Karmic Partners and Cosmic Souls

Updated on August 10, 2017
Jean Bakula profile image

Jean teaches astrology and metaphysical topics. She is an avid reader, published author, and lifetime member of the NJ Metaphysical Center.

What is Karma?

Most people are familiar with the concept of karma, or the law of cause and effect that people all experience during the courses of their lives. This rests on a belief of reincarnation, that each person lives many lifetimes,in the pursuit of reaching perfection, to return to their original state of purity.

Goodness, bravery, or acts of kindness result in good karma, and acts of selfishness or causing others to suffer results in bad karma. This is comforting to some, because it explains why bad things happen to good people. Or perhaps somebody has done something terrible that others know nothing about, and their bad luck or bad karma, is the “payment” for their deeds. On the other hand, sometimes good things seem to happen to people who are not very nice. But perhaps these people have quietly committed great acts of kindness or charity, and are being rewarded for them with good karma.

Butterflies Represent Souls of Loved Ones


Three Categories of Karma

There are actually three categories of karma, as explained by Ruth Aharoni in her book Karmic Astrology. The first is Sanchita karma. This is the total of all the karma our souls have accumulated over all of our incarnations. Only some karma can be activated in each incarnation in a person’s soul life, because the experience of dealing with too much karma in one lifetime would be very overwhelming.

Prarabdha karma is the fate or karma that must be dealt with in your current lifetime. If at least a portion of our karma can be balanced out in each lifetime, this leaves other lifetimes to work on the more difficult or accumulated issues.

Kriyamana is the karma we create in our current lifetime, whether for good or ill. Think of it as karma going into an “account,” or Sanchita. The purpose or objective here is to try to create as much good karma as possible, and to endeavor to avoid bad karma.

Dr. Wayne Dyer on Soulmates Part 1--Your Soulmate is Someone You Can't Stand!

Why Did We Separate from the Universal Soul?

The Kabbalah states that the reason the individual soul departs from the Universal Soul is because of its strong will. It wants to have achievements on its own merit. The Zohar helps to explain why it is necessary for people to make the spiritual trip back to perfection, which is done through reincarnation.

The Zohar begins with the premise that before there was anything in the Universe, positive energy or light existed. Positive energy is not love or affection, so that terminology cannot be used. But sharing is an element of positive energy, it wants to give of itself, and there was no Vessel to receive the energy the light wanted to give. So, according to The Zohar, a Vessel was created, and this embodied a new energy, that of receiving. But there was a duality in the Vessel’s nature. Even though it was created to receive, it contained an X-factor of sharing, sort of like a buried biological gene. As the Vessel received the light, its dual nature began to grow, and the Vessel wanted to be able to express this. It wanted to give as well as get. It wanted to be like the light, and to unite with it. The Vessel was ashamed by the one-sided nature of this “relationship.” But the light’s purpose was only to spread abundance, and did not expect anything in return.

Soul Mates Reunite


Physical and Metaphysical Realities Crossed

So the Vessel pushed back against the light, and the light perceived this action as the Vessel’s desire for separation, so it withdrew. Now the duality of the Vessel had expressed itself. But the Vessel really wanted the light to return in a very primal way. It was not prepared for the sudden return of the light in full force though. When the light reconnected with the Vessel (the central event in The Kabbalah) the Vessel shattered. It is this writer's belief, that at that instant, the line between physical and metaphysical realities was crossed, for once and for all. The shattering of the Vessel is the same thing as the Big Bang of physics. As all matter in the physical world is a legacy of the Big Bang, all Spirituality is a legacy of the shattering of the Vessel. This began the cycle of humans spending many incarnations trying to become whole, Spiritual beings again. The Tree of Life has its roots in Heaven (or in a state of perfection), and each branch on the tree is a quality or learning experience the soul must master before it may move on to the next incarnation.

Soul mates and Matched Souls

So we all want to find our dharma, or correct direction in life. But this is not easy. It is said that people mostly travel through incarnations in Soul Groups, and have known each other for many lifetimes, playing different roles with each other. They decide in between these incarnations what each soul needs to experience in the next go around, and sometimes it is something too hard for one of the souls to handle, so they wait until another incarnation. But there are no accidents, all the people in your life are there for a reason, and you have known them before.

Some partners or lovers who have developed emotional relationships or just have an affinity for each other are called kindred souls or Soul mates. We feel an instant connection and closeness to a Soul mate as soon as we meet. We have an easy time talking and understanding each other. This is because we already have been together before in another incarnation.

Matched Souls are well suited for a pleasant friendship or would make good brothers or sisters. They have common interests, can be together or live together in harmony, and often have strong family ties from another incarnation. These can be your friends from school, your room mates in college, neighbors, or people who belong to the same organizations that you care about.

Dr. Dyer Part 2 on Soulmates

Twin Souls and Completing Souls

A Twin Soul is someone whose similarity to us is so compelling that we sense the person is our twin right away. This person can be of the same or opposite sex, or a family member with which there is a strong bond and closeness. The relationship may not always be easy, but there is a mutual emotional attraction, and the two of you have a high level of understanding with each other. Even if you disagree, it will be easy to come to some kind of mutual agreement without too much trouble. You will find you do not really need words to communicate; it can be done by telepathy. A Twin Soul relationship does not need to be a lifelong one, but the person can come into our lives at an important time to experience something really special with us.

Completing Souls are the ones that make you feel like you have been struck by lightning and can’t breathe, the minute you set eyes on them. They are the ones that make your hair stand on end, and make your nerve ends tingle. Each of us has only one of these. Contact with that person leaves a very special energy field which only exists around Completing Souls. Their Souls are in complete synchronicity, and those who can see auras say that the auras of these two people unite to form one energy ball.

We may not meet our ideal mate in every incarnation, and sometimes we will still argue with them and have issues getting along. But no doubt about it, you will know this is THE ONE. The reason you may not incarnate together every life time is because you both still have other issues or lessons you have to work out with others that you knew in different lifetimes. So even if the relationship is not harmonious and strewn with roses all the time because you share past karma, in the end the undercurrent of love you have for each other will triumph.

Our Cosmic Partner

The Completing Soul is our Cosmic Partner. This is a very special level of karmic relationship, which you will realize right away. Now, every Karmic partner is NOT a Cosmic Partner, but every Cosmic Partner is a Karmic one. You are two halves of one soul that divided during the Big Bang (remember the story about the Light and the Vessel)? And each of you had to go your own way. After many incarnations each half of the Cosmic Partnership must achieve its restored state, so all your karmic debts in all karmic incarnations are balanced.

The separating of genders gives every entity an opportunity to take all the tests of life on Earth. The soul longs for its other half in order to achieve its completed state, and you will do it, as soon as your karmic debts are all balanced.

As you think about it more, we all have somebody who we met at one time and felt thunderstruck. Everyone I know has had what sounds like a Cosmic Partner. It may have been the love of your life, but for some reasons you were in circumstances that did not allow you to be together for too long in this lifetime. You both had other obligations, or some other insurmountable problems. But you both felt that strong pull, you KNEW, and you will be together again. You both know that too, without speaking of it.

What Soul Mates Do


Finding Karmic Partners in Everyday Situations

Not all recognition of karmic partners is that intense, but just a familiar feeling, perhaps a person you just met at work. I had a childhood friend who passed on several years ago, and I know she was my sister in another life, we were so close from the time we were about 9 years old.

I was waiting in my chiropractor’s office a few years ago, and got in a long conversation with a man who was also waiting. We had so much in common, we spoke as if we had been good friends for years. A friend of mine is the receptionist, and when she walked me to the doctor’s room, she said, “How do you know him?” I said I didn’t, I just met him while waiting, and we struck up a conversation. She was shocked! But we must have been something in a different time, maybe next door neighbors, club members, something like that.

Do you ever see someone who looks like your Cosmic Partner, while you are out shopping, or in a crowded room? Your heart starts to pound, and it feels very strange. Then you lose sight of the person quickly, and desperately try to look around to find them. You may look different in other incarnations, but will retain certain basic features, and personality characteristics. Both of you are in different situations now, but you will have your times together again. You can bet on it!

Questions & Answers


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      • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

        Jean Bakula 

        3 months ago from New Jersey

        Do you think you met your karmic partner?

      • profile image

        david miller65@outlook.com 

        3 months ago

        i find the stories very good

      • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

        Jean Bakula 

        4 months ago from New Jersey

        Hi Kari,

        Thanks for reading and for your opinion. I forget what I was talking about with my adult son, but he told me that when his Dad had the "sex" talk with him years ago, he discussed finding your soulmate. I was so touched by that! Take care.

      • k@ri profile image

        Kari Poulsen 

        4 months ago from Ohio

        I thoroughly enjoyed this. I also believe that we separated during the "big bang". :)

      • profile image


        7 months ago


        You can usually feel it.

      • profile image

        deepak yadav 

        8 months ago

        Let's see

      • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

        Jean Bakula 

        13 months ago from New Jersey

        Thanks for stopping by to read my work. And for your kind words.. She was my friend since we were 8 and we were like sisters, I still miss her. Take care,

      • aerospacefan profile image

        John M 

        13 months ago from Chicago

        What an interesting article. I was unaware of the material on soulmates until reading what you have shared here. Sorry to hear about the friend of yours that passed away several years ago.

      • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

        Jean Bakula 

        16 months ago from New Jersey

        Maybe he was in another life, or will be again. That's the kind of attraction a person would feel towards a karmic partner or soul. I have felt that way twice, but was single. There were a lot of problems with the first, I married the 2nd and we were together for 39 years, until he died. It's been 3 years and I haven't been dating, I still can't. You never know what will happen. You may meet this person later on in a role that isn't romantic.

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        I ALWAYS get someone who thinks they have met me before...familiar face I am not sure. However, I have been in a marriage for 14 years and over the past year I believe that I have met that person that is the completing soul to my own...he is 28 and I am 48. I felt like I was struck by lightening at first glance and I have always had that gravitational pull that is completely intoxicating it is hard to place in words. I have always considered myself a very spiritual person that is very much in tune with my own intuitions which scares me at times. I feel this person who is my completing soul were meant to be in each other's lives but it feels like we are in two different life times. It is crushing and painful to know that person is meant for you but to have insurmountable circumstances against us. I believe he should be the love of my life.

      • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

        Jean Bakula 

        2 years ago from New Jersey

        Hello threekeys,

        Thanks for taking the time to read my hub and comment. Take care.

      • threekeys profile image


        2 years ago from Australia

        Really enjoyed this hub Jean.

        Yes, a handful of unusual personal experiences I have had with people, tells me there has got to be something to past lives and soul kin groups. And yes, I too, believe, even if you had an intense deep connection with a person whom you just met, it doesn't mean you are meant to be together in this lifetime. What was-was, and just needs to stay there.

      • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

        Jean Bakula 

        2 years ago from New Jersey

        Hello Lacey,

        Yes, it seems you have found both your soulmate and soul group too! I went to HS with my late husband, but didn't get to know him until a year after we graduated. But we hit it off right away, and knew the relationship was serious right from the start. It's always great to hear a happy love story.

      • Lacey Taplin profile image

        Lacey Taplin 

        2 years ago from Highlands Ranch, CO

        This was fascinating to read. Thank you for sharing. My husband and I have been together for 15 years (married only 4 of those years); we started dating right after graduating high school. Despite how young we were when we got together, we knew it was right and we'd end up getting married. He is absolutely my best friend and the first person I want to talk to when something big happens or something funny happens or really anything happens. We definitely knew early on that it was "meant to be."

        I also have a small group of friends from high school that I am still very close with. We consider ourselves a family. Last year we lost one of our members tragically, and it not only brought us all closer together, we bonded with others who knew our brother (he was incredibly magnetic and made friends everywhere he went). I realized through this experience how important these people are to me, and how wonderful life is with them in it as well as how devastating it is when one member is no longer physically with us.

      • DawnMSamora profile image

        DawnM Samora 

        2 years ago from Akron, Ohio

        Jean, Thanks so much for the nice response. I love the story about your friend at the Dr's office. I am excited that she is my Karmic partner. :) Thank you a lot!! Have a great weekend, Dawn

      • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

        Jean Bakula 

        2 years ago from New Jersey

        Hi Dawn,

        People always think they know me from somewhere too, and that I'm easy to talk to, but I'm not sure it has anything to do with karma. You are open minded and not judgmental, like me, or you wouldn't have read this. If you get to know them, even if you work with someone who really gets under your skin, you probably had a relationship with them in another life.

        The woman who feels like your sister though, is a definite karmic partner. And when you fight, it's probably in a way that you make each other grow. Most of those in our lives now have been in those soul groups with us for many incarnations. It sounds weird, but I always thought I was my husband's Dad in another life. I have a friend where I read tarot who has a "sister" like you, they met at a Drs. office one day, and have been inseparable ever since. Edgar Cayce wrote a lot about reincarnation, so did Rudolph Steiner. Most people think it's all about romantic love and sometimes it is, but more often it's not. Thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed the hub! Take care.

      • DawnMSamora profile image

        DawnM Samora 

        2 years ago from Akron, Ohio

        Another awesome hub Jean. This was so interesting. I believe I met my cosmic partner just recently. When I met her, I couldn't believe how much alike we were or are. She had the same kind of background where she was raised by her dad and grandma. People would ask if we were sisters. We got into an argument and I haven't spoken to her in a couple of weeks. I miss her like crazy. I remember thinking I have never met anyone "just like me".

        I am not sure if you can explain this or not, but wherever I go, people always say I look familiar and ask if I know them etc. and most people find it easy to talk to me even if they are strangers. Does this have anything to do with Cosmic partners, or do you know what this means? Thanks so much for writing this great hub! Dawn

      • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

        Jean Bakula 

        2 years ago from New Jersey

        Yes, kids seem to have a lot more knowledge going on in their heads than we think!

      • ThatMommyBlogger profile image


        2 years ago from The Midwest

        Very interesting! Thank you for sharing your story. I agree that children seem to have psychic skills that many adults lack. I still remember when I took my daughter to a routine doctor's appointment (she was very young at the time), and she said, "Guess what! I'm going to be a big sister!" I insisted that I wasn't pregnant, but my doctor went ahead and checked. Turns out I was.

      • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

        Jean Bakula 

        2 years ago from New Jersey

        Hello ThatMommyBlogger,

        Children are very psychic until they reach about age 7, and that's when they start to forget prior lives. My son teaches young children at a karate academy, and had one little guy who said, "I used to be a Ninja, but now I'm little and I have to start all over again!" It could be dismissed as an overactive imagination, but little kids often see auras too, or sense when adults are bad, they have great intuition.

        Some of us feel an affinity to a certain time in history. My son was fascinated with the American Civil War when he was about 10 or so. As he got older, he got varicose veins that were big for his age, and has a big dip, or almost hole in his one leg. As an adult he's very psychic, he can read people like a book. He believes he was shot in that leg in the Civil War and probably lost it. Although we live in NJ, his sympathies were always with the South. I feel an affinity to Egypt, and Ireland. I want to go to the UK someday, when I read about Beltane and the pagan rituals, I get chills down my spine. Thank you for reading and commenting. Take care.

      • ThatMommyBlogger profile image


        2 years ago from The Midwest

        Beautiful article. I've never heard of most of these things. I have a 4-year-old son who constantly tells me stories about things he supposedly did when he "used to be bigger".


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