can some one please help me?

  • Mallory 6 years ago


    Now I understand how I'm different.

    I'm not crazy.

    Thank you,

    Mallory :)

  • Kay 6 years ago

    I want to thank you so much for this article :D it describes all of these things that I've been feeling my whole life and attributed to being bi-polar. Thanks for that!

  • Marina 6 years ago

    I think you did a very good job with this information and with this article. I am an empath but have learned along the way to discern what gets in and how to process it. For example, as a healer I do not "take on" others pain, but I know they have it. I can however pick up emotional/mental/psychic pain and derangement, including of animals and plants. One has to learn to discern. Television is out of the question and has been for 20 years, although I can buy a dvd of a show with the ads edited out.

    The work of Elaine Aron ( Highly Sensitive People) and meditation and much work on myself has helped.

  • alicia snow 6 years ago

    Hi this is very imprtin too me... im 13 and i am an empath well im pretty shure i am and iv just found out and am so confused about it but i do love it at the same time. I have had a ghost attack me in sexual and physical ways and i need help on controlling it please help me

    thanks so much xoxox

    ps: my last name is actually snow not coping u i swear on my life lmfao! xD


  • Allyson 6 years ago

    I just want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this article. I don't go out very often and that doesn't even save me from the invasion of feelings I get daily. I haven't been out during the day in a very long time. I prefer to be awake when others are sleeping and vice versa. I've moved three times in the past year because my neighbors have experienced the loss of spouses and divorces causing me crippling waves of emotion that caused me to think I was losing my mind. I can't watch T.V. without falling apart and the S.P.C.A. commercials absolutely destroy me reducing me to tears in seconds. whenever one comes on and I'm in the room my Husband or Son will jump up cover my eyes and tell me a joke or sing a silly song in my ear untill it's over. Luckily after all these years my husband noticed a common link between my emotions and the trauma of others. It started when I very reluctanly went to work for a friend during the Olympics in Vancouver Canada and was surrounded by 20,000 people at the least for an entire 10 hours. I couldn't even drive home. My husband picked me up and I started sobbing. He asked me what was wrong but how do you say every time someone gets near you you feel their anger,sadness,shame,murderous rage etc. it just sounds nuts and oh ya,when I feel these things if the emotion is strong enough I will also see flashes of bad things that people have done. Woah, ya...crazy right? I thought so. Anyways, I begged him to just leave me alone that night because I guess I needed to instinctively ground myself or something but this made him angry and hurt and defensive and the more upset he got well, you know, untill I was just a blubbering mass telling him about the people and the feelings and the flashes and that's when it happened. It was like all of a sudden he wasn't upset anymore he had figured it out! It just all fell into place in that one moment and, he started searching for an answer. When he read me your list I asked him if he was joking because I couldn't believe how exactly this was explaining me. I just couldn't believe it. I still don't know how to control it but I know what it is and I don't feel crazy anymore and it's all because of this one miracle of a woman and her life saving, sanity restoring, broken spirit healing article. Thank you!

  • rocket 6 years ago

    Thanks for this article, I was raised to believe the same hogwash that fretbuzz is "not preaching". I am a christian and an empath possibly even more but since I was taught it was bad I almost ended up drugged out of my brain instead of learning how to shield myself from other's emotions. Open your mind God made everything even the big bad devil. We all answer to him. Again thanks for the articles I'm about to read more of your work.

  • Ellie 6 years ago

    Wow! This is a really great article!!!

    After searching the internet for answers, this is truly the best out of all of them.

    Out of all my family members, I believe in these psychic/empathic/medium stuff. My mom hardly believes in any of this, which is sad. For a long time I've been searching for answers to figure out why I'm this way. I feel like I can pick up on emotions and (almost) feel like there's a certain aura/glow around them. I've researched and researched until my only conclusion could be an empath. This is by far one of the most helpful articles I've found!

    Thank you so much!!!


  • Dancercs1 6 years ago

    i can see the future. hen people are sad they automatically without warning willl start telling me everything. this happens a lot, especially wiht my friends. but sometimes it is random strangers. im 13, a random girl who was crying in a bathroom, told me everything that was going on out of nowhere. i didnt even know she was there. people think im crazy for claiming i can see the future, my own father makes fun of me and tells me it bullshit. i found out from my mom it runs in her side of the family [being able to see the future and since peoples feeling and having people vent to you without warning]. my mom tried to convince my dad of it he wouldnt budge. he thinks im completely insane. ive taken many psychic quiz... im passed everyone... only missed one answer out of 30-50 question on a test. i had a almost perfect score each time. isa. ur acticle summarizes me exactly right down to the point. as soon as i read the titles of each paragraph they described me right to the point. than the paragraph following stunned me that it was completely true about me. :)

    as for fretbuzz, im Christian. i believe god died on the cross to save us from our sins. he gave me this power to help people. im determined to continue to help people using my gift, but as you call "the curse from satan". it a gift from god. god is the father, god is the son, and the Holy Spirit. yes i go to church. i love my church. i have very religious views, but if u r willing to tell them i am not going to go to heaven, and im part of the "anti-Christ", i think u you are wrong. god loves each and every one of us. he made us, who we are today. i believe he gave me, my gift of empathic, to help those in need. :)

  • terced ojos profile image

    terced ojos 6 years ago from

    The hardest part about being an empath for me at least in the beginning was how to block out the many emotions I was experiencing.

    When it first started I was not only feeling the emotions of people but I was actually hearing their thoughts and in some cases their verbal sentences spoken from miles away.....

    I could actually sense the thoughts of leaders in other countries...

    I subsequently as a defense mechanism found that through intense concentration I could greatly lessen the emotions I was feeling and the voices.

    At present I don't hear any voices unless the emotions are particularly strong. I have discovered as I have gotten older that I'm less and less empathic unless I sit still and tune in.

    I have many stories wherein I have used my empathic skill to find people in my life who were presumed missing.

    My empathic ability began soon after I got saved and received the Holy Spirit and was born again.

    For me this ability was given to me by God in accordance with his will and Jesus had this ability as well.

    When I am in the presence of other Christians who have the Holy Spirit I feel like I amplify the spirit; it's like I boost the signal. It becomes stronger. The more who have the spirit the greater the amplification.

    After long periods of worship I often have prophetic thoughts that come true; In addition I am given to know struggles that people are having in their lives. I sometimes tell them that God knows and has heard their prayers. I am sometimes used by God to confirm for his believers that he has heard their prayers.

  • jerm34 profile image

    jerm34 6 years ago

    Wow.. I thought I was crazy, until a friend told me i was a very powerful empath. So, I did some research.... and all the traits describe fit exactly what i've been feeling... i would like to know more about empaths...

  • Fuscia 6 years ago

    Grounding energy!! Being an empath can be cool and interesting, even enjoyable, fun and rewarding, it doesn't have to hurt!! It usually does though. Right now I have alot of energy stored up in my under arm area and under my knees. This sounds weird, but it ultimately materializes on the body as ringworm. So I have some skin fungus formations under my knees and pits! Before it affected my physicality with this skin fungus, many friends told me I needed grounding. I was sending my energy out too much, and not bringing it back in, just absorbing it. When I hear a friend bitch, I start to get the beat going in these places-I need to find a rhythm that releases this energy to self heal. I think by the time it accumulates physically it is sort of serious, and deffinitive change needs to take place, either with excersize or what? Color, Fuscia!!

  • Tom  6 years ago

    Im 11 almost 12. I am an Empath. Everything I feel around me with kids my age is horrible. they are all deluded by TV and Technology - I use my computer alot though but not TV. Being an empath has happened to me in the last 6 months now. I have developed it. It's sometimes wonderful and sometimes I feel like dying. I play national level tennis, so I'ts whats im putting my life into. An empath like me understands things of which others can't comprehend. We have had the power to turn it on since the day we were born.

    I personally want the empathy to go away! It's too powerful for me to control!

    I mostly feel the pain of other people.

    I may not be empathic, I might be self absorbed too much, idk.

    Is it a gift or a curse?

  • lorili 6 years ago

    you non-believers who say you read the BIBLE...what do you think Jesus was and his followers? Give me a break, you are hypocrits!

  • Vomelet 6 years ago

    I'm not sure if I'm an empath, but I know that I'm not clairsentient. 1) I do pick up other emotions, but it's rare that I experience it as purely/intensely as they do. It tends to be more cerebral than physical (for lack of a better explanation). 2) I do not experience the physical ailments of others, but with touch (and sometimes without) I will know the person ailment AND the rememdy. I sense it in my body more than feel it as physical pain. 3) I am not overwhelmed with emotion when watching something horrible. Once again, I feel it, but it's typically more mental and rarely overwhelming. 4) I ALWAYS know what others mean and I have an extremely keen sense of intention that is hard from me to comprehend at times, but I've learned to trust it explicitly. 5)I am extremely compelled to care for people in pain. I often find myself approaching complete strangers who look forlorn and the homeless around my neighbor know me very well b/c I'm always giving them anything have extra wheter food or money. A few times I've given people the clothes and shoes off of my back! literally. People think I'm showing off, but it's a compulsion that I've actually had to learn to control. 6) People are always opening up to me and I'm not the most approachable looking person: I'm over 6', over 200lbs w/ course features and a stoic expression; yet, people always come to me for advice and marvel at my insight into people and situations. I've even scared more than a few people with my insights so much that they never spoke to me again. Some have run away from me in tears. I end up feeling like crap b/c I don't know what I did or said wrong. 7) To my knowledge I cannot or have not healed anyone although I get this powerful sensation that I can. My wife is massage therapist and energetic healer and she begs me to become b/c she says that I massage like a professional therapist and she marvels at my insight into other ailments and the remedies for it. She says that I already do all the things that she is learning in her healing school, but I have not interest in medicine of any sort.

  • casey 6 years ago

    I have a question. Most of my friends are usually upset and depressed, and I constantly feel the urge to help them. But each time I do, I feel like I physically took their pain and put it into myself. I don't mind, really, they come first. But is this something that could kill me emotionally? Could it make me depressed to such an extent that I'd need help? I do have my ups and downs, but every time I have a down, it seems to get worse and worse.

  • steph 6 years ago

    i have read your 7 questions and i am excited, i want to know more i have been this way all of my life i know things about people i sometimes don't want to know i have had the shared pain which i have learned to somewhat control myself, but there is so much more i don't understand things that aren't mentioned here and yes this is the first time i have ever tryed to contact someone about this and only my mother knows because it is not something i feel people will react to nicely, and your right i have no friends and boyfriends i don't keep around long, i have taught my self to walk away and not be emotionally connected for so long that it interferres with my well being. also i am catholic and i really doubt that satan has anything to do with this lol i don't have a url or html but i have facebook.

  • LatentMagic 6 years ago

    Well...I was suggested to this website. And from what I've read and from everything I've learned today. I'm an Empath. I feel others emotions, I never know what I truly feel. I've experienced the dead. I've encountered things people only dream of.

    It's strange to finally be able to define myself as sane. I thought I was crazy, but when you feel your grandmother cross over the same second she died, and you felt the swarm of emotions a week before your brother committed suicide, there has to be some truth to what I have read on this site and others.

  • Laurie 6 years ago


    Thank you for this post. While I've been working on channeling my gift of empathy better, I still have those times where I must take off the entire weekend to simply recoup my energy. My empathy runs so deep that even if a friend tells me of a story that impacted one of their friend's or loved ones (someone I've never met) and it involves pain, I can feel it for months. In fact, I am still trying to get over a very disturbing event that a friend shared regarding her boyfriend and it was literally months ago! Sometimes, I will just be waiting for a taxi and I "see" the event (which I never really saw) in my mind's eye and it bothers me the whole day through. I can feel a shiver constantly roll down my body.

    I am looking forward to more posts on how to cope with being an empath.

    Thanks again!

    Be well,


  • Risey 6 years ago

    Is it possible for an empath to pic up emotion from lets say an angry presence like a spirit and with that become angry for no reason?

  • Bluest 6 years ago

    I understand how you label it a curse.

    Sometimes it hurts so much just to be in the same room with someone who is upset or sick.

    When I was a teenager, I was so frustrated with all the emotional highs and lows that I withdrew from everyone.

    Eventually, I was able to temper it slightly.

    It still makes me feel overwhelmed sometimes, especially since I work at a domestic violence shelter.

    Some days I feel as if the weight of the world is crushing me, and other days I realize that the pressure I'm feeling helps me to help them.

    Overall though I'm exhausted by it.

    I hope I can learn to manage myself better as I get older.

    Thank you for the post, I always hear the words "Empath" and "gift" in the same context and it helps that someone else feels the strain.

  • scout 6 years ago

    Hi Isabella

    In case you are ever criticized or judged by a Christian again (as at the very beginning of these comments) know that another name, Biblical name that is, for an empath is having the gift of Discernment, it is a Gift of the Holy Spirit. You can find information about it on the web, I encourage you to look it up :)

  • Estrong 6 years ago

    Thanks for the article. It is nice to know that there are others out there.

  • Sece Shiner 6 years ago

    Not all christian are like the frizz guy who's coments are at the top. we aren't all ignorant to the appearent work god does threw his followers. and the first sign for that kind of self centered person is when he said you shouldn't evangalize. lol remeber "Jesus said 'go and make disiples of all men....' " a true christain cares for others

  • Haley 6 years ago

    that was awsome if i can say so, and i think i might be an empath, thanks

  • MotokiK 6 years ago

    Wow. I've been wondering all my life why I was so different, why everyone would use me as someone to let out their feelings to, why I have such horrible reactions to someone's stories of physical pain, why I'm depressed when I have no reason to be, why I'm claustrophobic without being claustrophobic, everything. I couldn't even stand to be around the people I call my family and friends most of the time because even they drive me wild with just their presence.

    And all this time, I've been an Empath? Wow. It makes so much sense. I can only laugh in relief after reading this--I finally know what I am!

    And it's true (and I'm saying this after only knowing for, what, five hours?), being an Empath is no walk in the park. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by SOMETHING--what I now know to be others' feelings and such things--that I break down and I can't handle it anymore. I remember once, I went to my first pep rally in high school during my Junior year. All those years before that, I didn't want to go; something just told me that it wouldn't be pleasant for me. And then one day my friends had had enough and dragged me along. The entire time I was there, I felt like everyone was pressing against me from all sides, and it was so loud and horrible and completely terrifying...I couldn't hear myself, but I could hear the girls behind me talking about the horrible breakup that happened that morning, the guys a few rows down from me getting "excited" from watching the cheerleaders, a group way over to my right getting angry about the people in front of them screaming the whole pep rally... It was so terrifying and horrible that I had to be escorted out of there by a couple of teachers, and the nurse had to put my in a wheelchair. My dad picked my up about twenty minutes later, and a little while after, when I was finally home, by myself, I was better. I couldn't understand it, and came to the conclusion that I was claustrophobic.

    There were several other incidents like that, and many other things that have happened throughout my life that just FIT with everything that I've read today. I've been wondering whether I was an empath or not when I found out that one of my friends was one (funnily enough, we both have an unusual attraction to each other and at the same time can't stand to be in each other's presence for very long), and that's what made me "google" around.

    I'm honestly happy that I finally know what I am.

  • Audralynn 6 years ago

    I just wanted to say that as a Christian, I have struggled with accepting my gift untill recently due to the fear of being judged by other misunderstanding Christians. Real, true Christians, reserve judgment for God, and read and understand the Gifts in the New Testament, that God has bestowed on us! I agree that Satan can, use our gifts to take away from God's glory but I believe that if we have a intimate relationship with Christ, we will allow Him to guide us in using our gifts! I appreciate your article and hope so many others learn to accept this as a blessing!

  • Sam 6 years ago

    Hey thought id add my two cents worth, first of I think the article is very interesting, but to a certain degree I honestly believe anyone is capable of picking up on other people's "feelings,energy,thoughts" what ever you want to call it just some people start of with it or pick it up without realising and i think the reason why most don't is that they have difficulty working past their own feelings.

    -I also think that although it can be difficult to deal with peoples feelings once you view it in a positive way it can be quite useful.. by picking up on and often knowing what peoples problems are it becomes easier to help them fix it or simply show them you understand (many people become sad and frustrated because they think others don't understand them or they are so different)... YES! this dose take a lot out of you but don't forget if you replace the sad feelings they feel with good, you'll pick up on that two and if you start picking up a lot of good from people around you its not so bad. EG a person i know went through a bad patch drink,drugs,blades etc and he felt ashamed and couldn't talk about it but I some how knew i was able to help, that persons a great friend now.. note we weren't friends before i only knew them a few weeks.

    Back to the article though the first point made me laugh because when I walk into some crowed areas I.e shopping centres i often cant concentrate, lose my breath and need to get away asap or if some ones with me I can concentrate on them and i'am fine. Honestly thought it was a form of panic attack or something but it wouldn't make sense as iam good on stage, power points or even at the cinema.. seems places were everyone's concentrating on the same thing dost effect me at all. The article made me wonder could this be related.

    Oh and finally I just thought how funny it is when no matter what people talk about or do people bring religion into it and quote the bible. And I know ill probably get some smart comment back but the truth is its just a guide to what's black n white when in fact we all have to live in that grey area and try to make the right choices, high level empathy like this article may simply be a test to make the right choice.

    Id be happy to hear and positive or negative feedback on my thoughts, thanks.

  • alex  6 years ago

    interesting reading some of the posts for years i have always been able to tell when someone is lying it could be so subtle and quick when i pick up on it though cant always explain whats behind lie for so long friends have thought i was paranoid is this normal my moods do swing without explanation and i do get down this has been pretty helpfull

  • Leanne 6 years ago

    Wow, I just realized what has been wrong with me all these years. I always considered my sensitivity to be a curse. My empathy has given me so much pain that I also started "hating people" for it. So much so, I was quite happy to be a hermit for the rest of my life. Thankfully, that hate did subside. However, I try and avoid the news because reading some stories would just tear me apart inside. Sometimes, I'd have the sensation of my heart dropping to the floor. I also have powerful emotional dreams where I experience the most awful emotions possible - a combination of utter despair, loneliness, loss, emptyness. Dreams like that leave me depressed for days.

    Thank you for your article. By the way, I'm also a Christian empath. Hopefully now, I can channel this into a gift rather than see it as a curse.

  • Ahmad Fatoni 6 years ago

    two words.


  • Jenn 6 years ago

    I have always been able to "read" people for as far back as I can remember...I usually say that I pick upon certain "vibes" from people. Instantly I can tell a lot about someone just by being around them and interacting with them briefly. Until recently, emotions have been pouring in during interactions especially with children. Every since I had my first child, I don't quite know where the overwelming feelings come from, is it possible that post-childbirth can atribute to being more "in tune" with people in terms of their emotions? I find it very very difficult to watch shows...because I feel so connected to the characters that anything bad/good that happens just sends my emotions soaring or spiralling. Is this possible...I knew I had a connection with people earlier in life, but do u think that one can aquire the emotional aspect due to being a new mother?

    My mother has always told me that she also has the ability to "read" people...makes me believe that it is hereditary. I recently had to go to a funeral viewing...of someone I didn't know but I picked up on the excruciatingly sad feelings...I couldn't even walk in without the tears falling immediately.

  • alexAZ 6 years ago

    okay, so i a clairsentient and i think i might be and empth. in you're article i am most like numbers 4, 5, and 6. i am not overwhelmed all the time. sometimes when a close friend is upset i can feel the air around them is a lot thicker and harder to breathe through. i'm not sure if that makes me a full on empath. if you can help me sort this out it would be great! thanks:)

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    Can anybody tell me anything they know on the possibility of empathing someone elses dreams/sleeping problems. I cant find any information on this, but am sure that something related to this has happened to me lately...

  • emily 6 years ago

    i am an empath. i feel that i know this with all my being. somethings arent as strong as other things, but, what i do know if i an very easily affected by people more than most. people always say not to let other people's moods affect you, but i do not have a choice in the matter. i'm no hermit, but i an not party animal either. its too exhausting.

    i knew i wasnt crazy but at the same time this brought me peace of mind.

  • Kiki 6 years ago

    I just want to state that I recently found out that I am a Sensitive Empath. I can feel energies and even spirits. I also can read people's auras.

    I also want to state that I was brought up in a Christian family and I am one as well. I believe that these abilities are a gift from God; he's letting me feel people's auras that way I don't get into trouble. When someone's aura would make me uncomfortable, I stay away from them. It never means I hate them (someone actually thought I did and I had to explain to them that I didn't...and it was because I felt uncomfortable around him.) I never believe it's because of "demon possession."

    I get drained easily throughout the day if there's a crowd. This sunday when I go home (since I'm in college) for spring break, I'm definitely going to meditate and practice shielding myself. It'll be more quiet at home than in this crappy dorm. Even Christians meditate and use "mantras."

    My boyfriend can feel auras too, it actually helps us. But I'm more effected by it than he is.

    Also, this article is awesome :D and it gives you exactly what an Empath is. Thanks Isa

  • Gwen 6 years ago

    omg it finaly makes snese EVERYTHING on this list has been hapening to me since i was verylittle and it has only gotten worse, to most promenent trait is how injured weak and hurtting ppl are drawn to me all my friends have some sort of mental emotional or physical problem and they always come to me even when i dont want them to and i ant walk into a building with out getting overwhelmed by its energy and sometimes my mood will change for no reason and then ill find out that my best friend is on her period or another friend is really mad at her parents for taking her cell or that my bf broke his toe or something like that and i always tried to tell my self it was coincidence cuz i thought i was mad to thing otherwise

    this has been going on for years and at times it has made my life hell, i thought i was just weird or imagining things or over reacting

    but now i final have anmae for it, and other ppl who have it too, and to mind out im not insane is always nice

  • 6 years ago

    I also have very sentitive fingers I feel them tingling all the time and if i put them close its like the charges are passing between them. Sometimes it feels like tiny little shocks, very very tiny though. I still am trying to cram it into my head that I'm an Empath... it's so unreal but explains so much!

  • just a question 6 years ago

    I am 14 and have recently found out that I am 100% sure Im an Empath but I have questions about them.

    1) When you touch someone skin to skin does anyone else feel a tingling go rigt up their arm. I can't hold loved ones hand for that reason it bothers me

    2) Does everyone else get stared at by strangers. I don't know if it is i am pretty or it is because im an empath

    3) Are old souls more likely to be empaths? I have been called one and it's a random but interesting question.Is anyone else both an old soul AND empath?

    That's about it. And I agree, it's not that fun alot and it gets on my nerves when im out shopping trying to have fun and suddenly i feel like i want to yell at my mom and storm out of the store. Very frustrating.

  • TJMJ 6 years ago

    I knew i was an empath when i saw the 'it isn't glamorous' part. I hate it when my mom gets mad and my head hurts for a second or when I'm out in public and im going wacky because of all the gut feelings. Also are Empaths usually stard at when they go out like people are drawn to look at them? Seriously I think it is going to take practice for me to try and block it when im trying to have fun.

  • TJMJ 6 years ago

    wow this is cool. I was reading each one checking them off with a yes like it was a to do list...

  • Jill Sims 6 years ago

    I'm terrified. What do I do?

  • Oda Jaspis 6 years ago

    Thank you for this!

  • kdog 6 years ago


    I have a question?? I feel as though I am an empath, just trying to deal with all that is thrown at me, emotional and daily life. :-) I know you all can relate. My question is: Sometimes I will be in a social situation where a person can make me feel almost competitive. All I have to do is see the person. The situation is always a positive one but I get the feeling that we are bouncing energy off of each other. I get confused. could this be another empath that causes this? Again, I don't feel negative at all just a bit competitive and I recognize it right away because I am not a competitive person, I just try and work my hardest. Thanks!

  • Margo La Saine 6 years ago

    I am 43 years old. I have been told for years I was too thin skinned, too emotional, to empathetic. I have been called a gentle giant, and a mother hen. My mother used to accuse me of being a hypochondriac as a child, when she would get a migraine I would complain of a headache as well. At one point in my life the pain was so intense all over my body, but sporadic, I began to think I had fiber myalgia. I have always known when people were lying to me, and why, and could provide the real reason for their duplicities. I always knew when men were attracted to me, and when people meant to hurt me. I would joke my "spidey senses were tingling." I have dreams that come true down to the smallest of details. I always thought I had very vivid deja vu.

    It is so nice to know what has been plaguing me all these years. At one point in my life I went to the elders of my church, and they poopooed me. I told my therapist and she said it was a result of PTSD. But it never fully made sense. When my children were in danger, I would suddenly feel the urge to go check on them, and help them narrowly escape trouble.

    I no longer associate with any "churches" because of their view of people like me. I didn't ask for this, I have actually asked for help alleviating myself of it. I don't go around telling people I "know" things. But I make good choices usually because I "know" what will succeed and what won't. (unfortunately it does not work with lottery :)) But I have always been able to influence people and know just the right words to say.

    It is nice to know I am not a bad person. However, I have joked on several occasions that I am the Anti Christ.

  • warm_amber 6 years ago

    I'm 50 and only in the past year have discovered the concept of and Empath.

    Since I was a child I was described as "too sensitive". There were times my mom would find me playing in my room by myself asking why. Did I have a fight with a neighborhood kid or my sister? My reply would be.. "I just need to be by myself for a while."

    I can deal with crowds if they are happy, like a parade. But get me in a mall where the emotions seem to bounce off the walls and I get over wrought. I used to think I was claustrophbic, though being in small spaces by myself is rather comforting.

    My husband has noticed through the years when I get over stimulated and guides me to a place where I can be alone and just take slow calming breaths.

    I have troubles with media, be it news, movies, books, commercials where a person is in emotional or physical pain, particularly when it has nothing to do with an action on their part. My hubby doesn't quite understand those reactions.

    As to healing. I don't believe I can heal, though when my husband complains of a stiff neck or back I can run my hands over him and find the true source of the pain. It's like a light electric charge on his skin when I touch. A feeling like when you wet a finger and touch it to a pan on a stove to see if it's hot. That light buzz with a touch of heat.

    Anyway, I can do that and find the real source of my husband's pain which is usually far from where his muscles hurt. I'm not saying I can heal it, but I can massage the muscles that seem to be causing the pain that radiate to other areas.

    I'd never presume to say I can heal, but the empathic abilities and my strong fingers have relieved my husband of some nasty neck and back pains over the years.

    My personal belief is that people who are "Empaths" had some issue in their early lives that allowed receptors, which shut down for most people, to continue to be active and to even thrive.

    I wish more people would take this seriously and instead of having it be a "Star Trek or Next Generation" character it would be scientifically studied.

    Just happy to know, even if it's been 3 months since anyone posted that I have had my say. -amber

  • Am I one?  6 years ago

    Ever since I can remember I have been empathetic to the extreme. I recall being in first grade and my family and I were expecting to receive a beagle puppy in a week, I had left school on the bus that afternoon having a strong feeling that something very bad had happened, when I arrived home my mother said that she had really bad news, and before she could say anything I looked up at her and said, "The puppy died." I have no clue how I had known what had happened, I just knew.

    Now I am 16 years old and things like what happened when I was little continue to happen. My emotions tend to mimic those around me, which often gets quite confusing to me because one moment I might be having a great day and the next moment I become really grumpy. When I am around many people I get overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out, so I tend to stay at home a lot. I also just switched to a very small school because I could not deal with a school of 1,800 students. I can never be lied to either, sometimes if someone lies to me and for some reason it bothered me I can't help but look them in the eye and tell them that I know what they said is not true. Am I an Empath or just overly sensitive?

  • morgan865 6 years ago

    I ran across this article, and it jumped out at me. A few keys things hit me:

    #3: I can never watch commercials on TV about abused animals, or third world countries. It's hard to explain, but it feels like I'm being run down just by watching them. One of my friends actually poked fun at me because I started to cry one time.

    #4: I've made many people angry with this one, and I've freaked people out. I always know a guy's intentions for them asking me out, and I've always been able to tell when friends hold things back from me. I met a guy at a bonfire, and he was talking about his niece but carefully picking out words. I could feel that his niece just brought on joy and pain intermixed. The joy was obvious but the pain was very well hidden. When I asked him why seeing her every day hurt him, he looked at me stunned then told me how his sister had killed herself and abused drugs, that his niece was his constant reminder of what his sister did but the joy came from knowing that his family was doing their best to give his niece a loving home. This is also the reason for my most recent break up. I knew he was keeping something from me, and I knew it was to spare my feelings. When I finally got the courage to ask him, he told me that he wasn't happy with me anymore but thought he had hid it well enough to the point I wouldn't notice.

    #5: Now this one kills me. It literally breaks me down. The first time it hit me hard with a stranger was a few years back while I was on a date, he and I went outside the skating rink to cool down and I saw this girl crying. I walked away from my date up to this stranger, wrapped my arms around her, and told her things were going to be okay. She clung to me like saran wrap and just cried. I actually started crying with her. We sat there like that for a very long while, then she said thank you and walked away. I never knew her name.

    #6: My friends always called me the "therapist" of the group, because EVERYBODY always came to me with their problems. People speak very freely to me, about things they don't tell their best friends. My mom does it too. When she has a bad day she usually talks to me, she's even come into my room crying and confided parts of her life that most parents keep hidden from their children.

    I'm not sure what all of this means. A friend of mine that practices Wicca told me before I absorb energy from people, and that's how I know things and feel their pain and why people's moods can impact me. That was what I had accepted. I don't feel an onslaught of emotions in crowded places, I just don't like them. They always make me feel really uneasy. Up until my friend told me I absorb, I always though I had a tender heart and was very intuitive.

    Recently though I've not felt like this very often. Part of the reason is because I avoid people. The other part is because I've learned to shut down my emotions, almost like I can go numb on command.

    Can you offer any good books on this topic? I would truely love to learn more and see if this is a part of who I am.

  • Heather 6 years ago


    I just wanted to say thank you for explaining that. It's very funny how you put it into words I could never figure out how to do that when I get those feelings. I love how you say No your NOT crazy because I call myself it all the time, or my boyfriend thinks I am for going up to some random person and talking to them because I knew they needed to talk aobut something. I especually was surprised to find out that my healing gift is a part of being an empath, I on occation give close friends and family who are in pain or are just upset a massage. It's not sexual at all but I can transfurr thier energy to me, it took me a while to learn how to manage it because I would end up face first on the bed afterwords dead asleep or just couldn't move for some reason and they would be bouncing around feeling great.

    This gift isn't an easy one but it is a part of me and even if it may hurt me(I can NEVER be in a store for longer then 20min) if I can help even that one person it makes it all worth it. It's nice to know I am not crazy and that other people have this gift as well and that you also let people know this is not a very FUN or whoohoo kind of gift because it takes a lot of engery and streangth to be able to control it.

    I wish you all nothing but the best and to live everyday as if it were your last!

    Best Wishes and Love,


  • The Phule 6 years ago

    I am an Empath, this I know, but I also believe I am psychopathic in ways because I cannot feel my own emotions, only those around me.

  • Ashley  6 years ago

    I had posted a comment on yahoo asking for someone to explain to me the weirdness of my feelings such as the following... I have no idea how to place all of this together or if I'm even suppose to, however I can forget about this for a moment and then other times out of no where I think these thoughts. It's been this way since I can remember. First, what's bothering me the most is at times I feel as I am out side looking in at my self (only for seconds does this happen) and I place together a death of myself and a feeling that I felt while dying. I KNOW I SOUND CRAZY it's however, the truth. Next I have thoughts here and there about the planet and how it goes on and on and how I hear people think when your dead you are dead and sometimes I feel that way and others I feel like I small ant (if you'd say) being looked down on from someone. Next I have had feelings of my mother being very sick and not making it through the night - and this happens and feels so real and I can't sleep when I have those thoughts, then I have thoughts that my son didn't make it through the night in his sleep. These things scare me when they cross my mind I try not to think of them or finish the thought but they just dont go away. It was a few weeks ago that we attened a theme park and I was watching a show and Had a very strange feeling and thought to myself If any one was going to die or had died adn then the next day a young lady did. Thing like this happen from time to time and I dont know how to figure all of this out or how to deal with it.

    I did get a responce that told me I was empaths and I needed to figure out what I need to do. I'm so torn, I do feel outter body experiance time to time but only when I'm alone and in deep thought about the world. I have gradually became very moody at certain people for really no aparent reason and I dont know why or how to not be angry when talking with them I just need some guidence I suppose am I just crazy.

  • Art 6 years ago

    Ok well, im not trying to fit in or whatever by saying this, but a lot of this stuff has happened or does happen to me all the time, my mood changes from being happy and then im sad or angry, and i realized this because my brother is often angry about something and it affects me instantly, without me knowing hes mad, this often creeps my friends out as well because i can be talkative and fine and then suddenly be very sad or angry. Also people i havent known for more than a day or two start to talk to me about their personal problems such as boyfriend or parent problems. I also know when someones lying to me and when i continue to tell them to stop lying to me they finally fork up the truth. Im not lying about this and i was just inspired to share this with you, theres more i would like to share but i have things to do.

  • bananaism 6 years ago

    I am an empath and also a Christian in that I have salvation only through Jesus Christ. Supernatural abilities can come through us from God or Satan. The difference is: God sends it to/through us without our looking for it. From Satan is is devined, (the person is going after the vision, thought, etc.

  • lady Ga 6 years ago

    i think i am an empath since about 4 years ago i have been feeling negative vibes from people. when around people certain people they start off as slighthead aches then gets to be sharp pains sometimes even bad chest pains, and if i am too close to certain peple i feel as if my whole inner being is shaking or roughly viberating almost like im being zapped or shocked and i feel really nervus and at times sick to the stomach also dizzy and weired almost drunkin feeling. after about 10 mins are so it goes away. i use to think they were just panick attachs but i really dont think so now i just know there are something more to this than that. the more i read about empaths the more i do think that im one. all i know is i hate this. its very uncontrolling. at first i thought i was going crazy also but i talked myself out of that lol i know thats not true. i also have dreams of what may happen days from when i dreamed it. about 3 months ago i saw a flash in my head of some one dropping his wedding ring and like the day it really happened i was so blown away by this i just tried to deny me seeing it. i liked the guy and all but never thought about that happening was it wishful thinking and it really happened ?? but like i said i saw it as a quick flash in my head and afterwards wondered why did i just see that happened. Can anyone tell me whats going on with me i so deperatly want to know. i cant talk to anyone because they may think im coo coo lol but i nkow im not and all this does sound to be starnage to people who are not into i guess psycichs and all the other stuff related to it or them. some one please help me i need to know who i am and if its a gift or cure and what i can do to make it easy on myself to where these attacks dont make me crazy or become some mean person. thanks email me at

  • Jessie Lenour 6 years ago

    I'm an empath and this article has helped me that words can hardly describe. But I have one question: If you're bipolar,could this contribute to the way you feel things differently? I take presciption drugs to control my feelings,but I don't have any ailness to trigger anything to cause the "bipolar" feelings. I've struggled with this all my life,and started taking meds when I was 21 years old. When I was younger,I used to be homeschooled for most of my teen years because I felt different angles of emotions from everyone surrounding me. I got into many fights and could'nt explain why I even felt rage. It was like I was a time bomb,waiting to be triggered,every waking second of the day.Not until I read about empaths did I see someone about it. She said I definitely was one and she explained the reason I often felt as though I were bipolar.Thankyou for this article and I hope you reply.

  • Nita 6 years ago

    I am an empath...and I am saved.

  • JesskahX 6 years ago

    It amuses me that "Christians" (Not all, just a certain few) think everything that is different is demonic possession. I've always knew that I was an Empath and have accepted that even though it is very frustrating at times, it is sometimes helpful, and I know that sounds really weird. I didn't know what name to put on it till I was 13. I do hate that I've isolated myself, but it was for the best at the time, I'm really glad I understand it all better and can cope with it now. I like this article it would have been helpful a few years back. But really, thank you for #2, 3 and 6 I didn't know those went along with being an Empath as well.

  • Chirs 6 years ago

    I am 15 and im empathic. Everything you wrote in this thread. Relates to be 10/10.

  • Jen 6 years ago

    I will admit that I have not read all the comments left behind here. I would say I am an empath and honestly I call it my cursed blessing/gift. I am a christian and the first comments from that christian hurt. I am not demon possessed (I do blieve that exists I have seen it) but that is not what I wish to say. I have been very sick for a few months so my shield that I normally have up is weakening. I truely believe that the empathy I have is given to me by God, why I have no idea. I will say I do not believe all the new agey stuff but some of it I see truth to, not all. Thank you. That is what I am trying to say. I likely will forget to come back here to see if you've responded, but it is so encouraging to know that there are other people out there like me. I thought that I was alone and sometimes I thought I was crazy. So, thank you for letting me know that there are other people out there like me, that is such an encouragement to me.

  • Ywame 6 years ago

    Hi. I just read what you wrote, Isabella. I wasn't sure, if I am an Empath, but when I spoke to my friend, she linked this article to me. She said that she had a bad migren. Few hours later I got a horrible migren. I thinked first it must to be for example that I wasn't drank enough water or I wasn't slept enough, but when I though it...

    I drank enought water.

    I slept enough.

    I think I am an Empath. I feel sometimes others physical feelings, sometimes others strong emotions... and so on. But I haven't though this whole thing just ever, so I'm little confused. :) And the real problem is I'm not to be able to protect myself from other people. How can I learn to protect myself? :p (Sorry my bad English)

  • (m) 6 years ago

    Love this article. Really gives some insight into why I can't be around people all the time and why people are so drawn to me, even when I don't want it and why people feel comfortable with me, almost immediately.

  • Susan 6 years ago

    This has helped me explain to people what it is like for me. Thanks so much.

    I want to add the ability to know when things, good or bad, have happened in a space. I have not purchased houses because I knew something bad had happened, only to find out there was abuse and really strong negative emotions from the former owners.

  • Vega 6 years ago

    Ive been wondering if what happens to me is something more than just my imagination or something wrong with me for a while.

    i dont know if i really am an empath but if i am i probably am a weak one.

    Im 25 and for a little over 12 years(or there about) when ive been near or seen someone who has been injured my body always starts to ache, sometimes a part of my body that coninsides with the persons injury ache and sometimes its my entire body, this in no stop, if i see the injury in a news program it still happens but not if i watch something like an action film.

    When i have come upon someone who is hurt i alway stay wioth them till i know they are ok regardless of anything else that is happening.

    in every case, afterwards i normally have to walk around my local park a few times before im back to my regular self.

    its odd that you mentioned those sympathy adverts for help organisations, becuase i can no longer watch them, the moment one comes on i have to turn it off and get out the house.

    I dont know if this will help others who are like me but when im suffering from this and its raining outside i alway go out ina coat and just stand there with my eye closed and my face poreally well

  • Melissa 6 years ago

    My son has been sick a lot this year and it's been hard keeping him in school. Also, he's a good student and likes school. Recently he has been going to school and even if he doesn't feel well. 1. He came home and told me that his ear started hurting so he asked the boy sitting next to him if his ear hurt and the boy said, "yes, how did you know!" 2. A girl had a bad headache in his class and his head also started to hurt. His head hurt first then the a girl said her head hurt. They were all working in a group.

    3. He saw a 8 or 9 year old sitting on the toliet at school with his cloth on and crying. My son is in sixth grade.

    My son was scared and ran out. There was knowone in the bathroom and the toliet flushed on it's own. 4.My son walked up to his friend and had a weird feeling that he forgot something important at home. His friend forgot his paper that was 1/4 of his grade. 5.My son got short of breath in class and didn't know why. I had to come and get him at school. It stayed with him for a little while at home then just west away. I wasn't sure what to do and took him to the doctor. He told me to have him do yoga excercises. I'm not sure if this would be good.

    We aren't sure what is going on and why he is picking up negative energies at school. Is this Empath ability? I want to get him help so that he isn't so sick. I want him to be able to direct the energy into something that is positive. Let me know what you think.

  • name-less 6 years ago

    is it possible to train your empathic abilities and make it so that you're only empathic when you want to be?

    because it seems that, that's what i have done

    around certain people that i don't feel comfortable around i feel nothing but my own emotions,

    but around some people I begin to become empathic,

    it's not around people i don't know, just people i don't like, people that i don't want to know anything about or occasionally people i don't want to talk to at that time.

    and one more thing,

    it seems whenever i'm within contact with someone, i get butterflies, and fantasies unless i don't want to talk to them. does that mean thats what they feel when they're with me?

  • earthATOM 6 years ago

    first off I'd like to say thank you to everyone for sharing. like many on here, when I started reading this it was an instant validation. it was interesting enough to be able to put a name to what I feel; but to read all these first hand accounts and feelings that mirror mine... from complete strangers!? how can I deny it? how can any of you? if empaths do exist, which I believe, I know I have some level of this sense. it has greatly affected my life and it's not until about a year ago that I started to realize things. once I did, I was finally able to address the situation. I simply thanked God for his gift and asked him for guidance. it's not that simple of course, but that is the nutshell. the reality is that it was and can be gut-wrenching, and mind-bending, and ultra-euphoric, and completely horrific. I am strictly speaking in empathic terms, not life in general. which brings me to something I would like to comment on. ALL OF YOU WHINERS out there need to STOP COMPLAINING about this gift God gave us. if you think you have it "bad", you might but you are far from alone. I joined the army before the iraq war and ended up doing 14 straight months in baghdad as a combat engineer. people on this thing are talking about, "it really sucks going to the mall, wah wah wah.." get over it. try to imagine what a war torn third counry for a year without break would do. to say that it destroyed me is a huge understatement. I drank myself black out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for about a year after that, which was also my last year in the army. I didn't get kicked out or anything. I finished my contract and got an honorable discharge to many a surprise, even my own. it took me a couple more years after that to finally start to live a bit more stable which is where I'm at now. but even after all that I've been through which I couldn't even begin to cram in here, it still doesn't matter. I wouldn't trade this gift FOR THE WORLD. it can be really intense at times and even scary, but what some might not realize, is that you are seeing and sensing what most people are completely oblivious to. sometimes it feels like I'm watching life with the director's commentary on, and it's great. God has blessed me with a burden and has tempered me through many hardships. I know there is a purpose behind it all and I know that it's there whether we are aware or not. life isn't about what we want, it's about God's plan, and we have clearly been chosen on various levels for something special in our own right. embrace your fears and cast your doubts. let yourself go and be free. open yourself to God's plan. this isn't about religion. it's all b/s. God doesn't care. they're all forms of him anyways. jesus, buddha, allha, mohammad, fill in your blank, we're all looking at the same God and all trying to claim Him. it's funny and ridiculous, and infinitely sad. if you find yourself offended by any of this it's because of ego in the true sense. we all need to learn humility and above all compassion. I appreciate any of you who actually read through this. I don't see it helping anyone but who's to say.

  • SAUL 6 years ago

    this article or blog or whatever saved my sanity. I thought I was going crazy! an old friend of mine had once mentioned the possibility of me being an empath which, at the time, meant nothing to me. I recently moved to a different state and started experiencing stronger things that I couldn't explain. something made me think of what my friend had said long ago and I stumbled across this. the first time I started reading this I probably made it about half-ways through. I had to stop due to the level of emotion. my eyes were swollen with tears. just about every thing I read completely spoke to me. I finally realized I wasn't alone. although I would NOT trade this "gift" for the world, I will not for a second deny that it is an extremely difficult path, or at least can be. I am a 26 year old war veteran. I spent over a year in Iraq in the first years of the war. I know it's easy to imagine the hardships that a war could entail, but whoever might be reading this, could you imagine being empathic in a war torn country? I can't even begin to describe it. I hope I never feel that level of sorrow and pain EVER IN MY LIFE AGAIN. I joined the army before the war but I also enlisted as a combat engineer. this job entails a lot of hardships and a lot of violence, yet the most impacting moment I had out there had nothing to do with violence or any kind of "action". it was at an orphanage and no one I have ever told that story has come even close to understanding. I don't really know what I'm getting at. I want to share but hopefully it can do more than that for someone else. I know GOD gave me this gift and I truly appreciate it regardless of how much it can suck sometimes. it's not about your comfort level. it's about GOD'S plan. BE STRONG AND CAST YOUR WORRIES TO OUR CREATOR.

  • preston 6 years ago

    The 17 year old again, i guess i just could not get away from this page without sharing some of myself. I have always been able to feel things. Feel spirits, if they are goo or evil, sometimes i hear whispers. I will get cold, see shadows, say names of someone that is not even in the room. My mom and aunt and grandparents are empaths, and see'ers. I only figured this out the other day when i was watching ghost hunters or something like that and i had to ask her. Its hard and i wish i could learn how to control it. I look at it as a psychic gift and in that i know it can be improved. I have people always pouring their feelings out to me. My brother jokingly calls me an emotional tampon. When i was with my ex we were together for three and a half years. Which is not much but at my age it is. It was weird because we did not even have to be around each other, if she was sick id get sick, if she could not sleep i couldn't. Most of the time i know how a whole conversation will end before it even begins. I will always try to talk with the departed, i have the unusual drive, like someting is pushing me to do it. Im either always attracted to paranormal activity or just a huge weak psychic magnet for it. all i know is that this article helped me alot and if there are any empaths out there who have any advice for me i would love to take it. my email is

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