My Emily Morgan Hotel Experience

Updated on June 27, 2020
KCC Big Country profile image

KCC has a lot of pride in her native state of Texas and enjoys exploring the validity of its paranormal offerings.

Over the years, I have visited San Antonio and have long admired the beautiful architecture of the Emily Morgan Hotel that is located directly across from the Alamo. After researching the hotel, I became even more intrigued as I learned that many people believe it is one of the most haunted hotels in Texas.

I would say I have a general curiosity about the paranormal although I’m still very skeptical. I tend to look for logical explanations, and in the absence of them, I do not assume that what I cannot explain is automatically paranormal. With this in mind, I’d like to share some of my experiences at the Emily Morgan Hotel that took place December 8th through the 10th, 2011.

Emily Morgan Hotel
Emily Morgan Hotel

The Elevator Ride: Going Up

My husband and I checked into the Emily Morgan Hotel around 9:45 pm on December 8th. The hotel lobby was beautifully decorated with a Christmas tree in the front corner, and the gas fireplace made the space warm and inviting.

We pushed the button to grab the next elevator. As we entered and pressed the button for the 14th floor we realized it was the top floor and effectively the 13th floor, since like most buildings they typically skip naming the 13th floor. We giggled at this discovery as the doors closed behind us. My husband commented on how quickly the elevator seemed to rise and, almost as soon as the words left his mouth, we abruptly stopped. It was clear that the stop wasn’t a normal stop. We looked at each other wide-eyed. The doors didn’t open and even after pushing the “doors open” button, the doors still wouldn’t open. We stood there stationary for only a minute and then the elevator started going back down. I began pushing “14” again. What seemed like in mid-stream, it lit up “12,” but then began to go back up to 14. This time it didn’t stop abruptly and the doors opened fine. We quickly exited, anxious to get off before it kept us hostage.

Over the remainder of our stay, we rode in all of the available elevators numerous times, and we never again experienced anything like that first time.

The 14th Floor

The thing I noticed most about the 14th floor was the smell. It reminded me of some childhood memory of medicine. The only way I can describe it is “old medicine.” It was not offensive, pungent or overbearing, but it unmistakably hangs heavy in the air. Having researched the hotel a bit, I knew it had previously been a hospital, and perhaps that tainted my impression of the smell. It did not have a clean clinical smell like hospitals or dentists' offices today.

As we opened the door to our room, 1405, our 14-foot ceilings and tall-paned windows made the room seem small and narrow. However, it was spacious enough to accommodate a king-size bed with two nightstands, a built-in desk with rolling chair, a sofa, side chair, coffee table, and dresser with a large (probably 40”) flat screen TV.

The colors of the décor were best described by my husband as “tired.” The room was not warm and cheery. I would not say that I got a sense of sadness there, nor was I uncomfortable there. It just seemed tired and perhaps a bit lonely. We opted to leave our luggage to unpack later and headed out to explore the Alamo and downtown San Antonio that was brightly lit for Christmas.

Having seen the movie “1408” with John Cusack, we thought we’d take a walk past 1408. Taking a left from our room, we found 1406 adjacent to our room, followed by 1407. We noticed that 1407 had a double-wide door, but still only one knob to enter. (You can see this in the last video shown below). Following 1407 was 1409, which was actually the room on the point of the arrow or triangular-shaped hotel. There was no 1408. As we waited for the elevator, we noticed the plaque on the wall that clearly stated that 1408 was a valid room number. We wondered when they had decided to eliminate 1408. We would inquire about that at our departure.

The Majestic Emily Morgan Hotel
The Majestic Emily Morgan Hotel | Source

Contact Lens Cleaner

My husband wore contact lenses and utilized an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean them. We had had the machine awhile and had never experienced any problems with it. On our first morning in the room, my husband plugged it in where the coffee pot had been plugged in, and it wouldn’t work—even though the coffee pot had worked fine in that same plug. His first thought was that we had somehow broken the machine in the journey. I laughingly told him it was the ghosts playing with him and to try it again. This time it worked fine.

Clearing Throat/Growl

On our second day there, we went out on the town and came back to the room to rest before going out for the evening. I decided to lie on the bed and rest my eyes and feet. My husband opted for a nice soak in the large bathtub. As my husband sat in the tub, he left the door to the bathroom open, and I was on the other side of the wall from him, with only enough room for one of the nightstands. Suddenly, and very clearly, I heard a male voice clear his throat, almost like a growl. I opened my eyes, fully expecting to see my husband standing directly over me. However, he was still in the tub. I asked him if he had just cleared his throat. He said he hadn't. I asked him if he had made any noises at all. He hadn't. He also hadn't heard what I heard. This is 4 pm in the afternoon, and I was not asleep when it happened. I simply had my eyes closed. There had been no sounds coming from the room next to us during the entire stay, so I don’t believe it was from another room. It also was not a muffled sound at all. It sounded like it was directly next to me. I still have no idea what it was that I heard.

Suddenly, and very clearly, I heard a male voice clear his throat, almost like a growl. I opened my eyes, fully expecting to see my husband standing directly over me. However, he was still in the tub. I asked him if he had just cleared his throat. He said he hadn't. I asked him if he had made any noises at all. He hadn't. He also hadn't heard what I heard.

Thermostat and Light

We had agreed to leave a specific light on each night, because it lit up the entry to the room, while at the same time it put a small amount of light directly over the bed. When I went to bed on the second night, that light was on. I went to bed before my husband did.

I also woke before he did and noticed that the room seemed particularly hot. I went to check the thermostat, which was by the swing bar lock on the front door. I noticed the light was off and had to turn it on to read the thermostat. The reading on the thermostat showed it was 70.5° in the room. That couldn't be possible. I get cold at 75 degrees. I also noticed that the vent wasn't rattling, which it had been any time the air conditioner or heat was on. That’s when I realized the unit was off. As I turned it on, the vent began to rattle and it showed 72° on the thermostat. When I cut it off again, it showed nothing on the display and the vent was again quiet.

My husband woke up. I asked him if he had left the light on like we had been and asked him what he had set the thermostat on. He said the light was on when he went to bed, and the air was set to 72° and was running when he went to bed. I have no explanation for how the air conditioning unit and light were both off when he is positive he left them both on before coming to bed. There is no way anyone could have entered the room, because we had the swing bar door lock on.

Contact Lens: Day Two

On the second morning of our stay, my husband again unplugged the coffee pot and plugged in the machine to clean his contact lenses. The machine came on fine this time. We went about packing and getting ready to leave.

The machine ordinarily runs for eight minutes and cuts off. This time the machine had continued to run, and the liquid in the machine was boiling hot. He had to let it sit before determining if it had ruined his lenses and for them to be cool enough to put them in his eyes. The machine had never done this, nor has it done again since then.

Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan | Source

The Statement

The hotel staff had slid the statement/bill under the door for easy checkout. I picked it up and folded it in thirds to carry it down to check out. I decided to stop by the restroom before leaving, since we had a long drive ahead of us. I placed the bill, my two room keys, and my credit card in my lips rather than set them down. When I removed them I found that my upper lip had stuck to the paper and I painfully peeled it away, causing my lip to bleed.

Obviously, my lips must have been moist enough to stick to the paper and quickly dried to the paper, but in light of everything that happened on our stay, it did seem odd. I have put paper in my lips before and never had it stick and make my lips bleed.

Your Visit

Be sure to visit the Emily Morgan Hotel on your next visit to San Antonio, Texas. Tell them KCC Big Country sent you. Then, be sure to come back here and let me know how your experience was.

I have included a couple of videos here that I found on YouTube that happened to show some great footage of the hotel and the 14th floor. This is not from my visit.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      It's November Friday the 13th and some friends and I will be going specifically to ghost and video, shack hack, and emf involved! Can't wait!

    • Mr Savage profile image


      5 years ago from Mexico

      Wow, Im always skeptical of this sort of topic, but some hotels do close "that particular" hunted room, where something stage happens or someone was murdered and it was made public.

      But nice story tho.

    • LoneStarRobin profile image


      7 years ago from San Angelo, Texas

      I really enjoyed your blog! I stayed at the Crockett a couple of years ago and was in an empty dining room next to the lobby. There was a cart with pitchers of water so you could get a drink. I was pouring a glass of water and thought my bf had walked up behind me. I jumped and turned over my left shoulder, was a blurry image of a woman, then she just walked away. I thought I was nuts, felt a chill. I found my bf in the lobby at the front desk & asked if he had been in there, he said no. I asked the staff if there were any stories of a woman haunting here and they said yes. Well, we went right out and did a ghost tour of the city!! Very fun if you've never done that kind of thing. I am going to stay at the Emily Morgan over Christmas and have requested the 14th floor. I'm very excited! However, I will be alone so a little nervous too!! I will take my Bible & cross with me!!

    • Ladydauvis profile image


      7 years ago from San Antonio, TX

      Nice descriptions. I have toured the Emi;ly Morgan but never stayed the night. It is a beautiful hotel and the 14th floor is creepy. You should tour the majestic

    • subscribing profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice hub!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My orchestra stayed there for an trip last week, and I was put on the 7th floor, which was once the psychiatric ward of the hospital and said to be the most active. We weren't very concerned

      about ghosts and joked about it, but when we set all of our phones none of the alarms went off. Also, I was in the shower and my friends were on the floor watching tv when all of a sudden the power completely shut down at the same time the fire alarm went off. I ran out of the shower immediately to see if it was my friends, but they were still on the floor and just as scared as I was. It lasted for about a minute, then everything started to work again and when we asked the hotel and surrounding rooms about it, they said they had heard nothing. Later, the elevator doors took us to the 14th floor when no one had even pressed the button, and the floor was closed at that period of time. This wasn't our imagination, it all happened. I definitely won't stay there again, but feel free to if you like creepy experiences!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Our daughter and three friends just stayed at the Emily Morgan last night. They were on the 5th floor. Both my wife and myself were awoken by a text message at 530am from our daughter to please come pick her and her friends up. What she described as happing goes like this. All the girls were sleeping except one, she was in the in between state of sleep and being awake, when the swinging doors to the closet suddenly slammed shut and the lamp on a table fell to the floor. At once all the girls were wide awake and crying. At this time my daughter asked us to come pick them up. These are 4 14 year old honor student girls with good heads on their shoulders scared out of their minds enough to want to be picked up from a night of independence. Please understand we live here in San Antonio and were 5 min away so it was as if the girls were having a sleep over at one another's house. My point is, there is truth to Ghost and the stories surrounding the Emily Morgan. enjoy your stay!

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 

      8 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      Very interesting! I won't say I don't believe, but have never encountered anything unusual like these events. My sister-in-law has and I am going to send her this link! Voted up, interesting and sharing! Have a wonderful day! :)

    • Lenzy profile image


      8 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      The hub was interesting. I enjoyed the personalization of the way in which it was presented. Thanks. Lenzy

    • Devour profile image


      8 years ago

      As for me, emily morgan is a good place to stay. I was there a few years ago and really liked it.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I too stayed at the emily morgan, and experienced doors opening and closing out of nowhere and a curtain rod falling off the window.

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 

      8 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Not that I'm a wuss when it comes to hauntings and elevators going everywhere but where you want them to go, but if I'm ever in San Antonio the most I want to see of the Emily Morgan is the lobby, thank you very much. I'm sure the goosebumps from reading about your stay on the 13th floor will go down eventually. Glad your husband's contacts weren't ruined, but it's my experience spirit pranksters are quite adept at controlling earthly electronics, so I'm not surprised they weren't ruined.

      Great hub. Voted up and awesome! ;D

    • Theocharis V profile image

      Theocharis V 

      8 years ago from Piraeus, Greece


    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Thanks for giving us this look at the Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio. The video was really nice. You certainly experienced some unusual circumstances while staying there!

    • KCC Big Country profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Central Texas

      When we inquired about 1408, we were simply told they had created a small suite on that floor. They made it seem like an oridinary thing.

    • Miss Belgravia profile image


      8 years ago from Fort Worth, Texas

      Loved all the details about the hotel, especially the video. But what did you find out about Room 1408?


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