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Premonitions: The Future Foretold

Cindy is an author and paranormal enthusiast who has published numerous books and articles on the subject of true unexplained phenomena.

A chance meeting between two women would lead to an unexpected visitation.

A chance meeting between two women would lead to an unexpected visitation.

The Chance Meeting

My husband is a master in the field of reselling. He spends a good portion of his time shopping for items that have been discounted so that he can, in turn, sell them in his store. Occasionally, I join him on what he refers to as "thrifting runs."

One of the malls he frequents has several small shops that routinely run clearance specials on jewelry, handbags, clothing, and other merchandise that is ripe for resale. Several years ago, purely by chance, I accompanied him on one of his numerous visits to one store. There, I would have a chance to meet with someone who would later pay me a most unexpected visit.

As my husband perused the clearance racks, I struck up a conversation with the young woman who was running the cash register. She was friendly and opened up to me like we were old friends. The store was dead that day, and we were the only customers, so I was, for lack of a better term, a captive audience.

I can't say how long we were in the store that day, but it seemed like ages. Unlike my husband, I am not much of a shopper and tend to quickly get bored with the whole scene. To be completely honest, it was also a bit uncomfortable to hear so much personal information from a virtual stranger.

To say that the clerk was forthcoming would be a great understatement. She told me about her strained relationship with her mother. I learned that she lived with her father and her on-again, off-again boyfriend. She also told me that they all drank too much. She was also allergic to just about every kind of food and could rarely eat without suffering horrendous stomach aches.

I'm a bit ashamed to say that it was a tremendous relief when my husband finally joined us at the register with an armload of treasures that he had discovered among the discounted goods. As soon as he approached the counter, the clerk immediately halted our conversation. At that point, she became completely focused on the task at hand and didn't speak another word to me.

After we left the store, I told my husband how talkative the cashier had been, at least until he showed up. He said she had never said more than a few words to him even though he regularly stopped in to check their clearance shelves.

That was my one and only visit to the store, and I never saw the clerk again, at least not in person. Inexplicably, she would later appear to me in a dream; what she showed me is something that I will never forget.

A Cry for Help

Several months went by, and my interaction with the young clerk faded into a distant memory. That is, until one night, I had a vivid dream with her as its focal point.

In the dream, I could clearly see the mangled remains of an automobile. Strangely, I seemed to be at the scene of the accident even though I didn't appear to be involved. As chaos erupted all around me, I was there merely as an observer.

A woman walked out of the wreckage and towards me as I watched. She showed no signs of injury, although she did seem to be dazed as she looked around at the carnage.

It was dark outside, but I could see the woman's features well enough to know that she was someone I had met before. She was undoubtedly the cashier who had chatted with me at the mall months earlier.

As she continued to walk in my direction, the look of bewilderment on her face turned to fear. She suddenly burst into tears when she was right in front of me. I instinctively reached out for her, but instead of walking into my arms, she passed right through me.

When I turned around to see where she went, there was no one there. As I looked again upon the scene of the accident, there was nothing left of the twisted car I had seen only moments earlier. What stood before me now was only trees and grass. Everything was peaceful. If there had been a terrible car wreck, no sign of it remained.

I woke up remembering every last detail of the bizarre dream. When I shared it with my husband, his response was a simple one: "That's crazy." I decided then and there to try to put it out of my mind. It was, after all, only a dream.

It wasn't long after I told my husband of my "crazy" dream that he texted me from one of his thrifting runs. He said he had something to tell me that I wouldn't believe. Usually, that means that he found a rare gem, so I didn't get too excited at the prospective news. This time, however, he hit me with a bombshell.

When he got home, he said that he had been to the mall store where I had encountered the overly friendly clerk. He hadn't seen her there for a while even though she had seemed, in the past, to be the only person who worked there. He hadn't given her absence a second thought until I told him about my dream.

Out of curiosity, he had asked the clerk who was working that day about the girl who had, until recently, been a regular fixture in the store. The woman didn't know much, but she did tell him that the cashier she replaced had been killed in an accident. She didn't know the details, but it had apparently occurred a couple of months prior since she had been hired shortly after the tragedy.

Neither of us knew what to make of the story when he told me the story. I am in no way, shape, or form psychic. I don't know for certain the timeline of events. Did my dream occur at the time of the accident or before? I can't be certain.

What I do know is that someone I had only met once had chosen to reveal her fate to me. Whether this occurred at the time of her passing or in the days leading up to it, I don't know. I also can't say why she shared her final moments with me. It was not something I wanted or would wish upon someone else. In any event, hopefully, she rests peacefully, knowing that her sad passing will not be forgotten.

"Sugar" Ray Robinson

"Sugar" Ray Robinson

The Warning

On June 25, 1947 world welterweight champion "Sugar" Ray Robinson would kill his opponent in the ring. What makes this story all the more tragic is the fact that he had seen the fight and its grisly aftermath in a dream days before it took place.

Nothing extraordinary had occurred in time leading up to the scheduled bout. Robinson was being pitted against a young contender from California named James Emerson Delaney, better known in boxing circles as Jimmy Doyle.

The championship match was set to take place at Cleveland Arena. Robinson had little reason to worry since Doyle was not expected to pose a threat to the reigning titleholder.

On the Saturday before the fight, Robinson had a dream that would change everything. He later recalled that he had witnessed the fight as it was taking place. Doyle had been at his mercy from the moment the bell rang. It wasn't until the 8th round that things took an unexpected turn.

Robinson remembered a solid left hook that had sent Doyle reeling. His opponent had fallen backwards onto the mat where he remained motionless. In the dream, Robinson had kneeled beside Doyle and begged him to get up even as he knew in his heart that the young fighter was gone. Ray Robinson woke up still screaming out Doyle's name.

Beginning on the morning after the dream until the night of the match, Robinson attempted to get the fight cancelled. His efforts would fail and Jimmy Doyle would pay the ultimate price.

On Deaf Ears

Ray Robinson knew in his gut that he had to stop the bout with Doyle. He had never before experienced such a realistic dream. He would do everything in his power to change the course of fate.

Robinson went to the fight's promoter and told him about the prophetic dream. The hardened professional scoffed at the notion that a dream could have any relevance in the waking world. He assured the worried Robinson that the fight would go off without a hitch.

A still unsettled Robinson then took his concerns straight to the boxing commission. He informed them that he wanted to back out of the fight. Again, his trepidations were ignored. He was told that the ticket would stand. The match would go on and that was final.

Sensing that the champ needed a bit more convincing, the promoter asked a member of the clergy to pay him a visit. Robinson had related that he believed that the dream had been a message from God. The higher-ups felt that a priest might be able to calm his fears. A pastor was also brought in for good measure.

The clergymen explained to Robinson that what he had seen in his dream had been meaningless. It was only a story that his mind had made up and nothing more. By the end of the meeting, Robinson had agreed to face Doyle in the ring.


A Death in the Ring

Robinson would lament until his final days his decision to fight Jimmy Doyle. He carried a knot in his stomach on the day of the bout that had threatened to consume him. He had never before feared facing anyone in the ring. Robinson had known in his gut that this time was going to be different.

The fight got underway and played out in the ring exactly as it had in the dream. Doyle was knocked out in the 8th round, falling backward onto the mat. He lay there, unstaring eyes fixed on the venue's ceiling, as Robinson pleaded with him to get up. Referee Jackie Davis called the fight; it was over.

Robinson had accompanied Doyle to St. Vincent's Charity Hospital where he was administered the last rites. The young challenger was pronounced dead in the early hours of July 25th at the age of twenty-two. Ray Robinson had remained by his side till the end.

"Sugar" Ray Robinson would continue his boxing career until his retirement in 1965, although his heart was never fully in the sport after the death of Jimmy Doyle. Robinson would state in numerous interviews in the ensuing years that his biggest regret had been allowing himself to be talked into getting into the ring on that muggy summer night in Cleveland.

Upon learning that Doyle had planned to use his earnings from the fight to buy his mother a house, Robinson had set up a fund for her with a portion of the winnings from his upcoming bouts. In the end, she was able to purchase a house, thus fulfilling Jimmy's promise. It was the one thing that Ray Robinson felt he could do for Jimmy and his family.

Ray Robinson died on April 12, 1989, at the age of sixty-seven, his burden finally lifted.


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