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Haunted Breweries in America

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The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Asrkansas

The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Asrkansas

The idea that breweries may be haunted was piqued when my wife and I visited Eureka Springs, Arkansas—an old resort town known in the nineteenth century for the healing waters of its many springs. It lies nestled in a valley with steep mountains on either side. Atop one of these mountains is America's Most Haunted Hotel. The Crescent opened in 1886 as a luxury resort for visitors to the springs

It occurred to me that there must be many other nineteenth-century buildings in America that also claim to be haunted. Not just hotels, but breweries, distilleries, factories, houses, and all sorts of other buildings.

Two Haunted Breweries in America

Nineteenth-century breweries usually served a local market, and the machinery for making and bottling beer offered plenty of opportunities for worker accidents and death. Their ghosts may still be haunting their places of work, according to local legends.

In December 2017, there were 7,450 breweries in the United States, according to the Brewers Association. There are craft breweries, microbreweries, pub crawls, and large non-craft breweries. Some are established in old nineteenth-century buildings, repurposed as breweries. Other establishments are in old buildings that were designed and operated originally as breweries.

Which breweries in old buildings claim to be haunted? Here are two—one in Savannah, Georgia, and the other in Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania. Enter these breweries and you'll find a warm welcome, good cheer, and plenty of beer. Enjoy dining in a colorful venue with a mysterious past, where tales of haunting are part of the experience.

Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah,  Georgia

Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah, Georgia

Moon River Brewing Company

Savannah, Georgia—with its live oak trees dripping with Spanish Moss and its streets forming squares surrounded by stately old houses—seems like the perfect place to find ghosts and spirits. Savannah was made famous by author John Berendt in his book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Savannah was a prosperous port city in the deep South. In 1821, The City Hotel opened its doors as a lodging place for visitors, including the rich and famous. It was where residents would gather for good spirits and social camaraderie.

The City Hotel remained in operation until 1864, just before General Sherman's infamous March to the Sea. After the Civil War, the building was used as a hospital for various outbreaks of yellow fever. The building hosted various businesses before sitting silent and empty for many years.

In the late 1990s, The Moon River Brewing Company recognized its historical value and potential as a restaurant and brewery. Because of its long history through the Civil War, as a yellow fever hospital treating the sick and dying, its stories of violence, and its nineteenth-century look, The Moon River Brewing Company, according to ghost city tours, is "one of the most haunted, if not the most haunted, places in America."

Bube's Brewery in Mt. Joy Pennsylvania

Bube's Brewery in Mt. Joy Pennsylvania

Bube's Brewery

Bube's Brewery in Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania, claims to be the last intact brewery from the nineteenth century in the United States. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today Bube's is a micro-brewery. a dining establishment, and an entertainment venue. Careful restoration of the intact brewery has left much of the original machinery in place or on exhibition. As you enter various rooms with their old brick walls, you are taken back in time.

The possibility of haunting is an important piece of Bube's attraction. Tours feature the history of the brewery and the story of its restoration, along with tales of ghosts and spirits. Bube's spooky and unusual catacombs offer both an eating and entertainment venue. Other parts of the building offer different experiences, such as the original bottling room with old equipment on display, offering much food for conversation during a meal.

Paranormal detectives for Ghost Hunters investigated Bube's and spent time there searching for haunted happenings. That adds a bit of credibility that haunting spirits may be at work in Bube's.

Beers Named for Local Ghosts

The interest in haunting and ghosts has led some breweries to produce beers named after local ghosts.

The Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company produces a beer created in honor of the legendary ghost of Zona Heaster Shue, the "Greenbrier Ghost."

Abandoned Craft Brewery Now Haunted

Are Haunted Breweries Really Haunted?

There are many breweries across America that claim the possibility of being haunted. Customers are attracted to the stories of the misfortunes of people who lived and spent time there.

Do you believe in brewery ghost stories? Or are they just entertainment and conversation material? When in your mind's eye, you imagine a ghost, in one sense that is real to you—in your mind. If it is real in your mind, you have experienced something.

So whether breweries are really haunted or not ... it is all up to you.

What do you think?

Why Do People Think Buildings Are Haunted?

Nineteenth-Century Buildings Look Spooky

Nineteenth-century buildings, particularly those from the Victorian era, were occupied during the great spiritualist movement that spread across America. Tens of millions of people sought to connect with departed loved ones through spiritualism. Perhaps some spirits remain in the building, according to local legend.

The architecture is from a bygone era. A building may have a spooky look. Often careful restoration by the current business owner has retained the building's old look and feel.

Fascinating Stories Are Told of the People Who Worked or Spent Time There

Today's visitors love to hear stories, particularly when they are unusual or bizarre, such as murder or mystery. Perhaps the building was previously used as an insane asylum or a hospital where sickness and death were ever-present. Stories may be told of workers or others who died in the building, and whose spirits remain.

Businesses Promote Haunting and Ghost Stories to Draw Customers

He or she uses historical research to build its haunting narrative. Tours are given where guides talk about ghosts or spirits that may inhabit the place. Some establishments, like The Crescent Hotel, call their tours Ghost Tours. The Crescent has a Ghost Tour Director on staff to coordinate and train tour guides.

Paranormal Detectives Investigate Possible Ghosts.

The interest of paranormal societies and TV ghost hunters feeds public curiosity and draws visitors to the establishment. Adding drama and publicity for the brewery are gatherings of local paranormal societies or teams from TV shows like Ghost Lab and Ghost Hunters.

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