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Premonitions: Death Foreshadowed

Cindy is an author and paranormal enthusiast who has published numerous books and articles on the subject of true unexplained phenomena.


A Cry for Help

The story you are about to read was sent to me by a woman named Jennifer Lynn Parker. Her ordeal started when she began seeing haunting images of someone very close to her in her dreams. In the fall of 2003, those nightmares became all too real.

Jennifer was raised, along with her two older brothers, near the border of North and South Carolina. Being the youngest child, as well as the only girl, she admits that she was more than a little bit spoiled. Her brothers looked out for her, and her parents doted on their little girl.

Jim Parker, Jennifer's father, was wrapped around his daughter's finger. He adored all of his children, but "Jen" was the apple of his eye. Likewise, her father was the strong shoulder that Jennifer had leaned on throughout her childhood and teen years. While other kids her age rebelled against their parents, Jennifer held on tightly. She was a daddy's girl until the end.

Jennifer stayed at home until she finished college and then set out on her own to find a path in life. She didn't stray far. The apartment she moved into was less than a ten-minute drive from the family home. Even though she had her own place, Jennifer still dropped by her parent's house nearly every day.

Jennifer had been away from home for over two years when she began to experience vivid dreams that left her shaken to the core. She was not someone who had ever been able to remember her dreams. Whatever occurred in her mind while she slept had always been lost as soon as she woke up. Now, the memories stayed with her throughout the day.

The dreams would always begin the same way. Jennifer would be doing something mundane like watching television or washing dishes when she would suddenly be aware that her father had joined her. At least, she assumed it was him.

The figure she saw in her dreams was always transparent, as though it was caught between two worlds. She described it as like looking through a fog that was in the shape of a person. Even so, she knew with all of her being that the mysterious form was her father, Jim. She would know him anywhere.

The form would reach out to Jennifer and emit a moan that sent chills down her spine. A feeling of such despair and sadness would envelop her that Jennifer would feel tears welling up in her eyes.

In the dreams, Jennifer would ask her father what was wrong. He would not speak in words, but she could read his thoughts. His response was always the same. He would communicate to her that his time was running out.

Unsure of what he meant, Jennifer would assure him that he could stay as long as he wanted. In response, he would let out a wail that was clearly audible before disappearing through the floor.

Jennifer would wake up to a loud clapping sound that seemed to originate inside of her head. The feeling of despair that she had felt in the dreams would stay with her for hours afterwards. Following the dreams, she would immediately phone her father to make sure that he was alright. To her relief, he was always fine and seemingly unaware of the bizarre dreams that were plaguing his daughter.

Jennifer would have thought nothing of the dreams, as upsetting as they were, if they had occurred once or twice, but they were suddenly an every night event. The only thing that varied was where she was in the dream when her father came to her. Otherwise, the scenario was always the same.

Although she knew that the dreams were not normal, Jennifer didn't know what to do about them. She began spending more time at the family home in order to keep an eye on her father. It was silly, she knew, but she felt better seeing him going about his routines just as he always had.

Jennifer hadn't exactly gotten used to the dreams, but she had come to expect them. What she didn't expect was that they would spill over into her waking hours.

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One day, several weeks after the dreams had begun, Jennifer was grocery shopping when her progress was interrupted by a haze that rose up from the tiles and formed a barrier around her shopping cart.

She remembers standing in the middle of the store, surrounded by fog, as other shoppers continued on as if nothing was happening. She could still hear people talking and music playing, but it all seemed far off in the distance.

As a feeling of panic started to rise inside of her, Jennifer heard her father's voice in her head. The sound was as clear to her as it would have been had they been speaking on the phone. He said two words to his beloved daughter, "It's time."

For reasons she couldn't explain, Jennifer burst into tears. The mist that had been all around her only moments earlier had suddenly cleared. She found herself leaning against her cart and sobbing uncontrollably.

She realized that the other shoppers were now aware of her when they began to ask her if she was okay. Feeling embarrassed, Jennifer hurried out of the store. She had no more than made it to her car when her phone rang. On the other end was her oldest brother.

His voice cracked as he told her that their father had suffered a massive heart attack and was being rushed to the hospital. Everyone needed to get there as soon as possible. Jennifer made it to the emergency room, even though she has no recollection of how she got there.

By the time that the entire family had gathered at the hospital, Jim Parker was already gone. He had been pronounced dead on arrival. Jennifer's mother would later say that he had been feeling fine only minutes before he collapsed. His passing had come without warning.

Jennifer now believes that there had been weeks of warnings that her father was not going to be with them much longer. She doesn't know if he knew that he had been visiting his daughter in dreams and visions, but she thinks not. She doesn't believe that he would have burdened her with his own fears and anxieties.

She does think that, because of their unique bond, her father's essence had reached out to her as his time on Earth was coming to a close. Perhaps she was so tuned into his feelings that she could sense things that even he wasn't aware of. It is also possible that Jennifer had created the visitations to somehow prepare for the inevitable loss of her father.

We can never know if Jim Parker had premonitions of his own death and had shared his fears, in dreams, with the person with whom he shared the closest bond. For her part, Jennifer is still haunted by the fact that her father had communicated to her that he hadn't been ready to go. Perhaps something convinced him otherwise. Her wish is that he has found peace on the other side and that he will wait for her until they meet again.


No One Home

Several years ago, I had an elderly client named Ada McClain. She had hired me to organize her home. After the work was completed, she asked me if I would make bi-weekly visits to the house to keep things in order. We had hit it off so well that I had no problem granting her request.

Ada and I enjoyed a working relationship that would last for over eight years. She was a sweet woman and a pleasure to work for. Over the years, we had talked quite a bit about our families and the little things that were going on in our lives. We didn't go into great detail nor did we share any information that was too personal.

I was aware that Ada had frequent doctor's appointments. She seemed healthy and I had no reason to think that she was suffering from any serious ailments. I figured that if she wanted me to know her business she would tell me.

One night, completely out of the blue, I had a very disturbing dream about Ada. I was at her house and she was sitting in her rocking chair, completely oblivious to my presence. Everything else in the house was just as it had always been except for Ada. She sat monotonously rocking back and forth, staring straight ahead with eyes that were devoid of all life.

Ada normally talked non-stop when I was there. She didn't receive many visitors and obviously liked having someone to keep her company. In my dream, she was a completely different person. Gone was her smile and friendly manner. Now, she was solemn and tight-lipped. She didn't blink or respond to me at all. She just continued her methodical rocking.

Even though everything about this dream was wrong, I went about my work at Ada's house as if things were normal. I would check on her every now and then and find her still sitting there, hollow-eyed and distant.

Over the course of the morning, Ada's looks began to change. Her skin had suddenly taken on a bluish hue. It was when I saw this drastic change in her appearance that I realized that Ada was no longer living. She was still sitting in the rocking chair, but that vacant-eyed figure was no longer the Ada that I had known.

I had woken up from the dream the moment that I figured out that Ada was dead. The events had been so eerie and realistic that I felt horrible for most of the day. I couldn't for the life of me get the image of her lifeless corpse, still sitting rocking in the chair, out of my mind. It took days for me to push it out of my memory.

Every other Friday had been my day to work for Ada. When I arrived at her house on our next scheduled visit following the dream, she didn't answer the door. Usually, I would knock and then just walk in. She always left the door unlocked in anticipation of my dropping by. On this day, however, the door was locked.

Thinking that she may have overslept, I continued to knock on the door. For whatever reason, she wasn't answering. I was more than a little bit put out since I had driven several miles and now couldn't get into the house. Not knowing what else to do, I headed back to my car.

As I was leaving, one of the neighbors called out to me. He asked if I was looking for Ada. When I explained to him that I was supposed to work for her that day, he hit me with a stunning bit of bad news. Ada had died several days prior to my visit.

He told me that she had been fighting cancer for several years. This would explain the frequent doctor visits. I was so shocked by what he told me that I hadn't asked any questions. I simply thanked him and went on my way.

In the eight years I had known Ada, I had dreamed about her only once and in that dream she was dead. Not only was she deceased, but also seemingly in denial. I hadn't known that she was seriously ill. She had never even hinted to me that anything was wrong. Perhaps even she hadn't realized how little time she had left.

I can't say that Ada died on the day that I saw her in my dream, I don't know that to be true. I wish that I had asked the neighbor for more details, but I wasn't thinking clearly at the time.

At any rate, it was one of the most disturbing dreams that I had ever experienced. This occurred several years ago, but if I try I can still see her image sitting in that chair wearing that horrible blank expression. Looking back on the dream, I think that Ada knew that she was dead, but was unwilling to accept her situation.

I have often wondered if I may have had an inkling that something was terribly wrong with Ada and that I had incorporated that into my dream. It's not likely considering that she seemed perfectly healthy.

My other theory is that Ada, in her shock and confusion upon finding that her life had ended, had invited me into her nightmare.

© 2018 Cindy Parmiter


outercyberia on July 05, 2018:

Amen ve Amen❣️

Cindy Parmiter (author) from United States on July 04, 2018:

You're right. That would be the best thing to do in these situations. I think the problem is that, sometimes, we don't realize what we've seen until it's too late. I think we also are afraid that people will think we're overreacting. In the end, it's better to be safe than sorry. Thank you for your insight.

Mpfbuh001 on July 04, 2018:

If I had these dreams about someone I know. I would have immediately prayed to Lord Jesus Christ to intervene for that person. And probably tell the individual what I dreamt and ensure them they are right with the Lord. Some dreams are warning and that is something I would tell them.


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