Proof That Demons Are Real

Updated on April 18, 2016

Demons are absolutely real. Here's proof!!!!!

Up until the day before my 65th birthday I honestly believed, as do most people, that demons were not real. I always believed that the words demons and demonic were used by fundamental religious people as synonyms for the specific thoughts and type of thinking, respectively, that cause all forms of destructive behavior.

Now, after watching a series of You Tube Videos on the internet entitled Demon Magicians produced by Xendrius, I am absolutely convinced that demons are real entities or beings that can take possession of a human being and make extraordinary and supernatural things occur. Manly P. Hall and Aleister Crowley, both 33rd degree Freemasons, referred to this form of magic as Black Magic. Aleister Crowley was perhaps the most famous practitioner of Black Magic in the 20th century and often referred to himself as "the wickedest man in the world."

Manly P. Hall wrote in his famous book entitled The Secret Teachings of All Ages, The Theory and Practice of Black Magic, "It is possible to make contracts with spirits whereby the magician becomes for a stipulated time the master of an elemental being. True black magic is performed with the aid of a demoniacal spirit, who serves the sorcerer for the length of his earthly life."

Aleister Crowley frequently admitted that the books he wrote were dictated to him by a spirit named Aiwass from Ancient Egypt. Perhaps the most famous teaching attributed to Crowley was "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law".

As you watch these videos entitled Demon Magicians by Xendrius, you will see magicians engaged in Black Magic. They are doing things that are supernatural, clearly not conventional magic tricks based merely on deception and sleight of hand. When Manly P. Hall referred to an elemental being, he was talking about a demonic spirit capable of instantly altering the vibrational frequency of matter at the molecular level, making matter change shapes and forms before your very eyes, making objects move seemingly by themselves, reading anyone's mind totally, and much more.

The magician named Dynamo can literally pass his body through solid brick walls and steel fences. The Asian magician named Yif makes a cell phone pass through the wall of a plastic bottle, converts a ball of dough into a 3 foot long loaf of French Bread, and does several other supernatural things while on the street, in public restaurants, and using honest props given to him by others, not trick props purchased from a magician's supply store.

Satanists teach that the last thing Satan wants is for people to have clear proof of the supernatural, yet magicians like Dynamo, Yif, David Blaine, Criss Angel, and Justin Flom have definitely crossed that line. David Copperfield is widely considered to be the greatest magician in world history. Copperfield is a magician, sorcerer, or wizard obviously practicing Black Magic yet few people seem to be aware of it. Most people simply believe he is a brilliant magician using very expensive equipment and technology.

Once you come to the realization that both Demons and Black Magic are real, you will then understand how these magicians are doing things that seem humanly impossible. The magic seems to be humanly impossible because it is. These magicians have literally made a deal with the Devil and are being assisted by very powerful demons who can easily manipulate both mind and matter.

In Episode 6 of the Demon Magicians video by Xendrius you learn that magic is the only art form where demons can show off their supernatural powers without much risk of the actual truth being exposed. Demons are vain and love using magicians to show off their supernatural powers. They love seeing the shocked looks of disbelief on the faces of the stupid humans.

The demons know that the vast majority of people simply believe it's all just a trick, just another illusion, and strictly entertainment. I am just thankful for the Demon's vanity making them careless enough to reveal the fact that they are, indeed, real.

The fact that demon possession is real also helps you understand why Obama, Bush, Clinton, and many other world leaders do the many horrible things they do. They are all literally possessed by demonic spirits. Each of them have voluntarily allowed themselves to be possessed in exchange for wealth, fame, and power. They have literally sold their souls to the Devil.

Just as Saint Paul said in his epistle (letter) to the Ephesians, Chapter 6, Verse 12: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

There are numerous You Tube videos you can watch which clearly reveal various magicians practicing Black Magic. I am attaching Episodes 2, 3, and 4 of Demon Magicians by Xendrius here for your convenience. Watching all three of these videos should provide you with more than enough evidence to convince you that demons are real. Watching all six episodes would give you even greater insight. I am also attaching a video entitled David Copperfield Illuminati which contains further compelling information about Black Magic and Demon possession.

Demon Magicians..Episode 2

Demon Magicians..Episode 4

David Copperfield & Black Magic


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    • profile image

      Samuel Hendri Mamora 5 months ago

      This is a free advertisement for Demons,by making people believe they are real.

      Many people will believe Demons power were real,in other words people will have faith in those Demons.

    • profile image

      Ryan Parr 7 months ago

      For the last 15 years I have ivestigated paranormal phenomenon, enough to know that conscious entities can exist beyond physical perception, and have witnessed the UFO phenomenon on several occasions (any fool on here will probably be denying the UFO phenomenon as well, and really needs to get there head out of their own @$$). For various reasons I have come to the conclusion that UFO are real and that they seem to be what people in ancient texts have referred to as 'Demons' or Daemons. If you consider what most well known/popular musicians/entertainers admit to, it isn't far removed to recognize the similarities to ancient belief systems. Mankind appears to either be manipulated to serve an agenda, or is merely being controlled psychologically, to either deny this "cage" we are in, or to utilize us as a resource. Just admit that no one understands this yet, though realize it is very real... It is safe to say more people admitting this as real could well be "outliers" that don't lend much credibility to the claims, though that really is your problem as a reader to distinguish the underlying issue of adaptation to social hierarchy in a world demanding "normal" and "tolerant" beliefs in BS thinking or lacking comprehension on this issue.

    • profile image

      Guy 10 months ago

      What rubbish You should be ashamed of yourself Just because you don't know how its done doesn't make it evil

      sorry to disappoint you but .....(ITS A TRICK) A very clever well thought out and much rehearsed trick but still a trick

    • profile image

      Yyyyy 12 months ago

      As a Muslim I already knew this. It's revealed in the holy Quran that demons exist. We call them jinn

    • profile image

      Max 12 months ago

      Keep up the good work people hating are scared of what they cannot comprehend your article is very informative. Thank you

    • profile image

      Christopher 12 months ago

      So you watch a few YouTube videos and suddenly...hey presto! believe in demons?? With CGI and Photoshop being what they are today, you can also watch videos of LEPRECHAUNS on YouTube. Do you put credence in them as well?

    • profile image

      DUmbass 13 months ago

      Are you guys kidding me? Those are just illusions. Illusionists now like Chris Angel and Dynamo even use CG to get a higher ratings. Yeah of course the demons are real because he does such a good job putting idiocy amongs you all. For fack sake, watch Masked magicans series and let it show you how these illusions are done. Nothing supernatural. Dumbasses!

    • profile image

      advanced spiritualy 14 months ago

      We are all spirits who have come here to learn on earth school, right now we are being woken up to the truth of our own illusion, do not allow these tricksters into your hearts, Its happening now, it could not be any clearer - DYNAMO = A DYMON

    • profile image

      Shiva 15 months ago

      The Article itself is very informative though it is not that I am surprised having watched Dynamo do things like move the characters of a playing card while being held on both sides that it wasn't illusion or changing the time on a page of magazine advertising a clock but there is a but the ability they have is or was to acquire magical powers and to use it to empower themselves or enrich themselves as powerful magicians to Kings or ruler or to lust to power using this magic but the magicians only use it to entertain now and how would it be a show of all knew it was all by supernatural ways so to say that sold themselves to Satan may not be true as they are only actors using real magic to perform only and at times do feats of will also so no one catches on (David Blaine). The being if used for wickedness or lusting after wealth (which may be the case as they become wealthy actors) may be a Sin. Islam says that Black Magic is real and a lure but for what? Is it wrong to enrich yourselves as an actor using unfair means ? PROBABLY. Hmmm now that I'm asking these questions I feel it is a Sin but have they made a deal with the Devil? Meaning fooling people into thinking they are Prophets of God doing miracles of another God- No! I'm Muslim and the Quran says black magic was revealed in Babylon though the two famous satanic advocates who wrote books, they appear to be what you say as their belief is Satanic.

    • profile image

      mikesullakasully 17 months ago

      And what is "the sea of pure consciousness"? How do you determine "a person of integrity"? I haven't found a single actual scientific paper on the supposed Doctors you speak of.

    • profile image

      mikesullakasully 17 months ago

      bwinwright you're an idiot. Please stop writing, it's only making people dumber. Try using actual facts and proof next time.

      It's a sad day in this world when people actually think what someone posts or says on the internet is real.

    • profile image

      zRisk 18 months ago

      So how do you sign a contract with a demon

    • Dave Enright profile image

      Dave Enright 2 years ago from Bedfordshire Uk

      As someone with a lifelong running battle with one particular demon I can definitely assure all non believers that Demons are 100% real and in our everyday life

    • profile image

      lions 2 years ago

      Zozo, Demons are real! Don't be deceived.

      Mark 8:36New International Version (NIV)

      What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?

    • bwinwright profile image

      Bruce Winship Wright 3 years ago from MJarietta, Georgia

      ZOZO, I am 65 and I believe some of them. Of course, there is an enormous amount of both misinformation (false information from people like me who are often honestly mistaken) as well as disinformation (false information from people in the CIA or FBI or others who are well paid to intentionally deceive us). The reality of it all is that one of the only ways to be somewhat safe in your search for truth is to seek the council of a multitude of sources before formulating an opinion. It's tough to tell the truth from falsehood. There does seem to be some truth to the work of Dr. John Diamond and Dr. David R. Hawkins where they use the human body's muscles within the sea of pure consciousness (Einstein's Unified Field) to tell the difference between truth and falsehood. Apparently, this unified field of pure consciousness, of which everything consists, is omniscient too. This simple muscle test is reportedly pretty accurate when you are using the muscles of a person of integrity. Of course, I always find it interesting when a person like you asks me such a question in such a condescending manner as if you have a special and close connection to the truth concerning all things. Please enlighten me. What source or sources of truth are acceptable to you?

    • profile image

      zozo 3 years ago

      Your how old and you believe youtube videos? ?

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