Ghostly Apparitions and Baby Monitors

Updated on April 9, 2018
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Can ghosts talk through baby monitors?
Can ghosts talk through baby monitors?

Ghosts Are Everywhere

Have you ever seen or heard a ghost? Many people say they have—hauntings can take place anywhere at any time. From old houses to new houses, forests to cemeteries, offices to restaurants, and everywhere in between, ghosts make their debut appearances. Sometimes, it's because of a tragic death. Sometimes, it's because of residual energy. Sometimes, it's because they just aren't ready to move on to the next life. But whatever the reason, they exist. And, in the realm of the scariest hauntings, we sometimes hear their voices loud and clear on videos, voice recordings, and even on baby monitors.

New mothers have a lot to worry about, but worrying about a ghost haunting their child is another level of anxiety. Unfortunately, ghosts' voices are thought to come across on baby monitors quite often. And the terrified mothers have two choices—to ignore the sound or investigate and eradicate. If you heard a ghost's voice on your baby's monitor, what would you do?

A mom's nightmare seeing a ghost baby lying beside her own through the video baby monitor!
A mom's nightmare seeing a ghost baby lying beside her own through the video baby monitor! | Source

Baby Monitor Ghost Stories

Back in the day, baby monitors did one thing—listened in on the baby. If the baby whined or cried, the parents could hear it and go to check on the baby's condition. Nowadays, baby monitors have been upgraded along with the rest of modern day technology. Now we have baby monitors that don't just "listen in", we have baby monitors that video-record and send that video picture to the parents. Real-time video monitoring! So while it's creepy enough to hear voices on your baby's old-school monitor, now it can be even worse when you see a ghost hovering over your child's crib! Let's dive into some of the creepiest baby monitor stories.

In June 2017, a mother in Britain claimed she'd seen something downright bone-chilling on their baby monitor. The story was published in numerous magazines and online media sites. The mother had set up a video monitor on her toddler son because he had tried to climb out of his crib. She wanted to make sure he didn't fall or be let loose on the house without her knowing it. Safety first, right? Well, one night around 1 AM, the mother noticed something moving in the child's room. This same figure appeared to climb into the crib and lay down next to her son! In addition to laying next to her sleeping child, the figure seemed to wave at random things in the bedroom. The mother had her sister check on skype and the sister claimed nothing was there from her view of the room. When the parents checked the room, the figure wasn't there yet it could still be seen on the video monitor. The mother stated even though the experience was chilling, she and her husband didn't believe the ghost had ill will towards their son. It seemed the ghost was a baby just like her son and just wanted company. They've also admitted that other paranormal activity occurs in their home like pictures being turned upside down and things being thrown around. They maintain they are not fearful of the spirit that once showed itself on their baby monitor.

A personal ghost story on the author's account involves an old-school baby monitor (just the listening kind). The mother awoke one morning to hearing a man's voice over her infant son's baby monitor. The first time it happened, she decided it was just interference—another person's radio or device crossing channels with her baby monitor. It ended up happening again the next week, but this time the voice sounded closer and clearer. She changed the channel on the baby monitor, as suggested by her husband who said it was probably just interference. She decided it was just a weird coincidence, until the following morning, a deep voice screamed through the monitor "I want it NOW!" This time the voice felt too clear and close to be fuzzy interference, and she ran into her son's room to find him awake and crying. Being the spiritual person she was, she cleansed her house with sage smoke and blessed all of the windows. She never heard the man's voice again.

In 2016, a mother from Australia shared her story of ghosts appearing on her baby monitor. While her daughter was in bed one night, she noticed floating orbs all around her child's crib. Hovering above and around it. She shared the videos with people online and said how "freaked out" she was, and how she hadn't believed in ghosts until she saw these videos. Some claimed they saw an old woman's or a young woman's face in one of the orbs, but the mother claims she felt it was a woman's presence as well as a ghost child's presence.

Another woman in February 2018 claims she's seen a mysterious ghostly figure lying next to her daughter in the crib. Again, a victim of the video baby monitor apparition—this mother saw what appeared to be a doll lying next to her daughter. The baby cried at the same time and so she rushed in to check on her daughter and find the figure from the video, but there was no figure there. The video screenshot shows what appears to be a doll's face with large button black eyes and moppy blonde hair. One of the mother's relatives suggested it could have been the soul of the mother's brother (the infant's uncle) who passed away at a young age.

Spirits sometimes talk to us using electronic devices like baby monitors.
Spirits sometimes talk to us using electronic devices like baby monitors.

EVPs, Videos, and Baby Monitors

With the old school baby monitors, you can only hear sounds from one side of the monitor. It receives the sound and gives it to the recipient (usually the parents on the other end). Obviously no videos of ghosts are coming from these types of baby monitors; however, many people claim to hear the voice of ghosts on the other side somewhere in their child's vicinity. Are these what's called electronic voice phenomenon? Electronic voice phenomenon is defined as sounds that are found on electronic recordings of what some claim to be the voice of spirits, whether intentionally or unintentionally recorded. Many paranormal investigators use the technique of electronic voice recording to pick up on potential hauntings in buildings and homes. Sometimes these EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) can pop up when you least expect through your baby's monitor.

But the creepy baby monitor stories don't stop at EVPs, as we've discovered in the previous section. Now the terror-factor increases for parents in the form of video baby monitors. Now we don't just have to hear the hair-raising disembodied voice on the other end of the monitor, now we can actually see them! For whatever reason, sometimes the presence of ghosts and spirits can be picked up easier on cameras and video recordings than by the human eye. Some paranormal researchers say that cameras pick up on different types of energy easier than the human eye. Never mind the fact that we've been taught to disbelieve these kinds of things and have probably trained ourselves against seeing ghosts.

Infrared, thermal, full-spectrum, and even non-digital cameras have been known to pick up images of ghosts and other shadow beings. Some of these images come through as human silhouettes or shadows, while others come through as balls of light or color (called orbs). No matter the type of camera or ghostly image, one thing is for sure—baby monitors are picking up the energy that ghosts give off.

Or Is It Simply Crossed Channels?

There are logical theories behind why we are seeing and hearing ghosts on baby monitors in modern times. One theory for the disembodied voices on the old-school baby monitors is simply a case of crossed channels or interference. Just as walkie-talkies can tune into other radio channels and such, so can baby monitors. If you are hearing voices through your baby monitor, the first thing you can try to do is change the channel. There's usually a little knob or button on the side to switch the channels.

What about the ghostly images on baby video monitors? What about the figure that climbed into bed with the little boy in 2017 that is clear as day on the video playback? Could this also be a case of crossed channels, potentially with another baby video monitor in the neighborhood or surrounding area? The mom's story about the doll-like figure beside her daughter in the crib could very well have just been a babydoll, and yes, the mother could have set all of this up for attention and financial gain. And orbs? Orbs have been proven by photographers to be related to floating dust and dirt particles that reflect certain light. So yes, there are logical explanations, but sometimes these explanations still don't settle our fears when we see shadows hovering over our children at night.

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      Nicole Canfield 2 weeks ago from the Ether

      Heidi - I just know one thing - I don't want an alexa or any other one of those devices...they listen in on your conversations ALL THE TIME. Creepier than having a ghost talk through a baby monitor, if you ask me.

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      Heidi Thorne 2 weeks ago from Chicago Area

      Wow. It doesn't surprise me that strange images and sounds might appear on our tech gadgetry. As our homes get more "smart," I wonder what we'll see and hear. Interesting!

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      DraculavanHelsing 2 weeks ago

      More likely to be the result of interference from external radio signals and other electromagnetic devices rather than anything paranormal, a growing problem, also in regard to human health, in a modern world increasingly bombarded by electromagnetic radiation