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Updated on March 16, 2018
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Like many people, I went through my life thinking that demons were just some fantasy made up by the church and that there was no possible way that they could exist in reality. Well, I was wrong, they do exist. A few weeks ago I bore witness to a demonic ritual that opened up a portal to hell and brought out a real demon.

I work as a janitor for a shared event space in the city I live in, it's by no means glamorous work, but it pays the bills and it is low stress. My boss tends to have me work late nights, and I try to get to the event space an hour before the event ends to set up and do prep work. It was just another typical Sunday evening when I arrived, though upon entering the building I knew that something was very wrong. My body felt so heavy like I was being weighed down by an unknown entity. As I began to take out cleaning supplies I heard some chanting coming from the main room, so I walked down the hall and peered in. What I saw next will haunt me for the remainder of my time on earth.


Six cloaked figures stood around a massive 11-pointed star, chanting incantations in some indecipherable language. Behind them stood six more cloaked figures each holding metal ornaments and behind them, there were six large torches. At first, my mind wandered as I thought how it was possible for them to perform this ritual without setting off the fire alarm, but I then realized that the demonic power they were channeling prevented any electronic devices from working. I reached for my phone to take a picture, only to find it was not working and it was not responding to anything I tried.

I decided to watch more of the ritual; I wish I hadn’t.

The 11-pointed star of chaos magik
The 11-pointed star of chaos magik

Eventually, a dark mass began to form in the center of the star, and a figure began to emerge out of the void and manifest itself. The chanting started to increase in volume and began to change languages, though it was still hard to understand, it sounded something like “ Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas.”

Then, they began speaking in English, and the floor started to shake as the figure began to take on a human-like form.

“From the first angel, I call upon the All-Consuming Flame, the hungry blaze before the highest throne of the abyss and the purifying fires of Wrathful Chaos! I invoke Moloch!

Hail Moloch!”

At this point, I had to turn away and walk back to the supply closet, for I could take no more. I tried my best to set up my cleaning station, knowing full well what was going on down the hall, and somehow I made it through the next hour. I knew I had to go back into that room to clean up the mess so at around midnight I finally worked up the nerve to go in.

Much to my surprise, the room was empty, and there was not a single thing in there. My mind raced: how could that be? I never saw them leave? They summoned a demon, where did it go?” I noticed in the corner of the room a pamphlet that they must have left behind, with an English title: “ceremony of The Temple of the Black Light.”

What is the Temple of the Black Light?

As I found out later on, the temple of the black light is a satanic organization dedicated to summoning the eleven great demon lords (also known as the eleven anti-cosmic gods), hence the 11-pointed star. They use a type of magic discovered by the great occultist Aleister Crowley known as chaos magik to summon demons into this world. Many of their teachings come from an ancient grimoire called Liber Azerate. For them, they are not just demons, but anti-cosmic gods of destruction.

For the temple of the black light, summoning the eleven great demon lords will allow for the creation of the 11-headed black dragon, as the demon lords will fuse into one supreme being of darkness. Then, the black dragon will devour the universe and end all life.

Temple members also ascribe to Chaosophy, a theory of thought that states that chaos is the true form the universe is meant to take and that by annihilating the current cosmos and breaking away from the three-dimensional plane. By doing this, the universe will return to an infinite state of chaos that is limitless.



Moloch is an ancient demon, one who is commonly associated with child sacrifice, and he is the first of the 11 great demon lords that will bring about the destruction of the universe. Throughout my research, I kept going back to a central question: why does the temple of the black light want to destroy the universe and kill themselves in the process?

The temple of the black light fetishizes death, and they believe death to be the ultimate solution. Thus, summoning demons to destroy reality would be the greatest thing ever for them.

The great demon lord Moloch
The great demon lord Moloch | Source

My story does not end here though, as Moloch himself appeared before me just the other night.

He took the form of an animal-looking demon, with massive horns and bright red eyes. He appeared right at the foot of my bed, mocking me for my useless efforts at trying to understand him and the temple of the black light. Then, suddenly he disappeared.

I’ve spent the past couple of days trying to write down my thoughts and formulate a way of stopping this cataclysm from happening, but I see no other way than to recruit a team of demon hunters to stop the temple of the black light.

I’ve seen the proof with my own two eyes, and there is no doubt that demons are real and we have to rise and battle them, the fate of our world is at stake.

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