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How to Summon a Demon and Become Insanely Rich

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Satan's Portal

Satan's Portal

Why Summon a Demon of Greed?

We all want power, and we all know that power comes from having lots of money—so in this article, I am going to show you how to perform a ritual to summon the ancient demon of greed, Mammon. By doing so and allowing the devil to reside in your body and take your eternal soul, you will become unbelievably wealthy and will gain the power that comes with such wealth.

Before we summon the demon, we need to get our bodies ready to receive his power. The ritual you will perform will cleanse you of any good elements and then allow Mammon to come into you and give you his power, making you incredibly wealthy. There are several instructions to follow before he can be summoned. They consist of first acquiring special artifacts which will make the summoning much easier and very fruitful. Mammon needs to feel at home when enters into the human world and the only things which will make him feel comfortable are the artifacts that are listed below that enhance the flow of evil energy. You will first need the following objects:

Owl Rope Bracelet: This signifies the circle of "trust" between Mammon and you. Once you acquire this item, your demon mana will rise by at least 25%. The bracelet is made from the skin of Norweigan owls, and it can better channel the demonic energy from Mammon.

Mammon Pendant: This pendant contains the sigil of Mammon, the demon of greed, and it will guide him through the human world straight into your body.

Now that you have acquired these items it is time to get into the heart of the matter; summoning Mammon!

The Great Demon of Greed, Mammon

The Great Demon of Greed, Mammon

What You Need to Invoke the Devil

First, find a secluded place at home or in your private office. You will want a place where you will not be disturbed by the outside world. Additionally, make sure the door to the room has a lock, or you know that no one will be around to bother you. The last thing you want is to have someone barge in while the great demon is entering your body. Also, the ritual works better if you have a floor that you can draw on, a stone or hardwood floor works best.

You will need the following items:

  1. Five large candles
  2. A piece of thick rope
  3. Chalk
  4. A black robe
  5. A portable music player playing the ancient evil incantations of mammon
  6. A video camera to record your experience summoning the demon
  7. A Bible, preferably the King James version

You will need to cleanse all pure thoughts out of your mind and begin to think wicked and evil ones. As you are doing this, put on the black robe and begin playing the demonic music. When you are ready, turn on the video camera and begin recording.

Next, all you have to do is think racist thoughts! When you have began to think like a racist, and you mind is soaked with evil and disgust, repeat the following lines:

"evilc smailliw, evilc smailliw, evilc smailliw, evilc smailliw
yam ruoy gnitirw og lariv, yam ruoy gnitirw og lariv
yam uoy eb sselb htiw sehcir rof efil

evilc smailliw, evilc smailliw, evilc smailliw, evilc smailliw
yam ruoy gnitirw og lariv, yam ruoy gnitirw og lariv
yam uoy eb sselb htiw sehcir rof efil"

You have just spoken to hell's high priest and he has heard and he has invoked the power of the gatekeeper to allow Mammon to pass from hell to you. Make sure that before you continue with the summoning, you do it on a full belly and an empty bladder; you can always go take a bathroom break during the summoning and probably order a pizza if you so choose. Allowing the demon to enter your body will consume a lot of your energy, so it is vital that you are well fueled. Once you have eaten and have emptied your bodily fluid, it's time to continue.

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How to Summon the Devil to Invoke Money

You are now well on your way to becoming rich and soulless; all you need to do now is complete the few steps that are left to invoke the demon of greed and your poverty-stricken days will be over.

1. Encircle Yourself With the Pentagram

Get your chalk and draw a perfect pentagram. To draw the perfect circle, simply get something like a brick and tie a piece of cord onto the chalk and stretch the rope so that there is no dip in the rope, making a straight line. Then simply draw the chalk from the starting point in a circular motion back to the starting point. You now have a perfect circle.

Next, draw the pentagram inside the ring. Check out the video below if you need help with drawing it. It is imperative that you get this right as it will enhance the negative energy coming from hell and make it easier for Mammon to enter the human world.

2. Light the Candles

Now that you have created your pentagram, your next step is to grab the five candles and place them at the five points of the pentagram. Each point represents a different element of the earth with which you have to indirectly speak to for the passage to open. The candle color doesn't matter—the candle just needs to burn. Make sure that your candles are large enough to last for quite some time and that they won't light your floor on fire.

Next, get the Bible and step into the pentagram and open it to Psalm 23. Make sure you are facing the opposite end of the pentagram so that the main point of the star is to your back. This represents the triumph of will over spirit and will allow Mammon easier access to your eternal soul.

The elements in a pentagram.