How to Get Rid of Evil Spirits and Demons

Updated on September 8, 2018
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Kitty has had paranormal experiences her entire life. These experiences have fueled her passion to write about all things supernatural.

Learn methods to eliminate evil demons from your life.
Learn methods to eliminate evil demons from your life. | Source

Spirits are very real. If you are having problems with evil spirits in your home or life, here's a few suggestions on how to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Evil Spirits and Demons

  1. Learn how to recognize if you are possessed.
  2. Make lifestyle changes that keep you safer.
  3. Fully cleanse your spirit.
  4. If all else fails, call a priest!

1. Learn How to Recognize Demonic Possession

There are thousands of people all over the world who experience demonic hauntings and attachments. Demons are very real and come in many forms. They typically haunt or attach themselves to places where there's been a lot of painful memories.

Who Receives Demons and Why?

Demons typically haunt or attach themselves to places where there's been a lot of grief, trauma, or built-up energy. They also attach themselves to people who are at a lower state of being, such as those who are drug addicts.

How to Recognize Demonic Activity

Some signs of demonic activity include (but aren't limited to): strange sights, sounds, smells, and feelings. These are similar to hauntings, but amplified. They are more intense and can escalate quickly when the demon is attaching itself to a person. The person may acquire bruises and cuts, bitemarks, etc. out of nowhere or inexplicably. They may also change the way they act or function on a daily basis.

All of these signs should be noted, and if you feel as though your house or someone in your house has attracted an evil spirit(s), there are ways of getting rid of them. But be warned, sometimes when these methods are employed the activity may increase or become more intense before it gets better or subsides altogether.

WARNING: If you choose to cleanse your own home, be aware the paranormal activity may increase or worsen before it gets better!

— Nicole Canfield

2. Lifestyle Changes: Stop Risky Behaviors to Ward off Demons!

First of all, before we can even talk about how to rid a place of evil spirits, we have to talk about what attracted them in the first place. If a person is doing things that are attracting evil spirits, these actions must be pinpointed and stopped in entirety.

For example, if you believe your home is haunted by evil spirits and someone in your house is messing around with the occult without knowing what they're doing, this could be the reason why your house is being haunted. This person might be playing with a Ouija Board (more often than not this is the first occult thing that attracts demons) and so the Ouija Board must be removed from the house and the person should not use Ouija Boards any longer. This can also happen when someone is messing around with magick without using protective circles and barriers, etc. Magick and the occult are not to be "played" with... they aren't games and they can attract the wrong kinds of spirits if the person doesn't know what they are doing.

Another risky behavior is drug abuse of almost any kind. This includes opiates (pain pill) abuse, as well as alcohol abuse. If there is a person in your house using alcohol or drugs to the point where they are addicted and "can't live" without the drug, this can be a major attractor for demons and evil spirits. These spirits see this individual as an open source for energy—they can easily feed off this person because they are at a lower state of being and can't fend off evil spirits spiritually. When your soul is vibrating at a lower level, it tends to attract lower level spirits who also vibrate at that level.

Lifestyle changes are number one when getting rid of demons or evil spirits in your home or attached to an individual. Stop the risky behaviors, stop the destructive habits, and you begin to vibrate higher and there's less reason for an evil spirit to stick around.

Evil spirits linger in abandoned places, but often make their way into places where people live too.
Evil spirits linger in abandoned places, but often make their way into places where people live too. | Source

Best and Worst Demons to Get Possessed By

The term “scapegoat” refers to the idea that all of a community’s sins could be symbolically transferred to a goat, and the goat could be sent off into the wilderness. Azazel was what the goat was being sent off to meet.
He does everything he can to destroy and degrade the practice of keeping the Sabbath holy.
Ben Tamalion
Ben Tamalion has you say the name of the person who can drive him out, leaves your body faster than a case of pink eye, and his only lingering after-effect is a marked decrease of antisemitism.
He’s described in Honorius-the-Professional-Demon-Ejector’s book with one sentence: “Surgat is he who opens all locks.” He is confident beyond all human means.
Andras gets in your head and gives you advice on how to kill people.
He or she will only teach you the foulest and most offensive words. Remember, foul words include racial and ethnic slurs. So you’ll be both educated and vile.
Asmodeus is the demon of carnal desire, so, even if the possession gets bad, you’ll have some great stories to tell afterwards.
a teacher, and reportedly instructs the person he inhabits about rhetoric and the art of insinuating themselves into other people’s good graces. He’s also the “taker of old souls.”
When demons get sick of hearing from the condemned men in hell that the only reason they’re in hell is because their wives sent them there, Belphegor goes topside to prove that there is such thing as happiness in marriage and that the damned men were just weak and sinful. He fails, and has to wander the earth, trying to find a happy marriage. His sacrificial offering is excrement.
Beelzebub drives you to confess or speak openly of things that would get you killed.
Smudging is a MUST when trying to remove negative entities.
Smudging is a MUST when trying to remove negative entities. | Source

3. A Full Spiritual Cleansing Removes Bad Spirits

The next essential step in this process is to cleanse one's home thoroughly. First, clean your house top to bottom. This means vacuuming, dusting, cleaning behind furniture you've ignored for months, de-cluttering your closets and cabinets, cleaning your bathrooms and kitchens, etc. After you've physically cleaned your house and space, you can then move on to spiritually cleansing it.

There are various ways of cleansing one's home and space, but the most effective way of removing negative entities and energies is to smudge with a white sage bundle. This is an ancient Native American practice—by using smoke from the sage to fill a space the smoke clears away negative energies and entities. You can learn how to correctly perform a smudging by simply googling the directions. There are wonderful step-by-step articles and YouTube videos on the subject. If you don't have white sage, there are other herbs you can use; however, most have found that white sage is the most effective when dealing with evil spirits. When doing your smudging, don't forget to get the corners of each room, as negative energy likes to linger in corners. Get the closets, garage, basement, etc. Leave no room un-cleansed.

Note: When doing your smudging, be sure to open a few windows or doors to allow the evil spirits to escape. If you smudge and keep everything closed up, they have nowhere to go and you might anger them more than anything!

After you've cleansed your place from top to bottom, you should bless your home with oil to protect it from further demonic entry. This can be as simple as dipping your finger into a little olive oil and drawing a protective symbol on your doorways, windows, and exhaust vents. You can use whatever protective symbol you feel a connection to, for many people that is a cross. But the choice is yours! As you bless the doorways, you can say a prayer or statement. For example "I bless this house in the name of Jesus Christ. Let only positive energy enter this house." Again, the choice is yours depending on your faith or tradition.

Please keep in mind that sometimes a full house cleansing and blessing will anger an entity, particularly if this entity is a powerful one. In this case, you might need further assistance outside of yourself and your home. You might need to contact a religious official.

In addition to a spiritual cleansing and blessing of your home, make sure to let the sunlight in and get the air moving. Evil spirits prefer dark, still air... so give them the opposite!

— Nicole Canfield

Most Famous Demons From Around the World

Despite her inhuman beauty, her eyes can strike terror into mortals. Yuki-onna moves across the snow, leaving no footprints (in fact, some tales say she has no feet, a feature of many Japanese ghosts), and she can transform into a cloud of mist or snow if threatened. Yuki-onna appears to travelers trapped in snowstorms and uses her icy breath to leave them as frost-coated corpses.
The demon Flauros appears in the grimoires' "Book of Incantations," "The Discoverie of Witchcraft," "The Book of Spirits," "Pseudomonarchia Daemonum," "The Lesser Key of Solomon," and "Dictionnaire Infernal." Can see the past, present, and future and burns her victims alive.
Several cultures
A headless rider, usually on a black horse, who carries his or her own head under one arm. The Dullahan is believed to use the spine of a human corpse for a whip.
Celtic Mythology
A mythological figure in the form of flying head with entrails (heart, lung, liver, etc.) still attached. Leyak is said to fly around trying to find a pregnant woman in order to suck her baby's blood or a newborn child.
Lucifer's righthand man. He sold his soul for power. He bargains for peoples' souls.
Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure described as "half-goat, half-demon", who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved.
Cerberus, often called the "hound of Hades," is a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving.
Some scholars have seen him as a real creature, usually the hippopotamus, occasionally the elephant, rhinoceros, or water buffalo.
Egypt and Israel
"Master Leonard" is a demon or spirit in the Dictionnaire Infernal, grand-master of the nocturnal orgies of demons. He is represented as a three-horned goat. He marks his initiates with one of his horns. Infernal powers obtained from the worship of Master Leonard range from metamorphosis into monstrous animals or men to flight as an incubus.
Lucifer varies from culture to culture, but he is always trying to overthrow kingly or godly power.
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Often evil spirits will pretend to be "ghosts" or human souls who've passed on. Don't be fooled. If you feel they are evil, than they most likely are.
Often evil spirits will pretend to be "ghosts" or human souls who've passed on. Don't be fooled. If you feel they are evil, than they most likely are. | Source

4. If All Else Fails... Call a Priest!

So you've done everything that's been suggested, but you are still having negative activity in your home from an evil spirit. What can you do? Perhaps it is time to ask for help. There are many people qualified to do a house cleansing/blessing from various religions. If you are Catholic or Christian, ask your personal or local priest, pastor, reverend, etc. Explain to them your situation (in its entirety) and most of the time people will be willing to help. If they aren't willing to help, or brush you off, move on to someone else.

If you aren't Christian and don't want to ask a priest into your house, it's not a problem. You can also contact a local shaman, medium, or witch to come and cleanse and bless your home. By doing searches on the internet or social media, often you can find someone in your area who is qualified and experienced in doing spiritual removals/cleansings. Don't stop looking until you've found someone to help you. Don't give up. Things will work out. If not, move!

Famous Female Demons

Lilith is often envisioned as a dangerous demon of the night, who is sexually wanton, and who steals babies in the darkness.
Sumerian and Israeli
Lady Midday, also known as Poludnitsa
Farmers toiling in their fields were confronted with this apparition, who would ask them questions and chop their heads off if they took too long to answer.
They prey on travelers and people wandering at night, and each region has its own supernatural occupants.
A half-snake woman who eats people’s children. Some tellings also leave her with eyes perpetually open, always on the hunt for tender young flesh.
They take the female form to harvest sperm from males, and then transform into men to impregnate women with the stolen fluid.

Frequently Asked Questions About Demons

You may have repressed your demons for a variety of reasons and remained consciously unaware of them. However, these demons will present themselves. Sometimes they are psychological and sometimes they are paranormal. Demons exist within the mind and outside of it. To ward them off, you'll need to know as much about them as possible.

What Do You Call a Female Demon?

A succubus is a demon in female form, or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend), that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men through sexual activity.

What Does Demon Mean?

A demon is an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell.

Who Is the King of Demons?

Asmodeus is often called the king of demons. He is mentioned in some Talmudic legends. He was supposed by some Renaissance Christians to be the King of the Nine Hells. Asmodeus also is referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell.

What Is a Fallen Angel?

The term "fallen angel" neither appears directly in the Bible nor in Islamic scriptures. It describes angels who were cast out of heaven or angels who sinned, such as those referred to in 2 Peter 2:4: "For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness."

Where Are the Fallen Angels Mentioned?

The concept of fallen angels is mostly found in the Book of Enoch, verses 6–9; the Qumran Book of Giants; and perhaps in Genesis 6:1–4. These Watchers became "enamored" with human women, and had intercourse with them. The offspring of these unions, and the knowledge they were given, corrupted human beings and the Earth.

What Is an Incubus Spirit?

An incubus is a demon in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleeping women to engage in sexual activity with them. Its female counterpart is a succubus.

Questions & Answers

    © 2017 Nicole Canfield


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    • profile image

      june tekape 

      3 weeks ago

      evening all well my night of terror is about to begin with Matt and Belle threating to burn my house down i dont see them just hear them this is my second week of terror from these evil beings i have run out of ideas to deal with these creatures and i really could do with help what to do irang the police but i need to sight them i have had new locks put on the terror is day and night please does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this thanking you please help .june

    • profile image

      june tekape 

      3 weeks ago

      im a 71yr old live alone and have been terrorised by neighbours for two weeks i have not seen them there names are Matt and Belle they have a daughter called rose and a son who when they moved here a couple of months ago he cried constantly day and night this drew me to this family i thought they sounded lovely and i had found some nice friends then out of the blue the terror started day and night and has continued i need to know if these people are real or evil spirits if anyone has heard of these people who i believe have come from Tauranga i need help from their terrorising i just want my peaseful life back. i will check this site tomorrow please help if you can thank you june

    • Miebakagh57 profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      2 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      Hello Mpfbuh001, I agreed with you. But humans being what they are will allow evil persons lead them astray in the name of religion or paganism. Thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      Call upon the name of Jesus Christ and be saved. Dont call a priest , call upon the Son of God. His name means "God saves". Never forget these evil spirits hate and same time fear Jesus Christ. In John 10 vs 10  "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

      Turn to the Son of God. Repent of all sins and transgressions.

      God bless everyone

    • Miebakagh57 profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      7 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      Hello MizBejabbers, that is okay. But whether one wakes up from (?) or seems alert, positive thoughts are the only thing that counts.

      Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your day.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      7 months ago

      Miebakagh, I just now saw your reply to my comment. I do agree with you as far as a real demon goes. Get an exorcist or, better yet, get out if you can! The cleansing rituals I mentioned are for clearing debris like negative thought forms that are left behind. Ordinary people don't realize how much ethereal junk they leave in their wake, and how it can affect other people.

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      Thank you both so much for your help, I will definitely search for a reiki healer asap. I hope that it will help me.

      I started to develop a relationship with God many years ago and I have to agree, God's words are the most powerful weapon against these energies. I still can't hear well enough to receive the messages from the angels clearly but I trust that I will some day. I pray every day. I will try to do everything in my power to get rid of the bad energies.

    • Miebakagh57 profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      7 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      EzziMe, the problem with the Ouija is that these are satanically inspired. Is it any wonder that "Satan is getting ready for dinner"? and he has feasted on you. The effect is the whole he left behind.

      Now, you need help badly, right?

      Get to know your creator, God. He can help you out if you are that serious.

    • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

      Nicole Canfield 

      7 months ago from Summerland

      EzziMe - Find a reiki practitioner in your local area and get some reiki sessions done. Reiki practitioners will find the spots in your aura and use reiki to help heal them.

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      Thank you for a very interesting article. I Had problems with negative spirits for many years and recently I realised that it/they are attached to my body. When I was a child my mom and sister used a European kind of Ouija board not realising that it wasn't just a game. I used to join them. The last message we ever get got was: Satan is getting ready for dinner. Needless to say they never used the board again but too late. After two years, at 15 yrs old I developed severe anxiety and started using drugs to cope with it. At 30 I started getting strangled and tons of other things by the parasitic spirit. I am free from drugs and anxiety but I still have to get through every day coping with this. I started to develop some psychic gifts and I talk to the angels every day, they are trying to help me with this. I Wonder if anyone knows how I can mend my spirit body? I have huge holes in it and that makes it almost impossible to keep the spirits on the outside of my body. I gained enough control to kick them out but I still can't prevent them from re entering.

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      @tabby39042 I am a medium and I feel obliged to help you out. MOVE OUT. This is too dangerous, maybe get a priest to come but an evil spirit this strong is too dangerous it could possess you as well if you stay in there. Judging by the bite marks and the back crutches this is a very powerful one. By putting sage might help but it will increase activity therefore, too dangerous. Leave. With all my love, hella

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      i just recently moved to brandon ms. my fiance got really drunk one night. His eyes turned solid black, Lights started flickering on and off. he started speaking in a different language it really creeped me out. then he started doing things that he wouldnt normally do. Im afraid that we may have a demon in our house. the roomates that lived here before had a daughter she invited a friend over she brought an oujia board and they did it in the closet the girls didnt say good bye when they were done. i'm scared to bring my kids here. What can we do to get the demons out? and other ghostly encounters.... i woke up one night with scratches on my back. he had a bite mark on his ankle... help!!! we will try anything

    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 

      10 months ago from Mobile, AL

      I do smudge and do clearings but I hope I never encounter anything this dark.

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      So I was at a friends house and used a ouija board for the first time and we asked the spirit for its name and it said "Grace" and then we asked where are you, and she replied behind Aiden,which is me, i got scared and got up without saying bye, which was a problem, I then went home with my cousin and curiosity struck and I figured we could make our own board, we made it and we made the planchette out of a glass, I still didn't know the rules, so keep that in mind, we asked what is your name, no response, we asked again,no response, we asked a third time which happens to be a demonic number, and it replied ZoZo, at the time my cousin and I never heard of that name, which is a ouija board demon, we asked how old are you and it said MaMa which is another name for ZoZo, we asked a few more questions but no more responses we left without saying goodbye, I went home with the board and told my friend what happened and she said that ZoZo was a board demon, I freaked out and looked it up how I was supposed to say goodbye but I didn't and how MaMa is her nickname I stayed up all night researching that at 2:30 I went to bed and I woke up many times through the night and I woke up at 3:00 EXACTLY and saw a shadow with long hair in the corner of my room, I shook it off as to think I was dreaming I woke up again 30 minutes after and the same thing happened, I stayed up on my phone until morning where I thought it would be safe to go back to sleep I woke up around 12 with no idea where I was, I went to the basement where my board was and got smacked by a dead body smell which is a sign of demonic presence I got the board and some handsanitizer and a lighter and lit the board on fire, soon to realize that causes more problems, as I did that two crows flew past my head which is another sign I threw it in a sewer hole but dumped a bit of still hot hand sanitizer on my foot I went inside limping because I hurt my foot, and stepped on a sharp nail, but it wasn't facing up, I then went out to get the mail and stepped on a very sharp canlid, bad luck is also a sign of demonic presence, I keep a cross on my nightstand right next to my bed and when I went into my room it was flipped upside down, I might try to call in a priest but I'm not sure yet, I'll keep you guys updated

    • Miebakagh57 profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      18 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      In my locality, people like you went to "juju" churches to get solution to such issues.

      I am a Nigerian, from the Ijo tribe.

      Instead of being freed, their get worst.

      Evil spirit or demonic activities are not to be toy ligthly with.

      Last year, a spirited medium tried to leave her trade of claivoyancy, but died and lost out. She lives 10 yards away from me.

      Did my wife get free when committed to the same healing menthod? No, only the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit of the living God saves.

      Check all my comments herein. The devil is still the devil. It os hard tp get true freedom from him and his agents.

    • geminigenie23 profile image

      Natasha M 

      18 months ago from Richmond Hill, NY

      My mother went to a new church where the pastor was a clairvoyant. He told her that there was a spirit on me holding me back from finishing my college degree. I had also suffered from hair loss several times. I felt like I was cursed, but I didn't really believe that it was possible. I just thought that maybe I was meant to suffer. I have also suffered from excessive weight gain and abdominal pain, yet my doctor has found nothing wrong. My daughter has said that she sees shadows at night in her room, and is afraid. I am going to get the sage and the clairvoyant has agreed to come to my home and bless it. Thank you for writing this article. I am going to the local botanica today to get some things to protect us and get rid of the evil. They sell this cleaning solution and say to start with the farthest corners and mop towards the door while saying a chant, and have sage burning in a bowl. I will do anything to get rid of this.

    • Miebakagh57 profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      18 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      @MizBejabbers Cleaning the affect person or house outwardly with sage, alchohol, or spirit, or wine equal chopping off the stems of flowering plant.

      While the vital issue lay deep beneath.

      So I insisted cleaning the heart of the affected person first.

      Equality, this type of story can influence a person to go deep into the occult, the realm of evil spirit, if care is not taken.

      Have a nice time.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      18 months ago from Norfolk, England

      That was really interesting to read. I've never come across evil spirits in my home, but have seen programmes on this on TV, which I've always found really interesting.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      18 months ago

      Very good advice, Nicole. There are a lot of people living with evil spirits who don't realize it. I hope they read your article and realize that it may apply to them. Sage can be a little pricey, but we always try to keep some around. When I was in metaphysical school back before Shamanism and the use of sage became popular (1970s), we were taught the burning alcohol with salt method of cleansing a room or a house. Any kind of alcohol will do, including cheap vodka or even 90% rubbing alcohol. Just add a little sea salt and set afire, but as with sage, be careful not to set the drapes on fire. Wish I'd known that when I was married to the alcoholic/drug addict. Maybe I could have used his own "spirits" to get rid of him and his evil spirits faster. LOL

    • Miebakagh57 profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      18 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      Evil thought is worst in attracting evil spirits.

      So, cleaning the heart is the first remedy. Then the heart should be fill with good things. This will not give them a place.


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