How to Get Rid of a Poltergeist

Updated on May 12, 2018
kittythedreamer profile image

Kitty has had paranormal experiences her entire life. These experiences have fueled her passion to write about all things supernatural.


The Real Dangers of Poltergeist Activity

Many paranormal experiences involving loud and terrifying poltergeists have been recorded throughout history, dating back thousands of years. More recently, we have had a larger awareness of what a poltergeist is and what type of harm it is able to wreak upon its humans victims and their surroundings. There are different theories as to what exactly a poltergeist is, including the theory that it is simply a disembodied and angry ghost or spirit, the theory that is is a demon of some sort, and another theory that a poltergeist is some sort of psychokinetic by-product of a disturbed child's mental state. If we research the numerous poltergeist cases, the majority stem from the disturbance of a child or adolescent's daily existence. Even more of these cases seem to involve young females versus the fewer cases involving young males.

The media has had a field day, so to speak, with the concept of the poltergeist and the phenomena that ensues following a poltergeist's initial possession of an individual's home. The most famous and well-known movie based on this paranormal topic is the Poltergeist movies, filmed and released in the 1970s. These movies were not based on a true story, so the account of the poltergeist's actions within the film is obviously over-dramatized. If we were to compare research of poltergeist phenomena based on real-life events, we would see that the dangers are very real and horrifying. I do not believe that what happened in the Poltergeist movies is anything like how it occurs in reality; however, the poltergeist's usual actions towards its victims are disturbing, nevertheless.

A few of the tormenting occurrences that go along with a poltergeist haunting include flying pots and pans, moving furniture, levitating objects and people, and also physical abuse to the victim. Usually the poltergeist chooses one particular child or adolescent in a family to torture. This has been documented with such cases as the Enfield Poltergeist and the Danny Poltergeist Case. Whatever the poltergeist actually is, it is dangerous indeed. Many of the activities surrounding a poltergeist case prove that this spirit or energy is hellbent on hurting some unfortunate and helpless child.

An even more bloodcurdling thought is that some poltergeist activity can begin with small, coincidental experiences and then the activity can suddenly escalate to extremes. Some warning signs of poltergeist activity could be: objects obviously out of their normal places around your home, slowly moving objects throughout your home, creepy and unfamiliar noises, and possibly even your child or adolescent acting strangely (i.e. weird voices or becoming abnormally withdrawn without a logical reason). Yes, many times children and adolescents (especially ones looking for attention) can make up stories to gain their parents' attention. However, if you know your child to be quite truthful and you begin to notice unseemly marks or scratches on their body, my first opinion is to take them to a psychiatrist. Maybe they are in need of a psychiatric exam? After that, if psychiatric problems are ruled out, what about drugs? Hallucinogens can cause people unforetold paranoia and delusions. If all of these possibilities are heavily weighed out, or you begin to notice strange activity within your home, it is possible that you have a poltergeist.

The majority of poltergeist phenomena do not occur quietly, but there have been a couple of cases and I believe there are cases out there, at this very moment, that involve poltergeists that are not as flambouyant as the poltergeists that have been dramatized in the media and witnessed by the public eye. I have not come across a direct website in my searches that give straightforward advice on how to rid a person or home from poltergeist activity, so I decided to develop a thesis and theory on the matter myself. I have a small amount of experience with poltergeist phenomena and different religious beliefs on the topic, so I feel that it is a duty for me to assist others with preventing poltergeist activity and possibly assist someone in "exorcising" an existing poltergeist.

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Potential Prevention Methods

When I was a pre-pubescent girl of only twelve years, I came in contact with a poltergeist. At least, I truly believed and still believe that I made contact with one. My understanding of poltergeists is that they are angry and harmful spirits, although this theory is widely debated. The reason I believe the way I do can be readily attributed to my religious upbringing and background. On my father's side, I spent many years of my childhood and pre-teenage years being raised in the Pentecostal faith. And on my mother's side, I was exposed and introduced to different forms of religion, including shamanism and the old beliefs. But let us go back to my story— when I was twelve, a few friends and I decided to toy around with the spirit world by creating and using a homemade ouija board. This is mistake number one, folks. Ouija boards should by no means be considered toys, as their means of contacting the spirit world leave the player wide open for any sort of spirit or energy to come through. Many spiritual leaders and guides will inform you and anyone else to NEVER play with or attempt to use a ouija board. I can attest to these warnings.

My friends and I came in indirect contact with a spirit who referred to itself as "Z". The spirit had nothing but terrifying things to display across the board and it left us feeling frightened and strangely distant from life. We sort of became obsessed with the ouija board and would visit the ouija board every morning for the next two or three mornings following the first experience. Each time, we truly believed that we would have a more satisfying and exciting experience, and maybe even talk to a spirit from the past; however, every time we played with the ouija board the same spirit would come through..."Z". The spirit began to act very angry with our questions and we became extremely frightened, so much so that we decided to destroy the ouija board and trash the remains.

Following our denial of the ouija board occurrence, strange and paranormal experiences followed me through my home...until my family and I left this particular house. Am I sure that this was a poltergeist in my house? No, I am not but there was some sort of scary phenomena occurring and who is to say that this activity would not have worsened had I encouraged the spirit even further? So this is prevention method number one—never allow or encourage ouija board playing amongst your children or your family. Never even allow a ouija board to take residence within your home. Whether it is a spirit or your child's own mental/spiritual powers, ouija boards are NOT toys and should not be treated as such.

Prevention method number two—stay involved and interested in your children's lives. No matter what your family is dealing with in day-to-day life, ensure that you know what your children are doing at school and at home. Many times poltergeist phenomena has enveloped a disturbed child or stress-filled child. Could you prevent your child from feelings of depression or stress at such young ages? Of course you can! That is one of our many god-given (or earth-given) parental abilities.

And for my last tip of prevention, do not deny the possibilities in life. As soon as the disbelief and skepticism sets in, I believe a different sort of doorway is opened. A doorway in which you ignore your children's cries and truths, a doorway in which you allow something strange and inhuman to enter.

Prevent a poltergeist from possessing a home? Is this possible? I cannot say with total confidence that a person can prevent a poltergeist or haunting of any sort from beginning; however, what would it hurt to protect your children from negative energies and to spend more time with them? ...Exactly.


A Christian Exorcism

Many Christians that have witnessed poltergeist and ghost activity claim that an exorcism can be done to a house, similar to how it is performed on a possessed person. Spiritual tools like the bible and holy water are always used for an exorcism, and usually a priest of strong faith is called into the tormented house. I strongly advise that if you are religious and you feel that your house is possessed, whether by a poltergeist or angry ghost, you should request that your pastor or local priest annoint your residence with holy water and the word of God.

Unfortunately not all pastors and priests believe that a house can be possessed by a poltergeist and so in those cases, you may have to take action yourself. The first thing that you must know and always remember to do is to let the poltergeist know that it is not wanted and not welcome within your home. You can state this out loud as many times as you would like. But be prepared because the spirit might become even more angry and malicious. An obvious tip here is that you remove any of your children from your home before attempting to perform an exorcism. Also, you will want to have a partner to watch your back. Make sure that this person is strong-willed and of strong faith; you absolutely do not need a weak person around, as the spirit will feed off of weakness and most likely try to pick off the weak person first.

Another helpful and necessary tool in a Christian exorcism is the cross. You should have one for handheld usage and also hang one in the room where the activity mainly occurs and where you will be performing the exorcism.

After you have all of the appropriate tools and you are prepared to perform the exorcism, you will want to do your research on what Bible verses you should quote. Check this site out for useful and powerful Bible verses, directed specifically against the will of evil spirits - .

Following the exorcism, you will want to ensure that your family does not speak of the poltergeist any longer, as you do not want to encourage any leftover energies from the spirit. You will also want to bless the entire house and ask God to protect your home and everyone in it. I strongly believe that if you have faith and believe that you can overcome this spirit, that you will prevail.

Some say that reading from a Bible alone will make poltergeist activity stop...others say that will never work.
Some say that reading from a Bible alone will make poltergeist activity stop...others say that will never work. | Source

The Natural Approach

If you do not feel connected to the Christian background or belief system, maybe it would suit you better to try a shamanistic, natural approach to warding off the negative energy or spirit present in your home. Once again, it would be beneficial and easier on you, if you could find a local shaman or medium to perform the exorcism for you. However, if you are unable to find a suitable shaman in your area or the shaman cannot visit your house quickly enough, you may feel compelled to perform the ritual yourself. A ritual used by Native American shamans to expel negative energy and spirits is smudging. Smudging, to put it simply, is when sage or some other healing herb or plant is burned and the smoke is used to "cleanse" certain areas of a home or property.

The smoke from burning sage is considered to be a very spiritual and sacred by-product of the element of fire. Native Americans believe that smudging ceremonies can be performed for purification and even medicinal purposes. Many people who have personally been cleansed in a smudging ceremony comment on how beautifully uplifted and energetic they feel after the ceremony has ended. The same feeling could be considered in a home-smudging ceremony. The smoke is believed to drive out negative energies and negative spirits of any sort occupying a space. Usually desert sage or white sage is used and made into bundles, and then the end is lit.

When smudging a room, work in one direction, spiraling to the center. Which direction you use is up to you—try both. Counterclockwise is usually considered banishing; clockwise is invoking.

Carry a heatproof container (ashtray) in your left hand; the smudge in your right.

For a room, try to start near, but not in front of the door, sweeping the smoke into all corners; up to the ceiling and down to the floor. If you use leaves or a smudge stick, knock the ashes off often, so you won't catch anything on fire. It's a good idea to keep a container of water close by, just in case.

Repeat the following, if you wish, during the smudging:

***From the Element of Fire Comes this smoke, which is Air. From the Element of Earth Grows this plant, which is Water. I call upon the Elements and the Blessings of Spirit To please cleanse this (area, space, being, etc.) For the good of all.***

Continue til every inch of the area has been touched by the smoke and you feel that you're done.

As with any magickal rite, intent and visualization are important. Visualizing the movement of energy adds a lot of power to the cleansing procedure.


Last Minute Tips

Whether you request a priest or a shaman to perform the exorcism of your home, ensure that that person is wholly qualified to do the exorcism. You do not want someone who claims to be authentic to invite any more negative energy into your home, potentially adding fuel to the fire.

If you decide to perform one or both types of exorcisms, ensure first that the spirit or energy that is present within your home is most definitely a negative energy. I believe that there are positive energies and spirits that can be present within a home that actually benefit the family and home by blocking out possible negative energies. In other words, if you are experiencing paranormal activity that is not harmful in a physical or mental way, there may not be a reason to exorcise this energy or spirit from your home.

Always be sure that you and your family are prepared to try different methods of cleansing your home. Sometimes a Christian exorcism does not work and other times a shamanistic cleansing might not work either. You really have to believe that the ritual will work to expel the negative force from your home, and this has been a proven fact in many poltergeist occurrences. If you do not believe that the ritual will work, your negative thought-system and energy might make that belief come true! It's about having faith and following through with positive energy and reinforcement.

And as always, you can always consult a paranormal investigative society or some other form of ghost hunter; however, just be sure that they are not going to anger the energy within your home more than it already is. Ensure that the team perform their investigations peacefully and that they will give you recommendations as to how to rid your home of the spirit.

There is always hope.

A Video Tutorial on Smudging

© 2011 Kitty Fields


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  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    3 months ago from Summerland

    Definitely another cleanse - but I don't think it's a poltergeist. I think you have multiple spirits there.

  • profile image


    3 months ago

    So we've had a poltergeist for 20 years now. New 2 story house on 10 acres of farmland that was parceled off from the original homestead down the road. We've been getting the house ready to sell this past year. My kids are 23 (boy) and 22 (girl who is pregnant). This spirit seems more attached to my son. When my daughter recently moved back in she painted the downstairs bedroom gray. My son lives in the other bedroom downstairs. A few weeks ago she moved her bed to a different wall and noticed a carving in the paint of my sons name and a triangle next to it. I researched the triangle and it usually means the trinity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost. She's also heard a male voice whisper her name at 1 am, my sons radio has changed stations in the middle of the night, when he was younger he woke up once to find himself levitating a foot off of his bed (I just found that out - he said he told me but I don't remember!) The kids hear knocking, metal clanking, people talking. Recently a black shadow ran at him. When it collided he said his body went numb. A pop can flew out of his mini fridge when he opened the door. Things are moved. One time he saw a green orb on the wall. You think someone is in a different room by noises or talking but when we go out there it's empty. A friend smudged the house. Afterwards I also used holy water on top of each window sill while reciting a prayer to St Michael and Jesus. Everyone thinks we're crazy. I'm pretty religious and was hoping for guardian angels or a loved one. No Ouigi boards here. I don't want anything negative here, especially since my daughters going to have a baby in 4 months, or potentially new owners that have no clue. What should I do?? Another cleanse? Contact a priest?

  • itknol profile image


    3 years ago

    So I guess "once you open that door, there is no turning back".

    Okay, Kitty, thank you for the response. I feel somewhat relieved :)

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    3 years ago from Summerland

    itknol - Yes! Whoever told you that was right. I believe the more we focus on these energies/entities, the more we draw them towards us. I have seen it happen with myself. OBEs are also very strong magnets for have to be very careful when going out of body because there are entities at different levels/dimensions that will be drawn to your energy. The stronger your energy, the more attracted they will be. Smudging is not just a one-time thing. You'll need to repeat it every so often. I usually repeat my smudging ritual once a month on the waning moon or whenever I feel like the air is heavy in my house. Hope this helps and good luck to you!

  • itknol profile image


    3 years ago


    The apartment I moved in used to be haunted until I had it smudged by myself. I remember I felt the difference in the atmosphere, and even in my heart, right away. Everything became just so calm.

    That was about 4 months ago.

    Two nights ago I woke up as my computer turned on at about 3am. I am dead-certain there wasn't the sound of the power-on button. It just went off. I stared in the air for about 10 minutes, reevaluating my situation before getting up from bed and turning the PC off.

    I even decided to go for a glass of water first since I had (thankfully false) feeling that something would happen when I turn off the rig. When I went past my workstation, on to the kitchen, I felt strong electricity in the air and on my skin. At first I thought it was because I was scared (also I didn't feel THAT scared) but then again I am certain it was some sort of static.

    So I turned off the computer and immediately smudged the room. To be honest I didn't go into that much detail while smudging. Just went into circles around the room. Since I am Gnostic I drew/visualized protective symbols on the door and windows using the sage twig as a wand. Later on I moved on to the other rooms of my apartment.

    Everything is cool now, although I keep hearing the mute banging on the wall if I am awake at night (last night that is). At 4 am it can't be the neighbor. The sound doesn't even come from where the stairs are.

    May I please ask what are your thoughts on a manifestation repeating itself? I mean it's been less than 4 months since I cleansed the apt...

    Maybe the smudging was 'weak' as I didn't use enough sage? BTW I also did counter-clockwise.

    Daily I am practicing aura strengthening ritual to ward-off negative entities with presence, practice OBE and just occassionaly - psychokinesis. I have raised my psychic awareness to some extent. My ultimate goal is (perhaps) reaching Kundalini.

    Do you think this could be attracting entities to my home?

    I am sharing those specifics with you since I was already told by a proven 'sensitive' that if I am open to the existence of ghosts, I will be attracting them.

    Will be very thankful to an advice or at least an opinion. After writing this I am beginning to question the effectiveness of my smudging ritual.


  • profile image


    5 years ago

    My house is haunted my poltoligest and I tried all of the above

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    You will! Let me know what you feel, Lilleyth.

  • Lilleyth profile image

    Suzanne Sheffield 

    6 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

    I have a huge amount of sage in my garden I've been meaning to use for smudging my house. I've decided today is the day I'm going to give it a go as no one is home at the moment. I'm curious to see if I feel any change in the atmosphere afterwards.

  • godfire75 profile image


    6 years ago

    When God created us he breathed life into us. Incense was used alot in the Bible during prayer it helped to mark a persons plea.So the smudging ads up Biblically, which for me is VERY important. Also words are VERY powerful. The voice waves of all or words carries on through space for eternity. I have a ton of info and experience to share and I recommend utilizing the nkj or me.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    same difference.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    poltergeist films were in the 80's, not 70's

  • PennyCarey profile image


    6 years ago from Felton

    I enjoyed your hub, it is very useful thank you for sharing.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    Rebecca - Unfortunately your comment wasn't finished. I would love to hear your story to see if I could help you at all.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hello my name is Rebecca young I'm 20 years and I work with R a 19 mentally destorbed young lady for the last form about 3 months now. and I just starded being asttack by

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    7 years ago from Summerland

    Couldn't you use the sage and add your own Islamic prayer to it? I think that would work too. I'll have to read the jinn hub again. I think I read it once, but I'll have to read it again to brush up on the beliefs. Very intriguing. I' also learning a lot from you! Thanks!

  • arksys profile image


    7 years ago from Adelaide, Australia

    sounds good ... i'll try the sage for sure, but cannot do it with the beliefs mentioned as they conflict with my current beliefs.

    the hub that i have on the Jinn explains all sorts about the jinn... i know the first portion gets a bit dry but the second portion "phenomena associated with the jinn" might interest you. it explains how the muslims see a haunting or any paranormal experience and associate it with the jinn.

    I will be adding a section on Islamic protection methods soon.

    thanks again for sharing this i'm learning a lot from you. :)

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    7 years ago from Summerland

    arksys - That is a very good theory about poltergeists. I am very interested in the "jinn" ever since you mentioned the idea of the jinn being responsible for "sleep paralysis"...something that I've experienced at least twice in my life. Anything else you could share on the jinn with me? Thanks so much. Oh, and the dates & pomegranate tip is great. As for answering your smudging question - I think sage has natural exorcism elements, so if you burn it without believing that it will work it should still work to some degree. But I suggest that if you really want to use smudging for a cleansing ritual, you should really believe that it will work. Thanks!

  • arksys profile image


    7 years ago from Adelaide, Australia

    Interesting hub kitty, I still think they are the jinn though in the form of a "polti". i've tried a ouija board before with a friend at night a long time ago ... we used a piece of paper with a bottle cap and it still worked. we made sure not to ask any offending questions, and only did it once. was spooky for sure. I was wondering if the sage burning would work if you didn't really believe in the elements ... or just lit it for fragrance in the house to keep them out? some magical food for removing possession in Islam are dates and pomogranate...

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    7 years ago from Summerland

    terry - Thanks for your concerns; however, if you had have read my "potential prevent methods" section, you would see that I've come in contact with a "mr. polti" myself, at a very young age. I've always had the ability to see and sense ghosts, since a very young age, so I do indeed have actual experience in this area. I recently just did a smudging on my home to release a negative spirit that had been tormenting me in my dreams. Thanks.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Sorry but all the adverts etc killed any feeling of authenticity. Having had experience with a Poltergeist, this write up seems to be the result of reading books on the subject and not direct meeting with "Mr Polti". If I'm wrong then would love to swop stories.

    Best wishes Terry


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