Quiz to Find Out if You Have Lemurian, Atlantean, or Avalonian Past Life

Does this picture remind you of Lemuria?
Does this picture remind you of Lemuria? | Source

The Earth in Pre-History

Long before we had smart phones, i-Pads, the Big Mac, and light-up shoes, the world was a different place. Because of modern-day technology, we are now able to learn things about the distant past that our ancestors were not able to access. Through the progressive development of archaeology and science particularly in the past two centuries, we have found some magnificent pieces of history including the Great Sphinx in Egypt, the massive Terracotta Army in China, and even the Rosetta Stone. But it seems that history prior to a certain era has been lost. Many historians and resources say that this is because no form of writing was used to keep record of this very ancient history...prehistory. But is this really the truth? Or was there a society or multiple societies that were even more advanced than society as we know it today?

This brings in the stories of ancient mythic civilizations, the most popular one being known as Atlantis. But before Atlantis, the motherland known as Mu or Lemuria was also thought to be in existence. How about the mystical isle of Avalon, thought to have been in existence in ancient times in England? There are those who believe they have lived many lives, some of those lives being lived in one or more of these ancient mythic civilizations. In this article, we will talk about how each of these mythic civilizations might have looked and functioned and we will specifically help you identify if you are indeed a reincarnated soul that lived in Lemuria, Atlantis, or Avalon...or perhaps all three!

Lemuria...The Original Motherland

Lemuria is believed to have been the civilization that existed on an extinct massive continent in the Pacific Ocean. This continent would have connected North America with the continent of Asia. This island is obviously no longer in existence, but its remnants of Hawaii and Easter Island show the wonder that was once Lemuria.

Lemuria is thought to have been one of the most ancient civilizations on earth, established hundreds of years prior to Atlantis. Some believe the end of Lemuria coincided with the establishment and rise of Atlantis and that many of the Lemurians migrated to Atlantis, which at the time was on the other side of the planet (a part of the Atlantic Ocean, opposite of the Pacific).

The Motherland was inhabited by various species and various kinds of races. When we say "races", we don't mean black or white. We mean races from other planets and other dimensions. We mean angelic, elemental, and extraterrestrial races all coming together to experience a new planet...a planet called Earth. Lemuria was a highly spiritually-evolved place. Pretty much everyone who lived in Lemuria was connected to their higher selves and therefore the Universe. There was no divide between who "God" was and everyone knew exactly where their souls had originated...where their life force came from.

Being that these races of species were so connected to this new planet (Earth) and each other, this meant that they lived longer lives than we do today...and it also meant that they experienced much less illness if any at all. When they did they were able to re-align their energies, cleanse their chakras and light bodies and therefore heal themselves with no problem. With no use of medication or synthetic drugs. Simply with the power of the soul, and occasionally with the help of a plant or animal friend.

Where did this idea of Lemuria come from? It seems like a made-up place, does it not? What about all of that time in prehistory when humans supposedly walked the earth, but we were "evolving apes" according to modern science? What happened to all of those hundreds of thousands to millions of years before history as we know it came into being? You can mark my words there were civilizations before ancient Egypt, before Sumeria and the "cradle of civilization", and even before the "mythic" Atlantis! Lemuria was one of these, but perhaps not even the first!

If you'd like to read more about Lemuria and perhaps tap into a past life you may have lived in Lemuria, here are some resources for you:

Many Lemurians shapeshifted into sea creatures to escape the fall of Atlantis...
Many Lemurians shapeshifted into sea creatures to escape the fall of Atlantis... | Source
Conceptual map of Atlantis
Conceptual map of Atlantis | Source its underwater state? its underwater state? | Source

The Rise and Fall of Atlantis

Towards the end of Lemuria, Atlantis had risen to be a thriving civilization also with various beings and races inhabiting its streets and canals. There was a large amount of trade moving in and out of Atlantis, branching out to various other civilizations around the planet. Most of this trade was done by means of water - boating, swimming, etc. I am almost positive that you have heard of this "mythic" civilization, probably on a History documentary or perbaps on a TV show in passing. However, you probably have not heard many of the things we're about to discuss.

Atlantis was established by beings that were different from those beings that inhabited Lemuria. When Lemuria fell or was consumed, many of the Lemurians took up residence in Atlantis. So there was even a greater blend of races/beings in Atlantis than there was even in Lemuria. Many of the beings from Lemuria is what we today might call a "shapeshifter", in that they were able to change physical shape according to their needs or desires. This is where the idea of the "mermaid" originates. Why do you think these legends live on in our fairy tales today? There is always some truth to legend.

Atlantis was not just a city but a large civilization on a piece of land in the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Atlantis was situated in an island-like piece of land, with canals feeding directly into the center of it...sort of like spokes on a wheel. Trade by water was convenient and evident by these canals. But what exactly were the Atlanteans trading? It has been believed that at first they were trading minerals, stones, and crystals. But eventually this changed to trading slaves. Yes, slaves. The more mentally powerful Atlanteans (at least the corrupt ones) were enslaving the less mentally powerful Lemurians, particularly the shifting ones. They were performing experiments and trying to manipulate DNA in order to create superior races (sound familiar?)

This corruption led to the downfall of Atlantis, physically and completely. An old tale tells that the gods destroyed Atlantis for its corruption by catastrophic events, perhaps fire and then a flood? How about THE flood that is discussed in the Holy Bible and in the Epic of Gilgamesh as well as other ancient texts/tales? Just a theory on my part. Where is it now? At the bottom of the ocean, of course. It is as the tales tell.

Does any of this resonate with your soul? Perhaps you remember being a part of Atlantis. Maybe you don't just yet...but you will.

Plato's account of the fall of Atlantis.
Plato's account of the fall of Atlantis. | Source
The location of Atlantis.
The location of Atlantis. | Source

Does any of this strike a cord?

Before you read any further, if none of this is striking a cord within you go read something else. This information is specifically being given to those who resonate with it. If you feel like it is strange but true, then you are awakening. You might very well be ready to remember some of your most ancient past lives. You see, everyone will's just that some of us have reincarnated many more times than others...but that's not necessarily to say that it makes us superior to the others. In fact, it might mean that our souls are a little more stubborn and it takes us longer to learn what we need to in a physical body!

If both of these civilizations have struck a cord within your soul, perhaps you have lived a life in each of these...both Lemuria and Atlantis. That is very possible and more than likely if your soul is that old that it has experienced lives in each of these lost civilizations. Read on to learn about potential past lives in Avalon.

Glastonbury Tor...once a capital tower of Avalon.
Glastonbury Tor...once a capital tower of Avalon. | Source
Frank William Warwick Topham's Voyage of King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay to Avalon.
Frank William Warwick Topham's Voyage of King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay to Avalon. | Source

Avalon...A Magical Isle

If you lived a life in Lemuria and in Atlantis, you have a chance that you also lived in Avalon. Avalon was a large piece of land that made up the countries of the UK, Ireland, and bridged over to France and other parts of Western Europe. Again, Avalon was not a small city but a large civilization. Towards the end, it was reduced to that of a small piece of land shrouded in the mists...hidden from the impending dangers of an ever-changing world/society.

Avalon is mentioned specifically when people talk about or write about King Arthur of Camelot. It was thought that he had direct ties to Avalon, as the Lady of the Lake had given him the sword Excalibur (the Lady was the high priestess of Avalon at the time of Arthur's reign). Also, his sister Morgan Le Fay was thought to have been a priestess and worked closely with the Lady of the Lake. Parts of this truth can be read about in the fictional workings of Marion Zimmer Bradley. She had divine guidance (tapping into her higher self and past life memories) while writing those books.

The Isle of Avalon was a civilization that was established after the fall of Atlantis, by many of the surviving Atlanteans. One of those Atlanteans was in fact the well-known druid Merlin. Again there we have a link with King Arthur of Camelot. The Isle was thought to have been a very magical place because there were still those who were connected deeply with the Earth and all her mysteries. The mists were not drawn over our eyes in the times of Avalon, though towards the end the mists were pulled back completely. There were those in Avalon who could speak to the animals, who could fly with the birds of the air, who could run with the deer and wild beasts of the wood. There were those who worked closely with the elements of nature and the other species of nature such as the fay and elementals. There were even those who were a mixture of the races, such as Morgan Le Fay.

Do you have dreams of floating on small canoe-like boats into the mists? Do you dream of walking up the side of a mountain on a spiraling walkway? Are you adept to working with herbs to heal yourself and those around you? Perhaps you lived a life in the Isle of Avalon. Many modern-day "pagans" and "magicians" are indeed tapping into their past life memories and trying to recreate a world that is very much like Avalon once was...and like Lemuria began.

Want to know which civilization you lived in?

I have created a quiz for you to take below that goes into a bit further detail on what each past life might have entailed. Although it is kind of one-sided as many of you who already believe in these lost worlds already know that you lived in probably all three of these civilizations in one life or the next.

So are you reincarnated Lemurian, Atlantean, or Avalonian?

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Lantokey 6 weeks ago from Olde London Towne

Gadfly has been banished from Avalon by the Lady of the Lake for causing her displeasure. Last seen heading toward Lyonesse.

Lantokey 7 weeks ago from Olde London Towne

Merrie we meet.

Pookie here, a scamp compared to the Gadfly who is now living an aesthetic life style in the forests and grotto in Avalon. Pookie does not spend a huge amount of tyme outside normality but things are about to change soon.


shity shity 7 weeks ago

oh im so into this, i long to know more, i know there is more , i cant let it go it taunts me, im wanting to know how do we find our soul mate, i know there is a half of me outthere, , i wish to ask for help in this please tell me we are matched arent we, i will tell you this , ive been going to this establishment for a few years, a man i have seen there as often as i was , it was hi hellos and kinda became i guess friend , he is 25 older, and i tell you and im married at this time and i suposse not totally unhappy just wanted better things in life, but one day cause i often thought of him and thought to my self wow i wonder why he hasnt been here, and then wam the next day or two there he was we spoke blah blah blah, and as i turned to walk away something made me stop and like turn and like stare with a longing, and this mans voice says he needs you. a voice of athority no mean but one with wisdom and i dont know, anyway the reason i hadnt seen him for like 3 months was because he siad i touched him , cause hes known hes been looking for someone his whole life and he said when i touched him he said thats her ti found her, and on his way home he said a voice screamed at him saying thats heror shes the one, i forget, but im telling you i have the most unbelievable friend and lover, and husband i feel things ive never felt before, its to purfect, he is the happiest hes ever been, he has more rememberance but he knows were a match weve found and lived many lives before.. i fully and deep within believe him , i just want to learn more about this and us cause i am scared to think ill never find him again he is my life, god or someone god like had there hand in connecting us... please email me anyone miss kitty thank you

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 6 months ago from New Jersey

So interesting. I took the quiz and it said I was a Lemurian. My husband and I felt we knew each other in other lives, and he remembers the usage of crystals in Atlantis, when it broke up and destroyed itself. We both knew a lot about Egypt, so think we went there when Atlantis broke up. Great hub! I am clairsentient and recall certain past lives. When I read the Mists of Avalon I felt like I was there too. It's interesting stuff.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 9 months ago from the Ether Author

limpet - Utopian society seems good on paper but when its actually attempted it's a hot mess. Thanks for sharing and reading, as always. :)

limpet profile image

limpet 9 months ago from London England

There has been so much conflict and turmoil in our temporal realm since times immemorial. Thus far i have had a good life of contentment at peace with all. Nearly got sent to Vietnam but now glad to have not to.Many people have come up with Utopian societies and many cultures have legendary equivalents of their perfect existence.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 9 months ago from the Ether Author

annejantz - I've always wanted to do a past life regression, though I already know quite a few of my past lives. Thanks for sharing your stories. :)

annejantz profile image

annejantz 9 months ago from Dearborn Heights, Michigan, U.S.A.

So interesting, Nicole. Thank you so much for the Hub. I took the quiz and it said I was from Atlantis. I went to a reader a few years ago and she told me I had been on Atlantis. She said the priests on the island had taken a lot of the children away from their families, including me. They were systematically draining our brains for knowledge, but some people from the town came to save us and take us home. However the priests intercepted the adults and us children and took us away to the caves in the mountains and abandoned us there deep inside the mountain. We starved to death there. The worst part of it was they told us our parents knew what was happening to us and they didn't care. It was a chilling story for sure. I have no recollection of it. I've had some other psychics do past life regression work with me, and I did recall fragments from other lives. In my first regression I recalled being a young native American child riding a galloping pony on the Great Plains in the middle of a buffalo herd. I could actually feel the horse's mane brushing against my face and the wind in my face. In another I was an African American slave running for my life with several other women. We were wading across a river going north. I could feel the stones under my feet and the water rushing past swirling my long skirt around my legs . A group of Quakers came to the river and took us north to a small town in what I believe was Michigan. I lived the rest of my life there. In another trance I was a little girl in Poland in possibly the 1700's. Our family friend was a baker and I went to her shop to buy bread for my mother only to find the place vacant. The neighbors told me the Cossacks had come and had taken her away. She was Jewish. Past life regression is awesome. I am totally skeptical every time and lay there believing it is not going to work. Then, bam, I'm in another lifetime. Very cool. In the Polish fragment I was looking down at my shoes and I didn't like them, but I loved my dress. I looked up in a tree and saw an owl watching me walk by. Very quick in terms of time, but very detailed.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 9 months ago from the Ether Author

limpet - Very true, my friend! I too live in the suburbs and feel very drained. As soon as I get out in nature, I feel re-energized and grounded. I long to live in the country sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

limpet profile image

limpet 9 months ago from London England

Not quite sure of my past experiences. I like to think i have been living in other realms but have no proof of this. All of the lodges, cults or groups i have belonged to now seem irrelevant to my present way of thinking and have returned to my original belief.City living can be quite draining on the spirits however even a short journey to the countryside for good food and good company make a pleasant days outing. One wonders what has been going on in the woods in bygone tymes!

Lantokey 2 years ago from Olde London Towne

Greetings my little Darklings!

Yes, it it true the Atlanteans kept slaves in the same way that all civilizations depended on their labour in constructing monuments.

In Avalon however they used serfs to provide the staples of life in a harsh environment.

Happy days are here again!

the gadfly

Lantokey 2 years ago from Olde London Towne

Greetings my little Darklings!

I have just returned from one of my frequent visits to Glastonbury.

The surrounding county formerly called Wessex, previously Summer

lands but originally Avalon. On the marshlands (peat bog) is evidence

of Lantokey or Druid's grove. The Atlantean connection may derive

through a powerful ley line which criss crosses others around Glastonbury Tor.

keep the faith


Lantokey 2 years ago from Olde London Towne

Greetings my little Darklings

Infra Lyonnaise was a land now submerged that was closer to Cornwall than was Atlantis. Steeped in legendary folklore many writers (and film makers) have used this place as a location for scenarios. I detect the presence of Morgan le Fay as originating from here. She was a force to be reckoned with.

Now you can rest easy, or can you?


blake4d profile image

blake4d 2 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

I wrote a poem that I think you would like, a while back KTD....

It starts...

" Your Government it Knows...Faerie Tales Are True

Your Government Knows Magick...Do You?

Your Government all knowing tells Faerie Tales Too

Your Government Knows Magick...Do You?..."

If you look for that last line of prose on Hubpages, you will find it. I believe you would truly appreciate it. Once again, I hope you are well, feeling happy and healthy, and always know that your heart will ever guide you. Blessed be, dear honeybee. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 2 years ago from the Ether Author

It could very well be.

adam 2 years ago

maybe that why im scare of water that i fear to drown so i swam in shallow water

blake4d profile image

blake4d 2 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

Hello again KTD. Once again, I have to compliment you on taking your research to the next level, most witchy folk have a tendency to miss the Lemurian, Atlantean, and Avolonian connection ( although I prefer the term Artorian - from Artoruius the Bear constellation that Arthur derrives his name from. But that is just arguing kumkwats and pomegranettes. Anyhoo...) - As usual I have a couple two cent POVs to attach onto your wonderful hub.

First of all, your quiz branded me an Atlantean. Well duh...two of my names refer to water B.Lake and Ford ( a water crossing) then Hall ( a crossing through a house - I was destined to be ever moving ). I begrudgingly agree, I probably was one of the fat crystal island SOB's... I guess that's why I am not drawn to the New Age in this life.

You mention Merlin...or as you probably know...the traditional spelling in Gaelic is Myrrdyinn. Now the legends focus on Merlin in historical events, which he seems to have lived very long for a fat man without a sword and most of the tales focus on his time mentoring and serving Arthur. What we only get pieces of are his birth ( ie. a half blood human - incubus or succubus...the tales aren;t clear which of Merlin;'s parents was a daemon. Makes me think it was the father, for surely Mideaval authors would have jumped on the chance to call any woman a succubus while it was still in fashion? Either way the man Merlin was a half-breed which is very important. Because his human parent was of the Druid order, which is why Merlin has such sway and power in the Isles, but because he is a half breed - Merlin is never allowed to become an ArchDruid. But it doesn't matter, Merlin's lineage held two pieces of information and power ( 1. his family was Lemurian - hence Merlin like Merman / or the cult of Posideon / 2. his lineage were the keepers or builders of Stonehenge - obviously Excalibur is a relic and the stone it was in would have to be Stonehenge. ) Unfortunately the Druids and the Avolonian bloodlines did not help Lemuria when Atlantis fell. They decided to do nothing, so the last Lemurians felt that was as bad as blowing up the super crystal and sinking Atlantis...

Also Merlin was a figure in history, he was the first ArchDruid...he wrote prophecies and other important works of the ancient isles. But Merlin also becomes a name that is taken by those who are grandmasters in the DruiD Ascentions, like Ceasar was both the first Roman god king, but also a title that gets passed down throughout Roman history as a Kings name.

Most likely the Arthurian Merlin is one of the later descendants of this outcast lineage of half breed sorcerers ( perhaps they were bloodline to both Lemuria and Atlantis? Since one can assume that Excalibur is a relic that survived the Atlantean fall. Wow, wouldn't that be weird if the sword of Arthur, which is the sword of St. Michael and becomes the Rose Crux for the Templar was actually a weapon from Atlantis. Excalibur even sounds like a term that would be for guns today - X.caliber...)

But the Merlin or Myrrdynn that is a singular person, that is the one that raises Arthur and builds camelot and assists in the Grail quest. He has nothing to do with Excalibur, the tales even state that he must acquire the sword from the Lady (or Undines) of the Lakeside. Again Merlin is related to Mermaidens that keep an Atlantean relic for the one true king. Which makes Arthur an Atlantean by blood, but an orphan would would rise to take the throne of Avalon. Merlin and the Lake ladies are Lemurian bloodline. And who are the old Atlanetans hiding as Avalon's stewards wrongfully...Old Queen Mab ( or her modern name Morganna) and the Druids. The only true sons of Avalon are the knights that come to serve Camelot - ie Lancelot, Gwain, and of course Parzifal. And Gweniverre is probably like Merlin half Avalon by blood but a low born Atlantean lineage.

Arthur dies to rectify the ancient betrayal between the 3 peoples, the three lands that once were all under the banner of Mu. When Atlantis and Avalon started warring for power, Lemuria would choose no sides. One could argue that Lemuria is three words Le - Mu - Ria ( or Rio) - the Mayans were literally people from the River of Mu / Le Mu Ria... but that is a stretch.

Well I could go on and Atalanta the Greek Olympian woman or Atlas were both Atlantean heroes in history. That the word Avatar in Hindu culture refers to the Avalon stars. Or that Lemuria has an uncanny linguistic similarity to America, if you think about it.

My guess is that America is the first time Atlantean, Avalonean, and Lemurian bloodlines have lived on the same continent since the stone age.

And oddly all the architecture in America is borrowed from Greece and Rome. It is too bad that so little actual proof will ever be found to back up, what most historians know is true. But perhaps that is the legacy of Atlantis, Avalon and be lost, remembered, but fade into legend, and never be part of history again. This is truly one of my favorite subjects in mythology of ancient cultures.

What a wonderful hub you have created, I hope it inspires more people to learn about these roots of human history, and the last days of the first world pagans. I'm actually shedding some tears as I am typing this. All Hail the Once and Future King... Artorius. Thanx again KTD, my honeybee. Blessed Be. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

Phyllis Doyle profile image

Phyllis Doyle 2 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

Yes, the quiz was fun.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 2 years ago from the Ether Author

Dolores - Thanks so much! Yay...gotta love the Atlanteans!

sujaya - I'm not sure what you mean.

Phyllis - Glad you enjoyed it. I thought the quiz was a fun touch. :)

Phyllis Doyle profile image

Phyllis Doyle 2 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

Very interesting hub, Kitty. It is well-written and enjoyable to read. The quiz is a great idea and fun. Thanks for writing this hub.

sujaya venkatesh profile image

sujaya venkatesh 2 years ago

don't we tend to forget the past of our present lives kit

Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 2 years ago from East Coast, United States

Hi Kitty - such a wonderful article. And I love how you added the quiz. I am an Atlantian! But the quiz says that I am good at technology. Or was. Haha. Well now I can sing that old Donovan song with real meaning. "Down below the ocean, is where I want to be..."

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

cam8510 profile image

cam8510 3 years ago from Columbus, Georgia until the end of November 2016.

Well done. This is a very fun, interesting and educational hub. Thank you for sharing it.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

Nice to meet you, Luna27.

Luna27 3 years ago

I always knew I had been around for centuries. I am sure that I may have been close with Morgan Le Fey but I am not sure. I also have a crescent moon on each palm of my hand that I don't understand. I am a wise one as well as a starseed too. :)

jenslibra profile image

jenslibra 3 years ago

Cool, thanks for the suggestion. Will do!

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

jenslibra - Please check out "The Lost Lands" by Lucy Cavendish...I wasn't able to put it on here, but that is a wonderful and thorough book on all three lost lands. Thanks!

jenslibra profile image

jenslibra 3 years ago

I have heard about Atlantis and Avalon, but Lemuria was unknown to me. Definitely plan to check out the books you suggested.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

Wow, too cool!!! Thanks again, karthikkash!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India

Thanks a lot :) By the way, I am supposed to be Atlantean by the quiz and Aryan according to ancestry :D

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

karthikkash - I know all about the Aryans and yes, they are said to have been the Atlanteans...I did not however know about the Dravidians, so now I MUST look more into them!!! I have been particularly drawn to the Vedas as of late, and come to find out the Aryans were thought to have been Atlanteans...which makes a lot of sense why the Vedas have resonated so deeply with me.

As for Avalon and King Arthur, you are correct, he was a real person...I merely like to state that he is legend because most people believe it is so. It is up to them what they decide to believe as fact and fiction. And Merlin? Well, he is an ascended master... Did he live from the time of Atlantis to the times of Avalon in the same physical body? Well, that is another matter to debate, but his soul surely reincarnated if anything into a life in Avalon. Maybe I should make that more clear in the article. Thanks so very much for reading and your comment was thought-provoking!!!

Nell - No doubt you were Avalonian!!!! Doesn't surprise me at all.

Audrey - Awesome. Glad you enjoyed it!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India

Excellent hub again Kitty. I had read about Atlantis and Lemuria but wasn't aware of Avalon. I guess there is a bit of an inaccuracy there though (will come to that).

An interesting thing is that in India, there were actually two known civilizations, the Aryans and Dravidians (not by those names and the actual history is different from what it has been told). The Dravidians or whatever we want to call them belonged to the Deccan plateau (southern part) in India and the Aryans belonged to the Northern (Ganges and the Sindhu/Indus basin) of India. The Aryans have known to be a part of the greater civilization that comprised of Sumer/Mesapotamia, India and Egypt. While, the Dravidians (especially the major part of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka) claim to have been the descendants of Lemuria. I am pretty sure that the Aryans were a part of the Atlantean civilization.

Also from what I have researched, unlike what our modern history books have taught us about Indian civilization, Aryans didn't come to India 3,000 years ago, but were already part of India for thousands of years (a certain tribe is known to have come here from modern day Turkey and surrounding areas) and they peacefully existed with the Dravidians. There was a lot of cultural exchange (together, the age was called Vedic period which has existed for at least 5,000-7,000 years).

Now, the inaccuracy in Avalon (I felt) comes from the assumption that King Arthur was a legend more than mere mortal. According to research, he existed around 8th century and was a Briton king/warlord (watch movie King Arthur) who brought medieval Briton together after Rome fell. If Merlin existed at that time (if we assume that he was a real chronicler and his history is true), he couldn't have been an Atlantean as Atlantis fell at least 26,000-30,000 years ago.

The people who escaped from that deluge are known to be the pre-dynastic people of Egypt, Sumer and India.

AudreyHowitt profile image

AudreyHowitt 3 years ago from California

What a fun hub! I was Avalonian!

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 3 years ago from England

Hi Kitty, I am an Avalonian! not a surprise there! lol! love the way you did the quiz! its such a fascinating subject, and one I love reading about, voted up and shared, nell

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

Thank you for your support, randomcreative. :)

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

CMHypno - It's a very general quiz based off of some very broad associations with each civilization. Obviously you'll have to base your ultimate thoughts off of your intuition and any past life memories. Thanks for reading.

CMHypno profile image

CMHypno 3 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

Hi Kitty, according to the quiz I was an Atlantean. Interesting because I have been regressed several times and it has never come up. I love whales and dolphins and whale watching in Australia was one of the best experiences I have ever had, bit I've never connected it to the past before

randomcreative profile image

randomcreative 3 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Fascinating! I learned so much. The quiz is a great touch, too.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

AnnabelLee - Thanks so much!

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

phoenix - That's awesome! More than likely you might have been Lemurian most Lemurians were very connected with the water...many of them were what we might call "shifters" and could literally swim with the dolphins and whales...even could breathe underwater! You know what Darwin theory that once we were fish? Anywho, You asked me what I am...I have been all three! I have memories particularly of Avalon, though. I have dreamt of it often. I know I was Atlantean because of various signs my guides have sent my way.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

W1totalk - So glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!

AnnabelLee36 profile image

AnnabelLee36 3 years ago from London, UK

Excellent article, I really enjoyed it. Voted Up.

phoenix2327 profile image

phoenix2327 3 years ago from United Kingdom

Fantastic hub, Ms. Kitty; easily one of your best.

According to your quiz, I'm Atlantean. This would explain my need to be close to water. I'm never more happy than when I'm on the beach, splashing about in the surf. I prefer living on an island as opposed to the mainland. My parents were from Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean, I lived in NYC, on the island of Manhattan and I now reside in the UK, another island. And to top it off, I'm a Pisces, a water sign. I I believe Atlantis is real and that it is just a matter of time till it is found.

Once again, I loved this. BTW, which one of these are you?

W1totalk profile image

W1totalk 3 years ago

I love the fact that these three civilizations are described so well within the history of the World. Great article. Great quiz.

MysticMoonlight 3 years ago

Hehe indeed, kitty :)

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

MysticMoonlight - Well, we both knew that didn't we? :)

sandrabusby - Thanks for reading.

sandrabusby profile image

sandrabusby 3 years ago from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Very interesting. Thanks.

MysticMoonlight 3 years ago

Love this, kitty! Excellent Hub! I'm so excited, I took your quiz and I'm Avalonian! I suspected as much ;-) Very interesting information, I learned so much that I wasn't aware of, thanks! Voted :)

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