Past Life Quiz: Which Time Period Did You Live In?

Updated on February 26, 2018
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Kitty has been following an alternative spiritual path for seventeen years. She encourages others to follow their souls' calling.

In which era did you live a past life?
In which era did you live a past life? | Source

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You Lived in Medieval Times!

Do you find yourself drawn to the concept of knights, princesses, and dragons? You are fearless, hard-working, and don't take "peasant" for an answer. You must have lived a life (or a few lives) during the Medieval Times. The Medieval Period, also called the Dark Ages or Middle Ages, lasted from the fifth to the fifteenth century A.D. As you might've guessed and maybe already innately know, this was a time of great change and turmoil. There were basically two classes of people—the rich and the poor. The poor were considered the laborers and the rich were royalty. The rich benefited from the poor's hard work.

The Church came into great power throughout Europe, so many of the previous religions and beliefs were either wiped out or adapted into this new form of religion. There were advances in technology when it came to agriculture and trade, which meant the population of the earth increased in the High Middle Ages. You might have been royalty, owned a ton of land and lived in a castle, OR you might have been a peasant, who lived in the countryside tending to your farm and livestock. Perhaps you were even a nun or priest or monk, if you find you have a spiritual side. How amazing it must've been to live in the Medieval Times. Sure, there were bad times, but there must've been good times too.

If you've loved castles your whole life, you probably lived a past life or two in the Medieval Times!
If you've loved castles your whole life, you probably lived a past life or two in the Medieval Times! | Source

You Lived in Colonial Times!

Do you find yourself drawn to movies such as The Patriot, Dances with Wolves, or the Last of the Mohicans? Maybe you just like the idea of going out into the wilderness to find your own place in the world. You are fearless and bold and forged a new life for yourself. You are courageous enough to leave an old life behind in search for better opportunity. You must've lived a life during the Colonial Period!

The Colonial Period in time lasted from approximately 1607 to 1776 and was the time in which the colonies were established in what is now the United States of America. Immigrants from all over the world came together to make what is now present-day U.S. Whether you live in the U.S. or not, you are drawn to the Colonial Times because you lived a life during this time. Maybe you were an explorer and traveled the Appalachian or Oregon trails. Maybe you were a farmer and learned how to farm corn or tobacco from the local natives. Maybe you were an indigenous person with much to teach the new world. Maybe you were even a soldier in the Revolutionary War!

If you lived a past life in colonial times, take a trip to colonial Williamsburg!!! You won't be disappointed.
If you lived a past life in colonial times, take a trip to colonial Williamsburg!!! You won't be disappointed. | Source

You Lived in the Victorian Times!

Do you find yourself drawn to the Victorian era? Maybe you enjoy dressing fancy, having tea, and being polite? Perhaps you've even dressed in steampunk style or worn a corset or top hat before? You lived a past life in the Victorian Times. The Victorian Times lasted from 1837 to 1901, corresponding with the reign of Queen Victoria of England. During this period of time, there was peace among the high powers of the world, and a fanciful lifestyle was encouraged among the rich. Entertainment, education, and athleticism increased in interest and nature. Religion began to change, as well, with the movement of Spiritualism taking the forefront of the news and peoples' minds. This was a religion in which people believed they could talk to the dead through mediums and seances, which even included President Abraham Lincoln's wife Mary Todd.

You most likely have a fortitude for fancy things such as lace, buttons, veils, etc. Or perhaps you like the idea of men dressing in suits and top hats. Women and men partook in tea parties and garden parties when guests would come to call. There were also advances in industry, including the use of the railroad for transportation. Much promise and hope for the future became part of the Victorian Period, despite the bloody Civil War occurring in the 1860s. Do you find yourself called to be polite and pristine in every day situations? Well, it only goes to show that you lived a past life in the Victorian era.

If you lived a past life in Victorian times, you might be drawn to the photo above.
If you lived a past life in Victorian times, you might be drawn to the photo above. | Source

You Lived in Ancient Times!

You lived a past life during ancient times. This was the time period prior to the Middle Ages, any time before the fifth century A.D. Most of what we hear about the ancient world revolves around Egypt, Greece, and Rome. But think of all the other countries and cultures all over the world that existed during ancient times, too! You could have lived in any one of the ancient civilizations, more than once! Do you find yourself drawn to ancient history? Ancient Egyptian culture or anthropology? How about ancient Greece or the Roman Empire? Celtic? If you can say yes to any one of these questions, it's no doubt you lived a past life during the ancient times. Maybe even more than one.

Depending on where you lived will depend on the type of life you might have lived. For instance, if you were a part of ancient Greece, you were most likely a warrior of some kind or wife to a warrior. But maybe you were also a fisherman, farmer, politician, or craftsman of some kind. If you were really lucky (or unlucky depending on your opinion), perhaps you were Greek royalty. Whatever your status or place, you lived a past life in ancient times and therefore are technically an ancient soul, wise beyond your years and feel as if you've been on this planet for ages!

If you lived a past life in ancient times, you might find yourself drawn to visit ancient places like Rome, Greece, Egypt and more!
If you lived a past life in ancient times, you might find yourself drawn to visit ancient places like Rome, Greece, Egypt and more! | Source

You Lived in Prehistoric Times!

Whoa! You really are an old old soul. Beyond the ancient times, your soul incarnated here during prehistory which is the time period prior to 5300 years ago. This was the time period that encompassed the use of stone tools, calculated at around 3 million years ago and the emergence of cuneiform writing fifty-three-hundred years ago. Scientists say prehistoric times can be any time since the beginning of the earth and universe, but usually refers to the time when life as we know it began on earth moving forward to ancient times.

While we see pictures in books and on TV that show us cavemen and women, running from saber tooth tigers, banging each other over the heads with sticks, there is more to our human prehistory. You probably know this, deep down inside. You might be drawn to dinosaurs or prehistoric animals and fossils in museums. Your soul remembers living in one of the most prehistoric civilizations, before ancient Greece, before ancient Egypt, before Rome. Perhaps, if Atlantis and Lemuria existed, you lived a life on one of these amazing, lost continents! Having a prehistoric soul means you are very wise, wiser than the ancients. You often wonder why people on earth act the way they do and hope for brighter days in the future. You might also consider yourself a highly spiritual person and deny religion as the means of enlightenment. After all, your soul was here long before modern religion.

If you lived a past life in prehistoric times, you might be a fighter...a survivalist!
If you lived a past life in prehistoric times, you might be a fighter...a survivalist! | Source

You Lived in Modern Times Before!

Don't be disappointed! Some people will get this result and think, oh that's boring! But, here's the thing, it's totally not! Think of all the amazing time periods in modern times you could have lived a life in—if you're a young one, maybe you lived in the 1970s. Maybe you were a hippie in the 60s. If you lived your previous life in these decades, perhaps you are drawn to the 1920s, the flapper style, the mobsters, Bonnie and Clyde, and speak easies. Often we find ourselves drawn to certain decades and time periods for a reason—we've lived a life in those time periods before!

Do you have memories that seem to be from a past life, but still seem somewhat modern? It is likely you've lived another life directly previous to this one, in modern times. And there's nothing wrong with that! Take what you've learned today, think about the decades in the past hundred years that you've been drawn to your entire life and meditate on the concept that you've lived a past life in that decade! You might be surprised what you learn about yourself.

If you lived a past life in modern times previous to this one, maybe you're drawn to this picture.
If you lived a past life in modern times previous to this one, maybe you're drawn to this picture. | Source

© 2018 Kitty Fields


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  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    11 months ago from Summerland

    Glynn - ABSOLUTELY!

  • profile image

    Glynn Brooks-Ward 

    11 months ago

    Wow 100% i lived sometime in prehistory, in ancient times, middle ages, Victorian times and the modern era. I find this amazing as ive always had a fascination with dinosaurs, prehistoric life, ancient Sumeria, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Rome, the Vikings, the Norman conquest of Britain, Charles Darwin and both world wars. Is it possible ive had past lives in all of these eras?

  • Ioana-R profile image

    Alexa R 

    12 months ago

    It somehow fits. I love the dark ages!

  • profile image

    Ava Crisp 

    12 months ago

    I liked my results thanks for the quiz

  • Jessie L Watson profile image

    Jessie Watson 

    12 months ago from Wenatchee Washington

    I've had intimations or vague memories of certain places and settings. Most of which I've dismissed as simply machinations of past dreams but there's a particular quality to them that I can't ignore. I believe your quiz was accurate for me. Thanks!

  • Seafarer Mama profile image

    Karen A Szklany 

    12 months ago from New England

    Awesome fun quiz hub! I think I've lived in ancient Celtic and Medieval times before.

  • MizBejabbers profile image

    Doris James-MizBejabbers 

    12 months ago from Beautiful South

    Nicole, I loved this article. I wish I'd thought of it myself. While I was attending metaphysical school in the 1970s, we had some instructors who were very good at past life regression. My first regression took me to a life as a cave man, in which I get the idea that I couldn't speak a language. The next one took me to place I don't recognize and I believe it was either Atlantis or Lemuria or maybe even on another planet. A friend of mine revealed to me that we'd been friends in a past life together where we rode across the plains on fast horses. I pictured us as Mongols on the Steppes. I got to revisit one of my lives recently, and I believe it may have been my previous one before this one. I was a monk in 17th Century Seville. I find myself attracted to ancient Egypt, Greece, India and Japan.

    I would like to see you write about your past lives.


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