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How to Get Rid of Spirits in Your House

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Layne is interested in energy work and exploring the often unexplainable.

How to Get Rid of Spirits and Ghosts

How to Get Rid of Spirits and Ghosts

How to Get Rid of Ghosts and Spirits

I grew up in a haunted house and also resided in a haunted apartment for several years. Now that I look back at my experiences as an adult, I can make sense of them. Throughout the years, I learned various methods in energy healing and energy clearing and adopted some practices that have helped me tremendously in clearing of spaces for people.

First, Is It a Ghost or Demonic Entity?

Before we begin, it is important that you are in touch with your religious beliefs and any pieces of your heritage and family history that will help serve you in getting rid of a ghost or spirit in your house. When we say “get rid of”, we mean this kindly in most cases.

Most spirits are simply trapped, haven’t moved on, and are either coming to us for help, coming to us in a residual manner (they merely occupy space and are not really conscious of their haunting), or coming to us to visit benevolently (think of passed family members). If you are certain that the spirit or ghost that is haunting you isn’t bad but just needs help crossing over, it is absolutely ok for you to proceed with the advice that I offer below.

When Is It Dangerous for You to Work With the Supernatural?

If you are dealing with a demonic entity (which we will discuss below), proceed with caution. Some individuals can “deal with” a demonic entity and find ways to protect themselves while in their home from harm, but in nearly every case, demonic entities should be left to professionals.

Some demonic entities are attached to places, spaces, people, objects, or are triggered be religious icons and objects, things simply moved in the house, boxes and doors being opened, conjurings and ritual . . . more on this later. Do not attempt to banish a demon alone.

Scan the house for forgotten or haunted belongings.

Scan the house for forgotten or haunted belongings.

How to Get Rid of a Benevolent Ghost

Here are the steps that you can take on your own to release the spirit or ghost that is trapped in your house and haunting you.

1. Scan the House for Forgotten Belongings

Oftentimes, ghosts and spirits get trapped in a house because of belongings or objects or portals left behind. Sometimes, all it takes is finding a box in the attic that the person is attached to, removing the door that came with the old house, or moving furniture around to disrupt the space, kindly. Any time you can confirm that a spirit is attached to a place or object, you will want to identify it and proceed to remove it with compassion.

2. Prepare Yourself Physically

Any time I perform cleansing work, I often wear my favorite objects. I like to carry certain stones in my pockets that block psychic frequency and also wear certain pendants that connect to my heart chakra.

If you are religious, you can wear a religious object (like a cross). Some people choose to cover their third eye with a scarf of bandanda, this is acceptable too. Make sure you feel good. Some people may tap in and meditate before proceeding or ground themselves in nature.

Gather your spiritual tools.

Gather your spiritual tools.

3. Gather Your Cleansing Tools

I personally like to use sage (followed by mugwort) and burn it (light it with a white candle) over my abalone shell in addition to using salt and prayer water. It’s important that you believe in the tools that you’ve acquired. I will use sustainably or locally harvested sage (if you know the person who harvested it, this is best). People use palo santo and mugwort and cedar.

Species of sage are native to Southern Europe, North Africa, and Near East as well as North America. Sage has been used in traditional ritual for centuries. Salt is an excellent protective tool and prayer water offers a light feeling to the air (some may choose to use holy water). The abalone shell that I use I was able to acquire from the person who went diving for it.

Connect With Your Tools

The more connected you are to your tools the better. I had acquired my tools for years, not knowing what to do with them. I finally brought them to a private session with a curandera healer and placed them before her. She lit my una de gato and said “Mmmmm, that’s good medicine,” upon smelling it. She then looked at the macaw feather I collected from a bird that I cared for, put it together with my abalone shell and said, “These are your tools.” In that moment, I finally understood their use.

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The more connected you are to your tools, the more effective they will be. These are your tools to work it.

Open the windows and doors.

Open the windows and doors.

4. Begin Cleansing

Before I begin cleansing, I generally cleanse myself head to toe. I will also open up as many windows as possible (sometimes I leave everything closed and then open them if I perform a second house cleanse) and even open up all doors in the home before a house cleanse.

Guide the Ghost From Room to Room

The breeze and draft give the spirit or ghost a way to exit. I also like to perform cleanings during the day. Start in one area of the house (usually a region that is less active with spiritual activity). You will want to “drive” the spirit room to room and out.

How to Clean Your Space

5. Have a Conversation With the Entity

Always speak in light and love and benevolently. I will walk through the house, light my sage and hold it over my abalone (a bowl works too), and start in the first room. Walking wall to wall, corner to corner, and cleanse the room. You can speak to the spirit out-loud or whisper. Speak to them like they are a friend and speak lovingly. I often liked to finish my statements with “love and light.”

How to Talk With a Spirit

Here’s an example of what I might say but you can make it your own:

“Hello. I know you are here and I care for you. I am connecting with you because I want to help you be free. You are okay to move on. Thank you for taking care of this home. You are free now and I welcome you to move towards the light. This space is filled with love and you are love and I am love. I ask that you move on and enter your new place peacefully. Thank you for your time here and now it is time to go. Let me help you, in love and light.”

Sometimes, I will walk around cleansing the space and just say “love and light.” You essentially want to herd the spirit out of each room, so work room by room. Open closets, bathrooms, everything . . . cover all space. You should be driving the spirit into the most active part of the house last.

Here, you will have the above-mentioned conversation or you can pray or meditate or send out loving kindness. Really envision driving the spirit out the windows or out the front door of your home. Seal off each window with a pattern of a square. Do this to the door, too. Once I perform the cleanse, I like to extinguish the lit sage in the soil outside my door or window.

Cleansing Options

  • Using Salt: You can also go around and sprinkle salt in all corners of your room, your home, your bed post . . . it will create a “barrier” around that space of protection.
  • Using Prayer Water: You can go through the house and douse it in prayer water as you see fit.

6. Relinquish Found Objects

It’s important that if you find remnants of the spirit or ghost before you that you relinquish their object either by donation, kind destruction, or cast-away—small, natural objects may be returned to the ocean, etc. It needs to be out of the house.

Get rid of found objects–antiques and things you picked up.

Get rid of found objects–antiques and things you picked up.

Banishing Demons and Malevolent Spirits in Your House

I’ve used the above methods for keeping malevolent spirits away as well, but just know that when working with these, it can feel scary and you really need to be aware of your energy and hold strong energy as not to get affected or possessed.

Demons Are Dangerous

Demons are dangerous to work with because they can become more aggressive, physical, and can harm others or get attached to others. They can make you physically sick, ruin you financially, haunt your family, follow you, harm your children, harm your pets, etc.

How Do You Know If There Is a Demon in Your Home?

If you suspect there is a demon in your home, you might experience:

  • Voices: often imitating people you know to trick you into believing its a friend or family member
  • Apparitions: dark shadows, shadows hovering by or over you when you sleep, reflections in mirrors, apparitions of family members or deceased loved ones
  • Moving objects: demons will move objects in your home and like to knock over religious icons or important things
  • Growling: growling is a common indication of a demon
  • Nightmares and night terrors: demons often will wake you up poking you, scratching you, pulling you up a wall, moving your sheets, shaking your bed, appearing in your dreams
  • Unexplained sounds: unexplained sounds are often linked to demons—crying, laughing, voices, footsteps, bangs, etc.
  • Illness and sickness: most people who are suffering demonic attack will experience physical disease and illness that can go undiagnosed for a long time
  • Hardship: demons can cause hardship (death, financial ruin)
  • Mental health issues: demons can cause generally happy individuals to experience mood swings, rage, depression, and similar
  • Possession: in the worst of cases, people can become possessed

I highly recommend that you work with a professional to get rid of a demonic entity or move away ASAP. I’ve deal twith demonic entities and they are no joke. They can ruin your life and may even follow you (yes, I’ve been followed!) and they will physically and mentally attack you and your loved ones. In the mean time, you CAN find ways to protect yourself, mentioned below.

You can take a cleansing bath.

You can take a cleansing bath.

How to Protect Yourself From Spirits, Ghosts, and Demons

There are a lot of great ways you can tap into your intuition to protect yourself in your home. If you are spiritual or your culture has well-defined methods for home protection, go with those or hybridize them with some other methods. As an added note, never use a Ouija board or partake the Craft without knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it. These actions have been known to get people in trouble.

Here are some of the things I like:

  • White candles: white candles bring light energy; adjust according to your belief
  • Salt: salt can form a protective shield around your bed or in a room; sprinkle a pinch and form a grid
  • Plants: living things in your home (yes plants!) bring life and disrupt evil energy
  • Pets: If you have a dog or cat, great, letting your dog or cat sleep in your room or on your bed can help protect you at night. Animals help interrupt evil energy in the home.
  • Hang dried herbs: I like hanging dried herbs above my door and putting them in my house. Rosemary is great for this as is lavender.
  • Renovation: Renovating can really help release trapped energy in a home; even getting rid of old furniture can help detach demons from attachment to place.
  • Spiritual tokens: Doesn’t matter what your religion—keep special objects around the house. Do know, however, that some demons are aggravated by religious iconography. This is why I like to use items that are neutral and not attached to a specific religion.
  • Ancestors and angels: You can call on your ancestors, angels, and family that have passed to protect you, but do know if something is especially evil, you will be burdening your resting family members. Consider working with a professional before proceeding.
  • Oils and baths: I love to take baths with rose water, flower petals, and other protective essential oils. You can cleanse your body, quite literally.
  • Power: Yes, you can make yourself powerful. You really need to get in touch with your ability to protect your energy. Many people like to envision a caccoon of white light around them—this helps them to establish a boundary.
  • Music: Music, depending on what kind, especially if high-frequency and high-energy, can interrupt demonic activities.
  • Clothes: cover your throat and third eye for protection (scarfs and bandanas)
  • Garlic: garlic cloves help to ward off spirits

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out below.

Use white candles if it culturally aligns with you.

Use white candles if it culturally aligns with you.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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